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03 March 2017
Issue Two
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Principal's News

From Mr Phillips

Students and staff have settled into the year and the routine of college life very well. Classrooms have been very productive as work tasks and initial assessments are being completed. We will look forward to conversations about learning progress at interviews that will be held later this term on March 30. I trust that good utilisation is being made of the Compass portal to engage more fully with the College and in tracking the progress being made.


In addition, the summer inter school sporting competitions have commenced. Student involvement in these events is a further way in which school pride can be demonstrated. We encourage all students to play to the best of their ability but also to ensure they are good ‘sports’ and to always show respect to their opposition teams.

It has also been exciting to see the large numbers taking on a new musical instrument following another successful music recruitment night. We have also announced the cast for this year’s production of Chicago after an extensive audition schedule.


Prefects Induction 2017

Today as part of the tradition of the college we inducted our year 12 Prefects for this year. Our guest speaker, former Head Prefect and College Dux from 2006 spoke to the students about his time at Ringwood Secondary College and the journey he has embarked on since leaving school.

Congratulations to all members of the team and we look forward to your leadership in your portfolios of responsibility throughout the remainder of 2017:


Jayden Anthony              Deputy Head and


Jasmine Arthur                Deputy Head and


Melissa  Brooks                 Music

Theo  Chhakchhuak        Mabo House

Elisha Dana                         Music

Zaynab El Emery              Jackman House

Taija Evers                           Chaplaincy

Molly Hastings                   Mabo House

Thomas Hennessy           Frazer House

Didier Iriarte Fattel          Head Prefect and


Kate Jones                          Frazer House

Jessica  Li                            Cultural Diversity

Emily Lodge                        Freeman House

Patrick  Mastalerz             Performing Arts

Samantha Middlemast  Sport

Sarah  Monteau                  Performing Arts

Leah Nichol                         Freeman House

Ariel Parker                         Head Prefect and


Aimee Platts                       Wellbeing

Ally Whitby                          Visual Arts

Nu Tha Zaathang             Cultural Diversity



Capital Works Program

The new building is really taking shape and we cant wait to move in later this year.  Tasks that have been completed include- roof guttering and flashings, framing and carpentry, electrical services rough in, window installation and brick laying.

The library will see plastering, painting, soffit lining and carpet laying undertaken in the coming weeks too.


Some Reminders- Student accident insurance, ambulance cover arrangements and private property brought to school.

The Department of Education and Training does not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students. Parents and guardians of students, who do not have student accident insurance/ambulance cover, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance or transport as well as any other transport costs. Ringwood Secondary College has available an optional student accident insurance policy that can be purchased as part of the college fees and charges.

The Department does not hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and it has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property. This can include mobile phones, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises


Farewell to our Dutch Visitors

During the past fortnight the College has hosted 14 students and 2 teachers from Christelijk College Nassau-Veluwe, which is in Harderwijk, the Netherlands.Thank too to all the RSC families who have  hosted students throughout this time. The feedback from our visitors was that  they really enjoyed their time in Melbourne and in particular the hospitality the was so willingly provided. We look forward to the continuing relationship between our two schools, which has been nurtured through our Performing Arts World Tours.


Michael Phillips


Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

As we come to the middle of the term, staff are completing progress reports which will be available to parents on Wednesday March 15. On the same day, parents are invited to make a time for Parent Teacher Student interviews which be held on Thursday March 30. We encourage parents to take this opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher and to have a conversation about their child’s progress at this stage of the year.


As a college we have adopted the reporting model of continuous feedback, so rather than receiving a summative comment at the end of the semester about what they have done, students receive ongoing feedback about their progress during the semester. Ongoing feedback has been recognised as one of the indicators of improving student outcomes and while last year we had a staggered approach to the new model, where some subjects opted in, this year all our subjects are involved in the continuous feedback model. To that end, the college will offer a Parent Information night about ongoing reporting in Term 2 at the behest of parents who are on the PCTA. Further information on this night will be provided in the next newsletter.


One more sleep to The Year 12 Debutante Ball! It is with great anticipation that the Year 12 Debutantes will be presented to the Principal of the College, Mr Michael Phillips and his wife Karen Phillips on Saturday night. The tireless work of the Parent Citizen Teachers Association ( PCTA)  to make this event happen is to be commended as so too is the support from the Senior School team led by Assistant Principal James Barut. Kathy Donovan, the Debutante Ball co-ordinator and Vicki Pleydell have been at rehearsals ensuring that the administration of the event is smooth. Parent helpers at every rehearsal have been so generous with their time and their baking skills have been appreciated by the horde of hungry Year 12 dancers. With the retirement of Brian Amos, our MC for 31 years, we will introduce our new MC, former student and Head Prefect Mitchell Pirera, an Honours Media students who enjoys hosting trivia events. Our dance instructors Tim and Caitlin Doyle, themselves past students of Ringwood Secondary College, have once again delivered to our students a terrific choreography to cater to the broad range of dancing skills. The excitement of everyone involved in the event was palpable at the final rehearsal at the Grand Wantirna last Sunday. As in the past, the Year 12 Debutante Ball promises to be a great night.


We will repeat the magic with two Debutante Balls at Year 11, the first on Saturday the 13th of May and the second on Sunday 21st of May. Updated information will be given to Year 11 families about these events via Compass. Once again, the involvement of the Senior school team, the PCTA, the dance instructors, the MC has been secured to ensure that students and their families have a wonderful experience. From 2018 the Debutante Ball will be a Year 11 event and will be held at The Grand Wantirna in March.



