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25 May 2018
Issue Five
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Greetings Friends!

I am taking sabbatical leave this year in 2 blocks and my first ‘block’ was recently taken for a study tour in Israel.

The tour focused on Jesus’ life and ministry; how he ministered and built his team for the Kingdom. It was such a wonderful time which has refreshed me spiritually and encouraged me as a leader. 

My understanding of Jesus’ humanity (in seeing places where he walked, lived and ministered) and divinity has deepened my passion for developing leaders for Christian schooling, here at St Andrews and throughout the world.

Before I left for Israel, I was sent some signs from a prominent Australian University which encourages students to “unlearn truth” and that it is important to have a lesson in UNLEARNING.

If this learning is based on lies and untruths - what value is the learning?

To the Jews who had believed Him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

They answered Him, “We are Abraham’s descendants and have never been slaves of anyone. How can you say that we shall be set free?”

Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin. Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:31-36

God gives us truth, He is truth and our learning is unending, exciting and purposeful when based on God’s truth. This truth is based on His love and He knows what is best for us.

No wonder so many people in society are so mixed up. It is because society is saying “you can establish your own truth, you can lay down the rules as to what is important, you can actually be god yourself.”

Parents and teachers, we have such an important role to teach our children the truth. When they know this truth and know God’s love they will actually live in freedom - not in bondage.

We go to Deuteronomy 6:5-9.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.

The directions are clear to us all as parents and Christian educators. It is God’s love, grace and hope that we daily want our students at St Andrews Christian College to not only to understand but to experience.

Did you know that the early Jews also took this verse literally, and on the gates into Jerusalem you can see little metal boxes which held scrolls of God’s Word?

Here is a scroll box on the side of the JAFFA GATE into Jerusalem.

Blessings to all!




Photo: The Green Team


DONATE second hand READING GLASSES for people in need in the SOLOMON ISLANDS.

An assortment of different strengths is great, but the greatest need is for +1.00 and +1.50


Mr Lee and myself will take the glasses over to the Solomons when they go over in the JULY school holidays to teach at a conference.


The glasses are headed for an isolated community in the Solomon Islands. This community speaks Areare and is on the island of Malaita in the Solomons.


We will be taking them to some Wycliffe Missionaries who have been translating the Bible into Areare and work for SIL (Solomon Island Translation).


This family have been based in Malaita for many years and have asked for help to collect glasses for people in the village.


As they are translating the Bible into the local language – people also need to be able to read the Word and hence need glasses with the many eye problems that are prevalent.


Catriona Wansbrough


Thanks Parents!

We are so blessed in our shalom community in how we all work together for the benefit of our children, to know God's love and His purposes for them.

I am so thankful to the parents who show appreciation to our hardworking and committed staff. 


A huge thanks to Kathryn Muggeridge and her team of willing helpers (Sharon Morris, Jennifer Audet, Petra Chard, Fiona Bligh and others) and to all the parents who contributed food to the lovely STAFF APPRECIATION MORNING TEA this week. Kathryn has been cheerfully leading this event for many years and due to other commitments has to finish her involvement in this encouragement ministry here at St Andrews. 

Thanks to all!

Catriona Wansbrough


Exit from Rembrandts

St Andrews have been in discussions with the Rembrandts’ owner and have agreed to exit from Rembrandts as at 31st August 2018. St Andrews have been provided use of the property without charge since the College moved to this site since 2010. We are grateful for the generosity that has been shown over this time.


St Andrews have now made arrangements with the Grove Group for the installation of a new 2 storey building to accommodate the music and drama classes, dedicated rooms for music lessons and teacher offices. This is a modular building being constructed in the Grove factory in Packenham and will be transported to the College in late June with the plan for it to be ready for use at the commencement of Term 3.


The new locations for Outside School Hours Care and 2nd Hand Uniform shop are still to be finalised. As the OSHC program is registered as a child care service provider the location needs to be approved by the Department of Education.


We will commence to clear items out of Rembrandts at a Working Bee to be held on Saturday 2nd June. Other Working Bee sessions to assist with moving furniture and equipment into the new building will be held before the start of Term 3.


Darren Waterworth

Business Manager


NAPLAN, was held during Week 5 with assessments conducted in English Language Conventions, Writing, Reading and Numeracy.  Thank you to our parents for your continued support of our children during this week of testing. NAPLAN is something that can be stressful for students but we attempt to ensure that this is considered in the normal experience of College life. We are encouraging our children to look at this as an opportunity to grow and choose to have a growth mindset approach.


