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12 November 2019
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Principal's Report

Half way through the term; two thirds of the way through the VCE exams; enrolment for 2020; transition only two weeks away; welcome to Term 4.

While every Term is busy, Term 4 has its own pace and, to channel The Castle, ‘vibe’. We started the Term with Presentation Night, and this set the scene. With a new format, the evening was an outstanding success. The increased focus on our students ensured the night was a success; that and the tireless efforts of the staff. The feedback from many quarters has been more than positive. One of the great successes of the evening was the photography and I hope that you have had an opportunity to not only look at the photos from the evening, but download the ones you want for free!


To browse and download photos, please click here and use the access code SCHSP091019.


The Year 12 students ‘finished’ their year with a day at the beach and then a celebration day at the school. This was an opportunity for the students to reflect on their time at Suzanne Cory High School and to take the opportunity to relax and enjoy time with their friends before their VCE exams - which have obviously started! My message to the students has always been that if you work consistently throughout the year then the exams will sort themselves out. And while the nervous energy levels are high at the time of exams, the students have been diligently working through them - and with a little over a week to go, the end is in sight. And with the conclusion of the exams, Valedictory Dinner (Wednesday, November 20th) will be an opportunity for students, their families and the staff to celebrate their final year of secondary schooling. This year the Valedictory Dinner will be held at Crown Palladium and we already have over 670 guests! This will be a fantastic celebration of our Year 12 students and I encourage the Year 12 students and their families to attend.

While the VCE exams may provide one focus for the school at this time of the year, there is lot more happening than just exams! The process of enrolling students for 2020 has continued apace. This has included an Information Evening for the incoming students and their parents, as well as preparing for Orientation Day for the 2020 Year 9 students on November 22nd. One of the most important tasks we undertake is transition for our new students, which we aim to make as smooth as possible.


The two-week 2020 Transition program begins on November 25th for our current students.  Sometimes referred to as a ‘step-up’ program in other schools, this is a cycle of classes for the students to prepare for next year. This years' program also includes a 2020 Year 12 preparation camp. It is important for all families to note that students are expected at school for the transition cycle.


For the second year running, we are having a Twilight Fair!  This wonderful event will be on Friday, November 29th, and is our way of saying "Thank You!" to our community for a wonderful school year. Please join us for free food trucks, gelato and coffee carts, snack vendors, and live music from 5:30pm. I would encourage all students, staff, and family members to attend.



Each state school has a Strategic Plan that usually runs for four years.  We are currently in the third year of our Strategic Plan; however, the Department has changed the review process and we will be undertaking our review in Term 1 next year.  As part of the review process we are required to undertake a pre-review self-evaluation of our current strategic plan. This allows us to engage with key stakeholders in the school community - namely, staff, students and parents. There is an opportunity for parents to provide feedback on this process on Tuesday, November 19th. To participate in the feedback session, please register your interest here.


Finally, I just received notification that Suzanne Cory High School is the winner of the School Sport Victoria ‘School of the Year Award’. This award recognises the magnificent work of the Director of Sport & Student Engagement, Claire Breed, the many staff who take and coach sporting teams, and the students who have participated throughout the year. We are truly a Renaissance school!


Colin Axup




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Upcoming Events

Europe Trip 2020
Information Night
| Tuesday, November 12

A Parent Information session for the 2020 Europe Trip (Greece/Italy) will be held on Tuesday, November 12 at 6pm in the school auditorium. The travel agent, organising teacher, and students who attended the previous trip will be there to provide information on the itinerary and cost, and to answer questions.

Parent Feedback Session
| Tuesday, November 19

Current parents are invited to attend a feedback session to review the progress of the school's current Strategic Plan on Tuesday, November 19th. This session will be held in the PD Centre at 6:30pm, and interested parents will need to pre-register and bring a digital device to receive and complete the feedback form. Please register here.

Year 12 Valedictory Dinner
| Wed, November 20

Year 12 students and their parents are invited to join us for their Year 12 Valedictory Dinner on the evening of Wednesday, November 20th. Photographers and pre-dinner drinks will be served from 6:45pm, with dinner and formalities commencing promptly at 7:30pm. See Compass for dietary information.

ADT Showcase Night
| Monday, November 25

Join us from 6pm on Monday, November 25th for the grand opening of the T-Wing exhibition, followed by a concert showcase of live music and performances in the Auditorium. And best of all - it's FREE! Check Compass and Facebook for more information.

VCE Film Festival
| Wed, November 27

On Wednesday, November 27th, the Suzanne Cory Auditorium becomes your very own revival drive-in, complete with bean bags, hot popcorn, and the latest VCE student blockbusters. The FREE screening begins at 3pm, and all students, staff, family and friends are welcome to attend.

