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20 February 2019
Issue Two
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Message from
the Principal

Term 1 | Week 4

The Term has commenced at great pace and with positive enthusiasm for what has been an outstanding start to the year.

Last week we were visited by the highly regarded educator and neuroscientist Dr Jared Cooney Horvath, who delivered a number of animated and illuminating presentations to Years 9 – 12, our academic staff and many parents. His extremely engaging presentations focussed on how we learn from a neuroscience perspective. I have received significant positive feedback from students, parents and teachers who all found the presentations highly informative and challenging.


Over the past week a significant number of students have achieved excellence in a vast array of experiences that we have available at Kinross Wolaroi School. The determination, skill and passion of our students are abundantly evident in the great feats achieved in the pool, classroom, in oratory, and on the rowing course just to name a few. More details can be found in the Congratulations section at the conclusion of my article.


Two outstanding information nights have been held recently; one for the newly invigorated Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and the other for our International Student Exchange program. The level of interest from students and families is greatly encouraging. Both these programs have so much to offer towards the holistic education of our students where we are striving to develop within them the attitudes and values to enable them to enjoy fulfilling and rewarding futures.


Casting has been completed for the 2019 Musical ‘Oliver’ and reports of the amazing talents on show bodes extremely well for a wonderful production later in the year. At our Assembly last week we focussed upon acknowledging academic achievement and effort of those students who performed strongly in 2018. It was greatly encouraging to witness the number of students who are making the determined effort to succeed.


In my address I chose to highlight some of the ‘pearls of wisdom’ that our 2018 Speech Day guest speaker, Mrs Kim Brennan shared with us. Kim’s address last year was outstanding and her message so pertinent to us all. Real achievement requires great effort, perseverance and determination. It also needs ‘self-belief’. Kim is an incredibly impressive woman, a 3 time Olympian; an Olympic Gold Medalist; a successful lawyer; International Olympic Committee member; a mother and on top of all this, a grounded, humble and lovely person.


Kim’s wisdom has been acquired through her life experiences where she has faced adversity, confronted challenge and has been supported by inspiring mentors. She believes we are all capable of achieving our own version of a ‘Gold Medal’ or our personal best be it in the classroom or outside of it.

Kim’s initial goal as an athlete was to represent Australia as a hurdler but a serious injury brought an abrupt halt to that ambition. She then discovered rowing and pursued her dream there. All along striving to achieve her personal best in the classroom, at University and in her personal life. She reminded us that the achievement of anything worthwhile is never easy. It takes commitment, hard work and sacrifice.


So often we tell ourselves that we have to love what we do. We often say that the most important thing is to go out and have fun. But the honest truth is that the most meaningful, satisfying things we can do in life are often unpleasant and tough along the way. If we expect achieving our dreams or following our passions to be enjoyable all the time, we inhibit our ability to actually experience that feeling deep in your soul of contentment.


A deep sense of personal satisfaction comes when you know that you have stepped outside your comfort zone, battled the adversity that stood in your way, and emerge even better and stronger on the other side.Kim reminded us that in striving to fulfil your potential to become the very best you can be, you will feel fear, uncertainty, discomfort, stress – all these emotions are normal. You will fail at times. She said that being OK with not feeling amazing all the time is a skill like any other. It improves if we practice it. Kim spoke of managing our ‘self-doubt’ when things are tough and difficult. We all face doubts about our capacity to do things from time to time. Kim certainly did.


She spoke of a voice in her head saying ‘You’re not good enough. You may as well give up now. You’re not rowing well’. Kim called these voices her ‘chimp’. We all have one. Your chimp is your emotions. It comes to you before an exam; when you are stressed about an assignment; or before and during a race or a match.


She spoke of the importance of training our chimp. To be able to notice those negative feelings and thoughts and be able to fight off the thoughts by saying ‘I am not going to listen to them. I am going to do what I planned to do anyway’. Our task is to accept that the chimp will come but know that we can control how we respond to those thoughts and feelings.


This can happen in a classroom situation when perhaps you have heard a voice in your head saying ‘They’re much smarter than you; you’re not bright enough to be here; you don’t have the intelligence to understand. You’re going to fail.’ Taming the chimp – ‘your self-doubt’ – is being able to acknowledge that voice of doubt and deciding that you are not going to listen to it and you are going to learn to the best of your ability anyway.


Kim’s message to us all was an incredibly valuable one. Her final words to us were for us not to give up on our dreams because they may feel hard or scary. For us not to be afraid to find new dreams when opportunity comes our way.


And for us to never stop learning – have the courage and determination to persevere.

We can all achieve our personal best, our version of a Gold Medal because we are truly all inherently capable of so much more than we realize.


Farewell Mr Alderson

At the conclusion of this week we farewell our Business Manager, Mr Greg Alderson after four and a half years of faithful service. As I have written late last year, Mr Alderson has had an immense impact on the business side of the School and has implemented practices and processes that place Kinross Wolaroi in great shape for the future. Over the past months he has worked very closely with Mr Trevor Delbridge to ensure a seamless transition.


We wish Mr Alderson all the very best in his future endeavours as he embraces new and exciting challenges in retirement. Thank you Greg for your outstanding contribution to the School, your colleagues and the community. Bon Voyage.



Public Speaking

Congratulations to our Head Prefect, Emer Spora, who won the Orange Lions Club Youth of the Year Quest earlier this week. Emer spoke eloquently and represented the School with pride. She had all the Lions members engaged and entertained with her words of wisdom. Emer took out both the Public Speaking Award and the Overall Award and will represent Kinross Wolaroi and the Orange Lions Club at the zone final in Bathurst next weekend.



Our swimming team continues to go from strength to strength with many long standing records being broken in last Friday night’s KWS swimming carnival. Of note was Collette Lyons who broke the 14 years 50m Breast Stroke record by almost 2 seconds. The record was set by Anna Windsor in 1991! Collette broke many other records, including the 200m Individual Medley; 200m Freestyle; 100m Freestyle; 50m Freestyle and 50m Butterfly. There were other long standing records broken – of note were Sam Archer in the 17 years 50m Backstroke; 50m Butterfly and; 100m Freestyle. Oliver McLaughlin broke the 50m backstroke by over 4 seconds. Mercede Cornelius-Feltus broke the 15 years 50m Butterfly and Zac Lewis broke the over 16 years 200m Freestyle record. Congratulations to all students who competed in this carnival and especially to those who achieved their personal best.



Congratulations once again to Phoebe Litchfield, Yr 10 who has been named to play in this year’s Governor-General’s XI Women’s Cricket match against New Zealand on 28th February in Drummoyne. An incredible achievement for a 15 year old to be recognised on the senior international stage.



Our rowers competed in the NSW State Championships over the weekend and won 3 Gold and 2 Bronze medals.  Medal winning performances included Gold in the Championship Schoolgirl Coxed Quad Scull, Championship Schoolboy Coxed Quad Scull and Under 19 Men's Coxless Quad Scull, and Bronze in the Under 17 Men's Double Scull and Championship Schoolboy Coxed Four. Other notable performances included fourth place in the Under 17 Women's Eight and Under 19 Women's Coxless Quad Scull.

Out of 71 competing Clubs & Schools Kinross Wolaroi School ranked 7th and were the 2nd ranked School in NSW overall.


Cattle Showing

Taylah Hobbs, Year 8, has competed in Armidale in the Youth Round Up event for Angus Cattle enthusiasts.

Taylah was awarded Champion Junior Parader; Champion Junior Herdsperson; and the EJ Angus Encouragement Award which is open for all participants at the event. Well done Taylah. Another remarkable achievement for a KWS student.





Dr Andrew Parry


Message from
the Deputy Principal 

Term 1 | Week 4

As we enter Week 4 of Term 1 it has become abundantly clear to me that we are a very busy school: apologies if I am stating the obvious! I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to get around to see and support some of the diverse activities taking place outside of the classroom, with quite a few more to witness over the coming weeks. So far this term our pupils have had the opportunity to take part in Public Speaking and Debating competitions, hear about the Duke of Edinburgh Award and our International Exchange Programme, audition for the School production and musical ensembles, look at Social Service opportunities, embark on the Cadets experience and I have even had visits from students wanting to improve our environmental footprint across the campus. On top of this our extensive sporting programme is in full swing, catering for a wide range of interests, abilities and passions.


Co-curricular involvement is a vitally important part of our pupils’ development and sees them become more well-rounded individuals. We need to maintain a focus on academic outcomes, but a student’s school experience cannot be solely represented by a score at the end of Year 12. Through participating in these activities our students can develop skills that will remain with them for years to come. Skills such as teamwork, communication, responsibility, adaptability, pro-social goals, leadership, time management, commitment and the ‘capacity for passion’ are some that standout to me and are valued highly by employers.  Added to the development of these skills, these non-academic pursuits allow students to also gain a boost to healthy self-esteem, relieve stress and enjoy some relaxation.


Sometimes it can be daunting starting a new activity and the easier route is to opt out, but I would urge all of our pupils, especially those in Years 7-10, to start to explore the many options that are available to them. I firmly believe it is better for our students to look back on their time at School and say ‘I can’t believe I did that’, than to look back and say ‘I wish I had done that’.


With best wishes


Mr James Boyd

Deputy Principal 

Message from the
Head of Prep School

Term 1 | Week 4

Last year at the K-2 Swimming carnival I acknowledged the work of our parents in ensuring our young students are water safe. Another plaudit. Last week at the 100m freestyle event for the carnival we had 84 children from Years 3-6 contesting this event. Phenomenal! Congratulations parents and of course Kim Taylor and his team.


