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30 November 2018
Issue Thirty-six
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               Principal's Message            


In this Advent of expectation draw us together in unity,
that our praise and worship might echo in these walls
and also through our lives.

In this Advent of expectation draw us together in mission,
that the hope within might be the song we sing,
and the melody of our lives.

In this Advent of expectation draw us together in service,
that the path we follow might lead us from a stable
to a glimpse of eternity.



End of Year Concert

The End of Year Concert is finally here! We have some very excited students and teachers here today! Please join us at 6.00pm for a wonderful evening to celebrate the end of the school year. Children will need to be at their meeting point by 5.45pm. Areas will be sectioned off for students, families with picnic blankets and families with deck chairs.

Please note: Adults are not permitted to use the student toilets. The disabled toilet next to Year 2 and the toilets in the Sr. Goretti Hall are for adult use.

2019 Class Lists

The 2019 Class Lists will be displayed outside the Fr. O'Mara Centre and Pre-Kindergarten Room Monday morning before school.

Semester Two Reports - SEQTA Engage

Semester Two Reports will be made available to families via the SEQTA Engage Portal on Monday 3 December, 3.00pm. Please take the time to check that you can still access the portal with the username and password you created last semester. We do not have access to your login details, so if you are experiencing difficulties with logging in a new email will need to be sent from Mrs Erskine. Please contact her via email [email protected] if you require assistance. To access the portal please visit https://ola.coneqt-p.cathednet.wa.edu.au/

2019 Transition

In preparation for the new school year, all current Kindy to Year 5 students will participate in two transition sessions. This will allow the children to become familiar with their new classroom, new cohort and new teacher (if possible). The first session will be held on Monday 3 December and will run for one hour. New teachers will be facilitating this one-hour session. The second session will be held on Tuesday 4 December for half an hour and will be taken by current class teachers.

Year 6 Student Leaders 2019

We are excited to announce our inaugural Year 6 Student Leaders at OLA.

Head Boy - Leo

Deputy Head Boy - Alexander B

Head Girl - Tiana

Deputy Head Girl - Alexis

Faction Captains

Dominica - Ben and Alexia

Goretti - Taj and Eva D

O'Mara - Ty and Emily

Veritas - Mason and Jacinta

We believe these students will be outstanding leaders within the school community and amongst their peers. All other students will be taking on a leadership role as part of the Student Ministries. Congratulations to all!

Staffing 2019

As mentioned in last week's newsletter, staffing for 2019 is still to be finalised. There have been some staffing changes over the last week that I would now like to announce to the community:

- Di Scoble has accepted a twelve-month secondment to Infant Jesus School - Congratulations Di on your appointment;

- Vicki Stillisano will be moving to St Peter's Primary School to work as an EA in Pre-Primary. We wish her well in her new role;

- Tiana Versace has been appointed as the full-time 4G teacher for 2019. We welcome Tiana to OLA;

- Juliet Lennon will commence at OLA in 2019 as the school's Social Worker. Juliet will be at OLA one day a week to work with children and staff on building resilience and improving student well-being.


Congratulations and welcome Tiana and Juliet. We wish Di and Vicki all the best as they undertake their new roles in 2019.


An updated staffing list is attached below.


School Board 2019

The OLA School Board for 2019 is as follows:

- Chairperson: Amanda Cipriani

- Deputy Chairperson: Dani Wares

- Treasurer: Natalie Adams

- Secretary: Karen Meleca (non-elected member)

- OLA Parish Representative: Jeremy Trott

- P&F Representative: Narelle Roberts

- Ex-Officio (Parish Priest): Fr. Ken D'Souza

- Ex-Officio (Principal): Greg Martin

- Members: Peter Sigle, Laura Ocello, Mark La Cava and Brooke Tran

- Non-Members: Vel Erskine and Mike Morris


We would like to sincerely thank Maria Russo for her commitment to the OLA School Board as member and Chairperson over the last six years. Maria, and all Board members, have been dedicated to improving the OLA community. We would not have been able to achieve all that we have without their full support.

Parents and Friends Association 2019

We are pleased to announce the P&F Executive for 2019:

- President: Natalee Cunningham

- Treasurer: Katie Catena

- Secretary: Felicity Lam

Board Representative and Communications Officer: Narelle Roberts


There are already exciting events for 2019 and 2020 in the works and we thank this dedicated team for all that they bring to OLA. Again, we are extremely fortunate to have such a committed team of people bringing the OLA community together.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

A BIG thank you to the amazing P&F for their generous donation of new TVs in our Year 3 - 6 classrooms, as well as touch screen TVs in the Early Childhood Classes. Over the holiday break, all current interactive whiteboards will be replaced with new 65" TVs which will allow for easier connectivity and improved learning and collaboration opportunities for students. Thank you P&F!

