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04 July 2019
Issue Six
Debating success
It's been a great term
Ask our Chess players
Year 11 Performance Showcase
A world of stories
Spreading smiles at the Children's Hospital 
In our Special Education classes
Empowering students
Fusion Unit
Beanie for brain cancer
In our community
Exploring Early Childhood
From the universe to the atom
Year 11 Biology
Year 9 Music
Sports Shorts
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Photo: Allegra Ng, Jessica Fisher, Setare Nafisinia and Natale Ripepi.

Debating success

Photo: Allegra Ng, Jessica Fisher, Setare Nafisinia and Natale Ripepi.

Year 7

Congratulations to our Year 7 Debating team who won their very first debate against Prairiewood High School. The topic for this debate was "We should abolish exams and tests for juniors and only have assessments".  Our team was negative for this debate and they delivered a compelling argument that convinced the adjudicator and gave them the win!  Our debaters have been working hard to sharpen their skills at weekly training sessions and they are to be commended on this.  They are passionate, motivated and dedicated to representing our school in the competition.

Well done on your efforts so far!  We wish you the best of luck in your next debate.

Ms Cekic, Debating Coordinator


It's been a great term

Principal's report

You have the profile of a prince
With a physique that matches
Beneath the dirt and patches
You are a diamond in the rough

‘Diamond in the Rough’ by Alan Menken and Chad Beguelin from ‘Aladdin: The Musical’

Trial HSC exams

Trial HSC exams will be held in Week 2 and Week 3, Term 3.  These are a vital opportunity for Year 12 students to demonstrate mastery of HSC content and skills.  In terms of my introductory quote, it is fine for Year 12 students to be a “diamond in the rough” at this stage, with the trial HSC exams enabling Year 12 to work on polishing the diamond so that it sparkles in time for the final HSC exams in October/November.  We are holding these trial HSC exams earlier than normal to give students time to incorporate feedback throughout Term 3 and demonstrate further improvement.  It is very traditional but the best way to prepare is to complete past HSC exam papers, obtain teacher feedback and then use this feedback to improve the quality of exam responses.

NSW Secondary Deputy Principals' Association Presentations

Congratulations to Ms Slavica Galic, one of our senior English teachers, who was selected to present a session on QuickSmart Literacy at last week’s NSW Secondary Deputy Principal Association conference.  The QuickSmart program aims to increase student automaticity and accuracy in recognising, understanding and using language to help improve learning across all subjects.  It was also my pleasure to present a session at this conference on student wellbeing.  Our school was highlighted last year as a model school for our success in this area. A copy of the case study conducted by the NSW Department of Education's Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation can be found here. 


T4L Award for Innovation in Digital Administration and Management

Mr Andres Vargas, our wonderful Technical Support Officer, will be awarded the 2019 T4L Award for Innovation in Digital Administration and Management later in the year. 

The T4L Awards are the premier awards issued by the NSW Department of Education for excellence in the area of technology for learning.  Mr Vargas developed the ‘Connect App’ which helps all of our Connect teachers to track student data and learning content.  Congratulations to Mr Vargas on attaining this prestigious award.  You can find out more about our winning entry here.

Staff appointment

I am pleased to announce that Ms Bernadette Adams has been appointed as a permanent staff member.  Ms Adams is an excellent teacher in the Social Sciences faculty, teaching senior classes including Business Studies and Society & Culture and recently accompanied our students on the overseas Japan excursion.  Ms Adams is one of the leaders of our FOCUS team, which is implementing Positive Behaviour for Learning, and is helping with this important strategic direction of the school plan.  I look forward to continuing to work with Ms Adams in her permanent role.

P&C Meetings

Our next P&C meeting will be held at 6:30pm on Monday, 5 August 2019.  There will be a repeat session at 9:30am on Thursday, 8 August 2019.


I look forward to continuing to work with the staff, students and parents of Cecil Hills High School, the best school in NSW.


Mark Sutton, Principal

Photo: Congratulations to our Chess team!

Ask our Chess players

Photo: Congratulations to our Chess team!

Last month, fourteen eager students from Cecil Hills High School set out to Girraween High School for a fantastic day of chess at the Inter-School Chess Tournament. 


