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07 February 2019
Issue Two
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Upcoming Events

What's On - Term 1


7th February  - Parent Teacher Chats

13th February - Beginning of Year Mass @ 9.15am

18th February - Build a Bear - SRC & School Captains

21st February  - Parent Information Evening @ 6pm

25th February  - Open Day

27th February  - Parent Helpers Workshop @ 9.15am or 2.15pm

28th February - Junior Welcome Evening @ 5.30pm-7pm

6th March   - Ash Wednesday Mass @ 9.15am

21st March    - Harmony Day and Multicultural Night

25th March- Open Day

26th March    - Year 3/4 Camp @ Campaspe Downs

28th March - Books in Homes Assembly

2nd April  - Learning Expo at 9am

5th April   - Last day of Term 


Term 2

9th May - Twilight Sports

9th May - First Reconciliation Parent Night

15th May - Family Mass @ 9.15am

31st May  - School Closure Day- Berry Street 

5th June - First Reconciliation

11th June - School Closure Day- Aboriginal Catholic Ministry

19th June - Trinity Feast Day Mass @ 9.15am

26th June - Student Led Conferences

27th June - Reports Home


Term 3

30th July - First Communion Parent Night

31st July - St Ignatius Mass @ 9.15am

8th-9th - August School Closure Days- Catholic Identity and First Aid

15th August - Assumption Mass @ 9.15am

19th September - School Concert



Term 4

9th October -  Confirmation Parent Night @ 7.30pm

23rd October -  Whole School Mass @ 9.15am

25th October - Confirmation

30th October - 1st November Year 5/6 School Camp

28th November - Student Led Conferences

5th December - Community Carols

10th December - Year 6 Graduation

11th December - End ofYear Mass

12th December - End of Year Celebration Day

16th December - Last Day of School (students)


Principal's News


Dear Families

Welcome to those new families who have joined us over past week - we trust that you will find Trinity a welcoming community.  There is lots happening over the next few weeks - please remember to get those important dates in your diary and check the upcoming events section of the newsletter which will be updated each week. 


Parent Teacher Chats

Parent Teacher Chats are on today. The purpose of hosting these early in the term is to help build relationship early between our parents/carers and teachers. It is also an opportunity for our staff to learn about your child from their first and most important teachers - their parents/carers. We thank you in advance for the great conversations that will be happening across the afternoon and evening. 


The first two weeks of school involves our orientation period. This allows students to settle into their classroom procedures, build relationships quickly with the peers and new teacher, and get reacquainted with the learning and behavioural expectations of the school. It also involves some pre-testing and orienting our students into their new Inquiry learning topics. Getting set into their daily routines, helps students to get set for a successful year. Please try to make sure your children get to school on time - estbalishing a positive routine helps them achieve success. Regular classroom learning (with structured Literacy and Maths blocks) will begin in Week 3. 

Family Information Night

On Thursday 21st February we will be having our Family Information Night. Parents are invited into Year Level information sessions where teachers will outline communication and learning strategies for this term, as well introduce Parents to how they can access their children's learning on Google Classroom (Year 3-6) and Seesaw (Prep-2).

Year 3/4s will also be discussing their camp which will be happening later this term. Due to our need in extending the parent sessions, we will not be having a guest speaker at this night as we have in previous years. 


There will be two 30 minute sessions offered on the night- Session One will begin at 6pm and Session Two will begin at 6.40pm. Juniors (Year Prep- 2) will be meeting in the Junior Shared space. Year 3/4s will be meeting in the Library. Year 5/6s will be meeting in 5/6FA. 


Coach Approach will be running activities outside to provide the chance for parents to attend the sessions uninterrupted without their children, but we ask that pre-school be accompanied by an adult. 

Genazzano Scholarship

We are very grateful to Genazzano FCJ College for their commitment to offer the opportunity for our Year 6 girls to apply for a scholarship to their wonderful school. If you are a Year 6 girl and interested in applying, applications forms will be sent home this Friday and must be mailed directly to Genazzano by  Wednesday 13th of March. 