There have been a number of parent information nights over the past month and I was invited to be part of the Year 7 ACE Parents Information night hosted by the ACE co-ordinator Annette Niven. Annette outlined the Year 7 ACE program for the year and introduced core teachers to parents who presented the teaching and learning sequences in their subjects. Feedback from parents about their childrens’ experiences so far have been very positive with comments such as ‘My daughter loves the program’ and ‘My son looks forward to school every day.’ We hope that all our students have positive experiences at school and most significantly when students encounter difficulties, parents and students  know that there are support mechanisms from within the college to assist them. Our BOUNCE program is one of these mechanisms and so too is the close communication via Compass with teachers, House Co-ordinators and Wellbeing staff.


School tours bring new surprises with former students now as parents visiting the school. It is delightful to hear past students reminisce about their time at RSC and see their awe due to the capital works program.  Parents will be able to see the scope of the work around the college when they attend Parent Teacher Student interviews at the end of this term.


Mrs.Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal

From Mr Barut

This newsletter has a collection of fine photos taken from our Prefect Induction Ceremony.


The presence of leadership in schools, particularly student leaders, must never be underestimated or taken for granted. The ‘tone’ of a school, researchers suggest, is set by its VCE cohort, particularly those students in Year 12. Further, the impetus of leadership and becoming role models is emphasised for all our VCE students. Here at RSC, we are fortunate in having such a fine cohort of student leaders.


The Prefect Induction was indeed another momentous occasion that saw our guest speaker, Mr Richard Harslett, himself a Head Prefect in 2006, address our prefects on leadership and indeed, the path traversed by Richard himself. A speech that was very much appreciated by all who attended.


We would like to thank all the parents that attended, our delightful Year 7 audience and all the teachers that gave up their class time to be present.


Mr James Barut

Assistant Principal


From Mrs Allison

We are well into the term, reaching the half way point this week. Co curricula programs are in full operation with the ‘Chicago’ Musical Production cast announced this week, sports programs underway and all students fully settled into their classes and studies.


The wellbeing of our students is always important and several points for students and their families to consider are detailed below.


Bullying NO WAY!

The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence 2017 is March 17th. This annual day provides a focus for everyone to say Bullying No Way! To strengthen the everyday message that bullying and violence at school are not okay at any time. A strong message for students to contemplate is to treat each other with respect.


“ Do unto others as you would have them do to you”


Please ensure that you and your son/daughter revisits the College’s policies and agreements on correct usage of the Internet, school equipment, uniform and behaviour. Each student must adhere to the clear guidelines and protocols outlined on the College website.


This week’s wellbeing focus…

Wellbeing Builder: Family Teamwork   

Wellbeing Element: Relationships and Optimism    

Character Strength: Love

When students enjoy transparent, honest and caring relationships with their families, they are: 1) happy in themselves and approach what they do positively 2) in a position to make the most of family teamwork.

Families can look for what they are doing well. A great exercise for families is for its members to do the free Character Strengths Survey at then each member will know their top strengths
and conversations can be about how they can use their strengths to achieve what they set out to. Receiving and accepting feedback from family on how they are travelling, enables students to self-assess and then set self-expectations to live by. 
Students need regular developmental, non judgemental feedback. The adolescent brain is a turbulent place, with the good decision making centre, the Pre-frontal Cortex, not completely wired up as such, while they can create emotions just like adults, they don’t yet have the capabilities to consistently control them. This often leads to any feedback to be seen by them as criticism. 
The key is to treat all of their activities equally; an over emphasis on school fires the turbulence in their brains up, discuss how they can use their individual strengths overcomes this. 


Mrs Maria Allison

Assistant Principal



From the Office

Camps Sports Excursions Fund (CSEF) 2017

CSEF is $225 per student, payable again in March 2017.  If you had lodged an application at RSC in 2016, you do not need to apply again.  I have automatically lodged an application on your behalf. If you are a new family to the College, or have recently become eligible for a Centrelink Health Care Card, you may be eligible to apply. Attached is an application form to complete and return to the Administration Office before 28th February.


Linda Wheeler


School Council Meeting

The first Council meeting for 2017 kicked off with a walking tour of the works and construction sites inside the library and the new Junior School building. After being suitably impressed, council heard that the works are progressing with no major delays, and that there is a possibility of some extra funds from the Department of Education to allow paving, landscaping and drainage, additional to the original plans.


Council discussed the progress of the College’s Annual Implementation Plan, approved the overnight Unit 1 Geography Bushfire Camp, and discussed proposals for new extra-curricular activities during and at the end of the school year, pending further information.


There was discussion about changes to DET policy, updates about the ongoing plans for the Great Ryrie Street Intersection works, and an update on completed works undertaken by the facilities subcommittee.



Andrew Amos

School Council Member

Attendance Matters





Parents please call in absences or update Compass


Late to School


Parent Please Note:

  • Class absences for periods 2 & 3 cannot be approved by a parent  - call the attendance line if they may have been absent due to a school activity
  • Do contact the school if you have any concerns at all in relation to your child’s attendance or any other issues that may be affecting regular attendance
  1. - If you receive an SMS please ring the attendance line on 9845 7519 as soon as possible


Your support with all matters attendance is appreciated.


Kay Priestley

Attendance Officer

Volunteer Induction

Did you want to volunteer at a Working Bee during 2017?

Did you want to volunteer to be a member of Extra Parts during 2017?


Due to changed Department regulations all volunteers must undertake an induction prior to participation


Working Bee/Extra Parts Induction

When: Thursday March 9th 7 - 7.30 pm

Where: Rooms 211/212 - meet outside the library


NOTE: This training is mandated for all volunteers. Don't miss this one and only training session

Building Project


A reminder to the school community of our first Facilities Meeting, Thursday 9th March, 7.30pm Conference Room, Main office. Anyone interested in playing a part in the development of school Facilities is most welcome.

