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14 February 2018
Issue Two
Dates to Remember
Principal's Report
Whole School & Year Level News
Out of School Hours Care, Parent & Community News
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Dates to Remember

Dates to Remember


Wednesday 14th - Yr 6 Swimming

Thursday 15th   - Student Banking Resumes

                                   - Icy Pole Day

                                   - Whole School Dance Program

Friday 16th - Yr 5/6 Interschool Sport

Monday 19th - You Tell Us Interviews Yr 1-6

Tuesday 20th - Yr 5 Camp Depart 7.00am

Wednesday 21st - Yr 6 Swimming

                                        - School Council Meeting 7pm

Thursday 22nd - Yr 6 Swimming

                                     - Whole School Dance Program

Friday 23rd - Yr 5 Camp Return approx 3:15pm

                             -  Yr 6 Interschool Sports

                              - 2nd Hand Uniform 3:15 - 3:45pm



Thursday 1st - Icy Pole Day & Student Banking

                               - Whole School dance Program

Friday 2nd  - Yr 5/6 Interschool Sport

Tuesday 6th - District Swimming Carnival 

Wednesday 7th - Communication Meeting 6:30

Thursday 8th - Icy Pole & Student Banking Day

                               - Yr 5 ACMI Excursion

Friday 9th - Yr 5/6 Interschool Sport

Monday 12th - PUBLIC HOLIDAY

Thursday 15th - Yr 6 Parliament Excursion

                                 - Whole School Dance Program

                                 - Icy Pole & Student Banking Day

Friday 16th - Yr 5/6 Interschool Sport

Monday 19th  - Yr 3 Museum Excursion

Wednesday 21st - School Council meeting 7pm

Thursday 22nd -  Whole School Dance Program

                          Last Icy Pole & Student Banking Day

Friday 23rd - Yr 5/6 Interschool Sport

                           -  Yr 6 Grand Prix Excursion

Monday 26th - Student Leaders Excursion 

Thursday 29th - Term 1 Ends

                                         school dismissed at 2:30pm

Friday 30th - Good Friday (Public Holiday)



Monday 16th - Curriculum Day (no school)

Tuesday 17th - Term 2 Starts

Friday 20th - Yr 5/6 Interschool Sport

Wednesday 25th - PUBLIC HOLIDAY

Friday 27th - Yr 5/6 Interschool Sport

Events on Compass awaiting Parent Approval


Dance Program - By 12th Feb

Year 1

Dance Program - By 12th Feb

Year 2

Dance Program - By 12th Feb

Year 3

Dance Program - By 12th Feb

Museum Excursion - By 12th March

Year 4 

Dance Program - By 12th Feb

Year 5

2018 Year 5 Camp - by 14th Feb

Dance Program - By 12th Feb

ACMI Excursion - By 1st March

Year 6

2018 Yr 6 Parliament Excursion - by 10th March

Dance Program - By 12th Feb

Yr 6 Swimming - By 12th Feb

Grand Prix - By 16th March

Young Leaders Day - by 19th March (captains only)

Whole School

Dance Program - By 12th Feb

Selected Students

District Swimming Carnival - By 28th Feb


COMPASS Parent Portal


*Please note that once the 'due by' date has passed the online consent function is no longer available. Please contact the office for further information.


2018 Term Dates


29th January to 29th March

*Monday 29th January is a Curriculum Day - students in Year 1-6 will commence school for 2018 on Tuesday 30th January. Foundation students will commence on Wednesday 31st January.*


16th April to 29th June


16th July to 21st September


8th October to 21st December


Term 1, 2 and 3 students are dismissed early at 2:30pm on the last day of each term.  Term 4 students are dismissed at 1:30pm on the last day.  The After School Care Program will open early on these days.

2018 Curriculum Days

  • Monday 29th January
  • Monday 16th April
  • Friday 3rd August 
  • Monday 5th November

Before & After School Care will be operating on these days. Please contact April on 03 9578 5826 to confirm your placement.

School Council Meetings

School Council Meetings are held in the Staff room at 7:00 pm on the third Wednesday of each month unless otherwise stated. 

  • 21st February 
  •  21st March 
  •  16th May 
  • further dates TBC

Communications Sub Committee Meeting

Communications meetings are held in the staff room at 6:30pm on the following dates. Everyone is welcome. 