The swimming carnival on Friday was an outstanding success due to the enthusiasm of the students, the convening by Mrs Barrett, the work of the staff and the assistance from many parents. A real team effort. The students were great examples of being competitive and supportive at the same time.

Well done to all involved and congratulations Mrs Barrett. We are already looking forward to the next carnival. A special mention to the willing parents in the final relay, it was a great way to end the day.


A letter from the school has been received by our families of Year 5 & 6 students regarding an information session for students and one for parents in company with their child on sex education. Rowena Thomas from ‘Amazing Me’ has been informing students about our bodies, puberty and a few facts of life. These sessions begin on Monday March 11 at 6pm in the DPA. They are only for our families of Year 5 and 6 students. Our Parents and Friends Association are very generously covering the costs for the evening session. I look forward to all our 5/6 families attending.


As you are aware Mrs Suzie Maslin has been taking 4P in Mr Mark Pritchard’s absence since the start of term. We were hoping Mr Pritchard would return during the term but while the operation was successful there is still significant time needed for a full recovery. The current plan is for Mr Pritchard to return in Term 4 and on behalf of all students, staff and parents we wish him all the very best.

We are very fortunate to have Mrs Maslin able to continue teaching the class until Mr Pritchard’s return ensuring continuity with the academic program.


Mrs Louise Bromley has been in Mrs Maslin’s role since the beginning of term with the hope Mr Pritchard would return and Mrs Maslin would resume her role with Mrs Fatai in 4F.

However, Mrs Bromley is due to have a baby in the coming weeks and it is time for a bit of rest before her fourth child arrives. On behalf of all of us at KWS we wish her and her husband all the very best at this exciting time.


To replace Mrs Bromley we welcome Mrs Sophie Grivas to take on the role in 4F.

Mrs Grivas is a former student who has taught at Redlands and All Saints along with other local schools. She brings great expertise, a passion for learning and a great love for rural communities. Sophie will start with us next Tuesday. We extend a warm welcome to Mrs Grivas and look forward to her contributions at KWS Preparatory School.


Mrs Rebecca Whiteley will be taking a well- deserved long service leave in Term 2. We wish Mrs Whiteley and her husband all the best as they take some time to travel together.

Mrs Tiffany O’Brien who is currently on Year 5 for the term will move to Year 1 to take the position for the term. Mrs O’Brien is well known to all the students , is familiar with the school and will be a great asset to the learning  of our Year 1 students.


Parent Teacher interviews are being conducted over the following two dates, February 20 and 28.

On the 28th Darryn Marjoram, our Director of Information Services will be available from 4pm – 5pm to provide information if there is a need about FROG, our learning and communications system.

Please email Mrs Kennewell at the Prep Office to indicate you would like to speak with Mr Marjoram.


Mr Rob McLean

Head of the Preparatory School

Message from
the Chaplain

Colossians, 3:12 - 14

You are the people of God; he loved you and chose you for his own. So then, you must clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Be tolerant with one another... To all these qualities add love, which binds all things together in perfect unity.


At the start of the year I thought it would be beneficial to share with you a thought about who we are as a School community. We are a School of the Uniting Church in Australia. We have brother and sister Schools in Sydney and throughout Australia. You know some of them: Pymble Ladies College, Ravenswood School for Girls, Margaret Jurd School, Newington College, Knox Grammar School and MLC Burwood. 


There are thousands of students of different life experiences, different worldviews, different beliefs, faiths and no-faith, being educated in the values of the Uniting Church in Australia. You are part of that broader community of faith and learning.The reading above is one that is at the heart of the Uniting Church in Australia.


There are currently about 140,000 Christian denominations globally. Members of some of those denominations saw the irony in the Christian Church being so fractured and resolved to unite at least some of them. In Australia, the Uniting Church was formed when three denominations came together in unity: the Presbyterians, the Methodists and the Congregationalists. On the front gate of Kinross Wolaroi School, you will notice the emblem of the Uniting Church in Australia.


When studying the emblem, you’ll notice that there is a cross. That’s because we are Christian. We believe Jesus to be the incarnated Word of God and we believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection is redemptive and salvific.


Superimposed over the cross is the symbol of the Holy Spirit as dove and flame. The Holy Spirit prompts us into right action. She empowers us and guides us. Among other things, she gifts us with that which we need to keep in our hearts: love, kindness and gentleness and self-control.


You will also notice a ‘U’ at the base of the symbol. It represents the vision of all Christians respecting each other with Christian love; which brings me to the crux of my preaching to students today.

The Uniting Church is big into respect. It’s one of the School’s values – not surprisingly. Respecting a person meanings accepting them for who they are and treating them as you would like to be treated. The passage of Scripture above begins, “You are the people of God; he loved you and chose you for his own.” Admittedly, Paul was talking about Christians, but we are living in a pluralist society and we extend the message of love to all people.


Spirituality, mindfulness of God and the challenge to develop a Godly ethos is integral to who we are. They are not optional add-ons to your learning at our School.

This is who we are. We are proud to profess it.


Pastor Phil Worrad


Message from the Head of Teaching and Learning

Our story drives our success… or not!
Perseverance and Persistence - Grit at KWS.

Last Monday, Jared Horvath – a zany American Neuroscientist – educated and entertained the students in Years 9 – 12; the Senior School Staff and many of the KWS Parents. We learnt all about how the brain works, and why it works in a particular way. We learnt how an understanding of this actually helps us to learn. Ask any of those students and they will tell you why we perceive the sky to be blue! More importantly though, they will tell you that their learning depends entirely on knowing and practising the following:

  • It is our perceptions that drive us; only when we truly believe that we have the capacity to achieve something (albeit with lots and lots of practice) will we do so. If we tell ourselves that we cannot do something, we instantly limit any opportunities for success.
  • Success and achievement are not a result of genetic disposition. Those who are prepared to ‘feel that crunch’ i.e. struggle and persevere in a task when it would be so much easier to give up, are the most ‘successful’ in life. Never fear the brain crunch that accompanies learning. Embrace it!
  • We can only achieve deep memories through the process of repeated recall. Reading and highlighting notes over and over again will not increase the magnitude of the memory. Doing something with the information, will. Creating flash cards; designing flow charts; teaching someone else; tackling past papers; running group study sessions – this type of recall will work wonders!
  • Nobody can multi-task! Students’ learning will be five times more effective when the study comprises of shorter periods of intense entirely uninterrupted focus (no distractions at all, so the phone has to be in a different room!), than hours and hours of study that is disrupted through interruptions.

The following are examples of the posters that will be positioned around the Senior and Prep schools to remind us all of these important Learning Messages.


It takes a whole school community to ensure the individual learning success and potential of our students.

Mrs Serena Lewis 

Head of Teaching and Learning


Message from the 
Director of Co-curricular

Term 1 Camps

At the end of this term, all of our students will be involved in camps week activities. Year 7 students will head off to the Lake Burrendong Sport and Rec camp site for their camp after a day of activities at school. All of our Cadet students in Years 8-12 will undertake their camp at Top Valley Station. The non-cadet students in Year 10 will be engaged in the Volunteer Service program, either in the Orange community, or in their local communities. Year 11 students will be undertaking a Work Experience program, again either in Orange or in students’ own communities. Year 12 cohort will take part in a Retreat camp at the Ridgecrest centre at Lake Burrendong. The Music Camp will be held this year over the weekend of the 29th – 31st March in the Blue Mountains.


Our camps program offers our students a wonderful opportunity to engage in outdoor education programs, and to connect with the community in a meaningful way. Through our camps programs, students will be challenged mentally, physically and spiritually.

2019 School Musical – Oliver!


The Musical team have been busily working for the past few weeks auditioning students for this year’s musical, Oliver, with the cast list announcement made this week.

This epic classic is full of joy and sadness, and will be an enjoyable challenge for all involved. It was wonderful to have so many talented students audition for the show, and lovely to see many keen Year 7 students throughout the audition process.


The audition and casting process is challenging for both staff and students. Challenging for staff because it is incredibly hard not to cast students who have clearly worked very hard and who desperately want a role. Challenging for students because they don’t get the opportunity to see other auditions to realise the standard of others. Unfortunately, we cannot cast everyone in the role for which they auditioned for. I know that the process can be disappointing for students, especially if they have their heart set on a particular role. Disappointment is a difficult part of life, but all parts of life can help us grow. I thank all students for their efforts in preparing their audition, and look forward to working with the wonderful cast we have to put this great show together.


Ms Heidi Anthony

Director of Co-curricular

The Regional
Engagement Enterprise

Year 7's Introduction to TREE

Our new Year 7 students have received their first taste of TREE in the Senior School with their science project on chickens. The students hatched out day old chicks to begin the term and have then separated them into 3 different groups of 4 chickens each. The different groups are being fed a different proportion of protein within their crumble mix; 16%, 18% and 22% respectively. Each day a science class is coming down to the agriculture plot to weigh the chickens and record their results. It has been a fantastic opportunity to discuss variables, explore the scientific method and see experimental science first-hand.



Our co-curricular enterprise team has had a very busy start to the term. The students have had three of their lambs processed and are beginning to harvest a bounty of vegetables and herbs from their market garden beds in the Wolaroi agriculture plot. The students sold out of their lamb and gravy rolls and kofta and tzatziki rolls at the recent Championship Swimming Carnival, making a small profit that they have reinvested in jars and hessian bags for future events. The team is now gearing up for the Banjo Patterson Night Markets in Robertson Park this Friday (22nd) having been invited to participate by Orange 360. They will be serving Moroccan lamb with a couscous salad, tzatziki and optional tubs of potato salad. 90% of this meal has come straight from our own plot! We would love to see you there!