Twilight Fair
| Friday, November 29

The second annual Twilight Fair returns to Suzanne Cory on Friday, November 29th! Our whole school community - students, teachers, parents and friends - are warmly invited to join us from 5:30pm onwards for FREE food trucks, gelato carts, and the epic Gourmet Grill, as well as games, live music, and prizes galore!

Transition Program
| Nov. 25 - Dec. 6th

Transition for all students commences on Monday, November 25th, and concludes on Friday, December 6th with the annual Terry Bennet Cup (held at Nossal High School). Transition is important for preparing students for the the 2020 academic year, and all students are expected to attend their scheduled classes and activities. Please check Compass for more information.

School Musical Auditions
| Monday, December 2

Auditions for the 2020 school musical, "Chicago: High School Edition" will be held on  Monday, December 2nd. All students who wish to audition for a lead, ensemble, or dancing part should check Compass and the SCHS Musical Facebook page for more information.

Competitions & Student Opportunities

FlickerUp Film Competition

Entries are now open for the 2020 FlickerUp film competition! SAE FlickerUp is an annual Australian Youth & Schools Competition which screens as part of the bigger international film festival, Flickerfest. Entries close Saturday 9th November 2019 and require payment, but may be discounted for schools. Please contact Ms Hall if you are interested in submitting a film.


Rising Sun Film Competition

Entries are now open for the 2020 Rising Sun film competition, which will run as part of the seventh annual Setting Sun Film Festival. Finalists will be screened at Sun Theatre in Yarraville as part of the week-long festival program next year and there are lots of prizes up for grabs. For more information, please contact Ms Hall.


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Student News

Suzanne Cory Musical 2020 | CHICAGO Auditions

Give 'em the ol’ razzle dazzle… Suzanne Cory High School is excited to announce its 2020 musical production will be "CHICAGO: High School Edition"!


In the roaring twenties in Chicago, Roxie Hart murders her faithless lover and convinces her hapless husband, Amos, to take the rap... until he finds out he's been duped and turns on Roxie. Convicted and sent to death row, Roxie and another "Merry Murderess," Velma Kelly, vie for the spotlight ​and the headlines, ultimately joining forces in search of the "American Dream": fame, fortune, and acquittal.


Auditions will be held on Monday, December 2nd (second week of Transition) so keep a close eye on your Compass newsfeed over the next few weeks!


To stay up-to-date with all the latest news, insights and gossip about next year’s show you can also join us on Facebook at SCHS Musicals where we’ll be posting audition tips, reminders, competitions, behind-the-scenes videos and all that jazz!


Ms. Helena Hall

Musical Director


Humanities Symposium | Singapore

At the beginning of Term 3, six students from Year 9 and 10, along with Ms. Rashid, departed from Melbourne and headed off to Singapore for a week packed with new experiences, lots of food, and research for our projects.


After we arrived late on Friday night, we all headed off to our host families to get some much-needed sleep. On Saturday, we bonded with the students while exploring Chinatown. Sunday was a free day for the students, but we all decided to hangout together and head over to Universal Studios. After our fun-packed weekend, we were tired but super excited to head to National Junior College and begin our research for our projects.


We spent the rest of our week together researching our topics and preparing our presentation for Friday's Symposium. In the afternoons of each day, we immersed ourselves in the local culture and ate our way across the country!


On Friday it was finally the day of the Symposium. We were able to watch finished presentations from different schools from all over the world, and present our own research proposals. It was an amazing experience that helped understand our project aims and gave us a greater understanding of research methods and exploration of the Humanities.


It was an amazing experience that allowed us to make friends that will last a long time. We look forward to hosting the National Junior College students when they visit in November!


Bridie T (Year 10)

China Trip | 2019

The following are thoughts and reflections from the students who attended the 2019 China Trip, organised and supervised by Mr. Dave Yan and Ms. Karen De Leon.


"Though we are back to Australia, I still keep going through the wonderful memories we built during the Term 3 holidays. In hindsight, I should’ve taken more photos of you guys, which is the only thing I regret deeply. This trip has given me a valuable opportunity of knowing you better as individuals; I find all of you are amazing in your own way. Term 4 has started and we have to move on. I hope you would treasure the experience and keep making positive changes in your life. Whatever your dream is, keep going for it! You are young; life is full of possibilities. 


