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02 August 2018
Issue Twenty-two
Principal's Update
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Principal's Update


Dear Families, Students and Community Members,


School Production

At our whole school assembly on Monday in our stadium we launched this year’s production of  The Addams Family  with a performance of one the numbers from the show involving the whole cast. It has certainly created a sense of excitement about the performance week fast approaching, to be held in our Performing Arts Centre over four nights this year (instead of three) on Wednesday 22 to Saturday 25 August, with a matinee performance for our local primary schools on the Wednesday as well. Former school captain Josh Mulcahy is again producing the show in partnership with our wonderful teachers: Mara Sears – Production Coordinator and Performing Arts Coordinator, Demis Danoudis – Music Coordinator and teachers assisting, Adelle Stevenson, Ariana Nickou, Andrew Fisher and Liz Evans. I encourage you all to purchase tickets before they sell out, to see our talented students perform. Unfortunately we have a smaller seating capacity in our Performing Arts Centre compared to the old school hall, so we do anticipate that tickets will sell out quickly for the four performance nights. I congratulate all students who are involved, whether in the cast, crew or band, for their dedication throughout the year in preparing for this showcase event.


Homelessness Project 

Tim Richardson MP, member for Mordialloc, spoke to our students this week about Homelessness Week with the theme “Ending Homelessness Together”. Right now there are more than 116,000 Australians who are homeless. In Victoria, that number is nearly 23,000 people, or 42.6 for every 10,000. Tim Richardson MP is partnering with the Chelsea Care Works and the Mentone Community Assistance and Information Bureau, to assist in supporting homeless and struggling members of the local community. He is calling on all local schools, businesses, churches and community groups to come together and give a can or a coin for Homelessness Week during the month of August. The food and funds will go towards the Free Food Pantry operated by Chelsea Care Works, as well as the emergency relief supply run by the Mentone Bureau, both supported by local volunteers.

This project ties in really nicely with the plans of our Year 9 students who attended the Alpine School for Student Leadership for all of Term 2. While they were away they had to develop a community project to implement once back at school, and they had designed a project around supporting the homeless.  Expect to hear more soon from Meike Berg, Lauren Ditchfield, Matt Grice, Hannah Grieve, Rose Patel, Christopher Rodas and Matthew Wade who will now include this initiative of Tim's  as part of their own project on raising awareness and supporting homeless people.


Open the Doors Project

School Captain, Sabrina Berg spoke to students about this project also on Monday. Our school chaplain, Lana Paten, and a past school parent, Julie Opperman, have been working on this project focused on reinforcing a positive and supportive school culture with some of our Year 7, 8 and 9 students. These students volunteered to create inspirational artwork and messages for the benefit of their peers and other students. Students will now see these artworks framed on the back of toilet doors at the school.


Student Attendance and Educational Outcomes

Daily attendance is important for all children and young people to succeed in education and to ensure they don’t fall behind both socially and developmentally. Studies show that absence does affect learning growth and that there are no safe number of days. A child missing one day a fortnight will miss four weeks in a year, and more than a year of school by the time they are in Year 10. It is important that children develop regular attendance habits at an early age. In addition, a student who is half an hour late each day misses the equivalent of 16.6 days of learning each year. This is not acceptable. It is not ok to be away or late without a medical certificate! School participation maximises life opportunities for our young people by providing them with education and support networks.  School helps children to develop important skills, knowledge and values that set them up for further learning and participation in their community. If you are having difficulty getting your child to school, please contact the Wellbeing Team at the College to discuss strategies that may assist you.


Student Behaviour to and from School

As our school is growing I am starting to get more complaints about our middle school students' behaviour on the trains, particularly when travelling home, which is very disappointing. While I am sure the majority are doing the right thing there are still some students who are showing little respect to other train travellers by not following the basic etiquette in train travel. We have spoken to students a number of times in assemblies about living our school values in and out of school, particularly on public transport, and will do so again but I now seek your assistance in reinforcing the message at home.  Students should wait until members of the public wanting to get off the train have done so and allow them a clear passage before moving to get on the carriage; don’t crowd the doorways when on the train; rather than try to all get into the front two carriages, use the whole train; offer seats to the elderly or those with disabilities; don’t muck around pushing and shoving each other, running or yelling on the train.