Playing seven rounds of intense matches, each student displayed remarkable sportsmanship in the face of tough competition. There were some stand-out performances by Noor Azeem, Bao Nguyen, Terry Su and Dylan Luu, but I witnessed every student improve their confidence and chess dramatically. 


The mentality of "I can improve!" was fresh and dense in the air and there wasn't a moment where I wasn't proud of both surprise victories and close losses from our students.


Congratulations to all who participated, you've made Cecil Hills High School proud!​


Mr J Hong, Chess Coordinator

Mr J Chandler, Chess Coordinator | Year 12 Year Adviser | Science teacher



Year 11 Performance Showcase

Year 11 Music

On Friday 27 June, our Year 11 Music students hosted a performance showcase with their peers as audience. This was a wonderful opportunity for students to display their various musical skills and talents in front of an audience. Many students were able to conquer their fear of stage fright, but most importantly they got up, performed and had fun! It was an amazing and enjoyable day for all involved

Students reported:

‘We love any chance to perform on our instrument in front of an audience’

‘This is a great experience which helps develop our confidence’

‘These performances have helped improve my stage presence’


Mr A Faga, Year 11 Music teacher

Photo: Celebrating Refugee Week

A world of stories

Photo: Celebrating Refugee Week

Celebrating Refugee Week

Refugee Week is an incredible opportunity for the whole nation to celebrate the contribution refugees make to our society, while raising awareness, remembering and honouring the often perilous journey that refugees have taken to reach Australia.  For many Australians, Refugee Week provides an opportunity to meet a refugee for the first time. Through storytelling we have the chance to educate the Australian community to better understand the courage and contribution that refugees make in our society.  The need to draw attention to the challenges facing refugees is incredibly urgent.    Let's consider the courageous steps refugees have taken to be where they are today, as well as the valuable contributions they have made since coming here. Each refugee seeking safety in Australia brings their own story of their journey to Australia and through sharing these stories, are able to show students the various hardships they may have experienced coming here.  


Celebrating Refugee Week is a unique opportunity for us all to experience the rich diversity of Australia’s refugee communities, especially at Cecil Hills High School as we have a high population of students coming from a wide range of non-English speaking backgrounds. This year's theme, "A World of Stories", allowed us to consider the courageous steps refugees have taken to be where they are today, as well as the valuable contributions they have made since coming here. Each refugee seeking safety in Australia brings their own story of their journey to Australia and through sharing these stories, are able to show students the various hardships they may have experienced coming here.  


Written by Lorisya Qaqoz, Year 10 Cecil Hills High School:

I’m Lorisya Qaqoz, I was born in Iraq and lived there for 11 years. In 2014, ISIS came to Mosul, Iraq. We heard they were killing children, hurting women and taking men to work with them.

It was April and it was summer when I had my First Holy Communion. After two months, ISIS was getting closer to us.  I lived in a Christian village where the soldiers were strong enough to stop ISIS from coming to our village. One day I was sharing lunch with my family; my dad said to mum “I’m going to Dohuk for 2-3 hours and I will come back”.  Then he just left.


My mum was washing the dishes when her phone suddenly rang. It was my auntie and she said to quickly take all our things and go to her house, ISIS are coming. Mum tried to call dad but he wasn’t answering. She was scared. She went to get everything we needed and she called him again and again and again.  Finally, he answered and said, “Be ready, we’re going.”

Dad came and took us and went. We stayed in Dohuk for 10 days and then we went to Turkey. It was hard for us to live in Turkey, we didn’t speak Turkish and we didn’t understand it either.

We lived in Turkey for three and a half years. Finally after all that time, we got a visa for Australia. In December 2017, we arrived in Australia. It was the best day for me and my family. Now that we live in Australia, we feel very safe and comfortable.

I miss Iraq but I love living here.    This is me and my story.


At Cecil Hills High School, we started off Refugee Week with an introduction to our whole school about the myths and facts of being a refugee through our morning Connect lesson.  This powerpoint presentation was put together by SRC (Student Representative Council) members. Stories of successful celebrity AFL player - Aliir Aliir and Refugee Week Ambassador - Rnita Dacho were also being shared with our students.  In our own S.T.A.R.S Connect lessons during the week, students were invited to experience some of the unique foods Australia has to offer including Anzac biscuits, fairy bread, Tim Tams and Vegemite.  To end the week, we presented “The Bilingual Dictionary for ESL Beginners” to the new members of S.T.A.R.S students for use to support their language acquisition.


