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25 October 2018
Issue 33
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2018 Calendar

2018 Camp Dates

  • 5-7 December - Year 4


Fri 26/10

Year 6 Footy Clinic incursion


Fri 02/11

Year 6 Footy Clinic incursion

Mon 05/11

School hours as normal

Tue 06/11

  • Melbourne Cup - Public Holiday - NO SCHOOL

Wed 07/11

PFA Meeting at 7.30 pm

Fri 09/11

Year 6 Footy Clinic incursion

5/6 Selected students: Blast Cricket Cup

Mon 12/11

School Council meeting at 7 pm

Mon 19/11

School Pix photos - Gr 6, School Captains, portrait re-takes

Wed 21/11

Keyboard concert 6.30 pm in music room

PFA: Casual clothes day - Christmas Day Raffle (donations)

From the Principal,
Diana Ellis

Celebrating our ongoing school wide improvements

Parent Opinion Survey

Recently a random sample of parents were invited to respond to the DET Parent Opinion Survey about the Performance of our school.

The survey asked people a number of questions over 21 different domains that focussed on Parent Engagement in Learning, the school ethos and environment, student cognitive engagement, student development, student safety and student connectedness to school.

We are very proud to announce that in 18 out of 21 domains the Parent Perception have increased even higher than last year.

The overall Parent Satisfaction score for our school went from 75% up to 88%.

The Parent Participation and Involvement factor increased from 75 to 79%, the school Support factor increased form 75% to 84%.

95% of respondents said that “Teachers at this school expect my child to do his/her best.

93% of parents said ‘teachers are enthusiastic and positive about teaching”.

Over the next few weeks I will continue to provide some of the data and responses.


Capital Works

Although our Capital Works site still looks like a total demolition site, we are making pleasing progress and are well on track.

It was delightful last week when we were able to have our first whole school assembly in our extended and refurbished Multi-Purpose Hall.




Now that we have ample room, we welcome all parents/grandparents to our weekly assembly.

Assembly will be each Friday at 3.05. Assembly will begin with our School Captains doing An Acknowledgement of Country followed by the National Anthem.

The purpose of our assembly is to celebrate successes within our school and local community and to inform people of upcoming events.

Messenger Dogs

This week all students have participated in our whole school incursion called Messenger Dogs. The incursion taught our students about the role dogs have played in wars and supporting our service men and women.

Through puppets, the show focussed on the fourth division ‘Messenger Dogs’ Nell, Trick and Bullet and WWI through their eyes with stories of courage, determination, endurance and mateship on the frontline working  alongside the Australian Imperial Force. The dogs were responsible for carrying messages from the front line back to headquarters; their stories sometimes go unrecognised– but to those who served over a hundred years ago, and even those who serve today, dogs play an important role and not just as loyal companions.

It is estimated that by 1918, Germany had employed 30,000 dogs, Britain, France, Belgium and Australia over 20,000, and Italy 3,000. America, at first, did not use dogs except for a few hundred borrowed from other countries for specific missions.

Did Nell, Trick and Bullet really exist? Yes! All three were real dogs and served with the No. 3 Messenger Dog Section, attached to the 4th Divisional Signal Company. You can see a photo of them at www.awm.gov.au/collection/E02318/.

Welcome to the world

Although news spreads quickly on the grapevine, there are some people that might not have heard about some new arrivals.

Our French teacher Mrs, Paquin had a little boy  and Mrs. Hall, our Music/Performing Arts teacher Mrs. Hall has welcomed a another little boy into her family.

We wish our staff members lots of joy with their expanding families.

Both staff members will continue on family leave for 2019.

Staffing for 2019

Next year we have a number of impending staff changes for 2019.

  • Next year Mrs. Buchanan and Mrs. Gathercole will not be returning as they have both announced their retirement. Both of these staff members have made a life long commitment to education and have had a huge impact in the lives of many students and families over their long careers.
  • Mrs. Lenders will be taking a years leave.
  • Congratulations to Mrs. Minchew who has announced that she is pregnant. She will be returning to school for term 1.