On the Facilities front, things are always busy. Recent works include;

  •          Assisting with the construction of the RT Grinding Room
  •          Painting of walls in 108/109
  •          Instal of Air Conditioner in the VCE Study Centre/Temporary library
  •          Cleaning of Wellbeing external eaves and fascia boards
  •          Assisting with the instal of new compost bins (Thanks Ms Godfrey for all your efforts)
  •          Beautifying of gardens

Working Bee

Our first Working Bee is Friday 17th March 5.30 - 7.30 pm


Any parent wishing to attend must attend the compulsory induction session.

Thursday, May 9th - 7 - 7.30 pm


Please see the main notice

Junior School Building

The Junior School building and library renovation are progressing rapidly.

Recent works include window installations, brickwork, roofing and internal walls. Wiring of the building is just to commence and cabling for the solar installation will occur shortly.

New ceilings are currently being installed in the library main classroom and workspace.



OH & S

Ms. Stelfox presented to staff at our recent staff meeting and outlined key areas and responsibilities for staff including Workplace inspections, noticeboards and reporting of incidents.

Volunteers Wanted

Did you want to volunteer at a Working Bee during 2017?

Did you want to volunteer to be a member of Extra Parts during 2017?


Due to changed Department regulations all volunteers must undertake an induction prior to participation


Working Bee/Extra Parts Induction

When: Thursday March 9th 7 - 7.30 pm

Where: Rooms 211/212 - meet outside the library


NOTE: This training is mandated for all volunteers. Don't miss this one and only training session



Facilities Manager

Around the School

Year 11 Bushfire Trip

A big thank you to you all for making my Bushfire field trip this week such a resounding success! I love getting the students out of the class room to experience and learn the content with some real context instead of learning it all from a textbook. Your collective knowledge is spectacular and enthusiasm is contagious. My students were telling while still on the camp, that it was the best they had ever been on for a subject, all thanks to you all. I have included some images and a newsletter piece below that you can use for your various newsletters or social media accounts.


As part of their Year 11 Geography course, Ringwood Secondary took 21 students up and around the Victorian Central Highlands to learn about the nature of a bushfire hazard and its impact on nature and humans, and the response and recovery of fire alongside the management of possible fire threats by a range of agencies.

Monday saw us driving through the pouring rain to Cockatoo to visit ex-CFA Captain Graham Simpson at the brand-new Ash Wednesday Bushfire Education Centre. Here we learned about the devastating 1983 Ash Wednesday bushfire in an informative and engaging presentation.

Next, we drove to Lake Mountain Resort to meet Environmental Officer Sue Parry, who had created a primary data collecting exercise for the students, counting the basal regrowth and seedlings from the 1939 and 2009 bushfires. Here the students were able to extrapolate how the forest structure has changed and hypothesise what might happen if we see another fire here in the recent of distant future.


When then drove over to Toolangi and stayed at a local campsite and had a bush walk with campsite owner Brendan Ricci who pointed out trees hit by lightning strike and how bulldozers were used to create a fire break to protect his property in the days after the 2009 Black Saturday fire.

We were then visited by researchers Dave Blair and Lachlan McBurney from the Australian National University who took us out that night to do a Stagwatch and spot light search for rare and wonderful native animals that live in the Toolangi State Forest. Students got to see and hear animals like the Mountain Brush Tailed possum, the Yellow-Bellied Glider, the Sugar Glider, the Greater Glider, Antechinus, and the Boobook Owl, and learn how these animals’ habitats and genetic diversity are impacted on by bushfire.


Tuesday saw us meeting with Toolangi local Steve Meacher who played a large part in the response of citizens to the Black Saturday bushfire. He also gave us a guided tour of the Toolangi State Forest, showing us the impact of the bushfire and how logging can contribute to future bushfire intensity.

We then drove up to Marysville and met with the Marysville Black Saturday Education Centre coordinator, Barry Thomas and Murrindinid Shire Council Emergency Management Coordinator Chris Price, who gave us an insight into the social impact of the fire on a community like Marysville that lost 33 locals and 95% of the towns buildings in 2009. They also gave in-depth information into the Council’s role in response to bushfire and the strategies of future management of Bushfire hazards and disasters.

Finally, Wednesday saw a visit to the school by the MFB Bushfire Unit, led by Acting Senior Station Officer Neil West, who taught Bushfire behaviour by lighting a burn table that the student had to plan for and control a real fire based on key elements like wind direction, fuel load and topography.

Benn Jamieson

Year 11 Geography

Extension Programs

Year 7 ACE Program Parent Information Evening:

The first Year 7 ACE Parent Information Evening was held on Thursday night (March 2). The evening was very well attended, with parents of most students in the class attending. It was an opportunity for parents to hear more about the ACE program, its structure and learning approaches, along with detailed information about the core subjects of Englsh, Humanities (History/Geography), Maths, Science, and French, followed by an opportunity to ask questions and have an informal chat.

Feedback from the parents on the night was fantastic. They found the session to be valuable and informative, and commented favourably on the timing of the session, now that they are more familiar with the school as parents.

The new intake of Year 7 students have settled in well to their first year of the High Achievers (ACE) Program, and are developing a good rapport with each other and their teachers.


Year 7 Da Vinci Decathlon:

The 2017 Victorian da Vinci Decathlon for Year 7 students will be held at MLC on May 17. This “decathlon with a difference” is an academic interschool gala day run in the spirit of an Olympic Decathlon, with events of an academic nature.  The theme for 2017 is “Power”. Ringwood SC will be entering a team of eight Year 7 students. If students are interested, they need to contact Ms Annette Niven at school. Students will be involved in training sessions at school to prepare them.


Year 9-10 Da Vinci Decathlon:

The 2017 Victorian da Vinci Decathlon for Year 10 (and 9) students will be held at MLC on May 26. Like the Year 7 event, the theme for 2017 is “Power”. Schools can enter a team of eight Year 10 students or a combined team including both Year 9 and Year 10 students. If students are interested, they should contact Ms Annette Niven at school.


