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22 July 2019
Issue Four
From The Principal Class
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Soccer Academy: Kanga Cup
GEMS 2019 Conference
Instrumental Music
VCAL Structured Work Placement
Sport Report
Astronomy at Taylors Lakes SC
Year 10 - Teen Aid
Healthy Bones: Milkshake Week
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From The Principal Class

Welcome to Term 3

Welcome back to all staff and students for Semester 2. I hope everyone has had a chance for a break and that we are all ready to go for the next 10 weeks. A particular welcome to the following staff who take up positions this term:

  • Georgia Rizzoli - Student Counsellor
  • Nisha Gandhi - Mathematics Intervention/Improvement
  • Richard Williamson - English/Humanities

We also welcome back Danielle Thomas and Jessica Skogstad who return from leave and will be based in the English/Humanities teacher workspace. 


Mr Matthew Karipoglou will take up the position of Year 10 Level Leader for the remainder of the year and Mr Julian Anfuso will take up the Year Level Leader ( Year 8) for this term.   

End of Semester Reports

End of semester reports are now available to download from Compass for students and parents. 

  • Reports will include a list of major assessment tasks for each subject, a description of the task and grade awarded.
  • They will include a percentage of attendance for each subject, a graph of student work habits in each class, and a teacher judgement rating for the student against the Victorian Curriculum state-wide five point scale for students in Years 7-10.
  • There will be no descriptive comments included as these have been previously recorded on learning tasks saved to Compass as each task was completed throughout the semester.

It is important to remember that student reports provide students, teachers and parents with a clear and concise picture of a student’s achievement and progress at a point in time. Teachers make informed and consistent decisions about student progress against the achievement standards using a variety of assessments and observations to inform their judgement. They map the student’s learning against the achievement standards, and place the student on the learning continuum, that best reflect the student’s level of performance and progress.


The Victorian Curriculum is structured as a single developmental learning continuum and is organised by levels not years of schooling. The curriculum consists of Towards Foundation Levels A to D and Levels Foundation to 10. All curriculum areas have achievement standards, describing what students are able to understand and do.

All students progress along the learning continuum at their own rate and from their own starting point. Teachers provide learning opportunities to support the learning for all students, including those students with additional learning needs or a disability. 


I encourage all parents and guardians to read through the reports, and discuss with your children how they have gone, and what they can do in Term 3 to improve. Regardless of how good the report is, there are always things which can be improved.

Year 12 VTAC Information Evening

A reminder that all parents of  Year 12 students are invited to the College on Tuesday August 13th 2019 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. This evening is an opportunity to learn more about the VTAC process

and new requirements for the 2020 tertiary selection entry.  After the information session there will be time to ask questions to help you further understand the process. We hope to see you all here! Please contact the Careers Leader if you have any questions.

Student Course Counselling

Our course counselling program has begun for this year with Year 9 and 10 sessions already commenced last term and this term. These sessions have provided students the opportunity to explore their interests and learn more about career options. Students were also provided with resources to support them during this proces. On Wednesday July 24th 2019, a parent information evening will be held at the College. All students and parents are expected to attend the session to receive their handbooks, interview times  and other individual support material.  The arrangements for the night will be:

- 6:00 pm   Year 9 Course Information Session in the SPACE

- 6:30pm   Year 10 Course Information Session in the Library

- 7:00pm   Year 11 Course Information Session in the SPACE

- 6:30pm   Year 9, 10 and 11 LEAP Course Information Session in H12


This will then be followed up with individual course interviews over the following weeks, where each student will be allocated a course advisor and an appointment time. Parents and encourage to attend these interviews as well. All students in Years 9 to 11 are asked to seek support from their course advisors and Careers team over this period of time to accurately select subjects that will support their future pathway aspirations. We will then use the information gathered to start planning for 2020, including timetable construction and staffing. Thanks to the Careers team and the course advisors for their work with the students.

Staff Professional Learning Day

This will occur on Monday August 5th 2019. Regular classes will not be operating on this day. Staff will be involved in a range of professional learning activities centred around the work on instruction and curriculum planning. This professional learning for staff will also complement the work in the last staff PD day in Term 2. A major focus for the day will be on the instructional practice in line with the Victorian Curriculum, including Literacy and Numeracy. 

