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13 December 2018
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Diary Dates


Thursday 13th

Prep - Year 2 - Swimming lessons

6.30pm arrival for 7.00pm start - Year 6 Graduation Evening

Friday 14th

Prep - Year 2 - Swimming lessons

Year 6 Sports Day at Wesley

Monday 17th

Bakers Delight Christmas Tarts & Cakes delivered

Year 3 - 6 - Swimming lessons

Tuesday 18th

9.10am - 11.30am - 2019 Yr 1 - Yr 6 students Orientation morning

(students with their 2019 class and teacher)

Year 3 - 6 - Swimming lessons

Wednesday 19th

Prep - Year 2 - Swimming lessons

Year 6 - Special Celebration Day

Thursday 20th

Year 3 - 6 - Swimming lessons

Friday 21st 

12.45pm - Assembly

1.30pm - End of Term 4





2018 Term Dates

Term 1 - 31 January to 29 March (Thursday)

Term 2 - 16 April to 29 June

Term 3 - 16 July to 21 September

Term 4 - 8 October to 21 December


2019 Term Dates

Term 1 - Tues 29th Jan (students start Fri 1 Feb) to Fri 5th April

Term 2 - Tues 23rd April to Fri 28th June

Term 3 - Mon 15th July to Fri 20th September

Term 4 - Mon 7th October to Fri 20th December

Leadership Report

Leadership Report

Dear Parents, Students and Friends,


This will be our final newsletter for 2018.  On behalf of all Highvale staff, I would to thank you for your support during 2018 and wish you all a safe and merry holiday period.  Please note that the 2018 school year concludes at 1.30pm, next Friday 21st December

The school office will reopen on Thursday 24th January 2019.  Students commence the 2019 school year on Friday 1st February. 


Final 2018 Assembly

Our final assembly will be held on Friday, 21st December from 12.45pm – 1.15pm.  Our end of year assembly is affectionately known as the ‘Tears and Cheers’ assembly.  This is where our Year 6 students perform their graduation song and we say farewell to them and other staff and students who will not be returning to Highvale PS in 2019.

At the conclusion of assembly, Year 6 students will exit the MPC and gather under the shade sails to say farewell.  They will be officially dismissed at 1.30pm.  All other students will return to their classrooms where they will also be dismissed at 1.30pm.

School Hours Care Program will commence from 1.30pm on this day.


2019 Dates for your Calendar

DET & School Council Student Free Dates

  • Term 1 - Tuesday 29th Jan 2019 DET Student Free Day
    • Staff Professional Learning – 2019 Induction and Administration
  • Term 1 - Wednesday 30th Jan 2019 School Council Student Free Day
    • Staff Professional Learning – Whole Staff Level 2 First Aid Training
  • Term 1 - Thursday Wednesday 31st Jan 2019 School Council Student Free Day
    • Staff Professional Learning – 2019 Annual Implementation Plan (TESMC & PLC)
  • Term 2 - Friday 7th June 2019 School Council Student Free Day
    • Staff Professional Learning – ‘School Review, Assessment and Curriculum Development’

2019 Term Dates - Students

  • Term 1 - Friday 1st February – Friday 5th April (Students finish 2.30pm)
  • Term 2 - Monday 23rd April – Friday 28th June (Students finish 2.30pm)
  • Term 3 - Monday 15th July – Friday 5th April (Students finish 2.30pm)
  • Term 4 – Monday 7th October – Friday 20th December (Students finish 1.30pm)


School Holiday Building Works Update

The Modular building is almost complete and I will complete the handover procedure on Monday.  This means that Year 3&4 area of the school can be decanted next week.  This will allow the refurbishment building works in the Year 3&4 Learning Community to commence over the school holiday. 

Accordingly, the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) has advised me that members of the school and broader community should not access the Highvale Primary School grounds until after 5.00pm from the 1st until 11th January.  This is due to the nature of the works required.  

If the works are completed to schedule, without any major hiccups they should be completed by the end of March.  This is great news, as it will enable students and teachers to spend the majority of the school year in their designated learning community. 


To commence the 2019 year

  • All four Year 3&4 classes will be in the two modular buildings.
  • Preps and Year 1&2 students will be in the same building as 2018.
  • Year 5&6 S and 5&6 P will be in the same rooms as this year.  Year 5&6 Bennett (5&6B) and 5&6 Browning-Briese (5&6BB) will commence the school year in two classrooms in the junior school building. 