End of Year Thanksgiving Mass

All families are invited to join us for the End of Year Thanksgiving Mass next Wednesday at 9am. During this celebration, we will say farewell to the staff members who will not be returning in 2019 and thanking them for their contribution to OLA.

Water Fun Day

To celebrate the end of a wonderful school year, children in Pre-Primary to Year 5 will be participating in a Water Fun Day next Thursday. Further details about this event were emailed home on Monday.


Booklists 2019

Please see the attachments below for the 2019 OLA Booklists.


New School Signs

A priority this year, as established by the Marketing Sub-Committee, was to look at ways to increase visibility of OLA to the wider community. Over the holiday break, a number of new signs promoting OLA will be installed around the boundary of the school. We look forward to seeing the signage, with the new crest, displayed on Chester Ave, Lowick St and Grand Prom.

Term Dates 2019

Term dates for 2019 are as follows:

Term 1

Commences - Monday 4 February

Ends - Friday 12 April

Term 2

Commences - Monday 29 April

Ends - Thursday 4 July

Term 3

Commences - Monday 22 July

Ends - Friday 27 September

Term 4

Commences - Monday 14 October

Ends - Friday 13 December


Please note, some dates are still to be confirmed and a draft calendar will be emailed home to families during the Teacher Week in Week 10 and included in next week's newsletter.

Change to Dental Services from 2019

Please note that students from Our Lady's Assumption school will now be seen at the Camboon Dental Therapy Clinic from 2019. Attached below is an information sheet from the clinic.



Have a wonderful weekend!


Greg Martin


What's Happening at OLA!


On Tuesday in Pre-Primary, we had our Faith Day. Parent helpers worked with us to complete Advent activities in preparation for Christmas. We made a manger with Jesus, designed an Advent wreath, listened to the story Wombat Divine, made white Christmas, created a Christmas tree decoration and made a very special prayer jar. It was a wonderful day and we had many opportunities to talk about the importance of Christmas. Only 25 days to go!

Mrs Noonan, Miss Smith and Mrs Durkin

Year 2

This week in Year 2, we have been busy practising our dance for the Christmas concert on Friday. We have also been busy coming up with our very own actions for the Christmas song we will be singing and we can’t wait to perform in front of the school community.


In Art, we have been creating many wonderful Christmas art pieces to celebrate our favourite time of the year. We used paint and oil pastels to create our very own Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and crepe paper to create a winter wonderland, we have enjoyed creating our Christmas artworks. 


For Maths we have been learning about chance. We came up with many different scenarios and determined the outcomes of these scenarios as likely, unlikely, certain and impossible. It has been really fun learning about different outcomes and relating them to our daily lives. 

Miss Rotondo and Miss Croft

Year 4

This fortnight, we have been very lucky to attend two excursions that were fun and enhanced our learning.


Scitech was amazing with STEM quizzes that challenged our knowledge, mazes that utilised our strategic thinking, a chair that used pulleys and counterweights, photo-phosphorescent booth, beads that reacted to sound and vibrations. The list was endless. We could spend days in there and still find more to do. We loved the Maths and Explosions session, who knew Mathematics could be so much fun.


The Perth Zoo allowed us to visit the animals of the world in one place. Each of us had an opportunity to visit our favourite animals and learn more about these unique creatures. We would like to thank all of the wonderful parents who came along to the excursions and helped us to make new discoveries and memories.


It is with sadness we say goodbye to our time in Year 4. We have made new friends and cemented our friendships with others who have been on the journey since Kindy. We would like to thank all of the teachers who taught us during 2018. Au revoir! We look forward to 2019.

Mrs McCarthy, Ms Dean, Miss Mannas and Mrs Peters

Year 6

Only 2 weeks to go and, as our teachers keep reminding us, we will be big Year 7s.


We have all participated in orientation days at our various secondary schools, meeting future friends and teachers. Excitement and nerves were all experienced during the day.


The past week has been busy with Christmas Concert practice and joining the Year 5s for our combined carol. It should be a fun night with our family and friends sharing our last carols evening at OLA. Graduation Mass in Week 9 is also on our minds, with rehearsals underway to show our family how much we have accomplished during our time at OLA and that we are ready to move on to our new challenge next year.


We remembered how much we missed our time in Kindy, when we spent time with the Kindy students and enjoyed playing in the sand pit, building dinosaurs out of blocks, making mud pies and just being big kids.


Finally, thank you to all of our parents for choosing OLA, we have made lifelong friends. Thank you to the teachers and staff who have shared our journey and who have shaped us into the ‘Great Young Women and Men’ ( Mr D and Miss F’s  words) we are today. THANK YOU OLA!!! WE LOVE YOU AND WILL MISS YOU!!!

