20 July 2017
Issue Twenty-one
Important Dates & Correspondence
Principal's Report
Infant Jesus School
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Important Dates

Important Dates and Correspondence

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Term 3 2017

Saturday                               First Eucharist Enrolment Mass 6.30pm

22 July


Sunday                                  First Eucharist Enrolment Masses 9.30am and        23 July                                  6pm


Tuesday                                Interschool Cross Country

25 July


Thursday                             Assembly

27 July                                 Performing Arts


Monday                                School Photos

31 July


Tuesday                                School Photos

1 August


Thursday                             Parish Mass Yrs 1 and 6

3 August

Term Calendar 2017


Student Free Days 2017

Our tentative dates for Student Free Days for 2017 are as follows:


Term 3 - Monday 17 July

Term 3 - Friday 22 September

Term 4 - Monday 9 October


Parents need to note that these days may change, due to availability of PD requests for staff.


Uniforms can be purchased from Lowes located at the Mirrabooka Square Shopping Centre.


Lowes have advised that any quality issues regarding uniforms can be addressed with their Mirrabooka Store directly and exchanges will be made on faulty stock. New shipments will be arriving soon with all stock and sizing available.


For opening times and online orders go to


iNewsletter Information

We will soon have a facility to allow Readers of this Newsletter to read it in any language at the press of a button. More information in Term 3.


Newsletter Deadline

If you have articles for the Newsletter please be aware that the Newsletter is assembled on Tuesday and Wednesday and then emailed out on Thursday. It is helpful to assembly to have articles as early as possible. Thankyou

Principal's Report

Welcome Back


Dear Parents,


Welcome to the start of another school term. I hope all families were able to spend some time together over the two-week break and stay warm and dry. It was very pleasing to see all children returning to school happy, enthusiastic and revitalised. Let’s hope this attitude continues throughout the term. No doubt, the children were eager to return to school to catch up with friends. Mums and dads were probably just as keen!


As we have just returned from the winter holidays I have been reflecting on the fact that teachers are often ‘teased’ for their numerous holidays. However, as most of you would know, or perhaps even expect, teachers spend a great deal of their down time engaged in their work of preparation, research and learning, either at home or on site. 


Teaching is a very complex activity and in recent years this complexity has increased. Schools were established in the Industrial Age to prepare young people for manual labour on farms and in factories. The learning was a ‘one size fits all’ model.


Today we live in a ‘knowledge age’ where technologies link people together in very different ways. Our challenge in the 21st century is to personalise the learning for each student. One size no longer fits everyone. Research indicates that high quality student outcomes result if learning is focused on intellectual work that is challenging, where quality learning environments are provided and when students understand that their learning matters. 

The teachers at Infant Jesus School regularly engage in educational conversations and professional learning to enhance their capacity to provide quality learning and teaching. They are to be commended for the time and energy they give to their work and to updating their professional knowledge. Teachers spend a great deal of time outside school hours reflecting on their teaching, undertaking professional learning and reading current educational research literature. The reason these activities are so important is that teachers are committed to enhancing their practice to improve the learning outcomes for each student at our school.


As we begin a new semester, I encourage all students to continue to work hard over the term, consistently applying themselves to their studies and taking pride in ‘their school’ and their endeavours. I believe that education is a partnership and effective communication is important. Research shows, that when schools and parents work closely together children are more likely to be successful. It is important that teachers and parents continue to work together to ensure the best outcomes for the students at our school. 



