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03 September 2019
Issue Twelve
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Principal's Report

Principal's Report

This week our Gospel comes from Luke and we hear of Jesus teaching at the home of one of the Pharisees where he had been invited for a meal. Jesus gives us two key messages in this particular Gospel - he calls us to live lives of humility and he challenges us to "invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind" to our table. This Gospel invites us all to reflect on how we think and act in relation to others. The invitation is to live a life like Jesus, walking humbly with others.


Last Friday we celebrated our Brigidine Day and what a magnificent day was had by all. It was a day where every member of our community was able to spend time reflecting on our mission at our opening liturgy then together in joyful activities such as costume parades, the staff vs students AFL match was so much fun!  There are so many staff to thank when a day like this comes together however particular mention must go to Ms Luana Doko, the Student Development Leaders, the faith team led by Mr Peter O'Neill and of course the magnificent young women of Killester who embraced the true spirit of the day.


Parents should have received an email informing them of the upcoming CEMSIS survey being conducted in the coming weeks. The survey is an opportunity for us as a College community to reflect on areas in our College where we are doing well and where we can continue to look for ways to improve. All staff and students at the College will be part of the survey and we are asking as many parents as possible to be involved. Further information and login details for the survey will be coming home via a letter with the eldest child in each family. The more feedback we have from parents the more helpful the survey data is to us as a community. 


My thanks and congratulations to those staff and students who participated in the Winter Sleep out last Thursday evening on the coldest night of the year our staff and students led by example in highlighting the plight of those less fortunate than us. Particular mention to Mr Troy Brodie, Ms Jackie Dunstan, Mr Peter O'Neill and Ms Jenna Cronin. 


Students at Killester often have fabulous individual success at their chosen endeavors and we congratulate Bethany Forster who swam in the State Championships on Friday, and Tanysha Theodore who representing Australia in Karate at the 2019 Pacific Training Cup and Championships in New Caledonia.


Congratulations too go to our girls who compete together: our Rugby Team who headed off to the State Championships and came third! An incredible achievement given the team is only recently formed. Rounding off a very successful week we had a fantastic day at the Tech Girl Superhero showcase in Hawthorn on Sunday. Over 700 hundred girls from Australia and New Zealand entered the competition and we came third in the Victorian division!  


Sally Buick

Principal, Killester College



Latest News and Reminders

The Weeks Ahead


Monday 2nd September

Yr 10 Work Experience

School Tours 9.00am-9.45am

Tuesday 3rd September

Yr 10 Work Experience

Yr 11/12 "Australian Realness" Drama Excursion 3.45pm-9.30pm

Thursday 5th September

Yr 10 Work Experience

Yr 9 OED Overnight Camp, Torquey departing 7.00am

Yr 11/12 Fashion Design and Technology students to Melbourne Fashion Week 4.00pm-9.00pm

SESG Junior Netball Grand Final 2.45pm-4.30pm

Friday 6th September

Yr 10 Work Experience

Yr 9 Italian Excursion to Mediterranean Wholesalers, Brunswick 9.00am-3.00pm

Yr 9 Indonesian Incursion - All Day

Yr 9 OED Overnight Camp, Torquey returning 3.15pm


Monday 9th September

Energy Breakthrough - HPV Track Day, Oakleigh Go Kart Track 7.45am-2.30pm

Yr 7 Melbourne Zoo Excursion 9.00am-3.15pm

Yr 10 Volunteers to St Joseph Homework Club 3.45pm

Tuesday 10th September

Yr 11 Lab Skills - Eastern Treatment Plant 11.45am-3.10pm

Year 9/10 Monash Champions Presentation Day at Peninsula Campus 8.10am-3.30pm

SESG Inters Sport 2.30pm-3.30pm

Stewardship Council Meeting 7.00pm

Wednesday 11th September

School Assembly (Yr 10) P4

Tailored Pathways Program to City - 8.00am-3.00pm

Yr 11 Sport and Recreation MCG Tour 11.45am-3.00pm

Thursday 12th September

STUDENT FREE DAY - Year 7-11 Student/Parent/Teacher Learning Conversations  12.00pm-8.00pm

Friday 13th September

Yr 7 Immunisation - Dose 2

Yr 9 Business Tycoon Pop Up Market - Lunchtime

Saturday 14th September

Multicultural Dinner @ Killester 7.00pm

From the Finance Office

This is an urgent request for anyone who is having difficulty with payment of the school fees.  So that we can assist you with alternative options regarding payment plans or concessions, please make contact with the Business Manager, Sandra Rotunno, before the end of Term.  If you do not contact us, fee payment will be expected, and we will be in touch with you to take payment in full.

