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05 April 2017
Issue 10
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Upcoming Events


Easter Liturgy

Interim Reports Years 5-11 issued


Friday 7th April

Staff Day

NZ 15s Rugby Tour

Junior School Rugby & Football Tours Armidale & Tamworth


Sunday 9th April

1st Football QLD Tour



Monday 24th April

Staff Day


Tuesday 25th April

ANZAC Day Holiday


Wednesday 26th April

Students Return to School in FULL WINTER UNIFORM


Friday 28th April

CSDA R1 Debating




Saturday 29th April

ISA Football & Tennis R1/Rugby vs St Greg's College/IPSHA R1 Winter


Sunday 30th April

College Orchestra Workshop


Tuesday 2nd May

Founder's Day & 80th Anniversary Mass at Oxford Falls


Wednesday 3rd May

ISA Football Trials


Thursday 4th May

Cricket Club Presentation Night


Friday 5th May

R2 Debating


Saturday 6th May

ISA Football & Tennis R2; ISA Rugby R1; IPSHA R2



  Friday 16th June - SPX Rugby Club Dinner




From the Principal     

Photo: Prayer - Palm Sunday

  • PRAYER:  Palm Sunday
  • Students Return to School on Wednesday 26th April in Full Winter Uniform
  • Happy Easter to All
  • Interim Reports
  • 'Boy Overboard' 
  • Events of Week 9
  • Best Wishes to our Touring Sporting Teams
  • Distribution of The Collegian
  • Update on Northern Beaches Hospital & Wakehurst Parkway Traffic Changes
  • Key Dates for Term 2


A Palm Sunday Prayer

On this day of great rejoicing, Lord Jesus Christ, when we welcome You as our King and Saviour,
we also walk in the shadow of Your cross.
Blessed are You who come in God’s name to save us.
Strengthen our faith this Palm Sunday so that when the time comes to carry the cross

we might still call out to You with heartfelt praise.
Give us the grace and the courage to follow You this Holy Week from death to resurrection,
from darkness to the fullness of light.
We need You, Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour. Amen
Saint Pius X ... Pray for Us
Blessed Edmund Rice ... Pray for Us
Live Jesus in our Hearts ... Forever


Students Return for Term 2 in Full Winter Uniform

Students return for the start of Term 2 on Wednesday 26th April in full winter uniform.

Please see information on the College Winter Uniform requirements in the Deputy Principal's section on the following page.


Happy Easter to All

As we close the College at the end of the week I offer appreciation to all staff, students and parents for a very successful and engaging term. We give thanks for all that we receive.  At this Holy time of Easter, take time in personal prayer and reflection on the greatest gift of all and that is the death and resurrection of Christ.

The Mass times for Holy Week for Our Lady of Dolours are below.

Wishing all our families every Easter blessing.


'Boy Overboard'


What a wonderful and powerful drama I witnessed with the performance of this year’s play entitled 'Boy Overboard'. This was a real triumph for the students of St Pius X College and Mercy College, the Director Mrs Sarah Fernando and the Performing Arts Department. There has been enormous effort and many hours of rehearsal put into these final three nights.


The Mercy College girls were outstanding and I thank their Performing Arts teacher Ms Amy Gill and the Principal, Ms Suzanne Kavanagh. I sincerely thank Ms Tracey Bates who gave leadership support throughout this project and was there every step of the way.

There are so many of our staff to thank and I acknowledge in particular Ms Tracey Bates, Ms Sarah Fernando, Mr Stephen Cummins, Mr Ian Talati, our Maintenance Team, Ms Julie Ingram, Ms Ann Stewart, Ms Jane Higgins, Ms Ann Brady, Ms Cathy Jellema, Mr Scott Steinman, Ms Felicity Whelan, Mr Justin Donnelly, Mr Jack Kovacic, Ms Natalie Rawle, Mr Mark Anderson, Ms Sarah McCormack and Ms Veronica Kugananthan.  

Please see a selection of photos in the Performing Arts Section on the DEPARTMENT NEWS page of this newsletter.


Events of Week 9

There were indeed many highlights last week and I express sincere thanks to all the students and staff involved and most notably:

  • Year 5 & 6 Camps:  Mr Tim Long, Ms Sam Iwatani, Ms Jenny Williams, Mr Glen Carroll, Mr Terry Patterson, Ms Mary Doheny, Mr Michael Simpson, Mr Paul Cummins, Mr Deb Cummins, Ms Elena Martin, Ms Bettina Spanyik and Ms Jess Offer.
  • ISA Swimming Carnival:  Ms Leisa Proc and Mr Matthew Stearn
  • Year 8 RE Excursion:  Ms Katie Meale, Mr Phil Stollery, Ms Lisa Guerrera, Ms Felicity Whelan, Mr Jack Kovacic, Mr Adrian Brannan and Mr Benn McBrearty.
  • Chapel Opening Mass:  Mrs Donna Dempsey, Mr Adrian Brannan and Mr Jim Olson
  • Peer Support:  Mr Sean Brannan, Mr Joe Lynch and Ms Janelle Dempsey
  • Year 12 exams:  Mr Ross Masters, Mr Tony Cunneen, the Studies Coordinators and the Learning Support Team for their efforts in Week 1 of these exams.
  • Rugby and Football vs St Aloysius College: Thanks to all Junior and Senior Players, Coaches  and Convenors.


Best Wishes to our Touring Sporting Teams

During the holiday break we have a number of significant sporting teams on tour and we wish them every success. I offer appreciation to the College staff who are giving up their holiday time to take these boys away on such a great experience.