Health Care Cards

If you hold a current Health Care Card you may be eligible for a discount on your school fees. Please fill in the CSEF forms at the office and speak to Vivian in our office. 

House Captains & School Leadership

Congratulation to our 8 new House Captains who were voted in by their peers on Wednesday.

Montserrat : Philip & Julieanna 

Ignatius: Chloe & James

Loyola: William & Samantha

Manresa: Katarina & Osama


Congratulations to those students, and to all those students who demonstrated leadership and courage by preparing and giving speeches.

Leadership at Trinity is not defined by positions of responsibility but by the way our students do their best, take risks in their learning and encourage and support others,  helping this school to continue to be a great learning environment and a wonderful place to make friends. 


There are many opportunities to be a leader in our school, through our clubs and societies, through our classroom leadership and by contributing to our SRC meetings that take place in our classroom. 

Clubs at Trinity

Extra-curriculum learning opportunities continue to grow this year with several new clubs on offer this term. Annabelle Marinelli will be leading our Creative Writing club to foster creative writing for those with a passion for words. David Gahan will be leading our Ukulele Club (Yr 4's) which aims to foster a love of music and performance. Belinda Nechwatal will lead our Choir, and Lorraine Cappozzo will continue to leads our Sustainability leaders and Gardening Club.


Mini-Vinnies will begin again later in the term promoting social justice and action across our school.  Georgina Hession will be leading our Mini-Digi Designers, a Tech club targeting creativity in our Year 1/2s and Screen Team, a movie making club in the seniors. A huge thanks to our talented staff who have brought their enthusiasm and skills to offer these great opportunities for our students. 


Thanks everyone- have a great week.



Prayer in 5/6MG

Prayers – Blessings – Thanksgiving

In Year 5/6MG we watched and listened to ‘An Australian Blessing’ by Andrew Chin


We thought about what we have been blessed with and are thankful and grateful for in our lives.

We discussed what we saw -


We saw Sunsets, mountains, waterfalls, the ocean and the beauty of nature-

(Ms Maryanne)

I felt calm and peaceful- (Leah)

I felt happy that I lived in a beautiful peaceful world – (Corbin)

I felt relaxed when I was lookinto give thanks and to show we are grateful-(Leah)

I looked at the sky and it was changing (Martin)

I felt at peace with myself when I saw all the pictures of God’s Creation.(Tomasz)

I feel grateful that we have such a beautiful world.(Selena)


The different types of Prayer we can say are-

  • Adoration: Praising God
  • Contrition: Asking for God's forgiveness and help
  • Petition: Asking God for a favour, for a very good reason
  • Thanksgiving: Showing God gratitude for all the blessings you have been given


We wrote our own personal prayers

Dear God,

Thank you for giving me the comfort of a loving, beautiful home.

I am blessed to have such a fabulous, amazing family who I can rely on in thick and thin.

May we pray for those who aren’t as fortunate as us and

Let us hope they find their way.

Amen     (Ari)


Loving God,


You are thoughtful and compassionate.

You support us, advise us throughout our reflection and prayer.

Bless all the people and animals in our world, great and small.

May they have protection, someone to love them and care for them.

We ask this in Your Name.


Amen   (Philiana)

5/6FA Ready to Learn

Seniors Reflect on the School Rules


During the second week of school Grade 56FA have been discussing the importance of having school rules. At Trinity we have six very important rules that keep children safe and ensure they feel welcome and can learn to the best of their ability. The School Rules at Trinity are:

1  Follow Directions
2. Speak Appropriately
3  Move Safely

4. Care for All Property

6. Keep Hands, Feet
5. Listen to the Speaker and Objects to Yourself

Below are some comments from 56FA children on why school rules are important to them.


