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22 November 2019
Issue Thirty-six
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From our Principal

Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

Exams are over and for Year 12s it is the beginning of a new chapter. We wish them well as they now await their results. Year 10s and 11s have also finished their exam program and this week spent time with their subject teachers in exam feedback and review, a critical component of the learning process. On this same day students in Year 10 and 11 were presented with a workshop on study skills and examination technique. This is designed to cement the understandings in these critical aspects of the examination process.


Our Headstart program begins this week, an important building block for the 2020 academic year. I look forward to observing students engaged in their learning in their 2020 class groups with, in most cases, their 2020 teacher. I thank all those who have worked tirelessly to ensure staffing is complete and timetables are prepared. We have a significant number of students from Years 8-12 beginning at St. Peter’s College and have chosen to start with us at the beginning of Headstart. To those students and their families then who are new to our community, a special welcome.

Solomon Islands

Our annual pilgrimage to Honiara and the Solomon Islands is upon us again. 4 students and three staff have arrived safely in Honiara to a wonderful welcome. The Bishop Epalle School is our sister school who requires our assistance both in respect of money to support the purchase of educational materials but also to assist in supporting building projects and in work projects to support the education of their students. For the staff there is an opportunity to share best practice in teaching, particularly around literacy and numeracy. Our students will also to support the learning of students in the classroom. Whilst I am sure the staff and students from Bishop Epalle school take many learnings away from our visit, the staff and students from St Peter’s gain much more from the experience and in respect to the students, it is often a life-changing one. We wish Kayla Sluka, Ryan Brack, Stevan Trajkovski and Shantelle Mattei together with staff Ian Ellwood (Leader), Stephanie Lomas and Cathy Michael safe travels and a wonderful and fulfilling experience.

Arts Precinct – Cranbourne Campus

After months and months of work and a building sense of anticipation, the Arts Precinct was finally open to learning on Wednesday for the beginning of Headstart. The joining of the Florence Williams and Breen buildings together has created a fantastic, modern learning facility for the Arts. Boasting flexible and modern learning spaces for Art, Studio Arts, Visual Communication and Media, this centre will provide many opportunities for collaborative learning and student-centred learning. It is anticipated the facility will provide much inspiration to both staff and students in striving for excellence. This area will also house Kolbe House and provide a place for Kolbe to continue to be inspired to build house spirit and community. The skills of the 21st century are built on 4 Cs – Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Critical thinking. Each will be foundational in this new learning environment.



2020 Student Leaders

Our last school assembly was held this week with the 2020 school leaders officially installed with a pledge and commitment ceremony. Below you will find a prayer of blessing for our leaders and the pledges student leaders committed to:


Prayer of Blessing of Badges

We pray Lord that those who wear these badges in 2020 may be reminded of their duty of leadership in the College community.  May these badges be a sign that those who wear them will be open to others and aware at all times of their commitment to serve.  When they look at the badges, in years to come, may they recall an opportunity taken and an honour received.


Pledge of Student Representative Council

We, the Student Representative Council, promise to represent the interests of all students and to promote student understanding.  We will strive to lead by example, so that all students can thrive at St. Peter’s College to build positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, achievement and health. We will Be Not Afraid in our leadership.


College Captains: Talia Parker (Augustine) & Brendon Quintal (Romero)

We pledge our service as College Captains for 2020. We undertake to provide a good example of Christian leadership to the College community. We commit ourselves to assisting our fellow leaders in building up the traditions of the College. We promise to encourage our fellow students to join us in full participation in the life of the College.


What do we ask of our student leaders?

We want them to lead and serve both through what they say and what they do; We want to trust them and see them be prepared to take on responsibility not say it is someone else’s job. We want them to support our Catholic ethos where they will respect the dignity of each person in our community. We want them to encourage, motivate and challenge other members of the College community to work together – not do it all alone. We need them to respect our past, what has been established before them but also bring new ways of building our school community, making it a place where all students can feel safe, have fun and learn. And finally, to be ambassadors of the school in the wider community, to represent this school with pride to wear our uniform and act and compete in a manner that impresses on people who watch about their character and the type of school we are.


Student leadership is significant and student voice is critical to build community spirit and collectively strive for excellence in all we do. I look forward to working closely with our 2020 leaders.



Presentation Night – 3 December 2019

This night celebrates the culmination of the academic year and more importantly acknowledges the outstanding achievements of many of our students. A student in each subject from Years 7 - 11 be awarded an Academic Excellence Award. A student from each year level will then be awarded an overall Dux (the best performed academic achiever). The House Spirit, St. Peter’s College Award and the various other Leadership Awards round out the evening. Parents of the successful recipients will be contacted in the next few days and invited to attend.


We have again had to limit the number of tickets available for each family to 2, with the student receiving their ticket separately to sit with their House. This is required to ensure that each student’s family has the chance to see their child receive their Award. The venue this year is again Bunjil Place in Narre Warren. We look forward to a wonderful evening. See you there.

High Achievers

A special congratulations to two St. Peter’s College students, Georgia Davies (CRA) and Alliah Garcia (CLN) who have been rewarded for their outstanding academic achievements by receiving entry into the Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars program. With over 1600 entries, the achievement of gaining entry into this program cannot be over-stated. These two young women will be acknowledged on Presentation Night. Congratulations Georgia and Alliah

Enjoy the week ahead.








Mr Chris Black


Cranbourne Campus News


This week staff and students finally moved into the newly refurbished Florence Williams Arts Precinct.  It becomes a home to Kolbe House and an innovative learning hub for our creative arts students. The building comprises junior and senior art rooms; a multi media room with motion and recording studios attached; a ceramics room; two drawing centres for our Visual Communication & Design students;  a presentation area, breakout spaces; House Leaders and Staff Offices; and a large foyer for the house to gather. 