  • First XI Football – Tour to Qld to play in the EREA Cup:  Accompanied by Mr Steve Quilty, Mr Simon Yue, Ms Leisa Proc, and Mr Chris Semaan.
  • U/15 Rugby – Tour to New Zealand:  Accompanied by Mr Joe Lynch, Mr Mark Casey, Mr Benn McBrearty, Mr Scott Steinman and Mr Francis Cullimore.
  • Junior Football – Tour to Tamworth:  Accompanied by Mr Paul Cummins and Mr Tim Long
  • Junior Rugby – Tour to Armidale:  Accompanied by Mr Greg Virgona and Mr Glen Carroll 


The Collegian

The Collegian for 2016 was distributed to the oldest student in each family today (Years 6-11).  Year 12 students will receive their copy early in Term 2.  Please ensure that The Collegian gets home to you.  


Update on Northern Beaches Hospital &
Wakehurst Parkway Traffic Changes

On Monday evening, I met with Ferrovial who are the Company working on the roads and civil works for the Northern Beaches upgrade. They are proceeding with the stockpiling of materials along the Wakehurst Parkway. Much of the land is owned by Roads and Maritime Service RMS (NSW Government).

Ferrovial have approvals to do this and the document below is a community statement which has already been released. Please read it over and look at the diagrams on Page 2.

For your clarification, the land on Wakehurst Parkway outside the C3 Church is owned by RMS and they have commenced fencing this area last weekend. The area outside SPX is half RMS land and half SPX land.

At the meeting we discussed the use of this land by Ferrovial and we are close to agreement. The College Board has agreed to this as well.  In essence this will proceed and is essential for the Northern Beaches Hospital Project.


Implications for SPX

In short the document below explains it all. It is a laydown area for equipment, machinery, non-contaminated materials and carpark. Ferrovial have all approved safety regulations and WHS in place. There are no contaminates or toxic wastes or soils involved at all. There are safeguards in place for the mitigation of dust and the like.

There are traffic changes and we are able to advise them of peak times when we need to minimise traffic on dates.  The site will be restored at the end of the project which will be approximately at the end of 2018.

If parents have any concerns please contact me through Ann Brady [email protected]


Term 2 - Key Dates

Wednesday 26th April:    Students return to Term 2 in full winter uniform

Tuesday 2nd May:             80th Anniversary Mass

Thursday 18th May:          'A Night Full of Stars' 80th Anniversary Concert at The Concourse - tickets for                                                          the Concert will go on sale at the start of next term.


Mr John Couani - Principal

From the Deputy Principal

Winter Uniform

Our young men return in Term 2 in full Winter Uniform. This includes the College blazer, shirt and tie, long grey pants with black belt and the College grey jumper for extra warmth, along with black or grey socks and black leather school shoes.


The College Uniform also includes the College Back Pack. The Sports Back Pack issued for sporting tours is NOT part of the College Uniform from Monday to Friday. It can be used on weekends or sporting tours.


As the end of Term 1 approaches, many of our young men will definitely need a haircut before returning in Term 2. In obtaining haircuts for your son, it must be an even grade and of a style and length unlikely to cause comment. Shaved sides with longer fringes hanging over the top and exaggerated parts are not permissible. Hair must be clean, tidy, gel-less and of natural colour.


These regulations are standard for all, ensuring your son’s own good self-discipline as we join together as one St Pius X community.


The College Rain Jacket can be purchased from the Uniform Shop. It is only to be worn on wet days and will easily fit over our boys' blazers in winter. It is not an alternative for the school jumper or blazer. It can be worn as part of the Uniform at Saturday Sport only. It is the only rain jacket to be worn on wet days. No other type of rain jackets are permitted.


As the mornings begin to cool our young men have been reminded they must only wear the correct College Uniform which includes the grey College jumper. This jumper can be purchased from the Uniform Shop with second hand jumpers also available at very reasonable prices. Hoodies of any types, including the College Sports Hoodies, are never to be worn as part of our College Uniform.


Thank you for reminding your son on leaving home in the mornings of these routine Uniform, Grooming and Hair regulations. We are very proud of our boys and certainly want them to feel the same pride in representing themselves, their families and their College.


Mr Mark Casey - Deputy Principal

Mission & Identity, Youth Ministry and Social Justice

Photo: The Edmund Rice Society

  • Mission & Identity  
  • Youth Ministry  
  • Social Justice  


Mission & Identity

We are about to begin what is the biggest week of the Catholic Calendar, Holy Week. In churches across the world Christians remember the journey of Jesus in achieving salvation for all people. This week defines who we are as Catholics and is also the basis of the liturgical life of the College. Starting on Sunday 9th April we remember how Jesus was hailed a king as He entered Jerusalem and was then tried and crucified only a few days later by the very same people. Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday as it traditionally called, celebrates the Passover Meal or Last Supper which re-enacts the traditional washing of the feet by Jesus.

This week these events will be remembered as the Year 9 students present the Stations of the Cross to our Community. Special thanks to all staff and students involved in the Liturgy, particularly Ms Sarah Fernando, Ms Tracey Bates and Ms Felicity Whelan who have prepared the students.

We have travelled almost 40 Lenten days to prepare ourselves for these most significant events including Easter Sunday on 16th April. I would like to thank Mr David Blake and Homeroom Teachers for their efforts in organising Year 12 and Year 11 students to collect Project Compassion donations during this time. I also thank students and their families for their generous donations which to date total almost $12,000.

As we look ahead I pray that the Easter Triduum that awaits us will strengthen our faith and be hope-filled for you and your family.

God Bless.

