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30 June 2017
Issue Five
The Big Announcement! 
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The Big Announcement! 

Parents and Students


It was with great pleasure that I was able to formally announce the appointment of Mr Paul Frye as the next substantive Principal of Castlemaine Secondary College. This was celebrated at a recent College assembly that showcased student achievement. It was met with an exceptionally positive response from students, staff, parents and community members that were in attendance. Mr Frye was the successful candidate chosen from a very strong field of applicants and I am very confident that he will do an excellent job for the next 5 to 10 years. Mr Frye will commence his new role on the first day of the new semester.

The new term will commence on MONDAY 17th July with normal timetabled classes for all students. We apologise for any confusion over this date as this was previously advertised as a student free day and professional development for staff. This is NOT the case now.


All students should return for the third term in full school uniform and prepared to commence a busy and critical term for all students regardless of their year level. The College uniform policy is quite clear in relation to students from Yrs 7-10 and the transition to uniform for Yrs 11 and 12 in subsequent years. The uniform at Castlemaine Secondary College is designed with significant student and parent input to be practical and affordable. There is support available for parents who require assistance in purchasing uniform from the general office. Students are also required to have safe enclosed shoes for practical classes where there is a risk of “spills or drops” that may cause injury to feet and toes.


I have enjoyed my time working at Castlemaine Secondary College, a great school in a great community. I have been supported by committed staff, parents and community members and, most importantly, some wonderful student leaders. I would like to thank and acknowledge particularly the work of the College Council members, Judith McLean (Assistant Principal), the College Leadership Team and Megan, Ben, Georgia and Owen, our student leaders.  They have all contributed to making my role much easier.


Castlemaine Secondary College has a very bright and positive future ahead of it. There are and will be challenges but these will be overcome with a united and supportive community that is committed to achieving great things for their young people. I believe that public schools are the foundation of strong and successful communities and that Castlemaine Secondary College plays a unique and extremely important role in this region.


I look forward to staying connected with CSC and Castlemaine and hearing much more of the success of its students this year and the future.

Noel Claridge

Acting Principal

What is happening?

Photo: Youth Parliament Students: Des, Sidney, Murray

School Council

School Council plays a major role in the hiring of the College Principal. The Principal selection panel is made up of the School Council President (that’s me), one other Council representative (we had Vice President Dean Bridgfoot), a staff member (Cole Waters voted in by ballot), another current Principal (we had David Sutton from Maryborough Education Centre), and a DET representative from the regional office.


The panel all received copies of each of the applications and we had to read and score each applicant according to a set of guidelines provided by the department. The panel then met and went through a process to short list applicants. This took many hours as we had a really good range of candidates for the position.


We narrowed the field down to four applicants for interview. The Education Department then employed a company to do psychological profiles on each candidate and provide the panel with a profile report. This gave us extra information than just the resume.


The panel spent most of the day interviewing candidates, and in the end, we recommended two applicants for Principal, with the first offer to Paul Frye. We took these recommendations to Council, who approved them, and then I could ring and offer Paul the job. He was delighted, and looks forward to the years ahead where he can really get his teeth into the business of education and engagement at CSC.


What was really encouraging was the range and quality of applications for principal at CSC – applicants came from central Victoria, elsewhere in the state, and interstate. We had advertised in The Age and in order to attract as many applicants as possible. And in the end, we had the best candidate right here.


Sports Development Program

Council is working with the College to possibly set up a program for engaging elite sports students at CSC. Council’s role would be to link with sporting groups in the community for extra support and training.


The second part of the program will be a parent group - please let me know if you are a parent who would like to get involved in a Sports Support Group. This will be a terrific way to show your child that you are supporting their engagement at school.

Grounds and Sporting Facilities

Council has just endorsed a Master Plan for the grounds and outside sporting facilities. It involves upgrading some of the equipment, and setting up a bore to water the oval. The Master Plan will hopefully involve other sporting clubs, and the Mount Alexander Shire Council.


Music and drama

Even if your child is not involved in either music or drama, look out for the school production of Little Shop of Horrors, and other activities like the music camp concert. Later in the year the music program will be doing a major fundraising gig and there will be tickets and raffle prizes available for everyone.



