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23 March 2017
2017 Issue 4
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Principal's Address

It was lovely to see parents, students and teachers engaging in conversations at the Parent-Student-Teacher conferences last week.  If you were unable to attend last week, I certainly encourage all parents as I encourage staff, to keep the lines of communication open (phone/email/chat) and work with others in the education of the children enrolled here.


Staff Changes

Two members of the Bayside Christian College Staff Team will be leaving us at the end of this term: Alyssa Cairns who works part-time in the ELC and one of the Primary teachers, Cherylynn Playsted (Years 1/2). Ms Playsted, who is moving to Queensland, will be replaced by Mr Jordon Partridge. Mr Partridge has been working part time at Flinders Christian Community College and casually here. Mr Partridge will be in class with Ms Playsted tomorrow and next Friday. Melissa Scott, who is currently working on a casual basis, will join the ELC in a more permanent capacity.



I like to go for a run. Last Friday with the weather a little cooler, it was great to go for a run around our oval before school and join in with the Running Club. It was a busy morning with loads of parents and students in attendance. I was very chuffed to be a part of, so thanks all for joining in. And I am sure more would be welcomed if you have a spare few minutes to don the active wear and either walk or run around our beautiful track.


Road Safety

Road safety is very important. As is car park safety.  Recently, the police monitored speed outside of the College gates at pickup time. Unfortunately, many people were caught speeding including parents of the College. Please be mindful of driving slowly and carefully on the College grounds and exercise patience.



We have one week before the April holidays and Easter. With Easter being at the end of the school holiday period, the first day of classes for Term will be Thursday 20 April. As a Christian community, I hope that all community members have the opportunity to reflect on the ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus this Easter, and celebrate the fact that we have freedom to live as Christians in this community.


Christopher Prior



Pray for Bayside

Please pray that we would finish Term 1 well, that students and staff would have the energy and enthusiasm to persevere.


Pray for our upcoming Friendship Day on Friday 31 March, that students would come to appreciate the importance of friendship and of being a friend to others.


Please continue to pray for the building works across the road at 97 Robinsons Road, that the final requirements would be met to be able to open our new Trades Skills Centre soon.


Pray in thankfulness to God for all the wonderful families that came to learn more about our College at our Principal's Tours earlier today - Thursday 23 March.


Pray for our senior Secondary students as they prepare to host the Bayside Community Market next Thursday afternoon, 30 March.

From the Deputy's Desk

It was fantastic to see so many parents at our conferences last week. It was a great opportunity to meet with you and discuss your children's progress and strategies for how we can partner together.


If you were unable to come to conferences, please contact your child's teachers via email if you have any questions, or to arrange a phone call in place of the conferences.


Near-misses in the car park

In the last two weeks, we have had a few dangerous near-misses in the car park. In front of A Block, a student walked part-way across the crossing, then across three directions of traffic to get to the grassed area. A car coming out of the staff car park stopped just in time.


Another incident occurred in front of the ELC after the crossings were un-patrolled. A child walked across the car park to their parent, who was engaged in conversation and not aware that a car had just stopped to let the child cross in the wrong place. These are just two of the reasons why I write these safety messages regularly.


Please insist that your children are following the school rules and only using crossings to cross the road. This applies to Secondary students also, who must set the example of safety to impressionable younger students. Please avoid parking on the council land grassed area, as there is no safe place to cross, and please help us to keep your children safe by supervising them carefully in the car park.


Primary playground supervision

Another area of concern is the Primary School playground. This is supervised by teachers until 3:35pm each afternoon, then it is closed to students. Please ensure you have collected your children by 3:35pm each afternoon. After this time, any unsupervised children will be sent to the office to await collection by parents. If you are in the school grounds at this time, please ensure your children are with you.


Friendship Day Free Dress - Last day of Term 1

Next Friday 31 March we are celebrating Friendship Day as part of the Primary School "KidsMatter" initiative. The whole College from Prep to Year 12 will be able to wear free dress on this day and are asked to bring a gold coin donation. All proceeds will go to the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal.