"China as a whole is a wondrous place, rich in culture and dripping is history. Exploring the tourist triad (Shanghai, Xi’an and Beijing) plus LuoYang was the experience of a lifetime, eating local cuisine and seeing some of the gorgeous places each city had to offer. Seeing the Shanghai Tower, the Terracotta Warriors, the giant Buddha and Tian Mian Square as well as many a temple made the trip absolutely unforgettable for each and every student." Mackenzy G


"Going to China for the China Trip was the first time I can remember leaving Australia. And it was definitely worth it, visiting amazing places such as the colossal Shanghai Tower, riding a bike over 12km on the Xian city wall, watching unbelievable performances ranging from acrobatics to dancing to kung fu, and of course, conquering a small portion of the legendary Great Wall of China. Of course, the best part was obviously the food. My favourite city was Shanghai by far, and being honest, I would want to live in Shanghai. I would definitely recommend visiting China." Akira P

"If I'm being honest, I'd say the China Trip would probably be the best experience of my life so far. The four cities we went to were absolutely great. My top two being Xi'an and Shanghai as these two cities showed us how China has changed over the course of history. And whilst we learnt a lot, we also did a lot of great activities that really bonded us together. I can't even list the activities I loved as the list would consist of them all. The experience in the hotels was also comfortable and it was always great walking around the city. Mealtimes were great for two reasons: the food was A+ and the conversations and games were a blast. I really wish I could go back again someday and do more things that we didn't get to do.Jeryshan X


"Despite having no expendable money, I learnt several valuable lessons on responsibility and independence [during the 2019 China Trip]. This holistic experience allowed me to establish new friendships and heighten my passion for Chinese. I will miss the picturesque landscape and dynamic culture of China but sadly all things must come to an end. I must commend our school for providing us such a well-rounded and cherished experience, with special thanks to Mr. Dave Yan and Ms. De Leon." Raveen K

Chess Club | Term 4

During October of 2019, our students participated in three major events. The first two of these were the Middle School and the Senior levels state qualifiers. Our students excelled in both, and both our Middle School and our Senior level teams qualified to the 2019 Chess Nationals, to be held on the 2nd and the 3rd of December, 2019.


Our third event was the Female State Finals. Our female team demonstrated their skill and perseverance, and their hard work paid off as they achieved second place, bringing the silver trophy back with them. Lastly, next week will witness the annual Chess house competition between the teams of all four houses. May the best house win!


Mr. Isaac Ryan

Chess Co-Curricular Coordinator

Year 10 Careers | Barista Training

One of our most impressive initiatives this year has been our Barista Training Program, which saw the latest cohort of 15 students undertake barista training October 18th at Suzanne Cory. These trainees put their skills to the test at the New Parents and Students Information Evening on October 24th, and although it was a warm evening, the baristas were busy brewing hot drinks!

These students can now add this experience to their resumes to assist them in securing casual employment alongside their studies. With one more training session scheduled for 2019, this will bring the total number of students trained in 2019 to 70 - a fantastic result!.


Mr. Brendan Taig

Careers Coordinator

Citizenship at Suzanne Cory High School

Citizenship in our school community is not merely the concept of charity and donations, but is greatly driven by the passion and enthusiasm of our student body who wish to make a difference in our world. In 2020, the Citizenship and Initiative Captains along with some teachers plan to bring about a range of events and fundraising activities for not only our school, but also our wider community and international organisations. From the World's Greatest Shave, Relay for Life to Valentine's Day chocolate roses for the Heart Foundation, there will be plenty of opportunities of every individual to participate and contribute to these great causes. If anyone has any ideas or if existing clubs want help make a bigger change, please do not hesitate to contact the Citizenship team as we hope to make 2020 the greatest year!


Shaneika D & Alysandra K

School Citizenship Captains 2020

VCE ADT Student Profiles

Come along to the ADT Showcase - Monday, 25th November, from 6:00pm-9:00pm in T-wing and the Auditorium - to meet these inspiring students and view and appreciate their impressive work. Art, Design and Technology subjects take persistence, dedication and creative flair to achieve outstanding results, so don’t miss this rare opportunity to celebrate their hard work with us at Suzanne Cory High School!


Ms. Nalan Velisha

Head of ADT

Name: Jonan L

VCE Subjects: English, Methods, Biology, Computing, Visual Communication


What have you enjoyed about your ADT subject? VisCom was a great way for me to explore how designers work and how their products are developed. Since I especially like drawing/designing characters, VisCom helped work as an outlet for creative expression at school.


Tell us a bit about your final product:  Final product are posters and a box set for a fictional series called "Battery", a post-human future where robots have built their own societies across a barren Earth. Purpose in context was primarily to depict and promote the series, while the process to create it (in simplified terms) effectively had me sketching and exploring ideas based on a brief outlined by ourselves, choosing ones I liked to develop further and finally refining  specific developed concepts for final presentations.


What transferable skills have you gained from taking an ADT subject? A surprising amount of teamwork and collaboration is something I think most "academic" subjects lack and is a skill this subject has helped me to develop.


What advice would you offer to students undertaking this subject? All your works should have a bit of yourself and what you enjoy in them. It makes the process feel a lot less like homework and more like designing the things you like.


Name: Noah N

VCE Subjects: English, Further Maths, Health and Human Development, Psychology, Media, and Theatre Studies (2018)


What have you enjoyed about your ADT subject? I have enjoyed being able to explore the different aspects of all forms of Media, which includes but is not limited to film, print and photography. Within these media landscape I got to experiment with different techniques that all extended my skills.


