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The Principal's Voice
by Mrs Karen Spiller, OAM

Welcome to the Students' Voice


Future of Work

The Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) has released the latest in its series of reports on ‘the New Work Order’. The New Work Smarts: Thriving in the New Work Order is based on analysis of ‘the 20 billion hours of work completed by 12 million Australians each year to predict the skills and capabilities that will matter most in 2030’.  FYA advocates that Australia ‘must urgently invest in immersive, enterprise education and careers management strategies where the new “work smart” skills are core to teaching, learning and assessment across all school and higher education systems’.


It identifies these skills as:

• Smart Learning – Continuous learning will be part of everyday engagement in work

• Smart Thinking – Young people will be required to use the enterprise skills of problem solving, critical thinking and verbal communication and interpersonal skills such as listening, empathy and persuasion, as well as maths, science and technology skills

• Smart Doing – An entrepreneurial mindset will be required to offset less supervision in future workplaces.


As we move into our next phase of strategic re-envisioning and Master Plan consideration, we will be taking into account the nature of the future, including the life or 21st Century skills that society will require of us all.

Recently at the College

Thank you to Mr Careswell, our Friends of Groups, parents, staff and family members for your incredible commitment to and support of Mayfair. Mayfair 2018 was hugely successful. Every aspect ran smoothly and this is testament to the significant planning and preparation for such a major and signature event for the College.


Thank you to all our student performers for your wonderful efforts which we all enjoyed.


Last week our Year 9 students ventured down to Tyalgum for their camp.  I extend my thanks to our staff who led them so well.


Mr Cox, Mr Kerley and I attended Beef Week in Rockhampton last week as part of our marketing to attract new boarders to the College.

This week saw us commence our consultation sessions for the revision of the Strategic Plan. To register for a parent session please click here or for a alumni session please click here.

  • Current parents should log in to JPConnect and from the home page, click on this icon:
  • Past parents and alumni should use the link emailed last week, or call Lisa Foster on 3826 3302 or email [email protected]

Our parent survey, commissioned by MMG Education, closes on Sunday, 20 May.

Congratulations to:

This week we would like to congratulate:

  • Year 11 student Blake Jones who has been named in the Australian U17 Crocs basketball team to compete at the FIBA U17 World Cup in Argentina in July. Congratulations Blake - this is an amazing achievement and honour, and JPC is so proud of you!


Mrs Karen Spiller OAM



Mayfair 2018


Thank you to our Fireworks Major Sponsors

Power On Australia

Power On Australia specialises in 'Power Quality' and 'Power Protection' solutions that are tailored, scalable and deliver clear ROI. They offer extensive experience and knowledge built up over 14 years in the industry. The right solution - every time - to keep your Power On.  For more details about their amazing service please call Ph 1300 66 24 35.


Great Advice – Major Mayfair Partner and Fireworks Sponsor

Great Advice is an award winning, family financial advice firm. They specialise in wealth creation, family protection, debt reduction and tax mitigation strategies. Great Advice is owned and run by George Iacovou a JPC alumni of 2006.  Add them on Facebook or Instagram to get in touch by searching the words “great advice”.  To get some great advice give them a call on 1300 205 522.

Thank you to our Major Prize Sponsor

Special thank you to Bleakley and Turner Travel Associates and Spicers Tamarind Retreat – Maleny Sunshine Coast Hinterland for our amazing first prize in the Great Wheelie Bin Grab, valued at over $1,500.


Bleakley and Turner Travel Associates are long-term travel partners and JPC Family members. 


Sharyn Bleakley can assist with all your family's travel needs. Just give her a call on Ph: 3276 1550.

Congratulations to our lucky winners of this amazing prize!

Thank you to our Supporters and Donors



We Will Rock You

We Will Rock You - Have you got your tickets?

John Paul College is excited to present our 2018 College production, ‘We Will Rock You” (School Edition) – the worldwide smash hit musical by Queen and Ben Elton.


Tickets are on sale NOW!


Show Dates and Times:

Friday, 27 July 2018 – 7.00 pm

Saturday, 28 July 2018 – 7.00 pm

Sunday, 29 July 2018 Matinee – 1.00 pm


Venue:  Chandler Theatre, Chandler Sports Complex, Old Cleveland Road, Chandler


Cost: Adults $40, Students*/Concessions** $25.00


To purchase your tickets please click here.


*Student/Child Ticket - Child is classified as 3yo to 17yo. Children 2yo and under, may sit on a parent's lap for free (no ticket is required).

**Concessions - Please present your Concession Card on entry. No Uni/Tafe student discounts apply.

JPConnect and Techsphere Update

#toptip JPConnect

Question: Do I have access to the College Calendar through JPConnect?


Response: Absolutely, the College Calendar is a core organisational tool for College family members. It is maintained by the Director of Administration and is released in January for the upcoming year. As circumstances change the calendar is updated to provide families with the latest details.


How to:

1. Login to JPConnect using current credentials. http://www.jpconnect.net/

2. Access the “Community” tab from the top menu.

3. The calendar is available under the green tile for “News & Events” and is always displayed in the essentials tray for ease of access.


4. The calendar is colour coded to support filtering:

  • Red = K – 12 Calendar (all events on the College calendar)
  • Blue = Primary Calendar (a filtered view of events for Primary)
  • Green = Secondary Calendar (a filtered view of events for Secondary)

5. Further filters are available to get details of specific event types:

6. The filters selected are displayed in the calendar header. In the following example, the calendar has been filtered to display Secondary + Camps, Excursions & Retreats.

7. The standard view of calendar results displays a number where additional items are hidden in the view. Selecting the number opens up the calendar date window in expanded view to display all of the events for the date. Clicking on any calendar event opens the detailed calendar entry.