Out and About

Best wishes

Loreto Cannon, School Organisation and Community Development

Brigidine Day Photos


Upcoming Events


Catholic Education Today

Published each term, Catholic Education Today celebrates the faith, life, achievements and culture of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Maths, Science and STEM

Year 9 AMSI Workship

On Tuesday the 27th of August, presenters from AMSI which stands for Australian Mathematical Science Institution came to Killester College to talk to the Year Nine’s about choosing maths for further study in high school and tertiary education. The presenters talked about why girls should continue to choose maths and what are the reasons people decide to not continue maths. Soon after the explanation, the students completed an activity regarding solving Fermi questions which are questions that uses estimation to answer using mathematical formulas and our problem-solving skills. The problem that we had to solve was identifying how many match sticks could fit a table. Many of us found it difficult to find an approximate answer because our tables were irregular shapes and there were quite a few problems we had to consider, like the size of the matchstick and if there was a pattern or not. We had to use a variety of mathematical tactics like surface area and algebra to help us come to a conclusion and in the end, we were able to find an answer. The students were reassured that it is okay to be confused about maths, that learning comes in many forms and is a lifelong prospect that we carry with us for the entirety of our lives.


Simone Dunker, Yechelle Fernando, Sonika Sraghu and Janika Kallichanda

Homeroom: St Barbara

STEM - Next Tech Girl Superhero

This year for the first time Killester College participated in the search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero. Girls aged between 7 - 17 years old in Australia and New Zealand formed a team and are matched with a female tech mentor who met regularly with the team for 12 weeks.  Teams must solve a problem that is inspired by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Leean Miranda, Sylvia Griffin, Lorraine Becker, Alina Le and Kaitlin Nguyen decided to address the problem of poverty within our community. The girls researched food insecurity as well as food wastage and developed the idea of KC’s Food Aid, which connects restaurants with surplus food to the homeless community. They documented a solution in a business plan, built a working app prototype and pitch it in a public video.  Over 700 girls entered the competition, and KC’s Food Aid was highly commended for their concept idea.


Congratulations to Leean, Sylvia, Lorraine, Alina and Kaitlin who worked extremely hard on their concept over the last few months.


Daisy Callos, STEM Teacher 

HEPE and Sport

Rugby 7s - State Championships


On the 28th of August, the inaugural Killester Rugby 7's travelled to Powerhouse Rugby Club, Newport team to compete in the Victorian Championships. As the team had performed so well in the Melbourne Rebel's Rugby 7s Gala day 3 weeks prior, they were invited to play against the best Under 16 school teams in the State. The team faced strong and skillful opponents throughout the day, but our girls equally matched and often outplayed their opposition with their speed and never give up attitude. Many of the officials and spectators complemented the girls throughout the day on their willingness to take the game on and continue to fight hard against physically bigger and stronger opposition.  After playing four matches throughout the day, Killester finished third overall in the State!  A tremendous effort considering this was Killester's first ever Rugby 7's team and with many of the students playing up an age group.  Congratulations to the following girls for their commitment and performance over the past 2 months:

Audrey Tuipala

Agnes Iosua

Holly Camp

Gabriel Camp

Ebony Angelopolous

Keera Chapman

Esther Kiir

Florence Elia

Emily Telley

Sienna Quinn

Victoria Whitfield

Faustina Sialau


Troy Brodie, Rugby Coach and Teacher

Year 11 Sport and Recreation - Lawn Bowls

On Wednesday the 31st of July, the Year 11 Sport and Recreation class went to Zone Bowling in Clayton, which used to be known as AMF bowling. We were all very excited and had been talking in class about how a business runs in the sport and recreation industry.


Before we could start the activities the supervisor from Zone bowling went through the different safety precautions that were in place. She explained how much work is put into the business such as the OHS of the workplace, marketing teams, meeting targets, staff training and so on. They also explained how bowling relates to a few units we have been studying, such as conducting and organising non- instructional sport and recreation activities and organising work priorities.


Bowling required minimal instructions therefore many people could participate in this activity. The Zone bowling company spoke to us about how they achieve and work towards their budgetary targets, sales targets, party targets etc. This takes a lot of effort because it is required to keep the company running successfully. 


Our class was split into two competitive teams, our winner was Cynthia, followed by Ms Sadler, who are both keen for another round against each other. 


Faustina Sialau, Year 11, SAR

SCSA Netball

On Monday the 26th of August some Year 7 and 8 girls participated in the Junior SCSA Netball tournament at Jells Park.   Killester entered five teams in the day: Junior A - coached by Miss Cronin, Junior B - coached by Ms Edwards, Junior C - coached by Lucy Collins, Junior D - coached by the Sport and Recreation students and finally Junior E - coached again by our Sport and Recreation students. All teams were successful, improving their game play as the day went on. 



The E team unfortunately did not make finals but tried their best throughout the day and did not give up. The B, C and D teams made the semi finals but sadly lost in those games. The A team played exceptionally well throughout the tournament. The A team won the grand final match against Clonard. They were undefeated all day which was a fantastic effort. Also a big congratulations goes to Audrey Tuipala for winning the MVP of the grand final match. 


Thank you to the Year 11 Sport and Recreation class who assisted the teams and teachers throughout the day with coaching.   Thank you to the teachers involved for all your help with training and coaching. Overall it was a great day and all of the girls had heaps of fun!


