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07 February 2019
Issue Two
  It’s Cambodia, it’s complicated
  Five Simple Routines to Conquer School Mornings
  Fantastic Beginnings!
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It’s Cambodia, it’s complicated

By Andy Callow, Principal

Is it possible to feel so many conflicting emotions about one place?


Over the school holidays I joined a team of teachers (both current and retired) on an adventure to the Hope International School in Siem Reap. One of the wonderful opportunities our school has been privileged to take as part of our ongoing Partnership Project, yet I wasn’t prepared for the depth of my reactions upon being presented with the complexity of this nation.


It was confronting, inspiring, depressing, joyous, uncomfortable and delightful. Sometimes sequentially, and at other times simultaneously. But if I could reduce the experience to one word, it would be this - memorable.


The nation has lived through incredible tragedy, the rippling effects of trauma still visible from the years of the Killing Fields. The poverty is all-pervasive - the sweatshop labour conditions for the women is heartbreaking, the environmental problems are huge, and the climate is sapping for us Victorians.  Yet the Cambodians are quick to smile and are invariably polite, hospitable and humble.


The contrasts in Cambodia are stark.  There is a huge gap between the powerful and wealthy elite and the poorer classes. The average wage is around $50 a month (for those fortunate enough to have a job) and many people barely survive, living on less than $1 a day.  It is estimated that there are over 250 000 human slaves in Cambodia, many of them sex workers.


Aesthetically, one can see remnants of beauty in ‘The Kingdom of Wonder’ now left to deteriorate, with only the ghosts of some of the beautiful old structures remaining. Electricity problems are common, with criss-crossing power lines speaking volumes about the challenges of providing infrastructure, and the associated high rate of workplace accidents.


In a nation where the intellectual class were the first victims of the Khmer Rouge, education is highly prized, and the country is highly receptive to the many NGO’s working to bring hope and practical support.


In our final days in Cambodia we were privileged to visit the floating villages of Lake Tonle Sap. It was startling, encouraging and inspiring. In a place where survival is dependent on the catching of fish, these families have made their homes literally on the river. Village families live in one room balanced precariously on pontoons made of bamboo or (luxury!) 44 gallon drums.  Their homes are towed to safety (or where the fish are) when the waters rise during the monsoon.


The highlight of the town is the floating school in the centre of the village which is a huge key to breaking the poverty cycle. The students come to school by boat in pristine uniforms(!), studying enthusiastically in cramped classrooms, with minimal facilities.


For example there is one sole play area for the whole primary school. The combined basketball/soccer area is smaller than a normal classroom and presents interesting problems with balls needing to be retrieved from the river. There is also a library pontoon which must be accessed via a gang-plank, which the local children love to visit and read.


We were also greatly inspired by our visit to the ‘Dream Centre’, a house where Sophal and Glenda (local teachers at Hope International School) look after their own family as well as over 80 teenagers! The teenagers are graduates from the floating school who need a place to stay so they can attend high school.


The students display responsibility and maturity, cooking for themselves and maintaining the grounds. The property is impeccably clean and the most attractive place we saw in the whole country. Sophal and his Leadership Team all grew up in the floating villages. They are united in their determination to make a positive difference in their community and it is life changing for all involved.


The experience of visiting these places was also life-changing for me. I returned inspired, moved and encouraged, knowing that God is moving and working even in the most challenging of conditions to bring hope and love to his people.



Five Simple Routines to Conquer School Mornings

By Emma Hughes, Writer in Residence

We’ve all been there, right?  The lingering haze of the holidays hovers and we thrash about the house scooping breakfast into bowls and delivering yet another ultimatum to ‘get those shoes on!’ Uniforms vanish, children refuse to get out of bed, tempers flare, the house explodes into a scene of chaos and dismay.


