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16 November 2018
Issue Thirty-six
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From our school leadership team

From our Principal,

This week our 2019 Prep students were at school for their very first transition session. Transition into school is a critical component of preparing for the challenges of school. It allows parents to meet with other families who will share their journey and for staff to engage with this new crop of learners and introduce them to the routines and excitement of being at school. Transition will continue this Wednesday at 9.15am. If you know of any families who may have forgotten to attend, or have yet to enrol for the coming school year please ask them to contact the office.


Last night the French Elective celebrated 20 years of their program being undertaken at Caulfield Junior College. Many past parents, students and staff enjoyed the opportunity to share their stories, celebrate their work and commit to the work needed to grow this program.

Well done to the organisers, caterers and contributors who made the night such a special event. Our special guests included the Honorary Consul Miriam Bouvier-Wylie, Bertrand Pus, Embassy staff, Area Director Simon Hamilton, School Council members and Senior Improvement Leader Stuart Andrews.

The new COMPASS system has streamlined how we account for attendance, contact families and make school payments. The system requires cut-off dates for excursion payments, so families need to ensure these payments are made and their child can be added to the list of students attending the event. Payments not made, mean the children cannot attend the event.


Children are expected to be on site no earlier than 8.45am each school morning. We have a number of early arrivals each day who are unsupervised in the playground. Teachers are on duty from 8.45am. Families who require their children to be dropped off prior to 8.45am need to contact Camp Australia and enrol their child in the morning program.



This week our local state member of Parliament David Southwick met our School Council President Stephen Loyer to announce a proposed capital works program for the school. This work is dependent on the result of the upcoming election. It is also a reminder to remember to vote in the upcoming State elections being held next week on Saturday November 24th.

From our French Director,


Team Kids,

Before and After School care at C.J.C.

Friday, 16 November 2018


Dear Caulfield Junior College Families,


At our recent School Council meeting we made a decision to appoint a new Before, After School and Vacation Care provider at Caulfield Junior College as we continue to refine and enhance the programs and opportunities we provide for our students.

We are excited to announce that TeamKids, formerly known as Team Holiday, will now operate our Before, After School and Vacation Care Program commencing on 14th January 2019.

We are confident that the partnership that we now have with TeamKids will benefit all students and families and their focus on supporting our community will be great for our school.

TeamKids values :

TeamKids are setting a new standard in the OSHC space. Now into our 7th year, we have a service offering that;

  • Builds parental and student confidence through the quality of outstanding programs
  • Maintaining a firm focus on employing Teacher qualified or pre-qualified professionals 
  • Creating child-led, tried and tested programs that enrich and extend children
  • Building long-lasting relationships with our schools and the broader community
  • Providing industry-leading educator-to-student ratios of 1:10.

Unique to our industry, TeamKids employ a qualified full-time Director of Service at every B&A service. They have two overarching responsibilities, and that is to:

  1. Implement age-appropriate experiences that are engaging and fun, but also create learning environments that are warm, unique and stimulating, a place where children don’t have to go, they want to go. 
  2. Ensure consistency of staff, provide an exemplary level of communication with the children and parents and ensure that we build a strong, genuine relationship with the school and the broader community. 

We are very conscious, and aware that with change can come some uncertainty, and we are confident that the communication and information from TeamKids will help make the transition to this new Program a smooth and successful one. Please look out for further updates in the coming days and weeks as together; we look to support the establishment of a strong partnership with TeamKids and great experiences for our students.

All families will need to register with TeamKids, as your enrolment and bookings with Camp Australia cannot be transferred across.

If you have not used TeamKids before then you will need to register your child and add your bookings for Term 1 2019. Please go to the website and select our program and follow the enrolment instructions.

If you have used TeamKids before, please contact their Customer Service Team and they will link your account. You will then just need to add your bookings for Term 1 2019.

Please contact their Customer Service team via email [email protected] or phone 1300 035 000 – option #1 if you have any questions.


Yours faithfully


Rohan Cooper

From our Students,

La poésie en CM1

La poésie en CM1

Ce trimestre, les élèves ont travaillé sur la poésie en classe de français. Ils ont lu et étudié des textes, puis ils ont écrit à leur tour des calligrammes (poèmes en forme de dessins) et des haikus (petits poèmes d’origine japonaise).

Voici quelques exemples de leurs meilleures productions :


Le géant palmier

A du temps pour rigoler

Dans son grand grenier.



Bonbon sucré

Je te mange pour le dîner

Je t’adore.



Mon petit chat roux

Mon petit chien brun et doux

Des câlins pour vous.



L’océan très bleu

Tu es très bleu dans mes yeux

Avec tes grandes vagues



Ce n’est pas gentil

De manger des lentilles

Et une fille.



Mes plantes colorées

Décrivent mon jardin très beau

Comme ma jolie peau.



Sapin très malin

Mon marin est un dauphin

Mon pain aura faim.



Brûlant dans le ciel

Joli soleil à mes yeux

Que fais-tu là-bas ?



Mon gros chat orange

Qui est vraiment grand il a

Toujours faim, pourquoi ?