  • Wednesday 7th March

School Tours for 2019 Enrolments

School Tours are conducted on a regular basis by the Principal. Tours begin at 9:30 am and last approximately one hour. The tour dates for 2018 are:

  • Monday 19th March
  • Friday 20th April
  • Tuesday 22nd May
  • Wednesday 13th June
  • Thursday 26th July
  • Friday 17th  August
  • Monday 10th September
  • Wednesday 17th October
  • Monday 12th November

Enrolment Packs for 2019 will be available from Term 2 at the School Office between 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday, or if you are attending a school tour. For further enquiries please contact the school office on 03 9578 1327.

School Communication Channels


Monday to Friday

8:15am to 4:15pm 

Ph: 03 9578 1327                

Fax: 03 9578 4540


[email protected]



COMPASS Parent Portal


Do you have the free Compass App yet? If not - go to your Applications Store on your smart phone and download today! Apple and Android versions available. 


Our Vision

We believe:

  • All children should be stimulated, engaged, challenged and supported in their learning.
  • The school environment must have a safe and nurturing quality which allows all children the opportunity to learn.
  • The school community promotes and values diversity in interests, beliefs and perspectives.             
  • Students can be effective global citizens with a sense of belonging and responsibility to our world.

Our Values


  • Treating one another with consideration and courtesy
  • For self and others
  • For property and the environment


  • Displaying fairness in our words and actions
  • Accepting of other people’s beliefs
  • Accepying of other people’s differences
  • Accepting of other people’s perspectives


  • Gaining knowledge and skills through educational experiences
  • Seeking knowledge through study and investigation
  • Displaying a positive aƫtude towards learning
  • Utilise critical and strategic thinking


  • Never give up
  • Remain committed to achieving our goals
  • Excellence
  • Take pride in what we do
  •  Strive to always do our best

The Ormond Team 2018

Principal  -  Kerri McLeod

Assistant Principal   - Lorrie Dell

Executive Committee

Kerri McLeod

Lorrie Dell,

Sally Berryman


Jacinda Hocking

Lorraine Bell

Year 1 

Amelia Delaney

 Andrea Durward 

Elani Gibney

Year 2 

Sally Berryman - Learning Specialist

Effie Liarakos - Foundation to Yr 2 Team Leader Laura Bainbridge

Year 3 

Julie Nield - Year 3-4 Team Leader

Jade Zajonc

Year 4

Gregg Workman

Margot Hudson

Helene Ioannou & Dorothy Markou

Year 5 

Felicity Hall-Shulman

Melisa Kah

Marika Evans

Year 6 

Sandra Johnson - Year 5-6 Team Leader

Chris Cheverton

Specialist Teachers

Michael Pannam - PE & Foundation Visual Art

Helen Kupfer - Visual Arts

Kim Stewart - ICT & Foundation Support

Anna Park - Korean Language

Welfare/Education Support

Lorrie Dell - Wellbeing & Welfare Coordinator

Michelle De Silva

Sue Rimmer

Belinda Van Kessel

Lina Sidiropoulos

 Bianca Borsi

Amanda Davis


Jan Cassidy - Business Manager

Brodie Thomson - Communications

Out of School Hours Care

April Kopitz - Program Coordinator 

Sharelle Davis - Assistant Coordinator

Tristan Kopitz



Principal's Report

From the Principal...

Role Models

I have been delighted to see our older students taking care of our younger children and any new students to the school. The Year 5 students in particular have been terrific mentors for our new Foundation students and therefore it is not surprising that they are all settling well in to the routines of school. Having fun together has played a large part in their successful transition.


Student Attendance 

In order for students to maximise their learning opportunities at school, they need to attend on a regular basis. We are fully aware that there are times when students will be occasionally absent due to illness or unavoidable family commitments. On these occasions, we ask that parents enter the absence directly on Compass or leave a message on the school absence line first thing in the morning. This is to clarify that the absence has been approved, as well as reassuring the school that your child is safe. Under new Department of Education guidelines our office staff will be following up with parents/guardians on a same-day basis for any unexplained absences. If your child is going to be late, please phone the school to inform the office. Students must be signed in at the office by parents once you arrive at school so attendance records can be amended. 


School Council Elections 2018

Each year at this time I call for nominations for positions on School Council. This year there are three vacancies for parent representatives for a two year tenure and one vacancy for one year tenure. Parents may either self-nominate or be nominated by another parent member. Nomination forms are attached below.


Please return your nomination form to the Office by Friday 2nd of March. Elections will be called if more than four nominations are received. Parents who are interested in joining School Council are invited to attend next weeks School Council Meeting which will held in the Staff room beginning at 7 pm. Alternatively, you may like to chat with me about the role of School Council and how you might contribute to achieving the goals established in the School Strategic Plan.