Getting to school can feel like entering a war zone, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


Routine can be a dividing word.  ‘That’s just not who I am,’ you might be thinking.  ‘I like to do life free and on my own terms.’  And yet, if freedom is what you are after, perhaps routine is exactly what you need.  Or maybe you just want life to be a bit easier - to actually enjoy the journey to school, rather than feel as if you just weathered a thunderstorm.


Greg McKeown, the author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, suggests that ‘there is a huge body of scientific research to explain the mechanism by which routine enables difficult things to become easy.’  Put simply - when we do tasks over and over, the connections in the brain strengthen and these tasks eventually require less effort.  See?  Freedom.


With clear routines in place, kids know what is expected of them and you might even end up enjoying the trip to school.


1. Hold Family Meetings

Sure, you can set routines and deliver them like Moses with his stone tablets, but you might find that there is some resistance.  One reason behind morning struggles might be because our kids aren’t empowered enough.  In the popular TED talk ‘Agile Programming for Your Family’, Bruce Feiler explains why it is so important to involve kids in family decisions.  Allowing his twin daughters to diagnose and come up with solutions to family problems meant that they rose to the occasion, seized ownership and adapted when the situation required it.

If you need some tips on hosting a family meeting, check out this guide.


2. Prioritise Bedtimes

It can be tempting to put off bedtime battles.  During the summer months in particular, when the light lingers and beckons, we can get into bad habits and end up with overtired children.  It might surprise you to learn that in children, lack of sleep can exhibit in symptoms that look like ADHD.  If you want to set up your kids for a solid day of focusing and allow them their best chance of learning, set up good routines in the evening as well, with firm bedtimes that allow them to achieve the recommended hours for their age.


3. Complete What You Can the Night Before

As tempting as it can be to just crash for the night, setting out lunchboxes and breakfast cereal boxes sure can kickstart the morning.  Even just turning your mind to what needs to happen helps eliminate the rising creep of stress as you navigate the morning tasks.  Setting out your clothes (and encouraging kids to set out theirs) means no missing uniforms and allows you to start the day on a confident note.


4. Close the Kitchen at a Set Time

When I first heard about this, I admit, it sounded harsh.  ‘What if they go to school without breakfast?’ I fretted. And it has happened, once or twice.  But the payoff has exponentially outweighed the negatives, allowing plenty of time for us to enjoy the morning before we have to race out the door.


So how does it work?  First, make up a picture chart or list of all the activities that children are required to do before eating breakfast and then figure out together what time the kitchen will close.  This is a gamechanger.  In a few days you will find that your kids will come to the table fully dressed with their bags packed and ready to go.


5. Part on a Good Note

Even if the morning didn’t go to plan and you weren’t as calm as you hoped, try and use the journey to school to connect in a positive way.  Whether it is singing along to their favourite songs or just chatting about life and answering questions, you will all feel better if you part for the day on positive terms.  Kids face a lot throughout the day - navigating friendships and social situations, learning new concepts and figuring out who they are in the scheme of a greater whole.  Knowing that they are secure in their own family unit and loved no matter what is a grounding that you can provide in those final moments before the school day begins.


Want more? Check out these articles below:

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10 Hacks for Organising School Mornings Better

Routines for the School Year: The Best Tips for a Peaceful and Productive Family

Back to School Survival Guide


Fantastic Beginnings!

By Cathleen Barker, Prep Teacher

Prep has begun with bright smiles, few tears and lots of excitement. Students and parents alike enjoyed our trickle-in beginning to the year as for the first time, we opened our doors at 8:30am for the Preps to ease-in to the school year with hugs, photos and activities with their family members. Parents left by 9:15am and we began what is sure to be a wonderful journey of learning, friendship and fun!


Our Preps have been showing growth everyday by becoming more and more responsible for their bags, lunch boxes and water bottles.  They have filled the playground with laughter and new friendships.  After only one week, we are already impressed by their expressive comments, beautiful colouring and patient cutting. We have been interacting with many  exciting “Investigations” in our classrooms; dramatic play, book-making, magnets, collage and water play have been some of the Preps favourite areas of exploration.


