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22 March 2019
Issue #4, 2019
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Principal News

You are in our thoughts

Following the tragic events that took place in Christchurch last Friday, I know the thoughts of all Victorians are with those affected.

Like Christchurch, one of Victoria’s greatest strengths is its history of multiculturalism. We’re proud of the diversity within our schools and early childhood settings.

The impact of this tragedy stretches far beyond New Zealand, and I understand that some members of your communities – particularly our children and young people – may be looking to you for guidance and support.

Some may have watched the footage on the news and feel impacted by the images. Others may feel unsure of their safety and will need reassurance and support to feel safe.

For tips for parents, carers and educators on supporting children and young people and helping them feel safe during this time, see:  Supporting children and young people with distressing events

I encourage you to take care of yourself and those around you during this time.

The Hon. James Merlino

Deputy Premier and Minister for Education

Monique Corcoran and Sally Herbert

Principal and Assistant Principal

School Council notification


  • to the newly appointed parent members; John Barbaressos and Cameron Dean and DET member; Elaine Doughty.
  • DET member Sally Herbert and Parent member Jodi Price per re-election.
  • parent member Penny East for being appointed a casual member March 2019 – March 2020.
  • elected office bearers of President; Jodi Price, Vice President; Kylie Murphy and Secretary; Deb Ledgar.

COMPASS is here

Compass is here! Thank you to everyone who has logged on and joined the school's Compass School Manager. So far we have over 200 students that have had a parent or carer sign up to Compass. This is a very important school management journey we are embarking on, so we ask you to please join if you haven't already. If anyone has lost their letter or require new login details please contact the school. 

Access Compass

Traffic concerns

All schools are challenged by parking and traffic.  Whether you are a school on a major road, one that is neighboured by a Secondary School, or those with a high enrolment number.  CSPS has their own challenges of which we are fully aware.  We have a choice - be part of the problem or part of the solution. 


Problem:  Speeding, overtaking or driving in an aggressive manner.

Solution:  Taking a breath and being patient.

Problem:  Tooting your horn in frustration

Solution:  Offering more space or letting into/out of the space.

Problem:  Thinking that the KISS and GO rules do not apply to you.

Solution:  Leading by example and obeying the rules.

Problem:  Parking in an illegal or dangerous place.

Solution:  Parking in a bay or a small distance from school and walk.

Problem:  Being unkind.

Solution:  Being fair, reasonable and polite.

Bullying Blitz:  Interesting facts

Is bullying increasing?

The fact that we are hearing a lot about bullying these days may well be a positive sign that we are taking it seriously and exploring ways to reduce it.  Australian researchers have suggested we are more aware of the potential impact of ignoring bullying, and willing to take the necessary positive action, rather than bullying actually increasing.

Is there a pattern to bullying?

Australian research has revealed that bullying peaks in the middle primary school years and the first year of high school. This appears to be related to the rapid changes in the social skills and social demands for students at these stages.

Are some people more likely to be bullied more than others?

Research indicates that any characteristic that makes a child stand out or sets a child apart from the peer group places them at greater risk of being bullied.  

What can we do to help?  

  • listen calmly and make sure you get the full story
  • reassure your child that they are not to blame and ask open and empathetic questions to find out more details
  • ask what they want to do and what they want you to do
  • discuss strategies to handle the bullying;  starting a fight is not sensible
  • contact the school and stay in touch with them and check in regularly 
  • Promote an inclusion mindset


Child Safe


Upcoming Events

To further assist with smooth organisation of events, families are asked to adhere to all due dates of return slips and money.

No late payments will be accepted unless prior discussion with the Principal.