Once again, I’m asking parents and carers to encourage their children to wear the winter uniform. It’s very hard to achieve equality between students when not everyone is wearing the uniform. If we want to achieve pride, respect and responsibility, then wearing a uniform forms a little part of that.

Beth Mellick
School Council President


Castlemaine 2017 Youth Parliament Team

This year our school is lucky enough to have a team participating in the 2017 Victoria Youth Parliament.  This is a program designed to give young Victorians between the ages of 16 - 25 a chance to be heard at the highest levels of State Government, on a wide range of issues relevant to Australia’s youth. Our team consists of six bright and enthusiastic students, Murray Hammersley (Year 11), Dante Michielin (Year 11), Des Cook (Year 11), Nick Barker (Year 11), Ella Hayes (Year 10), and Sidney Showell ( Year 11). We are all looking forward to being able to put forward this bill on the 4th of July next week and also participate in debating other bills.


Our Bill is called the ‘Environmental Footprint of Edible Consumables Classification Bill 2017’ and is designed to create a better understanding amongst consumers around the environmental footprint created through the production of edible goods. Through the use of packaging and labelling this Bill aims to create a clear understanding amongst consumers of the environmental impacts of the production and transport of edible consumables. The Bill enables consumers to have information presented to them in a clear and concise way, therefore alleviating any confusion and misinterpretation. Our Bill includes three major sections; Food Miles, Greenhouse, and Water Usage. This system shall mean that all consumer-packaged goods in the state of Victoria shall include a label to inform the public of the specific environmental effects engendered by the production and transportation of their product.


To help support our Bill when it comes to the debating stage we have introduce a small scaled trial model of it in the school canteen. This model demonstrates a labelling system based on the distance that each product has to travel. The system ranges from 0-100, with 0 having the greatest distance to travel and 100 being as local as possible. We aim to highlight how locally sourced most of our canteen food and beverages are and therefore try and discourage the buying of products from out of Victoria and especially out of Australia. We would love for the school community to get behind us in our endeavour by both jumping onto Facebook and liking our page at: Castlemaine Victorian Youth Parliament Team, and/or spreading the word around our local communities and abroad.


Our debate is next Tuesday at 9:30am in Victorian State Parliament and we would love the support of anyone who is available.

-Sidney Showell (Castlemaine Youth Parliament Media Organiser)


What have students been up to?

Embroiderer’s Guild Victoria

On the shivering Monday morning of May 29th, sunlight hit the windows of room 201 at Castlemaine Secondary and many excited sewers entered the textiles room with anticipation for the delights to come. For it was on this morning that the students were to be graced with the presence of expert embroiderers. The Castlemaine branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild Victoria came to share and impart their vast knowledge of sewing, embroidering & crafts of the like, to the eager class of year 9 textiles.


Chris Saunders and Liz Sardone displayed and shared their past & current immaculate works of embroidery, whilst discussing with the class the many aspects of the craft and the techniques involved in producing such brilliant pieces. Following their presentation our visitors continued to impart their wisdom and enthusiasm whilst helping students with their individual projects throughout the lesson.


The class of year 9 textiles are very appreciative of such an opportunity to better their embroidery skills and have the chance to engage with community members with such talent and knowledge to share.

Written by Amy Ferguson


Orchestra out and about!

On Monday 19th June the senior string & flute orchestra played at an assembly at Winters Flat Primary School. They played an exciting programme of four varied pieces, conducted by Frances Gall and Elizabeth Anderson. The Schindlers List theme was played with sensitivity and a warm sound, and a fast contemporary piece ‘Coiled’ gave the effect of a machine slowing down and speeding up.


The CSC orchestra accompanied four violin students from Winters Flat who played several folk songs.


The primary school students, staff and parents all enjoyed the concert and our orchestra played very well.

Thank you to Elisabeth Anderson, Kirsten Boerema, Tom Foster and Paul Frye.

By Frances Gall

Sports !

Loddon Malley Regional Cross Country

On Tuesday 6th June five CSC students made the trek to St Arnaud to participate in the LMR Cross Country event. To get here, students had to come in the top five runners at the CSC Cross Country event and then go onto the next level which was the Sandhurst level. Here students competed against eight other schools had to get within the top ten runners. They all showed a fantastic effort to make it to the LMR competition. They all competed well in the hilly, rocky conditions.
We thank Mr White for taking us on the day.