All these assessments are externally marked and scored, with a report being sent home during Term 3.


Merrick Brewer

Head of Learning and Teaching

From the Green Team…

Our Environment is constantly changing and there is no denying that. However, as our environment changes, so does our need to be aware of the problems that surround it. Our planet is warming up and we are definitely part of the problem.


A Green Team is an effective way to carry out a good sustainable program. At St Andrews Christian College, the newly formed Green Team aims to keep the school clean, fundraise for organisations, organise cool stuff and of course aim to create an awareness regarding the environmental problems.


The team consists of Julia Pajor (8L), Michelle McCabe (8L), Evan Hughes (9H), Tim Chao (9H), You-Sheng Hsieh (9H) and Kaushal Ottem (9Y) which is being led by Mr Fernandes.

We had our first meeting this term last Friday! It was a great experience to share and learn from other members of the team how we all could make a difference along with the larger community of our College. We will be planning events for next term and anyone who is interested to help is most welcome to attend our meeting at Lunchtime in R38 every Friday, Week B.   


The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth. It is not mine, nor yours, it’s our responsibility to keep things clean and not waste resources. If you want to see a better environment in the world, make sure the environment in your surroundings is neat, clean and tidy.


Stay tuned for more updates! Come and join us, let’s all strive for a better environment.


Kaushal Ottem

Year 9 Student

Art News

Another congratulations to Winter Lin of Year 11 for her outstanding work of her painted portrait of a centenarian Jack which was most recently featured in the Arcare magazine. Impressive work! You can see the artwork featured here:


Tom Gibbs

Art Teacher

Hot Mikado Musical News

Welcome all! 

My name is Mckenzie Morris and with Jonathan Edwards, we are giving updates and comments on the 2018 Hot Mikado Musical, performed by the students of St Andrews Christian College.


My role in the musical is Dance Captain as well as playing 'The Mikado'. I work a lot with the ensemble as a whole as well being part of the featured ensemble. So far the ensemble are smashing the first act of the musical, putting in lots of energy and enthusiasm even when they are tired after school. It's very encouraging seeing all the hard work they put in every week to remember harmonising for big singing numbers, as well as dance and acting moves. We are moving on to the second act in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to see how this show will come together. All of the ensemble encourage and care for each other through every step of the way! This is important as the excitement level of our group is high as we are only 3 months away from when we perform on the 17th and 18th of August. 

Mckenzie Morris

Dance Captain


Hello Parents and teachers, my name is Jonathan Edwards and I am the Performing Arts Captain for St Andrews, as well as playing Pooh-Bah in our upcoming musical. My job is to speak for the cast of the musical, complementing McKenzie’s reports on the chorus. I will be providing interviews with cast members throughout the newsletters leading us up to the musical. Today’s interview is with one of our male leads, Hamish Maudlin who plays Ko-ko, our loveable but bumbling Lord High Executioner. 


Jon: Hello Hamish, welcome to the school newsletter!

Hamish: Glad to be here.

Jon: Number 1, why did you join the musical?

Hamish: I joined the musical for a performance opportunity, to be able to have one final performance in year 12 before I leave.

Jon: Number 2, where did your excitement for musicals come from?

Hamish: I watched a lot of Disney musicals when I was a little kid, and I liked to imagine myself as the characters I saw.

Jon: Number 3, compared to other school musicals you’ve been in, why is “Hot Mikado” going to be the best one yet?

Hamish: “Hot Mikado” is going to be the best musical yet because we have the most dedicated cast who will put in an incredible amount of effort into the show. 

Jon: Number 4, lastly, what would you like to say to the readers of the newsletter about Hot Mikado?

Hamish: Whether you’re a proud parent of one of the cast members or just hearing about this musical now, this show is one NOT to miss. The level of dedication from the cast and crew is what makes these shows so spectacular. Hot Mikado is going to be great!