We will be advertising for a French teacher for two and half days a week and we will also be advertising for a Music teacher to replace Mrs. Hall’s one day a week position.

We are delighted to announce that we will be keeping all of our other current staff and we will also be advertising for another teaching position.


Thank you to the many families that have already returned their Lapathon money.

This much needed money will help to refurbish our library.

This week when I was taking Year 6, the students were asked to provide feedback about the Lapathon. They provided some very constructive feedback about what was great about the Lapathon and some considerations that could potentially make our Lapathon, even more enjoyable.

From the Art Room


Year 2 Camp

Some pics...


From the Office

A note from the WPS School Council Treasurer

One of the many functions of School Council (SC) is to oversee the financial operations of the school. Prior to becoming a SC member, I, like many people, thought that the school was given whatever funding it required from the Department to carry out its operations. I quickly discovered that this is not the case and, having taken on the role of Treasurer this year, now understand the very fine financial margins we operate in.


Even the funding from the Department comes with limitations. Funding is based on the number of students a school has on ‘census’ day early in Term 1 with additional students after this date not attracting any funding. Over the past few years this has been as much as 20 additional students..


In addition to ‘funding’ the associated shortfall our school also has to cover the costs of items such as the shade sails, undercover play area and playground equipment which do not fall within the Department’s funding.


Having spoken to people within our school community it is also apparent that there remains a mis-understanding about the $2m granted to our school for the capital works project. This money has remained in Department coffers and is paid directly to the builders, designers, legal providers etc that have been engaged on the project. At no time has this money been provided to our school. In fact, as the funding did not cover all of the required items our school has contributed $50,000 to the project.


One of the school’s opportunities of covering the costs outlined above is through the voluntary contribution funds. These contributions are gratefully received but the bottom line is that the take up rate for this year is around 53%. We understand that not everyone is in the position to pay $140 per student per year but ask that when you next have the opportunity to do so that you take into consideration the issues highlighted here.  Treasurer – WPS School Council

Bookpack ordering for 2019

We will be going DIGITAL for the 2019 bookpack orders, with our new supplier Officemax (no paper bookpack forms will be issued). The Officemax online ordering / payment site will be live around the beginning of November 2018.
Detailed information on ‘how to order’ and the delivery process will be provided prior to this time however basic info follows:

  • Bookpack Requisites for Year 3 – 6:
    - ORDER ONLINE at OfficeMaxSchools.com.au – goods will be delivered to the student’s home address NOT to the school
    - order BEFORE 2nd DEC = FREE DELIVERY & guaranteed delivery before 31.12.18
    - order AFTER 2nd DEC = $12.95 per family and delivery before the start of school
    - bus and netbook fees can be paid at the same time as bookpack ordering
    - to ease the financial pressure on families towards the end of the year, School Council have decided that voluntary contributions will not be required to be paid until Feb 2019 but if you prefer, can be paid via QKR from November 2018
  • Bookpack Requisites for Year Prep – 2
    - students do not receive an individual bookpack - requisites are purchased in bulk from Officemax and delivered directly to classrooms however payment for essential books is compulsory and expected. Payment options are:
    1. via OfficeMaxSchools.com.au
    2. via QKR from November 2018
    - to ease the financial pressure on families towards the end of the year, School Council have decided that voluntary contributions will not be required to be paid until Feb 2019 but if you prefer, can be paid via QKR from November 2018
  • There will be NO SPARE PACKS AVAILABLE from the school, as
    - bookpacks can continue to be ordered online at Officemax until the end of Term 2

To advise a student absence

Notification as soon as possible on the absence day is requested however before 10am is preferred.

  1. Log onto the Compass portal – click on ‘Add Attendance Note Approval’
  2. Phone the school’s absence voicemail – 5427 2455 – Option 1

Payment Methods for School Activities


Qkr - tips of the week




Dear Parents and Friends.

