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21 March 2018
Issue Eight
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Upcoming Events                  

Applications for enrolment for Years 5, 6 and 7 commencing at the College in 2020 are now available online at   The closing date for applications is 4th May 2018. 



Major Dates in Term 1:

22nd March - 'HSC with Less Stress'  Parent Seminar 6.30pm

29th March - Easter Liturgy

30th March - Good Friday

1st April - Easter Sunday

2nd April - Easter Monday

6th April (Revised Date) - MindMatters Rockclimbing Mentoring Activity

6th April - P&F Cocktail Party

11th April - Interim Reports Yrs 5-11 issued

12th April - Term 1 Concludes for Students

25th April - ANZAC Day Holiday (inside Term 1 holidays)













2018 College Calendar 

2018 Term Dates





















From the Principal     

Photo: Harmony Day - Wednesday 21st March

  • Prayer:  Harmony Day
  • Open Day
  • CSDA Public Speaking Grand Final:  Congratulations James Baldock
  • Congratulations to our Champion Athletes - Thomas Hunt & Daniel Hall
  • Basketball Presentation Night

Harmony Day Prayer 

Today (Wednesday 21st March) is Harmony Day and we have acknowledged this throughout the school.  We pray for peace in our world and tolerance and acceptance of all difference and much more, we pray for the richness that springs from diversity.



You are the source of human dignity, and it is in your image that we are created.

Pour out on us the spirit of love and compassion.

Enable us to reverence each person, to reach out to anyone in need,

to value and appreciate those who differ from us, to share the resources of our nation, 

to receive the gifts offered to us by people from other cultures.

Grant that we may always promote

the justice and acceptance that ensures lasting peace and racial harmony.

Help us to remember that we are one world and one family.




Open Day

What a sensational Open Day. The College was full with visitors, prospective families and current students and their parents. I thank in a most sincere manner the many students, staff, parents and Old Boys who assisted with this year’s Open Day. I especially thank the P & F for the BBQ and canteen which fed everyone and kept us hydrated on such a hot day.

I share with you some photos from the day.



Congratulations James Baldock


Last Friday evening James Baldock won 2nd place in the prestigious CSDA public Speaking competition. This year in James’ Intermediate Division there were over 700 entrants.  Well done James!


Congratulations to our Champion Athletes:  
Thomas Hunt & Daniel Hall

Last Saturday 17 March at the Australian Junior State Athletics Championships Thomas Hunt (Year 10) and Daniel Hall (Year 12) represented the College with great distinction and success. We congratulate Tom on winning two Silver medals (U18 400m hurdles, U18 4x400m relay).  Thomas has now qualified to run for Australia (U18) at the Oceania Athletics Championships in Vanuatu (May 9-11).  Daniel Hall won a Bronze medal in the U/18 Javelin.  Congratulations to our very talented athletes.


Basketball Presentation Night

Last night, Tuesday 20th March, the College held its Annual Basketball presentation evening and I thank all our players, coaches, staff and parents for a wonderful season and special thanks to the Basketball Club Committee.


Mr John Couani - Principal

Social Justice 

Photo: Raising money for Project Compassion

  • Social Justice:
         -  Social Justice in Action at St Pius X College 
         -  Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal
         -  Edmund Rice Centre Justice Literacy Event
          - Project Compassion

Social Justice


St Pius X College students and staff continue to serve the community with our weekly social justice commitments. On Monday afternoons up to 12 students and staff attend Willowood Aged Care Facility where they spend an hour conversing with the residents.  This week was particularly full of laughter and joy from both students and residents alike, according to Mr Listo who accompanies the students. Matthew Talbot Men’s Hostel has always been popular with our students where they set up, serve the homeless men and then pack up in the dining room.  This has become so popular there are regularly six or more students assisting on the evening.



Helping the homeless and hungry through the important work of the Salvation Army is much more significant than just our students completing their Community Involvement Participation commitments.  It is an experience that is rewarding on many levels.

If any students would still like to participate, a parental permission form can be collected from the Student Office.  We encourage the boys who took forms to return them promptly. 



Last week the Edmund Rice Society Year 10 and 11 members attended the Edmund Rice Centre Justice Literacy event.  They heard from people in the arts who presented on how themes of social justice, human rights and eco-justice in literature, music, song and art can powerfully raise awareness in society and help build the skills and capacity for change.

Please also see information and photos from Mr Brannan on the 'Parent & Student Matters' page of this newsletter.



Project Compassion has a little over a week to run and we are still working towards our target of $13,500.  Currently the College has reached just over $9,000.

The $505 Homeroom Challenge continues with the tally board in the College foyer. Congratulations to Year 8 Homeroom 3 who were the first homeroom to reach the target and are now approaching the $700 mark. Year 6 Blue are the other class who have reached their target of $505, so the challenge is out to all other homerooms to dig deep on our only annual money collection.

Although the Edmund Rice Society are not a homeroom they have collectively met this target with their Friday morning pancake and hash brown stall, so well done to the ongoing commitment of this great St Pius social justice advocate group.