Jonathan Edwards

Performing Arts Captain


Important Coming Events for Term 2 2018:




  • Monday 28th May – Friday 1st June – Year 7 and 8 Exam Week
  • Tuesday 29th May – Year 5/6 SSV Winter Sport
  • Wednesday 30th May –Year 9/10 CSEN Sport
  • Thursday 31st May - St Andrews Christian College AGM & Board Meeting*
  • Monday 4th June – Thursday 7th June – Year 7 – 11 Exam Week
  • Wednesday 6th June - Year 7/8 CSEN Sport
  • Friday 8th June – Report Writing Day – Student Free Day - NO School for Students
  • Monday 11th June – Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday - No school for Staff or Students
  • Wednesday 13th June – VCE GAT
  • Wednesday 13th June – Year 9/10 CSEN Sport
  • Friday 15th June – Year 5/6 SSV Winter Sport
  • Wednesday 21st June – Year 7/8 CSEN Sport
  • Wednesday 21st June - Interschool Debating (Wesley College)
  • Saturday 23rd June – VCE Formal
  • Monday 25th – Friday 29th June – Year 9 Internal Mock Elections
  • Monday 25th – Friday 29th June – Year 10 Work Experience
  • Wednesday 27th June – Year 9/10 CSEN Sport
  • Thursday 28th June – St Andrews Christian College Board Meeting
  • Friday 29th June – LAST DAY OF TERM 2

* Parents welcome

Term Dates


Term 2: Tuesday 17th April – Friday 29th June 

Term 3: Monday 23rd July – Friday 21st September 

Term 4: Mon 8th October – Tuesday 11th December 

Parents and Friends

Photo: Bunnings BBQ

Mothers' Day Stall

We would like to thank the volunteers for assisting with the Mothers' Day Stall.  The students had a great time selecting gifts for their Mothers', which we are sure were appreciated upon receipt on Mothers' Day.


Bunnings BBQ

Thank you to those Parents and students who volunteered and assisted with the Bunnings BBQ on Saturday, 12th of May. Despite the cool weather, the rain did hold off and the PFA was able to conduct the BBQ which raised funds to be used for future PFA events and activities.


School banking

School Banking takes place on each Tuesday of the School Term.


Please note that the Commonwealth Bank have advised that they only have limited stock of the Secret Scratch Pad reward item from Term 1. 


The other reward items currently available are:

  • Sparkle Glitter Pens – Term 2
  • Glow Light Torch – Term 2
  • Twister Power Handball – Term 1
  • Cyber Handball – 2017
  • Colour change Markers – 2017
  • Tablet Case – 2017
  • Pencil + Tech Case – 2017
  • Smiley Emoji Keyring – 2017
  • Epic Earphones - 2017

The Commonwealth Bank have also advised that they have put new controls in place to prevent a recurrence of the issue recently reported in the news about the practices of some of their staff making deposits to the Youthsaver bank accounts under their banking program in 2013.  The Commonwealth Bank acknowledged that it was a breach of Trust and they have taken steps, such as increasing the minimum deposit to make an account active to $5; in order to ensure that the situation does not repeat in the future.

2nd Hand Uniform Shop

The Second Hand Uniform shop will open from 8:30am - 9:30am each Tuesday during the Term.


The Second Hand Uniform Shop is located in Rembrandts. We are looking for parent volunteers for 2018 who can commit to assisting in the Uniform Shop. Please contact Liz Romney via [email protected]

Icy Pole Friday

Every Friday lunchtime.


Andrew O’Brien
PFA President

Parent Participation Hours

Families can participate by being involved in a variety of activities. During the year, notices will be sent out requesting parent help at various events or activities, for example, helping at sports carnivals, covering library books, icy pole Fridays, 2nd Hand Uniform Shop, PFA events, classroom help or attending working bees.


Parents are required to record the hours they have completed in the Parent Hours Book which is kept in the College office. You will be charged a Parent Participation fee of $250 at the commencement of each year and will be credited at the end of the semester for any work done. You will be credited at a rate of $25 per hour of work completed, up to a maximum of $250 for the year. The time requirement for each family is ten hours per year.

Term 2 2018 PFA Events

  • Thursday 21st June - Food Day
  • Entertainment Books Fundraiser

2018 PFA Executive Committee

President:                     Andrew O’Brien

Vice President:            Sally Wade

Secretary:                      Lesley Goh

Treasurer:                     Jean Lee

Assistant Treasurer:   Eric Chen

Email:                              [email protected]

Senior School

Photo: St Andrews Year 10 & 11 students at the Gifted and Talented Senior Student Conference. L-R: Chloe Chandraraj, Danica Dreyer, Ella Cassidy, Jerry Cheng, Ben Audet, Rachael Song, Amy Muggeridge and Amber Swank.

Women in Leadership

Min Hyun - Year 9

So, realistically if I asked you to say the first thing that came to your mind if you heard “Women in Leadership”, what would it be?