This weekend we commence our Sacrament of First Eucharist program with the various enrolment masses and I thought the following article may be of interest to our school community. 
The highlight of the Pope’s visit to any country is the celebration of an open-air Mass. Of the Mass the celebration of the Eucharist, the Pope writes: “In the Eucharist we have Jesus, we have His sacrifice, we have His resurrection, we have the gift of the Holy Spirit and His love of the Father. In the humble signs of bread and wine changed into His Body and Blood, Christ walks beside us as our strength and our food for the journey and enables us to become witnesses of hope” .
In modern language, Christ says to us at every Mass: “Here I am, poured out in love for you. Take Me; I’m one with you.” In the year 413, St Augustine wrote that the Mass was about three things: goodness, unity and charity. Augustine taught that if we were not better people working for unity and loving each other once away from the Eucharist, then, the Mass fails to achieve its purpose. 
The God who comes to us at every Eucharist as real food, is the same God who asks: “When I was hungry, did you feed me?” Just as God feeds us, so we too, should feed each other. We should link the reception of the bread of life in the Eucharist at Mass with the giving of bread away from the Mass. In other words is the Eucharist for Sundays only or does the Eucharist live through the actions and deeds of our daily lives? 
As we prepare to watch our children receive Communion we are thrilled by the beauty and simplicity of their belief in who it is they are receiving. However, as we progress through life, the routine of Mass and the Eucharist can dull our spiritual senses. Mass might have lost its relevance for us and so we might no longer attend. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to guard against such a situation occurring.

For the Mass and the Eucharist to be life-giving for us as Christian people, we need to give them our total attention. Our hearts and minds need to be fully open to Christ living in us, to us assuming the mind of Christ and taking Christ’s values with us into our daily lives. Then the Eucharist can change us into people who are good, unifying and loving; then Christ can walk beside us as our strength and our food for the journey and enable us to become witnesses of hope. 


We believe that the staff at Infant Jesus School are not only dedicated, innovative and professional but are also people who like to make a difference. The Power of One initiative is a new opportunity for staff to give voluntarily to integrate the principles of Catholic social teaching into practical experiences of service to others in society by sharing their time, expertise and passions with the community. 

Staff have lived out Christian Witness this year by giving of their own time and assisting at the parish, running prayer groups, cooking for those in need, organising before and after school activities, assisting in sacramental program and more. 


The initiative will continue in the second semester with staff volunteering in various ways. Through this program we hope that this in turn inspires our children and others in the community to serve others, assist when they see a need and share their gifts and passions with others.


We welcome to the Infant Jesus School Community:
•    Mrs Christine Padua who will be Teaching the students in Year  
      1 White 
•    Miss Leesa Hermans who will be teaching the students in Year
      6 Blue and Year 3 White


Tomorrow morning Infant Jesus Parish will host the Opening Mass for the 2017 Catholic Schools Performing Arts Festival. Schools from across Catholic Education will join together to celebrate the Eucharist. Infant Jesus School will be represented by two of our Year Six leaders.
Over the next five weeks students from Infant Jesus School will participate in the Catholic Schools Performing Arts Festival. Children will represent the school in the Choral (School Choir) and in the Liturgical sections of the festival. The festival incorporates students from Catholic schools around the state.  It is a time of great excitement for our budding musicians as they will assuredly share their hard work and prowess, through voice or upon dedicated instruments, with the wider community.


In the next few weeks the music students will be diligently polishing their performance pieces to ensure they are well prepared for their scheduled performances. Please be advised of the important dates to note in your diary which are outlined in the School News page of the Newsletter.

The choral performances are as follows:

The Infant Jesus Choir

Monday 7 August (11.15am-12noon)

St Benedict's Parish Church, Applecross


The Infant Jesus Choir & The Year 4 Choir

Tuesday 22 August (2.45pm-4.00pm)

Vasto Club, Balcatta


Infant Jesus Concert Band

Tuesday 22 August (7.00pm-9.30pm)
Newman College,  Marist Auditorium
Our congratulations to  Tara Johnston and her husband Damian on the arrival of a little son Fionnan Ryan.  Blessing on you all as a family at this joyous time.


Congratulations and good luck to all the runners who will be representing our school at the inter-school carnival next Tuesday.


Parents are asked to please keep their contact information up-to-date,  including home address, contact numbers, email addresses and emergency contacts.  Forms are available from the school office and our website  please return completed forms to the class teacher or the office.  Thank you.


This is a general reminder to all parents to be aware of the traffic situation at the school and the need to work together to ensure the safety of our children. We have a high proportion of children who are commuted to the school in vehicles and we have very restricted parking within the area.