Our cattle team has been bolstered by several new recruits and is busy preparing steers for the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. Over the holidays the cattle yards in the Wolaroi plot were reconfigured to better utilise the space. If you haven’t seen the renovations head on down.



Year 11 agriculture headed out to Windermere recently to explore farming processes. The students were observing farming cycles and hypothesising what enterprises could be added to enhance output. Additionally, these students have supplied a never seen at KWS addition to the plot to help ‘mow’ one of the side paddocks – goats! They are settling in nicely and are very friendly to visitors.



Mr Tom Riley

Director of The Regional Engagement Enterprise

From the Indigenous
Student Co-ordinator

Kakadu & Jabiru Cultural Immersion Program 2019 - Places still available. 

KWS has been given the unique opportunity to be part of a pilot program in partnership with Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation (GAC) Kakadu, Jabiru Area School and The Outdoor Education Group (OEG) to participate in an 8-day Cultural Immersion and Community Engagement trip. KWS will be given access to private Mirrar land, in particular the stunning Brockman Plateau. Mirarr country is a breathtaking and spiritual place. Most Mirarr land is within the World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park including the vibrant wetlands of the Jabiluka billabong country and the stunning sandstone escarpment of Djidbidjidbi (Mount Brockman).

The journey extends across the Brockman Plateau over 4 days and 3 nights guided by Indigenous Elders, Rangers and OEG staff. The Brockman Plateau is home to hundreds of Rock Art sites that are over 50 000 years old.

Other features of the program; include Ubirr Rock Art Sunset and ‘appreciating spirit of the land’, welcome dinner by local community and Djidbidjidbi Residential College, East Alligator River cruise spotting the abundance of wildlife including endangered bird species and of course Crocodiles.


Mr Anthony Begg

Indigenous Students Co-ordinator

Duke of Edinburgh recognition

The Kakadu program will also assist in the completion of the Adventurous Journey (AJ) component of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Students that participate will be able to count the Kakadu program as their AJ at a Bronze and Silver level. At a Gold level the program would count for the Residential Project component of the Gold award. Mr Liam Callaghan will be able to help with any questions and planning regarding Duke of Edinburgh International Award.


Dates: Sunday 30 June – Sunday 7 July 2019

Cost: Approx. $2800- $3200

Students: The Tour is open to Year 10, 11 & 12 2019

Places are strictly limited to 12 students. Places will be held in order of deposits received.


For Further information please contact:

Tour Leader, Mr Anthony Begg on 02 6392 0429 or email

Duke of Edinburgh Award: Mr Liam Callaghan on 02 6392 0354 or email

Mr Anthony Begg

Indigenous Students Co-ordinator

Prep Assembly Awards

Merit Awards

1C: Week 4 – Saxon Haynes.  

1W: Week 3 – Archie Bylsma, Georgiana Saran, Andie Zinga. Week 4 – Jack Caro, Elizabeth Harmer, Harper Purvis.

2S:  Week 3 – Cassandra Philippe, Charlie Haydon. Week 4 – Andrew Bell, Isabelle Provost.

3D:  Week 4 – Angus Sawtell, Annabelle Maslin, Alexandra Karrasch, Jazmin Marquez, Nicolette Saran, Hannah Cunningham.

3W:  Week 3 – Lucas Choi. Week 4 – George Nash, Pixie Harmer.

4F: Week 3 – Thomas Hansen, Hamish Buckley, Charlie Kimmins. Week 4 – Hamish Buckley, Joe Dunworth, Thomas Hansen, Charlie Kimmins, Angelina McRae, Willa Paix, Phoebe Paynter, Chloe Provost, Billy Roberts, Isabella Vangestel.

4P: Week 3 – Hannah Birmili, Audrey Blyth, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan, Anabel Clinton x2, Floriana Jackson-Le Couteur, Rohan Kotasthane, Matthew Roper, Percy Meates, Lily Moe, Ashton Montagliani, William Payne x2, Georgia Philippe x2, Oscar Zielinski x2. Week 4 – Hannah Birmili, Audrey Blyth, Madison Jones, Rohan Kotasthane, Percy Meates, Ashton Montagliani,

5B:  Week 4 – Ashton Nock, Olivia Wilson, Hayden McKenzie, Zoe Harmer, William Garard.

5P: Week 3 – Olivia Watts.

6C: Week 3 – Lucinda Clinton. Week 4 – Alice Hansen, Pranav Srikanth.

6H: Week 3 – Lachlan Boyd, Ava Buesnel x2, Aiden Button, Matilda Fabar, Charlie Hall, Grace Hansen, Isabelle Johnston, Krishan Kandeepan, Isabelle Lloyd-George, Benjamin Maslin, Lillian Pearce, Jackson Raffen, Daisy Wakem, Sienna Wilkin. Week 4 – Aiden Button, Grace Hansen, Philippa Martin, Lillian Pearce, Nancy Straw.

6S:  Week 4 – Bonnie McPhee, Jessica Thompson.


Courtesy Points

Lovely Manners: Week 3 – Charlotte Buckley, Jack Dunworth, Jamie Adams, Lillian Pearce, Thomas Nelson, Grace Lowther, Harper Purvis, Andie Zinga, Samuel Balcomb, Bianca Wong, Lillian Armstrong, Rhys Jones, Charlie Poole, Jessica Thompson.

Week 4 – Ella Kerdic, Aiden Button, Alby Kimmins, Lily McBeath, Aimee Anders, Hannah Birmili, Lucie Chambers, Georgiana Saran, Archie Bylsma.

Lovely Greetings:  Week 3 – Luca Kotasthane, Thomas Hunt, Eliza Lord, Phoebe Paynter, Joe Dunworth.

Week 4 – Grace Hansen, Samuel Commins, Niamh Graham, Lenny Shannon, Andrew Caskey, Emily Caro, Jack Paix.

Thinking of Others:  Week 3 – Ashton Montagliani, Annabelle Maslin, Alexandra Karrasch.

Week 4 – Alexandra Whitehead, Hugo O’Brien.

Excellent Behaviour: Week 3 – Luna Cunningham, Lucas Choi.

Week 4 – Charlie Haydon.

School Values: Week 4 – Max Kenny.


Citizenship Points

Wearing Uniform with Pride: Week 3 – Eva Smedley, Alexandra Whitehead.

Week 4 – Krishan Kandeepan, Eva Smedley.

Helpfulness: Week 3 – Isaac de Bruyn, Alice Hansen, Chloe Caro, Olivia Watts, Emma Ward-Finn, Cooper Martin.

Week 4 – Benjamin Chambers, Elizabeth Croft.

Initiative in the Classroom: Week 3 – Cassandra Philippe, Sebastian Marquez. Week 4 – Jazmin Marquez.

Role Model: Week 3 – 6H, Georgia Philippe, Henry Quigley, Thomas Goodsir, Joshua de Bruyn. Week 4 – Harriet Boyd, Cameron Nash, Bridget Horne.

Being Kind:  Week 3 – Janette Proudford-Nalder, Georgiana Saran.

Week 4 – Isobella Montagliani, Sophie Caro, Cooper Martin, Chloe Provost, Reginald Caskey, Mya McLachlan.

School Values: Week 3 – Floriana Jackson-Le Couteur, Sophie Caro, Rhys Jones.

Week 4 – Andrew Bell, Kajan Kandeepan, Timothy Lowther, David King, Lily Moe.


Senior School
Performing Arts

Introducing Mrs Chris Mickle

We are very excited to welcome the fabulous Chris Mickle to the Performing Arts Department team. Mrs Mickle comes with a wealth of experience in directing concert and stage bands of all levels and will be working with our junior, prep and intermediate bands this year. Welcome Mrs Mickle!


TryBand 2019

TryBand provides our Year 7 students with the wonderful opportunity to learn a musical instrument.  The Tryband program runs throughout Term 1, and is open to students who have either not learnt an instrument before, or have learnt an instrument in the past but would like the opportunity to try something new. Tryband allows students to be part of a beginner level music ensemble and fosters teamwork skills, perseverance and positive social interactions.


All Year 7 students had the chance to see and hear a range of instruments demonstrated by staff from the Performing Arts Department and by some of our Year 12 music students. It was wonderful for our Year 7’s to meet some of our senior musicians and be inspired by their amazing playing. Students then had the opportunity to test drive several band instruments including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and drum kit. 


Each Thursday afternoon during Term 1, the 27 students involved in TryBand have a 25 minute tutorial on their allocated instrument, followed by a band rehearsal with Mrs Mickle and Mrs McRae.  Tutors for TryBand are Ms Innes (brass), Ms Gregory (flute), Mr Ismail (clarinet/saxophone) and Mrs McRae (percussion).


At the conclusion of the TryBand program, students will be encouraged to enrol in private instrumental tuition for Term 2, and participate in Intermediate Band (iBand) which will run at a time suitable for all members involved.

We look forward to watching Year 7 progress on their instruments over the next 8 weeks!

Mrs Jackie Shields

Head of Performing Arts

Camerata Competition - Friday 15th March

Entries close Friday 8th March (end of week 6)

Students at an AMEB level of grade 4 and above are strongly encouraged to enter this year’s Camerata Competition, which is being held on Friday 15th March. Entry forms are on Mrs McRae's door; forms must be filled in and returned by Friday 8th March. The competition affords secondary students a fabulous performance opportunity in a supportive environment.  Should you have any queries regarding the Camerata Competition, please don’t hesitate to see Mrs McRae.


Camerata Competition Criteria

-          Students may choose a piece of music which highlights their skill on their instrument. The piece does not have to be a movement from a concerto. The piece must be a minimum standard equivalent to Grade 4 AMEB.

