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25 February 2019
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Principal's Page

Whole School Assembly in the New Gymnasium and Performing Arts Complex

We had a wonderful Whole School Assembly last week (Thur 14/2) in our new Gymnasium and Performing Arts Complex.  The focus of the Assembly was to acknowledge our Student Leaders for 2019, and to set the tone for the year ahead with respect to student learning.

Full credit to both staff and students for organising such a successful Assembly.  Our College Captains in Issy Jones and Jasmine Sweeney spoke very well on the day, while our College Vice Captains were outstanding in compering the Assembly.   Our Whole School Assembly was such a positive way in which to start the year, and our College Community can be well proud of the Well done to all involved.


Building Program

With just a few finishing touches, our Gymnasium and Performing Arts Complex is nearly complete.  Some landscaping, fencing and cleaning up around the outside of the Complex remain as outstanding items to be completed.

As per previous Newsletters, our VCE Centre is being renovated and it is set for completion by the end of the term.  As part of the works here, we are having a new locker bay constructed and these works should be finished in a few weeks.   As a result, our Year 11 students have been carrying their bags and now find themselves in a temporary locker bay until the new locker bay is completed.  We thank our Year 11 students for their patience. 

Families who may have queries concerning our Building Program are asked to contact the General Office.


Council, 2019 - Student Representation

As per the last Newsletter (8/2), we have two Student Representative Vacancies to fill for the next period of Council.

We have received more nominations than vacancies so we are conducting an Election accordingly.  We applaud those students for nominating for these important positions.

Details of the Election to fill Student Representative Vacancies, 2019, were provided to students today (22/2) via Compass, and through the Student Bulletin. Candidate Statements will be provided with Ballot Papers.  All WHSC students are eligible to vote and the Voting Period is 22/2 to 1/3/19.

Swimming Sports, 2019

Our Swimming Carnival last week (13/2) was incredibly successful.  Our students were out in force competing for their respective Houses on the day.  Those students not competing were able to provide plenty of support to their peers as they competed to gain points for their House.

We were witness to some fine performances from our students.  After a full day of competition, Jells House was victorious and we congratulate Jells on winning the WHSC Swimming Carnival this year.

We thank all of our students for their participation in the Swimming Sports.  Furthermore, we need to thank our Student House Leaders who lead with great commitment and enthusiasm throughout the day.  Also, we need to thank all of our staff for their time and effort in supporting the Swimming Carinval, especially Sally Pryde and Kerrie Lay for their outstanding leadership of what was a tremendous event.  Finally, we thank those parents who were able to come along and support our students on the day.



WHSC Languages Committee

We remind our College Community that the WHSC Languages Committee has been meeting on a regular basis over the last few months (our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 27th of February).

The WHSC Languages Committee has been reviewing our current Language Program, and, through its work, the Languages Committee will determine which language (s) should be a part of our curriculum on the basis of:

-  Ongoing relevance with our Global Community

- Having the strongest chance of being studied from Year 7 all the way through to Year 12

- Further improving connections and enrolments from our College Community

The Languages Committee hopes to make a final recommendation on the Language (s) that will be studied at our College in the future in the coming weeks

Value of the Week - Creativity

To coincide with the Chinese New Year, our International Students Program organised and lead a number of activities at the College last week.

The activities provided were made available to all of our students and staff, and they were provided in such a way to allow our College Community to further improve their understanding of Chinese culture.  We thank our International Students for playing a leading role through the week with respect to their Creative approach to the Chinese New Year celebrations.


Aaron Smith - Principal

Assistant Principal's Page

Cycle #1 Reports

After an extensive review of our Reporting processes last year, t has been decided that we will move from six reporting cycles to four. Reports will now be published at the end of each term.

This does not reduce the number of Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) that students will complete or the assessment and feedback being accessible through Compass two weeks after the conclusion of the task.

Should you have any questions regarding this change, please don't hesitate to contact Mr. Dixon via the College Office.

Process for contacting parents/guardians whilst students are at school.