What's coming up this term?

Lots of student activities are continually planned for the remainder of this term for our students but we have a few major events coming up in the next few weeks.

  • Mito High School Visit - Week 2 (Thursday  July 25th)
  • Course Counselling Days - Year 9, 10, 11 - Week 3 (July 31st - August 2nd)
  • Professional Learning Day - Week 4 (Monday August 4st)
  • Year 9 Camp - Week 6 (Wednesday August 21st – Friday August 23rd)
  • Italian Homestay Program - Week 8 (September 2nd – 6th)
  • College Production - Week 9 (September 10th  - September 13th)
  • Year 10 Gold Coast Tour/Alternative Week - Week 10 (September 16th-September 20th)

Student Success

Congratulations to Saoirse’s Anderson, a former student at Taylors Lakes SC, who was awarded the Outstanding Graduate Student Award at Victoria University last month.

What an achievement from Saoirse!  It’s not an easy thing to receive this honour.  We are all very proud of her and hope she experiences every success she deserves! 

and finally...

Thank you to all of you, as parents, who ensure that your children follow the uniform requirements and arrive on time for school each day.  We expect students to be in class, ready to learn on the second bell.  A reminder to parents and students to notify the College for approval when going on a family holiday or when seeking approval for the student's absence from school for an extended period of time. Please note not all requests will be approved, especially for students in Years 11 and 12. Students will need to meet VCAA and College requirements to satisfactory meet the outcome of the study.


We wish everyone a successful Term 3.


Danny Dedes

On Behalf of Assistant Principals - Rick Hudson, Sasha Mildenhall, louisa Norwood and Theresa Burlak.

Alpine School News

Alpine School

Our team of Year 9 students have been working hard up at the School for Student Leadership (SSL). They have been planning their Community Learning Project to roll out back at school, enjoyed Parent Visiting weekend and lots of snow (learning how to ski)  and went on their second expedition. Here's an update from Abbey Blakeborough:


Last week we went on our second expedition. It was over 2 nights and 3 days and one of the best things I have ever done. There has been a large amount of snow that has come through which made this expedition 10 times different to our first one. On our first one we hiked over 22km in 2 days. On our second expo we skied and snow shoed the entire time. On our first day we reached where we would be base camping in just under 5 hours. It was hard especially on the ski's because we weren't quite used to the soft snow surface. Once we got there I probably underestimated just how cold it was going to be for us over the next couple of days. During the day it was reaching no higher than -1, so at night we were very cold.


A highlight from this expo was probably getting to ski on JB plain. JB plain is a massive open area with a slight slope where we could have a muck around and a ski. The view from JB plain was also something that our group will never forget.

Another memorable experience was going on a night ski. The 2 nights we were there at night the stars were really bright and we barley even needed a torch to see. The night ski was one of my favorite parts because I am never going to get to experience that again and never with the people who I have met since being here.

On the second night we went up to Dead Timber Hill lookout. It was so cool because from the lookout you could see all of Hotham, Mt. Feathertop and parts of Mt. Buffalo. On the last day the ski back to school was only 50 minutes. We reduced the time from just under 5 hours to 50 minutes. Expo has and forever will be one of the best things I have ever been fortunate enough to do and experience. In 3 days we learnt a lot about our group and about our surroundings. Before coming here I had never even seen snow, and I'm lucky enough to be living in it!

School for Student Leadership Completion


Congratulations and welcome back to our team of Year 9 students who attended 9 weeks at the School for Student Leadership (Dinner Plain Campus). The students presented their proposed Community Learning Project (CLP) to a group of school teachers, principals and community members. The team did a great job and are to be congratulated on their passion, commitment and enthusiasm whilst attending the School for Student Leadership school. The CLP will also be presented to our local school community via assemblies and compass/newsletter.


Josephine Postema

SSL Liaison Teacher

Student Pathway Support Leader

Soccer Academy: Kanga Cup

Kanga Cup Canberra 2019

Another successful Kanga Cup for our under 15 boys in Canberra over the term break!