At the completion of building works, all Year 3&4 classes will move into the new Year 3&4 learning community classrooms.  Year 5&6 Bennett (5&6B) and 5&6 Browning-Briese (5&6BB) will move into the newest modular building.


2019 Transition and Orientation Morning

On Tuesday morning, all students participated in the 2018 Year 1-6 Transition morning.  This provided a great opportunity for everyone to meet in their 2018 learning community and spend some time with teachers and students.  If you haven’t created an account yet, you will receive an email with instruction on how to create your account.

Next Tuesday the 18th December, all students will participate in the 2019 Orientation morning.  This will be with their 2019 teacher and class.  It will provide an opportunity for current students and those who will join us at HPS in 2019 to meet everyone.  Thank you to our teachers and education support staff for their work to ensure our students are so well supported as they commence the transition to 2019.


Semester Two Student Reports, 2019 Classes & 2019 Orientation Morning

A friendly reminder that Semester Two Student Reports will be available for parents to access through 

GradeXpert Parent Portal on Friday (tomorrow) evening.  As per Semester One, you will receive an email notifying you when the report is accessible in the portal.   If you haven’t created an account yet, you will receive an email with instruction on how to create your account.

To complement the report, additional information regarding your child’s progress and achievements is included in the Student Assessment Portfolio.  Please note that your child’s 2019 class slip will be placed in the Student Assessment Portfolio. I encourage you to read the portfolio and discuss this with your child.  It would also be timely to discuss the exciting news of their 2019 class. 

When talking to your child about his or her progress it is important to acknowledge and praise the achievements but also to encourage them to think about the areas for improvement.  Our undertaking as educators is to provide students with opportunities to help them achieve their goals and reach their potential. This will vary from child to child, and is why we see our students as individuals, rather than students who we can compare against each other. 

As previously communicated, in 2019, the Student Assessment Portfolio folder will be replaced by a digital version.  Student Assessment Tasks will be forwarded to parents through the Seesaw App twice each term.  This process is designed to provide the information to parents during each term to enable parents to talk to their child about their work whilst it is current.  This will include a teacher comment, student comment, student ‘I can’ achievement statement and their next goal.  In 2019, the Semester One and Two Student Report will be more succinct, containing the same graphs and tables of achievement progress but less written text. 

A reminder that there has been an extensive process conducted to form each new class utilising a range of information.  As occurs each year, some students will have the same teacher as last year or as in previous years.  Classes are formed to provide a balanced approach and are final.  We request that this is respected.


Congratulations and Farewell to the Class of 2018

Our 2018 Year 6 students celebrate their graduation this evening and are about to begin their final week of primary school.  It is an exciting time for any young person to move from the sanctuary of their primary school and take the challenge of entering secondary school.  I would like to wish all of our graduating Year 6 students a very fond farewell from HPS.

I know our school has provided our students with many skills and built confidence to maximise the opportunities which will follow in the coming years. Tonight’s graduation ceremony, together with the next six school days are going to be a wonderful opportunity to reminisce about their journey through their primary school years.  Having spoken with a number of students recently, I know they are very much looking forward to tonight and are very excited about their Year 6 Graduation Celebration Day next week.   


2019 First Day Arrangements – Friday 1st February 2019

All students are expected to line up by 8.55am each day.  The exception is prep, who will commence school at 9.15am on the first day of school.  Prep parents may continue to bring their child into the classroom for the first few days whilst students are taught how and where to line up.

Year 1&2 will continue to line up in the breezeway, Year 3&4 will line up in the same undercover area outside the office as they do now and Year 5&6 will continue to line up as they currently do.  As the buildings are completed, we will continue to evaluate start of the day arrangements and inform our community of any changes.  


2019 Staffing

Staffing and classes for 2019 are now complete.  We will officially farewell Mrs St Clair and Miss Veitch at our Final Assembly and I encourage as many parents as possible to join us to say thank you.  Next year we will welcome back Miss Browning-Briese and welcome Miss Wood. Both teachers have been teaching abroad during the past two years and will bring a range of experiences and further expertise to our teaching team. 

Please note, as is customary at HPS, class teachers change roles at least once every 3-5 years unless there are exceptional circumstances.  This assists teachers to learn new skills and be the best teachers they can be, work collaboratively in new teams, share expertise and continue to build school wide capacity.