                                                                                                      Ms D Dempsey - Assistant Principal Mission & Identity




St Pius X College has been invited by Bishop Peter Comensoli to attend the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) in Homebush  from 7th - 9th December 2017. This is an event for students in Years 9-12 and is a national gathering of Catholic young people which allows them to attend workshops and activities and discern their own faith journeys.

If you are interested please return the permission form in the attachment below to Mr Adrian Brannan. 


Mr A Brannan - Youth Ministry Coordinator


Social Justice

This is the last week of Project Compassion and the final total will be counted on Thursday. SPX families should be proud that to date they have raised over $11,500 for Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion. This tremendously generous group effort will go toward assisting our neighbours in Timor Lestre, Vietnam, The Philippines and Fiji. On behalf of our neighbours in these countries I thank you all for your support.


The Edmund Rice Society have concluded the term strongly and a photo of their last meeting is the masthead for this page of Woodchatta. In the meeting they discussed the topic of poverty, especially in Timor Lestre.

Following that discussion Oliver Tysoe gave a presentation on the 45 children still in detention by the Australian Federal Government and what we as a society and a school can do to help these children. This topic has been tabled as top priority for Term 2 so wait and watch to see what action we can take to assist these children who suffer from lack of health services, cramped living conditions and mental health issues.

The Society continues to make skateboard decks for The Haven Terrigal and indigenous jigsaw puzzles for St Mary’s Bowraville and St Joseph’s Walgett. The Society are very proud to announce that with their efforts and your support their Project Compassion Friday morning barbeques raised just over $1,000 for Caritas Australia.

Have a safe break, enjoy family activities and I look forward to seeing you all next term.


Mr D Blake - Social Justice Coordinator

P&F News

Year 7 Parent Get-Together:  Friday 28th April from 7pm

Book the sitter and join us for a for a casual Friday night drink and/or dinner at The Stoned Crow in Crows Nest!  Come for a quick drink or stay for a bite to eat.  Please send us your RSVPs via email to [email protected] to let us know you're coming so that we can ensure enough seating for all (we have reserved an area).  We'd love to see you there! 

Your Year 7 Class Parents  - Fab, Kylie & Jo



Year 12 Parent Get Together with Mercy Parents:  Friday 5th May from 6:30pm

Mercy College has organised a gathering for Year 12 St Pius X College and Mercy College Parents at The Rag & Famish Hotel in North Sydney on Friday 5th May. Put the date in your diary!

Click here to view the invite and RSVP via Trybooking



P&F Event Dates for your Diary

  • Friday 12th May - Mother's Day Liturgy & Morning Tea
  • Saturday 5th August - Trivia Night

Nadine Robson

[email protected]

0412 272 056

Teaching & Learning Matters

From the Assistant Principal Teaching & Learning

  • Interim Reports Years 5-11
  • Year 11 Parent/Student/Teacher Meetings
  • Year 12 Mid Course Reports


Interim Reports Years 5-11

Interim reports for Years 5 and 6  will be mailed on Thursday 6th April. Reports for Years 7 to 11 will be released  through the College Portal and an email notification will be sent.  The purpose of the interim report is to provide an initial indication of how your son has settled into his learning for each of his subjects.


Please do not hesitate to contact any of your son's teachers regarding his progress. It is also important to regularly check his diary for teacher notes. It is also worthwhile monitoring the Portal to access assessment marks as they are released.


Please take the opportunity to check your access to the Portal by using the following link.  

College Portal   There is also a link on the College Webpage.


If you do have difficulties:

                1.  In the first instance please use the 'forgot password' facility.

                2.  If problems persist, please email Ms Leonie Millar   [email protected]


If you require a hard copy of the interim report to be posted in the mail, please inform Mrs Sue Cheney     [email protected]


Year 11 Parent/Student Teacher Meetings

For Year 11 Parents, the interim report can be further discussed at Parent/Teacher meetings that are scheduled for Monday 15th May from 4. 00pm.



Year 12 Mid Course Reports

The Mid Course reports for Year 12 will be available on the Portal from early Week 3 of next term.


Mr A Damo - Assistant Principal Teaching & Learning

Student & Parent Matters

Photo: ANZAC Service in Hyde Park

  • RSL and Schools Remember ANZAC Ceremony
  • Year 10 Pastoral Care
  • Chess
  • Supervising Learner Drivers Workshop
  • Holiday Activities


RSL and Schools Remember ANZAC Ceremony

Congratulations to the students who represented the College with distinction at the RSL and Schools Remember ANZAC Ceremony at the ANZAC Memorial today, Wednesday 5th April.


Our students were led by Jacob Crisafulli (Year 12) who was a participant in our first Kokoda Expedition in 2014, supported by James Spencer, Harry Pfeiffer and Jack Moran (Year 11) and Oliver Tysoe and Nick Cowie (Year 10). It was a fitting tribute to the sacrifice of our Service personnel in this the 100th Anniversary of the 1917 Western Front Battles and the Great Charge at Beersheeba in the Middle East. Ben Ellero (Year 11) led our House Vice Captains and Junior School Class Captains, with Quinton Crispe, Chris Harris and Daniel Fazzino presenting the wreaths to the dignitaries.


Please see below the invitation from Chatswood RSL for students to attend the Garden of Remembrance Dawn Service from 5.10am on Tuesday 25th April. Please be in polished winter uniform and see Mr Brannan if you are able to attend.

Mr Sean Brannan - Head of Student Services

Year 10 Pastoral Care

Tuesday 28th March 2017

Year 10 were visited by ChilOut, an organisation that advocates and fundraises for Children in Immigration Detention Centres. The students found the definitions, personal stories and government law surrounding the protection and integration of children into society quite confronting and thus raised many questions.