Also a huge thank you to the P&F Association who also met the $505 challenge on Open Day with their barbecue.  Coast Shelter on the Central Coast would also like to thank the St Pius X College P&F association for their generous donation of over 200 sausages, bread, onions and sauce left over from their Open Day barbecue.

Mr David Blake – Social Justice Coordinator

Student & Parent Matters

Photo: National Day of Action Against Bullying & Violence

  • From the Assistant Principal Teaching & Learning:  Interim Reports
  • From the Head of Student Services
    -  National Day of Action against Violence and Bullying
    -  Edmund Rice Centre Literary Event
    -  St Anthony’s Church Terrey Hills, Frenchs Forest Parish - Indigenous Sharing Gathering and
        Community Service Project
    -  Diary Planners
    -  Old Boys' Gala Day
  • Public Speaking & Debating
  • Chess
  • Holiday Programs

From the Assistant Principal Teaching & Learning

Interim Reports:  Interim Reports for Year 5 through to Year 11 will be available midway through Week 11 of this Term.  The purpose of the interim report is to provide an initial indication of how your son has settled into his learning for each of his subjects.


Teachers will report if the student is 'Consistently' or 'Usually' or is 'Working Towards' the following criteria:


For Year 11 Parents, the Interim Report can be further discussed at Parent Teacher meetings that are scheduled for Monday 14th May  from 4.00pm.

The Mid Course reports for Year 12 will be available on the Portal towards the end of Week 3 of next term.

Parent Teacher Meetings for Years 5 to 10 will take place on Monday 23rd July.


Please do not hesitate to contact any of your son's teachers regarding his progress. It is also worthwhile monitoring the Portal for due dates and details for assessment tasks.  Please also regularly check your son's diary to see if there are any notes from his teachers.

Mr A Damo - Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning


From the Head of Student Services


Our Year 11 Mindmatters Student Empowerment Team led the College last Friday morning in a powerful Assembly generously handed over by Sportsmaster Mr Stearn, for the cause of Action against Violence and Bullying in our society. Ms Kugananthan’s Core Mindmatters team of Dominic Fromager, Leo Lovesy and Jacob Hassan interviewed our inspirational College Counsellor Mr Rick Russo on the extent and ways in which we can act against the surreptitious and pervasive anti-social acts of teasing, taunting and bullying, which can pervade any community if we are not active in our efforts to challenge and call it out for what it is: the genesis of negative interactions that lead to bullying and human distress.

The key messages were:

  • “You don’t make yourself a better person by making anyone else feel worse.”
  • “No one should be taunted, degraded or devalued with slurs against their personality, characteristics, ethnicity, culture or sexuality” 
  • Bullying can be physical, offhand verbal, emotional and increasingly in contemporary society - online through social media. Often the response of the person who is guilty of derogatory comments is  “… but it was just a joke!”  But it is not a joke to the target of those taunts.
  • "All acts of violence, bullying and taunting need to be called out, acted against and addressed with help sought for and by the receiver and the bullier to restore the interaction to a positive one."

These messages were all reinforced by the MindMatters Team-led action taken on the day:   the fingerprints and dedications on the Foyer wall chart, the anti-bullying action cards, the wrist bands and the green finger print wall chart in the staff room.  This was to celebrate both the National Day of Action Against Violence and Bullying and the St Patrick's Day Irish heritage of our Founder, Edmund Rice, who dedicated his life to supporting, including, defending, acting for and liberating, through education, those who he found to be at the margins of his society.




As Tom Jamieson (Year 11) so eloquently informed us at Monday’s Assembly, we were well represented at last Wednesdays Edmund Rice Society Literary Event at Santa Sabina College Strathfield. Our Edmund Rice Society Contingent featured: Oliver Tysoe (11), Declan Howle (11), Robert Kraszewski (11), Luke Forwood (11), Tom Jamieson (11), Hayden Smith (11), Bailey Sutton (10), Matthew Starr (10), David Butler (10), Geordie Coulits (9), Reserve Adam Carpenter (9), and Social Justice Warrior Mr Adrian Brannan.

Oliver Clarke had the great responsibility of introducing Associate Professor Munjed Al Muderis a renowned paediatric leg surgeon and former refugee in detention, and author of “Walking Free”.

Notably we were joined by Mrs Helen Thomas Youth Minister at Mercy College and a contingent of Mercy College students among whom Lauren Brown introduced the Edmund Rice Centre founder and Principal Mr Phil Glendenning. Phil, who is a great friend of st Pius X College and great advocate for refugees, indigenous peoples and Pacific Islander peoples affected by climate change and rising sea levels, left for Afghanistan on the afternoon following the event, to continue his research into the plight of Afghanis who are denied asylum and returned to troubled regions.