Rotary Youth Programs 2017:

On the evening of Feb 28, I attended a Rotary Youth Services Seminar, to explore the range of extension programs available for students in Year 9-12. Please read details below:

Year 11 National Youth Science Forum (NYSF):

This fantastic program is for current Year 11 students who are interested in Science. This 2-week program held in a variety of universities provides students with a fantastic opportunity to experience science activities and careers in science. Universities will often use this program to help select students into their courses. The program is held in January 2018.

Applications are now open, and close in May. Interviews will be held in July.

Ringwood Rotary Club will sponsor successful students, train students for the interview, and cover part of the cost.  If interested, students should contact Ms Annette Niven at school.


Rotary Youth Exchange:

This year-long program for 15-17 year students provides a brilliant opportunity for selected students to live and study in an overseas country while living with approved host families. There is a two-stage interview process.

Applications are now open, and close on 15 April.  Interviews will be held shortly afterwards.

If interested, students should contact Ms Niven at school or go to


Ms Annette Niven

ACE Program Coordinator



Junior School

Exciting Time


The first few weeks of this term have been a busy and exciting time for Year 7 and 8 students. They have begun delving into their subjects, forming new friendships and getting to know their teachers.

Assemblies and Bounce

The focus of our most recent Year 8 assembly was leadership and character strengths with Year Level Leaders and Captains being announced. The focus of the Year 7 assembly was resilience and perseverance to help prepare students for the year ahead. Year 7 students also paired up with a Year 10 Buddy as part of their Bounce program.


Year 8 Level Leaders:

Joshua Clements and Erin Wynne

Sports Captains:

Abbey Hepworth and Thomas Macleod

Performing Arts Captains:

Holly Manuel and Hannah Peake

Music Captains:

Kirrilee Knipping and Daniel Watson

Dance Captains:

Kate O’Meara and Cameron Shook

Frazer Captain: Charlie Collins

Jackman Captain: Megan Rennick

Mabo Captain: Emilie Young



Charlie Lodge, Holly Manuel, Skye Mazzella, Kieren Tirikawala, Jasmine Walker, Daniel Watson, Mikayla Whitten, Erin Wynne, Emilie Young


Year 7


Lucy Aheam, Luke Baxter, Kaila Bergmann, Thomas Dellow, Lucy Fairhurst,

Emma Hanly, James Howell, Brooke Humphreys, Charlotte Jackson, Mylee James, Shion Kim, Maeve Leonard, Eve Maskell, Joel McLean, Brigid Parkinson, Benjamin Paton, Noah Rabbi, Veenesh Rao, Will Santos, Rose Sherwood, Olivia Slade, Sienna Sleigh, Rebecca Smith, Elley Steenhuizen, Jessica Suares, Ava Traplin, Will Vandermeer, Zoe Veldhuizen, Courtney Walker, Millie Wallace, Hannah Walne, Charlie Collins, Chloe Daws, Samuel Fitzgerald, Vithara Gunawardena, Janani Manikandan, Tara McPherson, Jett Baron


Swimming Sports

Students had the opportunity to represent their house and compete at the Swimming Carnival on Friday the 10th of February. It was great to see students dressed brightly in their house colours and getting involved in the large variety of events. The atmosphere was brilliant.





Here are a few student’s experiences of the start of the year.


“The 2017 RSC Swimming Sports was an event to remember. Whether you got in the pool or not, there was something fun to do for everyone. Houses went head to head to compete for the cup, and we had so many students and teachers in fabulous costumes. It was so great to see people feeling the house spirit. People got very creative with costumes, as seen in the fashion show where the Ninja Turtles won first place. I'm sure everyone had a great time and is looking forward to the 2018 Swimming Sports!”

Erin Wynne, 8D



“I have really enjoyed the start of school this year. There have been so many friendly and welcoming faces around the school, and lots of helpful advice when I have been looking for classrooms. I have made lots of new friends and I have also enjoyed getting involved in the music and performing arts program. One of my highlights has been the Bounce classes run every Tuesday. We learn to focus on our mental health, to look after our wellbeing and we also learn how to be resilient. In the year 7's first Bounce class, we joined with the Year 8's and did some house activities which included tunnel ball & team building exercises. In our second Bounce class, all of the Year 7's each met up with a Year 10 buddy. We talked about what we like to do, our interests and we were asked interesting questions such as, ‘If we could be anything in a vending machine, what would be?’ I said ‘Twisties of course!’ I'm really looking forward to the year ahead.”

Olivia Slade, 7G


“So far the year has been great. Many of the Year 8 students have talked to and become friends with the new year 7s to ensure that they feel welcome. We all remember how intimidating it was starting afresh. The Swimming Carnival was a blast. Students had the opportunity to compete in many various races and fun events and also have fun with friends. There were people singing, getting into the house spirit, and lots of cheering. It was great to see participation from students at our school, even for the novelty events.


Bounce has also been an important part of the school year. In our first bounce lesson, we talked to our peers about topics involving ourselves. Bounce is effective as it helps us to have personal reflection and allows us to know what we should focus on. There are many great events and opportunities to look forward to in the future, and I hope everyone has a great year at RSC!”

Joshua Clements, 8I



Year 7 Cyber Safety

As part of the ongoing transition into secondary school, Year 7 students undertook a cyber safety session. Please speak to your children regarding what they heard, as safety is one of the biggest issues facing young people in the digital age.


Faith Stepniewski

Jackman House Coordinator





Middle School

News from Middle School

Student Leaders for 2017!


Over the past couple of weeks Years 9 and 10 had their Year Level assemblies.  During these assemblies we had the pleasure of introducing the leaders for 2017 in front of their respective student cohorts.  The Middle School Team look forward to working with the following students throughout the year.