Zoe Grant, a youth ambassador for the organisation and current applied psychology student, understands how holding children in detention is psychologically damaging and inhumane and this has made her determined to advocate for change.


Niru is a qualified teacher and lawyer and has a strong understanding of the status of the child at law, both domestic and international. She believes that humanity’s youngest and most vulnerable persons should not be held in detention centres under Australian law and that Australia needs to stop this systematic and institutionalised abuse of children. Niru advocates for the acknowledgement and promotion of human rights and has worked with a number of non-governmental organisations over the years. She enjoys working with children and young people and believes that education and human rights are of utmost importance.

Introduced by members of the Student Empowerment Team, the Edmund Rice Social Justice Group have also found the presentation of great interest. The Year 10 Cohort found that the presentation linked to our Touchstones, Religious Education units, Community Involvement Program and their English Unit of Justice and Solidarity.


Some students commented:  

  •  “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept ... the presentation reminded me of the call to action stated by the Australian of The Year.​”   (Hamish Blake)
  • ‘ChilOut informed Year 10 about the effects of detention centres on children mentally and emotionally. ChilOut effectively presented their research to us, to further advance our knowledge of Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Migrants.’  (Andrew Horton)
  • ‘During the presentation by ChilOut, my attention was brought to numerous issues surrounding children in detention. I found it to be thoroughly thought provoking and exponentially enlightening. (Matthew Crotty)
  • ‘I found the presentation really insightful and was surprised by how little I actually knew about a topic that is so common in today’s world’.  (Tim McLachlan)

Ms A Foord - Wellbeing Coordinator Stage 5



Chess teams have now been finalised. The NSWJCL competition will begin on Friday 5th May - Week 2 of Term 2.  The draw has not been published as yet.

Ms D Ramsey and Ms J Dempsey


Supervising Learner Drivers Free Workshop

A free workshop which will help you to understand how to make the process of supervising a learner driver as stress-free as possible will be held on 15th May in Chatswood. Find out about the requirements for learner drivers, using the log book, options for reducing the number of log book hours, and more. Details can be found in the flyer below.



Holiday Courses

BUBBLEDOME Minecraft courses available in April at Knox Grammar School

Send your kids to an educational and FUN holiday programme!

Minecraft Adventures , Minecraft Map Making and our Minecraft Survivor fun day courses are available in April at Knox Grammar during the 1st week of the holidays.  Please book in early to get a space. Price is $299 for a 3 day course or $99 for a one-day fun Survivor Minecraft course.


Book online or call us on 1800 11 55 62

See our website for more details.

*Please note our Knox Grammar venue is a bring your own laptop course.



For information regarding dates, times and activities available please click on the flyer and booking form below or go to the website:


MindMatters for Families

Photo: Before-School Boxercise with Mr Russo


Boxercise is held every Thursday and Friday morning at 7.30am in the Junior School playground.  This MindMatters initiative provides friendship, fun and fitness to strengthen students’ resilience and general sense of wellbeing.  Classes are free to all students.


The White Knight Foundation Gala Dinner

Join the crusade and fight youth violence by attending the White Knight Foundations’ second Annual Gala Dinner on Friday 19th May!  Please see the flyer below for details:


Mr R Russo - College Counsellor

Department News

Photo: The Cast of Boy Overboard

  • Languages  
  • Performing Arts
  • Public Speaking & Debating
  • Visual Arts



The Antipodeans’ Language Immersion Program has been proudly running for over 15 years. Unique to Antipodeans, an Australian chaperone accompanies the students overseas and lives in the same city as them as they attend school and live with a local host family. The total immersion gives students the opportunity to develop their language skills and improve their cultural understanding.


Antipodeans is hosting an important Information Night for all students, parents and teachers interested in finding out detailed information about the 2017 Language Immersion Program. The evening will include detailed information on the benefits of the program, costings and itineraries, as well as answering all questions that families may have.


                WHEN: Wednesday 24 May 2017, 7.00pm - 8.00pm 

                WHERE: Level 3 / 182 Blues Point Road, McMahons Point


Please click on the flyer below for further details.

Ms S McCormack - French Teacher

Performing Arts


Congratulations to Ms Fernando, Ms Gill and the cast and crew of Boy Overboard. Last week’s performances were powerful and moving, captivating the audience each night. Our collaboration with Mercy College is one we hope will grow and continue into the future. Thank you also to the many St Pius X College staff who assisted and supported behind the scenes, as well as the PAPA who provided supper each night during interval. The funds raised from the gold coin donation will be sent to the Edmund Rice Centre at Homebush to support their work with refugees and asylum seekers.

Please click on the photo gallery to see a selection of photos.



Thank you to Mr Power and the boys in the Intermediate and Senior Jazz Bands who gave up some of their Sunday to workshop and prepare for the Sydney Eisteddfod next term.



Now that rehearsals for Boy Overboard have finished, there will be a change to Drama Ensemble. Senior Drama Ensemble (Years 9 – 12) will take place on Monday afternoon 3.30 – 4.30pm and Junior Drama Ensemble (Years 5 – 8) on Thursday morning 7.30 – 8.30am. Both ensembles will take place in the Drama Room and new members are welcome.



There is a need to hold extra rehearsals for the senior ensembles and Junior Choir performing in this Concert. The first of these is on Sunday 30th April (beginning of Week 2) next term. The other two are on Monday 8th May and Tuesday 16th May. Full details and times can be found below.


Tickets for the Concert will go on sale at the start of next term.