We as teachers have been grateful to the parents of our lovely Preps for their support, patience and participation in making this first week so wonderful!  We anticipate a great year of memories, growth and learning!


General Information

Future Student Registrations

If you have a child who is due to commence in the following years we would recommend that you speak to the Registrar in regards to submitting an application if you have not already done so:

  • Kinder: Entry for 2020 and 2021
  • Prep: Entry for 2020 (Very Urgent) and 2021 (Applications will close December, 31 2019)
  • Year 7: Entry for 2021 (Applications will close May, 31 2019)

Entry for 2022 (Applications will close April, 30 2020)

PFA - Parents & Friends Assosiation - Meeting

The PFA at BHCS consists of Parents and Friends of the school.   Together we seek to help enhance our school community.


We meet approximately once a term.  Our first meeting will be held in the school Cafe (BYO coffee as the Cafe will be closed - afternoon tea provided) on Wednesday, February 20 at 2.15pm.


Whether you are looking to become actively involved, want to meet new people, catch up with old friends or just find out  what's happening  you are welcome to join us.  There is no obligation to be actively involved.  We hope to see you there!

Amanda Wight, PFA Coordinator

E-Safety Information

The Australian Government's Office of the eSafety Commissioner provides a website with information for parents in relation to internet safety.  The website further provides resources and links help guide people towards safe and enjoyable experiences online. 


To view information on this website, please click on the link below: 

Year 7 Music Program

A reminder to all Parents and Students who have received a Loan Contract for the Hire of Musical Instruments, these forms need to be signed and the fee paid to Reception prior to Friday, February 22.  Students will need to provide these documents prior to allocation of instrument for home use.

POP - ‘Parents of Prayer’

Our POP group meet every Thursday morning, 9am in the school Cafe – usually towards the back of the room.  Feel free to come and go as your morning allows and Preschoolers are welcome.


If you have a prayer request, please feel free to email it through to [email protected]   Requests are regarded as confidential and are not shared beyond the prayer group.


If you have any questions regarding POP, please email Amanda on the email above.

Follow Us on Facebook & Instagram!

For those with Facebook  and/or Instagram accounts, we'd love you to follow us!  We use this media platform to find many updates and glimpses into the daily life of students at school. 


To find us - simply search for BHCS under @belgraveheightschristianschool


2018 Yearbook Still Available

If you have not yet collected your 2018 Yearbook or would like to purchase an additional copy you are welcome to do so.  Simply pop into Reception who will be able to assist you.  Additional copies are $5.00 each and can be paid for by Cash or EFTPOS.


Things you need to know (1 of 2)

Car Parking

Thank you to our school community as we work to continue to trial our recent change to the afternoon pickup/drop-off zone.


To assist with afternoon streamlining, we encourage the following pick up routine:

  • Kinder: 3pm-3.15pm
  • Primary Only: 3.20pm-3.35pm
  • Secondary Only: 3.40pm onwards

We have extended the use of the upper staff carpark for parents for one more week.  After this time it will revert back to a staff car park.


We kindly request that you do not park along Mt Morton Road or nearby streets as traffic is impeded and serious safety issues arise for our students and residents in nearby houses.


We appreciate the continued cooperation of our families. 



Please Do Not Park Illegally

We understand that many families experience time pressures when dropping off and collecting students from school.


Regretfully we have received a complaint from a local resident with regard to illegal parking in a nearby street.

Please at all times obey all road rules, including parking restrictions.

Pedestrian Walkways

To ensure the safety of our Students and Families, please only cross at one of the three pedestrian walkways when in the carpark grounds.  We thank you for your cooperation.

FlexiBuzz - 2019 Communication Subscription Reminder

As recently emailed home to families, we take this opportunity to remind families of the need to update the communication subscription groups within your FlexiBuzz app.