Tell us a bit about your final product: My final product is a magazine publication which is titled 'Craving Success' and aims to serve as the ultimate guide for University Students living in Melbourne who are roughing it and starting to manage their own funds, to show them that it is possible to eat nutritious and healthy meals, finish university studies and have a social life all at the same time! I was inspired to create this magazine after realising my passion for food through my hours and hours spent watching food videos on YouTube and consistently checking the local Coles and Woolies to see what new free magazine they had for the month. The creation of the product was a lot of trial and error, from forgetting SD cards to people being unavailable, to even more trouble with faulty SD cards, there was a lot of roadblocks to overcome for this project. Taking photos of recipes to put into my magazine was a little tricky and interviewing complete strangers was also extremely daunting but in the end it becomes all worth it when you finally see your magazine come out of the printer and bound and think, wow, I made this all by myself, it's an experience like no other!


What transferable skills have you gained from taking an ADT subject? I have learnt how to email someone out of the blue asking for their help and formulating the email in a way that will hopefully net a response! Dealing with rejection and disappointment has also been a valuable part of my VCE Media experience, something I thought was amazing was absolutely trashed by my friends who were giving "constructive criticism" for me to use and learning to understand and adapt to this has also been beneficial.


What advice would you offer to students undertaking this subject next year? Stay organised! It is extremely hard to pull off a Media product and unfortunately, it is not humanly possible for it to be finished in one night, so make a plan of attack and how you want to go about this product. For Media 1/2 try out what you think you might like, I chose to make a film in Units 1/2 and although I liked it and it was a fun challenge to go about, I knew I didn't have enough skills and effective time management to be able to improve on this for Units 3/4, so I chose to learn about print and magazines and went with that instead.


Name: Anna X

VCE ADT Subject: Studio Arts 


What have you enjoyed about your ADT subject? I really enjoyed my creative process in Studio Arts. I was able to freely express myself artistically and make something that I can be proud of. Although the process was not easy, the fact that Studio allowed me to have a creative vision motivated me to challenge myself and achieve something that I otherwise would have put off or just gave up on.


Tell us a bit about your final product: My final product revolves around fairy tales that were inspired by my childhood bedtime stories which, when I read them again as a young adult, I realised that these fairy tales hold a different meaning to when I read them as a kid. This was what influenced me to re-imagine a series of fairy tales in visual form that I hope can inspire more unique interpretations to these classical tales. In developing this, I explored a lot of symbolic and even unexpected subject matter which I hope will make you wonder: "What is that supposed to mean?"


What transferable skills have you gained from taking an ADT subject? I definitely learnt a lot on the importance of time management and organisation. It forced me to learn to manage my time effectively if I wanted to achieve the very ambitious project that I had set up for myself. In that sense, it also made me realise that, while my final product is no Van Gogh or Picasso, I have a starting point where I can continue to improve on my artistic skills.


What advice would you offer to students undertaking this subject next year? My biggest advice would be to play to your strengths! Take advantage of the fact that you can pretty much create whatever you want in 3/4 Studio and do something that you know you are passionate about. This way, you will have the one VCE subject that you will actually enjoy and the end result will be so, so much more satisfying.


Name: Jennifer N

VCE Subjects: Chemistry, English Language, Mathematical Methods, Further Mathematics, Visual Communication Design,  Biology (2018)


What have you enjoyed about your ADT subject? I love the freedom that comes with creating something from your own imagination. The bursts of creativity late at night made me really excited.


Tell us a bit about your final product: I have always been fascinated by houses and my Year 10 architecture class sparked my interest even more. Thus, when it came to choosing my folio content, my first client need was to make a house for an architectural building company much like Henley, Metricon, etc. My second client need was Brand Identity and I named the company after myself (Jennifer Nhat-Thuy Nguyen = JNTN). Through the different design stages, Research, Generation of Ideas, Development and Refinement, I explored different options of house forms and floor plans which was very fun because there are just so many options for a house. The program SketchUp was the highlight for me (after I got used to it) because it was so cool to see my houses come to life in 3D. If you are thinking of environmental design, I highly recommend SketchUp! 


What transferable skills have you gained from taking an ADT subject? Since VisCom has lots of theory analysing visuals it did helped me in my English Language class. They basically utilise the same skills except in VisCom I am examining the purpose and thinking behind designs whereas English Language is about analysing lexicology and language.


What advice would you offer to students undertaking this subject next year? DO NOT CRAM! DO AT LEAST 1 PAGE A DAY! Read your brief all the time so you remember your client needs and constraints and purposes. ANNOTATE! I left them to the last day and boy was I wrong to do so. MOST IMPORTANTLY, be grateful for the fact that the school provides so many materials for you to use and that the teachers are so helpful and supportive of your creativity. Thank them every step of the way for their guidance and support. BUT ALSO MOST IMPORTANTLY, have fun. It is a creative subject. VisCom gave me an escape from my science and maths subjects. ULTIMATELY at the end of the day, honestly it will truly be a very rewarding subject that you will not forget or regret choosing :)


Name: Kaylen V, Julia J and Aardra K

VCE Subject: Music Performance Units 3/4


What have you enjoyed about your ADT subject?