Calendar of Events,

Term 4

Calendar of Events.

2018 Victoria School Holidays and Term Dates

Term 1: 29 January to 29 March - (end of term 2.30pm finish)
Term 2: 16 April to 29 June -  (end of term 2.30pm finish)
Term 3: 16 July to 21 September - (end of term 2.30pm finish)
Term 4: 8 October to 21 December - (end of term 1.30pm finish)





School Calendar Term 4, 2018

Assemblies are held each Monday at 9:00am on the basketball court. In case of extreme weather, we use the BER. (Senior Building)


Nov 20 

Years 5/6 Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Nov 21

Prep 2019 Transition/Orientation session 9.15 – 10.15

Nov 22

Cultural Infusion Incursion years 1 and 2

Year 3/4 Multi-Curricular Incursions

Nov 23

5/6 Summer Sport Season

Diwali Celebration

Nov 27

Years 3/4 Healesville Sanctuary

Prep Melbourne Museum and Imax

Nov 28

Prep 2019 Transition/Orientation session 9.15 – 10.15

Nov 30

5/6 Summer Sport Season

Dec 3

Year 5/6 Binome - Les Furberies de Scopin - cinema excursion

Dec 7

6E and 6F – Class Breakfast 7.45am

Dec 12

5C and 5D – class breakfast 8.00am

Grade 6 Graduation

Dec 13

9 am Year 3/4 Team, Trials, Trivia

Dec 14

8 am 1C and 1D class breakfast

2pm - 3:30pm End of Term Assembly

Dec 17

09am - 3:30pm 5/6 Beach Program 

Creative Music End of Year Concert.

Dec 18

8am Prep A class breakfast

09am - 3:30pm 5/6 Beach Program Hampton Beach

9 am 3/4 Hip Hop

Dec 21

Final Term Assembly at 1.00pm

End of Term - 1.30 Finish


From the administration team,


This week,


It is very important that you log onto Compass to receive all news and events.


Safety Reminders.


School grounds are supervised by staff before school from 8:45am, and after school until 3:45pm.

Children who are on school grounds outside of these times should be supervised by a parent or guardian, attending an organised activity (e.g. Hebrew, UJEB, chess, yoga etc) or attending Camp Australia.


Please use footpaths and allocated pedestrian access ways when entering or leaving the school.

The staff car park is not to be used for pedestrian access as vehicle movement poses a risk, especially to small children who are difficult for drivers to see.


We appreciate your help in keeping everyone safe whilst on school grounds.

Environmental Tip,

Environmental Tip


At this time of year, many adult birds are raising their young. This can lead to a few challenging scenarios and confusion around what we can do to help.


I’ve found a baby bird on the ground. What should I do?

Unless the bird is in danger (e.g. it is on the road), it is best left alone. The parents are likely to be close by and will care for the baby when people have moved away. If the bird is in danger of being injured, gently pick it up and place it close by in a safe place, for example, under a tree.


I’ve seen magpies and native miner birds in the area and I know they can swoop. What can I do to prevent being hurt?

Birds usually only swoop when they have a nest nearby and they feel they or their babies may be in danger. Moving slowly through a known swooping area and protecting yourself with an umbrella can be helpful to prevent injury, or simply avoid the area and change your route. Another helpful hint is to speak to the birds so they become familiar with your voice and face. It has been widely documented that magpies in particular can remember people for their entire lives, and they won’t swoop people who they recognise as non-threatening.


I’ve found a bird that has clearly been injured. What should I do?

Gently place the bird in a small box and keep it warm, but not hot. Contact the RSPCA for advice.


Further information can be found at:




Webradio Corner,

Webradio Corner

Webradio corner

Bonjour !
Les élèves de CJC sont sur les ondes de la webradio !
Cette semaine, il n'y aura pas d’épisodes en direct mais vous pourrez écouter tous nos anciens podcasts.

Bonne écoute!

This week, there will be no live episodes but you'll be able to listen to all of our previous podcasts.

Enjoy our podcasts !




From our Parents' Committee,

From our Parents' Committee.



Has your child grown out of their uniform? Are they finishing up at CJC?  The Second-hand Uniform Shop is always in need of donations!


Any uniform items, in good condition, can be left in the basket labelled PC Donations located in the front office foyer. We thank everyone that makes donations to the stall as all funds raised are directed back to the school and used to enhance CJC for all our children.




The PC are going to run some school tours at the Prep Orientation next week on Wednesday 21st November. The idea is to give new parents a tour of the school with tips and advice from a current parents perspective. The planned tours will take approximately 45 mins.


We would like to extend an invitation to existing families that have a child starting in Prep and also to all other families regardless of their child’s year level.


It will be a fantastic way to welcome new parents, help them orientate themselves and pass on some advice and tips for starting the new year.


The tours will depart from the front office or library and run from from 9.15am - 10.15am next Wednesday 21st November.


If anyone is interested in being a tour guide please contact us or feel free to come along and just join in.