Fielding a younger squad in comparison to the teams we faced during the tournament we could not be prouder of the way our boys conducted themselves on and off the pitch, the courage and determination they showed and the relationships they formed on and off the field with their peers and teachers will last a lifetime as well as the memories to be remembered forever. We always strive to develop the person but also the player and the experiences these boys will take away from this trip are invaluable!


Once again the week was action packed on and off the pitch and had a bit of everything. From highs to lows, great wins to tough defeats, team bonding activities to game analysis sessions, very funny player initiations to huge card tournaments at the hotel.

With a series of very promising performances across 5 games the team unfortunately missed out on a spot in the semi-finals. The team ended the tournament with a convincing win on Thursday morning which saw them rewarded for the hard work they put in all week.

All players should be congratulated on their efforts with a special mention to the following players:

Top Goal Scorer: Filip C (8 Goals)
Player Player of the tournament: Filip C

Coaches Award: Fernando M

We would like to thank all the families and teachers who came to Canberra to support the boys and the camp.

We look forward to future teams continuing on the tradition and attending the Kanga Cup in 2020. Much to look forward to! ⚽️


Bobbie Gagovski

Soccer Academy Leader


Dance Soiree Evening


On Thursday the 20th of June, students in the Dance Program participated in the Soiree performance. The students presented a range of individual and small group routines, created independently, with some teacher assistance. Each student performed with a sense of confidence, excitement and enthusiasm. The performances demonstrated the skills and techniques studied in Dance lessons throughout the semester, as well as the students’ creativity and artistry.


The evening was hosted by Emelye E

and Jazzy D of  Year 8, presenting the audience with information about each dancer.

The Dance Soiree was a great success, with each student overcoming nerves and achieving success. Thank you to all of the staff, students and parents, who attended on the night, and provided the students with generous applause. We look forward to the annual Showcase in Term 4, where our groups and ensembles will take to the stage!

Louisa D'Ortenzio

Dance Teacher

GEMS 2019 Conference

GEMS 2019

In collaboration with Toyota Australia, Ecolinc recently held the GEMS 2019 Conference last term.

 A group of girls from our school had the chance to engage with and learn from several exceptional female role models within STEM through the two day conference, expanding our understanding of STEM.


The first day of the GEMS 2019 conference was held at Toyota’s Centre of Excellence. The day included discussion activities. After being introduced into what was going to happen in the next two days there was a presentation by Jessica Vos from NASA, smaller discussions with women with inspiring stories, an interactive panel where women from the different parts of the STEM industry told us about their experiences, a visit to City West Water and a careers expo.

The second day was at Ecolinc’s Science and Technology Innovations Centre. The day’s activities were filled with more practical workshops. Like the previous day there was a presentation, the presentation was by Dr Sue Cook, a glaciologist from the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperation Research Centre. We also did two workshops, the workshops I did were creating bioplastic and an escape room. The bioplastic activity gave me a thorough insight on how different resources impact on the earth and the escape room challenged my problem solving and collaborative skills and my ability to work under pressure. Later in the day, in small groups, we met a few women from the STEM industry specific to our interests and created inspirational quotes. The GEMS 2019 conference ended with an evaluation where Ecolinc launched a new online careers portal.


The highlights of the GEMS 2019 Conference for me included the presentation by Jessica Vos from NASA and the careers expo. The presentation was truly inspiring, the thought of being a part of NASA seemed so farfetched from my perspective but through the presentation I learned that if you’re passionate about something and work hard you’re able to achieve anything. The careers expo gave us the opportunity to explore possible pathways and also meet with women in the industry of STEM. Overall it was a wonderful experience.


Kathleen Li      9K

Instrumental Music

Mid Year Instrumental Music Concert

On the evening of May 30th, the cream of Taylors Lakes instrumental music students showcased their talent at the Mid-Year Instrumental Music Concert.  The event featured students performing in ensembles and bands, providing a platform for the immensely diverse range of instruments and styles offered in the program. 


The Instrumental Music Concert is only one of the many Performing Arts events staged throughout the school calendar.  Next will be the Instrumental Music Soirees staged over a couple of nights towards the end of Term 3, and the end-of-year Instrumental Music and Dance Concerts in Term 4.