I leave it to Tom Jamieson’s eloquent statement at Monday’s whole school assembly to tell the story:

Photos in the gallery below:

  • SPX Year 11 Social Justice Advocate, Professor Munjeb Al Muderis, Mr Phil Glendenning - Edmund Rice Centre Director and Mercy Student Leader
  • SPX Year 11 Social Justice Advocate introducing Associate Professor Munjed Al Muderis, a renowned paediatric leg surgeon and former refugee in detention, and author of “Walking Free”, to the Edmund Rice Centre Literary Event.
  • The St Pius X College Edmund Rice Society Social Justice contingent with renowned author Mem Fox at the Edmund rice Centre Literary event 2018



It was a privilege on Sunday afternoon to join a gathering at St Anthony’s Church to listen to Professor Dennis Foley explain the traditional movements of indigenous people who moved to and from ceremony across the Cowan, Northern Beaches, Harbour and Sydney area from the Central Coast to Maroubra during Rites of Passage Ceremonies which could take months and even years depending on the seasons, individual and climatic conditions.



Photo: The St Anthony’s Frenchs Forest Parish Indigenous Sharing Gathering and Land Care Community Service project.



At the gathering there was concern voiced that local Councils may not support the popular Guringai Festival from May - July this year. Councillor Vincent DeLuca will address this at the next Northern Beaches Council meeting 6pm 27th March at Dee Why, and there was a call to support the Guringai Festival Committee.

Yaegl Man Michael Birk sang in language and added prayer to the launch of a Landcare project to revegetate Kiaran’s Creek on the St Anthony’s site which will occur on the 2nd Saturday morning of every month. St Pius X College students who live in the vicinity might, around their co curricula commitments, be able to access this to achieve Community Involvement Program hours. See Mr Brannan for more details and contact information.  



It has been pleasing in recent weeks through Leadership Team visits to various homerooms throughout the College, to note the positive use to which the vast majority of students are putting their Student Planner Diaries to enhance their planning, learning and wellbeing in the course of their daily studies.

A great deal of work went into the Planners through our Wellbeing Teams last year and feedback from all sources is most welcome in looking for ways to improve the functionality of the Planners with greater student ownership and efficacy in 2019. However we need this review and feedback to be evidenced based on good purposeful use of all components of the Diary Planners.

To this end please ensure, as was the case in the check of Year 5 and 6 Diaries this week that they are being well used with a note of each class and a prompt for recall of learning and thinking that took place around every lesson everyday to promote our Culture of Thinking and make our learning visible at every opportunity.

Learning should be consolidated and shared with both parents and Pastoral Care Teachers sighting and signing the Diary each week in the section provided.  Quoting a phrase from Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (“these virtues are formed in man by his doing the actions”), Durant summed it up this way:

“…we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.” 

In the words of Ron Richart “Good thinking utilises a variety of resources and is facilitated by the use of external tools to “download” or distribute one's thinking.”

Any way you look at it, we need to be challenged to engage in new and deeper thinking to grow and develop, and the Diary Planner is a tool we need to work with together share to achieve this ideal.  Use it every day and share it at least every week.



Despite the rising temperatures on Sunday morning Mr Quilty’s intrepid 1st XI Football Squad took on a reputable Old Boys XI featuring the likes of Alec Vinci, Josh Thompson, Alex Herrera, Diego Cuadros Garrett, Chris Kastropil, Julian Di Ciano, James Habib (2017) and Sevan Tachjian (much older). Fresh from their convincing defeat of Waverley by penalties last Monday the 1st XI stripes defeated both the Gold Team and Old Boys White shirts to prevail.

With the Old Boys winning the Basketball, 67-55,  but the students prevailing in the Touch 10-5 several weeks ago the Students therefore take out the 2018 title and trophy, 2 rubbers to 1. Our thanks and congratulations to all involved. The Trophy will be presented to Andreas Nolan 1st XI Football, Sam Kafer, and Darcy Gyzens at Friday's sports assembly by Old Boy Mr Justin Donnelly (Dux of 2010).

The true purpose of the Old Boys Association however is the propagation of positive links between students and Old Boys of the College, in order that connections may assist ex-students through university, work, careers and life.

All HSC Graduate students of 2017 are Life Members of the Old Boys association and will be invited to the SPX Old Boy Association Annual Dinner on the first Friday in September. Stay tuned and provide a forwarding contact to the College if you are on the move.

Significantly following prayers for the family of Lachlan Ridley (Class of 2017), who tragically lost his life in an accident less than a month ago, and the wearing of black arm bands in remembrance of Lachie or “Rids” to his class mates, we reflected over the BBQ, that if we can take any lesson from his life, it would be to value your mates and the good times you have with them.

Thank you to Mr Quilty and the many players, students, old boys, parents and supporters who attended and participated in the day and ensuing BBQ .

Fide et Labore

Vale Lachlan Ridley

Mr S Brannan - Head of Student Services

Public Speaking & Debating

Information from Mrs Waterson can be found in the document below.

Mrs M Waterson - Debating and Public Speaking Convener


Attention all Junior, Intermediate and Senior Chess players!

This year we are going “green” and using trybooking as an electronic form of registering for Chess. If your son intends to play Chess this season can you please use the following link to confirm his involvement in co curricula chess:

The trybooking link is now open and closes 11.59pm on Easter Monday April 2.


