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01 March 2019
Issue Three
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Principal Report

Dear Parents and Friends,

It’s been a big week of Professional Learning for our staff this week.  On Wednesday five members of our team joined twenty teachers and leaders from across greater Shepparton to begin working with the Science of Learning Team at Melbourne University.  The work will involve us engaging students from across all schools to be part of a team which advises and influences the teaching and learning plans for our new school.  We look forward to sharing more with you as we progress.


On Wednesday afternoon our team joined teachers and support staff from all Secondary Colleges for a session to support the teaching of Writing.  The Literacy leaders from the four schools facilitated a great afternoon of learning and sharing – we embrace these opportunities to work across schools and build our knowledge and understanding of best practice teaching and learning which will best support the students in our care.



At McGuire College we are proud of the work we are doing to support students planning and preparation for their next steps.  Our Careers Practitioner, Lynda Bruce, works closely with staff and students across the College supporting this important work.  You too can also support your student to plan and prepare for their future pathways.

The McGuire career education program helps support your child make career decisions. But it's also a good idea to talk to them about what they want to do. Research shows that children look to their parents first when they want career advice.

We want students to understand that a career includes all the roles we undertake throughout our life, including: 

  • Education
  • Training
  • paid and unpaid work
  • Family
  • Volunteer work
  • Leisure activities and more.

The concept of a job for life is no longer a reality. Young people now are likely to experience five to eight major career changes in their life. They will have more fluid ways of working, like casual, contract and part-time work options.

Making the best career choices involves:

  • Knowing what you like (your interests)
  • Knowing what you are good at (your skills and abilities)
  • Knowing what is important to you (your values)
  • Understanding the world of work and knowing about your available options and what jobs are out there
  • Learning how to make informed decisions about your possible options
  • Deciding and setting about achieving your objectives

Tips for talking about careers with your child.

Here's some general tips when talking about careers with your child:

  • Focus on skills and behaviour your child will need, rather than specific jobs
  • Talk about goals and what your child finds fulfilling
  • Be open minded and encouraging
  • Talk about what your child has put in their career action plan from school
  • Be patient as your child's choices may change.
  • Remember it's your child's decision on what direction they want to go

Some children will have a clear goal when they're young, while others will take a long time to explore and decide.

You can also read the Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework. This is the career education program in government schools.

Helpful questions to ask your child:

In years 7, 8 and 9:

  • What subjects they are good at?
  • What subjects would they like to improve in? How can they work towards that?
  • What sort of careers have they explored so far?
  • Do they know who they can talk to about career advice at school?
  • Are they thinking about getting a part-time or casual job?
  • What kind of work experience is your child interested in? 
  • Where can you find reliable information about careers?

In Years 10 and 11:

  • What subjects are they enjoying in year 10? Why? Are they interested in continuing these in year 11?
  • Can they see themselves building a career in these subjects in the future? What kind of jobs are related to these subjects?
  • What will the demand for these jobs be in the future? The myfuture website and Victorian Skills Gateway have information about demand
  • Do they understand the difference between university and vocational education and training (VET)?
  • What university and TAFE courses are they interested in at the end of year 12?
  • Do they know if there are any prerequisite subjects for these courses?
  • Do they know if there are pathways from VET to university for these courses?
  • What skills and qualities will they need for the careers they're interested in? Which subjects and courses will help them get those skills?

In Year 12 and beyond:

  • What do they think they might like to do next year?
  • Have they updated their career action plan? Have they discussed it with their careers coordinator?
  • Have they thought about doing a course at a VET provider or university? Do they know how to apply?
  • Do they need an ATAR for the courses they’re interested in? What was the most recent ATAR for that course?
  • Are there extra requirements for the courses they’re interested in? For example, UMAT (Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test) for medicine courses, portfolios for art and design courses or auditions for performing arts.
  • Do they know if there are pathways between VET and university for the kind of courses they're interested in?
  • Who can help them with this at school?
  • Are they thinking about taking a gap year? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?
  • Are they thinking of getting a job or apprenticeship next year? Who can help them with their application? Do they have a plan B if their first choice doesn’t work out?
  • How far are they prepared to travel for study or work? Will they need to move out of home? How can they find accommodation? What are the likely costs involved?
  • What are the opportunities for work after graduating from university or VET?

Have a great week.


