22 June 2018
Issue Ten
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Upcoming Dates

June 25th- Mad Dog Peak Fitness Challenge

June 25th- Chess Academy Tournament

June 26th- Warrnambool Eisteddfod Music Solos

June 26th- Year 7 Parent Lunch

June 27th- GWR Hampden Cup

June 28th- Advanced PE Half Marathon

June 29th- House Celebration Event

June 30th to July 16th- School Holidays

Principal's Report

From time to time, word filters back to me from the wider community that Warrnambool College is a school largely focused on sport.  I understand where this perception comes from – we have numerous sporting academies operating throughout the week, we have a sporting pathway program embedded in the curriculum that over 100 students are involved in and we have hundreds of students that make it all the way through to state finals in their chosen sport each year.  There certainly is a lot of sport that students participate in at our school, and this is to be celebrated as being physically active is extremely important throughout adolescence and hopefully sets up healthy patterns for the rest of life.  Participating in sport also provides plenty of practice for our school values – persistence, resilience and mutual respect.


However there is so much more to our school that brings a smile to my face each day.  We now have academies for Chess, Drawing, Food and Music.  ‘Homework Club’ on Wednesdays nights has more than 100 students and various staff involved on a weekly basis.  Language learning this year has taken our Indonesian speaking students to Melbourne and our French speaking students to France this year.  Students engage in product design projects during the week, including our recently established ‘Chicken Coop’ project.  Our multi-cultural leadership group meets weekly and has engaged in community art projects in Warrnambool.  Hands on Learning students are constantly finding new ways to practically contribute to our school and the Warrnambool community.  The ideas unfurled event last week showed off our incredible student artistic skills.  Our student leadership teams met yesterday and went through progress against their yearly goals for 2018, planning the next steps for second semester.  The musical production of ‘Strictly Ballroom’ rehearsals are enthusiastically attended and progress towards what will be a stunning performance in term 3.  Students are also dancing their way through Presentation Ball rehearsals on a weekly basis.  I could go on – I’m missing so many ways in which our staff and students contribute to wide and varied fabric of success at our school.


I do want to focus on three examples of students thriving throughout this past week.  Despite some of the worst weather you’ll come across in Warrnambool, last Friday the MiVCE students showed incredible resilience in hosting the Colour Fun Run after school to raise money for the local fires appeal.  When the rain was pouring down throughout the day, they could have easily given up.  In seeing the event through to the end they learnt so many lessons and I’m proud of their persistence.  On Wednesday night this week, I had the privilege of sitting in the audience and hearing the incredible progress of the year 7 SEAL concert band.  I have no idea how our music staff were able to craft together so many musical numbers from this class in only 16 weeks of learning.  It was simply incredible to witness.  Then Thursday during lunch I was invited to the Café Culture class ‘High Tea’.  The attention to detail to the sweet and savoury morsels was amazing and the way the students created a café culture of order taking and providing drinks with the delicacies was a delight to share in.  I am bounding into the weekend full of joy for the effort that our staff and students put in each day.


I hope that you also regularly notice the vast array of skills that your student displays in and out of school.  Ultimately education is about developing the whole child, and this is something that we take great pride in supporting at Warrnambool College.


Kind Regards,


Dave Clift


Assistant Principal's Report

It has been a cold and windy week – some of the coldest weather we have had to date. Despite the chill our open water academy braved the water on Wednesday to celebrate the winter solstice with a chilly dip in the water. It might not be everyone’s idea of a great time but the smiles on the faces of the students, staff and parents that participated show that they all had a great time. It is wonderful to see the support that our academies generate and the goodwill they create in our school community.

Continuing on this chilly theme Merri House will be celebrating their House fundraiser day on Friday 22nd of June. The theme of ‘winter woollies’ could not have come at a better time. Alongside their now famous bake sale they are also having warm winter curries. Each House is allocated one day for fundraising opportunities and we hope that all members of our school community will rally around this worthy cause.


The year 12 formal will take place on Friday night and is always a pleasurable event. I know that the year 12 students have been really looking forward to this night. It is a special occasion in the midst of study and hard work to have a break for the night. It allows them time to relax, take a breath and reconnect with their year level. Brad Henriksen and Kim Carey have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make this event memorable – we hope all year 12 students can find a moment to thank them in the near future.


Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 photography competition. Last years theme was blue and the phenomenal artwork is still gracing the walls of our College conference room. We get many positive and amazed comments in relation to this artwork. This years theme was Light and the exhibition was just as beautiful – if not more so. First prize went to the Dylan Patterson, second prize to Shaw McLeod and third prize to Chelsea Huismann. The Art and technology staff did a wonderful effort putting together the ‘Ideas Unfurled’ day held on Thur the 14th of June. In particular, we extend our thanks to Anthea Rafferty who has been the mastermind behind many of these ideas.