Handy Tip: add a direct link to the calendar as a shortcut on any device


Important Information: the JPC Calendar displayed in Community is the complete calendar of all events for the College and because it is only accessed by users with a username and password, this calendar is unfiltered in its content.


Selected events from this calendar are made public to anyone in the world via the JPC APP. Differences will be noted – when in doubt, the JPC Calendar in Community is considered the authority.


Queries or Questions:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 3826 3496

Drop in: Techsphere Service Centre, Markwell Carpark (7.30 am – 4.30 pm Monday to Friday in term time)


Deputy Principal's News

From the Deputy Principal's Desk

There were some crazy hairdos on show today as our staff took a turn to deviate from their usual professional appearance. 


The cause? The Leukaemia Foundation, and we were providing support by donning wigs, accessories and colours (rather than ‘Shaving for a Cure’).  The theme was also inspired by the Bohemians who feature in the College’s upcoming musical, ‘We Will Rock You’. 

Whilst having a bit of fun, surprising our students and entertaining each other, the serious side of aiding the important work of such charities is also a driver for us.  Like the students, we are keen to unite for a common cause and get behind this and other foundations.  The sense of staff morale in combining to role model our care for others is tangible.  ‘Giving’ is a significant element of our SOARING model, whether that be financially or through moral support, as it grows each of us as caring citizens. 


It is also a wonderful opportunity to throw our backing behind the musical, the many students, staff, families and supporters who will make it a wonderful event in the College calendar.


Mr Norm Kerley

Deputy Principal

Senior School

A Message from the Head of Senior School


Welcome to Week 5 - Upcoming Exam/Extended Learning Block – Monday 11 - Friday 15 June 


Year 7 to 12 students will shortly be entering the Term 2 Examination and Extended Learning Block. During this time, our regular timetable will be suspended and a new timetable will operate, taking into account student commitments to examinations, other assessment opportunities and extended learning opportunities. The revised timetable/schedule is now available. Students and parents can download this and highlight subjects and times to ensure they know the time and venue for each of their commitments during this time.


Students with a clash or TAFE commitment on a scheduled exam day must meet with Ms Guerra to discuss alternate arrangements.


For Year 11 and 12 students there are two exam sessions each day. Session 1 commences at 9.00am and Session 2 commences at 12.30pm. Year 10 students will have a slightly different schedule that will be published shortly. The tuckshop will be open for lunch from 11.00am until 12.15pm.


Absence due to illness will require a medical certificate with a specific diagnosis. Parents must contact the College Absentee Officer (3826 3566 or through the portal) if their son or daughter is going to be absent on the day of an exam and the student must email Mrs Guerra [email protected] as soon as possible to organise appropriate arrangements for rescheduling the examination.


It is the student’s responsibility to contact Mrs Guerra to organise rescheduling of examinations when valid circumstances exist.

Careers News

It is now an appropriate time for Year 12 students to make an appointment with Mr Cuthbert to discuss the implications of assessment results from Term 1. Currently OP predictions are available for all year 12’s to monitor their progress. While Term 3 is the big term for tertiary applications - senior students should be investigating possible career prospects now while time still is available to make necessary adjustments. IB students should also be making appointments to assess and plan their futures as well.


A word about career “testing”


Two types of career tests are available…




The OSI is an inventory measure of an individual’s vocational interests. This is a paper based assessment tool.


Using a series of ‘YES’ / ‘NO’ questions the OSI rates five interest domain categories – work tasks, work environments, leisure activities, occupational preferences and work skills.




Students will receive an email after the inventory has been assessed which will provide lists of possible career outcomes. Links to TWO (2) websites will be provided to students so that they can research pathways to careers that the OSI indicates.



My Career Match is an online career assessment that helps students and job seekers choose a career path that matches their natural gifts and talents.


In just 15 to 20 minutes students discover their personal style, what they are naturally good at and the careers that they are likely to be attracted to.


Students will be emailed a PDF report that is tailored to their personality, provides options that they might not have considered, reinforces their strengths and provides content that they can use for resumes and job applications.


All Year 10 JPC students were given the option to do the MCM during Term 1 this year.


Both the OSI inventory and MCM Careers assessment can be accessed by contacting…


Mr Steve Cuthbert

Head of Careers and Pathways

Careers Office Ground Floor Gorman Centre

Email [email protected]

Ph: 3826 3593

Reflections on Argentina by exchange student Kendal Hansen (2018)

The flight from Brisbane, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand to Buenos Aires, Argentina was the longest I’ve ever experienced but it was comfy with plenty of movies to keep me entertained. My home stay mum, Veronica, and her daughter, Justina, picked us up from the airport with Argentinian chocolate snacks at the ready. Things were already overwhelmingly different, and I loved it. The traffic was busy and disorganised, but I found it fun as I looked into other cars in which the passengers were pumping Spanish music and passing around a Matte cup. Matte is a type of herb that is infused in warm water and drunk from a cup with a special straw; it is a tradition to share a Matte cup with your friends whenever you’re together. I was determined to leave the country with my own Matte cup and Veronica was happy to help me fulfil that desire. She was dedicated to finding me an authentic cup made with a hollowed nut and a silver metal called alpaca, instead of the cheap, touristy kind, and she did. She bought me a beautiful one as a present and it is now one of my favourite possessions.

Veronica was especially excited to house her first international student. She was rich in education and passion about her country, the car rides were always filled with her telling us stories and teaching us history. I’m so glad that I got to stay with someone as enthusiastic about culture as me, because she provided me with the enriching experience that I came looking for. She took us to a Cirque du Soleil that visits annually, which was exquisite, and to her family farm where I rode on a horse for the first time. She also took us to the markets to see some interesting things including Tango dancers, and on a walk around downtown to see all of the beautiful architecture.


Living their lifestyle was very immersive, one of my favourite parts being the school bus that came to get us each morning. I had hoped that visiting another country and experiencing its culture would inspire me in my artistic endeavours, and it did. I could not stop taking photos of every little thing; even the suburban streets amazed me with their unique houses.