2019 Staff

Class Teachers

  • Prep Tim Arendshorst
  • Prep Ashton McDermott 
  • Year 1/2 Caisha Williamson
  • Year 1/2 Tamara Scully
  • Year 1/2 Jessica Kelaart
  • Year 1/2 Teagan Wood
  • Year 3/4 Marty Gill
  • Year 3/4 Jodi Tate
  • Year 3/4 Michelle Cheong 
  • Year 3/4 Rachel Drew
  • Year 5/6 Kim Bennett
  • Year 5/6 Brooke Simpson
  • Year 5/6 Vivian Phan
  • Year 5/6 Hannah Browning-Briese

Specialist Teachers

  • Response To Individual Needs (RTI)
    • English Intervention (Reading Recovery) Jane Shaw,
    • English & Mathematics Intervention, Enrichment, Extension – Megan Fegan (Prep – Year 2), Fiona Pringle (Year 3-6), Natalie Yencken.
    • P-6 English as an Additional Language (EAL) Pereena Sinclair & Michelle Hayward
  • STEAM Natalie Yencken & Pereena Sinclair (Prep, Year 1&2, Year 5&6), Fiona Pringle (Year 3&4),
  • Performing Arts (Prep -Y6) Angelique Both
  • Physical Education Michelle Hayward, Kath McDonald (Prep –Year 6)
  • Languages - Mandarin Robin Miao & Han Guo
  • Languages - German Helena Salles & MadeleineSim

Education Support Staff

  • Program for Students with Disabilities, Classroom Learning Aides & Learning Support – Allison McNamara, Trish Neilson, Dot Tang
  • Multicultural Education Aides – English as an Additional Language – Candy Luk & Shu Wong
  • Administration, Enrolments & Reception – Rebecca Webb
  • School Business Manager – Elissa Gasson
  • Assistant Principal – Josh Crozier
  • Principal – Steve Richardson

Student Leaders & Captains 2019

At assembly last week, at the conclusion of an extensive selection process, we announced our 2019 School Captains and Student Leaders to the wider school community.  I have been suitably impressed with all candidates and very pleased for everyone who has been provided with this opportunity.  Importantly, all Year 5&6 students will continue to participate in the Young Leaders program in 2019.  Mr Crozier and I will support our Captains and selected leaders with some additional leadership learning. 

This year, I have been particularly impressed by the maturity and resilience shown by the children who were not selected for their first choice or who may have missed a formal role.  Whilst they were disappointed, after a debrief with Miss Veitch, they handled the situation very well, congratulating those who were selected graciously.  Selected students were humble and demonstrated empathy for others, some of the qualities we expect of our leaders. 

I am pleased to announce that our school captains and leaders for 2019 are as follows:

School Captain – Jett and Mia

Sport Captain – Tara and Cameron

Visual Arts – Felix and Erika

eLearning Captain – Kiruthika and Daryl

Environment Captain – Fiona and Asher

Languages – Jack and Audelia

Performing Arts Captain – Tianna and Ethan C

STEM Captain – Ryan L and Ethan L

Heath Captain – Amir and Divyana

Banksia Captain – Jaslene and Christopher

Waratah Captain – Jun Cheng and Mita

Acacia Captain – Cheryl and Tom


Appreciation Gifts To School Staff

I am reluctant to raise this as it looks like our staff expect an end of year gift…which we don’t!

In fact, a thank you from you and especially the children we have taught is appreciation enough for the combined effort of your child progressing under their tutelage.

To avoid embarrassment, I need to let the community know what we can and can’t accept and what needs to be declared on a registry.  This is informed by the Department of Education updated guidelines about what we can and cannot accept in the teaching profession.

Department of Education, in fact all public service employees are encouraged to abide the mantra that a “thank you is enough.” That is reality here at Highvale and a beautifully written thank you in a Christmas card by the child, showing the literacy skills taught would delight our teachers.

However, I understand that parents and especially children do like to give a gift to the staff that have supported them in their learning. As a father myself, I often shopped with my children to buy a small gift as a token of appreciation to some of the teaching staff at their school.  However, I know that teachers are not able to accept gifts or items that are easily converted to money.  Examples include cash vouchers like a Visa Card or debit card that are easily converted to money.

These are different to Non-Cash Vouchers that must be used at specific retailers and cannot be converted to cash. These are considered Gifts of Appreciation to members of the Teaching Service.