Because of these and other difficulties and as the ongoing safety of our children is of primary importance, the following guidelines are provided for your information.  Whilst compliance with these rules may at times prove to be a minor inconvenience, it is a little price to pay to ensure that our children arrive and leave school in the safest possible circumstances.
Parents are asked to:
•    Park safely in the Church car park.
•    Observe all parking signs in and around the school.
•    Note that in order for traffic to flow smoothly and safely during pick up and drop off, it would be appreciated that once the car in front of you has moved forward that you do also.  This will hopefully enable a steady flow of traffic through our school drop off areas.
•    Ensure the vehicles are not left unattended for any reason, as this will hinder traffic flow.
•    Note that there is no double parking or standing at any time in the school entrances in Smith Street, Russell Street and Lovegrove Way.
•    Note that there is no parking or standing on the grassed street verges in Smith Street, Russell Street, Peters Place or Lovegrove Way.
•    Please do not park in private residential driveways.
•    Observe the no parking or no standing in the marked bus bay in Smith Street.
•    Remember the speed limit around schools is 40km/hour.


Also, in the interests of the safety of all students, parents are requested NOT to pull into the staff car park or the small car park at the front of the school at any time.  Before and after school are very busy times and children are continually accessing these areas on the way into or out of the school.
Thank you for your support and cooperation in ensuring the safety of our children.





It is very important that parents see that their children arrive at school no later than 8.20am so that they can unpack and get organised in order to start school promptly at 8.30am. Morning supervision is from 8am, and children are encouraged not to arrive at school before this time. Class teachers (except Kindergarten) will have their classes open for the children from 8.20am.


Recess Time is from         10.30 am – 10.50 am
Lunch Time is from           12.30 pm – 1.05 pm
End of the School Day     3.00pm


In the afternoon, teachers will supervise the departure of students at the school carpark until 3.20pm. Any child remaining at school after this time will be required to report to the school office and stay there until they are collected. Please note that the office closes at 4.00pm. Thank you for co-operation in this matter.


Thank you for co-operation in this matter.


The Term Three Planner is now available on the school website and attached to this newsletter.


This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the new Infant Jesus Church. Fr Sunny and the assistant priests, along with the Parish Council and the various active committees within the church are planning for a big celebration to recognise the occasion. Three bishops, including Archbishop Costelloe will be attending the Masses over the weekend of  26 & 27 August.  


As you know, Saturday 19 August is an Infant Jesus School Family Mass. There will be a number of opportunities for our community to be involved, particularly as Friday 25 August is IJ Day!
Further information will be shared with the community closer to the event, but at this stage please mark the days in your calendar.

Infant Jesus Family

We pray for the following families who have had bereavements during the holidays:


The  Nicoletto Family in the sad loss of their Mother and Grandmother Bernadette who recently passed away. Bernadette was a teacher at Infant Jesus School for many years and also an active member of the Parish. She will be missed by many.  


The Hooper Family (Catie 5W) in the sudden loss of their Grandfather Ron Lakey who was often at Infant Jesus School helping out.   


The Rozario Family (Ava 2B) in the sad loss of their beloved Grandmother who recently passed away suddenly and will be greatly missed.


The Monastra Family (Christian 5B) in the loss of  their Grandfather whose funeral was last week.  


The Andre Family (Chloe 3B) in the loss of their Grandfather who recently passed away.


Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord and may perpetual light shine upon them may they rest in peace. Amen





Blessings and congratulations to the Ferrara Family (Ava and Zak PKB1) as they welcome their little sister Zoe into their family.


SCHOOL PHOTO DAYS 31 July, 1 August


Our photographers for this year are Masters School Portraits.  This year MSP are giving the schools the opportunity to go 100% online.  Students will be issued with an online ordering instruction slip and unique student ordering code for parents to follow and place their orders online via the MSP website. To do this you have a "Shootkey" code on your information slip to use. No pre paid envelopes will be issued.


 Forms for family portraits are available from the school office.


All children need to be dressed in the full winter uniform for their photo days.





Prayer for the Week


At the commencement of this new semester.
We praise and thank you for the gift of life and for the opportunity
of growth awaiting us.
We thank you for love – the love and concern of our families, our friends, and our teachers.
We ask you to bless each of us in the semester ahead.
Help us to  grow in faith, in goodness and in generosity.
Create in us a capacity for giving that will make us worthy to be called Christian.
Keep us strong and steadfast in the face of temptation.
Let wisdom be our guide.
May each of us be a messenger of peace, of truth and of joy.