FlexiBuzz and email are the communication platforms that we use to communicate many details about school life.  CareMonkey is the app we use for permissions – e.g. excursions and camps.  CareMonkey replaces paper permission forms.


We strongly recommend that you download the FlexiBuzz app if you haven’t already done so.  Instructions on how to do this can be obtained via Reception should you not be able to locate them on your email.  


Once you have a FlexiBuzz account and have subscribed to Belgrave Heights Christian School, you will need to update your communication groups annually.  It is recommended that you subscribe to the ‘Whole School (K-12)’ and the class that your child is in.  Please ensure that you subscribe to the class with (2019) in the description and unsubscribe from the previous year’s groups.   Once again, instructions on how to do this can be found on your email or via Reception.


Should you have any questions regarding subscribing to FlexiBuzz, please contact our Reception Team.

Conveyance & Bus Conveyance Allowance 2019

Families who applied for a Conveyance &/or Bus Conveyance Allowance in 2017 or 2018 do not need to complete a new form for 2019 -  unless their circumstances have changed - for example an additional child within their family has joined the school and/or they are now using the school bus.  


Families who have moved address must submit a new application form in order to qualify for ongoing conveyance allowance.  New families who believe they may qualify for the Conveyance Allowance are encouraged to complete a form and submit their applications if they have not already done so.


The eligibility criteria for the Conveyance Allowance is set by the Department of Education and is applied to a families' school fees. BHCS must be the nearest 'like' school, 4.8km or more from the residence.  To obtain a copy of the necessary form(s) please email the office at [email protected]

School Accounts

We are currently in the process of issuing your annual school fees account. These should arrive via email within the next two weeks, together with the information regarding the commencement of Direct Debit arrangements.


If you have not yet returned your Direct Debit Form, please do so without delay.  Should you have any queries regarding your school account, please contact Liz Miko in the Finance Office.


Government Money Available for Health Care Card or Pension Holders or Foster Parents

If you hold a current Health Care or Pension Card (valid on or before January, 20 2019), or are a Foster Parent, you may be eligible for a Government payment under the Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund.

Payments are $125 per primary student and $225 per secondary student.

For more information, see the attached document or visit the CSEF website.  Please download the Application Form or collect one from Reception.  Completed applications should be returned to reception as soon as possible.


Student Personal Accident Insurance

The School has a group accident insurance policy for all current enrolled students. This insurance covers medical expenses arising from an accident, which are not covered by Medicare. It excludes illness, disease, self-inflicted injuries etc. The cost of this insurance forms part of your annual fees.  Should you have the need to make a claim during the course of the year, please contact the Finance Department.

Personal Details

We would like to remind families that if your circumstances change in any way - this includes address, phone numbers, email address, custody arrangements and fee arrangements - please update your Caremonkey profiles and then contact the School as soon as possible. This will assist us in ensuring that the information we provide you is correct.  Please feel free to email any updates to [email protected], so this can be passed on to the relevant departments. 

Things you need to know (2 of 2)


Families are reminded to contact the school if a child is going to be absent. As a school, we are legally required to make note of a student’s absence and the reason for their absence. You can inform the school of your child’s absence:

  • Submitting an absence via FlexiBuzz
  • Leaving a voicemail message by dialing 299 at any time during the welcome message or after hours message
  • Contacting Reception directly
  • Emailing the Office on [email protected],au 

In cases where the School does not appear to have received advice, families will be contacted to inquire about the child’s whereabouts.

Bushfire Management Plan

Many families will be wondering what procedures we have in place in case of emergency during the warmer season.


BHCS is on the BARR (Bushfire At-Risk Register).  This means the School is required to follow a certain set of guidelines during extreme fire days, and will be closed on days deemed to be Code Red.  This means that on Code Red days, no persons will remain at school and out-of-school care will be cancelled. 


