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17 July 2018
Term 3, Issue 1
Term 3 Dates
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Term 3 Dates


  • 17 - 25 July - Somers Camp
  • 18 July - Scotsburn  Responsible Pet Day
  • 23 July - Grade 2 Sovereign Hill
  • 23 July - School Council (7pm)
  • 30 July - Prep EK & NP visit to kinder
  • 30 & 31 July - Grade 5/6 Debating (Buninyong students)
  • 2 August - Grade 3 camp information session @ 7pm
  • 3 August - Jenes for Genes Day
  • 10 August - Science Day (Dress Up)
  • 10 August - PLP Meeting @ 2:30pm
  • 13 August - Inter school Golf Competition
  • 17 August - Mt Clear Transition and concert bands @ 9:30am
  • 22 August - School Concert (10:30am Rehearsal)
  • 23 August - School Concert 10:30am Matinee & 6:00pm Evening
  • 24 August - Delayed School Start 12:00pm
  • 24 August - School Concert 6:00pm Evening 
  • 27 August - School Council Meeting 7:00pm
  • 31 August - Fathers Day Stall
  • 2 - 7 Sept - Snow Trip
  • 5 - 6 Sept - Grade 3 Camp (Group 1)
  • 6-7 Sept - Grade 3 Camp (Group 2)
  • 6 Sept - PLP Meeting 2:30pm
  • 7 Sept - Maths Challenge Day
  • 11 Sept - SC3 to Ecolinc
  • 12 Sept - SC2 to Ecolinc
  • 12 Sept - Celebration of Learning Evening (5 - 7pm)
  • 13 Sept - SC1 to Ecolinc
  • 13 Sept - Blue Light Disco in the Gym (6-8pm)
  • 14 Sept - Division Athletics
  • 19 Sept - Solar Boat Challenge
  • 19 Sept - SC2 to EarthEd
  • 20 Sept - Grade 6 Earth Ed (Group 1)
  • 21 Sept - Grade 6 Earth Ed (Group 2)
  • 21 Sept -  End of Term 3, (2:30pm dismissal)


  • 20 July - No Assembly
  • 27 July - Whole School Family Group Assembly
  • 3 August - P - 2 Assembly
  • 10 August - 3 - 6 Assembly
  • 17 August - No Assembly
  • 24 August - No Assembly DELAYED SCHOOL START 12pm
  • 31 August - Whole School Family Group Assembly
  • 7 September - P - 2 Assembly
  • 14 September - 3 - 6 Assembly
  • 21 September - Whole School Assembly

Principal Report


A wintery blast has welcomed us back to the new term, but it’s nice to know we’re now more than half way through winter.  We hope you all managed a nice break and are ready for all that is coming up in term 3.  The last page of this newsletter has an activities calendar for this term, with some of the highlights being:


  • The concert is obviously our big ticket item for the term, with all classes now underway with planning their acts.
  • The Whole School Science Day is happening in week 4.
  • We had a Mother’s Day Stall in term 2, but this time it’s dad’s turn.  A Father’s Day Stall will be running on August 31st.
  • Our grade 3 students are looking forward their very first overnight camp at Queenscliff in week 8.
  • Our 5s and 6s will be involved in debating competitions.
  • Kinder Visits are happening late in the term to kick start the transition process for next year’s preps.
  • Cyber-safety will be the focus of e-smart week from Sept 3-7.
  • Our grade 6s will compete against local schools in the Solar Boat Challenge.
  • We are hosting a Maths Challenge Day (Sept 7) which involves children from a number of schools, which will give participating students the opportunity to extend their knowledge and learn with students from other schools.
  • The Celebration of Learning Evening will be held in week 9 and presents a great opportunity for parents to see and hear first hand what your child has been learning at school.

As always, if you have any ideas or concerns you’d like to share, please don’t hesitate to give your child’s teacher, Dave, Scott or myself a call.


Thanks in advance to the many parents and other family members who will be helping out with the concert.  Please keep an eye out for requests for assistance from your teacher or PLP, whether that be for helping to prepare the kids or the making of costumes.


It’s already clear that some great ideas are being generated and the concert is certain to be very entertaining for our guests and a fantastic experience for the students.