Year 9 Student Leaders

Year Level Leader – Jasmine Lacy

Year Level Leader – Tarni Cavanagh

Sport Captain – Rhian Lumsden

Sport Captain – Taylah De Montignie

Dance Captain – Zoe Keltie

Dance Caption – Charli Krenn

Year 10 Student Leader

Year Level Leader – Alice D’arcy

Year Level Leader – Michael Syme

Year Level Leader – Ianthe Volbrecht

Sport Captain – Imogen Hansen

Sport Captain – Harry Norman

Performing Arts Captain – Melanie Arthur

Performing Arts Captain – Kayla Jenkins

Music Captain – Ashlee Huynh

Music Captain – Patrick Cottin

Dance Captain – Emily Standfield

Dance Caption – Ebony Llewellyn

Jackman House Captain – Josh Joyce

Freeman House Captain – Amelia Phillips

Freeman House Captain – Fraya Jordan


Year 9 Challen9e Camp

It is now less than a month before Year 9 students depart on their Challen9e Camp at Phillip Island Adventure Resort.  Please ensure that consent has been given via Compass and that the students medical forms has been returned to the college.  An upcoming parent information evening will be held on Tuesday 7th of March at 7:00pm in the RTF presentation space.  Students are not required to attend this evening.


RSC Swimming Carnival 2017

Thanks to Sports Captains Rhian Lumsden and Harry Norman for their accounts and reports from the RSC Swimming Carnival.


“On Friday the 10th of February, we had our annual Swimming Carnival, and, as always, it was fantastic. The two Age Group Champions were Tarni Cavanaugh, Freeman, and Dean Kelly, Freeman. Some of the other outstanding swimmers were Caitlin Dellow and Fletcher Smith. The novelty events, live music and fashion show were a hit. Everyone looked wonderful in their house-coloured costumes and, to make the day even better, we were blessed with lovely weather. This year, for the first time, students got to play water polo and go on the waterslides, both of which were tons of fun. Lots of people enjoyed getting involved in all the events while earning points for their houses. As determined as Jackman, Mabo and Frazer were, they just couldn’t keep Freeman from claiming the house cup once again. They are just too good!”

We are looking forward to seeing how the Year 9’s perform in the upcoming sports days.

Rhian Lumsden


“On Friday the 10th of February Ringwood SC had their annual swimming carnival. It was a reasonably warm and sunny day down at Aquanation with a mixture of novelty and competitive events, from the highly anticipated 50m Freestyle to the inaugural house inflatable race. The year 10’s were exceptional in showing support for their house with several dressing in their house colours and cheering on their team. The overall age group champions for Year 10 were Georgi Clarke and Cameron Radford.  Well done to all who participated and made the day such a fun event.”

Harry Norman


General Reminders

Thank you to all parent who are continually updating Compass in regards to any student absences.  It is important that if any student is absent that Compass is updated to reflect this information, or alternative please contact the Attendance Officer to report any student absences.


Year 10 students were spoken to by Ms Boutsikakis regarding their work experience placements. Students are reminded that if they are yet to organise their placement, to do so as soon as possible.


Matthew Tucker

Middle Sub School Leader

Senior School

From the Prefects

Senior School has hit the ground running with the beginning of 2017 being as jam-packed and busy as ever! Year 11s are transitioning well into the brand new world of VCE, and the Year 12s have made a swift jump into a big year with a strong work ethic and eagerness to achieve.


The MEC study skills day at Deakin University was a particular highlight in understanding how to “study smarter”, as well as learning alongside students from other schools and exploring a University campus.


Year 11 Level Leader Ciara Lumsden, says, “Everyone is excited for the year to come, many looking forward to the study skills day on Tuesday, Deb in May and Central Australia camp in June.”


Other memorable moments include the Swimming Carnival and House Activities:


“The swimming carnival was full of colour and competition this year, with an amazing turn out, especially from our senior cohort!

There were some crazy and creative costumes, and even a surprise appearance from wonder woman, Macleod Kayne. New activities including the water polo and the waterslides were readily tried out by our senior students. The day was not without entertainment, with the pop up music lounge, inflatable races, and a student vs. teacher dive off! Of course, our day would not be complete without Year 12 student Sophie Caldwell beating 6 previously held records by herself and also Miss Asbury!

It was a wonderful last swimming carnival for the years 12s.”

Sports Prefect, Sam Middlemast.


“Last Tuesday students from years 11 and 12 participated in their very first house activities for the year. Lead by the House Prefects, the students competed in tug-of-war, hoola-hoop race, tunnel ball and three-legged race to win points for their houses. Whilst Frazer pulled ahead in the beginning, it was Mabo who claimed victory on the day. It was great to see so many students get involved in the events as well as seeing our hard work to implement a greater house spirit here at Ringwood in action.”

On behalf of the House Prefects, Jasmine Arthur.


Ariel Parker, Ciara Lumsden, Sam Middlemast and Jasmine Arthur

Prefect Induction Ceremony

Wonderful afternoon celebrating with the Prefects of 2017 along with staff and family.


MC James Barut, Principal Michael Phillips and Guest - Head Prefect 2006 Richard Harslett.

Senior Choir performance

The Prefects take the Pledge

Signing the Prefect Book

Head Prefects :

Didier Iriarte Fattell and Ariel Parker

Michael Phillips and Richard Harslett



Swimming Sports 

Dear Sport Fans,


We kicked off the 2017 Ringwood Sporting year with a huge SPLASH!

The swimming carnival was a fantastic event with lots of colour, activity and fun wherever you looked. There was something for everyone with competitive 

events, inflatable races, the water slide, and not to mention the water polo which was a massive hit. On the lawn outside the place was rocking, with DJ Caleb doing a great job and everybody having a lot of fun taking part in the novelty events. There was some impressive chook throwing!