As part of the BARR, we were audited in 2017 in  relation to our Emergency Procedures and the maintenance of the school's grounds in relation to fire risk.  The School would like to reassure families that we successfully passed this audit.  We continue to review our emergency procedures on a regular basis to ensure we maximise the safety of our entire School community.


An article by Independent Schools Victoria gives more insight on this and can be read by clicking on the link below:


Further detail can be found attached:


Lockers, Padlocks and Valuables

We remind all Secondary families that all students should have a padlock for their locker.  This is to ensure the contents of the locker remain safe and are only accessible by your child.  We encourage the use of combination padlocks to avoid instances of lost or forgotten keys.


It is important to remember that no valuables should be stored in lockers overnight, this includes items such as specialised calculators, laptops, money or other items of value.  The school takes no responsibility for items of value left in lockers overnight.

Student Banking Available

The School has two student banking options available to students of all ages.


Bendigo Bank offers a great student banking program that is suitable for students from Junior School to Senior School.  The Commonwealth Bank also offers their Dollarmites student banking program.


Student banking day will now be on a Tuesday.  Bank books for either program can be handed into Reception on Monday or Tuesday mornings. Once the bank books have been processed, they will be returned to Reception.  Students will then be able collect their bank book from Reception on Wednesday.


Should a child not collect their bank book on a Wednesday, it will simply remain in Reception within a secure location until they do collect it.   We hope that by having the children collect their own bank books, this will help them to learn responsibility, while reducing the likelihood of the bank books going missing.


More information regarding the two student banking programs can be obtained from Reception.


A reminder that hats are a compulsory part of the school’s uniforms during Terms 1 & 4.

BHCS PTV Approved School Student ID

From Term 1 2019, BHCS students will be able to use a PTV Approved School Student ID to access concession fares and to buy Student Passes. This means that BHCS students using the BHCS  PTV approved Student ID no longer need to arrange, pay for and carry the dedicated PTV School Student ID to travel on student passes or concession fares. 


To purchase a Student pass just show the PTV Approved School Student ID card at a staffed station or bus operator selling paper student passes. It is strongly recommended that students register their myki student pass with the PTV to protect this high value product and to be eligible for a replacement if it is lost or stolen.  As the new process no longer requires paper work to be kept at staffed stations, no on the spot replacement is possible.  Normal myki replacement rules apply.  That is, replacement is only available to customers who register their mykis.

Discovery Centre Opening Hours

​T​he DC is open before school from 8.30am and after school until 4.30pm Monday to Thursday, and until 4pm on Fridays.  The DC is to be used for Secondary aged students to study and for Primary aged students who are accompanied by a parent or guardian.  We strongly encourage parents to come into the DC with their Primary aged children and make use of the great facilities we have to offer.

Please be aware that any Junior students who have not been collected by 3.45pm will be taken to the After School Care Service. It will then be necessary for parents to collect their child or children from the service.  Charges may apply.

BHCS Words of Wellness 

By Lance Davidson, Deputy Principal

As a parent of teenagers (4 of them), I have had to weigh up when is the right time for my children to get their first mobile phone.  There are a number of things to factor in; do they take the bus &/or train to & from school, do they have older siblings to keep an eye on them, do they have a part-time job, for what purpose do they need to have a phone.  There may be many more that impact your decision as to when the time is right.


Once we decided when it was OK for them to have a phone, we put in place some boundaries to try and help our kids maintain a healthy balance of time on their phone and time connecting with people face to face.


I was reading an article by Dr Julianna Slattery on the Focus on the Family website, titled ‘Healthy Phone Boundaries’ and found some helpful bits of advice.  In brief they are:


Limitations of equipment and plans

If you have concerns about your teen's ability to make wise choices with camera, video and Internet options, find a phone without those features.