Term Three Important Dates

 Saturday 22 July

  • First Eucharist Enrolment Mass

Sunday 23 July

  • First Eucharist Enrolment Mass

Monday 31 July

  • School Photos

Tuesday 1 August

  • School Photos

Thought for the Week

No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.
Helen Keller


God Bless,


Paul Hille





Year Three News

Following on from the Year Three's learning of the geography of Australia, this term the children will be exploring the countries that surround our great nation. They will discover different cultures, food, climates and look at how places are both similar and different. 


In Religion, the children will explore their feelings and how their feelings affect the way they behave. They will identify different feelings Jesus experienced and explore the loving actions Jesus expressed towards all people. The children will learn the Parable of the Pharisee, the Tax Collector and the responses to The Angelus.


During English, the children will continue to focus upon the reading skills of comprehension, accuracy, fluency and vocabulary by reading fiction and non-fiction texts including novels, newspapers and reports. As the children’s reading has progressed they are now encouraged to choose novels from the library to read as a way of continuing to challenge their comprehension skills.


The children will be exposed to a variety of letter writing styles as they explore and write letters, emails and invitations. They will also study the structure of explanations and the importance of precision in language when conveying information.


All year the children have been working hard to memorise their times tables and will use these skills to gain an understanding of the processes of multiplication and division in Mathematics. The children will continue to develop their skills of addition and subtraction and consolidate their ability to work with large numbers. The students will learn to apply their knowledge of the four operations to solve written problems and apply these skills to monetary values. 


The Year Three Integrated Studies program will focus on the children understanding the location of some of the countries that surround Australia. The children will explore how people in these countries live, how the climate changes in relation to the environment and what flora and fauna live there. They will compare the lives of these citizens to their own and look at the similarities and differences of different countries.


This semester the children will begin studying protective behaviours. The aim of this program is for the children to be equipped with the skills necessary for protecting themselves. We encourage you to talk to your child about what they are learning.


In Health with Mrs Clementson, the children will be focussing on the physical, social and emotional changes that may occur as individuals grow older and identifying strategies to manage these changes. Showing empathy and respect for the rights of others and ways in which the children can support one another when faced with challenging situations, will also be an area of focus.


In Science with Mr Capolingua,  the children will be learning about chemical sciences. They will be exploring different changes of state and how a solid and liquid can be transformed by adding or removing heat.


This term the children will welcome a new Italian teacher, Signora Bruna Formato. They will continue to develop their skills in reading, writing and communication in Italian with Signora Formato. 


In Physical Education with Mr Sheridan, this term the Year Three children will be preparing for the Athletics Carnival. They will be practising their sprints, throws and team games including Leader ball, Tunnel ball, Flag Relay and Egg and Spoon. Each child will be encouraged to beat their personal bests. The children will also be looking at the benefits of Physical Education for maintaining a healthy weight and preventing some diseases.


This Term in Music with Mrs Boddy, the children will be developing and consolidating their theory and aural skills through improvising, composing and playing music on the keyboard.


They will also be investigating and responding to the Traditional Music of Australia’s neighbours: Indonesia, Bali, China, Tibet and Taiwan. In the latter half of the term the students will also be developing and enhancing their performance techniques in preparation for their Assembly item “You’re Welcome” from Moana.


Year 4 Incursion

The Year 4 children were visited by Jacquie and Miss Paulik from the Constitutional Centre.  The ladies spoke to the children about how the local government provides a range of services for us.  The children participated in games and quizzes and thoroughly enjoyed the incursion.



It is important that everybody learn to do some calculations mentally when paper and pencil or a calculator is not handy. Over the next few weeks we will be look at the development of beginning mental math strategies that a parent might help a child learn at home. 


Mental math should not be confused with the memorisation of basic mathematics facts — such as knowing the times-tables by heart. While memorising basic facts makes mental math easier, doing mathematics mentally requires both memorised facts and the manipulation (strategies) of numbers and operations in order to solve problems that are much more complex than the simple number facts we can easily memorise. 


The following mental math strategies are arranged in general order from the easiest strategies children can learn to perform in their head to more difficult and challenging mental math gymnastics. 


