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14 December 2018
Term 4 Week 9
From the Principal 
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From the Principal 


Dear Parents and Caregivers, Konnichiwa!


End of the 2018 school year

What a truly outstanding year of progress and learning it has been here at Grange Primary School. The learning of our students and teaching of our teachers has been showcased as examples of excellence at 

  •   National conferences (Mathematics)
  •   State and partnership events (Writing)
  •   International websites (Writing)
  •   City of Charles Sturt Mayoral Make a Book competition (Writing)

Our students have excelled in academic and sporting competitions and our results continue to be above State and National averages and benchmarks in NAPLaN, Progressive Achievement Testing and Running Records. Some of which are the highest level of achievement ever. Outstanding results.


This progress has not been possible without a close partnership between students, parents and school staff. The Governing Council have worked hard in supporting and enabling this collaboration and strong focus on learning and improvement. So a huge thankyou to all Governing Council members for their commitment and great support to me in leadership of the school. Rob Lustri has been an outstanding Governing Council chairperson and leader, as have the members of Executive and leaders of each of the subcommittees.


Another very important part of our school is the Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) program. Over the past four years OSHC has grown in student numbers at before/after school and vacation care time. In some cases numbers have tripled. This growth has been because of the high regard and trust families have for a program that is of the most outstanding quality. The OSHC Director, Jasminka Huskic and Assistant Director, Elda Galios have led this growth through their exceptional leadership that is supported by great, caring and enthusiastic staff.   


The canteen has also grown through building high credibility with families for the friendly staff and volunteers and diversity of foods. Thanks to Jo Owen for her wonderful work as our canteen manager and her team of helpers.


Thankyou to the many volunteers that have supported across the year in helping out with sport, hearing reading, in class support, at camps and excursions and across numerous other initiatives in the school.

Our teachers have done an incredible job in enabling and supporting our students through intentional and differentiated teaching that enables each student to be the best they can be in their learning. Our support staff are amazing, friendly, welcoming and able to engage and support students individually and small groups. Office and administration staff as the centre or hub of the school enable things to run so efficiently and most importantly are always welcoming, friendly and supportive. The front office as the first port of call for anyone new to the school instantly demonstrates what the school stands for and shows the school values of showing respect, giving best effort and being kind every minute of every day. This happens exceptionally well at Grange and I think you would be hard pressed to find a more welcoming and supportive front office team.


Lastly our exceptional leaders in our school, our three senior leaders and business manager who lead, inspire, support and enable all around them to excel.


This collective work of students, staff, parents and community is truly outstanding. It is however one where we will strive to continually improve. 


In 2019 this is further strengthened by employing three new Coordinator Leadership coaching positions in Literacy, Mathematics and Technology.


Through the investment in a coaching model and intensive support for every teacher in developing the quality and consistency of teaching in literacy, mathematics and technology we will develop even more students that are highly confident, capable and high achieving  that are the very best they can be.


There are very exciting times ahead at Grange Primary School in enabling us to move from a good and great school to one that is consistently outstanding and recognised as one of the best in Australia.

The end of the year also is a time when we farewell some staff and welcome others. 

Thankyou to

  • Bryan Birchall
  • Lia Taylor
  • Chris Peters
  • Cath McPhillips

for their hard work in their time at Grange and we wish them well for the future.

We welcome new and returning teachers and leaders to Grange in 2019


  • Hayley Gladigau- year 1 teacher
  • Daniel Moyle- year 5/6 teacher
  • Jasmine Pearce- year 6 teacher
  • Rebecca Lokan- year 3 teacher and Literacy coach
  • Maureen Hegarty- Mathematics coach

Attached is the full staff list for 2019.

On Monday night an outstanding year 7 graduation was held where we farewelled our year seven graduates. Our year sevens spoke exceptionally well with Jake giving an inspirational valedictory speech on behalf of the year sevens. Jett opened the night with two amazing songs and Danija choreographed an excellent dance by all year sevens. Our MC’s for the night were Jackson, Garima, Zoe, Grayson, Eva and Ethan. Congratulations on the excellent job you did in leading the night.