It could be a lot of things, Singers (Beyoncé, for one) and actors might be one of the first. Or any occupation that women can fill, which isn’t limited these days. Or if you keep up with social media it could be an overly-offended “feminist”.


Regardless, there is a range of different ways that women can be seen as leaders – the only obstacle is getting there.


Signing up was…. interesting. to say the least. Most of us were expecting a long, boring lecture – nothing fun. Instead, we had girls from several schools attend which felt like a casual get-together! We had a speaker from St Andrews (Mrs Hughes) and Ashley from ‘Gather and Feast’ – both of whom had excellent points to share.


Turns out, women in leadership isn’t just having positions of power (though it can be if you want), but really it's more focussed on learning how to achieve what you want, following your passions.


For those who have faith, it might mean relying and trusting God to lead them wherever they need to be, however obscure or twisted it might be.


But it wasn’t all about listening and learning. Oh no.


You know what was strange? As humans, were all individually different. You had people with all kinds of backgrounds, interests, passion and personalities. Yet we all got along. Can’t speak for all of us, ‘course, but I personally made several new friends and had plenty of fun. People are strange and weird in the best of ways, I find. I’ll keep what I learnt from this in the back of my head. Not to forget, but to remember and utilise when the time comes. It might be years before I need to think back, or it could be today because there’ll always be opportunities for leadership in my life.


Chloe Chandraraj - Year 11

Last week a group of senior school girls had the privilege of going to the “Women in Leadership” event, hosted by our school. Having gone last year, I knew it was a very thought provoking and useful conference, challenging me to think about the person I was and how I was portraying myself. This year did not fail to inspire us either- we were blessed to listen to multiple amazing speakers, with one standing out in particular. Ashley Alexander from “Gather and Feast” an 'instagram famous' entrepreneur, spoke to us about how she set up how own food business through social media platforms. She talked about the challenges she faced and the doubt she had about herself and her program, telling us how she got through that and how we would be able to too. This day definitely spoke to me and uncovered many questions that I had not thought about- I am so glad I went, I would encourage every senior girl to go next year if they got the chance!


Big Ideas, Bright Minds

Gifted and Talented Senior Student Conference

It was a privilege to accompany our incredible Yr 10 and 11 students to the Gifted and Talented Senior Student Conference. The purpose of this study day was to inspire, to challenge, to encourage and to empower our students. This Conference is a state event, and is a part of the largest series of national conferences in Australasia and the UK. The atmosphere was truly unique and it was an honour to be involved, to listen to the world-class distinguished academics and Victoria’s bright, striving and academically gifted students. The presentations included, ‘Logic’ and ‘What Dreams May Come?’ by Julie Arliss, ‘A Gold Medal Mindset’ by Jeffrey Hodges and ‘Rock in 11 Dimensions’ by Dr. Mark Lewney. In particular, I enjoyed the debate: ‘This house believes that everyone should tell the truth all the time’ between the two presenters, Julie Arliss and Jeffrey Hodges. The debate was impressive, but the best was still to come. Following the debate, seven bright and courageous students came to the microphone to share their point of view, and two of them were St Andrews students - Rachael Song and Amy Muggeridge! The girls were truly inspirational; they spoke about their Christian perspective on the concept of ‘Truth’ and were the only students who argued that we should always tell the truth. Once again, what an honour it was to attend an event like this. Indeed, “a mind stretched by an idea will never be the same again...”

Irena Yevlahova

Senior School Teacher


On Friday the 18th of May, a few others and myself were privileged with the opportunity to attend a philosophy conference that took place at Camberwell Grammar School. The day consisted of five different lecture style talks by 3 different speakers: Julie Arliss who spoke on logic in her first talk and the possibilities of life after death in her second, Jeffrey Hodges who spoke about putting yourself in the best position now to achieve future success and lastly Dr Mark Lewney- a professional physicist who explores and shared with us his theories on the nature of reality through string theory and the science of electric guitars.


The day was extremely beneficial in the way that throughout the talks the speakers introduced and solidified ideas and tactics on how to filter and then further draw from and analyse the facts of any given situation in a post-modern and post-truth world. My favourite talk of the day (although this decision could have gone anyway) was the talk on life after death. The speaker, Julie Arliss, spoke in a purely educational way. She presented the multiple differing perspectives without bias, drawing from different sources and analysing them just as she showed us in her first talk on inducting and deducting and then making inferences from the evidence. She also provided an (unheard of before by myself) scientific feasibility of life after death from a Christian perspective; often we explain our perspective of life after through faith and belief, (which of course is very relevant) but it was interesting to see a scientist and philosopher’s perspective and the drawn conclusion that from a Christian perspective, life after death is in fact feasible. From this talk I learnt the most relevant information, to me that I know will come in handy when informing and explaining and proving my own points not only in the topic of life after death, but in any conversation or presentation that I may be involved in.