-          The performance can be either a solo or with piano accompaniment

-          There are two divisions in the competition:

Junior Division: Yrs 7-10. Senior Division: Yrs 11-12

-          The competition will be adjudicated by 2 adjudicators who will be selected by the Co-ordinator of Instrumental Music.

-          Two trophies will be awarded: one for the winner of the Junior Division (Years 7-10) and another for the winner of the Senior Division (Year 11 or 12). Runners up for each division will receive a certificate. Students will be awarded at the Summer co-curricular assembly in Term 2.

-          All competitors will be invited to perform at the Camerata concert, held in the KWS Chapel in Term 2 on Friday 31st May 6:30pm.



Ms Jackie Shields

Head of Performing Arts

Prep School
Performing Arts

Individual Instrumental Tuition, Speech & Drama

If your child is recommencing music or speech and drama tuition this year, it is very important that you have completed a re-enrolment form and sent it into the Performing Arts office. Our tutors are busily preparing timetables to ensure they can schedule their students successfully and cannot do this until they receive the enrolment form. A form can be downloaded directly from the FROG page here and emailed to

If you wish to enroll a new student, please contact the Performing Arts Office in the first instance to discuss instrument and availability of the teacher.


Co-curricular Ensembles

All our prep co-curricular ensembles have resumed for the year. We encourage prompt and regular attendance each week to ensure progress is made both individually and for the group. If your child if absent for whatever reason, please notify the ensemble director or performing arts office. We also have information about each ensemble on the Performing Arts Frog site – please check in regularly for information and messages.


Local Events – Orange Conservatorium

Tuesday 26th February 6:00pm-6:45pm - Dr Anita Collins presentation. Dr Anita Collins is the neuromusicologist behind the success of Don't stop the Music, the program fronted by Guy Sebastian late last year. She is a passionate advocate for Music Education and is hosting a free presentation at the ORC. Bookings are essential, and despite only having been advertised for less than a week and are already booking up extremely quickly!


Contact the ORC office to book, or please click HERE to visit the Eventbrite page. 



School Holiday Drama Workshop:
Sneaky Secrets for Successful Super Heroes

Please find attached a flyer regarding the Shake 'n' Stir Workshops being held from 15-18 April at the Orange Civic Theatre. These workshops will conclude with a fully staged showcase on the stage of the Theatre, open to family and friends.


For queries, please contact:

Christie Westcott

Administration AssistantOrange City Council

Phone: 02 6393 8112



Mrs K SinclairPrep Music Co-ordinator

Information and Communication Technology

Frog Tip

What can I do when Frog says “You cannot run more than 4 applications concurrently”?

When you see this message (below) on your iPad/iPhone, click the quick launch icon  (9 dots in the top RH corner of the screen), this will Open up a new display on the top right hand corner of your screen and display icons for all open Frog Windows plus some other features):

After clicking on the Quick Launch you will see at the bottom of the group of icons your open Frog Windows. 

Hold your finger onto the icon for the window that you want to close (e.g. in the pic below the icon for the Window at the bottom of this list of open windows “Year 7 xxx”.  After holding it for  about 1-2 seconds it will give you an option to:

Launch New or Close.


Student Laptops onto WiFi during Term 1

During weeks 2-3 of Term 1 only Year 11 and 12 Laptops and Year 9 and 10 Visual Arts and Textiles student laptops will be put onto the KWS WiFi.


KWS Anti-Virus must be installed before WiFi access.

Student Apple watches, smart phones and iPhones will not be put on the KWS WiFi.


A reminder to please allow at least one full school day for the ICT Team to add your device to the KWS WiFi. A reminder that before your device will be connected onto the KWS WiFi, the following needs to occur:

  1. Your device must meet the Minimum Device Specification (refer ICT Site on Frog for details).
  2. Any VPN/Proxy or other Application/Software/Configuration to by-pass KWS Firewall or Web Filter must be removed.  A reminder: use of such services to bypass KWS Firewall/Web filter is a breach of the ICT Acceptable Use Policy and will be reported to the appropriate KWS Mentor.
  3. KWS Anti-Virus must be installed on your device by an ICT Technician before your device will access KWS WiFi.

Please also be aware that a higher Specification device is required if you need Adobe CC for Textiles or Visual Arts (refer to the ICT Site of Frog for details or Dr Parry’s email to parents on 7th December 2018).


Health effects of Wi-Fi EME
(Electromagnetic Energy)

The EME emitted from Wi-Fi is far less than the EME generated by mobile phones.

Please check the link below for reassurance from ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency).  “There is not established scientific evidence that the low exposure to RF EME from wi-fi adversely effects the health of children or the general population”

ARPANSA – 26 Apr 17 5 Wi-fi and health


Mr Darryn Marjoram

Director Information Services, ICT

Senior School Sport News

Senior School Sport Choices - Winter (Term 2 & 3 -2019)


Winter Sport selections for 2019 are now available. In order to meet deadlines from external associations it would be appreciated if students could complete their sport selection by Friday 1st March. Students can make their selection through FROG. 


The following sports are on offer for students for Winter 2019:

Football (Soccer)

Boys and Girls 

Internal or Local Grade Competition.  Football involves training at school or PLC on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Grade Competition matches are played on Saturdays (Ladies are on Sundays) and can be played in Orange or surrounding areas (eg Blayney, Bathurst, Molong). 

For more information please contact the MIC of Football, Miss A Stammer



KWS plays in the ISA Rugby competition. Players are expected to make school games their priority. Training is on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and mornings. Games are on Saturdays and can involve travel to Sydney several times during the season. Buses for Sydney games can leave any time from 5.30am and return any time up until 9.30pm.

For more information please contact the MIC of Rugby, Mr T Wehr-Candler



KWS teams play in the Local Junior and Women’s Grade Competition. Training is on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons on turf at the Orange Hockey Centre. Games are also played at the Orange Hockey Centre, generally on Friday afternoon/evenings, but can also be played on Saturday or Sunday, depending on team selection.

For more information please contact the MIC of Hockey, Mrs B Mannix



KWS teams play in the local Competition. Training is on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and mornings at the KWS Netball courts. Matches are played on Saturdays at ANZAC Park.

For more information please contact the MIC of Netball, Mrs S Fardell



Boys and Girls 

3 sessions per week: Tuesday, Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings. All sessions are held and ran by Homefront Crossfit at Barrett Court.


Pedal Prix

Boys and Girls

Compete in Pedal Prix race in Adelaide which is held at the end of Term 3.Training 3 sessions per week: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings. All sessions start from KWS.

For more information please contact the MIC of Pedal Prix, Mr D De Bruyn


Squad Swimming

Boys and Girls

Sessions are held mornings and afternoons in the KWS pool. Number of sessions required depends on student ability and will be arranged by the head swim coach.

For more information please contact Kim Taylor


Additionally, please note that if you are seeking an exemption from Winter sport 2019 then this must be sought by emailing Ms Anthony on You must clearly state the reasons for the exemption request.


These will not be considered if they are not submitted by Friday 8th March. This allows team numbers to be finalised and entered in local competitions prior to the holidays.


Late exemptions cannot be considered because they disrupt this process.

If you had an exemption from summer sport you must re-apply for an exemption from winter sport. This allows the school to ensure accurate and up to date exemption records.


Joe Priest

HOD of Sport

Basketball Reports

KWS Grizzlies v KWS Cavaliers won 20-14

This match never reached the heights that were expected. The Grizzlies lacked the fluency of the first half of last week’s match and the players seemed to wish they were elsewhere. We were slow to get back and defend and our opponents took advantage of this. After a low scoring first half the tempo lifted, largely through the enthusiasm injected by Peter and Mitch. Lewis made some incisive scoring moves, but in the end we only converted a small percentage of our shots. Lochie’s full court coverage was sorely missed, given his absence.

KWS Grizzlies v Blazers won 44-21

Despite a delayed start and a 10 point penalty the Grizzlies came out of the blocks with plenty of intent and an eye for sustained momentum. The players played with a positive attitude, attacking with flair and were eager to defend our basket. Lewis, Mitch and Peter showed their all round abilities with sleight of hand, efficient spoils and deft shooting. Lochie produced excellent transitions out of the defensive court and linked beautifully with his peers. Alex provided some effective touches and delivered some deft passes. The trick now is for Alex to try shooting shortly after receiving the ball.

Matthew Healey

Cricket Reports

Reports from 2nd Feb to 16th of Feb 2019

All results and scores are available at


1st XI Results


Feb 2 & 9 – Round 12


KWS 138 (W Luelf 43, P Litchfield 28) and 88 (W Luelf 27, S Ridley 24) lost on first innings to CYMS 8dec/142 (S Crisp 4/10, C Greer 2/13) and 5/46 (E Taylor 2/25)


Report: KWS lost an entertaining match against finals-bound CYMS at Riawena Oval. After posting a modest 138 on day 1, KWS had CYMS 4/96 at the beginning of play on day 2. The start was delayed due to a wet outfield, leaving less and less time for anything other than a first innings result either-way. Once play started, KWS picked up three quick wickets with Stu Crisp bowling tidily and beating the bat often. This put pressure on the CYMS lower order but they managed to sneak by the KWS total after almost 2 hours of batting. This left little time for anything but the stumps being pulled from the ground, however the CYMS captain was determined to get an outright result. Fair play to CYMS, they skittled KWS in their second dig for 88. Promising starts by Luelf and Ridley could not stem the bleeding, meaning CYMS had the impossible task of scoring 85 for an outright victory in 27 minutes. Regardless of the odds, CYMS pushed to the 7.00pm cut-off time, with KWS inevitably placing eight fielders on the boundary and the game fizzled to the same result that would have been achieved 3 hours earlier. The result was disappointing for KWS but proved valuable preparation for the Douglas Shield semi-final in two days’ time.