Instrumental Music and Dance is a large and continually growing program offered by Taylors Lakes Secondary College comprising of  more than 200 enrolments.   Instrumental tuition is available for guitar, bass guitar, piano, voice, saxophone, clarinet, violin, and drums.

Dance classes are offered in the styles of classical, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop.  Some places for some instruments are available for semester 2. 


For all inquiries, please contact the school’s Instrumental Music and Dance Leader.


Ric Di Clemente

Instrumental Music and Dance Leader

VCAL Structured Work Placement

Melbourne Polytechnic

My name is Jessica, I am a VCAL Intermediate (Year 11) student who is currently undertaking VET Acting (Screen) and undertook a Structured Work placement at Melbourne Polytechnic in Prahan at the David Williamson Theatre. I helped and observed around the theatre whilst they were in the process of rehearsing and performing a live production show of “All of Us or None”.


I developed an interest in theatre and performing with my experiences with the Taylors Lakes Secondary College Production of Grease as a lead. I also participated in the Theatresports Challenge alongside other schools in Victoria, (expanding on my improvisation skills). I also undertook work experience for a couple of days at The Regent Theatre when “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” the musical was on. I have participated in two productions with Taylors Lakes Secondary College; “Bye Bye Birdie” and as mentioned, “Grease”. I am currently a lead role in the upcoming school production of the “The Addams Family”.


I am passionate about the performing arts and hope to pursue it as a career. I want to expand my horizons in learning about behind the scenes and being on stage and the performance process.


Overtime, these experiences have enabled me to see all of the hard work and dedication that is required to reach my dream in life of being involved in the performing arts. The importance of lighting and sound areas, the backstage crew constantly moving of props to change the scene, the hard work involving the hair and makeup and the costume department for making and supplying the actors with different outfits depending on the scene to fit them.


Some of the things I learnt were that everyone works together creating an effective team involving the actors, directors, lighting, sound crew and backstage people required to bring the whole show together. Timing is everything to keep the performance flowing and not rushed. In addition, all of the actors taught me different ways to help with vocal warmups and physical warmups to be ready for a show. Collaboration and communication in theatre are important in building a solid foundation in the theatre, as well as character building and having fun.


It has been so much enjoyable observing and learning about the specifics in theatre and the hard work, commitment and dedication it takes to be in a production, theatre group and being involved in the backstage crew. Especially having an opportunity to work beside and close to the director and the scriptwriter.


On my last day at Melbourne Polytechnic I had an amazing opportunity to watch the entire show and it was magnificent. All of the actors have put a lot of hard work and dedication to learn lines and sing their songs and it turned out to be an excellent show. This interesting and educational experience will be one that I will never forget I would definitely encourage others to pursue if you are passionate about theater, and I would certainly do it again.


Jessica Cachia-Wrigley - Year 11


Undertaking part of their vocational education and training in the workplace provides students with the opportunity to learn in a real work environment


Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) is on-the-job training that allows school students to develop their work skills and understand employer expectations. SWL is offered to students undertaking the VET program as part of their VCE or VCAL studies, including School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs).  

SWL placements opportunities as mentioned in Jessica’s experience are beneficial in enabling the students the opportunity to enhance their exploration of their pathway prospects, which in turn will foster a positive pathway experience.


Agnes Fenech

Pathway Advisor

Sport Report

Year 7 Boys Soccer

We would like to congratulate our year 7 boys on winning the Keilor Division Inter-school sports competition at Keilor Park. 

On a rainy and gloomy day the boys put in some fantastic performances to beat Kings Park 7-0, Gilson 5-0 and Keilor Downs 5-1 in the final. 
We wish the boys good luck at the Western Metro Round in a couple weeks! 

Year 7 Interschool Sport -Soccer

During the last month of term our Year 7 soccer team participated in Interschool sports versing schools within the region. Our soccer team was unbeatable. The first Round of games were played on a very wet and windy day, this didn’t stop our team pressing and advancing to the final and winning the final.


The next round was versing schools from the Western Metro Region, it was a sunny day. After playing 3 games , we won the Grand Final and our school team was presented with the Western Region Champions flag ready to move onto the next challenge.