Please ensure that College requirements are maintained as per the Uniform Dress Code Handbook and that all sun-smart rules are adhered to:


School photos

School photos are scheduled for Prep to Year 12 on Tuesday 2 May. All students are expected to be in full winter academic uniform. For Primary students, this includes the College windcheater, and for Secondary students, this includes the College tie and blazer. If students have sport on this day, they must wear academic uniform to school and change after photos have been taken.


Photos for the ELC 3-Year-Old group are on 19 May, and for the ELC 4-Year-Old group, photos are scheduled for 23 May. Parents of ELC4 children who do not usually attend on Tuesdays are welcome to bring their child in for inclusion in the photos.



Now is the time to ensure your winter uniform is ready, as all College students must wear winter uniform from Thursday 20 April, the first day after the Easter break.


NAPLAN Online in 2017

Last year, Bayside Christian College was part of the pilot trial to undertake NAPLAN (National Assessment Program-Literacy and Numeracy) testing online in in 2017. Due to the successful pilot, we are now going ahead with the real thing. All children in years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will undertake the NAPLAN during the week of 8-12 May. Year 3 students will still do the writing component using paper-based tests. The study showed that most Year 3 children are not ready to compose and type at the same time, and they performed better when doing the writing component using handwriting.


For the tests, all children in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will need to use headphones or earbuds to listen to instructions and to the personal spelling words. Most children already have headphones, but now is the time to double check that they have not been lost or broken, or are otherwise in need of replacement. Please take this opportunity to check with your child if they need headphones replaced.


The rewards of reading

One of the joys I have in my role is attending both Primary and Secondary assemblies, and seeing the efforts of students recognised and rewarded. Often a student is celebrated for achieving milestones in nights of reading, or the number of books read in the online reading program, Accelerated Reader.  But gaining a certificate of recognition is the least reason to read; reading has so many of its own rewards. In a survey of 1600 children, the children reported these eight benefits of reading:


1. Discovering new worlds - an opportunity to imagine and visit places they might never otherwise go,

2. Being entertained - reading things that are funny, sad or interesting, or just escaping boredom!

3. Exercising their minds - children reported learning new things, and becoming better and better at reading and feeling proud of their improvement,

4. Improving vocabulary -  using new words they might not have heard otherwise; an 8-year-old loved the word 'idiosyncrasies'!

5. Connecting with someone special - for example when mums, dads and grandparents read together with children, creating a special bond,

6. Improving writing - kids who loved to read were often inspired to write their own stories,

7. Escaping worries - reading provided a way to not have to think about the bad news on the television, and

8. Relaxing before bed - many children loved to read to help them relax and be ready to sleep well.


You can read the comments children said here. I hope you find, and share the joys of reading with your children.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal


Primary News

From the Head of Primary

What a wonderful term we have all had -  it has certainly flown for me! I often reflect on how God is moving within our Primary area and it is especially rewarding to rest in God at the end of a busy term.

Our Preps have certainly settled into our Primary School. They have made friendships and are developing routines that coincide with effective teaching and learning. I have had the privilege of teaching Prep B for a couple of hours a week, which I have certainly enjoyed. We are truly blessed to be able to watch a young person’s relationship with God grow and mature.


It was lovely seeing so many of you at our Primary Swimming Carnival and Athletics Day, and we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day on both occasions. I certainly enjoyed watching the students cheer each other on. This term, we are focusing on the College's Purpose 4, which is celebrating our own and others’ gifts, and watching this in action during the sporting days reminded me of all the different kinds of gifts God as given us.


Grandparents’/Special Friends’ day was a great success! There were so many visitors that we ran out of scones. I so enjoyed seeing the interaction between the grandparents and their grandchildren, and I especially enjoyed listening to the different topics of conversation, especially about how times have changed over the decades.


Thank you for attending the recent Parent-Teacher Conferences. It was such a great opportunity to not only discuss your child’s learning, but also to strengthen our partnership with you. I love that our College is so community-orientated, that new families are embraced and welcomed, and where friendships are strengthened and sometimes renewed.