We would like to remind both students and parents that whilst a student is in attendance at school, all communications should go through the general office.  If a student is sick and needs to go home, contact should be made via the general office rather than students contacting their parents directly or visa versa.  We thank you for your support in this matter.

Year 10 Camp
Anglesea Valley Lodge
18th – 20th February


For the first time, the College has taken our new Year 10s on a three-day camp to welcome them into Senior School. The camp was designed to encourage students in their pursuit of the College values: excellence, creativity and respect.

Over the three days, the students participated in a range of activities including archery, mountain biking, a ‘Jungle Jim’ obstacle course, a climbing wall and a low ropes course (which included a flying fox).

In addition, Ms. Ford ran team-building activities, Ms. Riddoch ran sessions on organisation and time management and Mr. Dixon ran sessions on the differences between Middle Years and Senior School and strategies to get the best results possible.

On the first evening the students were involved in a workshop held by Trash Puppets ([email protected]) and focused on the themes of creativity, collaboration and sustainability.

The second evening saw the students compete in the Trivia evening, again working on collaboration and creativity. Congratulations to the winning team, “Excuses, Excuses, Excuses”.

Though tired, the students had a great couple of days.

Thanks to Ms. Riddoch for organizing the camp and all the teachers who attended – Ms. McMahon, Mr. Ellis, Ms. Sharpe and Ms. Ford.



Mrs Judy Anderson & Mr Andrew Dixon   

Assistant Principals

What's Coming Up Next


  • Therapeutic Martial Arts Program


  • The Flipside - Year 8
  • The Flipside - Year 9


  • Division Swimming


  • Clean Up Australia - Year 7


  • House Meetings


  • Physics Excursion - Unit 3


  • Top Class Drama and Theatre Studies - VCE & Yr 10


  • Intermediate Inter-school Sport

Performing Arts

Australian Ballet Workshop!

Wheelers Hill Secondary students opened their doors and welcomed some fantastic dancers from Australian Ballet to run a workshop with some dedicated dance students - from Year 7 - 11! The students were then privileged to watch a new work by the company, "Plane Jane". This beautiful piece explored issues of society pressure and individuality. 

Congratulations to all involved!


Instrumental Music Program!

Enrolments have flourished and lessons have started! It's not too late to enrol in an Instrumental Music lesson through the college! Make sure you contact Miss Genelle Lentini, or collect an enrolment form from the Performing Arts Office, to get things underway!


Audition Mania!

Over 60 students across all year levels have caught the musical bug, and are auditioning for Singin' in the Rain! Cast lists will be released soon - so keep your eyes peeled for news!


VCE Showcase

Our VCE Theatre classes have been working tirelessly the first few weeks of term to prepare their upcoming productions. Stay tuned on how you can get tickets to these thrilling shows!


Genelle Lentini

Performing Arts Leader

Middle School Report

Middle School News

The Middle School Students have stepped up in the last two weeks and have shown support for the Wheelers Hill Community by participating in the Swimming Sports, showing pride in their uniform for the School Photos and respecting others at the school assembly. Some students have had the opportunity to do a workshop with the Australian Ballet. Our International Students hosted activities for the rest of the community to have a go at something different, such as using chopsticks to pick up M&M's, Chinese calligraphy and cutting out paper images. All of the Middle School students have been showing a lot of respect for the lockerbay areas and are keeping them tidy. It was really nice to hear a conversation between students showing their pride in how tidy the inside of their locker was looking.

Middle School Leaders

The Middle School Leaders were presented with their badges at the School Assembly. They have started meeting every week to talk about events coming up and ideas when working with the community. 

Year 7

The following are reflections from our Year 7 students on the Camp.


Bianca Jorgic 7B

My favourite part of the whole camp was definitely the flying fox and the reptile show. Firstly, the flying fox was good because it had a great view of the lake and you could go really fast and even go UPSIDEDOWN. I did but then at the end I slide off to slow down. Secondly, the reptile show was good because you could pat them but not on the head or the face. Because how would you like it if someone came up to you and started touching your head or face? And you could also hold onto the snakes by yourself and put them on your neck. On camp I achieved conquering my fear of heights on the high ropes course along with some of my other fellow classmates. Some of the other highlights of the camp were, making new friends, socialising and completing all the challenges that were set to me and my group. Some of the challenges on this camp were… trying to learn people’s names because there were so many of us and conquering my fear of heights. But in the end, I conquered my fear of heights and I am so proud of myself because this was really hard for me. Over all the camp was so good I loved it I had a blast.