Come join fellow CJC families and teachers on Friday 23rd November in a whole school collaboration from 3.30pm - 4.30pm to celebrate Diwali - the Hindu Festival of Lights. It is one of the most popular Indian festivals that spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair.


The day will begin with Diwali Dress Up where students can wear bright coloured clothes or Indian inspired dress.  Then after school everyone can take part in activities including:


  • Bollywood Dancing
  • Henna Tattoos
  • Samosas & Mango Lassi for sale
  • A Lantern Lighting Ceremony


Contact Sonika Tyagi ([email protected]) for further information or to let her know you are willing to volunteer to help out during the event and make it successful and enjoyable for all.




On Friday 23rd November we will be giving away lots of books. There are books in both French and English and for all year levels. It will take place around the sport shed from 3.30pm.

If you are available to volunteer to help set up some tables (from approximately 2.45pm) please contact Marion Garnier via email [email protected]



The CJC Parents’ Committee is a group of parents that volunteer to support and enhance our children's learning environments and to build connections in and around the school.  We all share a common interest to make CJC the best environment for our children and do this through fun, social events and fundraising, with all the money raised being directed back solely to benefit the school. We cannot do it alone and the end of the 2018 school year, a few of our many dedicated members are leaving us and so there are some places to be filled.


It doesn’t take much to be involved and the enjoyment that your child/ren get from seeing you at their events is a reward in itself.  Our children love to see us around the school and love to be able to pitch in and help. We are leading by example and our kids are reaping the benefits.  You can help as little or as much as you are able to as all help is greatly appreciated.


Please contact us via [email protected] or your class convenor to let us know you want to join and we will keep you updated of our next meeting, which is when we will start planning our events for the 2019 school year.



We are fast approaching the end of the year and the lost property tubs are overflowing! If you could please take the time to have a look to collect your lost items, we would really appreciate it. There are heaps of uniform items, plus jackets, hats and things left over from camp. If you can't find your lost items there, check at Camp Australia (they have a box too) and also there is one in the Prep Building in the media room.



  • Friday 23rd November - Icy Poles for Sale - 3.30pm - 4.00pm in the school playground - $1 each - 3 Parent Volunteers needed from 3/4A & Prep C

  • Friday 23rd November - Diwali Celebration - 3.30pm - 4.30pm - Celebrate with your fellow CJC families and teachers in a whole school Festival of Lights celebration.
  • Friday 30th November - Icy Poles for Sale - 3.30pm - 4.00pm in the school playground - $1 each - 3 Parent Volunteers needed from 2E & 2F
  • Friday 7th December - Icy Poles for Sale - 3.30pm - 4.00pm in the school playground - $1 each - 3 Parent Volunteers needed from 1C & 1D
  • Friday 14th December - End of School Year Party - 3.30pm onwards - Join in and celebrate the End of the 2018 School Year with your classmates, family, friends and teachers.
  • Friday 14th December - Icy Poles for Sale - 3.30pm - 4.00pm in the school playground - $1 each - 3 Parent Volunteers needed from Prep A & 3/4C


Please feel free to contact the Parents’ Committee anytime via email [email protected] or consider joining the PC as we always look forward to welcoming new members who are interested in building our community connections and shaping our school.

Healthy Eating

In our quest to continue to reduce packaged foods in our kids lunch boxes, here is another winning recipe you can use to replace packaged muesli bars. The coconut oil can be replaced with butter if you prefer and a little splash of vanilla does wonders too!



Vital stats: vegetarian, dairy-free, nut free, wheat free



3 cups of oats
2 eggs
2 green apples
2 large ripe bananas
1 cup blueberries (I use frozen ones)
3 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons chia seeds (or any other seeds or chopped nuts)
1 tablespoon cinnamon 




Mash up the banana and whisk in the eggs and coconut oil in a large mixing bowl.
Pour in the oats, mix it up really well and let it sit for a bit while you keep going.
Grate the apple as chunky as you can. Its ok to leave the skin on.
Add the apple, cinnamon, chia and blueberries. Mix it all in really well.
Chuck it all in a slice tin that you have lined with baking paper. 
Pop into the oven and cook for about 30 minutes at 180 degrees celsius (a medium oven).
Cool down on a wire rack. Slice with a bread knife.


It is nice served warm with some yoghurt on top (or for the dairy-free, use cashew cream or coconut yoghurt) and more blueberries.
It will keep in the fridge, in a sealed container for about three days.


Thermomix Friendly:  
Chop the apple in the thermomix and set aside (don’t make it mushy or the texture of the slice will be weird).  
Whizz up the bananas, egg and coconut oil all together – about speed 4 for a few seconds. 
Add remaining ingredients and mix in, reverse, speed soft, until it’s well combined. Be very gentle, you want a nice texture, not baby food!


Thank you from the Casino Night Fundraiser.


Community Notices,

Community Notices.

Public notices or  advertisements on our website and in the newsletter are  accepted in good faith but the school does not  necessarily endorse the content. A charge is made for commercial  advertisement.

Food Drive, final day 20th November.


From the city of Glen Eira.



Groove and Graze.


Caulfield South Primary School, State Election Day Fiesta.


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