The power of the dollar

Perhaps the easiest way to set boundaries with phones is through money. You may opt for a family phone plan in which you have one bill but your teen pays for his portion. Or if you allow your teen to have an individual plan, remember that consequences teach lessons. I've heard stories about teens who went over their phone limits and discovered on their first bill that they owed the phone company several hundred dollars. By requiring a teen to pay for a phone and his use of it, you encourage maturity and create accountability.


Manners of technology

Adults and teens alike need to relearn their manners and use them when technology is concerned. Set and enforce family phone rules that reflect consideration, moderation and manners. A few reasonable rules may include: No technology at the dinner table; no texting or answering a phone while in the middle of a conversation; and no phones when visitors are at the house.



One of the dangers of phones is the lack of accountability. Consider having a rule that all phones need to be turned off and turned in to Mum at the end of the day and that no phone may be used while driving. Also, establish the understanding that phone bills are not private property. As a parent, you have the right (and responsibility) to know with whom your teen is interacting. Emphasise accountability — not control.


If you would like to read more, the full article can be found here.

Upcoming School Events

House Swimming Carnivals

The 2019 House Swimming Carnivals will be taking place as follows:

  • Junior School (Years 1-4) - Thursday, February 14
  • Senior School (Years 9-12) - Friday, February 15
  • Middle School (Years 5-8) - Thursday, February 21

Notices were sent home regarding these via CareMonkey.  If you haven’t yet responded, we kindly as that you do so at your earliest opportunity.


Students in Years 1-4 are to wear their bathers with PE Uniform and house coloured polo top/BHCS sports polo.


Students in Years 5 to 12 are able to dress in their House colours.  If students do not wish to dress up they must be wearing full PE uniform.


All students are required to wear a hat when they are not swimming.  Please remember to apply sunscreen at the beginning of the day, and throughout the day.  Students are encouraged to bring their own sunscreen should they have any allergic reactions/have sensitive skin.  Alternatively sunscreen will be available from staff throughout the day.


Parents are most welcome to attend the Carnival days and cheer on their child’s races.


Please note that Prep Students will remain at school during the Junior Swimming Carnival.


CSEN Music Day

Students who play string or woodwind instruments are advised that a combined schools music event will take place Monday, February 18 at Maranatha (Officer) - to register your interest in participating please see Mr Thompson.

Welcome to Years 11 & 12 Evening

One Wednesday, February 20 we will be holding a 'Welcome to Yrs 11 & 12 Evening'.  This is an informative night where staff will outline the role of Homegroups, Assessment in VCE & VCAL and general information about how the final two years of secondary school run at BHCS.  it is also an opportunity to meet and chat with staff.  We will meet in the Yr 11 and 12 Centre at 7pm and expect to conclude soon after 8.30pm.  


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Vicky Fraanje, Head of VCE & VET on [email protected] 

Year 8 Push Program Information Night

There will be an information night on Tuesday, February 19 at 7pm in the school gym. 


This will be an opportunity for parents and carers to discover and experience the program, meet the teachers, and ask questions.  Please put this in your diary. 

BHCS Calendar


Friday - Sunday , February 8 - 10

- Gravitate Training Weekend


Friday, February 8

- Student Leaders Breakfast

- Year 9 Program - Mornington

- Kinder Orientation

( Cockatoos & King Parrots)


Monday - Friday, February 11 - 15

- Year 7 Camp

   8am Departure


Tuesday - Wednesday, February 12 - 13

- VCE Geography Camp


Tuesday, February 12

- VCE Outdoor Ed. Bike Excursion


Wednesday, February 13

- Year 9 & 10 CSEN Sport


Thursday, February 14

- Junior School House Swimming Carnival


Friday, February 15

- Senior School House Swimming Carnival


Monday, February 18

- CSEN Music Day


Tuesday, February 19

- Unit 3 VCE PE & Physics Incursion

- Year 8 Push Information Night: 7pm


Wednesday, February 20

- Year 7 & 8 CSEN Sport

- Welcome to Year 11 & 12 Parents and Students Night  - for Year 11 & 12, 2019


Thursday, February 21

- Middle School House Swimming Carnival


Friday, February 22

- BHCS Family Picnic

   5pm at Belgrave Lake Park

- Year 7 Outdoor Ed. Overnight Camp (groups 1 & 2)