Ms T Bates - Performing Arts Coordinator


Public Speaking and Debating


Term 1 finishes for students this Thursday 6th April so there will be no training this Friday afternoon.  On Friday 28th April (Week 1 of Term 2) St Pius X College will be hosting St Claire’s, Oakhill and Redfield College in a massive Round 1.  We will be hosting 32 debate teams and running 16 debates on the night.  Training will run from 3.30pm to 5pm and students will then be allowed to travel to Westfield for their dinner before returning to the College Gym at 5.45pm sharp.  If you do not want your son to travel to Westfield please advise his coach and provide a sandwich and a drink for him for dinner.

This will be a very busy Round 1 and all debaters will have a significant role on the night.  Once again a big thank you to our amazing Year 11 and Year 12 senior debaters in anticipation of their wonderful hosting skills on the night.

In Round 2 (Week 2 of Term 2 - 5th May) St Pius X College will travel to St Patrick’s College Strathfield for our debate. More information on the procedure for this event will follow.  

Thank you on behalf of the brilliant Pius debating coaches and senior student mentors.


Plain English Speaking Award Public Speaking Competition

The Plain English Speaking Award aims to encourage the use of clear and effective spoken English. Since its inception in 1978 the competition has provided an opportunity for NSW senior students to improve their confidence and to develop their speech-writing and public speaking skills.  St Pius X College enters this competition each year. It will be held in May and we will be advised of the date and venue next term. Year 10 and Year 11 Public Speakers will attend this event.


The Plain English Speaking Award is open to NSW government and non-government secondary schools. Each school can enter a maximum of two contestants. Contestants must be either Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia. Contestants must be between 15 and 18 years of age (inclusive) on 1st January 2017.

                                                                                              Mrs M Waterson - Debating and Public Speaking Convener


Visual Arts

Smart Expressions 2017 opens Wednesday 5th April  from 5:30pm at The Concourse Art Space until 30th April. The show includes HSC works from Chatswood High, Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner, Mercy Catholic College, St Pius X College and Willoughby Girls High. Please check the invitation below for times.


The Bishop’s Religious Visual Arts Prize 2017 asks for students up to Year 10 to respond to the theme “Walking the Way”. Works need to be ready by the end of Week 2, Term 3.  For further details please see your Art or RE teacher.

Mr M Anderson - Visual Arts Coordinator

Learning Support
& Enrichment

Photo: New location for the LSE Department

  • After-School Study Program
  • Maths Drop-In Centre
  • After-School Courses in Handwriting & Touch Typing
  • Using Windows Narrator to Improve Students' Comprehension
  • SPX Provisions Program

After-School Study Program

Resumes in Week 2 of Term 2

Numbers at After-School Study have grown steadily over the term and it is pleasing to see more students in Years 7-10 attending and working on collaborative projects than in previous terms. Boys continue to enjoy the peace and quiet, the comfortable chairs, the use of senior seminar rooms and the opportunity to get ahead on their homework or study.

The staff wish to thank the students for the responsible way in which they are working in the Senior Library on the After-School Study days, and we note that a number of regular attendees were awarded with Merit Certificates for their efforts.  Well Done!

After-School Study will not run for this final week of term, but will begin with a bang next term.


Maths Drop-In Centre

Resumes in Week 2 of Term 2

Staff at the Maths Drop-in Centre are pleased with the level of interest and attendance through the term and look forward to seeing this trend continue in future. Some Year 7 and Year 9 students who have been seeking help in the lead-up to the NAPLAN numeracy test scheduled for May have also taken advantage of the targeted maths assistance on offer each Tuesday and Friday morning at the College.  Miss Offer and Ms Pence have also noted the interest of students who have requested support for their Term 1 maths assessments. The program will begin again in Week 2 next term.


After-School Courses in Handwriting & Touch Typing

New intake for Term 2:  For the interest of parents/ carers and their sons in Years 5 - 10, please see the flyers below for details about two after-school courses on offer for Term 2, 2017:

  • Touch Typing Skills
  • Handwriting Skills

The two courses continue to be successfully run onsite at the College with positive feedback being received from students and parents/carers. The courses are open to any student wishing to develop and improve these vital skills. They are run by our external provider and experienced occupational therapist, Anna Orchard who is highly experienced in engaging and working with both primary and secondary students. The programs begin in Week 2 of term, and run over eight consecutive weeks (70 minutes per session), and students are able to attend makeup sessions at the end of term, if required for illness or other reasons. 


Using Windows Narrator

An “easy-PC” way to improve students’ comprehension of what they read, as well as their vocabulary, spelling, speaking and listening skills

For many students, particularly those who struggle with reading lots of text, using the inbuilt Windows Narrator app on their PLDs in class and at home, may be the ideal way to assist. It may help to maximise auditory processing and visual processing of the words on a page. Whether at home or at school with the aid of earphones, your son can access this program on his PLD, through the search bar on the right of the screen, and it will allow him to hear and process the words as they are being read on the screen at the same time as he is viewing, following and decoding the words himself.


Once in the program he need only click the ‘Narrator off’ box to ‘Narrator on’ and select the preferred voice etc. in each of the settings that pop up in the list. The Narrator will then read any text that he goes to highlight and if he highlights nothing, it will simply begin reading the whole page of text in any window that he has open on his PLD, including electronic worksheets, assessment task notifications, web pages for internet research, online textbooks or other eBooks.


Encourage your son to make use of this potentially very useful feature in his PLD. It may boost his skills in: reading for meaning, vocabulary and spelling, as well as speaking and listening, through hearing the words on the screen being read without viewing to decode the words and then checking back on his understanding. With a fresh semester ahead, and therefore the chance to to improve on homework and assignments, this feature of your son’s PLDs may be worthwhile exploring.