I'm a bit late but a big thank you to everyone who came along and watched and joined in our Lapathon.  It was great to see so many people helping our students do their best to enjoy the day.


Thank you also to Jenny and her helpers in the canteen.  Everyone enjoyed the BBQ sausages and juice.


Now is the time to start collecting sponsorship money and return it to school.  Prizes have started going out to those who have returned their money already.  Thanks for being so quick!


lets see if we can raise more than last year.

Thanks for your support.

Sandra Mann

Senior Unit

Busking for Grade 6 Celebration

On Friday last week Jacob, Frida, Elsie and I went Busking to raise money for the Year 6 end of year trip to Fun Fields. We practiced during the week and then went down to Coles, the Real Estate agent and Holgates to busk with help from Lily with setting up and moving from place to place. So far we’ve raised  $99.90. Next Friday we plan to do it all over again.  See you there.   -Charli Year 6  

Messenger Dogs

On the 24th of October the whole school did an incursion learning about the Messenger Dogs in  WW1. The show included 3 people acting out 3 life size dog puppets, and it explained what might of what happened during WW1. It included showing kids how the dogs would of delivered messages and what obstacles they would’ve faced. The people running the show got everyone involved and having fun, including making a trench, ducking for cover and pretending to use gas masks. It was a whole lot of fun for everyone.  By Thomas  and Kate


Munch and Crunch

Starting next week the Year 6’s from SU2 will be handing out free fruit on every Monday and Wednesday. This is part of there healthy eating program, as they are trying to promote healthy eating. They are trying to encourage the recommended daily intake of  fruit and vegetables.  By Riley and Zack

Carlsruhe Annexe


Thursday Activities.

Thursday Activities will resume on week 2 (18th October) and we look forward to continuing the great support from parents that made the Term 3 activities such a success.

Messenger Dogs

The WW1 Messenger Dogs

Today A few people came in and talked about some WW1 Messenger dogs. Which everyone really enjoyed and they presented it in a really cool way. They used puppet dogs and had a whole story that they told with the dogs. The dogs’ names were, Bullet the young one who was really hyper energetic and wanted to raid the school canteen because he loved food; then there was Trick, he was the fastest, strongest and bravest dog in all the messenger dogs and lastly there was Nell who was a really nice, kind and caring dog. All of them were very brave because they would have to run across battlefields and run while bombs were dropping above them. Sometimes they would have to go into the trenches to deliver messages to other soldiers. Sometimes they would have to stay with the injured until help arrived.

The way they presented the show was really cool. For example, at one stage they put some boxes together and made it look like we were seeing it really far away with the dogs running. While they were running, bombs were exploding around them and little bits came out of the ground like real bombs.  By Katrina


WW1 messenger dogs’ incursion

The messenger dogs were well made hand puppets in a great show.

 The names of the dogs were Nell, Bullet and Trick.

We saw everything! The explosions, the wreckage, the dogs and the soldiers. It was spectacular, I loved it! Boom! Run! It was amazing.

I made a prediction at the start -  I was like ’This isn’t going to be good.’ but I was wrong. It was great and at the end I was sad it ended.  By Sean


WW1 Messenger Dogs Incursion

The messenger dogs’ incursion told the grade about WW1 Army dogs. There were life sized puppets of three actual dogs Nell, Trick and Bullet. The dogs were used to deliver messages from the front line to the Headquarters. The dog puppets trained us to cover your mouth and nose when there is gas, run on the spot, get down low and spread apart to make a trench.   By Sampson


WW1 messenger dogs- incursion

On Wednesday we went to an incursion in the hall about the WW1 messenger dogs.

It was really fun and we got to do training to do signals by three dogs. One was called Nell, who was a messenger dog who I guess was the leader of the three. Then there was Trick, he was a very bossy like dog and was always ready with a plan. Lastly there was Bullet, a new puppy recruit who was always talking about the canteen. And he was always ready to go, and eager to do things that evolved running.