We also farewell students in other year levels that are moving to other schools.  All the best for your futures ahead to all students, families and staff leaving Grange at the end of this year. 


I look forward to working with those of you at Grange in 2019 and continuing the wonderful journey of progress and high achievement we are making.


Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday break


Regards, Grant

Grant Small, Principal

Grange Primary School 




School Activities

Invictus Games in Room 29

In Room 29, our Big Idea for Term 4 has been 'Change'. Our teacher, Mrs McPhillips, challenged us to 'Help someone else with change'. 


Through our learning of the recent Invictus Games, we worked collaboratively in small teams to change or adapt a sport or game for someone who has a disability to allow them to be included. We learnt about the different Nations involved in the Games by locating them on a map and using an Atlas.  


We created procedures to write about how to play the changed game and we constructed some models of the equipment needed to be able to play the changed games. 


During PE week, we gave up half a lunch play to teach other children how to play the adapted game of 'Sitting Volleyball'. 


Finally, we contacted Invictus Games Ambassador and Paralympian Curtis McGrath OAM to interview him about his life and involvement in the Invictus Games, together we shared our ideas with him about our changed sports. These are our interview questions and his responses, together with our changed sport ideas. 


Curtis McGrath Interview


1. How does it feel when you win a medal?


Winning a medal is an incredible feeling, very proud and happy when you win. Having won a few medals during my time as an athlete, it is a feeling that helps motivate me to have again.

That is why the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics is such a big event for me. Trying to defend a medal, I think, is harder than winning one once. When we stand on the podium with the other athletes, a lot of the time they are our friends. It is nice to share that moment with them and celebrate together.


2. What was it like when you first began training as a canoeist?


Training at first was tough. I had never done sprint canoeing before and the boats are very very unstable which made learning a very wet experience. I fell out of my boat a lot whilst learning. 

Once i got used to the balance of the kayak I had to get strong and fast in the boat. A lot of time in the gym and working out to be better at balance and power. As an athlete there is always something we want to improve with our sport and our technique so it is always a battle to find things we can improve on.


3. What is the most important part of your job now?


I don’t really have a job at the moment, I would like to think I am a full-time athlete but I do a lot more than just paddle a kayak. I do public speaking to organisations and sometimes work on TV presenting stories and sport to Australia. I think the most important part of my job at the moment is to make the most of all the opportunities that are in front of me. Looking at all the possibilities that come with hard work that you can be rewarded on and making the most of them.


To learn more about Curtis, please visit his website 


Cath McPhillips - Room 29

Carols on the Oval

On Sunday 9th December, in conjunction with the Charles Sturt Rotary Club, Grange Primary School hosted "Carols on the Oval". There were performances by Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 classes as well as the Year 5 Choir, accompanied by the Port Adelaide City Band.


A huge thank you to all the staff who came out to support the event.   


It was a wonderful night, the students performed beautifully, the weather was gorgeous and everyone had a fantastic time! 


A particularly BIG thank you and well done to teachers Diana Busolin and Jonothan Webb.The musical items were very well polished and the choir were fantastic.


Thanks to all who supported this community event.


STEM at Seaton High School

This year, in my role as SHIP Focus Teacher, I worked closely with Seaton High Staff on a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Extension Day for all Year 5 students and their teachers.


On Monday 29th October,  we travelled to Seaton High and spent the day with Specialist Staff in their new and impressive STEM building. Our workshops matched the curriculum perfectly. The following photos and student comments indicate the learning and fun that was had. It was an incredibly successful day.


Thanks to Seaton High Staff for hosting us and being so wonderful to work with.

Karyl Buggy




“It was the best day of my life, although the squid dissecting was stinky and gross, it was so much fun. We learnt how to code LEGO robots, dissect a squid and do science experiments with chemical reactions.

My favourite would have to be the chemical reaction one, we made elephant toothpaste and experimented with dry ice. It was just so fascinating.

I learnt that dry ice can actually burn your skin but if your hands are wet and then you hold it, it won’t burn. So, if you want to hold dry ice now you know what to do.” 