Overall the conference was an experience that brought a unique bout of information that I hadn’t been subjected to yet. From here on I continue with new skills under my belt that I believe can and will further investigative skills and broaden perspectives on new topics.      

Rachael Song 10H

The conference provided a fantastic opportunity to explore big ideas of philosophy, religion and science. I particularly enjoyed Ms Arliss’ keynote on classical logic. Her wonderful insight has encouraged me to approach research and inquiry in an analytical and methodical way. Another highlight was Dr Lewney’s exploration of science’s big questions with an electric guitar. I liked his cover of Bohemian Rhapsody.   

Jerry Cheng 11E

Last week I went to Camberwell Grammar for a philosophy conference with a group of Yr10s and Yr11s. I wasn’t really sure what to expect as I was not really familiar with the concept of ‘philosophy’. We listened to multiple speakers throughout the day and I can genuinely say I learnt a lot and was intrigued by what they said. The speaker who stood out the most to me was Julie Arliss, who spoke about the concept of logic- how to classify it, how to determine whether something is a fact or not and how the human mind works concerning information it hears. I would definitely say I am a lot more informed on this topic and will definitely pursue learning more about it!

Chloe Chandraraj 11F



Careers News

Please find attached the recent St Andrews Careers Newsletter.

If you have a question about a topic featured in the Careers Newsletter, please contact Careers Coordinator Mrs Irena Yevlahova

 [email protected]


Irena Yevlahova

Careers Coordinator


Middle School

Photo: Year 7 Camp

Interschool debating

On 10th May, Sarah Farmer, Sophia Tran and Reese Firme of Year 8 took part in an evening debate against three Year 9 students from Glen Waverley Secondary College. The topic was, "That we should ban gambling advertising," and the St Andrews team argued the negative position. In delivering the verdict - a clear win to St Andrews - the adjudicator praised our students for considering multiple angles of the topic and for responding effectively to arguments made by the other team. Sarah Farmer was best speaker on the night.

Congratulations, girls!


Daniel Broadbridge

Debating Coordinator

Year 8s at Hanging Rock

Fieldwork is an important skill that provides a wonderful opportunity for students to study Geography outside the classroom. It is a fundamental aspect of Geography to engage students and develop a deep understanding of geographical processes and enquiry skills.

On 14 May, the Year 8 students went on a fieldtrip to Hanging Rock, following the completion of the topic, “Mountain Landscapes”, in Term 1.  The aim of this fieldtrip was to investigate the natural and human changes in the Hanging Rock region.


While at the location, students were actively engaged in observing the environment and recording their observations, as well as taking photographs and drawing annotated field sketches to present as evidence in their reports.

It was a glorious, sunny day, and in addition to learning firsthand about mountain landscapes, students had great fun climbing to the summit,

appreciating the spectacular views and finally finishing off with a Picnic at Hanging Rock.


Rajes Krishnan

Middle School Teacher

Year 7 Camp

The Year 7s spent a week at the beautiful Forest Edge Campsite recently.


The camp focused on developing them personally, developing their friendships, developing leadership skills and enjoying the bush, the food and the fire.

When asked what was the best thing about camp their answers vary widely from the initiative games to team challenges, from high ropes to the food and the free time with friends.


Whichever way you look at it everyone agrees, it was a great camp!


Middle School Artists

Middle School Artists have been very busy this term experimenting with the inspiring Kinetic Art of Mako Fujimura and Jackson Pollock; Synthetic Cubism portraits with Pablo Picasso; and the fluid glass designs of Dale Chihuly. 

I have been impressed by each student’s willingness to try a new expressive way of creating abstract art, working well with others in a group project and continuing to develop sketching and design skills. 

Middle School art was on display on Tuesday’s ensemble concert in Rembrandt’s.  It was such a fantastic way to showcase and celebrate the incredible skill of our St Andrew’s artists!! Please also pop into the Innovation Centre to view this term’s marvellous student work!  

I’m so proud of all my students.