The reason why we did so well is because we work really hard together as a team. It doesn’t matter who scores in the games we motivate each other and communicate all together, as long as we work together we win. We travel on the bus together and celebrate together on the field. We do everything together. That’s why we are good because we are a team! We have come a long way and we can go all the way.

Scores of Round 1:                                                         Scores of Region Games:

Game 1: Win against Kings Park 7-0                                Game 1: Win against Strathmore 3-1

Game 2: Win against Gilson 5-0                                      Game 2: Draw against Maribyrnong 2-2

Game 3: Final- Win against KDC 5-1                                 Game 3: Win against Bacchus Marsh 5-0

Final: Win against Williamstown 8-0


Joshua F
Year 7 Soccer Academy

Year 8 Girls Soccer

Our year 8 girls battled well at the Keilor Division Interschool Sports competition however did not qualify for the Western Metro Round.

The Girls played a 0-0 draw against Kings Park and then a 1-1 draw against Gilson. Only conceding one goal and many great passages of play were the real positives from the two games and there were many great signs for the girls to build on for their next competition.


Bobbie Gagovski

Soccer Academy Leader

Year 8 Boys Soccer

Our Year 8 Boys Soccer team participated in the Keilor Division. On what was a bitterly cold day with the rain coming down, the boys performed admirably.

We won our first game against Copperfield and also kept a clean sheet in a 2-0 victory. Following this we drew 1-1 with Gilson College after a  penalty late in the game. In our final game of the day we were outplayed by an impressive Keilor Downs outfit. Overall it was a very successful day given our team was made up of a combination of Year 7 and 8’s. Well done boys!


Chris Greechan

Health & Physical Education Leader

Year 10 Coaching Experience

During term 2 across a three week time period Taylors Lakes Primary School came to participate in a range of activities that were planned and conducted by our year 10 soccer class. The primary school students ranged between 7-8 years of age (Grade 2) and a group of 4-5 year 10 future coaches were allocated to them.  All coaches are equipped with knowledge that was taught to them during the coaching course they had been completing.


The primary students came over during periods 3-4  on a Thursday over 3 weeks and completed fun activities on the oval, these activities included games such as number soccer, quick reflexes, competition games, teamwork and many others that helped them build up their soccer skills. The experience was filled with lots of laughter and enjoyment. At the same time year 2s learnt about the game and the year 10s  gained experience on how to improvise and work with a small and interested group of children.


Talking from my coaching experience I thought that everyone's sessions ran really well not only organised but productive with the amount of training that was completed. All year 10s were able to complete fun and exciting training sessions and keep the stations organised even when children became super excited from the fun they were having. My group for example completed lots of mini games such as number soccer, small sided games, tagging activities, sport specific skills and much more which was a great thing to watch and learn from.

Overall a great 3 weeks for the year 10s and the year 2s, ending our coaching sessions with a big thank you and goodbye. We were lucky enough to get gym passes and a nice book with lots of letters from some pretty skilled children to say thanks for such a great time which we really appreciated. 

Hopefully we will able to do it again soon because it taught us lots and made us proud to see we created such enjoyment to a younger group of people.


Dylan Neville
Year 10 Soccer Academy



On Wednesday, May 8th, on a cold and overcast day, the senior girls’ tennis team made their way to the Geelong Lawn Tennis club to represent the college in the SSV Tennis- Senior Girls- Western Metro Regionals final. The team consisted of:

Priscilla S, Leyla M, Olivia C and Kate K.

The finals were held in two pools and our girls competed against Sunbury Downs, Surfside and another Western metro college.  The format consisted of each team member playing one singles set and then two doubles sets. Our girls played outstanding tennis and defeated each of the teams in their pool in both the singles and doubles rubbers, despite playing in cold and windy conditions. Their great play lead to them competing against the winners of Pool A, Maribyrnong Secondary College, which is an elite sports performance college and featured a team of extremely strong players.  All of our girls tried exceptionally hard and played excellent tennis but, unfortunately, Maribyrnong proved to be too strong and were the ultimate winners.