As Refugee Transition Coordinators, our aim is to work collaboratively with all staff to enrich the wellbeing of our refugee students and to support their progress towards meeting curriculum outcomes. We both truly enjoy the challenges of this enormously rewarding profession and will continue to work together towards making our refugees from being surviving to thriving refugees.


Mrs Marilyn Rattos, Refugee Transition Coordinator / English EALD (English as additional Language/Dialect Teacher)

Mrs Hong Pham, Refugee Transition Coordinator / Mathematics Teacher / WHS committee member 






Spreading smiles at the Children's Hospital 

A House Leadership initiative

Written by MIcaela Bonner, Year 11 House Leadership team
Our House Leadership Captains (Naomi Youkhana, Bianca Acampora, Kathy Daraphet and Micaela Bonnar) visited Westmead Children’s Hospital last month to donate leftover unclaimed prizes from last year’s successful Colour Run. The prizes donated included handballs, squishy balls, gel pens, scratch paper, toy cars, unicorn bag tags, unicorn hatch'em eggs, crystal growing kits and even a couple VR headsets. It was a fantastic opportunity to experience donating to the hospital of our choice. We hope the prizes bring the children joy that they very much deserve. 


In our Special Education classes

Shining Bright

On Monday the 17 June two students from the Support Unit performed in a dance item under the title “Shining Stars” as part of the “In the Spotlight” Dance Festival.

 Both  students attended four dance workshops at Busby West Public School before taking part in an evening performance at the Seymour Centre, Chippendale. The students demonstrated the amazing ability to remember the dance steps to the entire dance routine and displayed no signs of stage fright despite performing in front of a sold out audience which included their family members. Congratulations and well done to  Christina George and Ruby Wiegold.

Mr N Jacob, Teacher - Support Unit

Earn and Learn

Thank you for your support with the Woolworths Earn and Learn program!

  • to the students and families who have  placed the  stickers at school in the team house boxes of Hollows, Whitlam, Goolagong and Chisholm.
  • to the students and families who placed stickers in the boxes marked Cecil Hills High School - Support Unit at our local Woolworths stores (Green Valley, Bonnyrigg and Cecil Hills). 

Your support will help us obtain extra educational resources.

We have over 20,000 stickers which is fantastic with more coming in each day. 

Our current tally:

  • Goolagong on 4860 stickers
  • Whitlam on 4860 stickers
  • Chisholm on 5040 stickers and
  • Hollows on 5460 stickers

Mrs M Beadle, Teacher - Support Unit

Photo: Weaving creations - Dharawal Language and Cultural Camp

Empowering students

Photo: Weaving creations - Dharawal Language and Cultural Camp

To be active learners

During week 6, three lucky Year 7 students were invited by the Aboriginal Educational Consultative Group (AECG) to take part in the Dharawal Language and Culture Camp. The AECG is a not for profit Aboriginal organisation that prides itself on student cultural engagement through community elders and connection to country. The Dharawal Language Camp involved both primary and secondary students from across all NSW to take part in two days of traditional ceremony, cultural activities and Aboriginal dance.

Surrounded by beautiful nature and scenery, deep in the Royal National Park, students were greeted with a traditional Aboriginal smoking ceremony by Uncle Ingrey and Uncle Shayne Williams.  A smoking ceremony represents the cleansing of evil spirits and wishes of good will, thus setting the inviting tone of the cultural camp.


After an informative yarn and introduction with elders and camp leaders, students settled into their cosy cabins and set off for a day full of activities. Students participated in a Dharawal language lessons and practiced their Dharawal speaking skills with Aunty Petra and later, got to  handle artefacts and learn their traditional names. After a delicious lunch of burgers and Milo, students practiced their cooking skills by making fresh damper that we would later eat for afternoon tea.  Later in the afternoon, we were given the chance to work off all the food with traditional dancing workshops, presented by David from the Gamay Dancers of La Perouse and Raymond from the AECG (NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc) .   We learnt the Marida dance known as the Sea Eagle.