At Trinity I value the school rules because it helps us respect others. Leonardo

At Trinity I value the school rules because it keeps everyone safe to enjoy school. Lincoln
School rules are important to me because it makes everyone feel welcome. Serah

School rules are important to me because without them it would make our school not a great place to learn and have fun. Imogen

Learning Overviews 

Curriculum Overviews Term 1

Each term we like to communicate with our parents about what our broad learning focus will be across our year levels. Inquiry units provide our overall investigative topics and are planned alongside our Religious Education topics. In Literacy and Maths all students are taught at point of need, with pre-testing and post-testing in Literacy and Maths with a focus on individual student growth. 

Prep/1/2 Overviews 

Teachers: Anna Plackett, Lucy O'Dea & Kate Foley



Religious Education

As people of faith, students will tune in to the prayers at the Whole School Mass. Students will be given time and opportunity to listen, practice and develop wonderings about being prayerful. Students will develop thinking about ‘Who is Jesus?’ and listen to stories about Jesus, such as the Easter Story.


Students will tune in to the whole school scripture, Isaiah 43: 1- 2. As a way to strengthen and build the students Catholic Identity, they will dialogue about the importance of their name and make connections to their identity.


Social and Emotional Development

In term one, students will learn to identify good choices and distinguish between right and wrong. Students will be exposed to ‘Brain Breaks’ and the ‘Zones of Regulation’ to learn to be resilient and a good self-manager. The children will discuss our school rules and classroom expectations, to ensure a safe and happy learning environment for all . The students will discover ways to be a good friend and explore how their actions can affect how others feel. The children will explore the idea of ‘belonging’, by sharing different experiences and groups they belong to, such as, their family; the Church; soccer teams; etc.



In reading and viewing students are engaging in a variety of teacher focus groups, including phonics, reading strategies and comprehension skills.  Students will participate in shared reading, guided reading and independent reading.


Students will participate in writing focus groups to learn how to structure recounts. Students will be strengthening their awareness of correct letter formation and identification. Students are learning to reread and edit their writing to improve the meaning of a written text.


Students will be supported to ask meaningful questions and express feelings in effective ways. Students will develop their speaking and listening skills by listening and responding to spoken instructions. The will discuss opinions and practice problem-solving strategies. 



In Number and Algebra students will develop their knowledge and understanding of number, using concrete materials. Students will use counting strategies to solve problems that involve comparing, combining and separating amounts. Students will develop their problem solving skills to continue and create number patterns.


In Measurement and Geometry students will learn to order events, explain their duration, and match days of the week and months of the year to familiar events. Students will identify simple shapes in their environment and sort shapes by their common features.


In Statistics and Probability students will learn to express and sort events that ‘will happen’, ‘might happen’ and ‘will not happen’. Students will collect data and classify outcomes to create a variety of data displays.


Inquiry - Prep/1

As inquirers, students will explore “Identity”. They will develop skills as a learner to think about themselves, their emotions, their physical characteristics and preferences for example, their favourite animal, colour and food. The children will explore the importance of their name, where it comes from and how names connect families. The children will be exploring how each person in the world is wonderfully unique and will learn to celebrate diversity.


Inquiry - 1/2RM

During Term 1 the students learnt about  staying safe and taking responsible risks, healthy food, expressing their emotions clearly, and dealing with conflict. They discussed how they have changed in their life and reflected on the things that they will be able to do in the future.



Design technology

As users of technology, students will identify the features of an iPad and Laptops. Students will be given the time to develop skills to search and use apps, such as a Quick Response (QR) scanner and Popplet. Students to practise the skills for using a keyboard and touchpad.


Digital technology

Students will develop their design algorithms as a sequence of steps for carrying out instructions, for example becoming expert at using and uploading pictures to Seesaw. They will use their problem-solving skills and coding skills to accurately move Beebots (small robotic devices) from a starting point to an end point.



Library will occur on Monday’s for Prep/1’s and Wednesdays for 1/2 ‘s - library bag needs to be brought in those days. Students borrow and return appropriate books from the library on a weekly basis. They are encouraged to select texts of interest, for research and at their level.