Please click on the flyer for information from Sydney Academy of Chess, for any of our keen players! 

Go to to check your Chess Rating or visit the Chess Shop.

Ms D Ramsey - Chess Convenor


Holiday Programs

NSW Office of Sport - Sport & Recreation Holiday Programs 

These programs provide kids and teenagers with the chance to meet new people while also trying a variety of fun sports and activities. Led by qualified instructors, parents can rest easy knowing their children are in safe hands. You can download the flyer and view the programs online as below:

Enquiries to [email protected] or call 13 13 02.


MindMatters for Students & Families

Photo: REVISED DATE FOR ROCKCLIMBING ACTIVITY - NOW 6th APRIL 2018 (This photo: Rockclimbing in 2017)


  • Mentoring Activity - Rockclimbing:  Date has been changed to Friday 6th April
  • Boxercise at the College for Years 5-12 every Thursday and Friday morning at 7.30am
  • Save the Date - Friday 1st June 2018:  White Knight Foundation Gala Dinner
  • Counselling Team Contacts

Mentoring Activities

The date for our next mentoring outdoor activity Rockclimbing at Artarmon has been moved to Friday 6th April.  Amended letters and permission slips are available from Mr Russo and these must be returned by Tuesday 3rd April.  Priority will be given to those Year 5 students who were unable to participate in the canoeing/bushwalk/swim activity last Friday due to their Year 5 Camp. 

These mentoring events allow students to be involved in positive team-building activities to enhance relationships and build connectedness and resilience. 



A reminder that Boxercise is held every Thursday and Friday morning at 7.30am in the Junior School playground.  This MindMatters initiative provides friendship, fun and fitness to strengthen students’ resilience and general sense of wellbeing.  Classes are free to all students.


Save the Date:  Friday 1st June 2018
White Knight Foundation Gala Dinner

The White Knight Foundation was founded by Old Boy Liam Knight who, while a Year 12 student at the College, was a victim of a vicious attack where a 2.8 metre steel pole was thrown by a perpetrator and subsequently pierced Liam through his skull. 

The Foundation raises vital funds to assist young victims of violence and their families on their path to recovery. The WKF is also keen to continue its work in raising awareness of the outcomes and effects that random acts of violence can have, with a particular emphasis on the dangers of teenage recklessness. 

St Pius X College would like to continue its ongoing support for Liam and his White Knight Foundation. If you are able to assist with any suitable donations for prizes for this evening, or perhaps consider arranging your own company/family/friends table then please advise by return email to Rick Russo on [email protected]   

Liam deserves our ongoing support, so please consider your position and get on board if you can. Thank you!


Counselling Team Contacts

  • Mr Rick Russo:  Counsellor (Full Time, Monday to Friday) working with students across all year groups.  Email:  [email protected]  /  Direct Phone:  9414 4359

    School Mobile (in case of emergency):  0418 438 325

  • Mrs Joe McCarthy:  Psychologist (2 days a week, Wednesday and Thursday) working with students across all years.  Email:  [email protected] / Direct Phone:  9414 4322

  • Mrs Judy Gill:  Psychologist (2 days a week, Monday and Tuesday) working with students across all years.  Email:  [email protected] /  Direct Phone:  9414 4322


Have a good week!

Mr R Russo - College Counsellor

P&F Events

  • P&F Cocktail Party - Friday 6th April from 7.30pm
  • Social Coordinating Team - Come Join!

P&F Cocktail Party Friday 6th April from 7.30pm

Venue:  College Gym Chatswood Campus

Sequins and Bling!

The Annual St Pius X College Cocktail Party is on again.  It is always a fun night and a great way to meet new people whether at the bar or on the dance floor.

Put the date in your diary, purchase your tickets, choose your sequins and bling and book your Uber!

Cost is $40 per head which includes cocktail food, beer, wine, sparkling and soft drinks. Purchase your tickets via Trybooking by clicking here and see the flyer below for details. 



Social Coordinating Team

Social Coordinating Team – Thanks for the response so far but many hands make light work!

Many thanks to the parents who have recently contacted Braelen to help with P&F social events.  We are still looking for more helping hands. It’s not onerous and the more people involved the less work for all. 


If you have been looking for a way to be involved in the school, and can help in the Social team in any way, please contact Braelen Zwart ([email protected])


Year 5 - Save the Dates for 2018

  • Thursday 3rd May - Mum's Dinner - 7:30pm at Willoughby Hotel.  Details will soon follow.
  • Friday 6th July (Holidays) - Strike Laser Tag - 11am until 2pm. Mandarine Centre - Chatswood.
  • Sunday 9th September - Play in the park for kids & parents - 2pm to 4pm -  Beauchamp Park, Chatswood. Set aside 23th September as back up date if rains on the 9th.
  • Saturday 24th November - Year 5 Parents Get Together - 7:30pm - venue TBA

Nadine Robson - Assistant Secretary P&F

[email protected]

0412 272 056

Department News

Photo: Yrars 7, 8 and 9 PDHPE Dance Sessions

  • Geography
  • Performing Arts
  • Science


Mr Pawlak’s Year 12 Geography class hard at work on St Patrick’s Day!