Teachers (members of the Teaching Service, which includes principals) can accept a Gift of Appreciation from a parent, carer or student(s) intended to express appreciation of the teacher’s contribution to the education of a student.  Where the estimated value is $100 or less, the Gift of Appreciation is considered Token and does not need to be declared to me by the teacher. A gift with an estimated or actual value above $100 is considered Non-Token and under Departmental Guidelines, a registry is then set up where the teacher declares to me as Principal of the school what they have been offered.

I hope this makes this departmental policy clear……..I will reiterate again, teachers don’t expect gifts as we are paid to do our jobs and a thank you from the children we have taught is all the thanks we need!


Year 3-6 BYOD Reminder

A friendly reminder that the LWT parent purchase portal is now open.  Devices can be ordered at http://highvaleps.orderportal.com.au/


I look forward to seeing you in the new year.


Steve Richardson


Engagement & Wellbeing

Engagement & Wellbeing

Canteen Fundraiser

Thank you to all the students (and staff!) who have purchased bandannas to support the SRC to raise much needed funds for young adults living with cancer.

We have sold well over 70 bandannas and it's great to see our students wearing them proudly. 


Just a reminder, we won't be selling icy poles tomorrow.


Thank you to the SRC for their hardwork and effort throughout 2018.
Well done team!



Happy Holidays
I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday. Thanks to all members of our school community who have helped throughout the year, as a school simply cannot operate without you. I would like to acknowledge the work of our Highvale Primary Community Group who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the special events and fundraisers that take place are successful. A special mention must be made about our outgoing President Narelle Altamore who, along with Toni Mifsud, helped to continue to grow our community and I thank them for their efforts over the recent years.


Class of 2018

Congratulations to students who are completing their final year of primary school here at Highvale. It's an exciting time and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours. I have attached an article for parents of students transitioning to high school next year from Michael Grose and it's well worth a read!


Making a smooth transition to secondary school

Going to secondary school is both exciting and scary for many kids. There’s excitement about new friends, teachers and ventures, but this can be overshadowed by anxiety and stress.

The sheer size of a high school building can be overwhelming to the uninitiated. The potential loss of status when moving from big fish in a small pond to tiny minnow in a large ocean can be hard to swallow for some. Add the increased number of teachers and the hormonal changes that accompany puberty and drive emotional and cognitive development and it is little wonder the first year of secondary school often sees a plateauing in learning. Most kids are flat out making new friends and getting used to how secondary school works, so learning takes a back seat for a time.

While it’s easier for those who have a brother or sister already there who can pass on some tips about how to survive secondary school, many don’t have that luxury. Fortunately, there are number of strategies parents can use to make the transition to secondary school easier.

1. Know the school space

Familiarity helps reduce anxiety. Most secondary schools have familiarisation programs for incoming students but it helps to reinforce with your young person where the key spaces are – such as administration, toilets, the tuck shop and drinking taps. A trip to the school during the holidays, if possible, can help reassure a nervous secondary school starter.

2. Make the leap with friends

Negotiating new friendships can be stressful so it helps to identify some friends from primary school or outside school that your child can travel with or meet up before school, at lunch breaks and during times when classes aren’t scheduled. This will give them the opportunity to share and compare experiences, which is therapeutic for kids who are experiencing change.

3. Help with planning and organisation

Some students can be overwhelmed by the organisational demands of secondary school. If your child fits this category, be prepared to be on hand to coach your young person in the finer arts of being on time to class, organising work in folders, planning homework time, handing in multiple assignments and filling out forms.

4. Set up a designated study space in the home

Now that your young person has hit the big time it’s important that they have a study space to call their own. Keep this outside the bedroom if possible – the bedroom is a space for sleeping and relaxing. Use any area that is reasonably quiet and well lit. Set up a desk with a computer, if possible, along with stationery items.

5. Establish a work schedule

If your child’s primary school homework was given inconsistently then be prepared for a change. Most secondary schools try to coordinate homework between different teachers but there will be more times than not when your child will come home with multiple homework assignments to complete. Build the homework habit early and choose a regular time that allows for breaks. Encourage them to work quickly so that work does not drag on and become demotivating.

6. Stay patient and positive

The social and academic demands of going to secondary school can be mentally draining for young people. Some will miss old friends and the relative comfort of primary school. It’s important for parents to be patient with their young person, to expect a few behaviour blowouts and to be prepared to listen and help them process their new experiences. If your young person has negative experiences, point them in the direction of the good things that may happen during the day.