Health and Physical Education (Thursday) with Mrs McLeary

This term students will practice and refine the fundamental movement skills of run, jump, hop and skip. They will practice these skills using different body parts and in a variety of settings. Students will also develop their understanding of basic games emphasising the need for rules and safety.


Mandarin  (Thursday) with Yanlong Tai

Students are immersed in listening to, viewing and reading Chinese. They become aware of Chinese as a separate language to English and that other languages exist within their own classroom, their country and overseas. They begin to recognise the importance of tone in Chinese speech and observe that the sounds of Chinese can be encoded in Pinyin using familiar letters.


Art (Thursday) with Ms Briony

Prep and Year One

In Prep and Year One, we will begin the year by discussing art room expectations. Students will then create two collage/mixed media artworks. The first will be of a pig to celebrate Chinese New Year and The Year of the Pig. The second, will be of an art smock. During Term One, Prep and Year One students will further develop their skills in cutting, pasting, creating a collage and combining different art mediums, i.e. various types of paper and oil pastels.


Year One and Year Two

In Year One and Year Two, we will begin the year by discussing the art room expectations. Students will then create two artworks inspired by the artist Claes Oldenburg. In their first artwork, students will create a 2D paper collage of food on a plate. Year One and Year Two students will conclude the term by creating a 3D food sculpture using magiclay. During Term One, Year One and Year Two students will further develop their skills in paper collage, cutting and pasting, modelling and construction using magiclay, as well as painting a 3D object.


Music (Thursday) with Ms Belinda N

Students will develop their sense of beat and rhythm through movement, rhymes, call and response songs, chants and singing games. They will also explore their responses to different types of music. Students will develop their understanding of pitch by distinguishing patterns in high and low sounds. They will respond to music and discuss the emotional connection we can have with music through matching music to emotions.




Year 3/4 Overviews

Teachers: Georgina Hession, Sylvia Holroyd and Antonella Tsakmakis



Religious Education

Prayer - Building Friendship with God

In this unit students will investigate prayer practices in the school and church community.  They will prepare their own personal prayer and participate in both formal and informal classroom prayers.


Lent and Easter - A Time for Hope

Students will explore connections between the stories, symbols and rituals associated with Lent, Holy Week and Easter.  They will identify ways that they can grow closer to God through Lenten practices.



Reading: Students will use a variety of imaginative, informative and persuasive texts to build and refine comprehension strategies with a focus on finding the main idea, identifying facts and details and sequencing.

Writing: Students will plan, draft, edit and publish narrative and persuasive texts.

Speaking & Listening: Students will learn to follow social conventions such as turn taking when speaking and listening.  They will plan and deliver short presentations appropriate to their audience.



Number and Algebra

Students will revise and extend their knowledge of place value, counting and number patterns.
Measurement and Geometry 

Students will explore the concepts of time and the properties of two and three dimensional shapes.



As part of ‘Developing Our Learning Culture’ students will investigate ‘Habits of the Mind’ and further develop their social skills.

In the unit, ‘Game Of Life’ students will consider the ethics and customs of people important to them.  They will determine which health messages in the media are trustworthy and how to say no when being pressured to do something.  


Information Communication & Technology

Students will explore digital systems including chromebook computers and ipad tablets. They will learn how different devices suit different purposes. Students will learn how to interact safely in an online environment.



Students will implement strategies that build wellbeing and resilience from the Berry St Programme and will  learn techniques and establish routines that will support them to be ‘Ready to Learn’



This term students will develop their understanding of movement skills related to net/wall games by using these skills in different settings. They will participate in games such as Hot Shots Tennis and Newcomb (volleyball) to develop their basic game tactics and work with others to achieve goals in cooperative and competitive sporting situations.