Marina Heading

Art Teacher

Year 7 – A Year of Opportunities!

(Part 5)

In the previous newsletters, we introduced a series where Year 7 students of 2017 will be advising the 2018 Year 7 students on some essential skills to make this a successful year.

Lawrence Qi

This year, I had learnt many things that I wish I had learned before Year 7. I learned that writing essays well takes a lot of time, studying for tests helps you to get good marks, bringing all books to class for each subject is important, keeping your locker clean and tidy is harder than it seems, and the importance of remembering all the work I need to do.


Writing essays is time-consuming for me, because I need to think of reasons, ideas and arguments that make a decent amount of sense. I also need to write a plan, which basically comes down to planning the essay in dot points. This method works fairly efficiently.


Studying for tests is not something I like, because it takes a large amount of time to read through my huge text books and write down summaries (on a piece of paper which I will eventually lose…).  It is nevertheless necessary to study if I want a decent score on a test. Usually I study for the test when I am about a week away from it, but if I have extra time, I will use it to study more. Exams are different, though, and I use all the time I can find to study for them.


Remembering which books I need for each class, is pretty easy for me. The hard part is getting to the class on time! I need to get to the locker bay, unlock my locker, read through my timetable, sift through my books for the right ones, lock my locker and run to my class. I usually manage all of this on time, but when I am coming from the MPH, Art or Rembrandts, I might be a little late.


Keeping my locker tidy is pretty hard, as I have no filing system to keep books and things in order. I try to clean out my locker at least once a term, so I can get rid of loose sheets of paper, rubbish and things like that.


I have learnt that keeping track of all the work one needs to do, is kind of hard if you are disorganised and have a messy locker. An important piece of paper might fall out of my book and end up at the bottom of my locker, and then I need to look for it so that I can finish it.


In conclusion, I have learnt many new skills in Year 7, that will serve me well for the rest of my school career.


Lawrence Qi

Year 8 Student

Emily Adams

In Year 7, we have learnt many important things in Science, Biblical Studies, Drama and Sport.


In Science, we learnt about the Bunsen burner in Term 1. This was very important, as it was fun to learn about and do experiments with the Bunsen burner. There were also many other exciting things to learn in Science, for instance learning about animals and how they live, classification and different types of animal kingdoms; and about solids, liquids and gases.


In Biblical Studies we learnt about saying “yes” to God, how not to judge people, how to look out for one another and how to love one another. The most important thing out of all of this was how not to judge people. When you judge people by the way they look, smell, dress, eat and do things, it hurts them. If we encourage people and say nice things about them, they will feel loved and know that people care about them.


In Year 7 we also learnt a lot in Drama. We have done many awesome and fun things in Drama, like acting, singing and dancing. The best things I have learnt in Drama is to always have fun, use a loud voice when performing, give your best, and always have a go. I have been having so much fun in Drama.


One last thing I learnt in Year 7, was to play soccer. In Sport, we did a few weeks of soccer. At first I wasn’t so good at it, but now I am starting to get better. I have learnt to dribble the ball, to juggle, and many other skills. It was so much fun learning to be better at soccer.


In conclusion, Year 7 has been a big year of learning new things that I had not learnt before. It has been a year of challenges to face and conquer. I cannot wait to learn more new things in the years ahead.


Emily Adams

Year 8 Student

Junior School

Photo: Kew Traffic School

Fun in Prep

This week, the Prep students have been reading and writing the words “ king” and “queen”, as they are learning the sounds and letters “k” and “qu”. We decided to make our own queen and king crowns. Mrs Jones had the great idea of using coloured cellophane to make jewels. The Prep children loved making and of course, wearing their beautiful crowns!

This photo shows the students from Prep S wearing their crowns on Tuesday. The students from Prep J made and wore their crowns home on Monday (and we forgot to take a photo)!


Sonia Sires and Gaye Jones

Prep Teachers

Mothers' Day

Mothers' Day was celebrated in the Prep classrooms with an afternoon tea. The students prepared some food and gifts which they had great delight in sharing with their mothers. They also shared some of the reasons why they love their Mum. Because she loves me! Because she cooks for me! Because she teaches me! Because she tucks me into bed at night! Because she plays games with me! Because she hugs and kisses me! We praise God for the wonderful gift of Mothers!

Kew Traffic School

The Year 1s recently went on an excursion to Kew Traffic School.  Year 1s enjoyed learning all about road safety as part of the Year 1 Health program.