Thanks for your assistance with this matter and I hope together as a community we can reinforce our high expectations and have our students being noticed out in the public for proudly demonstrating the College values in all actions and behaviours. I should note, I do receive positive emails as well.


Parent Survey 2018

The use of opinion data to monitor school performance is a very important step towards making our school the best it can possibly be.  Annual and anonymous opinion surveys for staff, children and parents are conducted and the information gained is used to drive school improvements and shape the future direction of the College.  Over the next month it is the parents' turn to tell us what they think. Randomly selected families (about 30% of parents) should have already received information about the online parent opinion survey and we ask that these families please take the time to complete the survey. The survey is conducted online by ORIMA Research Pty Ltd and only takes 15 minutes to complete. It can be accessed from Monday 23rd July to Sunday 26th August. The survey will help our school gain an understanding of how you view our school climate, student engagement, and relationships. Results will be sent to the school by the end of September.



Michelle Roberts




Important Dates


Friday 3

  • Facilities Meeting - 8am

Monday 6

  • Finance Meeting - 4pm
  • Mex 2.0 City Experience

Tuesday 7

  • Australian Poetry Competition
  • MEX 9A & 9B Community Placements

Wednesday 8

  • Year 7 Chinese Incursion

Thursday 9

  • Year 8 Japanese ACMI Excursion
  • School Council - 5pm

Monday 13

  • Science/IT Week
  • House Assembly
  • MEX 2.0 City Experience

Wednesday 15

  • Year 12 Elevate Finishing Line Session

Friday 17

  • Student Free Day

Monday 20

  • Production Week The Addams Family
  • MEX 2.0 City Experience

Tuesday 21

  • Year 8 Sortie Cinema to ACMI
  • Production Rehearsal Day

Wednesday 22

  • Production Opening Night The Addams Family until Saturday 25 August
  • Matinee for primary school students of The Addams Family

Thursday 23

  • VCAL Day
  • Production The Addams Family

Friday 24

  • Production The Addams Family
  • Year 9 SEAL Science Museum and IMAX Excursion

Saturday 25

  • Production The Addams Family


Student Awards                                                           

Student Values Awards

Personal Best - Work to the best of your ability. Pursue excellence, try hard and constantly seek to improve.

Integrity  - Be true to yourself by doing what is right. Be honest and trustworthy.

Respect  - Treat everyone with equal consideration. Be accepting of others and their differences.

Responsibility - Be accountable for your actions. Contribute positively to the school and wider community.

Personal Best – For applying their personal best efforts in Japanese class and creating an exemplary character profile poster.






                                                                                                                         Lana Paten




Chaplain News

Opening the Doors

This week at assembly our school captains, Sabrina Berg and Bailey Bocksette, updated students about a project they have been working on to improve the school bathrooms and toilets.  This initiative resulted in new locks, seats and brightly coloured walls.

This was timely as some of our Year 7, 8 and 9 students had volunteered to  be part of an exciting school project called Opening the Doors.

This initiative was proposed by one of our former school parents, Julie Opperman, who saw an opportunity to improve student wellbeing by placing inspirational artworks and messages on the back of doors in our school bathrooms.  

This resulted in two creative workshops where some our Year 7, 8 and 9 students shared an afternoon together to make a range of inspiring quotes, messages and artworks for the benefit of their peers and the school community.

We would like to thank Julie and the Aspendale branch of the Bendigo Bank who kindly offered funding to the school to frame these pieces, which resulted in the donation of 50 frames.

The aim of this initiative is to make our school a happy and supportive place by making the toilets a safe, clean and pleasant environment.



Lana Paten


Tickets Now On Sale

The time has come to purchase your tickets to the hottest show in town! The cast and crew of The Addams Family – School Edition have been working hard over the last couple of months and the College Musical is shaping up to be the best one yet. A hilarious, exciting, spectacular, roller coaster ride, you will be entertained with singing, dancing and a love story to move (or remove) your soul! Purchase your tickets to the most anticipated event on the Mordialloc College calendar NOW! Tickets are very reasonably priced at $18 for students and $22 for Adults (no concessions) and went on sale to cast and crew from the Main Office of the College on 30 July. Ticket sales to the general public are from Tuesday 7 August (limit of 5 tickets per family for first round sales, this ensures tickets are spread evenly throughout the school community. Second round sales to buy additional tickets will be advertised).