Feb 16 – Round 13


Day 1: KWS 4/7 against Orange City 233 (H Kermode 4/25, E Taylor 3/36, H May 2/30)


Report to come after Day 2.


Bonnor Cup Round 3 Feb 15


KWS 9/104 (P Litchfield 38no) lost to Centrals 6/173 (E Taylor 2/25)


Report: The final round fixture for this season’s Bonnor Cup resulted in a tough loss for KWS. A hard pitch, fast outfield and well placed aerial shots from Centrals gave them a challenging total of 173. KWS fielded well but were without luck. The chase started poorly making the target very difficult to get. A middle-order partnership between Sam Ridley and Phoebe Litchfield steadied the ship but the damage was done. With many players returning next season, this year’s Bonnor Cup has been a good experience for players to learn the craft of T20 cricket.


Douglas Shield Semi-Final


KWS 6/175 (S Ridley 44, P Litchfield 41no) defeated MAGS Dubbo 39 (H Kermode 4/15, W Luelf 3/4)


Report: KWS comprehensively claimed a Douglas Shield Grand Final spot with a home win against MAGS on Monday 11 February. Being sent in by MAGS proved to be a blessing, with KWS calmly building a solid total based on solid running between the wickets and patience to play shots. Sam Ridley played a pivotal role in the middle order, as did Logan Buckley (18), to steady the innings after some early wickets. Phoebe Litchfield, Tom Madigan and Harry May combined in the lower order to finish the innings in front of a noisy lunch-time crowd. In the change of innings, KWS set a huge standard in the field, with two run-outs in one over decimating the MAGS top order, leaving Harry Kermode and Will Luelf to mop up the middle and lower orders. MAGS were wonderful guests and the match was played in good spirits.


KWS will now host the final in early March to hopefully defend their title from last season. Regardless of that result, KWS will be travelling to Sydney to play either the top CAS or GPS school in the All Schools Championships.


2nd XI Results


Round 12


KWS 150 (N Rasmussen 50, J Rasmussen 38) lost to Orange City 2/152


Round 13


Day 1: KWS 239 (T Kiss 61, O Hoskin 55, B O’Brien 40, J Thompson 24) and CYMS 1/12


3rd XI Results


Round 16


KWS 137 (M Meiklejohn 73) lost to Orange City 3/141 (W Byrnes 2/2)


Round 17


KWS 76 lost to Waratahs 5/80


Centenary Cup Results


KWS Blue


Round 9

KWS Blue 171 (S Gee 83, H Gutterson 27; N McPhee 3/10, W Maslin 2/18) defeated KWS Super Kings 129 (L Ferguson 52no; J Stuart 3/5, H Sharpe 2/17)

Round 10

KWS 8/98 defeated Orange City 93


KWS Super Kings


Round 9


See result above for KWS Blue


Round 10


KWS 151 (W Maslin 30, H Goodlet 29, L Ferguson 20) lost to CYMS 8/154 (A Haling 4/45, F Marais 2/24)


U15s Results


KWS Scorchers


Round 10


KWS Scorches 7/101 (N Shepherd 45, D Shepherd 2/11) defeated KWS Royals 76 (C Tink 25, J O’Neill 3/10, H Gutterson 2/5)


Report: The Scorchers played some good cricket to defeat the Royals on Saturday. After being sent in the Scorchers were put under a lot of pressure by a Royals attack that bowled a testing line and length and fielding that gave nothing away. Runs were hard to come by and wickets were lost but Nelson Shepherd (45) held firm and played an innings of great discipline and maturity. Ollie Charlton (8), debutant James Ferguson (16 not out) and Jono Rasmussen (11) hit out boldly in the closing overs and the Scorchers finished on 7/101 – a score that looked unlikely earlier in the day and gave us something to defend. An early innings collapse put the Royals under pressure and despite a fighting innings by Charlie Tink the Scorchers prevailed. There was some excellent bowling by Jed O’Neill (3 for 2 from 4 overs), Harry Gutterson (2 for 1 from 3 overs) and Nelson Shepherd who proved very difficult for the Royals batsmen to get away and bowled his for 4 overs for 2 runs. The highlights in the field were provided by Jono Rasmussen who took two freakish catches at shortcover that will take some beating when it comes to deciding the catch of the season this year. Thanks to all who turned out to support the Scorchers on the day. By Mr B Kerridge (Coach)


Round 11


KWS 9/93 lost to CYMS 9/94(H Forsyth 2/13, N Shepherd 2/16, H Gutterson 2/17)


Report: Dropsy, more often called edema, is the increase of interstitial fluid in any organ. Epidemic dropsy is a clinical state, characterized by edema, resulting from use of edible oils adulterated with Argemone mexicana seed oil. Dropsy may also refer to:

Dropsy (Hergé), a comic series by Hergé. Dropsy (video game), a 2015 video game developed by Tendershoot and A Jolly Corpse. Dominique Dropsy (born 1951), former football goalkeeper and…

The fielding of the Scorchers vs CYMS on Saturday.

CYMS won the toss and put the Scorchers in. The Scorchers were soon in trouble as early wickets fell and runs were hard to come by thanks to some accurate bowling from CYMS and an outfield that was slow to say the least Drinks were taken after 14 overs and the scorebook showed that the Scorchers were 4 for 24. Things looked bleak to say the least but the Scorchers fought back in the next 14 overs and were able to finish on 9 for 93 after their 28 overs. This was due to a fantastic innings from captain Nelson Shepherd who batted with a combination of intelligence and determination as wickets fell around him and useful contributions from Harry Gutterson, Gian Wynn and Ethan Smith.

In reply, CYMS found themselves in a similar situation to the Scorchers early on. Some excellent bowling from Archie Haling (1 for 11 from 3 overs), Henry Forsyth (3 for 13 from 4 overs) and Arnie Tancred (1 for 16 from 6 overs) reduced CYMS to 5 for 36 after 14 overs. However, CYMS went on to win with 3 balls to spare - a tighter finish than many expected – thanks to a hard hitting 38 from Nick Murphy and poor catching that saw him given numerous lives. On the bowling front those mentioned above were especially impressive as were Harry Gutterson (2 for 17 from 5 overs) and the captain Nelson Shepherd who suffered badly from the dropped catches but still finished with 2 for 16 – including the prized scalp of Murphy lbw – from 4 overs.

It goes without saying that we have a lot to work on before the next match but rest assured the Scorchers will be looking to make up for this performance next week.

Thanks to Mrs Charlton for her help with scoring on the day. By Mr B Kerridge (Coach)


KWS Heat


Round 10

KWS 8/108 (A Staniforth 50no) defeated Cavaliers 32 (H Sharpe 6/4, D Tucker 3/9)

Report: The KWS Heat are on a roll as of late after their victory against CYMS the previous week, the boys annihilated the Cavaliers. The skipper won the toss for the first time this year and elected to bat. A slow start put Kinross on the back foot with wickets not falling till the 10th over. But that didn’t stop Angus "The Wall" Staniforth to be the only one who hit double figures and retire on 50 from only 73 balls. It’s a great concept for sundries to be a part of the game as it was the second top scorer of 25. With the innings at an end, KWS was 8/108 from the 28 overs. Coming in to bowl the boys knew they had to bowl to their field, and in that case it worked. Harrison Sharpe cleaned up the top order with his exceptional bowling claiming 6 wickets for 4 runs of his 5 overs. Luke "McGrath" Hunter bowled exceptional well to only give Cavs 5 runs from his 4 overs. Riley "Stoinis" Hall improved from last week bowling 4 overs for only 8 runs. Saxon "Jonty Rhodes" Buckley was a catching machine claiming 4 wickets at short mid-off managing to dive for every ball. Dylan "Warnie" Tucker used the bounce to is advantage to claim 3 wickets all being caught. Kinross bowled Cavs for a low total of 32. They have worked these last 2 weeks and have earnt a well-rested weekend. By Mr C Rasmussen (Coach)

Round 11 - BYE

KWS Royals


Round 10


See result for KWS Scorches.


Round 11


KWS 5/115 (D Shepherd 33no, H Priest 24) defeated Orange City Gladiators 9/103


U13s Results


KWS Sixers


Round 10


KWS 7/128 (J Anderson 28no, A Pengilly 28) defeated CYMS Gold 3/77


Round 11 – BYE


KWS Fever (Girls)


Round 10 – BYE


Round 11


KWS 22 lost to CYMS Green 6/184


Report: KWS Fever continued to improve this week, with a huge reduction in extras and much straighter bowling left CYMS in a precarious position before two opposition players took control of the game with bat and ball. The girls played with enthusiasm and good spirit as always, being well noticed by the opposition. The girls should be very proud of their improvements. A highlight was Year 7 student Tara McCormack making her debut and playing her first ever game of competitive cricket and taking a wicket in her first over!


U17 Colts T20 Challenge Cup


Round 5

KWS 145 lost to CYMS 148


Mr Ben Ronald

MIC Cricket


Swimming Report

KWS sent a team of 37 swimmers to Lithgow to contest the MPS summer championships. Competition at this meet is fierce with every team competing for as many points as possible. In total 340 swimmers representing 20 different teams were in attendance over the weekend.

The team got off to a strong start with their closest rivals Glenbrook not far behind. Relay points were valuable and all the KWS teams competed exceptionally well. In the end KWS proved to be too strong and took the trophy with over 4000 points, 500 ahead of Glenbrook.

The team had a number of swimmers attending their first competitive carnival. The whole team contributed to the point score either individually or as a part of a relay. KWS now hold both the summer and winter championship titles.