In the training we learnt how to get down to the ground as far as we could and cover our mouths and noses with our hands so we didn’t breath in the gas. Then there was one were we had to get up and run on the spot as fast as we could. Lastly we made a split through our bunch of people, right through the middle and that was our trench.

Nell, Trick and Bullet did a show for us and it was super cool, it was also funny in some parts. In parts of the show we had to use the training we did to help the dogs. At the end of the war, in the show, the dogs told us where they were heading next and that was the end of the incursion.

We lined up to get a sticker off one of the dogs and to get to pat them all. By the way the dogs were puppets and the people controlling them spoke as the dogs.  By Isabelle


WW1 messenger dogs

On Wednesday our class had an Incursion. They came to talk about how dogs had a role in the war. They didn’t have a role until 1917 and 1918. It was kind of like a puppet show but better, the puppet were bigger. They even gave us training like duck down and run. They also taught us some hand signals, that was fun. The dog’s names were Trick, Nell and Bullet. Trick and Bullet were hilarious… but the funniest dog was Trick. Trick was the joker, but who would joke during the war? Bullet was the scaredy one… and last but not least Nell. She was the brave one, she was the one that got most of the messages and went through the field. One of my favourite bits was when Trick sniffed gas “poison gas” and he was howling to the master and he wore a mask and told us all to DUCK! They actually had a REAL picture of Nell, Bullet and Trick, the said the picture was taken 100 years ago. SO it was black and white.

I thought it would be quite boring, but NO it was fun, funny and interesting. They gave us a lot of interesting facts in a fun way.  By Isadora

Zoos Victoria - Phone Cycle


Middle Unit 

Years 1 and 2

This week was a very busy week with the Year 2 students heading out to their first camp (full report on that next week!) and the Year 1's having some time together back here at school. It was great for the Year 1 kids to be able to work with students from different classes and with different teachers.


The Year 1/2 students were also lucky enough to have been able to see an amazing puppet show called 'Messenger Dogs - tales of WW1'. The students and teachers were totally engaged with the story of the brave messenger dogs who were so vital to the war effort on the battle front in World War 1. The children asked some very insightful questions at the end about the dogs, the history of the ANZACS and the mechanics behind the very realistic looking puppets. Our students commented on how the show had parts that were sad, happy, scary and suspenseful and they loved getting the opportunity to pat the 'dogs' at the end of the show.


Year 3

This week in Year 3 we have been busy getting creative! In our unit for creativity we have been exploring what it means to be creative and completing various types of origami. The students have had a great time creating snapping mouths, paper cranes, and hopping frogs. 


We have also been exploring different types of procedures and their structures. The students drew a simple picture and then have written step-by-step instructions on how to draw it. 


In Mathematics we have been finishing up with division activities. The students have been practicing the language, such as "shared between" and "equal shares".


The Year 3 students had a fantastic time during the Lapathon. All students had a go and tried their best, which was fantastic to see. They also had an amazing time competing in the Tug-of-War and watching the other classes. 


Junior Unit


As part of our Creativity- Once Upon a Time topic this term. The Junior Unit have started to plant beanstalks. We are growing our beanstalks in cotton and hanging them in the window so they get lots of sunlight. We read the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and wrote a procedure about ‘How to Grow a Bean Plant’. Our procedure included a title, equipment, steps and a picture.

The students are looking forward to looking after their beanstalk and watching them grow.





25th  Help needed

26th  Lauren, Chantelle

31st  Nadine



1st  Help needed

2nd  Michael, Help needed

7th  Jo

8th  Help needed

9th  2 x Helpers needed

  • Please contact me if you can help at [email protected] or mobile 0411 558 557.  Remember its only 9-12.30pm and your child(ren) receives a free icy pole and the chance to see their carer behind the counter.