Well done to all those students who dressed up on the day. The costumes were great and the sea of house colours created a fantastic atmosphere.

Well done to our Age group champions:

13 Yr Lucy Fairhurst (Frazer) & Cade Cavanagh (Freeman)

14 Yr Tiffany Hayes (Frazer) & Danial Gazzola (Freeman)

15 Yr Tarni Cavanagh (Freeman) & Dean Kelly (Freeman)

16 Yr Georgi Clarke (Mabo) & Cameron Radford (Jackman)

17 Yr Sophie Caldwell (Jackman) & Lee Fletcher (Freeman)

20 Yr Alice Matanisiga (Jackman) & Joel Gosbell (Frazer)

Also a big Congratulations to ‘FREEMAN’ House on their Three Peat!!!

An amazing effort to sustain your success in the pool for such a long period of time.

Miss R Boutsikakis

Director of Sport




Performing Arts and Music


Auditions and call backs were held last week  for the 2017 production ‘CHICAGO’. There is an abundance of talent in the RSC community are we are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to the performing arts. 

Extra Parts Team

Did you want to volunteer to be a member of Extra Parts during 2017?


Due to changed Department regulations all volunteers must undertake an induction prior to participation


Working Bee/Extra Parts Induction

When: Thursday March 9th 7 - 7.30 pm

Where: Rooms 211/212 - meet outside the library


NOTE: This training is mandated for all volunteers. Don't miss this one and only training session

Congratulations to the Cast of CHICAGO


Jasmine Arthur

Emily Lodge



Sarah Monteau

Kirsten Manuel



Damon Delaney

Michael Syme



Caitlin Dellow

Leah Nichol



Coleman Shook

Joel Gosbell



Patrick Mastalerz

Angus  Delaney



Olivia Ricci



Sam Middlemast



Tannah Fisk

Susan Rash



Jess Allsop



Elisha Dana



Cody Wake



James Cormack-Brown



Hamish Cooke




Harrison Taylor



Didier Iriarte Fattel



Tannon Gadsden




Ebony Killick

Chloe Hazledine

Emily Standfield

Chelsea May

Amber Stelfox

Tyler-Rose Shattock

Lily Joslin Boyle



Eli Alonaritis



Patrick Cottin

Tiernan White

Jess Hastas

Ally Whitby

Jess Bowers

Campbell McNamara

Georgia McPherson

Taylor Blakemore

Niamh Mebalds

Swetha Vasudevan

Callum Rigg

Molly Rigg

Priya Manders

Nick Freeman

Ryley Young

Theo Chhakchhuak

Nick Graham

Alice Matanisiga



Abbey Prescott

Bella Egan

Isabella Norman

Charli Krenn

Kayla Jenkins

Darci Hugh-Clink

Stephanie Henry

Abby James

Scarlette Garrett-Brown

Jackson Mangold       

Taylah Smith

Erin Fisken

Libby Adamson

Piper Copeland

Melanie Arthur

Jaslyn King

Kaylen Rasti

Sarah Snary

Amelia Manders

Greta Manning-Hall

Chantelle Nicholls

Zachary Wood

Ianthe Volbrecht

Zoe Keltie       

Tayla Burr

Amber Shearn

Dylan Smith

Karl McNamara

Director of Performing Arts

Music Report

Thank you to all the year 7’s and parents who attended Recruitment Night last Monday. 


Welcome to all who have enrolled in our program. For those who did not put in a form on the night and still wish to be part of our program, we still have positions available on Violin, Cello, Flute, Clarinet and Trumpet.

For those who could not make Monday night and wish to join, please contact our Performing Arts Secretary, Mrs Sedergreen, via email on [email protected] as soon as possible.


Rehearsals will commence this coming week. Training Band will be next Tuesday, 8am in Room 700. Training Strings will be next Thursday lunch in Room 700. Bring your lunch!  Everyone must attend even if you still do not have an instrument. Those who wish to hire, please get in your paperwork and payment in as soon as possible. Instruments need to come from interstate, so they will take at least a week to arrive. Please note lessons cannot commence until Music Levy has been paid.


Music Photos will be Thursday 23 March in the College Hall. Just a reminder that all ensembles except Training Strings, Training Band and Junior Choir will be in Performance Uniform. Training Strings, Training Band and Junior Choir will be in College Uniform.


As we are now approaching full capacity in our storage rooms for instruments, it is a timely reminder for all students to ensure that their instrument is clearly labelled with their name and it stored appropriately. Those who own instruments need to insure them. Please note instruments insured on household contents policies are not covered outside the home. They are not covered whilst in transit to and from school, whilst on school premises, or on any excursions. The College cannot take responsibility for any damage, loss or theft of instruments. Please note that hired instruments are also the sole responsibility of the person hiring the instrument.


Please keep an eye on COMPASS for information about upcoming events.


Ms Janine Pero

Director of Music


From the Careers Team

Career interviews

MIP’s Interviews
Interviews of Year 10 and Year 12 students have commenced and each student will hopefully have a career pathway plan mapped out by the end of Term 2.  Year 11 interviews will start in term 2.
Careers Practitioners will be conducting the MIP’s interviews throughout 2017, as well as supporting students in other ways in the careers office.


Work Experience

Year 10 Work Experience
A reminder to parents and students that this year’s Work Experience is from June 26th to June 30th, the last week of Term 2. Students can obtain work experience arrangement forms from the Careers Office. Competition for quality jobs is fierce and we strongly encourage all students who have not commenced the process to decide on a type of job and put together an application as soon as possible. We would dearly love every student to secure a position of employment by the end of Term 1. Contact Ms Boutsikakis if you have any queries. Students are reminded that they also need to have completed the [email protected] modules for Occupational Health and Safety. Work placement is not possible without these completed tests.