Miss Sears

Production Coordinator



Year 10 Advance Ski Trip

Last Tuesday, at 6 in the morning,  the whole class filed into the bus and began the trip to Mount Buller. We were all bursting with excitement but not one of us could have known just how much fun we were in for.

After passing through Yea, and changing buses at Mansfield, we started on the winding road up to the summit. Eventually, little patches of snow and ice could be seen on either side of the road, then suddenly the whole ground was coated and glistening white. Upon reaching the top of the mountain we jumped out of the bus and carried our gear to the accommodation before doing some tobogganing...there may have been a couple of snowball fights on the side as well. Once we had all flawlessly glided down the toboggan run without falling off (not true), we went back up to our lodge, collecting our hired snowboarding equipment along the way.

When we got back we had dinner and, in groups, ran our own hilarious games with the class before getting some sleep. It was up and at ‘em early again the next morning. As soon as we had some breakfast and kitted up, we ventured onto the brisk snowy slopes for our first snowboarding lesson. There was some early struggling but we all seemed to pick it up pretty quickly and at the end of the lessons most of us were moving and braking fairly well. After the lesson we had some time to practise on our own before heading back to the lodge for a quick lunch break. We spent the rest of the afternoon zooming down the mountain, learning a little bit about how to make turns on the board and a lot about how to crash spectacularly. The chair lifts all began to close around 4:30 so that’s when we wrapped things up. By that time everyone in the class was eagerly awaiting a hot shower and a sit in front of the fire.

Similar to the first night, we had the second two group games before heading to bed. Thursday was just as exciting as the day before. We
continued improving our control in the morning lesson before venturing out to new, more exhilarating tracks (or runs as they’re called) throughout the rest of the day. At the closing of the chair lifts we swooped back in to our cosy lodge for dinner before trekking down the road to the Mount Buller cinema. It was a cool little setup and we all enjoyed the movie... almost as much as we enjoyed the popcorn.

The next day, Friday, was a bittersweet one. We got to do even more snowboarding (by that time we were all getting pretty good) but we also had to leave. We’d had such a fantastic time that after we’d packed up and cleaned the rooms Mr Evans, Ms Nap, Ms Sheer and Ms Evans had to practically tear us away from the beautiful mountain. We all reluctantly handed back our gear and hopped on the bus home, super tired but super thankful for such an enjoyable and unique experience with such amazing teachers and peers to share it with.


James Vicendese

Year 10 Advance Student

French News

Simulation francophone des Nations Unies 2018

We attended the French Language Model UN Conference 2018 on Monday 23 July at the Treasury Theatre in Melbourne CBD. The topic for discussion was ‘Asylum Seekers and Refugees: A Global Humanitarian Crisis’ - “Demandeurs d’asile et Réfugiés – une crise humanitaire mondiale.”

This was an exclusive opportunity organised by the International Education Division in collaboration with the AFTV (Association of French Teachers in Victoria) and the UNAAV (United Nations Association of Australia, Victoria Division). The conference prompted students from various schools to come together to share ideas and opinions on a professional level as country leaders and thus, enhancing insights into world issues and critical thinking skills.


Mordialloc College represented two countries: China (La Chine – Delegates: Ava C, David L and Noreigh Z) and Switzerland (La Suisse – Delegates:  Naena G, Elizabeth N and Alex B). Here are the students’ reflections on the day:

Ava: “The model UN was a wonderful opportunity to meet with other students learning French and improve my ability to speak French. I had a lot of fun and look forward to participating again next year.”


Noreigh: “The UN Model Conference was a very unique experience. It was stressful yet fun. Although I could not understand half of what the other participants were saying, it gave me an insight on what to strive for in future similar excursions. It also helped me improve my confidence in speaking and comprehending French."