Doing addition problems in your head is probably the best way to start doing mental math. Even young children — 5, 6, and 7 year- olds— can do the easiest strategies below. While the first few may seem trivial to adults, they are a good way for children to begin learning to do mental math. 


When the words “hearing” and “saying” are used in these strategies, they mean “hearing in your head” and “saying in your head.” 


Adding two means hearing a number, then saying the number that is two more. To do this, children can either mentally add two or count up by two. If you teach your children to count by twos: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, . . . etc., it will be easier for them to add two mentally. However, remember that they will also have to learn how to count by the odd numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, . . . Also, if children understand that any odd number, plus 2, will always be another odd number, and that any even number, plus two, will always be another even number, these mathematics concepts can help them check their answers mentally. 

Interschool Cross Country

Our top long distance runners from last term’s Cross Country Carnival have been chosen to represent our school at the CPSSA Interschool Cross Country Carnival. This is a great opportunity to challenge themselves against the best long distance runners from other schools in our association. The details of the carnival are below.


Tuesday 25 July 2017

Alderbury Reserve, Perry Lakes (Near Hockey Clubrooms)

10:15am – 1:20pm. First event starts at 11:00am and presentations at 1:00pm


A note has been sent home with the children that will be racing and I ask that these are returned by tomorrow (Friday 21 July). Running Club will start up again for these children at 8:00am Friday and Monday morning.


Any questions about the day please come and see me.

Mr Sheridan


Pastoral Care Ministry News

The Pastoral Care Ministry has decided to bring back collecting ring pulls for Brother Ollie's Wheelchair for Kids. We find this cause a simple, but effective way to use excess ring pulls – rather than throwing them out. The aluminium is then used to make the frames of wheelchairs for kids. We are very eager to start and hope our ideas will be appealing to all. There are posters which will be displayed around our school community.

Another cause we are determined to support is the St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal. We find that this cause is one of the most significant as giving to others less fortunate is something that  we,  at Infant Jesus School, believe is very important. We will begin collecting for the Winter Appeal for two weeks from Term Three. Hopefully, over the holidays you have collected any spare blankets or bedding, pots and pans, clothes or non-perishable food. Please bring these items in to support those in need.


Music News - Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Festival is now upon us with the opening Mass scheduled for this Friday at our Infant Jesus Parish.  Parental support in ensuring all children attend the rehearsals in the lead up to the each performance is greatly appreciated. 
The important calendar dates are listed below:
Performing Arts Assembly Showcase
Thursday 27th July (Week 2)
The Infant Jesus Choir:
Liturgical Section
7th August 2017 (Monday)
11:15 - 12:00
St Benedict’s Parish Church, Applecross
The Infant Jesus Choir & The Year 4 Choir:
Choral Section
22nd August 2017 (Tuesday)
2:45 - 4:00
Vasto Club, Balcatta
Infant Jesus Concert Band
Concert Band
22nd August 2017
7:00 - 9:30
Newman College, Marist Auditorium 

Seasons for Growth 2017

A program to help children adjust and learn ways of coping with loss and grief or other significant changes in their lives. Further information and participation consent form is attached.

Penny Storey - Social Worker


Tuning into Kids - Parent Program

Infant Jesus School will be offering the Tuning in to Kids parent program over six weeks, commencing in Term 3, Week 3. Further information and registration form is attached.



P&F News


Infant Jesus School is raising funds. Here's how you can help...

We are raising as much as we can to support our technology and Innovation Centre, and we need your help! Order your NEW 2017/2018 Entertainment Book or Entertainment Digital Membership now. You'll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and help our fundraising at the same time!


"The Entertainment Book is such a great way to try new restaurants. It’s also a great opportunity to help community organisations."


A Sample Book and Order Forms are available in the Front Office if you wish to have a look. 

Nicola Cecchele - P&F President



Please see attached information regarding this year's Father Son Camp.



All Registrations and Deposit need to be in by 31 July

Family Camp is a great opportunity to make new friends, experience a bit of the Infant Jesus tradition and this year's theme is "Heroes and Villains".