Once the sun was setting, so was the temperature.  Luckily we had a camp fire to sit around and partake in an evening yarn with elders. Here students were entertained by traditional Aboriginal dancers, which we later joined in and also got to handle traditional hunting tools. Ricky Hextall (Year 7) claims

“ it was interesting seeing the hunting tools Aboriginal people used to hunt food”.


As dawn arose, so did another day of jam packed activities. We spent the morning building on our knowledge of Dharawal culture through a walk around the National Park with Elder Uncle Rodney. Students then took part in flag painting and shell work as well as weaving. Tallara Chandler (Year7) exclaimed “I enjoyed the weaving activity and the bracelets I made.  Our final activity and highlight for most campers was the spear throwing.  After an informative and impressive presentation, students got to partake in spear throwing. Tyler Russell and Ricky Hextall even hitting the bullseye a couple of times.  Go boys!


The Dharawal Language and Culture Camp could not have been possible without the Yarn program Cecil Hills High School proudly runs. Working closely with the NSW AECG  allowed  our students to embody their proud Aboriginal heritage.  Students were given the opportunity to learn from elders in the community about respect, self-determination and proudness in their culture. All whilst making new friends from schools across NSW.


Thank you to the AECG NSW Inc for organising such a wonderful and important camp for our Aboriginal students. On behalf of all the Aboriginal students at Cecil Hills High School, it was an absolute pleasure to spend time with elders and immersed ourselves in culture and language.


Tallara Chandler, Ricky Hextall, Tyler Russell - Year 7 Yarn

Ms D Kulevski - Aboriginal Coordinator


Photo: Fusion Unit by Year 8

Fusion Unit

Photo: Fusion Unit by Year 8

Year 8 Assessment Task

Year 8 English students in Term 2 have enjoyed exploring Japanese manga and anime in the unit 'Fusion'.  Students have developed a rich appreciation for Japanese art and culture through their studies.


Students loved having the freedom of choice for their assessment task.  Some students channeled their 'inner artist' to create authentically detailed characters and hand-crafted manga comics.  Others turned to technology to construct professional-styled documentaries.  Year 8 fully embraced the unit to create some truly memorable creations.  


I'm very proud to showcase some of the amazing work created by our talented students.

Mr M Howard, English teacher


I enjoyed the action of manga, such as Dragon Ball Z.  Watching anime films like ‘Howls Moving Castle’ and ‘Spirited Away’ really helped my imagination for the assessment task.  My manga creation came from how much I love going on trips with my family.    ​Jack Dempsey


I enjoyed how creative I could get with my manga assessment task.  I changed my story a few times as I went on.  It’s basically about a universe called Dimension X.  This dimension’s sole purpose is to protect other places from discovering its existence.  My characters monitor this, keeping track of things and send out fighters if something goes wrong.    Kiera Hay


Learning about different aspects of Japanese culture was fantastic.  The inspiration for my manga was the musical ‘Hamilton’.  The song ‘Congratulations’ really helped to create my own version. 

Emma Al-Msodany




It's  was great to see how many students are attending this new initiative, as well as how many staff and students were there to help. Thanks to all of you who have assisted in getting this up and running. I’m sure we’ll see a positive impact on students' concentration and focus in class due to this settled start to the morning.  

Impact on Learning

The Australian Red Cross outlines the importance of breakfast below.  

Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day

Breakfast means ‘break the fast’, as the previous meal is typically 8–10 hours before waking up in the morning. Breakfast is important in re-fuelling the body with energy and nutrients, kick-starting the day. If breakfast is skipped, the result can be feeling lethargic and tired and lead to difficulty concentrating and behaviour difficulties in the school environment. 

Why is breakfast important for children?

Breakfast provides children with energy and essential nutrients, including iron, calcium and vitamins B and C, which are necessary for growth, development and good health. Children who eat breakfast each day are much more likely to meet their daily nutritional requirements, as a good quality breakfast can provide a child with up to a third of their daily nutrient needs.

Children who don’t eat breakfast may not make up for the nutrients not consumed within the rest of the day’s intake. Eating breakfast can also reduce the risk of overweight and/or obesity, as breakfast is often replaced by mid-morning snacks that tend to be high in fat, sugar and salt. Skipping breakfast can also lead to over eating throughout the rest of the day, increasing the risk of becoming overweight or obese. 