  • Helpers needed for Friday 2nd and Friday 9th November.
  • Thank you to those who supported the shopping tour.  A fun day was had by all with a little commission coming to the school.
  • The Term 4 Canteen Roster is very EMPTY ! Please call me on 0411 558 557 if you can help out. 


  • Please ensure your child(ren) have the correct details on Qkr. 
  • When ordering from Qkr, please purchase a lunch bag first, if you're not supplying your own. 
  • Term 4: NO CASH ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Please see the office staff for help loading Qkr.

Assembly Awards

Artists of the Week

This week the Year 3 students are all showing their handmade Teddy bears. This was a difficult activity but everyone did a great job.

Our star artist are: Lucie, Inga, Kurt, Lachlan, Patrick, Kurtis, Ty, Lara, Grace, Ella, Bill, Callon, Pippa and Cael.

Students of the Week

JU1 - Moses

Showing great determination and perseverance during the Lapathon.

JU2 - Zack

Becoming more confident in sharing his ideas and thinking with the class.

JU3 - Kiara

For always coming prepared for show and tell and for doing an excellent job of explaining something she had created and how she made it.

MU1 - Caleb

For working hard to improve his handwriting. Great work Caleb.

MU2 - Andre

For developing greater independence in class by using strategies he has learnt for reading and writing. Awesome work!

MU3 - Isabelle

For a terrific effort during our Lapathon.

MU4 - Ayden

For his outstanding work ethic and contributions to class tasks.

MU5 - Camilla

Settling into the routines and expectations of MU5 and Woodend Primary School with ease.

MU6 - Lachlan

His perseverance and amazing effort during the Lapathon. Well done Lachie!

MU7 - Rhys

For being organised with calm colouring for after his spelling post text. Well done!

MU8 - Oscar

For showing outstanding classroom behaviour  by listening during instruction time carefully and working quietly.

CU1 - Hayley

Assisting Mrs.Hill with classroom routines at Carlsruhe in a respectful manner. Thanks Hayley.

CU1 - Alicia

Confidently explaining information  in tables picture graphs and bar graphs.

CU2 - Nil

CU3 - Finn

For scoring 100% on both the pre and post tests for Data Representation and Interpretation, displaying a fantastic understanding of this topic. (the post test was one level higher than the pre-test).

CU4 - Jimmy

For speaking clearly and confidently when presenting his excellent project on the 2011 Japanese Tsunami.

SU1 - Lily

Being super motivated and showing ZEST in multiplication lessons. You Rock!

SU2 - Owen

Showing AWESOME persistence during the Hip Hop Workshop this week. Keep busting a move! AWESOME WORK!

Gardening Group

Woodend Community Children's Garden

Where:  WPS Community Children’s Garden

When:  12.45-2.00pm Mondays - parent help required with lunchtime Kid’s Garden Club

2.00-3.30pm Mondays - parents' gardening session (pruning and garden maintenance)

BYO: Gardening gloves, sturdy shoes, weather appropriate clothing

Sign in: Please sign in at the Office before gardening

Contact: Nicole Middleton 0418 233 366

Carlsruhe Kitchen Garden

Where: Carlsruhe Kitchen Garden

When: 2.00-3.30pm Mondays

BYO: Gardening gloves, sturdy shoes, weather appropriate clothing

Sign in: Please sign in at the main Carlsruhe classroom before gardening

Contact: Clare Doolan 0424 867 613


The WPS Environment Leaders and friends have been busy in the Woodend Community Children’s Garden.

Last week they helped put the new raised garden beds into place. 

This week they conducted the Aussie Backyard Bird Count. Eighteen birds were recorded in the Garden in 20 minutes. Join in and do the bird count in your backyard this weekend. 