- Year 3/4 Excursion

- Year 9 Program - Lysterfield Lake






Tuesday, February 26

- Parent Teacher Interviews (7- 12)


Wednesday - Friday, February 27 - March 1

- Year 11 & 12 Legal Studies Canberra Trip


Wednesday, February 27

- Year 9 & 10 CSEN Sport


Thursday, February 28

Junior School Athletics Carnival


Friday, March 1

- Year 5 & 6 CSEN Inter-school Sport

- Year 9 Program -  Clean Up Australia Day


Monday, March 4

- Parent Teacher Interviews (K- 12)


Tuesday, March 5

- School Photo Day


Wednesday, March 6

- Year 7 & 8 CSEN Sport


Thursday - Friday, March 8 - 9

- VCE Outdoor Ed Bass Coast Camp

Friday, March 9

- Year 9 Program - Sailing and Paddle Boarding


Monday, March 11

- Labour Day Public Holiday
  No students at school

Wednesday, March 13

- Year 9 & 10 CSEN Sport


Thursday, March 14

- VCE CSEN Rally Day

- Year 9 & 10 Outdoor Ed. Rock Climbing

- Year 10 Cerberus Excursion

( Selected students)


Friday, March 15

- New Parents Dinner

- Year 7 Immunisations

- Year 8 Ranges Tech Excursion

- Year 9 Program - Grand Prix


Monday, March 18

- Family Photo Day

- Year 6 Leadership Training day


Tuesday, March 19

- CSEN Secondary Swimming Carnival

- Yr 9 Ranges Tech (Selected Students)


Wednesday, March 20

- Prep 2020 Information Night

- Year 7 & 8 CSEN Sport


Thursday, March 21

- CSEN Primary Swimming Carnival


Friday, March 22

- Year 9 Program - Sailing and Paddle Boarding

- Kinder Dental Incursion

- Yr 11 Legal Excursion


Monday - Wednesday, March 25 - 27

- Year 9 Marine Camp


Wednesday, March 27

- Year 10  Mock Interviews

- Year 9 & 10 CSEN Sport


Friday, March 29

- Year 9 Program - 1000 steps and BBQ

- CSEN Music Day


Monday - Wednesday, April 1 - 3

- Year 11 & 12 Camp


Tuesday - Friday, April 2 - 5

- Year 5 & 6 Camp


Tuesday, April 2

- Year 9 Careers Expo Excursion


Wednesday - Friday, April 3 - 5

- Year 10 Summit Camp


Thursday, April 4

- 4 Year Old Kinder Festival


Friday, April 5

- Year 9 Program - Birdsland

- End Term 1

 P - 6 finish at 1:15, 7 - 12 at 1:30pm

- Year 9 Program - Birdsland

Community Announcements



Belgrave Heights Tennis Club (located on Colby Drive) is holding an Open Day on Sunday, February 17.  Please see the attached flyer.




Please join us at Belgrave South Baptist Church to hear Dr Ron Neller give a dynamic message on From Evolutionist to Creationist!  At 7.00pm on Sunday 17 February.



Selby Netball Club is looking for players for an 11 & Under (born 2008/09), a 13 & Under (born 2006/2007) and a 17 & Under team (born 2002/2003) for the upcoming Winter season starting February 23rd.


Games are played at Knox Regional Netball Centre at 9am on a Saturday.  Please contact Leanne on 0409 778 824 or [email protected] for any enquiries.  Our website has lots of information too!
BHCS Newsletter
Newsletter School Procedure for Bushfire Season 2019.pdf
DDR Service Agreement & Form_Updated.pdf
CSEF Info 2019.pdf
CSEF Application form 2019.pdf