Rebecca Roberts, Sport Learning Area Leader

English and Humanities

Year 8 Churches Excursion


On the 20th of August, all Year 8 students headed off on a journey to explore four different types of Christian Churches around Springvale. We were given a booklet to complete throughout the excursion. We walked to our first destination, StJoseph’s Catholic Church. There were already a lot of people in the church when we entered. After the mass, we gathered together and Brother Louis explained all about the sacred objects and rituals of the Catholic Church. When this session finished, we all gathered together for recess in the community hall, and soon walked on to our next destination, St Athanasios Greek Orthodox Church. One thing we all agreed on was that this church was beautiful inside and out. There was no mass going on so we sat down and the priest explained all about the church. Next was St John’s German Lutheran Church. The members of the church gave us a warm welcome, supplying water and tissues because they knew that we were walking. After a presentation about the church, we had lunch in their hall.  The last church was the Springvale Uniting Church, which was pretty similar to the Catholic Church. The entrance was full of bushes and flower, and there were less people in the congregation. This was a multicultural church reflecting its connection to the many different immigrants who had come to  live in Springvale over the last 50 years. Overall, the day was really fun and tiring as we walked a lot. We learned about the differences and similarities of these churches. Thank you to all teachers and staff for organising this day. 


Sneha K C and Susanthica Jay - Year 8 St Paul


On Tuesday 20th of August, Year 8 students travelled around Springvale to experience religion and church life from many different Christian denominations. The first stop was St Joseph’s Catholic Church where we took part in mass. Afterwards, the priest spoke to us about the history of the church, its sacred objects and rituals, and we sketched drawings of the interior and took notes.  We continued our journey to the beautiful Greek Orthodox church. All of us were in awe of the detailed and amazing paintings. The paintings told many stories of Jesus and his Disciples through art. The next church was the German Lutheran Church, although it wasn't as grand as the Greek Orthodox, it still taught us that if people have faith and truly want to give to the unfortunate, we can do good together. After our last stop, the Springvale Uniting Church; we started the walk back to school with a new sense of faith and religion.


Phoebe Collins - Year 8 St Peter

Performing Arts

Term 4 Choir News


VCE Farewell Music Concert



Year 10 Italian Excursion to All'Anticl Trattoria


On Tuesday the 27th August, the Year 10 Italian class travelled to a restaurant in Heidelberg called ‘All’Antico Trattoria.  We received a very warm welcome from the owners, Teresa and Carl.  We were offered a coffee or hot chocolate on our arrival and then proceeded to the kitchen were all the ‘magic’ happened.  We prepared a three course meal which consisted of grissini (breadsticks), focaccia, napoli sauce, homemade tagliatelle and almond biscotti.  By the time we finished preparing we were absolutely famished and the aromas flowing around the restaurant only contributed to our hunger more.  We finally sat down and ate our wonderful creations and we were very pleased with ourselves!  A big Grazie (thanks) to Signora Urban and Signora Gallo for giving us this fabulous opportunity. Buon Appetito!


Year 10 Italian Class

Year 10 Indonesian Excursion to Melbourne Zoo
"Don't Palm Us Off"



On the 27th of August, the Year 10 Indonesian students participated in a Melbourne Zoo program called ‘Don’t Palm Us Off’. As soon as we arrived to Melbourne Zoo we listened to a talk by an educator named Garant, he spoke about an extinct bat species due to no one taking action when they were still alive to protect them. After discussions about the bats we proceeded to talk about the orangutan and how people take down their habitats for palm oil. We learnt that there were over 200 different names that palm oil can be legally called in Australia, such as vegetable oil and yeast. 


Afterwards we went to another educator named Andrew, he took us to the orangutan enclosure to have a look at them. Andrew divided us into two groups, we debated about whether or not to save the forest (the orangutan’s habitat). Make use of the forest for human use (such as homes, farms and materials) or allowing the orangutans to keep it as their homes. In general, the debate encouraged us to think about the importance of representing the orangutans and protecting the environment. We all agreed that we should be more careful about our actions as human beings and the need to spread awareness about environmental issues, such as deforestation. After we finished the program, we were allowed to explore the zoo by ourselves in small groups. We would like to thank Ms Septiana and everyone who organised this excursion. 


Christie Giang, St Catherine

Year 7 Student Profile

Tahnysha Theodore, St Rafka


I recently had the opportunity to represent Australia in Karate at the 2019 Pacific Training Cup and Championships in New Caledonia.  The first part of our trip was three days of intensive training sessions with world champions Alex Biamonti, Kristina Mah, Miroslav Slizic, and Sandy Scordo in both Kumite and Kata forms.  During these sessions, I gained many valuable skills, refined my techniques, learned new combinations, and set some new goals for next year. I also made friends with many athletes from other countries.  The second part of our trip was a two day tournament, where I competed in both the 12/13 Year Old Female Open Kumite and Kata Divisions. I fought hard to finish 4th in the Kumite (narrowly missing out on the Bronze Medal by flags only), and was thrilled to win the Gold Medal in Kata.  It was a great experience, and I was very proud to represent our country.  


Congratulations Tahnysha from all the Year 7 students 2019.

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