Claire Kelly






Swimming Sports

On Wednesday 20th February, McGuire College held its last ever House Swimming Carnival. Under sunny skies the day was a complete success with students and staff alike revelling in the beautiful weather and carnival atmosphere. The school spirit on display was amazing and there were many notable performances, not least of which was the performance of Mr Thompson on the microphone who’s humour and candour really brought the day alight.


Special note must go to Nick Brereton who broke records in the 16 year Freestyle, Butterfly and Backstroke. These records have stood since the 90’s which demonstrates just how well Nick swam. Fantastic effort Nick!


A special congratulations to the spirit award winners, house champions and Swan House for taking out the house champions shield for the last time. Well done Mr Shannon and Swan!


Spirit Winners

Crane – Brianna Brown 

Heron – Jakob Apostol

Swan – Gemma Moulsdale

Teal – Cooper Sidebottom


Age Champions

13 yr – Matilda Henderson & Jakob Apostol

14 yr – Gemma Moulsdale & Jamie Willaton

15 yr – Olive McKenzie & Tristan Phipps

16 yr – Shaelyn Crowhurst & Nick Brereton

17 yr – Lauren Millar & Roy Tulimofono

18 yr – Kayla DiBella & Nick Runciman-Forster


House Champions

1st – Swan 582

2nd – Heron 579

3rd – Teal 531

4th – Crane 431


James Griffin

Sports Coordinator

Student Wellbeing

National Day against Bullying and Domestic Violence

McGuire College will join hundreds of schools around Australia to raise awareness about bullying and domestic violence on Friday March 15th.

The theme of this year’s National Day against Bullying and violence is Bullying. No Way and is an opportunity for Australian schools to highlight their everyday work to counter bullying and violence. All staff will be wearing a Bullying No Way wristband and Stand up to Domestic violence ribbon.

Countering bullying involves the whole community. Each person in the school community has an important role.

2018 research into the bullying problem in Australian schools revealed:

  • Almost 25% (1 in 4) students in Australia or 910,000 students experienced bullying at some stage during their schooling
  • Since 2015 there have been 45 million bullying incidents across all schools each year, instigated by around 543,000 perpetrators.
  • The economic impact of bullying in Australia totals an estimated $2.3 billion while children in school and 20 years after school completion

Some statistics on domestic violence against women:

  • On average one woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner
  • On average 1 in 4 women have experienced emotional abuse by a current or former partner since the age of 15
  • One in five women have experienced sexual violence since the age of 15
  • 85% of women have been sexually harassed
  • Almost 40% of women continued to experience violence from their partner while temporarily separated
  • One in six women have experienced stalking since the age of 15
  • Statistics reveal that domestic violence rates are higher in regional and rural areas

On the 15th of March students and staff will be invited to take the online White ribbon pledge ‘I will stand up, speak out and act to prevent violence against women’. Parents and guardians can access the pledge on https// -the-oath

Being Cyber safe

How can you protect your kids if you don’t know where they are? Few parents would let their children wander the streets at all hours or meet with strangers, but kids do that and more on the internet without even leaving their bedrooms.

Do you know the people your daughter chats with online every night? Is your son being cyberbullied? Have you seen the videos your children are downloading? Cybersafety adviser Susan McLean argues that, ‘The internet is the new toilet door and has changed parenting forever ’ .

Leading Australian psychologist Doctor Michael Carr- Gregg (author OF Real Wired child) defines cyber bullying as being:

  • Nasty emails
  • Nasty text messages
  • Instant messages
  • Personal details on websites
  • Student photos online without permission

Doctor Carr-Gregg suggests that parents today  encourage their children to:

  • Remove inappropriate photos
  • Remove flirty nicknames e.g. sxc_babe
  • Remove surnames
  • Set your site to private
  • Remove mobile phone numbers
  • Change profile pics
  • Change email address to non-specific ones

What you can do in general:

  • Take more interest in what your children are doing online
  • Regularly talking to your children online
  • Make internet access conditional on following the family internet rules (no sharing passwords etc.)
  • Monitor the time your children are spending in front of screens (what’s happening after they go to bed?)
  • Teach your children good ‘netiquette’ (be polite, don’t respond to messages)
  • Remember: internet use is a privilege NOT a right
  • Don’t demonise the net. It’s not all evil or stupid
  • Use the net yourself. Become familiar with the websites your children are using (you wouldn’t let your children travel alone offline)
  • Regularly check the history on your internet browser to see where your children have been
  • Monitor the wireless access your kids have at home (I pods, DS Games, PS3,XBOX 360 etc.)