School Council Meeting

Wednesday, 20 March

Harmony Day

Thursday, 21 March

Whole School Assembly

Friday, 22 March at 2.40pm

Scholastic Book Club Issue 2 - Orders Due

Thursday, 21 March

Hawaiian Disco - PFA Fundraiser

Friday, 22 March (Tickets must be purchased by March 18)

House Cross Country

Friday, 29 March

PFA Meeting

Friday, 29 March at 2.30pm

Scholastic Book Fair

29 March to 5 April

Sports Carnival (Junior School Yr F, 1-2)

Monday, 1 April

Sports Carnival (Middle School Yr 3-4)

Tuesday, 2 April

Sports Carnival (Senior School Yr 5-6)

Wednesday, 3 April

Special Lunch Day - PFA Fundraiser 

Friday, 5 April

Pyjama Day - Junior School Council Fundraiser

Friday, 5 April

Last day of Term 1

Friday, 5 April (early dismissal at 2:30pm)

Good Friday

Friday, 19 April

Easter Sunday

Sunday, 21 April

Easter Monday

Monday, 22 April

Term 2 Starts

Tuesday, 23 April

ANZAC Day Holiday

Thursday, 25 April


School Banking - Every Tuesday

Nude Food - Every Tuesday

School Awards

School Values


Spotlight Awards

Week 6 & 7


Week 6


Week 7



Imogen J


Mia S



Amber R


Tyler P



Mackinley C


Ava T



Trinity C


Koah C



Nate Pa


Amity R



Wade H


Samara H



Willem W


Sarah D



Margaret B


Nathan M



Jackson S


Campbell H



Huan-Ray H


Tye W



Thomas C


Ella C



Mikayla L


Kaylee A



Lenny M


Bailey P



Ethan Cook


Tamika C



Ryan C


Chelsea E



Millie M


You Fong


Overall Student of the Week



Week 6



Week 7



Ethan C



Ava Talbot


House and Lively Learning Celebrations

Welcome to STEAM 2019


STEAM Awards



Week 6



Week 7




Zachary C-S



Delta C




Tayla A



Harrison B


Class Award



CSPS Kitchen Garden

On the 9th of March our young gardeners Archie, Eli and Atlanta took some of our finest garden produce down to the Red Hill Show for our first agriculture exhibit. We are very excited to report that we entered our cucumbers which received first place and our cherry tomatoes and giant marrow (an overgrown zucchini) received second place. Well done to everyone who has helped in the garden. We are getting ready to re-plant the garden beds for winter, if we have any green thumb parents or grandparents who would like to help out please contact Mrs Ryan -

Physical Vibe


Physical Vibe Awards



Week 6



Week 7




Taya C



Samantha H


Class Award

56C & 2B


Swimming Division Results 2019

Thank you to all those who came to transport, cheer, support all our students, at the SSV Casey South Division Swimming Carnival 2019.
We came away with seven 3rd places, and two 2nd places, out of 32 schools in our division!  What a win for our school, congratulations to our Division Swimmers, you done our school proud.

Congratulations go to:

Jesse D. coming 3rd in 9/10yr boys Freestyle and 3rd in Backstroke

Tayla A. coming 3rd in 11yr girls Freestyle

Jamie B. for his participation in 11yr boys Freestyle and Butterfly

Tamika C. for her participation in 12/13yr girls Freestyle and Backstroke

Tyson R. coming 3rd in 12/13yr boys Freestyle and 3rd in Breastroke

Caitlin H. coming 3rd in 9/10yr girls Backstroke and 3rd in 9/10yr girls Butterfly

Jacob S. for his participation in 12/13yr boys Backstroke

Taya C. coming 2nd in 9/10yr girls Breaststroke

Riley P. for his participation in 9/10yr boys Breaststroke

Samantha H. coming 2nd in 12/13yr girls Breaststroke

Lily A. for her participation in 12/13yr girls Breaststroke

Tye W. for his participation in 9/10yr boys Butterfly

Sophie M. for her participation in the 12/13yr girls Butterfly

Matehuirua M. for her participation in 9/10yr girls Freestyle


Education News 


Digital Technologies

At Cranbourne South Primary School, we believe that the use of digital technologies at school allows the development of valuable skills and knowledge and prepares students to thrive in our globalised and interconnected world. Our school’s vision is to empower students to use digital technologies to reach their personal best and fully equip them to contribute positively to society as happy, healthy adults.