I look forward to seeing you at our special Primary assembly on Friendship Day, which is on Friday 31 March from 1:50-2:15pm. Our students will be showcasing what they have learned about the importance of building friendships, and treating others how they would like to be treated. The students will also be discussing and presenting how friendliness is a gift from God.


Remember that school finishes at 2:30 pm on Friday 31 March, the last day of Term 1.


Joy Plummer

Head of Primary

Frankston Symphony Orchestra

On Monday 20 March, Bayside Christian College hosted two performances by the Frankston Symphony Orchestra. Not only Bayside students had the pleasure of this spectacular event, many students from other schools came to see the orchestra perform.

Jogging Club

What an exciting time Friday mornings have become with our Jogging Club. With loads of students and parents participating, it has been a fantastic atmosphere, great way to meet new parents, and a great way to burn energy and start the day! 


All students in Prep-Year 6 are invited to come along on Wednesday lunchtimes (1:00-1:23pm) and Friday mornings (8:20 - 8:40am) to walk, jog or run laps of the oval. Parents are welcome Friday mornings.


Zacc Klan

Primary PE teacher


Sport Celebration

Last weekend, one of our Year 6 students, Charlie Stamp, competed in the Victorian Scooter Championships at the The Bunker Indoor Skate Park event.


On what was a very hot, humid and physically tough event, he put in an extraordinary effort and placed 5th. He will now be competing in the Australian Titles at the end of April.


Well done Charlie on a sensational achievement! 

Gifts God has given us

Year 5/6W completed an activity with the Primary School when they were hosting assembly about a celebration of the gifts and abilities that God has given us in the Primary School.


This display in in the G Block foyer - check it out. It is amazing how much God has given us!

Pat the Dog

Earlier this Term, Pat the Dog from the Commonwealth Bank visited our Prep students to share about the importance of saving. To join with other students in our school banking program, please contact the College office for further details.


Years 7-10 News

Food Tech Senory

In Food Technology classes, students have been investigating the sensory properties of food. The students were blindfolded and given up to 15 different food and drink samples.


They had to reflect on the smell, texture (feel), sound and taste of each food sample, and think about how the senses affect our enjoyment of eating food. It was great watching the reactions of the students as they tried the different samples, unsure about what they were eating. A particular highlight was watching our Japanese guests trying Vegemite for the first time! Some of the other food products that the students sampled included lime and pepper chips, marshmallows, caramelised fig yoghurt, tartare sauce, ginger beer, rosewater essence, cheese on crackers, and coconut and lychee Tim Tams. 


Andy Lancaster

Secondary Food Technology Teacher


Year 7 Basketball Rally Day

Year 7 Girls

Today was an amazing turnout for the girls basketball team, as we worked as a team and we also tried our best, which gave us the opportunity to compete in the finals. We played well enough to win. Thanks for an amazing day girls. Charlotte

Year 7 Boys

On 21 March, the boys competed in a Basketball Rally Day. We all worked really hard and pushed to the end, but unfortunately we lost by 1 point to Mountain District. It was an amazing day and we can't wait for more.  Jack

It was a fantastic effort by both teams all day. They consistently all tried their best and worked well as a team. It was fantastic to see how both teams played with terrific attitudes. The girls went through undefeated on the day, finishing first, and the boys lost narrowly in their final, finishing 4th.

Dan Briglia (Mr B)

Secondary PE teacher


Years 11/12 Happenings...

There is a lot happening around Years 11 and 12, with students involved in the College across a range of activities, as well as working hard in their subjects, completing SACs and preparing for our community market. As well as this, it is encouraging to hear about the successes that our students experience outside of school. Congratulations to both Aaron Piening and Bryn Inglis who have achieved high honours in their areas of gifting! Please see the articles below about these two students.


On Monday morning, Years 11 and 12 students will lead our first Secondary devotions assembly, hearing from Todd Levey's uncle from Children's Fortress. They will then spend time leading discussion groups with the Years 7-10 students around ways to connect with community and make a difference in the world. We would love for you to join us in these chats! 