Miss Figueira and Mr De Pietro

Sensory Program at OLA

The Sensory Integration Program has been occurring each Monday and Wednesday this term. The program has been very successful so far and the children involved are engaged and enjoying the varying activities. Thirty four children from Kindy to Year 4 have participated in the program this term and a number of staff help facilitate it. The P&F were very generous and provided us with funding for some of the equipment and materials to run the program.


Sensory integration is an emerging area, some schools have the space and have recently created a Sensory Room which is an area for those children that require a sensory break throughout the day. Another school (which we went and visited) has implemented a Sensory Program before school. At OLA, we aim to be a Sensory Aware school by providing a before school program and also sensory boxes, equipment and tools that can be used in classrooms.


We have done extensive research about the benefits of a Sensory Program - Sensory Integration is the foundation layer for the Pyramid of Learning.  The program is designed for the child to meet their sensory seeking preferences prior to class and preparing themselves for the day ahead by helping them to process sensory information which will;

  • improve attention and confidence
  • increase calmness
  • body awareness
  • alertness
  • focus better on learning tasks
  • assist with self-regulation
  • assist with perception and making choices


In 2019, the program will occur four mornings per week (Monday to Thursday) and we will be continually looking at programs and ways to assist children with sensory requirements.


Stretch Year 2 and Year 3

Our recent STRETCH project was working with Sphero robots. We used the Sphero Edu App to programme the Spheros to make a square. At first, it was tricky but the more we experimented the better we became and the easier it was and we couldn't wait to make new shapes.


Next, we looked at paintings by Jackson Pollock and chose one of his paintings for inspiration as we made our own Sphero paintings. We had to code the design of the painting then actually paint it. It was so much fun programming and painting, and the results were amazing artwork.


Reach Year 4 and Year 5

Once we knew how to move the Sphero balls into shapes we had to use our creativity and collaborative skills to code the Sphero through a story plot or code the Sphero through a mega maze! For the maze, we had to work as a large group and created a huge maze using pieces of cardboard in the box to create the successful path with many dead ends.


The story, we had to complete a storyboard of events with the Sphero being the main character. We made the props, made costumes for our robot, coded the robot to follow the storyline and were even able to make the Spheros talk.


Reach Year 6

In partners, we created a 3D maze to navigate through and block coded the Sphero through the maze. It was more difficult than we thought it would be and had to constantly reprogram. We successfully completed the task. Following the maze challenge, some of us chose to use the Scratch application to create animated video games and others decided to make an origami Nativity Scene.  


Parents and Friends

Family Fun Night 2019 - Friday 22 February!!

Our favourite community event, the Family Fun Night, will be back again next year on Friday 22 February. Bring your family and friends and enjoy food trucks and Rosie in the canteen, the silent disco, kids boot camp challenge, live music, face painting, glitter and temporary tattoos and inflatable fun. This will be the last Family Fun Night for now, with the Fete replacing it in 2020, so don't miss out! We will be asking for some volunteers for front gate security soon, so if you can put your hand up email us at [email protected]


Thank you Super Supporters!

On Thursday morning, the P&F was pleased to be able to recognise the parents who have given the P&F and the school so much of their time this year. Gorgeous succulent pots, by our very own school mum Jade Pacecca’s ‘Darling Buds by Jade’, were presented to all the class representatives and other community members who have led a fundraising or community building activity, or who have committed to a long term volunteering position. The kids and the community are so lucky to have these dedicated people. Thank you all for your contributions!


Oz Labels – 25% commission goes to OLA!

It’s that time of the year when we start to think about book orders, the dreaded (or loved) contacting and labels! If you need to restock your labels, please consider purchasing them through Oz Labels, using the OLA fundraising code FRS1455. When you make an order, an impressive 25% of the value is donated back to OLA’s P&F. To make an order simply:

Contact Us

If you have anything you would like to discuss with the P&F you can contact us at [email protected]

Sports News

Running Club

 Running Club will recommence in Term 2, 2019.


Music Tuition at OLA in 2019 

In addition to their weekly class Music lesson, our students have the opportunity to take instrumental tuition in a number of instruments at OLA, and this is funded directly by the  families. In 2019, all tuition will be provided by Keyed Up Music, to ensure consistency regarding scheduling and administration. All tutors are music graduates and have current Working with Children Checks and Police Clearances.


Next year, music lessons will commence no earlier than 10.50am so that students do not miss core learning time in the morning. Keyed Up Music will also devise rotating timetables so the students do not miss the same lesson each week. This means that the student’s lesson will be on the same day, but the actual time will change each week. The instruments offered in 2019 are: piano, violin, guitar and drums. For further information, please see the attached information.