Through increased access to digital technologies, students can benefit from enhanced learning that is interactive, collaborative, personalised and engaging. Digital technologies enable our students to interact with and create high quality content, resources and tools. It also enables personalised learning tailored to students’ particular needs and interests and transforms assessment, reporting and feedback, driving new forms of collaboration and communication.


In Term 1 all students have participated in lessons and activities to ensure that they are safe whilst interacting online.  The eSafety Commissioner has a number of fantastic activities to promote discussion with students. There are games, stories and quizzes to build on the students knowledge. Students use the Google Studio, iPads, desktops and Chromebooks on a daily basis in all areas of the curriculum.


The Cranbourne South Primary School Acceptable Use of Information Communications, Technology and ICT ensures that all users are safe technology and online users. You can find this agreement on the Cranbourne South PS website under policies.


There are many great websites and apps that students use whilst at school. We suggest Mathletics and Reading Eggs or Express for Mathematics and English but there are many to choose from. Please see the Cranbourne South PS website for some suggestions. Your child will have a number of passwords. If you  need any of these please email your classroom teacher.


It is NEVER too early to start talking about being SAFE online with your children. This digital world can be difficult to navigate. For great tips  for parents and families please see - 


Writing at CSPS

Big Write was held in most classes on Thursday, 14 March. Students wrote a persuasive text  Junk Food-Should it be banned at school? Thanks to those families who spoke about this topic with their students.



The next BIG WRITE 
Thursday 28th March

The next Big Write will be held on Thursday 28th March for Year 1 to 6. The Foundations will participate in a Big Talk. All students will need to persuade their reader which is the best season of the year. We ask that families complete some talking homework in the nights leading up to the Big Write.



 • Encourage as many family members as possible to be involved in Talk Homework, possibly around the meal table!

• Switch off the T.V.! Try to ensure this is dedicated talking and listening time.

• When giving your opinion, use the ‘because’ word to explain why you think that.

• Give the possible opinions of two contrasting family members who are not present for the talk, and use the ‘because’ word to explain why they may be different.

• Ask others around the table to give their opinions and to use the ‘because’ word.

• Ask your child his / her opinion and ask them to use the ‘because’ word.

• Link the topic you are given to discuss back to something you remember from when you were a child and say why things may be different now. Project forward to how things may be different in the future.

Try to use some good Vocabulary, different Connectors, interesting Openers and a variety of Punctuation when you are talking.

"If they can't say it, they can't write it."

Bullying NO WAY was held on Friday 15th, March 2019 after a week of activities across the school. All classes worked with their Buddy classes on a range of activities. Visit the hallway to see the colorful display of active students working together to make sure that Bullying is not accepted at CSPS.


The whole school participated in a dance and the Mexican wave to celebrate working together against bullying.


We must work together to ensure that Bullying NO WAY message continues EVERY day not just on special days.

iSea iCare

On Thursday the 7 March Ebony, Ruby, Zoe and I went to Harkaway Primary School to learn all about the ocean and the creatures that live there. What we didn't know was that we had to give a presentation to the Grade 1 and 2 students at Harkaway Primary! We were very nervous. There were four other schools that attended and we all had to work together to present all the information, it was actually lots of fun. Ebony had to pretend to be a dolphin and sort through plastic rubbish to find food and I had to show everyone how seals stretch and scratch. The important message that we learnt is that we have to look after our oceans and waterways by reducing the amount of plastic that we use. We are looking forward to sharing this message with the Grade 1 students next week.

Marlie W. 56A

Home Learning

The CSPS Home Learning policy caters for different needs across the school levels.

In the Junior School the students are expected to read their decodable books, be read to and practise their 'heart' words through games and activities.

In the Middle School the students are expected to read for 15 minutes at least 4 nights a week (get their diaries signed when they do this) and learn a timetable and their spelling words.

Maths is back! We are currently lifting the profile of Mathematics at CSPS. We encourage all families and friends to take an interest in their children's mathematical learning. This can take the form of 'real life' maths talks at home. For example, discussing the weekly shopping bill, looking at the numbers when you fill up with petrol or helping them learn their times tables on the way to school. We will also be celebrating our Gold Mathletics certificate winners at school assemblies.