Buildings and Maintenance

We are currently awaiting works to be conducted on areas that experienced water damage late last year. When these repairs are completed, our main refurbishment of the student toilets will commence. We look forward to these building works being finished as it will certainly improve movement around the school and provide us with newer and more modern amenities.


Curriculum Information Nights

Staff have been busily preparing information for their curriculum nights this week. I am sure all parents who attended found the sessions incredibly valuable and informative. Next Monday, families will have the chance to share information about their child/ children with their new class teachers. The ‘You Tell Us’ sessions are for those parents or carers who need to pass on specific details or important information which the teacher will need to be aware of for the 2018 school year. Bookings can be made via the Compass Parent Portal.


Upcoming Events

As we approach week 5 of the school calendar, a number of events are fast approaching.  The Year 6 students will be involved in an intensive swimming program which also consists of water safety and life-saving. Our interschool sport continues after a memorable day last week at the Lightning Premiership. Our students represented the school well and they displayed excellent teamwork. The children came back excited and eager to share their results. Our dance program also kicks in on February 15th and everyone is looking forward to learning a few new moves. With so many events scheduled for the rest of the term, I need to remind parents to complete all consent forms in a timely manner and to remember to follow up any payments that may be required by the due dates.


Year 5 Camp is fast approaching. Please ensure all final payments for camp are received as soon as possible.


Severe Allergies

We have students at our school with severe allergies to various foods, including nuts. These allergies can result in the affected students having an anaphylactic reaction, a potential life threatening situation if exposed. The staff undergo rigorous training around first aid in these situations and they also encourage their students to wash their hands on a regular basis. They also speak with their class about the importance of not sharing food. We also remind parents that any children with anaphylaxis need an updated action plan and medication provided to the school. If your child currently has medication in the sick bay, please check the expiry date and update any details for administering the medication if necessary.


'You Tell Us' Interviews - Monday 19th February 

The “You Tell Us” Interviews provide an opportunity for parents to come and discuss any social, emotional or medical concerns that they have regarding their child settling in at the beginning of the year.
Please note that this is not an academic progress interview. Parent / Teacher Interviews for student progress are held in June. If you have concerns regarding your child’s progress please arrange another time to meet with the class teacher. 

Bookings can be made available via the Compass Parent Portal. Please note that bookings are limited to one 10 minute session with your child's teacher. Please be mindful that it may not be possible to book consecutive appointments for siblings. 

If you have any questions or technical issues regarding Compass please contact Brodie in the Office. 


Contact Details

Have your contact details changed? If so please let the office know in writing so we can update our records. This includes changes to emergency contacts or additional numbers to call if needed.


Finally, I would like to once again thank the entire community for the smooth start to the year and for welcoming me so warmly. Each day I am learning more names, observing children learning and growing and finding out all the special things that make our school so unique. I look forward to my first school council meeting and to chatting to parents on our curriculum nights and ‘You Tell Us’ evenings.



With Warm Regards,

Kerri McLeod

Whole School & Year Level News

Whole School News

Student Banking

Student Banking will recommence tomorrow, Thursday 15th February.


The School Student Banking program provides a fun, interactive and engaging way for young Australians to learn about money and develop good saving habits. If you would like your child to participate in Student Banking  all you’ll need to do is open a Youthsaver account for your child or they can use their existing one. If you have any questions, please call 13 2221 anytime or visit your nearest Commonwealth Bank branch. 


Icy Pole Day

Icy Pole Day will recommence tomorrow,  Thursday 15th February.


Students will be able to purchase an Icy Pole for 50c each Thursday lunchtime during Term 1. 


Second Hand Uniform Sale

There will be a Second Hand Uniform Sale on Friday 23rd February 

The stall will be held in the Korean Room between 3:15pm to 3:45pm.

Cash only, please avoid large denominations as limited change will be available. No Efptos is available.

Payments & Consents by Due Dates

To secure your child's participation in any organised school activity such as excursions, incursions, sports events, swimming or camps please ensure that all consents and any associated payments are completed via the Compass Parent Portal before the due date. Once the due date has past, Compass access to consent/pay for the event is automatically disabled and will no longer be extended. Should consent/payments not be received your child will not be able to participate in the scheduled activity.
Typically we aim to have events available online for parents to consent/pay on Compass a minimum 4 weeks in advance - longer where possible. The due date will be set for a week prior to the event. This allows time to confirm numbers and final costs with outside companies and allows time for teachers to prepare for the activity. Occasionally this may not always be the case as we may be notified late when some events are occurring giving a shorter notification/confirmation time frame e.g. sports finals, district sports events/finals. In such cases we endeavour to give parents as much notice as possible to be able to access Compass and complete consent/payments.
We encourage parents to get in to the habit of checking Compass or emails for Compass notifications most days to ensure they are regularly kept up to date with all of the information and communications sent from the school. We strongly recommend that all parents download the free Compass App for your smart phone (from your App Store) so you can receive instant push notifications when new information or events have been added to your child's profile. We understand life gets busy and tasks pile up therefore, Compass is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for parents convenience.