Venue: Point Peron, Rockingham

Date: Friday 29 September to Sunday 1 October. (not the long weekend and 2 nights only)

Anticipated cost of $350 per family (this may change after budget confirmation) includes accommodation, all meals, all indoor/outdoor activities and of course lots of fun and laughter. 


We are also asking if anyone has any items (figurines, posters, etc) in relation to the Heroes and Villains theme that you no longer use or need and are willing to donate. We will gladly collect. Please contact Ardrian on 0403439888. 


We look forward to seeing you all there, especially NEW families, so start spreading the word! Any queries please don't hesitate to contact

Linda Prestianni 0433 925 857
Ardrian Gonsalves 0403 439 888

Saturday the 29 July at Italians Restaurant on Walter Rd
Both parents welcome 2 course menu $44 pp
BYO available and dessert extra
Love to see you all there….
RSVP Connie 0403 345 235
Liselle 0409 297 193 or Ida 0409 977 524


Canteen Roster


Friday 21 July

Rosa Ridolfo, Patricia Rivera, Lisa McCarthy

Monday 24 July

Sandrine Teo, Franca Colli, Geraldine Soh

Wednesday 26 July

Marisol Rapy, Jenny Allpike, Sara McMenemy


The attached Winter Menu continues for Term 3. 




At Infant Jesus School we are proud to celebrate the achievements of our children and all their hard work. Congratulations to the following students who will receive an Honour Certificate at our assembly next Thursday morning (27 July).


We congratulate the following students:

PPB       Amelia Chin, Stella Prokscha, Seth Vu, Arianna Celona

PPW      Aaron Dattilo, Laila Tartaglia, Oliver Ashton, Thy Truong

1B          Eva Autunno, Carmen de Mello, Kaelan McDonnell,

               Sophia Tollis

1W         Taryn Henderson, Alexander Wallace, Julian Barbas

2B           Joseph Franceschino, Keira Fruvall, Maria-Fe Gibson,

                Karl Gomes, Georgia Mammone

2W          Armanii Papa, Bridget Caputo, Jaxon Ramsay, 

                 Nicholas  Staltari

3B            Gabriella Jackamarra, Sayla Buckley, Chloe Andre,

                Jean-Paul Marion

3W          Holly Capone, Akira Teo, Thomas Allpike

4B           Lydia Brisbane, Kristy Nguyen, Dan Pham  

4W         Rosaria Mammone, Emilia Olivieri, Domenic Pugliese,

                Lucas Rossi 

5B          Amara Thaung, Lucas Dattilo, Amelia Contrusceri

5W         Alexsia Alvaro, Domenica Italiano, Jairus Linquist

6B           Thomas Bettles, Adrian Brown, Julian Pinneri

6W         Massimo Cecchele-Jones, Alex Bao, Ethan Gonsalves 




Feastday of Our Lady of Mt Carmel 16 July

On one side of the mountaintop, the priests of Baal stood next to the stone altar dedicated to their false god. They had been praying aloud all day, but no god had answered them. On the other side, the prophet Elijah stood alone next to a stone altar dedicated to the Lord God, Yahweh. That day Yahweh sent fire from heaven onto the altar, proving that he, Yahweh, was the one true God. The Old Testament records this showdown on Mount Carmel in northern Palestine (1 Kings 18:16–39).

During the many centuries between that event and the year 1156, people who wanted a quiet place to pray and to live close to God began to come together on Mount Carmel. A large monastery was built there to honor the Mother of God. The members of the monastery were called Carmelites.


In 1251, according to the tradition of the Carmelites, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Simon Stock, the sixth general, or person in charge of the Carmelite Order, and gave him a scapular. The scapular was a long piece of cloth worn over the shoulders and hanging, in front and in back, down to the ankles. After that, all the members of that Carmelite community wore scapulars. Today some religious men and women still wear the full scapular. Some people wear a small scapular made of two small pieces of cloth connected by narrow cord or braid. It, too, is worn over the shoulders. Wearing a scapular medal or the shortened scapular is a way of honoring the Blessed Mother. July 16 is a major feast for all Carmelite priests and sisters.



"There is a Marian "style" to the Church's work of evangelisation. Whenever we look to Mary, we come to believe once again in the revolutionary nature of love and tenderness. In her we see that humility and tenderness are not virtues of the weak but of the strong who need not treat others poorly in order to feel important themselves."