JPC’s program also took us to Colonia, Uruguay, a place that preserved authentic architecture. 


We also visited the Iguazu Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world. I met so many unique characters and made so many life-long friends. My host family has even invited me back for a longer stay to tour the country outside of Buenos Aires. I’m so glad that I decided to go on this trip, and I’ll definitely be returning to my home away from home.


Dates to Note:

Wednesday 23 May - Open Day – Explore John Paul College

Friday 25 May - Pentecost Service

Monday 11 to Friday 15 June - Year 11 & 12 Exam Block

Monday 11 to Thursday 14 June - Extended Learning Block Years 7 – 10

Tuesday 12 June - Parents & Friends Meeting

Monday 18 June - Year 11 Physics Excursion

Monday 18 June - VET Diploma Students University Excursion

Monday 18 June - QCS Practice

Tuesday 19 June - QCS Practice

Thursday 21 June - Athletics Carnival


Mr Allan Dennis

Head of Senior School

Middle School

A Message from the Head of Middle School


This week students in Years 3,5,7 and 9 completed the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). I commend our students in Years 7 and 9 for their focused approach to the tests. Our explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy skills across all our subjects as well as our skill development programme, has supported our students preparation for the tests. We are committed to raising the literacy and numeracy capabilities of all our students and will continue with our explicit focus moving forward. 


Year 9 Camp

Last week our Year 9s travelled to the picturesque Tyalgum Ridge Retreat in Northern NSW for their four-day camp. The camp was an excellent opportunity for each PC group to work together in a variety of outdoor pursuits and develop their teamwork and unity. The diversity of activities provided challenges at different points in time for each individual. Students and staff enjoyed high ropes and low ropes courses, orienteering, archery, mountain biking, raft building, kayaking, team initiatives, camp skills, and farm animal feeding. The most physically challenging activity was the steep hike to camp out. Trekking through rainforest and down muddy, slippery slopes we made our way to the wilderness camp site. Here students enjoyed setting up camp, making fires and cooking their own food. Some meals were more edible than others! For groups back at base camp, Mrs Abraham provided plenty of night time entertainment with her variety of quiz challenges.

On the final night, each student was surprised with an affirming letter written by a parent/guardian, providing a valuable time for reflection. I was impressed with the cooperation and positive attitude of all students throughout the camp and sincerely thank the Year 9 PC teachers and support staff for making the camp a fun and enjoyable experience. I particularly thank Mr Crameri for his planning and leadership in bringing Year 9 camp together so successfully.

Student Behaviour

The conduct and appearance of our students outside the grounds of John Paul College are as important as when students are on campus. Members of the community occasionally report to the College, observations of behaviors of our students in the community. Often this communication is positive, however, unfortunately, of late, this has not been the case. It is very important that our students maintain their exemplary behaviour at all times as a John Paul College student. Behaviour on buses, at bus stops, local cafés and shopping centres must always reflect our core values of acceptance, mutual respect, responsibility and unity. The high expectations regarding wearing school uniform also continue when travelling to and from school. I ask that you discuss the importance of appropriateness of your son’s/daughter’s behaviour and appearance in the public domain and ensure they understand and commit to upholding the fine JPC reputation.

Upcoming Events

Saturday 19 May – TAS Sport v St Columban’s (away)

Wednesday 23 May – Explore John Paul College: Open Day

Thursday 24 May – TAS Cross Country Carnival

Thursday 24 May - Parent, Past Parent and Alumni Strategic Planning Session, 5.30 pm

Friday 25 May - Parent, Past Parent and Alumni Strategic Planning Session, 7.30 am

Saturday 26 May – TAS Sport v WMAC (away)


Mr Mark Zietsch

Head of Middle School

Primary School

From the Head of Primary School


We have had a great start to Term 2, with much meaningful and exciting learning taking place across the Primary School. We are incredibly proud of our learners' engagement in the NAPLAN process this week. Much thanks to our teaching and support staff for their leadership and guidance.


Thank to you to our Primary School Community for supporting our Free Dress Day last Friday and raising funds for 65 Roses – Cystic Fibrosis Queensland. Your generosity has enabled us to donate over $800 to this very worthy charity.


Our uniform committee has met this week to streamline uniform progression across the Primary School into Middle School. We will update you on suggestions and recommendations. The aim is to try and alleviate as much additional cost at Year 4, when our College fees are already increased by the changing nature of the notebook programme.


We really enjoyed our sessions with Dr Justin Coulson and look forward to our third session coming up on the 24th July at 7:00pm in the Gorman Lecture Theatre. These are a great night of reflection and inspiration. Parenting is not something that we do alone. We share in the joys and challenges.

I want to reiterate how important it is that we have a safe environment at school. We know that students will make mistakes. We know this because as adults, with all our life experience, we make mistakes. Every child has the right to be safe at school and to learn. No child has the right to make the school unsafe or to stop other children from learning. We need to be very clear about this. As an independent school we respect and acknowledge parents make a choice to send their child to JPC. You do so because you believe in the values and ethos of the College.


Our Year 6 classes, with Head of Positive Education, Mr Kozak, reviewed moments students had experienced Psychological Flow, and applied this to academics. In particular, they looked at ways to try getting into ‘flow’ when studying, by observing the Goldilocks Principle – adjusting the way they approach the task so it’s not too hard and not too easy.  This was wrapped up with a game of silent ball, paying attention to times they were in or out of ‘flow’ during the game and why.

Thank you to all the parents who contributed to the wonderful success of Mayfair. The Friends of Primary and their volunteers continued to do an amazing job with the Bake Stall and Mother’s Day Stall. Thank you so much for your support. Fantastic.