If you have any questions or technical issues regarding Compass, please do not hesitate to contact the office for assistance.

Permissions & Agreements - COMPASS

Parents are asked to please complete all the Permissions & Agreements on Compass for their child/ren, if they have not already done so to ensure their child's participation in activities and the use of technologies and devices throughout the school year.    These can be found in the the Course Confirmation/School Payments section on your Parent Portal. 

Foundation News...

Wow how the time flies, we are already in Week 3! The students have settled in so well into their new school routines. They have been building confidence with their new friends, teachers and in their surroundings.

We have started learning a new Word of the Week. Last week out word was CAT, and this week the word is ANT. Each week the words build on prior letter knowledge to introduce a new letter or two to make each new word. Over the course of the week, we will focus on the cued articulation of each letter, the associated sound of that word, the handwriting, and writing the word in a sentence. Of course all this learning will be achieved through many songs, games and stories.

In maths we have been starting by teaching the numbers 1-10. Each day we are learning a different number and practicing this number in a variety of ways. Again we use games, songs and hands on materials to recognise the numeral and the matching amount in pictures or items. As teachers we are still learning the skill set of each student and at the end of our Wednesday testing days we will be able to place students in levelled groups and be working at their exact point of need.

Please keep your eyes peeled for our Prep Term 1 newsletter to be sent on COMPASS this week to give some further insight into learning at Ormond Primary School.


Year 2 News...

Welcome back to another very exciting year at Ormond Primary. The students have settled very well into year 2.
This year we welcome Laura Bainbridge to the year 2 team. Laura is familiar with the students and the school as she has worked as an Integration Aide at Ormond Primary School in the past.
It has been a wonderful week of getting to know each other, discussing our Summer holidays, becoming familiar with the School Values and setting classroom expectations and rules.
The students were given school supplies and stationery, including a pencil case. This year they have ownership of stationery. Students have been encouraged to take home their pencil case and label all stationery.
All students are to bring a labelled school hat to school this term.
We encourage all students to bring water bottles to school daily, to be kept on the desk for hydration throughout the entire year.
Bite-sized cut fresh fruit and/or vegetables (such as celery, carrot, apple) in a small container are also very welcome during class time, but not whole fruit or fruit flavoured products. Whole fruit can be consumed during morning recess and lunch breaks but not during class time.
Each child will receive a reading log to assist with organisational skills and it may be used for short communications between home and school. Students are to record their reading daily and parents are encouraged to sign to ensure that the reading is completed.

Please feel welcome to come and see us before or after school if you’d like to speak briefly. Or, contact us to make an appointment for anything requiring more time.


Year 3 News...

The Year 3 students have made a fantastic start to the year, displaying an enthusiasm for learning. They are settling in to the routines of their new learning spaces and forming relationships with their classmates. This term, the Year 3 students will be learning about Writer’s Notebook during Literacy sessions and Place Value during our Numeracy block. They have taken part in a range of investigations to explore what the number 1000 looks like using various materials such as Unifix cubes and pop sticks. We have many highlights to look forward to this term, including a visit to the Melbourne Museum to support our inquiry unit on Aboriginal Victoria.

Year 4 News...

Welcome to Term 1!

The Year 4 students have returned from the holiday break with positive attitudes and enthusiasm, ready to embark on a fantastic term of learning. It has been wonderful listening to their interesting and diverse holiday stories. We have had a busy first few weeks with students sharing their ‘Me Bags’ with their peers whilst working on developing their public speaking skills. It has been great to see our students upholding our school values of acceptance, respect, persistence, quality learning and excellence through a range of activities and interactions. Laughter and great sighs of relief could be heard coming from the Year 4 classes when teamwork was required to try and save Fred (a lolly snake) from drowning by putting his life jacket on (through a Life Saver candy) without using their hands!! All they could use were paper clips.

This term we look forward to visiting Melbourne’s Tall Ship, the Enterprize as part of our First Peoples Inquiry, please keep an eye out on Compass for this event.