In the newsletter of June 19, there were quite a few details regarding concert dates, start times, ticket prices & availability and arrangements for Friday August 24 when we have the later than usual school start time (midday).  We plan to create a parent information package with all of the basic details that parents need to know, which will save the need for you to search through newsletters looking for a particular piece of information.  That will be available on compass soon and will be attached to each newsletter between now and the concert.


We are hoping to run a BBQ outside the concert venue, which some parents will find very convenient on concert nights.  To manage this, we need a few volunteers.  If you’re able to help out on one or both nights, please let me know.


As announced late last term, students can order lunch 2 days each week (Wednesdays and Fridays) starting from this week. Orders will be made in the usual way, that being through Qkr.


To avoid clashing with the work of our Grade 6 Canteen Team, they will be selling their milo and biscuits on Thursdays….starting this week.


Another significant change is the introduction of a coffee machine.  As of next Wednesday (July 25), Tracey Coats will have the canteen open each school morning between 8am and 9am, so parents and staff will be able to pop in for a coffee and/or a bite to eat. 


We’re very pleased to make much better use of our canteen facility to provide an improved service for students, staff and parents.  Any profits made through the canteen will be used to fund a makeover of the canteen facility, which is looking very tired after 30 years of receiving very little attention.

Student Wellbeing

Blue Light Award Winners for May/June

At the start of this year, we developed a partnership with Ballarat Police to award students for positive attendance, behaviour, and overall effort towards learning. Each month, we have nominees put forward from various year levels on behalf of the teachers. From those nominees, we select a student to receive the award. Accompanying the wonderful medallion (seen below) is also a free pass to the Blue Light discos, which the Ballarat Police supervise and build positive connections within the community.

At our last assembly Des presented the awards to:

Jaxom Elliot – Prep

Cody Manson – Grade 3

Dan Wang – Grade 6


Well done to Jaxom, Cody and Dan! We’re so proud of your efforts!


PLP Meeting Reminder

A reminder to all of our PLPs that there is a meeting scheduled for this Friday the 10th of August at 2:30pm. If you are unable to make the meeting, we ask that you please organise another representative to share your class’ views. We look forward to seeing you there!


Cubby / Inclusion Project

At our school we have 7 students that identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. Part of our work on inclusion has been to engage the teachers of these students in working with our Koorie Education Support Officer from the Department of Education and Training. At our most recent meeting, the team was tossing around ideas to connect more indigenous culture into our school and one such idea was to create totem poles. Linking this, with needing a designated cubby area for the kids to play in, we feel that it would make great sense to border our cubby area with totems that the students can design and work on telling the story of Buninyong. Below is an image of our current progress. Please stay tuned as more information comes out about our design competition.


Student Attitude to School Results

Over the break our 2018 Student Attitude to School results became available.  This year our grade 4-6s were surveyed and this was the second time that grade 4s participated across the state.  This year’s survey was to find out how the students felt about the following areas:

  • Effective Teaching Practice
  • Teacher Student Relations
  • Learner Characteristics & Disposition
  • Social Engagement
  • Student Safety
  • Experience of Bullying

We receive separate results for each campus and generally the results are positive and reflect the overall positive culture of our school.  Over the coming weeks we will be working with staff to analyse the results and our grade 4-6 teachers will workshop with their students to develop a greater understanding of what the kids are feeling and how we can go about improving our school further.

Our school council will also take a close look at the results on Monday night and all parents are invited along to our PLP meeting (August 10, 2:30), where we’ll do the same.  So, if these results are of interest to you, please come along.

2018 Year 7 Student Transition Survey

Over the past term we have been working on developing a transition survey that can be administered to our families who have students in year 7. The aim of this survey is to undertand how well we prepare (through our whole school programs and processes) students for life at secondary school and to enhance our process with the aim to to ensure all students have a successful transition to secondary school.


If you had a child who was in year 6 last year, please expect a letter in the mail soon explaining how to complete the survey.

Teaching & Learning

Parent Teacher Interviews

Thanks to everyone who found the time to attend the Parent Teacher Interviews and 3 Way Conversations in the last few weeks of Term 2. It is a really important part of our communication and reporting process and it was great that the vast majority of families were able to make the most of this opportunity.