Mr Andy Gordon

Head of Primary School


INTERESTS : Engagement or ‘Flow’

Identifying one’s unique character strengths and ‘engaging’ in one’s passions or interests.

Have you ever been totally engaged in something for what feels like a few minutes - only to look up and realise that an hour has passed?  ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’ is a saying with a surprising level of depth to it.   Psychological flow (or engagement) is that peak experience characterised by absorption in and enjoyment of a task.  Athletes often describe it as being ‘in the zone’.


Flow can happen in any situation where people are challenged to do their best and are able to engage their strengths to rise to that challenge.  Engaging character strengths acts to underpin the other elements of wellbeing, and so identifying one’s unique character strengths, and finding where these intersect with one’s passions or INTERESTS is one of the keys to wellbeing. This is probably the basis of the oft-quoted career advice ‘Do what you love’.


In Positive Education lessons with Year 6 this week, we reviewed moments students had experienced psychological flow, and applied this to academics. In particular we looked at ways to get into flow when studying by observing the Goldilocks Principle – adjusting the way we approach the task so it’s not too hard and not too easy.  For instance – is a homework task causing feelings of anxiety, because it is seen as ‘too hard’?  Why not break the task into smaller, more manageable pieces?  Alternatively, are there feelings of boredom because a task is not challenging enough?  Why not find ways to increase the challenge, or going deeper into the topic?  Both of these are methods of increasing engagement.   Another way to use flow is to try to relate what you are doing to something that you’re passionate about.  For example, if you have an essay to do and can choose the topic – why not make the essay about sewing, rockclimbing, or baking the perfect lemon slice – whatever it is that you find brings you ‘into the zone’.  Finally, of course, you might simply use engaging in your interests as a reward for completing a set amount of work!


Interests is one of six elements of wellbeing that make up the JPC SOARING Model of Positive Education.


From the Friends of Primary

What a big week we had! We would like to thank everyone who volunteered and contributed with gifts, ingredients, goods, money and time to make our Mother’s Day Stall and our Mayfair Stalls such a great success.


We started last Wednesday with Mother’s Day Stall where the mums that volunteered on the day had a wonderful day tending to the requests of the children to make “Mum’s present extra special.”

On Friday, we started early preparing the yummy, home-baked goods we received for our Baking Stall, organising remaining gifts for the Mother’s Day Stall and displaying everything, just in time for Mayfair. If you were there, you will agree with me when I say that we had a fantastic Mayfair this year!


Our Mother’s Day Raffle was drawn at Mayfair and the lucky winner was Zaeem Omar. I am sure he and his family will enjoy their visit to the Moo Moo Wine Bar + Grill. Thank you to Melanie Wright for securing this great donation.


I would also like to especially thank Deonie Cameron for doing such a fantastic job at coordinating the bakers and organising the Baking Stall. The display was incredible and the home-made treats were delicious. Thank you to all our bakers and volunteers, you should feel very proud!

Again, to everyone who, in one way or another helped us during last week, thank you. Your support and time is invaluable to us and we could not have done any of this without your help.


We have one more event this month, on Wednesday 23rd May, (next week) children from Kindy to Year 2 will enjoy Barefoot in the Park as part of Under Eights Week. Friends of Primary will have a stall offering some refreshments. We need volunteers to help us to set up, look after and clean up the stall, which operates until 12noon. Generally parents with children in Years 3 to 6 help us, as parents of younger children are supervising at the various Barefoot activities. If you think you might have a little time during the morning where you are able to lend a hand, please send me an email.


Finally, we would like to invite you to our next meeting to be held on Tuesday 30th May at 8:45am in front of the Primary Office. If you have any suggestions and/or questions please send me an email at [email protected].

Thank you very much for your constant support.

Romina Vecchi on behalf of Friends of Primary


Mother Tongue Club

Children are the future of our nation. Let’s show respect for children. Children who grow up with ridicule and contempt from others will become people who disrespect others, while children who grow up with respect from others will become people who respect others in turn.~Bang Jeong-hwan, founder of Children’s Day.


On Thursday, 3 May, Mother Tongue Club began with students eating lunch together while socialising. We then moved inside to make Ddakji, a traditional South Korean game played using folded paper tiles. The wonderful students from JPIC taught Primary students how to fold the tiles and decorated them by writing their Korean names. They also had fun competing, trying to ‘flip’ each other’s tiles by throwing them down.  It was heart-warming to see the friendship and leadership the JPIC students extended to our Primary students.


We extend a special mention to Abigail Suh and Eunie Heo for facilitating this event with such enthusiasm, thank you! Sincere gratitude is expressed to the following staff members for their support today: Mrs Spiller, Mr Welch, Mr Bos, Mrs Sullivan and Mr Bonomini.

Chaplain and Community

Year 12 Retreat

Last week the Year 12’s made their way to Alexandra Headland to participate in the Year 12 Retreat. The content of the retreat is unknown to the students except for a few clues they hear from previous students who have been. Most past students though, keep it a well-guarded experience as they want their fellow JPC students to experience it for themselves.


It combines music, dancing, small group work, large group sessions, getting to know each other better, encouraging words, self-reflection of beliefs and values and the most important thing – food! One of the main purposes of Retreat is ‘Unity.’ It is about bringing the whole cohort on a shared experience/journey that will bind them together for the rest of their final year at school. I have no doubt that, like in past years, students will get to the end of 2018 and talk about Retreat as one of their highlights.


Staff took students for a walk or run at 6:00 am each morning. God blessed us with beautiful sunrises and amazing company. I have attached a couple of photos, as well as a video of one of the fun parts of a session.

I am privileged and blessed to be a part of these students’ lives.


Mr Steve Ward


Parents' Prayer Group

The John Paul College Parents' Prayer Group welcomes all members of the John Paul College Community.


The Prayer Group's purpose is to honour Christ by praying for the College staff, students and families within the JPC community.