(From The Joy of the Gospel (Evangelii Gaudium) by Pope Francis #288) 


Parish News

All parents who wish to enrol their child for the Sacrament of First Eucharist at Infant Jesus Church this year are required to attend ONE of the following enrolment Masses:
Saturday 22 July 2017 at 6.30pm   OR
Sunday 23  July 2017 at 9.30am    OR
Sunday 23 July 2017 at 6.00pm

When you arrive at your chosen Mass, please register at the registration table in the church foyer:
1. your child’s name
2. a contact phone number
3. an email address

During the Mass the parish priest will invite the children to the front, he will hand them an envelope containing the necessary forms, letters and information.
The parish priest will then bless the children and send them back to their seats.
Enrolment form submission starts on Monday 24 July till Thursday 27 July from 9.30am- 12.30pm at the parish office.


All youth in Years 6-12 are invited
Join us this Friday night, 6-8pm in the Parish Hall
For more info call Roger 0434 988 711 or Elizabeth 0410 554 393




Archdiocese of Perth



Local news from across our parishes, agencies, schools and organisations can be delivered weekly directly to your inbox via The eRecord. It contains the latest news, events and photos from the Archdiocese. Parishes receive a PDF copy of the e-newsletter to print off and distribute for those who don’t have or don’t use email. Subscribe to the e-newsletter by sending details to

Further info: Jamie O’Brien 08 9220 5900.

Centre for Faith Enrichment

Are you searching for ways to enrich your understanding of the Catholic faith and tradition? Would you like to find out more about the role of women in the Bible, the leadership of Pope Francis or John Paul II’s teachings on the theology of the body? The Centre for Faith Enrichment offers a wide range of face-to-face and online courses and events on topics ranging from spirituality, Church history, theology, scripture, Christian living and much more. No exams or assignments, just a relaxed and friendly learning atmosphere. To know more visit our website where you will find our courses and events page.  


City of Bayswater
School Parking Schedule


Infant Jesus Soccer Club

Welcome to Infant Jesus Soccer Club Fostering and promoting community, friendship and team work while having fun. Enclosed is our website to stay in touch. The aim of the website is to aid in the awareness of the club and the community participation it provides and fosters.


World Wide Marriage Encounter

Remember the early days of your marriage. Just being together was most important.  The Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend has the same focus.  The weekend centres entirely on your relationship.  It is a positive and private experience between you and your spouse, that can help see again those loving qualities in each other that you may be taking for granted. Take a weekend out of the busyness of your lifestyle, where there is just the two of you, free of distractions.  We invite you to join us on our next Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend.   11 – 13 August  or 13 - 15 October 2017 For information or booking contact:  0424 220 625 – George & Monica or  Email:  Website –


Second Hand Uniforms

Second Hand Uniforms available for sale:

School Bag, Skirt, Tie, Summer Dresses, Tracksuit.

Please Contact: Maree 0437749066

Catholic Arts: Performing Arts Festival


The Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools and Colleges will be taking place again this year from Wednesday, 19 July – Thursday, 31 August in venues around the Perth metropolitan region.  Open to both primary and secondary school students, performance categories include choral, drama, musical, instrumental, vocal and dance.  The Festival will conclude with a concert staged at the Perth Concert Hall on Monday, 11 September 2017.
Volunteers are needed for administration and door sales for:
Ensemble section
Don Russell Performing Arts Centre, Murdoch Road, Thornlie 
Monday 24 July to Friday 28 July 
9.30am - 2.30pm
To volunteer, get in touch with Sabrina D’Roza at Catholic Arts on 9241 5241 or email  For more information about the Performing Arts Festival and Catholic Arts events, including Angelico and Carnevale, visit the website.



2017 Calendar Terms 1-4 (updated 27 June).pdf
2017 Calendar Terms 1-4 (updated 20 July).pdf
Tuning In To Kids – Parent Program 2017 PDF.pdf
Tuning In To Kids – Parent Program 2017 PDF.pdf
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Father Son Camp Page 1.pdf
Canteen Menu Winter 2017 PDF.pdf
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