"It was the best day if my life!" (Year 1 student)


Year 1 Teachers

Year 1 Robots

In Maths this week, Year 1s created fabulous 3D robots using recyclable 3D shapes!  Also, here are some of their amazing 3D robot drawings!


Mrs Lepileo

Year 1 Teacher


Year 1 Stories

The Year 1 students were given the beginning of a story. They then had to be creative and write an ending for it. Here is what some of them came up with.


Simpson the Slug

One day a slug called Simpson woke from his sleep. He slowly got out of bed, but it took him all day. His friends tried to make him go faster. They invented a go faster device. The device exploded!


Then POOF! His friends had launched him into the sky! The device had exploded him into the air. He had landed in someone’s garden. It was a slug’s garden. Then a slug came into the garden. The slug’s name was Bethany and she liked Simpson very much. The pair got married and they lived happily ever after. Macsen Teng 1O


He landed in a park. He liked the park and played there. He saw lots of houses. He walked around the houses and around the world. He was very, very slow! Livia Abraham 1O


He landed in the city. He saw lots of people there. Then he saw a giant sky wheel. He was so excited that he went on it. He loved it so much that he wanted to live there, but it was too hot. He dug a hole in the sand and slept for a long time. He played and slept and then woke up. It had all been a dream!  Michelle Chen 1O


Chantel Rodger

Year 1 Teacher


Year 2 Mont De Lancey

The Year 2 students enjoyed a wonderful excursion at Mont De Lancey. 

We learned some wonderful things about the olden days - how they lived, how the learned, what school was like and the different toys that were played with. 


We had a great day albeit the cold! 


Year 2N and 2H 

Construction Club

Every Monday lunchtime, in Room 2H, several creative students come and enjoy “Construction Club”. Nancy and Karen made this beautiful tea set (from recycled goodies) and then enjoyed a quiet cup and tea!

All Year 3 students are welcome to enjoy this activity on Monday lunchtimes.


Year 2 students are busy constructing in Room 3A on Thursday lunchtime too.


Sonia Sires

Extra-Curricular Activities Coordinator


Photo: CSEN Swimming Champions Carnival

CSEN Swimming Champions Carnival

Our swim team went off to compete at the CSEN Swimming Champions Carnival at MSAC recently. Only the top swimmers in each event qualify to compete there. Last year we took 12 swimmers, this year 25!

Everyone swam really well and did St Andrews proud. Special mention to Lauren Carline (Yr7) for qualifying for the Victorian Swim Championships as a representative on the combined CSEN School’s Team.

Lots of medals around their necks and lots of tired swimmers as we bring the swim season to a close.


Steve Mellody

Head of Sport and PE

Soccer News

Here is Year 7 and 8 who drew 5-5 with Lighthouse College and the Year 9 and 10 team have lost 4-0 to Lighthouse and 3-2 to Chairo !! But for the first time we are hosting our own games at Egan Lee Reserve on Wednesday afternoons thanks to Knox City Soccer Club.

Andrew Farmer

PE Teacher

Soccer League

The Soccer League gathers momentum with 8 St Andrews teams between the ages of year 3-8 and two other teams from Bayswater South battling it out at Knox Regional Football Centre on  Thursday 3:30-4:30pm for six weeks. The Soccer Club has another 30+ players from Years 5 and 6 playing on a Tuesday after school this term. All teams are filled now for Term 2 but keep your eyes peeled for many more soccer opportunities to come ! Watch out for The World Cup beginning in Russia on June 14 and we hope to have our own soccer day towards the end of Term 2.


Andrew Farmer

PE Teacher

SSV Cross Country

The school finished seventh in the SSV Wantirna District Cross Country event last Friday. 48 students from Years 4, 5 and 6 ran against 15 other schools over 2 and 3km course around Knox Athletics stadium. Keep practising and keep up the fitness work as the CSEN Cross Country is still to come in Term 3.

Andrew Farmer

PE Teacher

AFL Clinics

The PE Department has booked a series of football clinics with the Magpies in school program from Collingwood FC. The club is working with Year 5-8 students and as part of the program some of the students will be visiting MCG in early June for a Collingwood v Freemantle game.


Andrew Farmer

PE Teacher


Photo: Generations in Jazz

Generations in Jazz

On Friday the 4th of May students from St Andrews were loaded up onto a bus to head to Mount Gambier in South Australia to attend the annual Generation in Jazz competition. This is a national competition for schools run by world renown musicians such James Morrison and members from the Idea of North.