Naena: “The French United Nations Conference was an intriguing way to become immersed in the French language whilst becoming more globally aware and active, and interacting with other French students.”


Alex: “The trip to the UN simulation was daunting at first, with the thought of speaking in French to a group of other students, but after listening to others, I realised that I’m not so different. Overall, it was a great day where we learnt a lot about how the United Nations conferences work, and got to discuss the important issues facing the world today, in particular asylum seekers and refugees.”


Elizabeth: “The French United Nations Model conference was an enlightening experience, as it simulated how the United Nations actually runs to resolve conflicts of the world. The day was all in French, which created a challenging but motivating environment for we students to learn and improve.”


David: “I thoroughly enjoyed the UN model conference despite it being extremely difficult to speak French all day. The students and teachers were amazing and it definitely helped improve my speaking and listening skills.”


Le Concours Berthe Mouchette 2018 - Year 9-10 French Poetry and Written Competition

We take this opportunity to congratulate the following students for their individual achievement in the Berthe Mouchette competition:

Year 9 Students’ Achievement – Poetry Results

  • Finalist(e) – High Distinction: Elisa Sarsini
  • Excéllent(e)s – High Distinction: Bianca Davidson
  • Très bien – Distinction: Abera Fasika, Spencer Halse, Celina Lum and Natalie Politova
  • Bien/ Satisfaisant(e)s – Credit: Olivia Marlow, Victoria Vasilenko

Year 9 Students’ Achievement – Written Results

  • Finaliste – High Distinction: Fasika Abera
  • Très bien – High Distinction: Elisa Sarsini, Charlotte Thompson
  •  Bien – Distinction: Lara Batten, Oscar Broad, Bianca Davidson, Celina Lum, Spencer Halse, Celina Lum, Olivia Marlow, Benjamin Mencaraglia, Andres Moreno, Lorenzo Mortimer, George Newton, Tahlia Peacock, Natalie Politova, Jocelyn Robertson, Jessilia Sy, Victoria Vasilenko and Gabriel Wainwright
  • Satisfaisant(e)s – Credit: Ethan Capp, Ella Chambers, Kyah Farris-White, Spencer Halse, James Will, Bailey Porter and Shaina Post-Nanscawen

Year 10 Students’ Achievement – Poetry Results

  • Finalist – High Distinction: Noreigh Zuniga
  • Excéllent – High Distinction: Ethan Carroll
  • Très bien – Distinction: Ava Collison and David Le

Year 10 Students’ Achievement – Written Results

  • Finaliste – High Distinction: Ava Collison
  • Très bien – High Distinction: David Le, Noreigh Zuniga
  • Bien – Distinction: Ethan Carroll, India Cavagan, Liam Cox, Drew Kugimiya, Jordan Missaglia
  • Satisfaisantes – Credit: Joanna Elkington, Claudia Lennox


Concours Berthe Mouchette 2018 (Year 9-10 Finals)


Students participated in “Le Concours Berthe Mouchette” and the Year 9 and 10 results came at the end of Term 2. The Year 7 and 8 completed their finals in Term 2 on Sunday 24 June. Last Sunday 29July was the Year 9-10 levels turn to compete in the finals.


Below are our 3 Year 9-10 finalists sharing their individual experiences:


Ava: “I was lucky enough to qualify for the finals of the written Berthe Mouchette Competition and on Sunday I travelled to St Kilda to participate. This was a wonderful opportunity and I really enjoyed being able to meet students from other schools who were also taking French in Year 10.”


Noreigh: "This was my third year participating in the Berthe Mouchette Finals for poetry, I thought it would be fine, but it felt like as if it was my first year once again. It was pretty nerve wracking, but I recited the poem with confidence. Thanks to Madame Peerbux and my family for being very supportive."


Elisa: “On the 29July, I attended the Berthe Mouchette Competition at Alliance Française. It was challenging but an overall fantastic opportunity. Thanks to Madame Peerbux who made it possible by constantly pushing me to strive for the best. ”


Madame Peerbux


Community News

Dobsons School Uniform Shop Trading Hours for Term 3 2018

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Wednesday 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Private appointments are available on Wednesdays after shop hours. Please call 8587 0570 for an appointment.

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