Prayer Group meets every Wednesday morning at 8.30am in the meeting room in the Wellbeing Centre (except for every fourth Thursday of the month when it is held in the evening at 7.30pm at Julie Gordon’s house – 64 Highview Terrace, Daisy Hill).


Co-ordinator: Julie Gordon can be contacted on 0421 809 984 or [email protected] by any parent wishing to inquire about about the John Paul College Parents' Prayer Group.

Library Learning

Learning in the Library

Not all learning occurs in library lessons in NMLC. Three Year 1 boys—Flynn, Jake and Ishmael—have learned valuable skills of problem solving, collaboration and cooperation, engineering and design as they have built their own Lego City. They had to figure out how to make their tall tower strong enough to hold the platform and expanded their city to include roads and buildings. They have been working on this creation for many weeks at lunchtimes, so persistence is evident.


They even worked out for themselves how to add an electrical circuit to their creation!

Premier's Reading Challenge Kick Off

The Premier’s Reading Challenge was launched at JPC last week. All students from Prep to Year 9 should have received a record form, either in hard copy or by email, on which to record the books they read.


May is the perfect time to get involved in and show your support for the Reading Challenge as it is Family Reading Month. We encourage parents to take the time to enjoy a picture book or easy reader with your Primary children, read a chapter novel together or talk to your teen about the books they are reading.


Students, let’s see how many you can do! We have a huge range of great books in the Noelene Munns Learning Centre to choose from. If you aren’t sure what you would like to read, ask your family, teachers or the library staff for their favourite recommendations. Older students can head to the JPC blog, Your Next Book, for reviews and there are suggested reading lists available from the Premier’s Reading Challenge website http://education.qld.gov.au/schools/readingchallenge/


If you have queries about the challenge please contact the Teacher Librarians, Mrs Fry on [email protected] and Mrs Duong on [email protected] or by phone at the Noelene Munns Learning Centre.

Get Caught Reading in May!

May is Get Caught Reading month, a time of the year that places a spotlight on various high-profile figures ‘caught’ reading and showing the world that reading is something they enjoy and take pride in. In an effort to promote a reading culture at JPC, the Learning Centres have joined the campaign and launched JPC’s own Get Caught Reading posters. As they walk around the school, students will see posters of staff from various areas of the school and disciplines ‘caught’ reading their favourite books and magazines.

It's Book Fair Time

Book Fair will be visiting the Noelene Munns Learning Centre from Tuesday 22 May to Monday 28 May. This term we continue the theme of ‘Paws’ for Books. We encourage all families taking part in Barefoot in the Park on Wednesday 23 May to ‘paws’, take a well-deserved breather from the activities, and stock up on some books from Book Fair. Hickory Dickory Dash, the book we will be sharing at 11:00 am for National Simultaneous Reading Time at Barefoot in the Park, will be available for those who fall in love with it on the day.

Art Gallery in the Library 

The Noelene Munns Learning Centre is hosting the creative works of a number of Primary students.

Year 4 students have been studying the life and style of Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso. They created a portrait using oil pastels and using his ‘cubist’ style as inspiration.


Year 5 students studied the life and style of Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti. They created an elongated figure of themselves doing their chosen hobby/sport using wire and alfoil.


Year 6 students studied the life and style of American born artist Keith Haring and created a skateboard design. They painted it with acrylics. They used his bold/bright colours and lively moving figures as inspiration.

Book of the Week

The Language of Thorns  by Leigh Bardugo

Gorgeous fairy tales inside a gorgeous cover with gorgeous illustrations on every page. You can’t pass up this one.


The Language of Thorns is a collection of magical short stories in the dark tradition of fairy tales before they became ‘Disney-friendly’. They are tales of love and truth in which gingerbread golems spring to life from the witch’s oven, dark bargains are struck (and regretted), mermaids walk on land and a lovestruck boy’s wishes are brought to fruition by raging waters.


There are lessons learned, sacrifices made and prices paid—not necessarily the ones you are expecting. 

Take the author up on her invitation and walk with her into this thorny wood…if you dare. The book is as delicious as gingerbread but with a sting in the ‘tale’!


You will even get a peep into the GrishaVerse, the home of Six of Crows

You can find this book in the Middle Library, NMLC.

Co-curricular Performing Arts

Message from the Director of Performing Arts

During last week, students in Exit 24 represented our College in the wider community when they performed on Thursday 3 May at an RACQ Expo event held at their head office in Eight Mile Plains.  Thank you to our students, their Director, Mr Sharne Andrews and Vocal Tutor, Mr Sean Andrews for entertaining the patrons of the Expo.


We congratulate Year 11 student, Eunji Choi on recently achieving AMusA in Cello. 


The Associate Diploma (AMusA) is considered a highly prestigious award by examination to outstanding candidates in the field of musical performance and music theory by the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB).   As the AMEB is considered the benchmark of music examination boards in Australia, achieving this award signifies a very high performance standard.  


Congratulations to Eunji on her well-deserved and outstanding achievement.


At Mayfair on Friday 11 May, over 460 performing arts students from Prep through to Year 12 showcased their hard work so far this year with enthusiastic performances enjoyed by the Mayfair audience.  Students displayed their talents through a variety of instrumental, choral and dance repertoire and should be proud of their performances.

Thank you to our performing arts staff for their contribution and efforts and a special thank you to the Friends of Performing Arts committee and parent volunteers, who once again provided a wonderful Greek food stall at Mayfair.  We appreciate your contribution and hard work!


This year our Big Band students have been invited to join the Salvation Army Big Band and Revelation Big Band for their concert on Saturday 9 June and also participate in a workshop led by the famous composer, conductor and educator Mr Brian Hogg.