We had a number of swimmers take out age, distance and open categories;

13yrs girl’s and women’s open champion – Collette Lyons

14yrs girl’s Mercede Cornelius-Feltus

15yrs girl’s Catie Crisp

17yrs women’s Jade Browne

13yrs boy’s Thomas Pell

15yrs boy’s Oliver McLaughlin

19-24yrs men’s Brandon Fraser

Open Men’s Zac Lewis

Men’s Distance Ethan Crisp


The team are now finalising preparations for the NSW Country Championships which will see a large number of swimmers attend their first representative meet.



Water Polo Report

With our games having been scuttled the previous week, Valentine’s Day was the perfect time to rekindle our romance with the beautiful game of water polo…


It was a glorious afternoon, hot and very conducive to jumping in the pool. I must congratulate all the junior players on their wonderful levels of attendance at training and games this season. Your commitment is commendable and impressive.



Dinocrocs drew against Barracudas 6-6


The training partners were perfectly matched in a close and exciting game. Dinocrocs had an early lead, but the Barracudas drew on their stamina and sustained focus an managed to fight their way back. A very satisfying match to watch, albeit quite hectic to coach! Big thank you to Mr Oldham and Callum for refereeing.


Piranhas defeated Sheahan


Piranhas have cemented (for want of a better term) their position at the top of the junior ladder. They are playing very well as a team, with purposeful passing and tenacious defence. Mrs Laing is very proud of you!


Sharknados defeated Jaws 8-1

The Sharknados lived up to their names, wreaking a whirlwind of destruction on Jaws (who no doubt are plotting their revenge!) The game, despite its scoreline, was very close and was played with the sense of fun and sportsmanship that typifies KWS Water Polo.


Antonia Suthers 

Rowing Report

Over the weekend of Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th February Kinross Wolaroi School competed in the NSW State Rowing Championships. Olympic, club and school rowers all compete at the regatta together, with athletes from 71 clubs and schools across New South Wales, Queensland, ACT and Victoria all competing at the two-day event. With limited events for younger school participants and a high level of competition a smaller group of 41 students were selected to represent the school at the regatta.


With 3 Gold and 2 Bronze Kinross Wolaroi School finished 7th out of 71 competing Schools and Clubs and 2nd out of all Schools competing at the regatta. To finish as the number two School is a real testament to the dedication and commitment shown by all of the students in the rowing program, their parents who support them and their coaches.

Congratulations to all medal winning crews, we hope your effort will inspire all students to pursue high achievement.

Our medal winning crews included;


Schoolgirl Coxed Quad Scull - Freya Neville, Isabella Scammell, Bridget Yeomans, Lucy Jenkins, Cox: Jetta Kennett

Schoolboy Coxed Quad Scull - Henry Ponder, Thomas Richardson, Cody Kelso, Richard King, Cox: Harrison Straw

Men’s Under 19 Coxless Quad Scull - Henry Ponder, Thomas Richardson, Cody Kelso, Richard King



Schoolboy Coxed Four - Henry Ponder, Thomas Richardson, Cody Kelso, Richard King, Cox: Harrison Straw

Men’s Under 17 Double Scull - Alex Brown, Jack Weeks


Other notable results – fourth place;

Women’s Under 17 Eight - Lucinda McCarten, Meyhar Chawla, Mackenzie Jones, Claudia St Clair, Georgia Robson, Alanah Tompkins, Isabella Scammell, Freya Neville, Cox: Jasmine Ramsay,

Women’s Under 19 Coxless Quad Scull - Freya Neville, Isabella Scammell, Bridget Yeomans, Lucy Jenkins


Tobias Wehr-Candler

MIC - Rowing

Championship Swimming Carnival 

KWS held its annual Championship Carnival on Friday 15th February. Participation and effort from students was fantastic and is a credit to the culture of the school.


On the night there were 12 records broken. Collette Lyons had an outstanding night breaking records in 200m Freestyle, 14 girls fly, 14 girls freestyle, 14 girls breaststroke, 14 & under 100m freestyle and 200m IM. Collette is systematically resetting all of the girls swimming records. Sam Archer also had a great night breaking 17 boys fly, 17 boys backstroke and senior boys 100m freestyle. Other record breakers on the night were Mercedes Cornelius-Feltus and Oliver McLaughlin.


Congratulations must go to our head swim coach Kim Taylor who clearly has all of the swimmers in peak physical condition. Congratulations to the below swimmers who have been selected to represent the KWS swim team at WAS and ISA. Age Champions and the winning house will be announced at assembly.

Joe Priest

HOD of Sport

Prep School Sport News

Summer Sport

Just a reminder, there is NO SPORT on Wednesday 20 February due to Parent / teacher interviews. Sport resumes as per normal the following week.

Reminder: Hats, drink bottles and a piece of fruit are required for sport training.

All Summer Sport groups change to Athletics in week 8, Monday 18 March. This is a prelim trial for field events for the Prep Athletics Carnival held on 12 April. All athletics field event skills will be taught prior to these trials in PE lessons.

All Summer Sport information and a copy of the bulletin can be found on FROG (Prep Sport / Summer Sport tab).

Many parents have not yet signed up to TEAM APP. All the latest information and wet weather changes will be pushed out through this app. As most parents already have an account set up, go to FIND A TEAM and look up the following groups.

For Swimming, Tennis, Basketball: KWS Prep Summer Sport

For Triathlon: KWS Prep Triathlon

For Cricket: KWS Prep Cricket

For Year 3: KWS Year 3 Group

Prep Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to all students who participated Prep Swimming Carnival on Friday 15 February. It was a very successful day with all students participating. The March Past was both loud and colourful will Kindergarten to Year 6 involved. There are wonderful photos already on the KWS Facebook page! 


Gordon was the overall winning house followed closely by McLachlan, Brown and Douglas.

We had 10 records broken. Congratulations to the following students:


Charlotte Williams: 8-9yrs 50 Freestyle 41.50; 50 Backstroke 45.97; 50 Breaststroke 57.29

William Karrasch: 10 yrs 100 Freestyle 1:23.84, 50 Backstroke 43.16, 50 Freestyle 36.13

Chloe Provost: 10 yrs 50 Freestyle 37.03

Oscar Chandler-Sullivan: 10 yrs 50 Freestyle 36.07

Oliver Garard: 10 yrs 50 Backstroke 45.59

Brown House: Junior Relay 1:15.28 Will Payne, Charlie Kimmins, Hugo O’Brien, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan.


The students below were recognised on the day for their achievements of Age Champions, 2nd place and 3rd place in each age group.

8-9 YEAR  BOYS: Samuel Commins, George Nash, Charles Hail

8-9 YEAR GIRLS: Charlotte Williams, Alexandra Karrasch, Alexandra Whitehead

10 YEAR BOYS: William Karrasch, Matthew Lowther, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan

10 YEAR GIRLS: Chloe Provost, Annabel Clinton, Flossie Jackson-Le Couteur

11 YEAR BOYS: William Garard, Spencer Williams, Matthew Roper

11 YEAR GIRLS: Molly Mason, Alice Scholte, Olive Glover

12 YEAR BOYS: Hugh Payne, Zac Shannon, Oliver Smith

12 YEAR GIRLS: Daisy Wakem, Olivia Searle, Ava Buesnel


From the Swimming Carnival, a team of 24 students have been selected to represent KWS Prep at both WAS & HICES Swimming Carnivals. Our Team captains are: Daisy Wakem and Hugh Payne. WAS Swimming is being hosted by KWS next week (Thursday 28 February) with HICES Swimming in Sydney on 6 March. Congratulations to the following students on your team selection:

Alexandra Karrasch, Charlotte Williams, Samuel Commins, George Nash, Chloe Provost, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan, Oliver Garard, Hamish Searle, Annabel Clinton, Matthew Lowther, Hugo O’Brien, Molly Mason, Alice Scholte, William Garard, Spencer Williams, Matthew Roper, Olive Glover, William Karrasch, Daisy Wakem, Hugh Payne, Oliver Smith, Isabelle Johnston, Olivia Searle, Zac Shannon.

Information regarding WAS & HICES Swimming, plus permission forms have been emailed home to the families.

Winter Sport sign-on

An email link will be sent home to all families with students in Years 3-6 to sign-on for Winter Sport 2019. Please follow the link to complete the form. This link will only be live for 7 days, after which it is blocked.

A new form must be completed for each child.


Netball trials will need to be held in the up and coming weeks due to early registration to Orange Netball Association. These will mostly take place during lunchtimes at school. Once dates are finalised, students will be notified in Assemblies, Sport noticeboard and FROG / Prep Sport.

CIS Tennis Trials

We wish Hugh Payne the best of luck as he represents HICES at the CIS Tennis Trials at the Kings school next Monday 25 February. These trials are for a place in the CIS team, that will play at the NSWPSSA Tennis Championships later in Inverell In May.

Outside Sport

William Karrasch - Track cycling: Congratulations to Will Karrasch who recently competed at the NSW Track Cycling Championships in Dubbo. In the U11 Age Group, he placed 2nd Scratch Event and 2nd Time Trial. Well done on your achievements.


Drew and Jack Carslake - Jiu Jitsu: Congratulations to both Drew and Jack who competed over the weekend at Western NSW ISKA Open. Drew won his wrestle by achieving a submission from his opponent. Jack won his wrestle in a higher age/weight division after a draw at time, going into first on points in extra time. Jack then competed in a weight division above his where his opponent was 75kg vs Jacks 35kg. He placed second but only by 2 points. Well done boys.