As always, please keep in contact with your child’s teacher to assist with any concerns.

During Term 3 we have our Celebration of Learning on Wednesday 12th September.


Term 3 – A Great Term for Learning

Term 3 is always a great term for learning. It comes after students have made connections at school, fully understand the routines and rituals of the classroom, have engaged in lots of learning and most importantly have received feedback on their progress. Having all these jigsaw pieces in place provides students, parents and teachers with a really solid base to launch into meaningful and and engaged learning opportunities.


Top Tips for Parents in Term 3 include:


Keep talking to your child about their learning goals

This doesn’t mean scores in tests but rather the effort and attitude they bring to learning opportunities. By setting smaller goals along the way to a bigger goal will help break it down into digestible chunks for your child. Learning behaviours like organisation, self motivation, persistence and reflection are all great themes to talk about. Success usually comes with a lot of hard work.

For example... So you didn’t’ go so well in the activity, what could you have done differently in the lead up?


Keep the conversation positive

It will happen, that your child will come home from school disappointed from time to time whether it be a learning issue or a social issue, you can be sure it will happen.  As parents it is our role to moderate this thinking to help them move from a ‘Black Hat’ (negative) approach to a ‘Yellow Hat’ (positive) approach.  Discussing the issue and helping your child see the situation from different perspectives may help them understand it and help them move through it. 


Encourage your child to seek support when needed

At times of struggle, encourage your child to talk to their teacher about it. Also ask them about the best time to do this. Hanging around for 5 minutes after class or coming in 5 minutes early allows teachers to give their full attention to the situation. This will encourage your child to develop the confidence to become independent learners rather than relying on others to solve the problem for them.


Promote the Love of Learning

As parents we are the first and most influential teacher in our child’s life. Promoting the love of learning will assist your child continue to build their creativity and intrigue in the world around them. We can do this by linking learning at school to that in the real world, encouraging possibility thinking (What might happen…, I wonder why…), and talking about your life experiences with learning new and wonderful things. Promoting the love of learning will encourage curiosity and wonder.


Premiers’ Reading Challenge

Thanks to those who have already registered. All classroom teachers have login details for this challenge.

Term 3 is a great time to get our teeth into reading and participating in the Victorian Premiers’ Challenge. The challenge ends on September 7th so this gives us the best part of a term to read and register the books.

In 2017 we had almost 45 students complete the challenge, I wonder how many will achieve this milestone in 2018.


Term 3 Big Writes and Cold Write

This term we continue our Big Writes and Cold Write as part of our writing approach. To assist with organisation the following dates can be confirmed:

Please remember that Talk Homework is simply the opportunity for students to talk about the theme for the Big Write, no written preparation is needed. Having a 10 – 15 minute  discussion will encourage your child to prepare their thinking for the Big Write session.

The Play Pod Tinker Box

The Play Pod has been a great addition to the yard at the Buninyong campus with students spending their break times working with others to build and be creative with all the material provided..

We are looking to expand this play experience to include a TINKER BOX.


A TINKER BOX is an opportunity for students to use tools to disassemble small electrical equipment to explore the inner workings. This opportunity is great in building fine motor skills in students as they manipulate the tools to loosen, pry or unscrew the different components.


If you have small unwanted electrical equipment and would like to donate them, please drop them off at the school office. They will be made safe before being becoming available to students.

We are thinking of items like those below:


Physical Education


Term 3 Calendar Events:

Every Wednesday Lunchtime (from Week 2) – Lawn Bowls

19 July – State Championships Cross Country

13 August – Interschool Golf Competition (click here to register)

2-7 September – Snow Trip

14 September – Division Athletics


Term 4 Calendar Events:

12 October – Regional Athletics

18 October – P-2 Sports Day

22 Oct – 8 Nov – Life Education


Interschool Golf Team:

Any Grade 5 or 6 student interested in signing up for the Interschool Golf Team, who will play on 13 August (9am -1.15pm) at Buninyong Golf Club, will need to complete this registration form before 23 July, 2018. There is a $10 entry fee and transport to and from Buninyong Golf Club needs to be arranged by the parents/guardians (please let Ms Morris know if there are any problems with transport). 