Parents and Friends
Association (PFA)

Hawaiian Disco

On Friday, 22 March the PFA will be holding a Hawaiian themed disco in the Multi-Purpose Room. Foundation - Year 2 will have their disco from 5-6pm and Years  3 - 6 will have their disco from 6:30-8pm.


Students are encouraged to dress in their best Hawaiian outfit and come along for a fun night of music, dancing, games & prizes. Please ensure outfits are appropriate for school. Students are also invited to bring a labeled water bottle on the night.


Payment was due by Monday, 18 March and students who returned their order form on time will receive their tickets prior to the disco.


If you missed out on purchasing your ticket, the PFA will be selling tickets on the night of disco at the doors. Tickets cost $10. Please try to bring the correct change.


Students are also to be reminded that The PFA, Staff and parent volunteers have very high expectations for behaviour at the disco. Any student who breaks our school rules will have their parents called and will be asked to leave the disco.


Parent helpers: If you are able to help on the night, please follow the instructions below to register your availability online.

  1. Click this link to see our event
  2. Review the options listed and click on the spot(s) you like.
  3. Enter your full name and press enter.
  4. Note: You must have a valid Working with Children Check, and sign in/out at the office.

Entertainment Books 19/20


Easter Raffle

The PFA are holding an Easter Raffle with lots of yummy Easter hampers to be won!


Each student has 10 tickets to sell @ $1 each. Please return the money and all sold tickets to the Office by Tuesday, 2 April.  If family/friends are purchasing tickets please ensure that their contact details are added to the ticket. If you wish to purchase additional tickets, please speak to the office.


The winning tickets will be announced via Flexibuzz and the Cranbourne South Primary School Facebook page on Wednesday, 3 April.  Prizes will be sent home with students, where appropriate and contact will be made with those outside the school.


Our Easter hampers are made from donations from students, and house points will be awarded to each student who donates an item for the raffle. We would love donations of Easter goodies (chocolates, craft, books, food items, etc). Donations of cellophane, ribbons and baskets to present the hampers would also be appreciated. These can be handed to class teachers, or placed in our donations boxes at the office or Gallery.


We thank you for your support and wish you luck.

Volunteer Appreciation

CSPS are very fortunate to have so many wonderful volunteers assist around our school. We have volunteers helping out in the classroom, fundraising for our school, contacting books, assisting at working bees and so much more.


To show our appreciation for these hard working volunteers, the PFA have put together a special raffle that all volunteers can enter for their participation in an event or activity. If you volunteer at our school, simply click on the link below and enter your details for the event/activity you assisted with. At the end of the term, a name will be drawn from the raffle and a prize awarded.


Volunteers Raffle

Roll & Burger Lunch

On Friday, 5 April, the PFA will be holding a roll & burger lunch to continue to fundraise for improvements to play spaces around the school. Gluten free and vegetarian options are available.


Please indicate the items your child would like and return the order with payment by 3:30pm Wednesday, 27th March. No late orders will be accepted.


Parent helpers: If you are able to assist with this event, please follow the instructions below to register your availability online.

  1. Click this link to see our event
  2. Select the Special Lunch – April 5 tab
  3. Review the options listed and click on the spot(s) you like.
  4. Enter your full name and press enter.

Note: You must have a valid Working with Children Check, and sign in/out at the office.

Sunscreen Fundraiser

Is your sunscreen getting low after the last few hot weeks? Well your're in luck! The PFA have been running a sunscreen fundraiser to support the Cancer Council. The money raised will contribute to future improvements to play spaces around the school grounds. 


To support our fundraiser please fill out the notice on the link below and return to the office.


Sunscreen Notice

PFA Meeting

The Parents and Friends Association (PFA) will be holding their next meeting on Friday, 29 March at 2:30pm in the staff room. All are welcome to attend, even new volunteers. 


The agenda for this meeting includes planning of term 2 fundraising events such as the Mother's Day Stall & Raffle.