Lillian Kleinman 7A

At camp I loved high ropes because everyone tried their best and pushed past their comfort zone. I liked rafting because we used team work to try and find a solution, I especially liked how everyone got to do something and didn’t miss out. I enjoyed the flying fox because when we flew over the lake, if you looked below, you could see seaweed, and some of us saw turtles and fish swimming around in the lake. At camp I achieved my goal of making new friends, I really like how we went on camp at the start of the year because everyone became closer with one another. At camp with the help of my group I pushed past my comfort zone to a whole new level. I loved how everyone in my group encouraged each other and how no one put anyone down. My favourite activity was rock climbing because I achieved my goal by reaching the top! I also think that everyone should be proud because they all went a little bit further than they had anticipated. These are some of the reasons why I really enjoyed camp!

Kyra Redden 7D

7D I went to Alexandra Adventure Resort for my year 7 camp. We stayed in cabins which for camping, weren’t too bad. The menu was amazing. The food tasted great. I really liked the packed lunch we had. The flying fox was great. We had a good amount of free time where we got to run around, play games or play on the basketball court. I really liked the great range of activities such as: the flying fox, the giant swing, rock climbing and raft building. My favourite activity was the raft building and the lake was beautiful. The view was breathtaking. All the staff were friendly and very polite. There was a very nice afternoon tea. My favourite part was definitely making new friends! The only thing I didn’t like was the amount of wasps there. Oh, and the pool! I loved the pool! Overall I really loved my year 7 camp.

Dane Redden 7E

My year 7 camp was really fun. The cabins we stayed in were really nice, my favourite activity was the flying fox it went really fast and was really long. Another activity I really enjoyed was Raft building because we were split up into boys against girls and none of us won it because it was really hard. We had to use some blue barrels, pipes, wooden planks and some rope to make a floating raft. Fortunately the lake was really warm. The menu was pretty good, my favourite food was the baked potato with ham and melted cheese. On the last day we had a reptile show, we got to hold a snake and we got to pat a baby crocodile and we saw a tree frog. The camp was great because we all made new friends and used teamwork to encourage each other, although we had only been at school a few days it was a great camp to get to know people. I would rate this camp an 8/10.

Kim Pillig 7A

From the 6th to the 8th the year 7s went on camp to the Alexandra Adventure Resort. We did a lot of different and challenging activities, which were heaps of fun. Some of my favourite activities were rock climbing and the trivia night. I loved rock climbing because it was exciting and satisfying when you reach the top. I also loved the Trivia night because some teachers performed a famous scene from the film Dirty Dancing. What I achieved at camp was conquering the high ropes course. This required overcoming my fears of a balance rope that was positioned really high up. There were hanging supports to help move along the balance rope. I was the first girl in my group who completed the high ropes course. This made me feel proud and relieved. Overall I really enjoyed my stay at camp because I pushed myself to my limits.



Year 8

Visiting the classes we have noticed that the students are taking on all aspects of their learning and are showing Excellence in their work. The Year 8 students will have an opportunity to do activities throughout the year that look at expanding their Personal Best. These activities happen inside and outside the classroom. This term the activity that the students will have chance to challenge themselves in is the Surf Trip next month.

Year 9

The Year 9 students have the opportunity to work with the Community in Community Connections. Some of our year 9's media students have been on an excursion to ACMI and had the opportunity to work with virtual reality cameras and editing software. All students have begun their elective subjects already showing creativity in these subject areas and in learning new techniques.


Mrs Melissa Robinson

Middle School Leader


Nutritionist or Dietitian – What’s the difference?