Music Recitals

On Monday and Thursday afternoons this week, our piano, violin and drum students performed at the annual concerts. Their skills and accomplishments were  appreciated by parents,  friends and teachers. Well done to  all those who participated in the recitals.

Carol Singing at Dianella Plaza

The school has been invited to send some students to sing and play a selection of Christmas carols at Dianella Plaza on Monday, 3 December. As the Year 5 and 6 students will be busy with  the Graduation preparations, we have nominated a number of Year 4 students to perform.  Watch out for us at the Plaza next Monday at 2pm.


Mrs Mary McAuliffe

Music Teacher



Friday 30 November

- End of Year Concert 6.00pm

Monday 3 December

- 2019 Class lists displayed

- Graduation Mass 5.30pm

Tuesday 4 December

- Kindy Christmas Afternoon Tea 2.00pm

- Graduation Dinner 6.00pm

- Year 6 Disco 7.30-10.00pm

Wednesday 5 December

- Whole School Mass 9.00am

Thursday 6 December

- Year 6 Excursion - Adventure World

- PP Excursion - Constable Care Safety House

- PP - Year 5 Water Fun Day

Friday 7 December

- Last Day for students


2019 Dates:

Monday 4 February

- Students commence start of Term 1


Mercedes College Enrolments 2021

Early in 2019, Mercedes College will commence interviewing Year 5 students who are due to start Year 7 in 2021.  If you are considering enrolling your daughter at Mercedes College and have not yet requested an information pack, please contact Mrs Julie Lamb on 9323 1340 or email [email protected] as soon as possible.  Further information about enrolments is available on our website, www.mercedes.wa.edu.au.


Brother Ollie's Wheelchairs for Kids Appeal

Many families have been busy collecting ring pulls this year. Please bring in all your ring pulls by  Monday 3 December, as this will be the last day for our 2018 ring pull collection.  We will be announcing the class that has collected the most ring pulls next week and they will receive a pizza lunch. 

Mrs Luisa Durkin 

WA Young Salesians Summer Camp

The WA Young Salesians are holding their annual Summer Camp in January 2019. Details about this event can be found by visiting www.wayoungsalesians.com/en/summer-camp

Parish News

Parish Information

Parish Priest:  Fr Ken D’Souza

Phone:  (08) 9276 1008
Email: [email protected]

Secretary: Amanda Reneaux

Parish Mass Times


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday- 8:00am

Wednesday 9:00am

Saturday—Vigil Mass  6:00pm

Sunday—Mass 7:30am, 9:30am and 5:00pm

Parish Youth Mass—Last Saturday of each month


The OLA Parish are offering Reconciliation before Christmas. If you would like to receive Reconciliation during Advent then please join us on Friday 7 December at 6pm.

Christmas Eve Family Mass

Dear Parents and Carers

We would like to involve children from OLA in our Parish Christmas Eve Family Mass at 6.30pm. We plan to have a symbolic entrance procession and a simple depiction of the Nativity during the Gospel reading. If your child/children would like to be part of this special celebration, please contact Anne Gartrell on 0439927201.

With best wishes

OLA Children’s Liturgy Team

Children's Liturgy

The OLA Parish offer Children's Liturgy each Sunday during the 9.30am Mass. Please see the attached flyer for further information.


Christmas Candles 

Hand decorated by Benedictine Nuns online order : jamberooabbey.org.au 


Last Day of Canteen - Thursday 6 December

The last day for Canteen this year is Thursday 6 December. We are offering a special menu for that day. Please refer to the attachment for the special offer.


Mrs Rosie Samuels

Canteen Manageress


Online Ordering

To access online ordering for the OLA School Canteen click on the image below.


Uniform Shop

Opening Hours

Tuesday 8:15am—10:30am

Friday     1:30pm—3:30pm

Second hand uniforms are available.

Shop Opening Hours in January 2019

The Uniform Shop will be open on:

 Tuesday 29 January 2019 from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon and

 Friday 1 February 2019 from 12.00 noon to 4.00 pm.

Due to the high turnover of customers I am unable to do fittings at this time.  If you require a fitting this will need to be prior to the end of term.  Please put your name on the roster outside the Uniform Shop. The Pre-Primary and Kindergarten letters regarding fittings were sent out a few weeks ago. We encourage parents to purchase uniforms prior to the end of the year. If you are concerned about sizing, I am happy to swap to a bigger size if your child grows over the Christmas holidays as long as the uniform has not been washed or worn.

Online Ordering

Remember you can order online, you do not have to come into the shop as the items will be delivered to your child’s classroom.  Alternatively, there is an order form on the website so you can email me the order and it will also be delivered to your child’s classroom.

Refund Policy

There are no returns on socks, hats and tights so please select carefully.  Once, they leave the shop, they cannot be returned.


Tania Longman

Uniform Shop Manageress

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