Kaylen: Something really cool about this subject is that it gives us an opportunity to conjugate a VCE subject and a hobby or personal passion. This makes it very stress-free and very enjoyable.


Tell us a bit about your final product: 

Kaylen: For our end of year recital, as a soloist I must choose five pieces from a prescribed list that fit into certain categories and genres. You may think all year long, I practice and practice these pieces constantly every single period but NOPE. I spend a very small minority of the time doing that. Majority of the time, I spend time playing things that I enjoy, whether it involves playing random chords and singing whatever comes to mind or playing as part of a duet.

Julia: My final product will be my 25 minute recital in October which will go towards half of my study score. I've picked 4 pieces in my repertoire that are all unique in their own way. My hope is that I'll be able to bring out the story and purpose of each one of my pieces and show my own interpretation through my playing, which I've been able to develop through practise and research about the pieces, their composers and the music period of its creation.

Aardra: The outlet that Music Performance gives to do something creative and relaxing, yet productive all at the same time. Since this is a subject I'm passionate about, studying and practicing has never felt strenuous or forced and being surrounded by students equally as passionate is always a plus!


What transferable skills have you gained from taking an ADT subject?

Kaylen: Playing as part of a duet made me realised that music should not be an obligation, especially when playing at the end of the year. It’s also not just what’s not the sheets. Music should display yourself as a musician and I think my experience through playing and singing with others has made myself a more confident person musically. Not only will this calm my nerves when playing at the end of the year, it allows me to find other pleasures within music when playing in my own time.

Aardra: Doing music has taught me life skills which I can apply to all parts of my life moving forward. Time management, communication skills and an eye for the finer details.


What advice would you offer to students undertaking this subject next year?

Julia: Look at all your subjects as their own individual sculptures that you consistently work on throughout the year to make into its final impeccable product, but if not for all subjects, I hope that you view Music Performance as that one class in which you feel impelled to take the wheel and see where your efforts and passions can take you. Experiment, try different things with your playing and get out there and perform! You really won't have much to lose because you'll learn what works for you and more importantly, who you are as a musician.

Year 10 Language Excursion | Chinese Museum

Chinese culture features an abundance in historical, architectural and spiritual value. Their culture has diffused into that of our own, in the form of various restaurants, temples and ethnic enclaves like Chinatown. The Chinese museum sparked our interest as we delved into the history of China, containing many influential artefacts which shaped modern-day Chinese culture to what it is today. We were amazed by the sheer power of governance and authority that each reigning emperor possessed. We also got the opportunity to embark on a culinary endeavour, as we embraced the authentic Chinese cuisine.


This excursion proved to be a vital aid in expanding our knowledge and educating the future generations about one of the greatest ancient civilisations to exist.  On behalf of our Year 10 Chinese group, I would wholeheartedly recommend this excursion as it was an enriching and valuable experience.


Hamim A & Raveen K

Year 9 Language Excursion | Immigration Museum

How many refugees are allowed in Australia every year in comparison to the amount of refugees who currently haven’t found a safe place to call home? You should know the number if you are a student in one of the two Year 9 Chinese classes in 2019.


In term 4, the two Chinese classes in Year 9 visited the Immigration Museum in Melbourne’s CBD. There, we were taught about the various cultures of refugees and migrants who moved to Australia in “waves”. A few of the students also dressed up in the traditional clothes of the migrants. The cultures progressed from the earliest: Indigenous Australians, to the current wave of migration from middle eastern countries. Though the White Australia Policy remained in place for 50 or so years, Australia’s cultural diversity has grown significantly since the initial arrival of the Indigenous Australians and will continue to grow.


Many students’ aspiring YouTuber dreams have the potential to come through as the two classes were presented with their second task, making a foodie-style vlog on their food of choice. Their editing, filming and clickbait skills were put to the test as they attempted to film, or actually filmed, a 3-5 minute long video recommending, or not, their food or restaurant. The food ranged from fried rice to hotpot, on a 30 degree day, to dumplings. The videos will be uploaded to the Suzanne Cory YouTube channel - LOTE Chinese.


Despite the heat, the excursion was a valuable experience for those wanting to learn about migration, or those wanting to join the YouTube community. Xiè-xie dà-jiā - thank you, everyone!