If you are unable to attend but would like to make a suggestion, please email the PFA or Emma Slocombe via the emails below: 

First Aid


A reminder that Asthma plans are to be updated every 12 months. If your childs asthma plan is out of date please see the first aid officer for a new plan to take to the doctor or download the form below.

Other Useful links;

Asthma Australia


Head Lice

Why does my child keep getting re-infected? Re-infection is the least likely reason for head lice returning in a week's time. If eggs do not die, or were not removed during the original treatment they may hatch and the lifecycle starts all over again. To break this lifecycle you must re-treat (regardless of treatment method) seven days after the first treatment and continue with weekly checking.

Scratching for Answers?

Where do head lice come from? Head lice have been around for thousands of years. As with any insect, they learn to adapt to their environment in order to survive. We are never going to be completely rid of them, but we can make managing them easier.

Do head lice fly or jump? Head lice do not have wings so they cannot fly. They can't jump because they do not have ‘knees’.

So how do head lice move around? Head lice crawl very fast and require head to head contact for transmission. It is possible that because of the way young children play, head lice are seen more widely amongst primary school children than adolescents or adults.

Can head lice spread disease? No. Head lice cannot transmit or pass disease on to people.

Who is responsible for checking and treating head lice? Like similar health conditions such scabies, and ringworm, it is a parent or guardian’s responsibility to treat and care for their child.

Do head lice live in carpets, clothes, hats or sheets? No. Head lice very rarely fall from the head. They require blood to survive. Head lice feed three to four times a day and without blood, will dehydrate in six hours in a dry climate and 24 hours in a humid climate. An egg requires warmth to hatch and is the reason why they are laid close to the scalp. The further away from the scalp, the less likely they are to survive.

Is it true that head lice only like clean hair? No. Head lice are not selective. They don't care if hair is long, short, blonde, brown, washed this morning or last week. As long as they are warm, and have blood to drink, then they are content. What treatment kills 100% of head lice or eggs? There is no single treatment that kills 100% of head lice or eggs. Whichever treatment you choose it can take time and persistence to get rid of head lice. Use a method that will not risk the health of your child.

Is there a way to prevent head lice? No. It's important to check your child's head regularly with conditioner and comb even when you don’t think your child has head lice. There is no research to prove that chemical or herbal therapies can prevent head lice.

How does the conditioner and comb method work? It’s a very cheap and effective way of finding head lice. Hair conditioner does not kill lice, but it does stun them for about 20 minutes, meaning they do not move around, and it is difficult for them to hang on. This gives you time to comb through the hair with a fine tooth (head lice) comb.

How does a chemical treatment work? Only use products that are licensed or registered for head lice. There are four different active chemicals that target head lice, each works differently and aims to kill lice and/or eggs.

Do some products work better than others? Over time, head lice may develop resistance to some chemicals. It is important to check if a treatment you used has worked, and if not, treat again with another product that has a different chemical in it.

Why do you have to treat again in seven days time? Head lice eggs take six to seven days to hatch. And when you treat, it’s easy to miss an egg or two. By treating again in seven days, you are aiming to kill and comb out any head lice that have since hatched from eggs, which were missed. Should I treat everyone in the family? It is important to check each family member, using conditioner and comb, for head lice but only treat those with live lice.

What should I wash or treat at home? As head lice only live for a short time off the head, the only extra cleaning needed is to wash the pillowslip on the hot cycle or place in clothes dryer. Head lice combs can be cleaned in water hotter than 60 degrees.

Does my child have to miss school? According to the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009, children with head lice can be readmitted to school after head lice treatment has commenced. A certificate from a doctor or council is not required before your child goes back to school. Head lice are not the fault of schools, other families or children.


Victoria State Government health.vic

Parent and Community 

Nude Food

A big shout out to 4B who are showing improvement every week in their Nude Food data!

It's sometimes hard to come up with rubbish free snack alternatives, have a look at this site which has some great ideas.

Here are some pictures of interesting lunch boxes in our school.


Do you have any great lunchbox recipes to share? Send them with a photo to

Book Fair


Camp Australia Holiday Program

Get into the vacation mindset with fun activities at Holiday Club.
It’s almost school holiday time and you know what that means – Holiday Club!
Join us for a fun time with positive learning outcomes in Jungle Jam!