The Salvo Big Band is a twenty piece jazz band presenting music ranging from classic jazz standards, contemporary big band charts and original compositions and arrangements from band members.  In 2010 the band represented the Australian Salvation Army in Sweden at an international youth convention. Since then the Salvo Big Band has performed at a range of functions from corporate bookings to church services and jazz festivals - including hosting the Inverloch Jazz Festival's Gospel Church Service. The Big Band is also a stalwart of the annual Salvation Army 'Christmas Gift', backing renowned artists such as The Idea of North, Chris Sebastian, Kane Alexander, Justin Gall, Emma Pask and Debra O'Toole. 


Everyone is welcome to attend this concert to be held at the Salvation Army Carindale, 202 Gallipoli Road, Carina at 7.00am on Saturday 9 June.


We also continue to countdown - only 70 days until the first performance of the Musical,  ‘We Will Rock You’ with tickets available to purchase through the John Paul College website.

Upcoming Dates

Sunday 27 May - Musical Rehearsal (Full Show Run Through)

Monday 28 May - Brass, Woodwind & Percussion Recital

Thursday 31 May - Theatresports Competition

Friday 1 to Sunday 3 June - State Honours Ensemble Programme (Shep)

Saturday 2 June - Trinity Musical Theatre Exams

Sunday 3 June - Musical Rehearsal (Full Show Run Through)

Saturday 9 June - Big Band Concert with the Salvation Army Band

Thursday 14 June - Battle of the Bands

Wednesday 20 June - Performance Evening

Sun 8 to Fri 13 July - Musical Rehearsals

Please Note: 

The date for Withdrawal from Instrumental/Vocal Lessons at the end of Term 3, 2018 is July 16, 2018.  Withdrawal forms are available online via jpconnect.net or from the Performing Arts Office.


Mr Bobby Gallo

Director of Performing Arts

Co-curricular Sport

Sporting Highlights - Senior and Primary School Sports and Activities
                                 Riley Gill- Player of the Week

Congratulations to Year 8 student Riley Gill who plays for the U14’s NPL team and was named Olympic FC Junior Player of the Week! Riley lead his side to a victory over Redlands with a tenacious performance in midfield on Sunday.


Riley’s form has also earned him a trial in the Queensland State set up! Well done Riley!



FIBA U17 World Cup

Incredible news for Year 11 student Blake Jones who has just been named in the Australian U17 Crocs Basketball team to compete at the FIBA U17 World Cup in Argentina in July.

Congratulations Blake - your success is so thoroughly deserved and we could not be prouder of you!

U12 Met East Trials

Well done to Year 6 students Charlee White, Ava Gill and Year 7 student Sophie Wormwell who represented Logan District Netball at the U/12 Met East trials. Keep up the good work!


Queensland 15’s Team

Congratulations to the following students who represented the Met East region at the QLD U/15 Schools Netball Championships. 


Further congratulations to Year 9 students Martina Reekers and Lily Cubby who were selected in the Queensland 15’s Team.


Also Year 9 student Darimah Foster captained the Met East team and was named as a Queensland 15’s training partner, while Martina Reekers received MVP for Met East 15’s.


School netball is a great stepping stone and provides all girls a pathway to further netball developmental opportunities. We are very proud of all four JPC girls including Year 11 student Sarah Binns who played for Met East 19’s. Superstars in the making both on and off the court.



What a fabulous long weekend the girls had at SEQ Regional Championships.


Year 11 Student Lyla Sampson was extremely busy and very successful with her two horses over the 3 days. Saturday saw her in 4th place overall with her horse Fig and then Sunday was even more successful with Champion and Reserve Champion on both horses in CT 95cm. She finished the competition with a Reserve Champion in Secondary Prelim Dressage on Fig and a 6th place overall on Mick.


Year 7 Student April Davies competed on Saturday in the show jumping at her first regional championships... Well done April.


Year 9 Student Madeleine MacKenzie competed in the Medium Dressage and was also very successful coming home with a 2nd place in the 4.2 and 5th place overall.

Congratulations to all the girls and with State Championships just around the corner I know you will be training hard.


QLD All Schools Cross Country Championships

A massive congratulations to all students who competed at the Queensland All Schools Cross Country championships. We had athletes competing in all age categories from Under 7s to under 18s. It was a hot, hilly and challenging course that tested even the best of the best.


Some fantastic performances by a number of runners but the stand out was Year 11 student Chekole Getenet. He devastated the entire field and finished in first place with a huge 500m gap between him and second place.

Year 11 students Daniella Hare, Tadila Birhanie and Jessica Smith were outstanding in the U18 team event.

Year 8 students Samuel Pickett and Lachlan Ward put in an excellent race, finishing in 6th and 10th place respectively out of a field of 100 runners.


Saturday TAS / JTAS Sports Wrap!

A wonderful day of sport for the Burgundy and Blue with our teams taking 19 wins from 24 matches against St John’s Anglican College.


A big congratulations to our TAS and JTAS Netball teams who continue to display great improvement across all teams, winning 15/17 matches all up on the day. Many of our girls then backed up for their club matches in the afternoon.


Thank you to all of our netball parents for their dedication to the programme. Our girls are certainly enjoying the benefits of this strong programme and each week they display much improvement.

A special well done to the Year 9 Rugby boys. Their first win in 3 years. This team has displayed resilience, guts, persistence and character and we are very proud of them.


Our Year 6/7 Hockey team are also to be congratulated for their perseverance and strong character. They continue to fight to the end regardless of the score. Well done to our Year 7 girls for displaying strong leadership for our Year 6 girls.


Results for 5 May:


Netball 10/11

Tennis 5/6

Rugby 6/6

Hockey 2/5


 Netball 4/5

 Rugby 1/1

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers manning the canteens and BBQ and to the rugby boys who supported the Pink Day, raising much needed funds for breast cancer.