To be runners up against such a strong team is a wonderful achievement and I congratulate the girls for both their excellent tennis skills but, more importantly, I want to acknowledge the positive attitudes and the outstanding sportsmanship they displayed throughout the day. All of the girls were wonderful representatives for the College and are to be congratulated for their great efforts and attitudes.


Special mention must go to Kate K, who filled in for the Senior team with very little notice when other team members were unavailable. Kate is currently in Year 7 and was asked to play against girls in years 11 and 12 which is a very daunting challenge. She rose to this challenge wonderfully and played outstanding tennis, as well as demonstrating great sportsmanship and impeccable court manners. Well done, Kate!

Thanks, too, to Mr. Kozak for organising the team and good luck to our other tennis teams when they play throughout the year.

                                                                                                Karen Relf

Tennis Coach

Astronomy at Taylors Lakes SC

12" Meade Telescope

So what sort of objects can you see with this telescope?

Jupiter and one of its moons.

Our Moon


The Omega Centauri Cluster

The International Space Station


Observing Times

During terms two and three the observing sessions will run every Monday evening after school in the Mound area. In the case of poor weather we will meet in S5 for other astronomy related activities. 

Each session will start at 6:30pm and generally finish by about 9:30pm.

All students, teachers and their families are encouraged to attend. 


Useful Tools

The following tool is useful for exploring what is in the sky. 



For an online interactive planetarium tool for determining what is available for telescope viewing at any given time then the following tool will be useful.



or this site, 



Don’t forget to check out the Telescopes in Schools website, enter your email address and hit FOLLOW for all of the latest updates, resources and news with the program.


Robert Davie

Maths/Science Teacher

Year 10 - Teen Aid

University of Melbourne Research Project

Teen Aid: Evaluating first aid training for teenagers

What is it?

This research is being conducted by University of Melbourne and is looking at effects of two different types of first aid course in teaching teens to assist their peers in a first aid situation.





Who will be involved?

All Year 10 students at Taylors Lakes Secondary will soon receive the Australian Red Cross First Aid for Common Injuries and Emergencies in Teens training program.


What will happen?

As part of the research, students will be receiving a first aid course over 3 x 75 minute sessions in classes over Term 3. The program is presented by an Australian Red Cross accredited first aid instructor.


If you do not want your child to complete the training, you will need to contact the school to make alternative arrangements.


Information sessions for students will be held on Monday 29th of July.


Research staff will also present further details of the research to Year 10 parents at the school on Monday 29th of July at 4.00pm.


Questions or concerns?

Email: [email protected]

Ph: 03 9035 6515

Karen Gregg (Trial Manager), Catherine Johnson (Research Assistant), Maxine Gross (Research Assistant), Aruni Subasinghe (Researcher), Dr Laura Hart (Responsible Researcher)


Healthy Bones: Milkshake Week

Healthy Bones: Milkshake Week

Milkshake week is on again this year and starts on Monday 29th July to Friday 2nd August ( Week 3, Term 3 ).
Milkshakes will be available every day of that week from before school, recess, lunchtime and afterschool.

Monday's Flavour is  Chocolate
Tuesday's Flavour is Strawberry
Wednesday's Flavour is Blue Heaven
Thursday's Flavour is Caramel
Friday"s Flavour is a Surprise!!!!!!!!  


Milkshakes will be available from S3 and cost $3.50 each.
Each Milkshake contains 600 ml of milk which equals the daily requirement of Dairy for adolescents.

There will be a wide range of milk varieties available to cater for everyone's needs.

Make a note in your planner or on your phone NOW!!!!!

Languages News

Homestay Program



We are still looking for Taylors Lakes Secondary College families to host 15 students from our Rome Sister School aged 15-18 years old – dates are looking like 30 August – 6th September (yet to be confirmed!). This is a great opportunity to practice speaking skills in Italian and to make some great connections!


Parents can contact Mrs Deluca at school on 9390 3130 or students can come to see me in  ETeacher Workspace near H1.