See Link below for further details.


CSPS Parent Handbook

The Parent Hand book can be accessed via our website here


Moonlit Sanctuary


BATS Theatre Company

What happens when all your favourite fairy tales are mashed together? Come and see BATS Theatre Company’s Into The Woods Jr at Cranbourne Community Theatre these school holidays to find out. Running from Tuesday 9th April to Friday 12th of April, tickets start at just $15. This truly magical show is great fun for the whole family. Head to for all the details and to book tickets.


Casey Cardinia Libraries will tackle the important issue of youth mental health and well-being with an open and interactive free information evening for teenagers, their parents and carers. The editor and founder of Parent Guides, Eileen Berry, with special guests from headspace and PoPsy, will inform and spark open, honest and meaningful conversations about how to manage mental health and emotional well-being. 



Patrick Northeast Drive, Narre Warren

Thursday 28 March

7:00 PM to 8:30 PM


Bookings essential - Visit


Teenage School Holiday Program

With Autumn school holidays just around the corner I wanted to forward you relevant information on our upcoming Teenage School Holiday Program!  


The Casey Teenage School Holiday Program is for teenagers aged 10 – 17 years and offers fun, age-appropriate activities at reasonable prices. Our bookings can now be accessed online using the following link –


Yarra Valley Railway’s Easter Extravaganza for 2019!

The Yarra Valley Railway will be running train rides on the heritage Walker Railmotor on Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday from 10am to 4pm.
Special Guest - the Easter Bunny confirmed all weekend!
Kids colouring-in, lolly guessing jar, playground and more.
Make sure you hop on down to Healesville Railway Station this Easter!


           Lunch Orders

Only available on Thursdays & Fridays


Regular orders can be placed up to 9.30am on the same day.

Sushi orders must be placed by 5pm the day prior.

1. Login to your FlexiSchools account

2. Click 'Online Ordering' beside the student name

3. Past dates or dates where the services are not available will be greyed out

4. Select ‘Order Lunch’ on the future dates listed (you can place orders for future weeks)

5. A new window will open for allergies.  If there are no allergies, select no. If there are allergies, enter them into the field.  Click ‘Save and Continue’

6. The menu will display.  Note that each item has the Healthy Eating Advisory Service traffic light system.  Any unavailable items will be greyed out and cannot be selected.

7. Click ‘Add’ next to the item.  A new window will open if additional items/inclusions can be added to the order. For example, hamburger options:

8. Click ‘Save and Continue’. Repeat as necessary.

9. On completion, click ‘Next : Check’,  then 'Confirm/Place Order'

10. Repeat as necessary.

11. Select the payment option (top up account or pay for single order), and click continue.

12. Select the payment method and click continue.

13. Lunch will be delivered to the school at approximately 12.30pm and distributed to the classrooms.


For help or FAQ's, go to

Moral Purpose


CSPS endeavours to empower teachers, students and community members to embrace learning, achieve their personal best and strengthen emotional, social and physical wellbeing.


  • To provide all students with an education they can be proud of by exhibiting confidence and creativity in this complex and ever changing world.
  • To assist students in taking ownership of their learning; to grow into responsible, happy, resilient and socially fulfilled individuals.


  • Positivity - I look on the bright side.
  • Persistence - I am determined.
  • Pride - I stand tall.
  • Passion - I strive to achieve.

Democratic Principles


CSPS supports and promotes the principles and practices of Australian democracy, including a commitment to:

a.   elected government; and

b.   the rule of law; and

c.    equal rights for all before the law; and

d.   freedom of religion; and

e.   freedom of speech and association; and

f.    the values of openness and tolerance.

Cranbourne South Primary School
Year 2 in STEAM
Camp Australia Jungle Jam.pdf
Mental Health 101 - Stress and Anxiety A4.pdf
TSHP AUTUMN 2019.pdf
Flexischools account set up
Untitled spreadsheet - Sheet1.pdf
VIC Schools Asthma Action Plan Puffer and Spacer 2017.pdf