Round 5 we travel to St Columban’s for another eventful day of competition. If you would like to catch the school bus to Caboolture please contact Steph Ingham or your coach as soon as possible. 

Mrs Karen Graham

Director of Sports and Activities

John Paul International Life

From the Director of John Paul International

Mayfair, a great learning opportunity for our HSP students


Once again, Mayfair provided a great opportunity for JPIC students to use their communication skills to interact in real life. 


The students mingled with the crowd and engaged in conversations as they sold the golf balls for the lucky drop competition.  Over 300 golf balls were sold by the students in Levels 3, 4 and 5.


Level 5A and 3A decorated the tent with balloons and posters made by 4A. It was a real team effort. There were 19 prizes overall and many JPIC students were lucky to win as well.

James Nguyen from Level 4A won the poster competition. Kazuma Miki won the top prize in the lucky golf ball drop. Level 1 and 2 students were also actively involved giving away some free superman bookmarks.  


Congratulations to the students and staff for a wonderful day. It was successful because it was a real team effort from everyone.

John Paul International College NEAS Gold Standard Endorsement

At the recent 2018 NEAS 2018 Management Conference in Sydney, JPIC was invited to showcase our Premium Product to more than 300 delegates from Australia and around the world.


Russell Welch received the Gold Standard Premium Product Endorsement for our “JPIC High School Preparation Programme” on behalf of the College. 


The NEAS Premium Product panel, who assessed our High School Preparation Programme, were impressed with the quality of the programme and the research and methodology that sits behind it.  As a result, the panel unanimously considered the course to be worthy of gold standard.


John Paul International College is the only school awarded NEAS Premium Product Endorsement for its HSP Course and we are very proud of this achievement.

Camp Awards Year 10

When our students graduate from John Paul International College, it is gratifying to see them succeed in the main school.  It is especially pleasing to see students taking on leadership positions and actively participating in all aspects of College life.

We congratulate the following JPIC graduates on their awards.


Year 10 PC Captain Term 2:  Lily Zhang, Kris Pyun, Jessica Le

Year 10 Award for Resilience, Teamwork and Leadership:  Jake Lam, Kyle Tran, James Wang, Nam Nguyen, Zoey Tran, Junior Yang, Tony Song, Mitchell Ma.


We are very proud of these students and we look forward to seeing their name at future presentation ceremonies at John Paul College.

Our Boarding Life

Director of Boarding

National Boarding Week!


From the 13th-19th of May it is National Boarding Week, a week where boarding is celebrated throughout schools and local communities all around Australia. This is an initiative started by the Australian Boarding School’s Associations (ABSA) which is an organization that that has supported JPC boarding since Fenton Village opened its gates in 2014. Boarders are encouraged to compete in a variety of competitions run by ABSA throughout the week to highlight the contributions that boarders make in a school and local community. For our community initiative, the boarding committee decided that the Fenton Village community will donate clothing, books and other household items to the local Salvation Army.

Boarders in the News

Throughout the year Delwyn Gothachalkenin (Aurukun) has been completing a traineeship with the JPC Property Services team. Delwyn has been working every Tuesday and Thursday morning to gain new work skills around the main campus. This week saw Delwyn finally get the opportunity to work over at Fenton Village and help resurrect the new basketball hoop! A big thank you must go to Khobe from Property Services for his mentoring and expertise to help resurrect the hoop.



Mr Tim Christie

Assistant Director of Boarding

Parents and Friends

Thank you from Parents and Friends!

Dear Parents & Friends,


First and foremost we hope you all enjoyed Mayfair 2018. We thank you for supporting the event in tremendous style.


Mayfair is the largest community and fundraising event on the calendar and one that needs a massive team of volunteers and College staff to make it happen.


We would like to thank the following people and their teams that help make this such an amazing event.


Friends of Groups – Aquatics, ELC, Kindy, Primary, Basketball, Football, Netball, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby, Hockey, Volleyball, Performing Arts including Cheer.


  • P & F Team – Craig Careswell, Tracey Knight, Vicki Christofi and Nicola Honeyfield 
  • Indian Delights Team – Raeesa Gutta & Team
  • OHSC – Jan Marxsen & Team
  • Marketing – Niki Dowding, Sue Homann, Maree Bond and Ashleigh Robinson
  • Property Services – Sarah, Jake, Tim, Khoby, Peter, Andrew O, Ryan, Allan, Tyler, Troy, Sam, Eddie, Jacob, Lionel, Duncan, Ron & Michael
  • Security & Safety – David James, Justin
  • Finance Department – Scott, Ken, Dilshaad, Sandra, Leanne and Leeann
  • Admin Teams - Main, Primary, Middle & Senior. I am sure they will be happy not to see me for a while :)
  • Performing Arts - Bobby Gallo & Team


Our Major Sponsors for Mayfair & Fireworks – Power On Australia Pty Ltd & Great Advice


Finally, the Morning Crew – aka Stephanie & Wade. The two superstars that fly under the radar that support all our stalls with helping in so many ways that there are too many to mention. They rally the property team under Sarah and support each and every part of the event from deliveries, power, safety, food safety, lighting, car park safety & direction, plumbing issues the list goes on.


Thanks to Matt Hogan for helping the P & F team prepare the Property Team & Volunteer BBQ Lunch before Mayfair in appreciation for all their help and who needed a good feed after a big morning of setup. Yes Matt they eat lots...


We thank you all for your support and hope to see you all again next year.


Warm regards the P & F Team

Craig, Vicki, Nicola & Tracey


PS – Thanks to our partners who back us up while we are busy planning at school.

Community News

Queensland Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce

Share your ideas to prevent cyberbullying.


The Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce is developing recommendations to respond to and prevent cyberbullying in Queensland and we need your help!