Sport Dates for the Diary 2019

22 February: Rugby Gala Afternoon

28 February: WAS Swimming Carnival, KWS Pool

6 March: HICES Swimming Carnival, SOPAC18 March: Sport – Athletic field event trials commence

20 March: CIS Swimming Carnival, SOPAC

12 April: Prep Athletics Carnival

7 May: Prep Cross Country, PLC

Mrs Louise Barrett

KWS Prep Sport & PE Co-ordinator

Sports Reports


Rugby Season Opener

A reminder that our Rugby season opener is on Friday, February 22. It is an afternoon for students wanting to play throughout the 2019 or are thinking about it. Parents are encouraged to bring suitable clothing so they can be involved in some games of touch with the students. Following the games a sausage sizzle will be available kindly provided by KWS Rugby.

Rob McLean

MIC Prep Rugby

Career News

Australian National University:

Applications to ANU open 4 March 2019

In 2020 ANU will welcome the first cohort of students under a new national admissions process. Their new admissions model will look beyond ATAR scores to consider a student’s all-round character and will be unique in its focus on holistic student assessment.


How do students apply?

Applying to ANU is simple. Applications are open to domestic students who are currently in Year 12, and intend to commence at ANU in 2020 or 2021. Students will apply directly to ANU, to help, they have created a step-by-step process guiding you, and prospective students, through the application process.


What do I need to know?

• Applications are free!

• Students can apply for all ANU Bachelor programs.

• Applications open 8:00am, 4 March and close 31 May. Students will apply directly to ANU, via the ANU website.

• All school-leavers will need to meet the co-curricular or service requirement. Students can check if they meet the requirement, and view examples of supporting documentation on our website.

• Students are initially assessed based on their Year 11 results and will receive a conditional offer in August. During the applications students will need to provide an official record of their Year 11 results. You can learn more about how they assess students here.

• Students can apply for Equity and Elite Athlete adjustment factors when they apply to ANU.

• Students can opt to be considered for all eligible scholarships when they apply to ANU.

• Students who are accepted to ANU through the direct application process are guaranteed on-campus accommodation, if they want it.

• Students will receive a packaged offer, which will include an offer of admission, any scholarships they have received and an offer of accommodation.

• Students can defer an offer for 12 months. Students intending to take a gap year are encouraged to apply.


I have questions?

We’re happy to chat, email

Download the 2020 Domestic Undergraduate Guide


University of Melbourne:

Hansen Scholarships

The Hansen Scholarship Program is a flagship scholarship program at the University of Melbourne. Starting from 2020, the Hansen Scholarship Program will offer 20 talented students a generous package of accommodation, financial support, mentoring and pastoral care. Applications open on March 1st and close March 21st. For more information


12TH July 2019 – Interstate Students Information Day (Check website for more information)



Year 12 Medicine Information Evening March 20th 2019



Registrations are now open for aspiring doctors and their parents. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from current staff and students and about changes to their medicine admissions process.


Time: 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Location: UNSW, Kensington



Skillset Workforce:

Works with people in Central West NSW to gain apprenticeships and training. More information, click on link.


For current apprenticeship opportunities please click on the link below. These roles are great opportunities for applicants to join well-known and prominent organisations whilst entering a full-time placement that will provide both on the job experience and study. They will be allocated a dedicated Skillset Workforce Consultant who will support them through the Apprenticeship or Traineeship and at the successful completion of the role they will graduate with a nationally recognised qualification.



As you may be aware, UCAT has now replaced UMAT as the admissions test for entry into medical, dental and clinical science degree programmes in Australia and New Zealand.This handbook may be helpful to provide you with some information about the UCAT exam. The UCAT is a 2 hour computer-based test that will run throughout July 2019. Please find attached a brochure for Year 12 students interested in studying a health science degree next year.

UCAT Handbook


Himalayan Schoolies:

Last week in their Wellbeing Session Year 12 were spoken to by guests representing Himalayan Schoolies. They asked our students - How about an Alternative Schoolies trip filled with fun, friendship and excitement? Don't regret your schoolies! Instead change lives and climb mountains on a trip you’ll never forget! For more information -


There is an information night Thursday 28th February 6pm at PCYC.


Work Experience:

Parents and Students in Year 11 should now have received information for Work Experience during Camp Week Mon April 8th 2019 – Friday April 12th 2019. All Year 11 students excluding Cadets will be required to participate in the program. Students need to start organising placements. All paperwork is due back to the Careers Advisor, Kimberley Jones by Monday 25th March.


Country Education Foundation (CEF) of Australia:

The Country Education Foundation of Australia (CEF) has joined forces with WIN Television to launch the 2019 University Survival Guide — a one-stop resource helping tens of thousands of new university students and their families navigate campus life. With O Weeks upon us their University Survival Guide is live for rural and regional students about to start their time at university – it’s an exciting time for them, but also a full-on one. As the year progresses visit the CEF website to look into scholarships for 2020.


Upcoming visit to KWS:


Verto – Apprenticeships/Traineeships - Thursday 28th Feb Wellbeing time

Lattitude GAP – Thursday 28th Feb – Lunchtime Library Seminar Room

University Roadshow – Wednesday 6th March 2019


Students need to keep an eye out for upcoming events in the Daily Bulletin.


Mrs Kimberley Jones 

Year 12 Co-ordinator/Careers Advisors

Upcoming Events

KWS Day (and Weekend!)

On Saturday 9 March 2019, with the support of both the Alumni and the KWS Parents and Friends Association, we are planning our annual celebration of past, present and future KWS.


Friday 8 March 2019 Icebreaker Drinks for families of KWS students.


Saturday 9 March 2019 KWS Day (annual Fair Day) held on the school grounds from 10am - 3pm.

Please see the important notices section to see some of the ways you can help us with the day.


Class reunions for alumni who graduated in 1969 with five year increments through to 2014 will be held in the evening.


We look forward to seeing you at one or all of these events. 

Icebreaker Cocktail Party

The Principal and the P&F warmly invite all KWS parents to join them for our annual Icebreaker Drinks on Friday 8 March 2019 from 6.30pm. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet and mingle with other parents and staff and in particular the new Deputy Principal, Mr James Boyd, if you have not yet met him.


Friday 8 March 2019 at 6:30pm

The Hotel Canobolas, Orange

Please RSVP by Monday 4 March via Trybooking:


Regional Tour - Young

This Friday, the 22 February we host our first Regional Tour event for 2019. The Term 1 event is being held in Young NSW and attracts current, prospective and past KWS families. 


As part of these events, key members of staff are present; providing an opportunity for community members to meet and greet staff away from the school. We invite all to attend. RSVP's have closed for this event; however, please keep an eye out for future events. 


We look forward to welcoming you at our other Regional Tour Events in 2019. 


KWS Open Day

KWS will be holding an Open Day for prospective students and their families. This will be an opportunity to come and find out about KWS (both the Preparatory and Senior School), have a tour of the School with current students and meet the Principal and Senior Heads of School.


This will be held on Monday 1 April 2019 from 9.00am to 12.00pm in the DPA.


This is for prospective families only, so if you know anyone who might be interested in finding out more about KWS, then please spread the word. Bookings to be made via the below Trybooking link:


Important Notices

KWS Day:
We need your help!


Volunteer your time on the day through 'Sign Up Genius'

Please find attached below a list of our fundraising Year Group Stalls and Activities and each Stall Coordinator.

We have set up 'Sign Up Genius' so parents can jump online and volunteer their time for their child's year group stall. 


Please click HERE to access the Sign Up Genius booking platform. 


Please also refer to your Year Group’s Facebook Page as your Stall Coordinator may have already posted information regarding your stall.   


Buy raffle tickets!

This year we have 10 amazing prizes to win in our raffle! This week we will be sending students home with raffle booklets to sell prior to KWS Day.   


Our Prizes include:

- Orange Region Wine Package

- DJI Drone

- Surface Go Tablet and Type Cover

- 6 x $250 Quest Orange Voucher (drawn indivdually)

- Handmade Fire Pit x 2

- The White Place Gift Pack

- Greenwood Designs Jewellery 

- TREE Hamper & Christmas Ham

Keep an eye out for additional raffle prizes as they become available. 



Senior students: Heads of Houses will hand these out over the next week

Prep students : will be given these to take home to their parents this week (please check their bags)

- Boarding students: all boarding students will be given a booklet to sell, however parents can purchase pre-paid raffle tickets online through TryBooking when you purchase your wrist bands.


If you purchase your raffle tickets online, the name that you use for your booking will automatically go into the raffle draw.  


Please click HERE to purchase your raffle tickets online. 


All students are asked to return their used and unused raffle tickets using the envelope they came in, along with payment, to the Senior School Office or Prep School Office prior to KWS Day. Please complete the details on the envelope. Tickets can also be handed in to the Raffle Stall by 1.30pm on the day. 


If a student would like more booklets, they can pick these up from the Engagement Office at any time. Please note, tickets can also be purchased on the day. The raffle will be drawn at 2:00pm. 


Book your pre-paid wrist bands through 'Trybooking'

We have some great rides this year for all ages so please jump online and purchase your pre-paid wrist band for only $30 via the TryBooking link below. The cutoff date for buying pre-paid wrist bands will be 9.00am on Friday 8 March 2019. If you miss out, you can purchase wrist bands on the day for $35 or single tickets for $5. 


We will advertise all the rides and activities in the Bulletin over the coming weeks so keep an eye out. Pre-paid wrist bands can be picked up on the day at the Ticketing Stall which will open at 10.00am. 


Please click HERE to purchase your wristbands tickets online.


Donations for our Fundraising Stalls

Garden Stall

The KWS Day Garden Stall was a huge hit last year so we would love your donations again! Succulents in particular, plants, pots and/or containers would be greatly appreciated.  Donations can be left at the Senior School Office.