The results are as follows:

Shae Clifford- 15th in the 13 Girls age group

Jacqui Roberts- 12th in the 14 Girls age group

Eli Saunders- 11th in the 14 Boys age group

Zac Frye- 22nd in the 14 Boys age group


Girls Footy Report

On Tuesday 20th June the year 7,8,9 and 10 girls went to Catholic College Bendigo to play in the year 9/10 Girls Footy carnival. The girls played four games. The first game was against Marist and we won 61-1. We then went on to lose to CCB 13-29, we won to Crusoe 46-3, then played our final game against BSE winning 33-13.

All the girls played extremely well having star players Abi Gunter and Tia Davidge being our main goal kickers for the day. Jade Richardson was tough in the backline stopping lots of goals. Bridie Semmens and Chloe Langley taking up ruck and winning most of the ruck taps. Nothing stopped Rachelle McLean from scoring a couple of goals when needed, and she took on anyone. Jemma Finning was hard at the ball and was a star in the middle. With no fear our most valuable player was Shae Clifford being one of the youngest on the field.  Shae took on everyone and never gave up, used her speed well and went hard at the ball.
Coaches for the day were year 12 students Taylah Satori and Sam Nettleton who were super proud of all the girls effort, and were happy winning three out of the four games.

Thank you to Ben Stubbings and Bodie Maffescioni for taking on our umpiring duties. Also a thank you to Mr Lourey and Miss Squire for coming along to help support all the girls positively.

Overall it was a great day and everyone had a good time.

Written by Taylah Satori



Doctor in the School ‘Youth Clinic’ –Update!

Have a conversation with your child:

At the beginning of adolescence, you’ll generally be fully responsible for your child’s health care. But by the end of adolescence, your child is assumed to be able to make decisions about their health for themselves. This includes seeing a doctor on their own, confidentially.  You can help your child make the transition, but they’ll need your support as they gain this independence.


Remember that all children and families are different and what’s right for you and your child may be different for what is right for another family, so we encourage you to have the conversation with your child, including the following points:

  • You and your child can decide together when it might be time for them to start seeing the GP alone.
  • Talk to your child to see what they are OK with, do they feel comfortable going alone, or would they prefer your presence there for now, or perhaps some of the consultation with you and some not with you?
  • Check in again before appointments to see how they are feeling, and after the consult.
  • Ask them about the conversation they will have with the doctor, practising communicating with a Gp is a skill they’ll need for the rest of their life.

Remember allowing your child to see the doctor alone shows that you support their developing independence.

The Youth Clinic commenced at the start of Term 2, and has hit the ground running with almost all sessions fully booked. Either Doctor’s Louisa Hope or Richard Mayes have attended the school every second Thursday afternoon providing health advice, support or referrals for the young people they see. Students are saying that it is much easier for them, not having to phone, or get themselves to the clinic down the street, and are commenting on how comfortable it is to have the doctor in ‘our’ environment.  Many of the students that have attended the clinic have had referrals to other health providers, offering them opportunities that they would have otherwise had more difficulty accessing.

Alli McMillan

School Nurse



The Real World

Another aspect of VCAL we like to promote is to ‘get out and explore what’s in the real world’.


Mia recently completed a work experience placement at Wild Action Zoo in Macedon Ranges, which she describe would be her ‘dream job’. Mia worked hard to get the placement, persisted after an initial refusal, and as you can see by the pics had an experience much different to the daily experience of a classroom.


Renee jumped at the opportunity to be a model in a fundraising event displaying different wedding dresses over the years. It was example of taking an opportunity that arose and counted towards some her Personal Development Learning Outcomes for VCAL


Tabloid Sports

It was an example of what can happen when different sections of the school work together on planning an event.


VCAL students, plus the VET PE students, and year 10 students from the sports stream, worked together to run the Tabloid Sports events with twelve primary schools from the local district.


The day saw over 500 prep and grade 1 students from all the primary schools in the Mt. Alexander Shire, spend a morning having fun and games run by senior secondary students of Castlemaine Secondary College.

The PE network of primary school teachers had been planning since February with the VCAL students who organised and co-ordinated the mornings activities.