PE & Sports News

Year 5/6 Interschool Summer Sport

Well done to all the Year 5 and 6 students on a very successful and enjoyable Lightning Premiership Day. 


Round 1 of the season kicks off this week. All parents received their fixture for term 1 last week.  If there are any changes we will let you know as soon as possible.  Some grounds in the Glen Eira area are being closed for “repairs” which will create changes along the way.

If there are any parents available on a Friday morning and are keen to help out Mrs. Shulman with the skills squad, please come and see me.

If any parents are willing to help out with training sessions or even the matches on Fridays, please speak to Mr. P.


District Swimming Team

A Moorabbin Swim Carnival program will be coming home with all competitors this week. All parents of competitors are encouraged to come and support our team on Tuesday 6th of March. If any parents are willing to have a voluntary position on the day please let Mr. P. know before the day.


Year 3 to 5 Swimming Program Term 2

The Year 3-5 swim program begins on Monday 21st May and goes for 8 days finishing on Wednesday 30th May.  Further information to come.


Year 6 Open Water/Surf Carnival

Year 6 students begin their Open Water Program this week at Lysterfield Park and continue next week at Sandridge Beach, Port Melbourne.  Enjoy everyone!


Coles Sporting Schools Dockets

Ormond P.S. are collecting Coles Sporting Schools dockets. A box with the Coles logo will be in the front office area for docket drop off in the next week.  This will gives Ormond a great opportunity to receive free sporting equipment for the school


Michael Pannam

PE/Sports Coordinator

Out of School Hours Care, Parent & Community News

Out of School Hours

Before School Care Dental Hygiene Program

Children who have breakfast, at Before School Care are required to bring a new tooth brush & a plastic toothbrush container, so they can clean their teeth after breakfast. Children who have participated in Dental Hygiene Program previously, only need to bring a new toothbrush. Your child’s tooth brush will be stored in the container at the program.

We supply toothpaste.


After School Care Activities

Thurs 15th February         Cooking

Friday 16th February        Chinese Dragon

Mon 19th  February          Foam Hats

Tues 20th  February          Children’s Choice : Adelaide Making Telescopes

Wed 21st February           Cooking

Thurs 22nd  February        Extendable Hands

Friday 23rd February        Mobiles

Mon 26th February          Bag Tags

Tues 27th February           Tube Animals

Wed 28th February          Children’s Choice : Alexandra Pencil Cases


April Kopitz

Out of School Hours Coordinator


Parents & Friends

Upcoming Meeting Dates - 7:30pm in staffroom

  • Tuesday 6th March – AGM
  • Tuesday 1st May
  • Tuesday 5th June

2018 kicked off with the Foundation Morning Tea. Thanks to the Year 1 parents for hosting a great event.

Save the Dates:

  • Thursday 8th March – Welcome Picnic - 5:30 – 7:30pm

We look forward to welcoming new families and welcoming back all families to Ormond Primary School for and evening of fun. Pack a picnic rug and some dinner and come along to welcome in the 2018 school year. There will lots of fun activities for the students. Sausages and Icy poles will be available to purchase.


Class Reps Needed

2018 We are still looking for class reps for Year 1, 3 & 4. If you think this could be you, please email [email protected] 


Notice of 2018 P&F Annual General Meeting March 6th 7.30pm in the Staff Room

Dear Ormond Primary Community,

At the end of the 2017 in line with Department of Education expectations a revised constitution to govern the Parents and Friends Association was formalised. A copy of this constitution is available by emailing P&F if you are interested in obtaining a copy. [email protected]

In line with this constitution it is an expectation that an annual general meeting is held, all roles within the association are vacated and a committee for the coming year is voted in by a consensus of paid members. The nominal fee to become a financial member at this time is $1.


The meeting will be held on Tuesday March 6th at 7.30 pm in the school staff room. Everyone is welcome and if you wish to stand for one of the following positions or vote financial memberships for 2018 will be taken from 7pm on March 6th.
The following positions will be open

  1. Convenor
  2. Vice Convenor
  3. Meeting Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Administration Coordinator
  6. Class Representative Coordinator
  7. Resource Coordinator
  8. Marketing Writer

If you have any further questions or interest in attending or running for one of these roles please contact the current P&F convenor at [email protected].

Contact Details:

If you are not receiving emails from P&F and would like to be added to the list, please email your details including child’s name/s and grade/s to [email protected]

Community Events & Adverts


Ormond Primary School
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COMPASS Parent Guide update 2018.pdf
2018 Site Map.pdf
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P&F Roles and Tasks 2016.pdf
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