Suggestions for consequences

  • Don’t freak out!
  • Get the facts first
  • Punishment should be immediate, enforceable and time limited (don’t punish for months on end). Short and sharp is preferable (take the modem to work with you or turn it off each night)
  • Don’t be held to ransom by your lack of technical knowledge

Best of luck!


Doctors In Schools

McGuire College is very lucky to be involved in the Doctors in Schools Program. Doctors are available to see students every second Wednesday. Please see the Wellbeing Team if you would like more information or to make an appointment


Learning to Play a Musical Instrument

The Music Department is continuing to take enrolments from new Instrumental music students. Instrumental teachers are Ms Ryan and Mr Arnold. Instruments still available are alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, trombone, bass guitar and percussion. Students rotate out of class one period per week to do their lesson.

Fees of $200 per year cover lessons, hire of instrument, music costs, reeds and  Bands excursion costs. (This is great value!).

Those entitled to may use excursion fund money to pay Instrumental Music fees.

Students learning an instrument also join a performance ensemble – Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble or Marimba Ensemble.


Please see Ms Ryan if you would like to start learning an instrument.




Instrumental Music rehearsals are

Marimba Ensemble -   MONDAY LUNCH


Jazz Ensemble    -   AFTER SCHOOL – TBA

Singers -       LUNCH    - TBA


Students are reminded that they must attend an ensemble rehearsal for their instrument. This is a condition of the funding we receive to provide the lessons.



New members are very welcome at Marimbas on Mondays!

We have welcomed several new members and already practising and learning new pieces to play at our forthcoming Cushion Concert for Riverlinks. Our first school concert is in early Term Two and several others are planned.

You don’t have to be enrolled as a Music student to join marimbas – everyone can play and is welcome.


Jazz Ensemble

Hear the Jazz Ensemble at next week’s assembly – they play great music!

After school rehearsals start in Week 6.


Singers – sign up for BOITE

This year McGuire is joining a Big Sing program called Boite. It is a fabulous festival event for schools which performs in Melbourne .

We need a minimum of 20 singers so come along and  put your name down in the Music Room. We will start regular weekly lunchtime rehearsals next week!


Concert Band

This will commence on Wednesdays at lunchtime/Home Group.



You need to play your instrument in order to learn new music and get better! Practice time is available in the Music room any recess or lunchtime from Monday to Thursday. Come along and play!


Enquiries re the Music program are welcome to Ms Ryan at school

Monday – Thursday.


Gabrielle Ryan

Music/ Instrumental Music Coordinator

Central Australia Trip

Year 10 and 11 McGuire College students have the opportunity to visit Central Australia in September this year. They will join with other students from Shepparton High School, Mooroopna Secondary College and Wanganui Park Secondary College on this exciting experience. Interested students are asked to collect an information pack from the Senior School office and pay the deposit to confirm their interest by March 29th. We will then confirm numbers and a ballot will be conducted if required.

Important Dates


Monday 11th: Labour Day Holiday

Friday 15th: Senior Summer Sports

Tuesday 19th: Year 12 Drive for Life

Wednesday 21st: Success Integrated

Thursday 28th: School Council Meeting

Friday 29th: Year 7 Immunisations - Consent forms will be handed out to students this week.  It is important that you complete and return them to the school by Friday 8th March, even if  your child is not being immunised.


Wednesday 3rd: Parent Teacher Interviews, 4.00-6pm

Thursday 4th: School Closure Day

Friday 5th: Parent Teacher Interviews, 10am - 1pm

Community News

Student Exchange Australia New Zealand is a not-for-profit organisation registered with all state and territory Departments of Education around Australia and with the Ministry of Education in NZ. We are the first and only secondary exchange organisation in Australia and New Zealand to be certified to ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and we ensure the highest standards of care and support to our participants. 
We would like to inform you, that our deadline for Scholarships and Early Bird Discounts in 2019 is Sunday, 31st March and we welcome your students to apply.
We offer fourteen partial scholarships each year, for year and semester applicants only. Short program applicants are not eligible for a scholarship. 

All scholarships are valued at either A$2,500 (semester program) or A$3,500 (year program) each. The categories for entry are:

Your students can find out more about our exchange programs to over 25 countries, listen to former exchange students share their experience and learn more about our scholarships and discounts on offer by attending a local information session, or a LIVE online information session on Thursday, March 7th at 7.30pm - 8.30pm AEDT. 
We enjoy seeing students thrive as they step into a new found independence when they are living as exchange students.


NDIS Session


Adoption & Permanent Care Program 



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