Rachel L

Wellbeing News

Young Women's Group: Golf Australia All Girls Teen Golf Program

An amazing opportunity has presented itself for the female students who are part of the Young Women’s Group to participate in Golf Australia All Girls Teen Golf Program which is designed to empower teen girls and to increase their confidence through developing golf skills. This is a pilot program which will be conducted over three weeks with the first session being held at our school oval. Stacey Peters, an elite female golf professional will assist in supervising the first session at school scheduled for Monday, 11 November, 2019. Stacey Peters is passionate about developing and empowering female players as Golf Australia’s female national pathway manager and a member of their high performance team. She won the Victorian Open in 2013 and is a seven-time winner on the ALPG Tour.  She also won the Open de France and Open de España titles in 2012.


We are also very fortunate to have the SLGC elite coaches Chris Andrews (one of the top 50 world’s longest hitters) and Grace Hallinan (Junior Player of the Year in 2011) who are both staff members of SLGC and have had many years’ golfing experience.  We would like to thank Golf Australia and Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club for providing this opportunity to incorporate this program as part of our SCHS experience.


Ms. Lina Paye

Wellbeing Counsellor

Digital Photography & Film Making | Co-Curricular

This year in the Digital Photography and Film Making Co-Curricular, students have experimented with various Photoshop editing techniques including creating a comic book effect. Students have also made one-take films and stop-motion animations, and any student interested in pursuing digital art, photography, or filmmaking should consider this exciting subject!



House Cup Winners | Rothwell

This year, 2019, was a rollercoaster of a year. Our house started off rocky with the Athletics and Swimming Carnivals, but then we picked ourselves up with some inspirational speeches from Aiman and Amelia, we began to succeed. With our first success beginning with our win at House Chorals, followed by House Art. Then on Presentation Night, it was announced that Rothwell was the clear winner of the HOUSE CUP, meaning it was the first time that our house, Rothwell, won the HOUSE CUP in Suzanne Cory High School History. This made 2019, Rothwell’s Golden Year and Rothwell’s greatest moment in history.


As the year draws to a close, it is time to say farewell to the Class of 2019. So, on behalf of the Rothwell 2019 & 2020 Leadership Teams and Rothwell House, I would like to say thank you to all the Year 12s for making this year a Golden Year for Rothwell and that we will all miss you dearly when you are gone. I would also like to say a special thank you to our Yr 12 House Captains, Aiman and Amelia, to our Yr 12 Domain Captains and SRC, Kate, Cameron and Sharon. Thank you to all the Yr 12s for making 2019 such a memorable year and good luck to all the Yr 12s for your exams and for the future.


In the past few weeks, House Debating has been happening and after two rounds, Rothwell is in the lead with 2 Wins, Blackwood and Cottrell are tied in Second Place with 1 Win and Kororoit is coming in last with no wins. The winners of the third round will be announced soon and also the winners of House Debating.


Rothwell Leadership Team (2020)

House Captains: Martin N & Minhal S

Vice Captains: Jimmy L (Year 11) & Patrick N (Year 10)


Domain Captains

Sport: Sandeepa P

Chorals: Jay D R

Initiatives: Catherine M

Wellbeing: Lena T

SRC: Crystal K (Year 12), Alice D (Year 11) and Raaif M (Year 10)

Parent News

Suzanne Cory Twilight Fair 2019

Friends and family of Suzanne Cory High School are cordially invited to attend the second annual Twilight Fair - a FREE evening of food, fun, and festivities!


This fantastic FREE event is our way of saying "Thanks!" to our incredible community for another awesome year. No matter whether you're students, staff, friends, or family, make sure you save-the-date and join us for food trucks, gelato carts, live music, and games galore on Friday, November 29th, from 5:30pm.


Suzanne Cory Twilight Fair | Friday, November 29th

In the Suzanne Cory Agora and Courtyard (225 Hoppers Lane, Werribee)

Festivities Commence: 5:30pm | Free Food Trucks From: 6:30pm

ADT Showcase Week | November 25th - 29th

Students and staff of Suzanne Cory invite our students, friends, and family members to experience a week of exceptional art, film, and performance as part of the ADT Showcase Week.

ADT SHOWCASE | Exhibition + Concert Showcase
Monday, November 25 @ 6pm | T8 + AUD | FREE

Join our Arts, Design and Technology students as they showcase their folios and final outcomes in a stunning exhibition in T8, along with a concert performance of student music, selected short films, and folio presentations!

VCE MEDIA SCREENING | Short Films + Popcorn
Wednesday, November 27 @ 3:00pm | AUD | FREE

The VCE Media classes present their completed short films in this gala screening event in the Auditorium, complete with popcorn!


ADT Poster image by Aletha F (Year 11)

Why Is My Kid Not Listening to Me? | Tips for Parents

“Why is it so difficult to talk to my teenage son or daughter? They no longer tell me things and get upset when I try to ask them questions or show concern.”