Lunchtime Lawn Bowls:

Any student who is interested in joining in on some fun lawn bowls sessions at lunchtime on Wednesdays in Term 3 (starting Week 2), meet Ms Morris in the gym at lunchtime and we’ll walk across to the Buninyong Bowls Club for some indoor challenges.




Congratulations Ash L:

On Saturday the 17th of June, 2018 we ran our annual long distance swims.  Our long distance swims are non-stop swims, swum over various distances from 3 kilometers to 13 kilometers.

To qualify to do a distance swim, the participants complete training which consists of 5 distance swims over a 6 week period to build up their endurance and strength.  This is above and beyond their normal swimming commitments.


A big congratulations to Ash for competing in the 3km swim.      


Swimmers who complete their distance swim gain so much more than a trophy. The life skill of being able to set a goal which is above and beyond the norm and demonstrating the fortitude and persistence to achieve it, is something we are proud to encourage.


P.E. Shoes:

A reminder as the weather starts to set in that students need to have clean, dry sports shoes for P.E.  We recommend bringing a spare pair to school to ensure maximum participation in class.  To find out when your child has P.E., please check your Compass portal.


Scotsburn News

Scotsburn News

Welcome Back

The staff at Scotsburn would like to welcome back all of our families and extend a big welcome to our new families. We hope that you all had a wonderful break.   We would also like to thank the many families who dropped in to feed the chooks over the break. It is greatly appreciated.



Please keep an eye out for the weekly newsletter. The Scotsburn section will have important dates and information regularly on it. Please make sure you have a read each week.



Don’t forget to use your personal login details to access compass. Notifications and updates will continue in this space now that the school app has been phased out.


Arrival Times

8:45am is an ideal time to arrive at school, as the classrooms and playground are not supervised until then. All children should be ready to start the day at 9am. If your child is absent on any given day, please ensure that you contact the Buninyong Primary School office to inform them.


Scotsburn PlayPod

Over the break, Marita, Rod and Sam Williams built the new shed that is now the Scotsburn PlayPod. This was a wonderful gesture and greatly appreciated. It would be appreciated if families could have a look around home for any of the items below that they no longer require. If you do have any of the following, please bring them into Miss Wood or Ms Geddes ASAP. Items could include sturdy trucks and match box cars, plastic toys (no furry or material types that will get mouldy when wet please), old clock (no glass), old computers /printers/keyboards and headphones, plastic tea set, cash register, old kitchen appliances, cable reels, pots, pans and muffin tins, oven trays, PVC pipes, plastic cups, small bikes and trikes, old fishing rods with no hook and line, white board / paint easel, balls / golf balls, small containers, old cutlery, play money (coins), milk and bread crates, milk bottle lids, doll pusher / cradle / high chair, tech decks, small tyres, sand / pool shell, telephones, old microphones / musical instruments and quoits.


Congratulations Arlen

A message from Judo Victoria: We are pleased to let you know that Arlen Pallett has passed a Judo practical and knowledge test called a grading at the Aspire Judo Academy.  This is no easy task and requires a great deal of practice.  The grade is awarded by the presentation of a coloured Judo belt.  Junior Judo belts are in varying colours signifying age and expertise.  Arlen has been awarded a Green belt.

Please see attached flier for any other student interested in trying out Judo.


Congratulations Pat & Will

Last semester, Pat and Will completed the Quick Smart Maths Intervention Program. This requires great effort and commitment. A big well done to the boys and also Raquel who has guided them through the program.


Congratulations Bruce

Over the break, Bruce, who drives one of our school buses was awarded the ‘Favourite Bus Driver’ award from across Ballarat. As we know, he is a great guy who makes all of the students feel very safe and comfortable on the bus. Congratulations Bruce!


Thanks Deanna

We would again like to thank Deanna Bantick who volunteered her time over the holiday break to give our Old Building an extra good clean. It looks amazing! Thanks Deanna.


Friday Rotations

Our first rotation for Term 2 will be on the (20th July). Our groups will be doing the following:

Term 3 - Lunch Order Roster

Lunch orders need to be collected from the Buninyong campus at 12.40pm. Please ensure you organise a swap if necessary so that the students don’t go hungry!