See the attachment below for a graphic that outlines step-by-step instructions on how to use the Narrator app on your son’s PLD.


SPX Provisions Program 2017 - Overview

The Provisions Program at St Pius X College aims to assist and support students from Years 5-12 with identified learning and support needs, at the most stressful times in the school year – namely in tests, exams and timed written assessments. Approval for an appropriate provision can only be granted by the LSE Department. Our guidelines follow NESA policy and procedures, in which the basis of the application is a diagnosed disability that is physical, cognitive, sensory, or social-emotional, and which impacts the student’s ability to perform to their true ability. Provisions include small group supervision, extra time to write, rest breaks, use of a computer, reader, or writer/scribe.


Students approved for provisions in Years 5-9 are encouraged to discuss their provisions needs for particular exams and assessments with their teachers, but it is the teachers who will liaise directly with LSE staff to secure the necessary rooming, supervision and other arrangements for upcoming whole-grade, timed, written, in-class assessments.


Students in Years 10-12 with approved provisions, are required to be proactive in applying directly to the LSE Department in order to be given access to their provisions, on each assessment occasion. This process involves the use of an online eform via the school’s portal, which must be submitted 7 days’ prior to an assessment task day, as follows: The eform submission alerts LSE staff that provisions assistance for an assessment task is needed by an identified student, and allows for the student’s teachers, to be confidentially informed in a timely and private manner.

Please note: the eform is ONLY required for assessment tasks; it is NOT NEEDED for exam blocks throughout the year – because LSE staff are prepared for the exam blocks well ahead of time, and will initiate contact with the relevant students across the school about upcoming exam blocks, as they arise.


The medical documentation must be no older that 12-18 months in general, and so we advise parents throughout the year to please send in to LSE staff, any fresh medical or clinical documentation including medical reports, updated diagnoses or review letters as they receive them. We thank parents for continuing to assist us, by providing the school with this up to date clinical information and advice on reasonable adjustments and accommodations so that we can best support your son’s performance in time-pressured exam situations.


The LSE team welcomes interested parents and carers who are happy to be involved as readers or scribes for approved students in a year other than their child’s own year. For further information about becoming a Provisions Helper, please refer to the School’s Parent Volunteer information on the College website, at where the necessary application forms are located, for your convenience.


Direct any queries about the Provisions Program, including your son’s eligibility for Provisions, to Joanne at [email protected] at any time during this semester.


Ms J Raheb-Mol - Learning Support & Enrichment Coordinator


  • Careers News:  

           -    UTS Business Information Night

           -     ACE the HSC - Free Seminars

           -     HSC in the Holidays

           -     UNSW HSC Study Session - Biology


  • Careers Newsletter


Careers Newsletter

Ms D Janes - Careers Adviser

Senior School Sport

Photo: U15 Rugby NZ Touring Squad


  • From the Senior School Sportsmaster
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Brothers Rugby Club 70th Year Anniversary Celebration Dinner

From the Senior School Sportsmaster

Many thanks to everyone for their efforts throughout Term 1 in Sport.  Can I take this opportunity to wish good luck to our 1st XI Football and Under 15s Rugby teams as they depart for their respective tours this weekend. Both squads will be playing in our new indigenous playing shirts which were paraded at Friday Sports Assembly last week.

Mr M Stearn - Senior School Sportsmaster


Dear Parents and Players,

Once again the rain and wet fields interrupted our season with Years 7, 8 and 9 football being washed out. Congratulations to the 1st XI on their 1-0 win and the 2nd XI for their 2-1 win over St Aloysius College.

Player of the week goes to Liam Tachjian of the 1st XI who was awarded Man of the Match by the opposition.  Impressive feat for a 14 year old playing against Year 12 students!

Please find below the times and venues for training in Term 2. Training will commence the first day back of Term 2 with times and venues of the first round confirmed on that day also.

We wish the 1st XI good luck as they represent the College in the EREA Football tournament in Queensland.

Mr S Yue - Senior Football Convenor



Holiday Football Skills Day - CANCELLED:  Unfortunately due to clashes with facilities and coaches and the Easter break we have been unable to schedule the Holiday Skills Camp this break.  We will be holding a three day camp in the mid-year (June/July) holidays.


Term 2 Coaching Program:  The Committee and the football convener are working towards implementing a structured coaching program beginning in Term 2.  The program is being developed by our specialist coach and should lift the skills of every boy playing football at the College. We will provide more details once it is finalised.


Weekly Roundup:  The Committee will again be publishing the weekly results Roundup once the ISA comp kicks off in Term 2  We will be looking for parents to take snaps of their son’s games (Senior College) and send them through on a weekly basis for publication in the internal Roundup flyer.  This has been extremely popular over the last two season so we look forward to some great action photos. Full details will be in the first Woodchatta next term.


Enjoy your break.  Please see our webpages for News, Calendars, Photos and Draws:

Mr Rodger Paino - SPX Football Club



Rugby Results – Saturday 1st April

Some great results over the weekend with the 13s, 14s and 15s all doing extremely well while the 16s and Opens fought hard. They clearly have some work to do. See results below:

Apologies to the 16Bs whose fixture was cancelled at the last minute. Well done to those boys who stood by and went on for the 16As.


Rugby Holiday Clinic – PLEASE REGISTER ASAP

There have been some issues with the trybooking website; however the clinic is not sold out and all players are encouraged to attend. Please see the flyer for more details and use the following link to secure your spot: 


1st XV Trial vs Redfield COllege

Thursday 20th April – 12:30pm kick off at Oxford Falls


SPX Senior Rugby Fixtures: Saturday 29th April vs St Greg's at Pittwater Rugby Park


SPX Rugby Dinner

The annual SPX Rugby Club Dinner will be held on Friday 16th June at Roseville Golf Club. The evening will be hosted by former Wallaby and Fox Sport Commentator Rod Kafer with George Gregan as the special guest. Please see the flyer below for more details.