How can breakfast affect children while at school?

How can breakfast affect children while at school?  Children who have eaten breakfast can concentrate better and have a longer attention span, helping them to learn and study better. They can also perform better physically after eating breakfast as there is more energy available to their muscles. Breakfast can improve behaviour and mood, as children have better concentration and aren’t tired or hungry. 

Benefits of a breakfast program 

For students who have not had breakfast at home:  

  • Providing essential nutrition for children and adolescents  
  • Better health and learning outcomes  
  • Socialisation  
  • Increase participation and engagement at school 

Beanie for brain cancer

You too are probably shocked to know brain cancer kills more children than any other disease, and kills more people under 40 in Australia than any other cancer - yet it receives less than 5% of government cancer research funding.


In 2014, 1710 brain cancers were diagnosed in Australia and the risk of being diagnosed with brain cancer by age 85 is 1 in 107 for men and 1 in 157 for women. In 2016, there were 1349 deaths in Australia caused by brain cancer. The five-year survival rate for brain cancer is 22%.


Earlier this month, the Student Representative Council (SRC) at Cecil Hills High School held its Beanie for Brain Cancer day  to spread awareness of the effects and presence of brain cancer throughout society.   This led to many students showing their support by wearing many colourful beanies and scarves to school. By the end of the day, we were able to raise more than $800 to donate to the Mark Hughes Foundation.  All the money raised will go towards finding a cure and improving treatment options for many patients. Thank you to all who participated.


Enza Occhiuto and Ana Golijan

Student Representative Coordinators


In our community

Come visit during the school holidays

Cecil Hills High School playing grounds will be open during the July school holidays for your enjoyment - from 8 am to 5 pm commencing Monday, 8 July through to Friday, 19 July.

It's better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret 

(Jackie Joyner-Kersee)

As the end of the term is upon us, here is a careers newsletter with lots of information, including a list of school holiday programs and activities.


Click here to read it (or right click to download).

Enjoy it - and your holiday break.

Saturday School of Community Languages

Saturday School of Community Languages is committed to continuous improvement in the delivery of high quality languages courses across 15 centres.

As the largest provider of face to face languages education in NSW, we offer 26 language courses to 3,161 students from Year 7 to Year 12.  All our highly qualified teachers are approved to teach in public schools in NSW.  As our centres only operate on a Saturday, please visit our website for more information or read our latest Saturday School of Community Languages newsletter below.


Photo: Year 11 Work Experience

Exploring Early Childhood

Photo: Year 11 Work Experience

Work experience

Recently,  three of our Year 11 Exploring Early Childhood students undertook work experience at Toddlers and Co. This is one of our local childhood centres we have partnered up with to provide our students with a real world experience.


Our students had a wonderful time exploring and learning all about the childcare industry as well as gaining invaluable insight in to this career.  All three students came back to school enriched by the experience, using examples in class during discussions on child growth and development.


Toddlers and Co offered one of our students (Jessie Barrilla) an opportunity to train in this area in the future.


We look forward to furthering our partnership with this local business by visiting in the future.


Mrs Carolina Marin

TAS (Technology & Applied Studies) teacher

Photo: Year 12 Physics class at the ANSTO Discovery Centre

From the universe to the atom

Photo: Year 12 Physics class at the ANSTO Discovery Centre

Last month, our Year 12 Physics students had the opportunity to visit the ANSTO Discovery Centre at Lucas Heights. Alongside Dr Sood and Mr Chandler, the students were given a first-hand opportunity to supplement their research task on the module ‘From the universe to the atom’.


Here are some of their comments:

‘I loved the experience and found everything we learnt very interesting.’ – Christian

‘It was really interesting seeing all the parts of science involved in making the reactor work. Hands down the best reactor in Australia.’ – Nik

‘Best nuclear reactor I’ve seen in Australia. 12/10!’ – Michael

‘The experience was great and allowed me to learn more than just reading textbooks.’ – Ethan

‘I learnt lots of interesting information on nuclear science.’ – Nguyen Le

‘The excursion taught me a lot of information about the topic we are currently doing. It was interesting.’ – Fadi Hana

‘The excursion gave me an insight at what we would be learning in class and helped with my upcoming assessment task. It was very informative and was fun.’ – Jessica