Mr M Pawlak - Geography Teacher


Years 7, 8 and 9 Dance:  Creative Movement/Performance Development

As part of the mandated Years 7-10 NSW PDHPE Curriculum, our PDHPE classes have been engaged during the last fortnight in dance and creative music choreography and performance. Facilitated by our guest Dance instructors from REDed (Raw Energy Dance Education), our students have two sessions to practice their group performances before they will be assessed in PE classes at the end of this Term and early next Term. They must include formation transitions, levels, direction change, sound effects, moments of connection and a concluding pose.


Performing Arts


Sincere thanks to the Ensemble Directors and students whose performances contributed to the festive atmosphere on Saturday; Mr Cranney and the Intermediate and Senior Guitar Ensembles; Ms Waters and the Vocal Ensemble; Mr Power and the Senior Jazz Band; Senior String Quartet; Senior String Duo and the Year 12 Drama class. Thank you also to Mr Cummins and the Digital Music students for their work in the Recording and Digital Music Studios and also Hunter Clarke and Lachlan Chue for “spruiking” all things Music and Drama in the Band Room, through-out the day.



On Monday and Tuesday all Year 7 students participated in workshops with Swoop Physical Theatre. The students enjoyed plate spinning, hula hooping, juggling and Maori fire twirling Poi activities. They also worked together in groups on basic and complex acro-balances challenging physical limitations. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive with the boys rating the experience 9/10 and 10/10! Thank you to the Performing Arts Parents Association for funding this wonderful experience for the students.


As the term draws to a close Years 9, 10 and 11 Music students will be performing on two nights. Each evening commences at 5.00pm in the Band Room, with parking available in the College yard. The Year 11 Night is Wednesday 4th April and Years 9 and 10 on Monday 9th April.



Any applications which are received between now and the end of the term will be processed with lessons to commence in Term 2.

Ms T Bates - Performing Arts Coordinator



Congratulations to Year 12 students, Michael Currington and Marcus Rossetto, who have both been invited to represent Australia at the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) in July this year. Hosted by Imperial College in South Kensington, the students attend lectures by high-profile scientists and see some of the finest research labs in the UK. There are optional visits to Oxford and Cambridge and debates on controversial issues, not to mention the chance to join an instant global network.

Michael and Marcus were chosen to attend this program based on the contributions that they made as participants at the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) in Canberra in January. We wish Michael and Marcus every success in their endeavours and look forward to hearing of their respective experiences in London on their return.


Michael and Marcus will be following in the footsteps of Toby Moysa (Russia 2001), Evan Williams (Russia 2001), Alexander Gough (England 2003), Patrick Collins (Russia 2008), Stuart Maclaine (Canada 2012), Kanishk Purohit (Canada 2014) and Scott Watts (Germany 2014) who have previously represented SPX College at International Science study programs.


Ms J Black - Science Coordinator

Learning Support
& Enrichment

Photo: Da Vinci Training Years 7 & 8

  • Call for volunteer Parent-Provision helpers
  • What’s happening in Applied Philosophy?
  • Provisions for tests, exams, assessment tasks – for Years 5-12
  • Get familiar with NAPLAN – for interested students in Years 5, 7 and 9
  • The LSE Department
  • After-school Study Program 
  • Maths Drop-in Centre

Call for volunteer Parent-Provision helpers

Would you like to have a go being a Parent-Provision Helper? The Learning Support and Enrichment (LSE) Department is responsible for managing and administering the Provisions Program for students in Years 5-12 as they undertake  tests, exams and assessments throughout the school year. We also assist students who may have a temporary injury such as a broken arm or other hand or shoulder injury. However, we are often in need of ‘extra hands’ to help us provide readers, scribes or support person(s) for a range of students with diverse support needs who qualify for such provisions, on the basis of a confirmed disability. 

If you have an hour or two free, during school hours, we would greatly appreciate the help of any interested parents and carers in the St Pius X College community, who may be available on one or more occasions during the school terms, for the above purpose. We provide all the materials and equipment you would need, and all you need to provide is your time and patience, as you assist one of students with approved provisions. Please note that we would not ask you to administer a special provision for your son or other student in your son’s year.

If you are interested or wish to ask a question about your possible involvement in the SPX Provisions Program, please feel free to contact Joanne via email: [email protected]


What’s happening in Applied Philosophy?

What is Reality?  What is Illusion?

In Weeks 5 and 6 our class explored the relevance of the personal and public paradigm (our unit this term) in light of an understanding of ‘Plato’s Cave Allegory’.  We transferred our understanding of how reality and illusion are interpreted in ‘Plato’s Cave Allegory’ to the issue of what is ‘real’ and ‘illusion’ in the film The Matrix.  We were able to develop our understanding of the choices presented in The Matrix by revisiting and reflecting upon Aristotle’s Golden Mean theory. What do we want in life to achieve true happiness….will harsh reality suffice or do we want the comfort of self-deception? Modern day issues of social media dominated our understanding and deconstruction of the concepts presented in Plato & Aristotle’s ancient texts and in the 1999 film.