Rugby Registration is Still Open – PLEASE COMPLETE REGISTRATION ASAP

To register simply click on the Trybooking link below. It only takes a few minutes and provides options to select transport options for later in the year and clinic registration all in one spot:


All students wishing to play rugby are required to be registered here to be included in a team, allowing the school rugby administrators & coaches to best prepare for the coming season, plus allow your P&F Rugby Club to best support and communicate with you! 


Finally best of luck to the Under 15 players who are travelling to New Zealand on Friday 7th April. The squad of 38 will visit Auckland, Rotorua and Christchurch playing 3 matches and will involve themselves in all New Zealand has to offer.

Mr J Lynch - Rugby Convenor




COACHING INSIGHTS:  Trials and Tribulations

Our Trials against St Aloysius College on Saturday produced some of the best rugby I’ve seen played by SPX teams over the last 4 seasons. If 'go-forward and build pressure' are the basis for successful play then our 13s, 14s and 15s had lots of it. They all played some mouth-watering support based rugby with enthusiasm and accuracy at the forefront.

The attention to detail of the basics at training is fundamental to both personal and team improvement. The time we spend on Tuesday and Thursday has to be relevant if we want continued player development and team performance improvement.

Our opens teams, although stacked with talent, failed to execute the basics consistently well and failed to build pressure on our opponents. As a result they were always chasing the scoreboard; better to lead than follow!

Trials are the shop window for our current playing status and we should see them as such, learning from each and planning our next training sessions accordingly. We can learn from our younger teams that:

  • Enthusiasm is king.
  • Perfect execution of basic skills is vital, especially accurate passing and tackling.
  • There are over 100 tackle contests in every game so we have to understand how to approach each one and they are all different.

                 1.    Drive into contact using low body height, long place.

                 2.    Clean out over and beyond the ball.

                 3.    Clean out the opposition player threats.

                 4.    Sweep the ball away quickly.

                 5.    Get off the ground quickly and look to support again!

                 6.    If counter rucking, do it immediately and dynamically.

  • When not involved in the immediate action use peripheral vision to look at the opposition attack and nominate your man to tackle!
  • Tuesday is our final session before the break. A good opportunity to focus on team play.

New Zealand Tour

This week a squad of 38 players embark on our first ever tour to “Aotearoa”, land of the long white cloud. What a fabulous opportunity for our 15 year age-group players and coaches to not only promote the values of St Pius X College but also demonstrate our ability to play exciting support based rugby. Friendships and memories will remain with staff and players for the rest of their lives and this tour will cement the importance of rugby at St Pius X and hopefully be the forerunner for future tours and maybe the hosting of visiting touring teams.  Best wishes to all, and have a great tour.


To all parents and supporters, thank you for your support.  Enjoy the school break and come back refreshed in two weeks’ time.

Mike Penistone - Rugby Development Officer



Brothers Rugby Club Sydney

Brothers Rugby Club Sydney (CBOB's) was established in 1947 by ex-students of St Pius X College Chatswood, 10 years after the commencement of the College. This year they are proudly celebrating their 70th  Anniversary.


The Club is holding a 70th Year Anniversary Celebration Dinner and would like to see as many previous players and supporters of this great rugby club as possible attending.

  • Date - Saturday 29th April 2017 @ 7pm
  • Venue - The Concourse Victoria Ave, Chatswood - Civic Pavilion.
  • Tickets $100 per head, includes dinner, drinks and a great chance to relieve the good old rugby memories of the past.

For further details contact : [email protected]

Book Now :


Junior School News & Sport

Photo: Year 5 Camp

  • Junior School News
  • Junior School Sport 

Junior School News

TERM 2 – WINTER UNIFORM:  Boys return to school in Term 2 wearing full winter uniform so please organise your son’s winter uniform and sporting uniform. If your son was here last year, now is a good time to check that last year’s uniform still fits.  

Please see information on the College Winter Uniform requirements in the Deputy Principal's section of this newsletter.



Please remember we are entering the holiest time of the church's year.  Holy Week commences this Sunday and the Easter weekend is the middle weekend of the holidays. It commences with Good Friday where most churches have a Stations of the Cross service at 10am and another service at 3pm.  Easter Sunday is three days later and we celebrate Jesus’ rising with a symbol of new life which is an egg, usually made out of chocolate.  I would like to encourage you to take your son to church at this time and then enjoy a chocolate egg.



In this week's Junior School Newsletter I will place an invitation to the Junior School Mothers' and Grandmothers' Day Mass, followed by a late morning tea.  We will also have a Mothers' Day stall where all proceeds go to the women from the shanty town of Candel in Peru who make the items on sale .  Save the date:  Mass at 10.30 am on Friday 12th May followed by morning tea.



Last week Year 5 and Year 6 went away to their respective camps.  Both groups of boys had a wonderful time. Year 5 went to Milson Island and Year 6 went to camp Womboroo in the Southern Highlands.  This was the first time Year 6 have done this camp and the boys really enjoyed themselves even though Thursday’s weather was somewhat challenging.  I will have recounts from my sub-editors in the Junior School Newsletter which will go out later this week. 

I had planned to go to the Year 5 camp but one of the teachers became ill so I was needed at the Year 6 camp instead.  I will let the pictures below tell some of the story.  There will be more photos in the Junior School Newsletter.