‘The excursion improved on my understanding and it also helped me with my assessment task.’ – Marjan

‘Was really cool to learn more about fusion power and its current development/progress’ – Lucas

‘Very entertaining and educational, loved it! I learnt quite a lot as well as some interesting facts about cancer research.’ – Ben

‘I discovered that heavy water existed and now I’m thirsty! Also there was cool reactors too!’ – Kosta

‘This excursion has deepened my understanding about particle accelerators which has helped me with my current assessment task.’ – Fi

‘Pretty crazy stuff but disappointed we didn’t get a free sample of Molybdenum-99. Also, pocket sized periodic tables are great!’ - Liam

Dr G Sood and Mr J Chandler

Science teachers



Photo: Year 11 students catching specimens from the lake

Year 11 Biology

Photo: Year 11 students catching specimens from the lake

During Week 10, Year 11 Biology students visited Penrith Lakes Environmental Education Centre and enjoyed a day of learning and skill building.

Students learnt about what makes this particular ecosystems healthy and the importance of these factors on the environment.  Our education officers assisted in developing the skills and techniques when collecting data … and luckily no one fell into the lake!

P Vella and S Vesey-Wells,  J Chandler and  S Ali, Year 11 Biology teachers



Year 9 Music

New Dawn

written by Linh Pham, Year 9

Every Thursday afternoon, my music friends and I rehearse at school. We enjoy learning and playing upbeat popular songs! We have recently formed a new band called  New Dawn.   We all play different instruments and we are working towards upcoming performances. We have played in front of an audience at last year’s school concert and can’t wait to perform again!

Who are we?

New Dawn members:

Cisem Kolac: Guitarist

Kiera Hay: Vocalist and Bass player

Linh Pham: Vocalist and Pianist

Maddison Lay: Vocalist and Pianist

Mary Sou: Drummer

Michelle Nguyen: Vocalist and Ukulele player

Vivian Cao: Vocalist, Violinist and Guitarist

We enjoy singing and playing a variety of songs including ‘Little Do You Know?’, ‘Someone To You’, ‘Coming Home’ and many more.

We hope to write original songs soon. We all have our own interests, strengths and music abilities. Although we are all different, we really enjoy playing music together, and together we have formed New Dawn!



Photo: Zone Athletics Carnival winners

Sports Shorts

Photo: Zone Athletics Carnival winners

Regional  Cross Country Championships

Thirty seven students competed at the SSW Regional Cross Country Championships at Hurlstone Agricultural HS recently. Our standout performers were:

Adrijana Prostran, 3rd in 12 years Girls

Michelle Prasad, 7th in 13years Girls

Bianca Dempsey, 7th in 17 years Girls

Brendan Prasad, 7th in 15 years Boys

Ashton King, 8th in 12 years Boys

Jessica Narvaiza, 9th in 14 years Girls


Congratulations on your excellent results.

These students have qualified for the NSW All Schools Cross Country Championships at Eastern Creek in week 1 next term. We wish them all the best.


Bernera Zone Athletics Carnival

Our team of 104 athletes displayed great speed, endurance, power, determination and tremendous school spirit over two days at Campbelltown Athletics Centre to retain the Zone Athletics Trophy We won the girls, boys and overall points score by a whopping 400 points.

We had seven Age Champions:

Jorja Jackson, 13 years Girls Age Champion

Georgia Portelli, 16 years Girls Age Champion

Bianca Dempsey, 17+ years Girls Age Champion

Taye Sahib, 13 years Boys Age Champion

Cayden Boyter, 14 years Boys Age Champion

Simon Lim, 15 years Boys Age Champion

Thomas Todd, 17+ years Age Champion

We had 10 relay teams qualify for the Regional Athletics Championships.

All students should be extremely proud of their efforts.

We wish all our star athletes all the best at the Regional Athletics Championships early next term.



Jarred McKinley represented NSW Combined High Schools (CHS 2's)  at the NSW All Schools Boys Football Championships recently.