More Information


The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Education Award is presented annually to Year 12 students in recognition of leadership potential, and academic and sporting achievements exhibited during Year 11. The award comprises of a tablet device (or similar) and certificate for you, along with a plaque of recognition for your school. There are up to 50 awards available on behalf of the Navy, Army and Air Force which will be presented to suitable applicants who have applied for entry to ADFA .


Defence Jobs Info Sessions


Wed 15th February, 6pm – 7pm: Defence Careers Info Session

Thu 16th February, 6pm – 7pm: Women in Defence Info Session


Wed 22nd February, 6pm – 7pm: Defence Careers Info Session


QS World University Rankings

The QS World University Rankings for 2016/2017 have the Australian National University, ranked 22nd globally, being first in Australia. The top 10 universities in Australia according to these rankings are:

 1. Australian National University (22)

 2. The University of Melbourne (42)

 3. The University of Sydney (=46)

 4. The University of New South Wales (=49)

 5. The University of Queensland (=51)

 6. Monash University (65)

 7. The University of Western Australia (=102)

 8. The University of Adelaide (125)

 9. University of Technology, Sydney (193)

10. University of Wollongong (218)  


Build a Career with REECE

Reece and Murray Mallee Training Company Ltd have developed an Australian School based Apprenticeship Program (ASbA) offering exciting employment, training and career opportunities for students in either year 10 or 11 continuing to year 12. This national program, which is also promoted and supported by State and Commonwealth Governments, provides the opportunity for students to combine their studies with part time work at local Reece stores. Visit the website to search and apply for a position in your area.


HIA Apprenticeships

HIA Apprenticeships are leaders in the selection, management and training of apprentices in the home building industry. Those interested in a HIA Apprenticeship can submit a General Application online here:


My Big Tomorrow

This website has information about different career options. You can find out about a career you didn’t know existed and see what a day in the life of your dream job is like.


Myfuture 2017 Updates

The Myfuture website has been updated for 2017. On the website you can build a career profile, discover different occupations, search for courses and much more!


Careers in Maths

Visit the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute’s website to view a range of career profiles from apprentice chefs to Electricians to Nurses where mathematics is a necessary part of their everyday jobs.


Discover Your Career

An online career resource developed by the National Tourism Alliance with the support of the Federal Government to promote tourism and hospitality career pathways.

St John Ambulance First Aid Online Course

The online course offered includes training on an introduction to first aid, defibrillation awareness and workplace infection control. St John Ambulance’s courses are internationally recognised first aid courses.


Updates from University and TAFEs

LEAP: Advanced Engineering Workshop

5th & 6th April @ La Trobe University, Bundoora

Applications close 24th March.

This workshop is for students studying VCE Maths Methods or pre-Methods who are interested in engineering. It is run in conjunction with the Engineering Link Group.


LEAP: Next Step – Health Workshop

4th April, 9:30am – 1pm @ The University of Melbourne

Applications close 26th March.

This workshop is open to year 11 and 12 students who are interested in a career in the health professions. Students will hear from speakers talking about future career options in the health industries, as well as talking about what life at university and the transition from school is like.


LEAP: Next Step – Sciences Workshop

6th April, 10am – 2pm @ Monash University, Clayton

Applications close 26th March.

This workshop is open to year 11 and 12 students who are interested in a career in science. Students will tour laboratories, find out what studying science at university is really like, and hear about the transition from school to university from current students.



Folio preparation and Career Discovery Courses 2016.

Short courses on Building Design and drawing, Advertising, Visual Merchandising, Interior Decoration, Graphic Art, Graphic Design, AutoCAD, Textiles Design, Fashion Design and Product Design. These courses run at various times throughout the year. They provide an insight into tertiary courses and often provide extra folio pieces essential for interview and folio presentations.


Inside Monash Seminar Series.

The Inside Monash Seminar Series provides an opportunity for students, parents and secondary school teachers to gain an insight into courses and careers in a broad range of fields across the faculties and campuses of Monash University. Each Seminar is unique to the Faculty or discipline but all will include an overview of the area, current student and graduate perspectives and ample time to pick up course information and ask individual questions of the speakers and faculty representatives. Students need to register on line. Check out the updated list of seminars on


MARCH                                                             7 - Arts

8 - Business

9 - Science

28 - Pharmacy



2 - Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

4 - Nursing and Midwifery

9 - Education

11 - Psychology

16 - Medicine and Biomedical Science,  Education

17 - Law ,  Advanced Science

18 - Health Sciences , Information Technology

23 - Biomedical Sciences, Radiography and Nutrition

25 - Engineering



14 - Business



15 - Music

31 – Education, Science and careers



5 - Education



The Careers Team



"In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision "

4th Dalai Lama
 1935-present ), Buddhist Monk

Ten Hints for Creating Resilient Families

From Andrew Fuller


Resilience is the happy knack of being able to bungy jump through life. When the inevitable pitfalls and setbacks of life occur, it is as if you have an elasticised rope around your middle that helps you to bounce back from hard times.


No. 1 Promote Belonging

The sense of belonging we have is the strongest antidote we know of for self-harm, depression and drug abuse and it’s built on our sense of belonging. Children are most resilient when they have three types of belonging:

1. A sense of being part of a family

2. Having different friendships to belong to

3. Having an adult outside their family who connects with them.


No. 2 Have some mooch time

We live in a world that suffers from attention deficit disorder. We rush children from activity to activity, from lesson to lesson and from one organised event to another. Then we wonder why, when there is a lull that they say” I’m bored”. Be a counter-revolutionary. Find some time each week just to be at home without anything structured happening. Quiet times allow children to develop creativity and ingenuity.