In this term, students discover the distinctive features of the spoken language and begin to use Pinyin and tone marks to practise syllables and tones they encounter in new words. They recognise that letters in Pinyin and English produce different sounds using different spelling conventions. Students use Pinyin to write, knowing that characters represent the real form of writing in Chinese. They use a variety of communication modes as well as mime and gesture.



During Term 1, students will be introduced to music notation symbols, representing beat and rhythm. Students will notate their own compositions, producing and performing their own rhythm composition scores. They will expand their sense of beat and rhythm by using movement, call and response songs, chants, pitch matching and singing games.



In Year Three and Four, we will begin the term by discussing how to have a growth mindset and how we can apply this to visual arts. Students will create two main artworks this term. The first, a 3D flower using paper plates. The second, a Japanese print, using printing foam, inspired by the artwork of Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. During Term One, Year Three and Year Four students will further develop their skills in 3D construction, painting using watercolour paints, printmaking and carving.


Year 5/6 Curriculum Overviews


Teachers: Teresa Recce, Frank Anania & Maryanne Gorman


[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]




Students engage with a variety of texts. They listen to, read, view, interpret and evaluate spoken, written and multimodal texts as well as texts designed to inform and persuade.

Students develop their understanding of how texts, including media texts, are influenced by context, purpose and audience.


Children will learn how to write a reflective recount and persuasive text using the correct structure and language features. They will be using a rubric for teacher feedback and the ‘T.A.G’ (Tell, Ask and Give) process to give peer to peer feedback to improve their writing.


Speaking and Listening

Students will communicate with peers and teachers in a range of face-to-face and online/virtual environments. Students will listen to discussions, reflect and give feedback. Students will asked to complete and present a  report on an issue related to our Inquiry unit, using developing oral skills.



Number and Algebra

Students will be learning the value of numbers and applying that knowledge in everyday situations. They will explore how to make, model, draw and write different numbers using expanded notation, concrete materials and open-ended tasks.

The students will learn to identify and describe factors and multiples of whole numbers and use them to solve problems. They will work with prime, composite, square and triangular numbers and carry out mental, written and technology-based computation to solve problems involving all four operations.


Measurement and Geometry

The students will use 12 and 24 hour time systems, with measurements and conversions to seconds. They will also learn to develop and use timetables.


Statistics and Probability

Students will learn how to read, create and interpret graphs to solve given problems.



In the unit ‘Developing Our Learning Culture’ children will be practicing good habits of the mind,  identifying their multiple intelligences and the social skills to developing lifelong skills to help them work effectively with others


In the unit ‘Ethics and Emotions’, students will track their emotions and consider ethical dilemmas. They will learn about social, emotional and physical challenges to better understand themselves. Students will identify how personal qualities contribute to their identity. They reflect on how their strengths and learning styles will assist them in achieving success at home, school and in the community.


Religious Education

Students will be learning about Prayer and how they can connect with God in a personal way. Students will be learning the common prayers like, “The Our Father”, Hail Mary”, “Glory Be” and School Prayer.

Students will also be exposed to the Lenten Journey in preparation for Easter in the second half of term one.


Digital Technology

In Digital Technology students will begin an online course on Cyber-bullying. They will investigate the correct protocols which need to be followed when online. Students will learn how to identify the dangers when online and identify strategies to avoid them.

They will be using a variety of ICT skills and digital devices to create work tasks on a teacher created a workflow document. Students will be learning the skills of coding to prepare them for programming in the future. Students will also learn about the correct ICT protocols when accessing any digital devices.



Students will implement strategies that build their wellbeing and resilience from the Berry St Model and will learn techniques and establish routines that will support them to be ‘Ready to Learn.’



Library will occur on a Thursday (Gr 4/5TR) and  Friday (Gr 5/6FA and Gr 5/6MG) All students are to have a library bag or satchel.  

Students borrow and return appropriate books from the library on a weekly basis. They are encouraged to select texts of interest, for research and at their Lexile level in order to complete related quizzes.