Your young person’s coping mechanisms are being tested during this time. They can change on a daily basis. If stress becomes overwhelming or persistent to the point that they don’t want to go to school after the initial settling-in period, consider organising some extra assistance. A year-level coordinator, school counsellor or the local doctor can be good starting points should extra assistance be needed.

Starting secondary school is one of many transitions your young person will face in life. With planning and support, your child can make a positive start to secondary school and enjoy an amazing time at their new school.


Enjoy your break and see you back in 2019!


Joshua Crozier

Assistant Principal

[email protected]

Assembly / Co-operative Learning

Term 4 Final Assembly Date:

Friday 21st December - 12.45pm - final assembly


PBL Stars

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) Stars

Congratulations to the following students for being awarded the PBL Star:

Prep Arendshorst: Louise - For the responsibility you have shown during swimming so far! You remember all of your possessions and walk safely to and from the change rooms.

Prep Cheong: Emily - For being such a responsible Highvale student on swimming days. You make sure you listen to instructions, follow instructions and get changed quickly. Well done!

Prep McDermott: Alhan - For your commitment towards your learning during this very exciting time of the year! You have shown active listening and responsibility for your learning. You're a superstar Alhan!

1/2 St Clair: Jayden - Congratulations Jayden on showing commitment to all your learning tasks but particularly Mathematics. You persist with tricky problems until they are solved. Keep up the fantastic attitude to your learning Jayden.

1/2 Bennett: Steve - For doing things around our room to help out without being asked. You always lend a helping hand to others and tidy up without expecting thanks or rewards. Well done!

1/2 Bennett: Rere - For your commitment to your learning about Money. You have worked hard during our maths lessons are now able to accurately add different amounts of money together. Well done!

1/2 Williamson: Ayan - For working hard to structure your persuasive text. You included excellent powerful language and a call to action to persuade your audience. Great effort Ayan!

1/2 Kelaart: Ali - For being a respectful member of our class. You treat all of your peers nicely and make an effort to include others in games and activities. Great job, Ali!

3/4 Gill: Soraya - For your improved fluency when reading aloud. It is great to hear you add expression and try to work out tricky words. Keep up the reading Soraya! Well done!

3/4 Scully: Sueah - For demonstrating attitudes of commitment in class when you approach new learning. You always attempt to do your personal best work and listen to feedback and then do your best to apply this to the learning task.

3/4 Scully: Jonathan - For always being a committed member of the 3/4S classroom. Your bright and happy disposition is infectious and you have a special ability of bringing a smile to the faces of your classmates.

3/4 Tate: Calianna - I am very proud of the commitment to your learning and the growth you've shown in all learning this year, Calianna. You're a star!

3/4 Tate: Akshay - Thank you for being a wonderful role model of responsibility in class and reminding your table group to get back on task. You showed leadership in a respectful way. Well done Akshay.

3/4 Drew: Tim - For showing wonderful commitment to your Maths tasks, when exploring international timezones. It was pleasing to see you work well with your group to problem solve and share your reasoning. Keep up the good work!

3/4 Drew: Zaisha - For the wonderful commitment you show to your learning. I love how you are always willing to contribute to class discussions and complete your work to a high standard. Well done, Zaisha!

5/6 Phan: Erika - For demonstrating great responsibility skills in the classroom as you never fail to assist me keeping the classroom neat and tidy. Thanks for all your help Erika!

5/6 Veitch:  Aidan - For showing commitment towards your learning by trying harder to keep your learning items organised and your desk tidy. Keep it up!

5/6 Simpson: Alanna - For being responsible with helping in the Sanctuary last week, particularly in the mornings. Showing this value will be helpful when you enter high school. Thanks for helping our class!

5/6 Simpson: Makayla - For showing commitment to your schoolwork and asking questions to clarify your understanding. This will help you when you enter high school next year. Keep up the great work!


Student News!

Sanctuary Duty over Christmas period

Our chickens and rabbit are in need of some tender loving care over the school holiday period (Sat 22 December until Mon 28 Jan) and we're hoping you might be able to assist us by giving up some time to feed them.  It usually takes about half an hour of your day to feed them, ensure the water tubs are full and collect the eggs.