No. 3 Rediscover some family rituals

Family rituals are string predictors of resilience. It doesn’t matter whether it is the family walk after dinner, the Sunday roast, the Friday night pizza or the Saturday morning clean up, rituals are highly protective. The best rituals often cost nothing. These are the activities you hope that later on your children will reminisce and say “ Mum always made sure we did.” or Dad always made sure we did.”

Copyright Andrew Fuller 2014


No. 4 Spontaneity and curiosity

Spontaneity and curiosity are the building blocks of good mental health. You cannot tell someone how to have better mental health and you can't give it to them by getting them to read a book.

So the really hard message here is that if you want to raise your children to have mentally healthy lives you are going to have to have a good time yourself. If you want your children to succeed you need to show them that success is worth having.


No.5 Love kids for their differences

When families’ function well people are allowed to be different and to be loved for those differences.

We all know that children take on different roles. A father of three said, ”It’s as if they have a planning meeting once a year and say ‘ you be the good kid, I’ll be the sick kid and the other one can be the trouble-maker’! And then just when you think you’ve got it figured out they change roles again”.

Having children who are strongly individual and who have a sense of who they is a sign of good parenting. The problem may, of course be that they will then express their independent spirit in ways that you don't like. The ideal is a mix between someone who preserves their own uniqueness and is able to work with others without becoming dictated to by them. Someone who has their own independent nature but is comfortable enough with themselves to allow inter-dependence.


No. 6. It is clear who is in charge

Families do not work well as democracies. In fact they seem to work best as benevolent dictatorships in which the parent or parents consult a lot with their children but at the end of the day, the parent has the final say.

Some parents fear that if they take charge that they will lose the friendship of their children, but often the reverse is true. In families where parents fail to take their own role seriously, children may feel that to

Copyright Andrew Fuller 2014


express their independence they need to engage in risk taking behaviour and avoid responsibility.

Authoritative parenting allows children to feel safe, have clear boundaries and flourish.


No. 7 Consistency

Consistency is the ideal. Having parents who agree on rules and standards and who convey the same sorts of messages and who value compassion over coercion, clearly has the best outcome in terms of children’s well being .It is also important that parents not be open to manipulation and work together as a team.

Life however is not always so simple and we all know from sad and sour experience that parents cannot always be consistent. Sometimes parents have different value systems or can’t come to a consistent way to handle particular areas. In these situations, a second possibility is to for one parent to take charge of a particular area. This is not the most desirable solution but it is better than having parents in conflict over management issues or worse, undermining one another. In single parent families or where parents are separated the same principle applies.

No. 8 Teach the skills of Self-esteem

Families that work well seem to praise one another a lot. Compliments are made, positive efforts are commented on. Optimism is in the air. Even in these families, teenagers still shrug and say, “ yeah Mum” or “yeah Dad” whenever a compliment is made.

Teaching the skills of self-praise is useful. One way of doing this to ask questions extensively about any achievement or accomplishment. Asking questions that like “How did you do that?”, “How come you did so well at that test?” “ What did you do?” and “Have you been doing homework behind my back?”

Copyright Andrew Fuller 2014


No. 9. Know how to Argue

Families that work well know how to argue. It seems strange to say this because we all have the sense those families that work well don't have conflicts.

The family is really where we learn to resolve disputes fairly. The way that parents teach children to resolve differences of opinion with their brothers and sisters provides the basis for sharing, negotiating and problem solving in the world beyond the family. . While differences of opinion should be allowed to be expressed, children also need to learn that they will not be able to win at all costs


10. Parents are reliably unpredictable

With young children it is important to provide consistency and predictability. This allows them to feel sure of you. After a while though, a bit of predictability can go a long way. To many children, most parents are about as predictable as a washing machine cycle. It is important to have structure and consistency but it is also useful to act in ways that your children wouldn’t expect. This keeps them interested in learning from you or least wondering what you are up to.

Perhaps the most important feature of parents in healthy families is that they realise that all of the above is desirable but not always possible and so they look at how to promote good functioning while not wasting energy on blaming themselves for the times when things don't quite work out as they had planned.


For further information see:
Resilient Youth Australia

Andrew’s books Tricky Kids, Life: A Guide and coming in mid 2014, Tricky Teens.



Fitness Boxing

Come and Try it Out:


New Service at Irabina

Irabina Autism Services would like to announce a new onsite Pediatric Service.


Business Planning Course

Young entrepreneurs this might be for you. Business Planning Essentials workshop on  Wednesday 22nd March from 4 to 6pm aimed at students and school leavers who may have a business idea.


Antonio Park Primary Fete


Hollywood is coming to Antonio Park Primary School [APPS] on Saturday 18th March 2017 from 12:30pm to 7:00pm, and this is a 'call-out' for all extras to attend this extraordinary annual event !


The paparazzi may get a prized picture of you on the red carpet.


If not, you may get snapped at one of the many fete attractions:-

  •          Rides
  •          Entertainment
  •          2nd Hand Clothes
  •          Food
  •          Raffle
  •          Trash’n’Treasure
  •          Stage Auction
  •          Silent Auction
  •          Lob-A-Choc
  •          Cakes & Jams
  •          Art & Craft
  •          And much more . . .




See you there, and 'strike a pose' on the red carpet !

Rowville Hawks

Footy Season is back! Rowville Hawks need you!


The Ballroom

Upcoming Show at Karralyka


Eastern Lions Junior Football Club

Looking for new members


Baseball Club

Established in 1968, Ringwood Baseball Club has been providing a safe and family friendly sporting facility for almost 50 years.  We are a non-profit making organisation focused on encouraging our young players to participate and enjoy the great game of baseball.  We offer T-Ball and Baseball for players 4-16 years old. 



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