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11 September 2018
Issue Twenty-eight
From the Principal...
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From the Principal...


Dear Parents and Friends of St Therese’s Primary School,


They say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’, and for me this has been so true. I have loved being at St Therese’s for the past eight weeks and can barely believe we are almost at the end of Term Three. Before we know it Christmas decorations will be upon us!


Thank you to all the parents for participating in the Student-Led Conversations that took place last week. The teachers reported they were very successful and the children were able to demonstrate their growing confidence in the way they are able to talk about their learning and attitudes towards learning.


I would like to congratulate a very special

St Therese’s mum, Ms Sukhwinder Kaur for being named a local hero in the Cranbourne Leader. Ms Kaur works as a volunteer for Sikh Volunteers Australia who cooks meals for the disadvantaged. Our community is a much better place with people like Ms Kaur doing such great work!


Congratulations to the senior students who represented our school with pride in the Lightning Premiership. The students participated in Basketball with two teams coming Runners Up and in Ultimate Frisby, Soft Cross and Cricket.


This week, the 3-6 swimming program commenced. Learning to swim is a vital skill for all children who live in Australia. Not only is it a vital skill, but the swimming lessons contribute to aspects of the Health and Physical Education learning area that will be reported on to parents in the End of Year School Reports.


This week, as we go about our lives please think about children who are vulnerable and are in need of our protection. Last Sunday was Child Protection Sunday. This prayer is for all the children who are in need of protection and a reminder that our children are so special and deserve to live in a safe environment whether that be at home or at school.










You asked that

the little children

be allowed to come to you;

for it is such as these that

the Reign of God belongs.

You entrust them

to the care and protection

of our communities of faith.

Guide us

as we strive to ensure

that our Catholic communities

provide a safe environment

for each child.

We pray especially for all those

who have been harmed

in their childhood.

Give them courage

in facing the past

and lead them

to your healing protection.  Amen

Have a happy week.


Yours in partnership,

Michelle Bruitzman


RE News

First Holy Communion

Please keep in your prayers those students celebrating their First Holy Communion.

16th September at 2:00pm - Meleesha D, Rhianna F, Eva O, Lachlan R, Isaac R and Jessica X



Child Protection Sunday

Please find attached an article regarding Child Protection Sunday


Parish News

Please find attached Parish newsletter.


St Therese's Day

2:30pm - Whole School Mass celebrating

St Therese's Feast Day

'Walking For The Well' Fundraiser

'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me’. Matthew 25:45


Our two parish primary schools, St Agatha’s and St Therese’s, are joining together to raise money to provide a well for Nativity Private School in Nigeria. We have a strong connection with this school as our St Agatha’s Nuns come from this area and have worked in this school.


St Therese’s are going to conduct their main fundraising day on Wednesday 10th October, (the first Wednesday of Term 4) which will be part of our St Therese’s Feast Day celebrations. On this day all children will take part in a Walk-a-thon which will require them to get sponsorship (either an amount per lap or a donation) from family and friends.


We will have a donation tin at the school office from this Wednesday 12th September if you wish to make a donation.


Please keep an eye out for more information in next week’s newsletter. Thank you in anticipation for your support.

School News

Principal Award

Congratulations to Matias Alvear from 2K on your Principal's Award


St Therese's Primary School - Footy Day

Come dressed in your Footy Day supporter gear on Friday, September 21 - Last day of Term 3.  Please see attached Footy Day Flyer for all other information.


School Swimming Times

Please find attached School Swimming Program.


Divisional Athletics

Please find attached Divisional Athletics Program.



We’ve been selected to participate in Local Matters at Grill’d Casey this September!

Local Matters is the Grill’d community donation program that sees each Grill’d restaurant donate $500 back into the community every month. The donation is split between 3 local community groups $300 / $100 / $100.

We’d love your support in receiving the highest $300 donation! Simply head to Grill’d Casey during September for a burger and pop your Local Matters token in our jar. The group with the most tokens at the end of the month receives the largest donation.


It’s a simple (and delicious) way to show your support! You’ll find us on a jar at Grill’d Casey Casey Central, Corner Narre Warren Cranbourne Road and Littlecroft Avenue, Narre Warren



Dates to Remember


Wednesday 12 September

Year Three - Six Swimming Program

Thursday 13 September

Year Three - Six Swimming Program

Friday 14 September

St Peter's Year Five Orientation

Year Four Polly Woodside Excursion

Sunday 16 September

2:00pm - First Holy Communion Ceremonies at St Agatha's Church

Monday 17 September

Year Three - Six Swimming Program

Tuesday 18 September

Year Three - Six Swimming Program

Wednesday 19 September

Divisional Athletics

Year Three - Six Swimming Program

Thursday 20 September

Year Three - Six Swimming Program

Friday 21 September

Footy Day

Year Three - Six Swimming Program

Last Day of Term Three - 3:30pm Finish


Monday 8 October

First Day of Term Four

Tuesday 9 October

Year Four Polly Woodside Excursion

Wednesday 10 October

St Therese's Feast Day

2:30pm Whole School Mass

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