A reminder that Friday the 29th of June is the last day of term 2. Period one and two will run as per normal on this day. House celebration activities will take place in the afternoon. Of the six houses, only one is remaining on campus. Due to limited student numbers the canteen will not be operating on this day. All students will need to ensure that they have adequate food with them from home. As it is the last day of term there will also be a 2.30 finish. Busses will operate on the 2.30 finish time.


School Captain Report

Another term has flown by and somehow we find ourselves halfway through the year! We kicked off this term with a busy couple of weeks, opening the doors of our school to the wider community on open night. The chance for us to meet and share our experiences with prospective students and their families was a proud moment for us all, as it gave us time to reflect on how truly great our school really is and the memories we’ve made here. With only a few hours rest, we were once again representing Warrnambool College, this time at each of the local ANZAC day services to commemorate the centenary of the First World War. The solemnity of the dawn service is always a surreal experience, and we are very grateful to the Warrnambool RSL for inviting us to partake in such a significant ceremony. 


Alongside this, we have been working towards our long term SMART goal for the year. Our focus so far has been collecting quantitative data from year 10s regarding their experience in the PhoenIX program in the previous year. This input from students has proved valuable to us in our attempt to understand their thoughts and feelings regarding their expectations and experiences of the program, and their valuable feedback will help us to shape the actions we take going forward and help to form the basis for our interview process in the final weeks of term.


These interviews will consist of small groups of year 9 students, with the intention being to collect qualitative data that reflects the opinions of the students of the school in greater detail. With this data in mind, we plan to find ways in which the PhoenIX program in year 9 can be improved or redesigned in order to increase the engagement and enjoyment of students and teachers alike. At the beginning of next term, further interviews will be conducted with current year 10 students completing a VCE subject in order to gauge how well PhoenIX has prepared these students in terms of study techniques useful for VCE and beyond. We understand that all students learn differently and have their prefered study techniques, however as year 12s, we question how well younger students are being prepared for the coming years of learning, with a focus on building their confidence with studying and lowering their levels of anxiety regarding assessments.


We plan to present our findings to PhoenIX teachers and other teaching staff during term 3 so that they can personally reflect on ways that the school can be further improved as well as understand how students are feeling in regards to their future at Warrnambool College.


Have a safe and happy holidays!

House Report


Logans Day BBQ

Due to the wet weather on our out of uniform day we had to postpone our BBQ. Om Tuesday 5th June the weather gods shone on us and we were able to fire up the BBQ.  With sausages, burgers and chicken nuggets on offer the line snaked through the undercover area as the food was purchased faster than it cooked.  Thank you to all students and staff that supported our events.  We would also like to thank the Tracey and McGowan families for their generous donations of food and services.

Student Leaders

The work has not stopped for the leadership team now that their fundraising day is over, on Thursday 21st June our team of student leaders joined the other houses for a celebration afternoon to share their progress so far in reaching their goals.  Logans leaders set themselves 2 goals in 2018:

SMART GOAL 1: Improve tutorial activities to be more inclusive to everyone, to make this less of a stressful environment. Develop a before and after survey, opinion boxes. Create some music challenges with prizes. Tute Kahoots. Run table tennis on the tables to engage students.


SMART GOAL 2: improve the open spaces with clear lines for games of 4 square, to monitor the amount of rubbish (photos to measure), impose consequences for littering. Long term goal of added bins, places to eat with shaded and sheltered areas.


The leaders are currently working to achieve goal 1, planning tute activities for term 3, purchasing board games and cards as well as items such as table tennis to be used during tute. They are also planning to join tutes together once a week for some friendly competitions.  Tute will be an exciting place to be in term 3. 


End of term activity

The student leaders have listened to the voice of the other students in the house and tried to provide the top 3 ideas from the survey they conducted.  Food, movie and no cost.  This means we will be staying at school for the afternoon, we will start with an assembly at 11:00am that will see us present our new year 7 student leaders, followed by some games in the hall for all to join.  Lunch of pizza and hot chips will be provided and then students can choose to watch a film in the auditorium or join in a gaming session in the hall on their ipads.  A number of games will be made available on the network for students to access. The day will end at 2:30pm

The day will be an out of uniform and any students who are planning to attend period 1 &2 and then leave at the end of period 2, are required to sign out through the office, they need a written note or permission on Compass to be permitted to leave. 


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff, students and families for your support over the past 6 weeks while Ms Crevola has been absent.  It has been a pleasure to work back in the house office with such an amazing group of staff and students. Emma Vesey.


Logans Student Spot of the week – featuring Tiffany Tracey

We are blessed in the Logans house to have numerous students that are gifted in a broad variety of personal pursuits both in and out of the school setting. As a house, we are keen to both share and celebrate those personal successes with others.