Knockout Competitions

Girls Netball  

3rd in pool

U15 Girls Basketball

Rd 1, defeated Prairiewood HS

Rd 2, defeated John Edmondson HS

Rd 3, defeated Fairfield HS

Bill Turner Shield      

Rd 4, lost to Westfields Sports HS

Bill Turner Cup         

Rd 3, defeated Camden HS

Rd 4, lost to Westfields Sports HS

Boys Football             

Rd 4, lost to Picnic Point HS

Girls Football             

Rd 3, defeated Mt Annan HS

Rd 4, defeated Bossley Park HS

Rd 5, defeated Picnic Point HS (Regional Champions!!)           

U15 Boys AFL

Regional final lost to Westfields Sports High School (regional runners up)


Congratulations to our Open Girls Football team who were crowned Regional Champions for the fourth successive year. They played outstanding at the recent central venue winning both of their matches. The girls were impressive with 7-0 and 6-0 victories. The team has qualified for the final 16 series of the state-wide knockout competition.

Mr B Condon,  Sports Organiser

Under 15s AFL Knockout Report

The Cecil Hills High School Under 15s AFL team had an easy first two rounds of the NSW Knockout (Swan Shield), winning games against Bonnyrigg High School and Hoxton Park High School by forfeit. Our entire playing group had never played a game of AFL before and the team had already made it to the regional semi-final to play against Sefton High School at Greenway Park.


After many training sessions after school on a Monday afternoon the boys were ready to take on Sefton High School. After a hard-fought game with Evan Frendo, Tristan Sahib, Jayson Van and Wilson Dancey all kicking two goals each, we ended up winning 83-8.  Marko Music was best on ground with a dominant display from centre half-back and Cayden Boyter, Simon Lim and Max Krol gave us plenty of drive out of the middle for the entire game.  An honourable mention must go to Sebastian Nad who laid some bone-crunching tackles in the back line.


Next up was the regional final against Westfields Sports High School. There were a few nerves from the Cecil Hills High School boys as Westfields have an AFL program as well as offering AFL scholarships. This was our entire team's second game of AFL. It was very tough game against a more skillful opponent. However, the team never gave up and there were some incredible tackles and pressure for the entire game and then we lost 48 – 0. Our captain Simon Lim was best on ground with some great runs through the middle and driving the ball deep into the forward 50.

Special thanks must go to Ms Schell and Mr Condon for driving the bus and getting us to our games. As well as Luke Thai of Year 11 who was assistant coach of the team and he did not miss one Monday afternoon of training!  A huge thank you to David Carroll who came to both our games and brought oranges for the boys to have at halftime and enough water and ice for two football teams, absolute legend!

Mr  A Barned, U15s AFL Coach

Photo: Congratulations Year 8 on your wonderful cake creations

Create A Cake

Photo: Congratulations Year 8 on your wonderful cake creations

Final Showcase

This week, our  Year 8 Create a Cake class completed their final Showcase. We are very proud of the students that participated, the effort and their creative flare is something that future classes can aspire towards.

Keep an eye out for the voting of the cakes on the Cecil Hills High School Facebook page.

Mrs Melissa Marando, Hospitality/TAS Teacher

Important dates


Monday, 8  July

Cecil Hills High School playing grounds will be open during the July school holidays for your enjoyment - from 8 am to 5 pm commencing Monday, 8 July through to Friday, 19 July.

Tuesday 23 July

Term three begins for all students

Year 11 Ski trip - Jindabyne/Thredbo

Wednesday 24 July

Parent Teacher Evening Years 7 & 8:  4pm to 7pm

Year 11 Ski trip - Jindabyne/Thredbo

Refugee Homework Help program 2.55 - 4.15pm

Friday 26 July

NSW All Schools Cross Country at Eastern Creek

Monday 29 July

Year 12 Trial HSC exams begin through to Friday 9 August

Tuesday 30 July

Regional Athletics Day 1 at Campbelltown

Wednesday 31 July

Regional Athletics Day 2 at Campbelltown

Opportunity Class test in gym

Refugee Homework Help program 2.55 - 4.15pm



Friday 2 August

Year 7 - 12 Australian Mathematics Competition

Monday 5 August to Friday 9 August

Education Week

Tuesday 6 August

Year 8 and Year 10 Subject Selection Evening

Wednesday 7 August

Refugee Homework Help program 2.55 - 4.15pm

Friday 9 August

Trial HSC exams conclude

Year 7 Innovation Elective Subject Selection talk

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