Parents often find themselves in a dilemma; they are constantly trying to understand their children better and doing what they can to support their needs. However, parents’ good intentions may not often be received favourably by their children. Good intentions can be often perceived as “nagging”, “getting into my personal space”, and “invading my privacy” by children. So, the question to ask is, what went wrong? Here are some suggestions for you to ponder:


1. What you want to tell you child is important, but how you say it is crucial.

Think about a time when you wanted something. You most likely would have thought about how you want to convey your message appropriately to the person so that you'll get what you want. You may throw in a couple of sugar-coated words to make your message more appealing to the person. Talking to a teenager is somewhat similar - they are enticed with what they can gain out of the conversation. They like to be encouraged and reassured. They like to know that things will work out and that they are allowed to make mistakes. Of course, there will be times when you need to be firm, so building a close relationship with your children will help you to get the firm message across more effectively.


2. You want your children to listen to you; similarly, they want to be listened to and to be understood as well.

Teenagers want to be heard and to be understood. They are going through many transitions and hormonal changes in their bodies. They are exploring new things and attempting challenging tasks in the learning process. They are often filled with worries about being inexperienced, vulnerable and uncertain about their potential. They are also trying to build up their skills and character. In this process, they are seeking validation and reference to their character and self-development. It is important that they are being understood, so that they can feel more comfortable going to you as a reference point and seeking help when necessary. Spend more time listening to them and understanding things from their perspective in a non-judgmental manner; this means a lot to them in their learning and development.


3. You want the best for your children. They know this, are working on it at their own pace.

Everyone has their own rate of learning; some need more time, exposure and guidance, whereas some learn things quickly. Teenagers are often expected to grow up quickly these days; they are given more responsibility and are expected to achieve more. It is true that future generations are getting smarter and more advanced compared to the olden days. However, each individual is unique, and thus requires a differentiated approach to acquire knowledge and skills. Teenagers may need some guidance, but they are not totally ignorant. They are insightful and know what works for them, and they like adults to acknowledge that. As parents, it is important to acknowledge their effort and the process instead of focusing on the outcome or results. It is also important to let them know that it is alright to make mistakes and you will be there to support them.


Communicating to teenagers can be challenging but not impossible. If you can cultivate an environment that is supportive and non-judgment and filled with acknowledgment and reassurance, they will learn how to open up to you and be more receptive to what you want to convey to them. Communication works two ways.


Ms. Boon Chin Oh

Suzanne Cory High School Psychologist

Year 12 Exam Period Support

The Year 12 students are currently engaged in their final VCE exams. This can be a very stressful time and we, the Student Support Services Team, are here to provide support students and parents alike. Students are encouraged to drop by anytime, or to make an appointment to check in with a counsellor if they're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or just need someone to talk to.  You can also drop by anytime to say hello even after you leave.


We wish our Year 12 students all the best of luck with their exams and beyond, and encourage them to seek support if they need it.


Ms. Lina Paye

Student Support Services

Year 12 VTAC Applications and University Offers

Last Term, Year 12 students applied for universities through VTAC. Once exams conclude, it will be a good opportunity for students to review their course options and finalise their preferences before the 14 December cutoff for December course offers.

Students can use the guide provided on the SCHS Careers Website for general advice. Mr Taig will also be checking each student’s preferences in the next few weeks and providing individual advice via email. Students can also book appointments to discuss their course options in person.


Mr. Brendan Taig

Careers Coordinator


Achievements & Results

Newsboys Foundation Youth Leadership Award

A big congratulations to year 12 student Aardra K. for coming in second place for the Newsboys Foundation Youth Leadership award. This award from the Victorian Student Representative Council recognises a Year 12 student who has championed student voice in their school or community and has brought about positive change through their leadership and advocacy on behalf of young people.


As a SRC representative for all 4 years she’s been at SCHS, as well as her role as a SRC chair in 2019, Aardra has been fundamental in championing student voice at this school. Her tireless efforts have won her a $1000 prize, which Aardra is using to set up an educational program at Mill Park Heights Primary School in 2020. 

The program aims to bring the SCHS concept of being ‘a Renaissance Person’ to primary students using tertiary aged students, many of them ex-SCHS. The program will mentor students and build skills from a wide range of disciplines so that every student in the program has the opportunity to achieve success.


I’d like to thank Aardra for her amazing work with the SRC and wish her luck with her future endeavours.


Ms. Dolly Nguyen

Student Voice and Leadership Coordinator

Co-Curricular | Duke of Edinburgh Award

On October 23rd, the Duke of Ed students set out on their qualifying camp to the Grampians. It was a cozy bus ride there with all 25 seats on the bus occupied with eager students and staff. The weather was sunny, but it was high 30s so was a little unpleasant for some as we walked up Mt Zero and Hollow Mountain. We saw plenty of Kangaroos and a few lizards but luckily no snakes.