Term 3 - Important Dates & Extra-Curricular Events

Responsible Pet Day – 18th July

Grade 5/6 Debating (Scotsburn Students) – 31st August

Year 3 Camp Information Session (Bun Campus) @ 7pm – 2nd August

Jeans for Genes Day – 3rd August

Book Week – 20th – 24th August

School Concert – 22nd - 24th August

Scotsburn PJ Day – 29th August

Father’s Day Stall – 31st August

P-6 Ecolinc Incursion - 5th September

Grade 3 Camp – 6th & 7th September

SC3 Excursion to Ecolinc – 11th September

Celebration of Learning (5pm-7pm) – 12th September

SC2 Ecolinc Excursion - 12th September

SC1 Excursion to Ecolinc – 13th September

SC2 EarthEd Excursion – 19th September

Term 3 Finishes – 21st September



What’s Happening in Japanese?

花火      HANABI    はなび

This week students have started learning about the significance of “hanabi” in Japan. Hanabi means “fireworks” and were originally used to ward off evil spirits. They have a long history in Japan and are an important part of Japanese summers.


If you travel through Japan in Summer, you may experience one of the hundreds of firework shows that are held, mainly during July and August. Japan’s fireworks are considered to be the best in the world, with some shows drawing hundreds of thousands of spectators.


Another attraction of Japanese fireworks is the relaxed festival atmosphere that comes with them, people dressed in yukata and streets lined by food and game stalls. 


The firework shows typically last one to two hours. Many of the longer shows are broken up into multiple shorter segments, interrupted by the announcement of titles and sponsors.

Keep your eye out around the school for some HANABI themed work coming soon!


Click HERE or HERE if you’d like to see some footage of the amazing fireworks in Japan.



P-2 Animal Books

Last term students in grades Prep, One & Two were learning about “doubutsu” (animals) in Japanese. As a culmination to our unit, students all completed their own page to contribute to a class book, using simple & repetitive Japanese language to help build their vocabulary skills. The books are now assembled and the students are very excited to be taking these back to their classrooms this week. This will become a “take home” book for students to read and share with their families. Please look out for it when it is your child’s turn and we hope you enjoy reading it together!



Tanoshii Japanese word games



You can easily improve your reading, listening, writing and speaking skills all in one place. On top of offering a Japanese online dictionary, lessons, forums and additional Japanese language-learning resources, this site also has some seriously fun practice games available to play for free. There are matching games, stroke order games, flashcards and more. For most of the alphabet games, you can choose to play based on characters you already know or characters you are currently learning. You also have the option to focus on hiragana, katakana, kanji or vocabulary words in either multi-game or single-game levels.






Canteen is back for term 3.  From this term we are opening twice a week on Wednesday and Friday.  Please have your orders in via Qkr on the previous day before 1.30pm.  The menu is the same at the moment but we will be introducing some new items in the coming weeks.


We have decided to trial opening up to any volunteers who may like to help out on any of these days.  If you would like to add your name to the roster please click the following link and place your name under the date you would like to come in. Ideally we will need 2 helpers per day between 11am - 1.15pm.


It doesn’t have to be the week your class is rostered on. If I have empty spaces on the roster I will then contact the PLP who class is rostered that week to try and organise some help.


Please access the canteen roster via the following link and use your gmail details to add your name.  If you have trouble please contact the office to put your name down.



School Uniform

School Uniform

Our School uniform coats have arrived and ready for sale. 

 We have sizes 6-8, 8/10, 10/12 & 12-14 in stock at this stage. 

Smaller sizes will be available next term. 

All sizes are $60











Also, If you cant get into the school during school hours, you are able to order and pay over the phone and we will send the items home with your child.  If your unsure of sizes, the ladies in the office are more than happy to assist and get your child to try on the clothing and get the correct sizing.  

Below is the latest uniform price list.


Student Awards

Act of Kindness


Student News

Grade 6 Canteen
Can-team News - Thursday



Community Notices

The Little Mermaid - August 10-12th

Featuring former Buninyong Primary School students

Chloe Taylor as Ariel, and Tiernan Somers as King Triton

BOOK NOW http://blocmusictheatre.com/



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