We developed our understanding of the role of ideas in human development. We considered that whilst ideas obviously play a role in invention and discovery--and a general understanding of the world around us--it is not so obvious how ideas arise? To what extent they precede or evolve out of our observations and endeavours? We considered whether learning rules and conventions shut down our creativity or is information the seed of new knowledge?

From Mrs Waterson and The Applied Philosophy Class

Provisions for tests, exams, assessment tasks – for Years 5-12

The purpose of the Provisions program at St Pius X College is to assist identified students in Years 5-12 who have learning and support needs, at their most stressful times in the school year – namely in tests, exams and during timed written in-class assessments. For details on what this student support involves, and how it is managed at our school, click below to see the overview.


Get familiar with NAPLAN – for interested students in Years 5, 7 and 9


The LSE Department

Includes 2018 LSE contact points for parents and carers.


After-school Study Program


Maths Drop-in Centre


Ms J Raheb-Mol - Learning Support & Enrichment Coordinator



Photo: Apprenticeship Lunchtime Presentation

  • Careers News
  • Careers Newsletter   

Careers News

Apprenticeship Lunchtime Presentation

Mr Steve Manger from the Master Builders Association gave a presentation about career and apprenticeship pathways to some interested senior students. He offered practical advice about how to seek an apprentice, and what to do in preparation whilst still at school. For more information visit:


UTS Bachelor Of Accounting Scholarship Presentation

The Bachelor of Accounting Scholarship at UTS provides students with hands on industry experience and university study, with a scholarship worth $50,000. The application process takes in to account extra-curricular involvement, ATAR and interview.  For more information:



Macquarie in a Day (school holidays)

Tuesday 17th or Wednesday 18th April - 8.30am - 3.15pm Uni life doesn’t have to be a mystery. That’s why we’re opening our doors on Tuesday 17th April and Wednesday 18th April (attend one day only) to your Year 11 and 12 students. They will have the chance to experience what a day in the life of a Macquarie student is really like.

Lunch and some freebies are provided.

RSVP - Friday 13th April 2018 (register early as spaces are limited) Find out more and register (link in newsletter)


University of Sydney Year 10 Info Evenings

Join us on campus for a fun and informative evening. You will hear from a range of speakers including University staff and students.

Camperdown/Darlington Campus - University of Sydney Thursday 5th April 2018, 6 - 8pm Tuesday 8th May 2018, 6 - 8pm Thursday 17th May 2018, 6 - 8pm Register now (link in newsletter)


Careers Newsletter

Ms D Janes - Senior Studies Coordinator and Careers Adviser

Senior School Sport

Photo: SPX Old Boys' Football Day at Oxford Falls

  • Cricket
  • Football & Football Club News:  Holiday Football (Soccer) Skills Camp
  • Rugby
  • Swimming
  • NSTA Tennis
  • ISA Tennis
  • SPX Tennis Championships


With the cricket season concluded, SPX Cricket wishes to thank the multitude of people who make a cricket season happen.  Without players, coaches, grounds staff, administrators, umpires, scorers, transportation, hydration, cleaning of whites, lunch makers, supporters - to name but a few - cricket cannot happen. THANK YOU!


Cricket Presentation Night:  Thursday 10th May 2018 at 6:30pm in the Chatswood Gym . This is a compulsory event for all players. Players are to wear full winter uniform.

Kit Return:  Kits are requested to be returned to the Administration verandah at the Chatswood campus ASAP so that they can be replenished for the 2018/19 Season. 

Mr D Reay - Cricket Convenor


Cricket Match Report - SPX U12 Blue




Sunday provided a lovely morning of football at the SPX Old Boys' Day at Oxford Falls. It was probably the hottest March day that we have held this annual get together. This year the SPX Old Boys team faced both the SPX 1st and 2nd XI teams. 


  • SPX 1st XI defeated 2nd XI 1-0
  • SPX 1st XI defeated SPX Old Boys 1-0
  • SPX Old Boys defeated 2nd XI 4-1

Thanks to Sean Brannan for providing the BBQ lunch and all the parents and players who came along for this enjoyable morning.

Mr S Quilty - 1st XI Football Coach



College Term 1 Holiday Football Skills Camp:  The football club will again be organising a Football skills camp at Oxford Falls during the Term 1 holidays.  The 3 day camp will run 9:30am-1:30pm 16-18th April.  The cost is $120 same as last year.  This includes bus transfer to/from College to Oxford Falls if required. The camp is run with professional coaches under our head coach Chris Semaan.  It suits all age groups years 5-10. We particularly encourage some of the older boys to come along and get ready for the ISA season starting Term 2. 