Tiffany Tracey is involved in many areas both in & out of school: youth council member, learning instruments, dancing & in lots of competitions...
Whenever she has spare time, Tiffany also provides voluntary face paint services to community events (Timboon Santa-on-the-Street, Dairy farmers Xmas events, Kinders & primary school fairs, car club events....).

Recently it was brought to my attention that Tiffany participated in the Warrnambool Speech & Drama Eisteddfod where she took out the aggregate 16 and under winner (with six 1sts, three 2nds and three 3rds).

Tiffany also participated this year in the regional Time to Shine Dance competition taking out a number of awards there as well as the Rainbow Australian Dance Tour to New York.

As a house, we join in both commending and further encouraging Tiffany in her ongoing contributions to the school and outside the school as well. Shoot for the stars Tiffany.


Mr. Gration

Logans Assistant House Leader



Merri Philanthropic Day

Never mind that yesterday was the shortest day of the year, today the winter blues were washed away with Merri’s winter woolly themed philanthropic day. Students and staff kept warm by donning beanies, scarves, woolly winter jumpers, Ugg boots and some even came in their pyjama’s, but it was all for a good cause. 

The Merri philanthropic day was a huge success once again. The marvellous Merri student leaders ran a bake stall, sold curries for lunch and provided hot chocolate hugs to contribute to the funds raised. Environmentally sustainable plates and cutlery were used for the curries which is another aspect of the day the Merri is exceptionally proud of. Lunch time was made even more special with musical entertainment provided by the one and only brother sister duo; Niamh and Patrick Howard.

Thanks to all of the wonderfully supportive Merri families for donating baked goods and curries. A special thank-you to Aleica Bellgrove and Masaru Matsuno from Melting Pot, Cudgee for kindly donating some curries for the cause. In one day we managed to raise an incredible amount over $2100. This would not have been possible without these generous donations. Due to the stalls being ran completely from donations 100% of these funds will go to the Taksenkangbloung Community Centre giving students from this area of Cambodia access to an education. In the past funds raised have brought a Tuk-Tuk to transport students to and from school and this year these funds will go towards school resources.  



Merri End of Term Celebration

On the last day of term (Friday 29th June) all Merri students and staff will be heading to the Warrnambool Cinema to celebrate the completion of incredible semester. The movie we will be watching is Incredibles 2.

We will be leaving school at 11:30am and returning in time for the end of the day at 2:30pm. Students are able to come out of school uniform and will need to bring their own lunch as the canteen will be closed on the day.

Parents/guardians are asked to provide consent and pay the small fee of $10 via Compass before Tuesday 26th June.    


MiVCE Fluro Run

Warrnambool College students have brought colour into the life of those affected by the St Patrick’s Day Fires. 

Enthusiastic runners braved the rain during a fluro fun run at the school on Friday. 

Students wore casual clothes throughout the day and activities included live music, raffles, prizes and food stalls. 

The event was organised by the Year 11 MiVCE Industry and Enterprise class, with all proceeds donated to fire-affected families.

Teacher Mark Sullivan said the group of students were part of the school’s transition into the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL), which will be introduced in 2019. 

He said the group comprising of 34 students organised the event as part of a hands-on learning experience. 

Student Ruby Lenehan, 13, said the rain didn’t scare her away from taking part in the colourful event. 

“All my friends did it and it’s good helping to raise money for the bush fires,” she said. 

Mr Sullivan said students spent seven weeks planning the event.

Teacher Katie Crute said students had raised over $1000 from gold coin donations for casual clothes day and a sausage sizzle.

She said entry fees for the fun run would be counted at a later date, with student hoping to exceed $2500. 

Article by Jessica Howard- Warrnambool Standard


School News

WRAD Art Awards

It was a wild and chilly night to be out on Friday 15th June for WRAD’s  7th Annual “Art in Schools Competition 2018” Awards Night.  Inside the SGAE building there was heating and a full crowd to view the Exhibition of works from the Regions schools.  Warrnambool College had 10 students that exhibited work and some of them were there to attend and support the Awards Night.  Two of our students were selected for Awards, Cassie Byron received 3rd place overall and Alexandria Keen received an Encouragement Award.  Congratulations to both of you.  Brauer College students took our 1st and 2nd place and a Timboon student took out the People’s Choice Award.


Ms. Knight

Art Department


Food Share


Second Hand Uniforms

Wellbeing are looking for any donations of second hand uniforms. If anyone has any items of uniform they would like to donate they would be greatly appreciated.

Legacy Public Speaking Award

On Thursday June 21st five of our year 7 students participated in the Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award.  Congratulations to Taz Reuel and Eliza McLauchlan who were joint winners and will now compete at Legacy House in Melbourne in September.  Also performing on the day to a very high standard were Molly Harris, Eliza Hoffman and Laura Lee. I would like to acknowledge the support also given by our two year 12 public speakers, Tiffany Tracey and Susan Malikoff.


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