Springwood Public Forum

When: Tuesday 22 May

Time: 6.00 pm - 7.30 pm

Where: Springwood Community Centre, 53-57 Cinderella Drive, Springwood


Website: https://campaigns.premiers.qld.gov.au/antibullying/taskforce/

Email: [email protected]


Daisy Hill Vet Clinic: A New Direction for your community vet

Catch up on the Daisy Hill Vet winter newsletter by clicking the pdf attached below:


The month of May is Domestic and Family Violence Prevention month.

What is Domestic and Family Violence?


Myth - Domestic violence is only physical violence. 


Fact - It includes physical or sexual abuse, emotional or psychological abuse, economic abuse or any behaviour which is threatening or coercive.


Fact – It is not discriminatory and spreads across all demographics which include all ethnicities, genders and wealth.


Fact – Students can be both victims and perpetrators in their relationship with other students.

Everyone should be vigilant and remember domestic and family violence can change people’s lives forever. The support of a friend or work colleague may be all that is needed to assist in breaking the cycle.


Domestic and Family Violence can be a continuous cycle that needs to be broken.  Domestic and Family Violence stops with someone like you www.qld.gov.au/dosomething.


Support is available to victims, perpetrators and witnesses.  For support, please contact DV Connect on 1800 811 811.

Dates to Remember


19 May - JTAS Term 2 Round 4

19 May - TAS Trimester 2 Round 5 - JPC vs St Columbans, St Columban's School

19 May - Friends of Aquatics AGM and Presentation Afternoon, Coleman Centre Mezzanine Floor

21 May - Friends of Football Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

22 - 28 May - Primary Book Fair

22 May - Parents and Friends AGM Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

23 May - Open Day

23 May - Barefoot in the Park

23 May - Year 2 Street Science Incursion

24 May - TAS Cross Country Carnival, St Paul's School

25 May - Years 9 - 12 AIME Session

25 May - JTAS Cross Country Carnival, TBA

25 May - Pentecost Service, Coleman Centre

25 May - Live at the Piazza

25 May - Circuit Debating, Gorman Centre

26 May - JTAS Term 2 Round 5

26 May - TAS Trimester 2 Round 6 - JPC vs WMAC, West Moreton Anglican College

27 May - Musical Rehearsals, Coleman Centre

28 May - Brass/Woodwind/Percussion Recital (Years 4-12), Stephen Bean Theatre

29 May - Assembly (Yeras 3-12), Coleman Centre

30 May - JPIC Assembly

31 May - Year 10 Retreat - St Edwards Hall

31 May - Year 2 Street Science Incursion, Wesley Courts

31 May - Past Parent's Network - Tour and Morning Tea

31 May -Theatresports Competition


1 June - Primary Parade, ARC

1 June - Live at the Piazza, Contemporary Ensemble

2 June - JTAS Term 2 Round 6

2 June - TAS Trimester 2 Round 7 - JPC vs CHAC, Cannon Hill Anglican College

3 June - Musical Rehearsals, Coleman Centre

3 June - Fair Go Touch Carnival, Cec Munns Sports Centre

4 June - Friends of Performing Arts Meeting, Performing Arts Meeting Room

5 June - Kindergarten B & C Walkathon, John Paul College

5 June - Friends of Tennis Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

5 June - Friends of Rugby Meeting, Gorman Centre, Ground Floor

6 June - Year 5 Middle School Engagement Meetings, Wesley 11 and 12

7 June - Kindergarten A & D Walkathon, John Paul College

7 June - Friends of Netball Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

8 June - Live at the Piazza

9 June - JTAS Term 2 Round 7

9 June - TAS Trimester 2 Round 8 - JPC vs Ormiston, John Paul College

9 June - Salvation Army Big Band Performance, Coorparoo

11 - 15 June - Years 11 and 12 Exam Block

11 - 14 June - Years 7 to 10 EL Block

11 June - Year 6 Science Expo

12 June - John Paul College Parents and Friends Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

12 June - Friends of Rugby Meeting, Gorman Centre Ground Floor

13 June - PYP Exhibition Parent Information Session

14 - 15 June - Battle of the Bands

15 June - Peer Support Session, Drake Area

16 June - TAS Trimester 2 Finals

17 June - Boarding Staff vs Students Netball Game, Coleman Centre

18 June - Year 11 Physics Excursion, Dreamworld

18 - 19 June - QCS Practice, Coleman Centre and GLT

18 June - VET Diploma of Business Year 12 University Excusion

18 June - P to Year 2 Term 2 Service

18 June - Boarding End of Term Outing

18 June - Friends of Football Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

19 - 20 June - Years 3 to 6 Athletics Carnival, Cec Munns Sports Centre

19 and 20 June - JPIC Carnival

20 June - Performance Evening, Coleman Centre

20 June - Year 11 Retreat

21 June - Years 7 to 12 Inter House Athletics Carnival, Cec Munns Sports Centre

22 June - Year 7 Retreat

22 June - Assembly (Years 7 - 12), Coleman Centre

22 June - Live at the Piazza

22 June - JPIC Term 2 Graduation, Gorman Lecture Theatre


23 June - Boarder Travel Day

25 June - 13 July - Outside School Hours Care Vacation Care Programme


2 - 13 July - Outside School Hours Care Vacation Care Programme1 - 14 July - Junior HAASE Space School Expedition

8 - 15 July - Intensive College Musical Rehearsals (Years 4 - 12), Coleman Centre

10 - 11 July - Days of Academic Excellence

11 - 13 July - Code Camp

15 July - Boarder Travel Day


17 July - John Paul College Parents and Friends Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

17 July - Year 11 Semi Formal, Coleman Centre

JPConnect TopTips 18 May 2018.pdf
Daisy Hill Vet newsletter winter edition.pdf
Daisy Hill Vet newsletter winter edition.pdf
Daisy Hill Vet newsletter winter edition.pdf
Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce - Springwood Public Forum Flyer (002).pdf
College Community Code of Conduct.pdf