This is the fourth year St Andrews has attended, and over 30 students from 3 vocal ensembles were competing at the festival. Our groups started preparing for the weekend in term four last year, so a lot of effort and dedication goes into learning and refining the pieces we present. 

Another part of the weekend were the concerts held both evenings, where we had the amazing opportunity to watch musicians and bands from around the world such as The Cat Empire, Patti Austin, Shannon Barnett and James Morison. This was an amazing chance for us to get to listen to musicians make great music, and we all came away from the weekend excited and inspired to start learning new pieces.


A huge thank you to Helen Metcalfe and Tom Gibbs for coming along and supporting the students over the course of the weekend. 


Luke Batty

Head of Music

Ensembles Concert

 On Tuesday the 22nd of May the various groups and bands from St Andrews Christian College came together for our first Ensembles Extravaganza concert for 2018. 


The Night opened with the Senior Worship Band setting the mood for the rest of the concert with a stirring rendition of “Who You Say I Am”. After this there were a range of groups from string ensembles through the concert band and choirs presenting the pieces that they had been working on throughout the year. 

One highlight was hearing both of the Year 5 bands led by Helen Metcalfe  perform for the first time in public after receiving their instruments only 10 short weeks ago.


A huge thank you to our instrumental teachers who helped out on the night Wen Hui Wong, Ryan Chin, Rebekah Ho, Lydia Lim, Dorcas Lim and Matthew Todd. Also a big thank you to the Year 11 Theatre Studies class for MC’ing and running the tech for the concert. 


Luke Batty

Head of Music


Photo: Library

Library News

 Library Staff: Lynne Marks, Joanne Edwards, Wai-Peng Heath


Junior Library

Lunchtime Monday


Middle/ Senior Library:

Before School:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays: Open from 8.15 am

During School:

Monday to Friday: Recess and Lunch

After School:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays until 4pm.

Wednesdays until 3.45pm.


 Email:  [email protected]


There is still time to participate in Scholastics May reading challenge. See for more details and for entry into the draw. The closing date is 10th June, 2018.

National Reconciliation Week

National reconciliation Week takes place from 27th May to 3rd June. The theme for this year is “Don’t keep history a mystery.” The aim is for Australians to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures. The dates are significant as May 27th marks the successful 1967 referendum, changing how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders were referred to in the Australian Constitution. The 3rd June was the date of the Mabo decision. To find out more about Reconciliation Week and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture visit


Our library has some resources for students to learn more about this.



New artwork from Middle School in the Senior Library

Inspired by Yellana James


Please visit the Senior Library to learn more about each of these artists. You will also be able to see more of these wonderful artworks.

Inspired by   Dale Chihuly  



Inspired by Jackson Pollock and Mako Fujimura


Accelerated Reader News

The Library has added the following series to the Accelerated Reader Collection.


For Year 4 and up:


 Pony Tales by Bernadette Kelly                                      

Fairy tale twists by Katie Dale

 The Chocolate Lab by Eric Luper      


For Year 5 and up:

The following series are now complete.

Theodore Boone by John Grisham (Mystery)

In the small city of Strattenburg, there are many lawyers, and though he's only thirteen years old, Theo Boone thinks he's one of them. Theo knows every judge, policeman, court clerk—and a lot about the law. He dreams of being a great trial lawyer, of a life in the courtroom. 
But Theo finds himself in court much sooner than expected. Because he knows so much—maybe too much—he is suddenly dragged into the middle of a sensational murder trial. A cold-blooded killer is about to go free, and only Theo knows the truth.


The Missing by Margaret Peterson Haddix (Science Fiction)  

When thirteen-year-olds Jonah and Chip, who are both adopted, find out that they were discovered on a plane that appeared out of nowhere, full of babies with no adults on board, they realize that they have uncovered a mystery involving time travel and two opposing forces, each trying to capture them.


Library Staff

Community Notices

Newsletter 5

This section of our newsletter is to give our families information about programs being run by organisations outside of the school which may interest our school families.

These organisations are not endorsed by St Andrews Christian College.

Foster Care Info Session for Parents & Teachers

We are running a foster care information session in your area in June and we were wondering if your school would be kind enough to include a short blurb/advert in your school newsletter or on your Facebook page/group time permitting?

We are desperately short of foster carers and your school’s support will assist us greatly in recruiting new carers and supporting vulnerable children.

St Andrews Christian College
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