                                                                                                                             By Tait J



“I really liked how we got to cut the squid’s leg and the science experiment. It was really fun when we got to use the technology. My favourite bit of all was doing a challenge with the Lego robots. We could tell them where to go which made it even more fun.” 

                                                                                                                     By Ghazal A

“At the Seaton High School STEM Day, we did so many things. I particularly liked dissecting the squid and doing the experiments because it was fun pulling out all the parts. It was also good because I was learning. I liked doing the experiments because I learnt about dry ice and how it is dangerous. If you touch it without enough water on your hands because it will burn you badly. I think the best thing I learnt when I was there would have to be how to code with the LEGO robot. When the teacher gave it to us I was so confused but by the end of it my group knew how to do it and we were going through the course quickly.”   

                                                                                                                        By Cleo S      



“The (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

or STEM Day at Seaton High was extremely enjoyable. My favourite activity by far was the changing states of matter, with the dry ice activity being my second favourite.

I learned that static electricity can make your hair go weird and that I don’t like cutting open squid.”                                                                                                           By Scott L


Royal Adelaide Show Junior Textiles Trophy Room 12

In Terms 1 & 2, Room 15 spent sometime learning how to sew and entered items into the Royal Adelaide Show Junior Textiles. We made our very own cushions and library bags.


In Term 3 we went to the Royal Adelaide Show to see our items on display. We were all very proud of our efforts.


Last Wednesday we were presented with a trophy as we were the winners of the Junior Textiles. 


Adelaide Youth Orchestra Visit

Recently, the Adelaide Youth Orchestra visited Grange Primary School for a wonderful concert. Year 5, 6 and 7 students from a variety of Adelaide schools combined together to form the string orchestra. The enthusiastic violin, viola, cello and double bass players performed a variety of music genres. We wish them success with their music development. 


School News

School Uniform Update


We previously advised that Hats and Bags would still be available from school via the Front Office or the Qkr App. However, it has been reported to us by our uniform supplier that many people have asked about having hats and bags on sale along with the clothing items. Therefore, starting immediately, hats and bags will only be available to purchase from Westside School Uniforms, either at the Westside shop or via their website. 

Prices will be as follows:

Medium Bags with logo                $40.00

Large Bags with logo                      $42.00

Hats  plain no logo                          $10.00

Any hats and bags ordered via the Front Office in the last week will be supplied to students as soon as possible. Any not supplied will be given out at the beginning of the new school year.


It has come to our attention also that people are having difficultly locating Westside Uniform shop. The majority of the shops in the block face Grange Road, however Westside are situated around the corner in Falkirk Avenue. Should you have any difficulties finding the shop please call Amanda at Westside on 0450 224 887. 



Canteen News

Canteen volunteers are always welcome. Please see Jo in the canteen to register your interest.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. 


Term 1 - Week 1 2019

28/1 - 1/2



Wednesday - Zina Spirdinoff

Thursday - Helen Orfanidis

Friday - Kelly Miige

Early Dismissal

A reminder that dismissal for the end of term is at 2.05 pm.

We wish you all a safe and happy holidays.


Community News



Little Athletics



Henley Sharks Football Club


Anglicare Foster Care


Cheerio Netball Club


Adelaide Strikers Holiday Programs


Charles Sturt Library News

1 December 2018 - 31 January 2019


The long summer break is a great opportunity for readers of all abilities to enjoy some recreational reading and keep up their literacy skills while away from their regular learning environment.

Participate in our reading programs and discover great books. Open to children and adults.

Help us reach our goal of reading 1000 books.

All readers will enter into a prize draw.


Details and registration at:


Dates to Remember

Term 1 2019

 Week 1

28th January 2019 - Australia Day Holiday

29th January 2019 - Term 1 begins

31st January 2019 - Year 7 Aquatics - West Lakes Aquatics Centre

1st February 2019 - Year 6 Aquatics - West lakes Aquatics Centre

Week 5

27th February to 1st March - Year 7 Camp Glenhaven

27th and 28th February - Year 5 Surf Safety

27th February - Sonya Ryan Presentation 11.20 and 7.00 pm



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