We ideally like families to commit to a period of at least 5 days, which makes the process of handing over duties easier for everyone involved. 

If you do have some time, and are interested in looking after our sanctuary, we'd love to hear from you either on 9887 8000 or via email at [email protected]

Thanks so much for considering.



FlexiBuzz Communication - update

After some feedback, we have further enhanced our FlexiBuzz groups to show individual year levels. 


In order for you to receive information that will be distributed to individual year levels, we ask that you log into your FlexiBuzz account and follow the instructions below.

Click on the three horizontal bars (as circled in the picture below)


This will take you to Boxes page (as shown below), where you can add your children’s year levels to your news feed.

Once selected, you will receive information this being sent to 'Year level' groups only.


Attendance feature in FlexiBuzz

A convenient way to notify us of your child's attendance is to select the 'absence' icon on FlexiBuzz (as shown below).  This will take you to a short form that needs to be completed, which is automatically sent to your child's teacher and the school office. 


If you are yet to install the app or require any assistance with FlexiBuzz features, please drop into the office and we'll help you.


Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop Opening Hours - 2019

Thursday 24th January – 9.30am until 10.30am

Monday 4th February – 8.45am until 9.30am

Monday 18th February – 8.45am until 9.30am

Monday 4th March – 8.45am until 9.30am

Monday 18th March – 8.45am until 9.30am

Monday 1st April – 8.45am until 9.30am


Please note the Uniform shop will be closed on 10th December for stocktaking. Any orders received prior to the 9th December will be processed on 10th December however any orders received on or after the 10th December won't be processed until 24th January.

We appreciate your understanding.


Uniform Sales now on Qkr!

You can now place your uniform orders via Qkr! All orders will be handed over to the uniform shop volunteers and distributed to you as soon as possible.

Uniform Shop Order Form

Please click on the link below to access a copy of our uniform shop order form. These can be filled out and handed in to the office at any time. The uniform shop volunteers will fill the orders at their earliest convenience and uniforms will be sent home with your child.


What's On ...
Special Lunch Days / Events 
& Fundraising programs

Upcoming Highvale Primary Community Group (HPCG) Events

Term 4

Wednesday 19th December - Sushi Lunch


Fundraising Events

There are some great fundraising ideas listed below to help you get involved and support Highvale Primary School. We appreciate your assistance in making these a success.


Hello World Travel, Forest Hill

For every holiday that you, your Grandparents or even your friends book through our store, we will give a percentage back to your school as fundraising to say thank you for booking through us. Drop into Hello World Travel which is located at Shop 104, Forest Hill Chase Shopping Centre, 270 Canterbury Road, Forest Hill. You can phone us on 9887 2444 or email us at [email protected]

Don't forget to mention your school when booking!


Also, don't forget to support our regular fundraising programs (as listed below) by mentioning Highvale Primary School at the point of sale and our school will receive cash donations. Tell your friends and family so they can make easy cash for the school as well!



Bakers Delight, Vermont South

10% of your total sales will be donated back to the school





Air Stream Cafe, Century City Walk, The Glen

You will receive a 5% discount on your bill plus 5% will be donated to the school when you present your fundraiser card (available at the office) 

Education Experience

www. edex.com.au

Highvale Primary School will receive 20% of the total sales.

Robotech / Weather Station


Banking will be done every Tuesday. Please make sure you send your bank books on the day :)

You can visit the following webpage to get more information about school banking and register your child: https://www.commbank.com.au/personal/kids/school-banking.html.

Once you've registered, please let us know so we can arrange to get a banking book sent home with your child. Thanks!



Before & After School Care

Academy for Kids School Care

For all enquiries regarding Before and After School Care, please contact Vivien on 0405 323 357 or via email at [email protected]

Enrolment forms are available from the After School staff in the MPC building during after school care hours. Likewise, you can print of the enrolment form below.


Extra Curricular Activites / Advertisements

Activities held at Highvale Primary School



After School / School holiday activities held off campus


Highvale Happenings
uniform order form.pdf
Lego Club - 2019.pdf
Sporty Stars - Term 4.pdf
Number Works n Words Glen Waverley.PDF
Tennis Camp.jpg
Water Balloon.jpg
Drama and Public Speaking - Super Speak.pdf
Melbourne Renegades Holiday Program - Edinburgh CC.PDF
Melbourne Stars Holiday Program - Monash Tigers CC.PDF
After School Care Enrolment Form.pdf