Booking is open here:

Mr Rodger Paino - SPX Football Committee


Rugby Draw for Saturday 24th March 2018  (Map of Weigall Rugby Grounds included below)

Sydney Grammar 10s Tournament Structure

  • 13s and 14s play 3 games per team.
  • 15s, 16s and Opens play 5 matches each.
  • All games will run 10 minutes each way.


Rugby Registration NOW OPEN


Calendar Dates for Term 1

  • 24/3/18 – Sydney Grammar 10s (all age groups to replace Sydney High Trial, 2 teams per age group)
  • 29/3/18 – Opens Trial vs Sydney Grammar (HOME) – THURSDAY AFTERNOON GAME 1st XV ONLY
  • 7/4/18 – Traditional Trial vs St Aloysius (HOME) ALL AGE GROUPS
  • 13/4/18-20/4/18 – Under 15s New Zealand Rugby Tour
  • 23/4/18-24/4/18 – Holiday Rugby Clinic (Oxford Falls)

SPX Rugby Club Dinner

Don’t forget the annual SPX Rugby Club Dinner for parents & supporters on Friday 22nd June 2018 at Roseville Golf Club.


Please check Woodchatta weekly for all the latest Rugby news throughout the season or contact Mr Lynch at [email protected] for any general rugby enquiries.

Mr J Lynch - Rugby Convenor


Last Wednesday the Senior Swimming Squad competed at the ISA Swimming Carnival held at SOPAC. The boys swam exceptionally well and gained at 7th place overall. As a result, four boys from the squad have gained a spot in the ISA team to compete at the CIS Swimming Carnival on 5th April.

Jimmy Walton, Andy Lau, Evan Ausling and Angus Miller are to be congratulated on being able to represent the ISA. This is a great achievement and we wish these boys every success at the CIS carnival.

Ms L Proc - Swimming Convenor

NSTA Tennis

It was a lovely morning for tennis and everyone was ready and raring to go for an 8.00am start.  Thanks to the boys who came to tennis and then rushed off to help at Open Day - your commitment is appreciated.

Alex Vaccher, SPX 23, is to be congratulated on his perseverance to complete his games, despite an injury. Well done also to Ryan Horan for continuing on after a big fall in his game. Layton Chan, SPX 27, played an exciting match against Redlands 15 which ended in a nail-biting tie-breaker. Tom Sweeney and Lachlan Jurcevic dominated their game with a final score of 18-7.

Thanks to the senior boys who were our mentors/umpires for the early games: Max Leo, Cameron Smith, Tom Wong, Andrew Horton, Oliver Osborne and Tom Fong. I am still looking for volunteers for the games next week.

Just as the day began to warm up, the second session began. It was great to see so many friendly matches being played by all teams. Tennis etiquette was certainly alive and well in all games. Well done to Zac Bull and Jamie Alexander, SPX 13, who played an excellent game against Barker 3.  Some excellent serves and rallies were seen for the win.

It will be an exciting day next weekend when all boys will be playing in the finals or play offs! Please watch for the draw which should be out mid-week.

Mrs S Iwatani - NSTA Tennis Convenor

ISA Tennis

There are still a few places available in our Winter ISA Tennis squad, but we must  finalise these soon. Application forms and details are available from the student office.

Ms A O'Brien - ISA Tennis Convenor

SPX Tennis Championships

This year our internal Championships are being held prior to the commencement of the 2018 Winter ISA season.  The tournament will be run on Saturday 7th April at our Talus Street courts from 7:30am to 12:00pm and is open to 2017-2018 NSTA players and intending ISA players in Years 7-12.

The results from this competition will contribute to the ranking process for the upcoming ISA season. Players will be strictly capped at 16 per Division.

More information and entry forms are available from the veranda outside the student office.

Ms A O'Brien - Convenor

Junior School News & Sport

Photo: Softball - Saturday 17th March

  • Junior School News
  • Junior School Sport

Junior School News


Thankyou to all the boys who were guides.  Your sons were very impressive and would have gained a lot of confidence in speaking and interacting with other people.  Thank you also to the parents who assisted on the barbeque.



P&F COCKTAIL PARTY:   We need you for a social gathering so remember to keep the 6th of April free for the P&F cocktail party. It is held at the college's Chatswood campus so no excuses about transportation!

Come along and enjoy the fun - I hope to see you there!



THURSDAY SPORT:  There will be a fundraiser with CBHS Lewisham this Thursday.  Boys need to bring recess and lunch.  Please read Mr Virgona’s section in case there are any changes due to wet weather.



  • Best wishes to the Tennis teams who will be playing their grandfinals this weekend.  I apologise that I won’t be able to be there because of the rugby trials.
  • A reminder to parents of boys who play Rugby that the boys have their rugby trials this Saturday morning.  The current B squad need to be there at 7.30am for an 8.00am commencement.  The A squads need to be there at 8.45am for a 9.15am commencement.  I say 'current' squad because in the under 11s I know that it is likely that there will be changes. 
    We have several Thursday trial/training sessions before the first game in Term 2.  Please ensure your son has all his gear including a school jersey and a mouthguard is compulsory.  No mouth guard- no play!