Throughout the year I attend several Career Practitioner Seminars held by various tertiary institutions so that I can be informed of new course offerings, events and see the many changes physically taking place on campus. Although tertiary course guides provide a wealth of information on courses, nothing beats walking onto a campus to really get a sense of what it would be like to study with an institution. My experiences of my campus visits are passed on to students I meet, however I always strongly advise students to attend tertiary open days as part of their career research so they too can make informed decisions as to whether they see themselves studying in a place for two to four years.


Yesterday I attended Deakin University’s Careers Practitioner’s Day at the Burwood Campus and sat in on some interesting seminars, however one which stood out for me was the seminar on the difference between a Nutritionist or Dietitian. Here is what I found –


NUTRITIONIST (prevent disease)


* Apply scientific principles to influence environments and eating behavior to enhance nutritional status and prevent chronic disease

* Design, implement and evaluate nutrition-based interventions to improve wellbeing of individuals, communities and populations

* Range of qualifications – Bachelor with major in Nutrition, Graduate Certificate/Diploma, Master of Nutrition, PhD in Nutrition

* Voluntary registration with Nutrition Society of Australia or equivalent


Where to they Work? - Food Industry, Public Health, Consulting, Research, Media and Marketing


DIETITIAN (manage disease)


* A dietitian applies the science of nutrition to the feeding and education of groups of people and individuals in health and disease

* In Australia all dietitians are nutritionists, as all dietitians must have studied nutrition and nutrition science

* The key difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist is that, in addition to their qualification in human nutrition, a dietitian has undertaken a course of study that included substantial theory and supervised and assessed professional practice in clinical nutrition, medical nutrition therapy and food service management

* Registration gained with the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA)


Where do they work? – Hospitals, Sport Industry, Consulting, Public Health, Food Industry


To learn more on these two interesting careers I recommend a visit to our career’s website



Happy Career Researching😊

Voula Jakubicki

Careers Coordinator



Starting Secondary School

Whether it is starting school for the first time, moving up to a higher grade or embarking on a journey through secondary school, there is no doubt that any school transition is a very exciting time for children and parents. It means that the children are growing up!

However, for many it may also be a very anxious and stressful time for both parents and children. Parents need to be aware of their child’s feelings during any school transition and minimise anxiety so the process is an enjoyable experience for all. It is important for children to attend transition or orientation programs offered by schools. Familiarisation is often key to reducing stress levels. It is also important for parents to talk to their children about their expectations and being more responsible for their own needs.


To learn more about School Transition follow the link below or access through School TV on the College Intranet




Louise Ford

Student Wellbeing Senior School

Community News

Second Hand Uniform Term 1 2019 Dates

Thursday             28th February

Monday               11th March

Thursday             28th March

Fitness Factory Mulgrave



Here are the programs currently offerred for 2019.

WHSC- Innovate Coding Academy (Mobile and Website Applications Development for Grades 7 to 12 (Thursdays, Term 2 2019)

TEEN ROBOTICS & SYSTEMS ENGINEERING ACADEMY is a lunch times school robotics academy program for teens in Melbourne, Australia who are interested in advancing their robotics, systems engineering and coding knowledge and skills in computer science. The Robotics Academy program is part of the Innovate Program which has the primary focus on getting students to design, build and program SMART machines and  challenge themselves through problem solving.

WHSC - Innovate Teen Robotics & Systems Engineering Academy for Grades 7 to 12 
(Wednesdays Term 3 2019) - REGISTER YOUR INTEREST

Teen Coding Academy is a lunch time school coding academy for teens in Melbourne, Australia who are interested in advancing their knowledge and skills in computer science. The Coding Academy is part of the Innovate Program which has the primary focus on getting students to code, learn, upskill and challenge themselves.

WHSC - Innovate Coding Academy (Game Design & Development) for Grades 7 to 12 
(Thursdays Term 3, 2019) - REGISTER YOUR INTEREST



Innovate Ahead Group Pty Ltd
Level 27, 101 Collins Street,
Melbourne 3000
Main: 1300 694 666
Phone: 61 3 9764 8281
Follow our Instagram Feed: https://www.instagram.com/innovatetechacademy/

Wheelers News
Aaron Smith - Principal