The Thursday was a highlight with students’ rock-climbing in the crag, the students all challenged themselves and pushed themselves beyond their comfort zone with many students reaching the top. I was impressed with some of the meals the students cooked and was happy with the organisation of the group. The Thai curry and nachos were creative meals compared to noodles and packet pasta. On the Friday we went to Mackenzie falls, for some students all the wildflowers were just as beautiful as the waterfall. The camp finished at Halls gap with lunch at the bakery and plenty of ice creams were had.

A massive thank you need to go out to Mr. Joel Moden and Ms. Chloe Cook for assisting on the trip and to the students for being so prepared and well behaved throughout. Great work everyone!


Ms. Claire Breed

Director of Sport & Student Engagement

House Sports | Results

Hockey - Intermediate Girls

On the 31st of October the intermediate girls hockey team went to the Footscray hockey centre to play against schools from Western Metropolitan region, including Strathmore, Point Cook, Oberon and Creekside. Countering the blinding sun and scorching 35+ degree weather we battled valiantly against our opponents, winning THREE out of four games!!!! In our winning games the scores were: 8-0, 11-0 and 1-0. We all played exceptionally, but our special mentions go to Cathy L (our amazing goalie), Isabelle M (our most enthusiastic player), Harjot K and Mehak C (our top goal scorers). Special thanks to Ms. Breed and Ms. Muollo for supporting us!!! Overall we formed unbreakable bonds, survived the scorching heat and had a fun time together.

Nadine A, Esha B and Shimara J

Western Metropolitan Region Intermediate Boys’ Hockey Finals 

Thursday 31st of October, brought around the Intermediate Boys Hockey regional finals which were held in Stead Park, Geelong. The first game was against Maribyrnong, in which the boys displayed great camaraderie and sportsmanship towards each other and the opposing team. Unfortunately, we were not able to get over the line, however, that being said we made sure to learn from our mistakes and moved on quickly to the next challenge, that being Surf Coast High School. This time around we played with much greater intensity, enforcing immense pressure and forcing mistakes from the opposition. The game was closely positioned until a late goal on an unlucky penalty stroke from Surf Coast, handed them the win. Losing both games was not ideal, but on behalf of the whole team I would like to thank Ms Fenby for passing down great words of wisdom and organising months of training sessions prior to the competition. 


Karan S

WMR Cricket

On a beautiful sunny day, 29th October, the intermediate boys cricket team made their way to Fairbairn Park, competing in the Regional finals. Our first game was a tightly contested match against Belmont High School which came down to a nail biting last over run chase. Which took great grit and persistence from the team in order to get over the line. The win allowed us to progress to the semi finals against fierce competitors Maribyrnong who played the intermediate boys last year in the same stage. We batted first and struggled to build partnerships with Marby being highly disciplined with their line and length. Unfortunately we didn't have enough runs on the board to create an onerous task. The boys were defeated in a great battle by Maribyrong who managed to complete a successful run chase. Nonetheless, the boys should be very proud of their efforts and hold their head up high. I'm sure we will be back bigger and better next year looking to go a step further. 


Karan S


The intermediate girls cricket team led by captain Joeline played an excellent hard fought game against Geelong. The T-20 went the full innings on both sides leading the game to come to its climax in the last over of the game, where unfortunately SCHS got beaten but not embarrassed in this tight competitive game of cricket. Our girls bowled excellently getting unlucky with some near misses and opportunities. Excellent fielding kept the oppositions teams run rate down and a direct hit run out by Harjot was an awesome highlight. Batting wise, the deliveries to our batters were not the best hence not allowing them to get a good swing at the ball. We had awesome batting performances by all girls in the team who made it to the crease and when they got their eye in, and this was evident and quick runs were scored in succession with the highlight of Mehak hitting 3 fours in a row! 


Overall it was a great day with the girls and especially, the talk and encouragement on the field was top notch with the girls backing each other up and giving praise after every delivery. They represented the school very well!


Matthew J

Table Tennis

On Thursday 31 October, the Suzanne Cory boys table tennis team participated in the Western Metropolitan Region table tennis competition. Despite the overwhelming heat, the boys managed to remain composed, defeating Williamstown High School eleven games to nil in their first match-up. Our next opponent, Footscray City College had much fiercer competition coming down to a five set decider. Still, the boys managed to win, putting them through to the semi-finals. Again, we won eleven games to nil, making us advance to the grand-finals. The final showdown was played against Footscray City college yet again, to determine which team would progress to the state championships. It was a tightly contested final, with both teams trading point for point, but the boys managed to defeat their opposition with great skill! Well done to the Suzanne Cory boys table tennis team for their display of teamwork and athleticism.


Bishoy K

State Athletics

Well done to Erin C and Darcie C for qualifying to the state athletics on October 18th. The girls competed in the 800m and 1500m respectively. These events are very tough and the girls represented the school exceptionally giving their best in their races. Although they may not have achieved the results they might’ve been hoping for just qualifying for the State competition is a huge achievement in itself. Keep up the training and we look forward to seeing what you can achieve in the years to come.

Suzanne Cory High School