Student Banking

8 Deposits - Choose your reward

Archer, Catherine, Ethan

9 Deposits - Your reward has been ordered

Mariella, Zoey, William, Sophie, Carter, Charlotte

10 Deposits - Your reward has been sent home


Term 4 Rewards - NEW

  • New for Term 4 - Slushie Cup Maker and Zoom Flying Disc

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop News

Lost property is located just in front of the uniform shop and part of keeping it under control is that I will return any clearly named items to the class room. To do this, I need a readable first and last name, although if room is an issue a first initial and last name will also work.


I have also found a Name Stamp that can be used on uniforms that does not wash off.

This is the website on where to find it.        



Please do not hesitate to come and see me with any questions, I am happy to help. 

Uniform Shop Hours

Tuesday: 8.45am - 9.15am

Thursday: 3pm - 4pm

Michelle Wearne

Uniform Shop

Community News

Local Community


Michael Grose: Parent Insights

How to stop your children from swearing

If you’re like me, you feel decidedly uncomfortable when kids of any age turn the air blue with profanities. Swearing shows lack of respect for others, and also a lack of awareness for their surroundings.


Teaching kids to use appropriate language is trickier now than in the past. For a start, standards have changed where many words – such as the 'F' word – that were deemed inappropriate in the past are often heard on radio and seen in mainstream newspapers. Words that everyone agrees are inappropriate are frequently used in public forums, to the point that the boundaries of appropriateness have become blurred.


Standards may change, but the job of parents hasn’t altered. That is, to teach kids to use language that doesn’t offend others. Whether it’s teasing or swearing – it’s all the same. If a word or words are offensive, then choose other words or say nothing at all. That is the message to get across to the next generation.


Socially smart kids alter their language

Socially skilled kids of all ages will adjust their language to suit the situation they are in. They may speak one way with their friends but use a completely different vocabulary when they are with adults. They are aware that what works with their best friend just won’t cut it when they are in Grandma’s company. This awareness shows social acuity and the flexibility to adjust to different environments. It needs to be extended to all sorts of situations including where adults and younger children are present. Kids who constantly swear limit their social possibilities.


They didn’t hear that from me!

What do you do when you know your children swear despite your best intentions? Don’t over react. Try to work out its purpose. Children swear for many reasons, including: to experiment with language; to attract your attention; to make themselves appear bigger or older than they are; and even as a challenge or expression of personal power.


Inappropriate language can also simply be a reflection of your children’s peer groups. “Everyone else swears so there’s nothing wrong with it” is a common attitude of many children and young people.


Teach them that while swearing may be appropriate in one context or be accepted by one group, it is not acceptable in every situation. While not condoning swearing, get across to children that they need to learn to control their use of language and adjust it to suit the situation they are in.


When swearing becomes a habit

If swearing has become a habit for kids, make up alternative words to replace the swear words. One family I know had replaced certain words with fruit. They had a fruit for every situation!


Alternatively, use a penalty or fine system to make kids aware of their poor language. When you hear a family member swear, fine them an agree amount. At the end of the week or month give the money collected to a worthy cause. Of course, this strategy is easier to implement when parents join in as well.


Take a long, hard look at, er ... yourself!

It’s also helpful to examine your own choice of language to judge if it is an acceptable model for your children. Yep, sometimes kids will pick up their parents’ language and repeat it at the worst possible time, such as when relatives are over.


The job of adults is to develop a sense of social awareness in the next generation so they can easily navigate a variety of different groups and social situations. Teaching appropriate language use is at the very heart of teaching kids to be socially skilled. That’s something we all should swear by!


Things to remember when kids swear:

  1. Avoid over-reacting when your kids swear. Look for the reason.
  2. Discuss with older children the concept of matching their language with the audience.
  3. Nip it in the bud before it becomes habit forming.
  4. Use a penalty or fine system when kids swear in front of you.
  5. Model the language you want your kids to use.

A last word

Standards may change, but the job of parents hasn’t altered. That is, to teach kids to use language that doesn’t offend others. If it’s offensive then encourage them to choose other words, or say nothing at all. That’s the approach that socially smart kids follow.

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Thursday: Books processed and returned to the classroom

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