Year 4/5/6 students will explore how to develop rhythm patterns within the structure of a steady beat and use both conventional and graphic notation symbols to record these patterns. Movement, call and response songs, chants, pitch matching and singing games will be used to expand students’ concepts of beat and rhythm. Students will respond to various types of music and discuss how music can be used to express emotions.


In Year Three and Four, we will begin the term by discussing how to have a growth mindset and how we can apply this to visual arts. Students will create two main artworks this term. The first, a  zentangle, focusing on the art element of line and harmonious colours. The second, a Japanese print, using printing foam, inspired by the artwork of Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. During Term One, Year Five and Year Six students will further develop their skills and understanding of the art element line, how to group different colours, printmaking and carving.



This term students will develop their understanding of net/wall games to demonstrate a variety of movement skills in different settings. They will participate in games such as Hot Shots Tennis and Newcomb (volleyball) to develop their basic game tactics. They will demonstrate ethical behaviour and fair play that aligns with the rules when participating in different activities.



This term, students engage with oral language by active listening, observing interactions between speakers in everyday contexts, and using the spoken language in a range of forms. They speak with attention to the sounds and tones of words, using formulaic language and applying their knowledge of familiar language structures in new contexts. Students map character forms onto their familiar oral vocabulary, and recognise and name characters in context.


What's Happening

Welcome back to all our families and a very warm welcome to our new families. It’s so great to see the students back with smiling faces, settled, and ready to learn. I’m looking forward to an exciting year of learning with your children.


I’m Annabelle Marinelli and I am the Literacy and Numeracy Leader at Trinity. You are welcome to come and see me at any time if you have any questions related to the Literacy or Numeracy learning at Trinity. If I’m not in a classroom you can find me in the office at the end of the corridor just before the staff room.


A few things I’d like to share with you…

This week your child will be bringing home a home reader. The readers are carefully selected by your child’s teachers at a level that is slightly easier than what we call ‘instructional’ level. The level chosen for your child will be at a reading level that is suitable to the reading ability of your child. The teachers assess the children’s reading regularly and the level of the books will change over time. As you know, all children progress at different rates and because we would like home reading to be a positive and enjoyable time for you and your child, we have chosen a level that will be easy to read, but also appropriate to your child’s learning.


The home reader needs to be returned daily and the reading log signed by a parent. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to read with your child. The older students will borrow lexiled books from the library. Some of these books will require students to complete a comprehension quiz as part of their home reading. If you have any questions about the home reading please do not hesitate to see your child’s teacher or myself.

Over the next few weeks we will begin a Creative Writing Club with the students from Years 3 to 6. This will take place every week at snack time and will be an opportunity for students who have a passion for writing to learn new skills and experience a variety of writing styles. The students will have the opportunity to enter writing competitions, and although this will be encouraged, it will not be compulsory. The first writing competition that we will take part in is a competition called ‘What Matters?’ More information can be accessed through the website I look forward to sharing the exciting writing pieces that emerge from our aspiring authors through our creative writing club. Please encourage your child to attend if they are interested.

In a couple of weeks, Vicki Gualano (Parent Engagement Leader) and myself, will be running a workshop for parents who might be interested in helping with reading in the classroom each morning. More information will follow shortly. If you would like to help, but don’t have a Working With Children Check as yet, now is the time to organise this. We would love to see as many parents as possible helping with reading each morning. Anytime that you have is truly welcomed and valued!


And finally, I’m looking for some very generous parents who would like to offer their time (and patience) to help with sorting some of the home readers. This is quite a big job, however if we could have a few parents volunteering, it will make the job quite easy. It involves sorting and labelling books according to reading levels. We literally have hundreds of books to sort and the sooner we can get these done the quicker they will be in your child’s classroom. Many thanks to the parents who have tirelessly helped with this in the past. I look forward to working with parents again this year. Many thanks in advance for any time that you may have to help with this.


I look forward to meeting you all at the upcoming Parent Teacher Chats and the Parent Information Night.