I hope you enjoy our stories...


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11-12 Coordinator


This week's subject in focus 

Year 12 VCE English

During the first term of Year 12 English, the classes have been exploring the novel 'The Lieutenant' by Kate Grenville. The Lieutenant looks into the settlement of the British in Botany Bay during 1788, from the eyes of the introverted and curious protagonist. As a class we have looked at the themes, views and values conveyed through the novel's characters, settings and conflicts, as well as practised writing on these aspects of the text. The main outcome for this particular area of study was to produce an analytical text response on The Lieutenant', which the classes undertook in our first English SAC of the year.  Over the next coming weeks, we will be analysing the Australian film 'Mabo', and similarly exploring the implicit and explicit themes endorsed and criticised through the film. This will assist us in our next SAC, a creative response to Mabo, which allows us to explore what we've observed in our own creative way.   


Emily Clarke

Congratulations Aaron

Well done to Aaron Piening, in Year 12, for achieving the amazing honour of being named the winner of the 2016 Automotive Trainee of the Year. Aaron is currently working in a School-Based Apprenticeship through VACC and Kangan Institute. Aaron is a fabulous young man with an excellent work ethic, who truly deserves this award. Congratulations!


Well done, Bryn!

On Friday 17 March, a group of students from Bayside went to The Channel at the Melbourne Arts Centre to support a fellow student Bryn Inglis. The comedic legend delivered an absolutely outstanding performance in the Class Clown competition. Bryn did so well that he earned himself a position in the next heat over around 15 other comedians. 


We at Bayside are so proud of the hard work he has put into his acts and are so blessed to be able to experience the comedic gift God has given Bryn. We are all so excited and very supportive of him through this journey, and wish him the best for the rest of the competition. 


Bryn will be competing in the Victorian State finals this Saturday at The Pavilion within the Melbourne Arts Centre. Tickets are $10 and we would love you see you there.


Kimberly Ferguson

VCE OES visit the Grampians

On the 7-10 March, the Units 3 & 4 Outdoor and Environmental Studies class went on a hiking camp to the Grampians. On average it was 32 degrees, but despite this, we enjoyed the landscape, extensive views, landforms and wildlife. We carried large packs up to the pinnacle of the mountain, and camped at different spots. Later we went rock climbing and abseiling, then visited waterfalls and natural pools, and swam in refreshing water. We also visited the Brambuk Cultural Centre in Halls Gap, where we learnt about the local indigenous people and attempted to play the didgeridoo. Even though we were very tired and sore by Friday, the whole camp was pretty great. A big thanks to Mr Pleiter and Mrs Scott who led us to so many amazing places in the Grampians!



Kyle: Communicating with people on the car trip.

James: being with friends and exploring the environment.

Gian: having some good chill time in God’s creation, and being able to admire it's beauty.

Lewis: going rock climbing, swimming and just enjoying the environment, as well as having fun

Brooke: adventuring through the botanical garden and enjoying lunch on the waterfall.

Courtney: my favourite thing about camp was when we went rock climbing.


Helping Around the School Community...

Sport with Primaries

In our industry elective for VCAL, we are teaching Years 1 and 2 students sport. As we are teaching them and running activities, we also are being taught new skills to apply. As we expected, it is more challenging than anticipated, but we enjoy getting challenged in ways that we wouldn't normally be challenged. To all the Year 1 and 2 parents, YOUR KIDS ARE GREAT!


Bahlin and Tom


The Gardening Team

The people in this group are Luke, Reilly, Katie, Ibrahim, Jack and Mr Mason. We have been working where the chickens are kept. We are making fences where the vegetables get put into the garden so that the chickens don't eat them.


Jack Grant

Community Market Stallholders invite you to come and be a part of a community afternoon on Thursday 30 March

Come and have a delicious sandwich...