Danni Deluca

Languages Leader

Italy Trip/Homestay Leader

Coming Events


15th Monday

First day of term 3


18th Thursday 

Year 12 Formal - No Year 12 VCE classes will run Period 5/6. VET classes at this college will run until 3pm


24th Wednesday

Course Counselling Information Evenings:

  • Year 9: 6pm to 7pm in the SPACE
  • Year 106: 630pm to 7.30pm in the Library
  • Year 11: 7pm to 8pm in the SPACE
  • LEAP Year 9, 10 & 11: 6.30pm to 7.30pm in H12

All students and parents are expected to attend


25th Thursday

  • Year 11 LEAP Course Counselling         Classes will run as normal
  • Mito High School Visit

26th Friday

Year 10 LEAP Course Counselling

Classes will run as normal


29th Monday

  • Year 10 Parent Teen Aid Information session 4pm
  • Year 9 LEAP Course Counselling Classes will run as normal
  • Milk Shake Week $3.50 at S3


31st Wednesday

  • Year 11 Course Counselling               NO Year 11 classes will run on this day
  • School Council Meeting


1st Thursday

Year 10 Course Counselling

NO Year 10 Classes will run on this day


2nd Friday

Year 9 Course Counselling

NO Year 9 classes will run on this day


5th Monday

Staff Professional Learning Day

General Office will be closed on this day



9th Friday

Parents & Friends Meeting


13th Tuesday

VTAC Year 12 Parent Information Evening



14th Wednesday

One Night in Southbank


21st Wednesday - 23rd Friday

Year 9 Camp


28th Wednesday

School Council


30th Friday

Parents & Friends Meeting


2nd Monday - 6th Friday 

  • Italy Home Stay
  • School Production - The Addams Family  (further details to come)

9th Monday

Parent / Teacher Interviews



10th  Tuesday - 13th Friday 

College Production


Monday 16th - Friday 20th

Year 10 Queensland Camp

Year 10 Work Experience


Friday 20th


2.30pm finish


Term Dates 2019

Term 1:

Tuesday 29th January - Student Free Day

Staff Professional Development 

Wednesday 30 January to 5 April 
Term 2:

Monday 23 April to Friday 28 June
Term 3:

Monday 15 July to Friday 20 September
Term 4:

Monday 7 October to Friday 20 December

General Information

Office Hours

8:15am - 4:15pm

Closed during school holidays

Telephone: 9390 3130

Email: [email protected].vic.gov.au

Attendance Office

The Attendance Officer, Marie Taylor, has a direct line for parents to report student absences or to pick up students early from school. Please call before 1.30 if picking ups students early.

Telephone: 8390 9207

The College also has a press 1 option for attendance if you call on the college telephone number 9390 3130.

Students arriving late or leaving early must report to the Attendance Office.

Bell Times

Bell times for this year are listed below:


Warning bell for HG - 8.40am

Homegroup 8.50am

Period 1       9.00am

Period 2       9.49am

Recess       10.38am

Period 3      11.03am

Period 4      11.52am

Lunch          12.41pm

Period 5        1.26pm

Period 6        2.15pm

End of day    3.04pm

Sick Bay

The college's registered nurse, Carmel Gusman, is available at the school Monday - Thursday from 9.00am - 3.00pm.  The sickbay also has a relief first aide trained attendant on Fridays 9.00am - 3.00pm

All students not feeling well should report to the sickbay.  

Camps/Excursion Payments

All excursion/incursion permission slips are available on COMPASS. If payments are made on COMPASS a permission slip is not required. All excursion payments made at the office must be accompanied with a signed permission slip.




All excursion/incursion and camp payments can be made on COMPASS.  If you have lost your password or are having difficulties with COMPASS please contact the general office.

Lost Property

Please ensure students have their names on all clothing items and books.

Camps Sport & Excursion Fund (CSEF)

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides payments for eligible students to attend activities like:

  • school camps or trips
  • swimming and school-organised sport programs
  • outdoor education programs
  • excursions and incursions.

Applications for 2019 are now open and will close on 28 June 2019 (end of term 2).

Uniform Shop 

Please note times for Wednesday afternoon uniform sales are 3:00pm - 5:00pm.

9.00am to 11.00 am Saturday Mornings.

The uniform shop is located in the back room of L4.


Canteen Price List - 


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