The weather was perfect, and under the curation of Neil Critchley, the oval had an MCG glow to it.


Campbell’s Creek network leader Nicole Semmens said: ‘The senior students were brilliant. They left no stone unturned. They came to Campbell’s Creek P.S last week to trial the games, and the feeling of the morning was so welcoming and well organised.’


Over 40 students from VCAL, yr12 VET PE class, and yr 10 students from the sports stream, set up the games, manned the 20 stations, organised tea and coffee for visitors, MC’d the day, and ran the activities. The whole day run by CSC students.


The collaboration involved schools from Campbell’s Creek P.S, Winters Flat P.S, North School, St. Mary’s, Chewton P.S, Elpinstone P.S, Taradale P.S, Olivet, Newstead P.S, Maldon P.S, Castlemaine P.S,  and Harcourt Valley P.S.


VCAL co-ordinator Steve Carroll said: “For many of our visiting students and their parents, this is their first visit to the big secondary school. It’s important they have a great time, have lots of fun, and go home with fond memories of the day. From the colleges viewpoint it was a chance to get the community into the school and see what we can offer”.

The school has received feedback from parents, other schools, people down the street, someones next door neighbour, and the usual someone who knows someone else, with everyone saying what a great day it was.


The Arts

Skulls and Fish

Opening: Friday 7 July 6-8 pm 

Exhibition dates: 7-30 July 2017

Skulls and Fish is a selection of works developed by students at Castlemaine Secondary College Years 8-12.
Skulls and fish were the vehicle for students to explore a range of materials, styles and techniques. The learning intention is to explore imaginative solutions while refining technical skills.

The outcomes provide a joyful, exuberant, refreshing look at mortality and piscatorial delights, as seen through student eyes.

*(No people or animals were harmed in the making of these works).



Pics from our recent assembly with Drama and Dance



Tickets On Sale - Little Shop of Horrors

Castlemaine Secondary College presents Little Shop of Horrors

Between Thursday 31 August 2017 and Saturday 2 September 2017


Bookings (click on link to go to online ticket sale):


Castlemaine Town Hall
25 Lyttleton St, Castlemaine, Victoria 3450



Katherine Young
[email protected]

Yummy Food

Langham Hotel

The VET Kitchen Operations class recently enjoyed an excursion to the Langham Hotel in Melbourne.  Students participated in an in-depth tour through the different hotel departments and then feasted in style with a buffet lunch where every student tried at least one food they had never experienced before!

This excursion was made possible by the kind generosity of the Castlemaine Technical College Past Students Association as a reward for the VET Kitchen Operations students who catered for their annual reunion dinner earlier in the year.

Caroline Cook

Kitchen Operations Teacher

Sustainability Garden

The sustainability garden is well on the way. Over the holidays and next term will be building the shed, finishing the fire pit, year 11 doing the pond, finishing the green house and planting our fruit trees.


Thanks so much to all the helpers(particularly Hamish and Sas). Parents, teachers, students, Community House, and many businesses who donated materials.

There will be an official thank you of everyone that supported us next term when it is finished.

Thanks for a great term. 

Happy gardening

Kath Coff

Student Engagement Coordinator



It was all wands, horcruxes and ‘wingardium leviosa’ on Wednesday June 21st as students (and staff), celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. An enthusiastic group of students in year 8, 9 and 10 organised the day, which included a Sorting Hat ceremony, a banquet, the quiz of all quizzes, and a set of Challenges based on those in the book.

We also ran a Harry Potter inspired dress-up competition. A dazzling array of amazing characters emerged, such as Luna Lovegood, Colin Creevey, Professor Quirrell, and Fred/George Weasley making an appearance. Highlights would have to be Georgia E as Belatrix duelling with Molly Weasley, and Mr. Mooney as Filch the caretaker.

Competition between the Houses was fierce but friendly as Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff vied for the Hogwarts House Cup.



After a close contest, Ravenclaw was awarded the Cup for 2017.


Congratulations to all participants for an amazing day, and special thanks must go to our organising committee – Ebony, Maisie, Nellie, Rachael, Roselin, Shanti, Tom and Miss Aertssen – for their wonderful ideas and hard work.

Andrea McDonald

School Librarian 

Community Notices




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