We are calling out for succulents urgently if anyone has any they wish to donate! 


If you have any questions regarding what you can donate or how else you can help out, please contact Victoria Mendl on 6392 0300 or Cooey Tancred on 0400 660 145.


Cake Stall 

Year 3 will be running the Cake Stall this year and every family is encouraged to help out by baking some cakes/slices/biscuits. There will be packaging available to pick up from both the Senior and Prep School Offices on Friday 1 March from 8.30am. We need as many homemade goodies as possible so please get on board! Feel free to take as many packs as you wish, or alternatively, get your child to pick it up for you from the Office. 


With regards to drop off, we will arrange a classroom in the Preparatory School for the following Friday 8 March (no earlier) onwards.   


Jar Stall

Pre Prep will be running our new Jar Stall this year so we kindly ask for your donations. We invite all students to donate 1-2 glass jars full of some goodies to sell on the day. For example wrapped lollies, stationery, coffee vouchers, gift cards, preserves etc. 


If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact Victoria Mendl at or on 02 6392 0300.  


We are really looking forward to KWS Day being another fantastic day and thank you in advance for your support. 


Senior School Parent Teacher Interviews

Parents will have access to make appointments via PTO from 9am on Monday 25 February 2019. 

Please ensure your email address is up to date in the KWS System. We have provided PTO the mother’s email address, unless there is no address and then the father’s will be used. This is the email address that will need to be entered by you to request the login details from the PTO website. Both parents’ email addresses will be provided in the case of parents living apart so separate logins can be requested.


Interview Dates: 

  • Wednesday 6th March 4:00pm - 7:00pm (Year 7-12 Day Students and Year 12 Boarding Parents)
  • Tuesday 12th March 4:00pm - 7:00pm (Year 7-12 Day Students and Year 12 Boarding Parents)

Interviews will be held in the DPA  and refreshments will be provided.

Prep School Term 1 - Parent Teacher Interviews 

Term 1 Interview will be held on Wednesday February 20th, 3:30 -6:45pm & Thursday 28th February, 3:30 -6:45pm. Parents need only book on either day.

Venue: Prep Classrooms

For students: All Students in Years K-6 Parents


Bookings are made online via PTO from 3:30pm Tuesday, 12 February 2019 up until 8am on Wednesday 20th February.


We have provided PTO with the mother’s email address (unless there is no address and then the father’s email address has been provided). The email address provided will need to be entered by you to request the login details from the PTO website.


For parents living apart - both parents’ email addresses have been provided in order for separate logins to be requested.


1. Go to and login with your Frog credentials Frog credentials have been supplied by the school to parents/caregivers


2. Click on ‘the Parent Teacher Online (PTO) link on the right hand side of the Frog landing page (beneath "Useful links")


3. Select ‘Obtain PIN/Password’ and follow the prompts using the above email (alternatively, you may use your PTO Login and Password from previous interviews if you still have them)


KK and 2E parents only please note: Mrs Key and Mrs Essex are not available for interviews on Thursday 28th therefore only Wednesday 20th will be available to make booking times. In the event that it is impossible to make the interviews on Wednesday 20th please contact the Prep Office to make alternative arrangements.


If you have any further queries, please contact the Prep Office on 6392 0316

Gail Kennewell

Important Prep School Dates for your Diary

20 Feb – Assembly 6C, SRC Badges

20 & 28 Feb – Parent Teacher Interviews

22 Feb – Prep Rugby Season Opener

26 Feb – HICES Debating Rd 126 Feb – Leadership Day

27 Feb – Assembly 6C, Music Leader Badges

28 Feb – WAS Swimming Carnival – KWS

6 Mar – HICES Swimming Carnival  - Homebush

6 Mar – Assembly 6S

6 Mar – Ash Wednesday Service (Years 4-6)

9 Mar – KWS Day

11 Mar – Rowena Thomas Evening Session

12 Mar – Rowena Thomas Years 5&6 session

13 Mar – P&F Meeting1

3 Mar – Assembly 5B

14 Mar – HICES Debating Rd 2

18 Mar – Athletics Trials begin

18 Mar – CIS Football trials (girls)

19 Mar – Year 5 Excursion20 Mar – Assembly 5P

20 Mar – CIS Swimming

25 Mar – Kids Lit Quiz

27 Mar – Assembly 4F

3 Apr – Assembly 4P

8 Apr – HICES Debating Rd 3

8 Apr – CIS Football trials (boys)

10 Apr – Assembly 3W – Term 1 House Awards

12 Apr – Inter-House Athletics Carnival

12 Apr – Term 1 concludes

15 – 26 Apr – School Holidays

25 Apr – ANZAC Day

30 Apr – Term 2 Commences


The canteen is now taking orders for recess which some families have started to utilise. For collection the children must collect the order from the canteen at the beginning of recess. Orders cannot be delivered to classrooms.

Rob McLean

FROG - NEW Look Prep School Homepage

The new Home page of the Preparatory School site now includes a Weekly Calendar, summarising the important events for the week ahead. The Weekly Calendar will be uploaded by 5 pm Friday in the previous week. These dates are usually already in the Term Planner but may include any last minute updates, so it is a great way to remind parents of what is happening in a current week.


Tower Magazine 

The 2018 Tower Magazine is now available to order.


If you wish to purchase a copy of the Tower Magazine, please head to TryBooking using the following link:


TryBooking is an online tool which will make it very easy to order your copy (or copies) of this publication.  If you wish to purchase a Tower Magazine and would like to pick it up from Kinross Wolaroi School's Main Reception, the cost will be $82. If you wish to purchase the Tower Magazine and would like us to post it out to you, the cost will be $90.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa Miller in the Accounts Department on 02 6392 0314 or


KWS Cookbook
We need your Recipes!

Do you have a recipe that you or your family love and have cooked multiple times? Most people have a least a few recipes they rely on whether it’s a regular dinner time meal, a dish that marks a particular occasion or a healthy & nutritious tummy filler. Every recipe also has a story - it may be long and span the generations, or short and more recent, it doesn’t matter as we would love to hear them all. 


Please submit your recipe (or recipes) at by 28th February. If you have any queries or questions about what to submit, or about the project in general please visit the website or get in touch with Alison at

We look forward to being inundated with your recipes!

KWS Cookbook Team

Alison, Ami, Marianna, Megan, Kate & Sarah


Club 3:16

School’s Christian Fellowship Group. Starting this Friday lunch in Room 21 Bennett Building.

This term we will be looking at Deuteronomy and the key message is that God remains faithful to His promises!

Look forward to seeing many students there and please keep us in your prayers.

Also, a key save the date for families: KWS KYCK Christian camp is on the last weekend of the April holidays 26-28 April.


Mr Yooie Choi

KWS History Tour 2019

Dear families of students in Year 9 to 11


This is a notice regarding an exciting cultural and learning opportunity for your child who is interested in history and travelling overseas. The History Department is organising a History Tour for 2019 and will be held during the September holidays. The tour will visit Paris, Berlin, Florence, Vatican City and Rome and will enable students to visit and experience some famous landmarks and key historical sites.


Educational Benefit: The Stage 5 and 6 Modern and Ancient History course explores key topics such as World War 1, Europe at the turn of the 20th Century, Nazi Germany, Ancient Rome, Renaissance and the Cold War. A highlight is a hands-on experience of the key battlefield sites where Australians fought on the Western Front (WW1) and an archaeological site visit to Pompeii/Herculaneum. By visiting these countries and key historical sites, students will gain a better global appreciation as well as bring to life key events and places that shaped our world today. Not to mention the wonderful cultural experiences, site-seeing opportunities and overall development of global awareness.


What is planned: Four European cities (Paris, Berlin, Florence and Rome) and some of the highlights include:

  • Visit to Museum of Invalides and the Museum Le Louvre (home of the Mona Lisa)
  • A visit to the Somme River region and WW1 battlefield sites
  • The Official Australian War Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux
  • Visit a former Nazi concentration camp (Sachsenhausen) in Berlin
  • Visit the Berlin Wall and Check-Point Charlie
  • Accademia Museum to view Michelangelo’s statute of David in Florence
  • A guided tour of the Vatican City
  • Visit the Colosseum and the Roman Forum
  • An archaeological site visit of Pompeii and Herculaneum and much more!

This tour is set for Saturday 28 September to Saturday 11 October, 2019. Interested students (and their families) are welcome to attend the Information Session. This is to be held Thursday 21 February 5:00pm in Room 22 (Bennett Building). In this session, further details such as an outline of costs, flights, accommodation and itinerary will be given as well as further details regarding deposits, risk-assessment and booking conditions. For any queries, please contact me. Look forward to seeing you at the Information Evening.


Mr Yooie Choi on behalf of the History Department 

School Holiday Drama Workshop:
Sneaky Secrets for Successful Super Heroes

Please find attached a flyer regarding the Shake n Stir Workshops being held from 15-18 April at the Orange Civic Theatre. These workshops will conclude with a fully staged showcase on the stage of the Theatre, open to family and friends.


For queries, please contact:

Christie Westcott

Administration Assistant
Orange City Council

Phone: 02 6393 8112




KWS Family Newsletter
KWS Senior School - 2019 Cocurricular Timetable.pdf
KWS Prep School - 2019 Co-curricular Timetable.pdf
KWS Prep School Co-curricular News - Term 1 2019.pdf
2019 April School Holiday Workshop - Sneaky Secrets for Successful Super Heroes.pdf
2019 April School Holiday Workshop - Sneaky Secrets for Successful Super Heroes.pdf
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