Annabelle Marinelli

Literacy & Numeracy Leader


Physical Education



It’s always a busy time at the start of term; setting expectations and going through routines. The most important things to remember for PE are;

  • Bring your hat and water bottle,

  • Use sunscreen,

  • All students need to wear their sports uniform on their PE day;

Thursday = Prep/1, 1/2, 4/5, 5/6 Friday = 3/4


The Prep/1/2’s will be busy learning and refining the fundamental motor skills of run, jump, hop and skip. We will practice these in different settings and using some forms of equipment. An important part of our learning will be the need to follow rules and to stay safe.


In Yr 3/4 the students will be introduced to Net and wall games and their learning will  develop basic game tactics. Students will participate in games such as Hot Shots Tennis and Newcomb (volleyball) to and work with others to achieve goals in cooperative and competitive sporting situations.


In Yr 5/6 students will develop their understanding of net/wall games and will participate in games such as Hot Shots Tennis and Newcomb (volleyball) to develop their basic game tactics. They will demonstrate ethical behaviour and fair play that aligns with the rules when participating in different activities. And given the opportunity to put this into practice in the Summer Gala.



This term we have the District Swimming Trials on Friday 15th Feb at Richmond Leisure centre. Students who are aged 9 and over and are swimming at a pre-squad level are encouraged to apply. This is an optional activity and is only open to swimmers who are able to swim 50m in the qualifying times.


All Yr 5/6 students will be participating in the Summer Gala against other local schools on Friday 22nd March. As with all our sporting events we encourage parents to come along and help. Without parent helpers we cannot attend these events so please lend your assistance whenever you can.



Fit Club is starting back this Thursday 7th Feb.

For any new parents to Trinity, I would like to introduce you to Trinity Fitness club. Trinity Fit Club is a Free Before School program open to all TCS students every Thursday from 7.40am on the Oval or in the MPR if the weather is bad.


Senior students from St Kevins lead the children in some exciting fun activities to get them moving, with the supervision of myself and a teacher from St Kevin’s. We then finish off the session with some fruit before the bell goes to help them start the day and get their brains ready for learning!


Bike Hospital


Dr Cranky’s starts back Friday 15th Feb.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Dr Cranky’s Bike Hospital last year and we are pleased to announce that we will back this year on Fridays!


Dr Cranky’s is a registered charity that recycles donated bikes and gives them to children and families that need them at the school. It will also do minor repairs for those needing them.


The program is run by volunteer parents with the help from Bart Sbeghen from Dr Cranky’s. Bicycle Hospitals run at seven other schools including Yarra PS and have put more than 900 kids on bikes.


We are looking for more parent volunteers who would be able to come along on Wednesday mornings and afternoons before and after school. Dr Cranky’s will provide the tools, training and support.

If you would like more information or to get involved come visit us on Friday mornings or email me at [email protected]


Rachel McLeary

PE Teacher


Family Engagement



The Books in Homes Primary Program aims to develop students’ love of reading and create a legacy of books in the homes of students.  We are very fortunate to be a school that participates in such a wonderful program. This is due to the generosity of Biggin and Scott Real Estate (our sponsors) on Bridge Road, Richmond.


This Term, there will be 4 classes participating in the program. The classes receiving books this term are, 1/2 RM, 1/2 UR, 3/4 HT and 3/4 GT. In Term 4, the Preps and Year One students (P/1 AP and P/1 LO) will team up with the Year 5 & 6 students to choose books. However, they may be ‘Caught Being Good’ and have a book awarded to them at the Assembly. A Role Model (usually an Author or Illustrator) is also organised by Books in Homes and presents at the Book Giving Assembly.

The selected books from the catalogue are in the Community Room. Please feel free to come into the Community Room to view the books. For more background information about Books in schools, view the Books in Schools website.

Richmond Community Announcements

Tuning into Kids at Richmond West


Movie night at Yarra


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