CONFERENCE:  Please note that I will be at a conference this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I will also be at an inservice on Monday 26th March. Please contact your son’s teacher if there are any issues.


Thank you for your support.

Mr T Long - Head of Junior School


Junior School Sport

Thursday Sport: at Oxford Falls. We will be holding our annual Savio Sports fundraising day. Winter players will also require their Rugby, Football or AFL training gear in the event that we have to adapt the program due to rain.

Cross Country: Well done to competitors for their efforts in our internal Cross-Country events over the 2 allocated weeks. Students navigated the varied terrain around our Oxford Falls campus, racing the clock and their peers. To their credit, most boys competed with determination and pride. Rice won the House Competition, gaining valuable points for the annual House Championship. Congratulations to our top individual performers in each age group who progress as representatives for the IPSHA Event at The Kings School on 7th April.

Joining the competitors (highlighted in bold above) in the Squad to represent St Pius at IPSHA will be:

  • U11’s – Sam Cooper (P)
  • Opens – Finlay Peake (B)


Rugby: We have trial matches this weekend (Saturday 24th March) at Oxford Falls for all boys. Players have been assigned a squad from the internal trial last Thursday. Players will also require their training gear at Sport tomorrow in the event that we have to adapt the fundraiser program due to rain.


Football: The 2018 season is fast approaching. St Pius X College field 4 graded U10/11 combined teams (A-D) and 4 graded U12/13 teams (A-D). Boys play in the age group that matches the age they turn in 2018, with the exception of Year 6 players who turn 11 but qualify for the Prep 1st XI team due to their strong ability.

We have trial matches this Saturday (24th March) at Oxford Falls for an A and B squad (ie. the top half of each age group). Players have been assigned a squad from the internal trial last Thursday. Players will also require their training gear at Sport tomorrow in the event that we have to adapt the fundraiser program due to rain.


Basketball: The Term 1 half-season has now wrapped up. Thanks to all players, parents and supporters for their efforts over the course of the term – there was certainly a great deal of progression from the frantic start back in early February.

We will resume in Term 3 with a fresh set of trials in preparation for the second half of the season in Term 4. Players can keep their singlet and shorts unless they are changing sports in Term 4, in which case they should be returned ASAP.

Mr G Virgona - Junior School Sportsmaster



Round 6:  Thanks to the weather we have had a great start to the first half of the season, being able to play all our games, . Our final game was against St Ives Grammar Gold. We were most fortunate in this particular game because Grammar borrowed some of our players. Therefore, we were going to be classed as winning no matter what the score.

It was a very low and slow scoring game. For both teams there were fly balls which were caught and accurate balls thrown to first base to keep the run rate to a minimum. We also had to contend with a few slopes that allowed run-away balls harder to field.

The three players who shared their skills with Grammar - Jose Monk, Eliot Sanders and Dominic Mitchell - demonstrated excellent sportsmanship. Jordan Moore, Jack Harrison, Benjamin Bromby, Oliver Johnston and Matthew Yee were concentrating in the infield. Also Max Lenton, Xavier Dwyer and Benjamin Shoudra were great in the outfield. It was another fun game and I am hoping for another terrific season later in the year.

I would like to thank all the parent support and I look forward to seeing you again in Term 4.  Thank you to Ms Ward for keeping score and Mr Yee for taking photos.

Mrs J Williams - Softball Convenor


NSTA Tennis

Please see information on the Senior School Sports Page.

Mrs S Iwatani - NSTA Tennis Convenor




Canteen & Uniform Shop

  • Canteen:  Volunteers Needed
  • Uniform Shop: 
    -  Students Return to school in Term 2 in FULL WINTER UNIFORM



Volunteers needed:  If you can assist on any weekday between 9:30am and 2:00pm please contact either Anna or Marianne on 9414 4301.  It's a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents and your help will be greatly appreciated.  To see the 2018 Canteen Roster please click below:

Ms M Erickson and Ms A Coombs - Canteen Supervisors


Uniform Shop




Students return  to school in Term 2 in full Winter Uniform.


There are 8 shop days left until the end of term,

so now is a good time to check uniforms and sports gear for next term.


Price List is available on the College website.                                       

Orders can be placed:

Collection of Orders (whether made by phone or on-line):

  • Students in Years 7-12  will be sent an email when their order is ready asking them to collect it from the Uniform Shop. If it is not collected by end of school on Wednesdays, it will then be available from Student Reception as the Uniform Shop is not open on Thursdays and Fridays. This arrangement is to prevent interruptions to classes.
  • Junior School :  Orders will be given out at Assembly after lunchtime as required.

Blazer Buttons are available from shop - $2.00 each.   

Second-Hand Uniforms:  Parents are reminded that the Uniform Shop also sells second-hand uniforms, including Blazers. Please read the form below for information on providing second-hand clothing to the Uniform Shop.  


Ms D Muirhead - Uniform Shop Supervisor

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