Year 6 Camp Photos:


Year 5 Camp

Written by Max Forbes and Patrick Frost

On Wednesday 28th March Year 5 left for a two-night camp at Milson Island. Our journey started on the coach ride to Kangaroo Point and included a ferry ride to complete the trip to Milson Island. We stayed in comfortable cabins and got to know our peers across the three Year 5 classes much better. We did various activities including fencing, the giant swing, archery, kayaking, damper cooking and most importantly … meal duty! We learnt many important skills and lessons like working as a team and making good choices. The food at camp was also delicious with a decent variety on offer over the three days. Surprisingly most people enjoyed meal duty which involved both setting up and cleaning up the dining hall each meal. On Thursday night we stayed up to watch the Brisbane Broncos narrowly getting beaten by the Canterbury Bulldogs. It certainly was an enjoyable night and everyone got a good night sleep after the long day. We enjoyed the freedom at camp and can’t wait to go on our next one!



Last Saturday a select group of boys competed at the IPSHA Cross Country Trials at The Kings school.  Just to be selected is a good accomplishment as last Saturday they had to race against approximately 200 boys who are the best runners from many different schools in their age group. The first 15 boys go through to the next round for the CIS team and those placed 16 to 18 are the reserves.  A special congratulations to Ryan Jom who came 15th and Zac Flynn who came 17th in the Under 12s.  A wonderful achievement!



Today a group of Junior School Leaders attended an ANZAC service in Hyde Park. It was a beautiful and memorable service involving many different schools, politicians and members of the Military.  Our Year 5 Class Captains were wreath bearers and two of our Year 6 Class Captains, along with a Year 12 student, laid the wreath from our College.  The boys were a credit to themselves, their families and their school.  Well done.


  • Term 1 concludes for students this Thursday 6th April at the usual time.
  • Tamworth and Armidale Football and Rugby Tours leave this Thursday 7th April – boys involved need to be at school by 7.40am.
  • Easter celebrations take place on the middle weekend of the holidays.
  • Term 2 commences for students on Wednesday 26th April. Boys return to school in FULL WINTER UNIFORM.



Holiday Courses at Chatswood Public School:  Learn to code, have fun, be creative, enjoy using logic and problem solving to build your very own App!   Please see the flyer below for details.


Mr T Long - Head of Junior School


Junior School Sport

Thursday Sport:  Normal Sport, with Winter Trials resuming for AFL, Football (Soccer) and Rugby (see below). Please have a full change of clothes to train in.  

And for Term 2:

Cross-Country: Congratulations to all competitors who represented St Pius X College at the IPSHA event last Saturday. Despite their zombie-like appearance after camp, the boys ran very well in the muddy conditions, placing admirably in the near 200-strong competitor fields. The 12’s age group did particularly well and we congratulate Ryan Jom (6 Gold) who placed 15th and thus qualified for the IPSHA team to race at the CIS carnival in Term 2. We wish Ryan the best of luck.

Rugby: Round 1 commences on Saturday 29th April. All relevant information, including an information letter, season draw and Code of Conduct document have been placed on the College website. Please ensure your son is kitted out in the correct SPX gear for the season commencement next term.

Rugby Tour: Good luck and safe travels to our touring U12 team who head to Armidale for a Tournament in the holidays. I’m sure they will do the College proud.


Football (Soccer): Round 1 commences on Saturday 29th April. All relevant information, including an information letter, season draw and Code of Conduct document have been placed on the College website. Please ensure your son is kitted out in the correct SPX gear for the season commencement next term.

Football Tour: Good luck and safe travels to our touring U12 team who head to Tamworth for a Tournament in the holidays. I’m sure they will do the College proud.

Mr G Virgona - Junior School Sportsmaster

Canteen & Uniform Shop


Change to Canteen Menu:  Due to the new guidelines from NSW Health Department the canteen will be changing our menu over time.  We will be starting with the drinks available to the boys.


Volunteers needed:  If you can assist on any weekday between 9:30am and 2:00pm please contact either Anna or Marianne on 9414 4301.  It's a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents and your help will be greatly appreciated.

Please click below to see the 2017 Canteen Roster:

Ms M Erickson and Ms A Coombs - Canteen Supervisors



Uniform Shop

  • The Uniform has closed for the term but will be open on Wednesday 18th April and Monday 24th April (Staff Day) from 9am to 2pm.
  • A reminder that students return for Term 2 on 26th April in full Winter Uniform.


REGULAR TRADING HOURS:  MONDAYS, TUESDAYS & WEDNESDAYS 8.00AM – 2.00PM IN TERM TIME                                                                        

Winter Uniforms and Sports Uniforms:  All items now available in the Uniform Shop.


Payment for ordered  Blazers is due.  Please pay directly to the Uniform Shop via cash, cheque or credit card over the phone.


Price List:  A full price list is available on the College website.  


Orders can be placed:

Collection of Orders (whether made by phone or on-line)

Students in Years 7-12  will be sent an email when their order is ready asking them to collect it from the Uniform Shop. If it is not collected by end of school on Wednesdays, it will then be available from Student Reception as the Uniform Shop is not open on Thursdays and Fridays. This arrangement is to prevent interruptions to classes.

Junior School :  Orders will be given out at Assembly after lunchtime as required.


Blazer Buttons are available from shop - $2.00 each.   


Second-Hand Uniforms:  Parents are reminded that the Uniform Shop also sells second-hand uniforms, including Blazers. Please read the form below for information on providing second-hand clothing to the Uniform Shop.  

Ms D Muirhead - Uniform Shop Supervisor

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