Fresh 2 Go will be at Bayside Community Market on 30 March from 3:15-4:30pm . We will be selling fresh sandwiches, coconut balls and drinks. Come enjoy a really good community time and help us raise money for Children's Fortress.


Matt Holt


Secret Garden invites you to experience plants with a difference...

Have free time on Thursday 30 March from 3:15 - 4:30pm? Why don't you come visit my business, Secret Garden. I'll be selling plants that range from $5-$15. I would love to see you all there. Proceeds go to Parkinson's Disease research.


Shanae McGillivray


De-stress and help supply power to Peru...

Come to our community market on the 30th of March. T.H.S. will be there selling Stress Balls for $2, Slime for $2 and Paracord Survival Bracelets for $10. Come say hi! We are supporting WindAid Institute to build windmills in Peru.


Luke Tanner


To all the comic fans....

At the Fallen Angel stall at the community market we will have some charms and Marvel/Dc Posters and some second hand donated items. By buying from us you are also donating to the Women's Breast Cancer Foundation.


Ibrahim Ibrahim


Recycling with a difference...

My business is called 'Drab to Shab' and I will be selling a wide range of furniture in the shabby chic style, so bring your money for good bargain prices, and something different to anything else! Proceeds will go to the Australian Childhood Foundation. 


Tiffany Moore


Looking for an alternative to Easter eggs this Easter?...

On 30 March I will be displaying my business at the community market. My business is called Simply Mason and it is Mason Jars with the recipe dry ingredients inside each jar.


My product is aimed at people looking for gifts and they are in a price range from $5 - $10. Looking forward to seeing you there! 


Gracie Gaskell


Build a plane

Year 11/12B home group will be running a 'build your own paper plane and see how it flies' competition. There will be a reward for the longest air time, and the plane that flies the furthest distance. This will be held on the basketball court among all of the other market stalls. Our home group are very excited to see all of the enthusiastic designers out there come along and give it their best shot. 


Benjamin Cooper

Wheel of Fortune
We are all very excited for the Bayside Community Market that is coming up next week! Our home group (Year 11/12D) will be running 'The Wheel of Fortune', where great skill is rewarded with fantastic prizes, as participants need to throw and attach balls onto a fast-spinning wheel. 

Sophia Lin

Basketball Shoot

Homegroup Year 11/12C will be running a Basketball Shoot Around - a competition with prizes to see who shoots the most hoops. All students are welcome and should meet at the bottom basketball court at 3:30pm.


Year 11/12C will also be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt. Primary School Students should meet at B Block at 3:30pm for instructions.


Mrs Cooper

BCC Noticeboard

35th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service

Coming up early in Term 2 we have the first of our events to commemorate our 35th Anniversary - our Thanksgiving Service. The details are:


Monday 24 April, 9-10am

U block gym

Morning tea will follow in G block, 10-11am for parents and guests.


Joining the current school community in celebration and thanksgiving will be local church ministers and pastors, Christian school representatives, and former members of our community.


All current parents/carers are warmly invited to attend both the service and morning tea - we hope to see you there.


From the Finance Desk

Due to Easter bank closures, Term fees are due on Tuesday 18 April. Please note that Direct Debit and Credit Card transactions normally administered by the College will be processed on this day. 


If you need to make any alternative arrangements please contact Helen on phone: 5971 6711 before Friday 31 March.

Dates & things to remember

Friday 31 March

  • Last day of Term 1
  • Friendship Day (Free Dress (Whole College - Gold Coin Donation)
  • 2:30pm finish

Thursday 20 April

  • First Day Term 2
  • Full winter uniform 

Monday 24 April

  • 35th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service

Tuesday 2 May

  • School Photo Day Prep-Year 12

Friday 19 May

  • Photo Day ELC3

Tuesday 23 May

  • Photo Day ELC4




After School Care Newsletter


Winter Uniform

Just a reminder to all parents and students that full winter uniform is to be worn from the first day of Term 2, which is Thursday 20 April 2017. There is no changeover period as in previous years.


Details of the uniform items required can be found on the College Website:


Pearcedale Primary School Carnival


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