On Wednesday morning we had a liturgy with the Kolbe House students and staff to celebrate them taking occupancy of the building.  Our Kolbe House student leaders led the liturgy before Mr Chris Black, the Principal said some words of welcome.  David Lee and Adelle St Mart then cut the red ribbon to the applause of the students.  One of the beautiful prayers read by Tameika Harris at the end of our ceremony called for a blessing on all who engage in the creative arts in this learning space:


Bless the creators, O God of creation,
who by their gifts make the world
a more joyful and beautiful realm.
Through their efforts,
they teach us to see more clearly
the truth around us.
In their inspiration,
they call forth wonder and awe
in our own living.
In their hope and vision,
they remind us
that life is holy.
Bless all who create in your image,
O God of creation.
Pour your Spirit upon them
that their hearts may sing
and their works be fulfilling.

This project has been a long but worthwhile process and the first major step in the implementation of the new Cranbourne Campus Master Plan.  The next step in the fortnight ahead will see the relocation of the portables down towards the Navarre Drive entrance.  This will provide a more easily accessible uniform shop and allow for work to begin on the Donnelly VCAL building refurbishment.  Shortly after this begins, it is hoped that the new Administration Building will begin.  This will make it easier for parents and visitors to the campus and assist us in meeting our child safety obligations.


On Tuesday, 19 November 2019 we will had our final Campus Assembly for the year.  We inducted our 2020 Student Leaders – College and House Captains and members of our Student Representative Council.  This celebrates our students who have worked hard for their leadership roles and put themselves forward with great hope and expectation.  Each of the students makes a pledge to model their leadership on the servant leadership of Jesus and St Peter.   Each member of the Student Representative Council states:

  • We, the Student Representative Council, promise to represent the interests of all students and to promote student understanding. 
  • We will strive to lead by example, so that all students can thrive at St Peter’s College to build positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, achievement and health.
  • We will Be Not Afraid in our leadership.

It is a courageous declaration that incorporates the six pillars of our Positive Education approach to student wellbeing and links it with our school motto.   I have included some of the reflections of our school leaders so that you can appreciate their commitment and ideals.  I hope you will be inspired by our students, as I was.


Having the privilege of being the St. Peter’s College Captain means that I am able to fulfil my mission of improving the school in any way possible. It means that’s I am able to act as a servant leader for my peers and to help the community bond better together. 

Talia Parker (College Captain)


To me, being a student leader means that I get the opportunity to voice out the opinions and needs of my peers. It also gives me a chance to prove to myself and others that I can strive for the best for our house. 

Sofia Santos (Marian House Captain)


A leader to me is being someone people can not only look up to but work with and uphold an approachable personality. Someone compassionate and dedicated to helping others 

Talya Cunnington (Sports Captain)


Being elected as Kolbe House Captain means that I will strive for servant leadership and lift my fellow peers up as well as myself along my journey. I can embark on positive changes in the right direction to make Kolbe house the best it can be. 

Taylah Harrison (Kolbe House Captain)


To me, being elected as a student leader means stepping out my comfort zone as well as having a go and saying yes so that I don't regret not stepping up. It means being selfless so that I can hopefully inspire others and help them believe in themselves and in my case with the role of the Liturgy Captain for 2020, it means helping others become closer to God and faith. 

Gabrielle Hill (Liturgy Captain)


To me being elected as a student leader brings me much joy and pride, however it also comes with responsibility, the responsibility to care for others and do whatever I can to help them, to put their needs before mine. 

Brendon Quintal (College Captain)


Being a house captain gives me the opportunity to be a servant of the house. It also means that I have an opportunity to build a stronger version of me. Being a house captain to me gives the opportunity to lead by example.

Jathusan Ramachanthran (Glowrey House Captain)


Apart from the induction of school leaders, a number of upcoming events were presented to the students.  The Environment Captain, Joshua Bennett reminded students of the Kimbe Project in which students are encouraged to recycle their stationery and any books they do not intend to use next year.  These items are then sent to the Diocese of Kimbe in Papua & New Guinea for use by schools there.  Our Social Justice Captain, Mia Clauscen reminded us that we do not have to look overseas to show a generous heart with the Vinnies Appeal.  In the last few weeks of term, students are invited to bring in food that could be appropriate for a Christmas hamper.  These hampers are distributed to local people who otherwise would not enjoy the sought of Christmas that most of us will experience. 


Avila House Captains announced the first major house competition of the 2020 McGuigan Shield season.  The basketball competition rules were announced and the draw undertaken.  This culminates in the final day of classes, on Thursday, 5 December 2019, when the whole campus moves to the hardcourts to watch the basketball Grand Final.  After lunch, the Tug of War is an important final competition to end the year.


Other dates to keep in mind for students is the Advent Mass which occurs on Thursday, 5 December.  Parents are very welcome to come and celebrate with us the end of the 2019 school year.  The Mass will be held in the Multipurpose Hall at 11.35 am.


The Senior Social will occur that same evening for our 2020 Year 11 & 12 students at Amberlee Receptions in Cranbourne. 


Finally, students should be aware of the House Activity Day on Friday, 6 December 2019.  The cost of this day is $25 and as such it is not compulsory.  Nevertheless, we encourage all students to join their house in a final celebration for the year.  It builds house spirit and as such we do award a house point for each student who attends.  More details of these end of year activities will follow in next week’s newsletter.

David Hansen

Deputy Principal - Head of Cranbourne Campus

Clyde North Campus News

Time goes so fast

Term 4 and we arrive at week 7, but where did the time go? Before the year really gets away from us, I thought this week might be a good opportunity to remember many of the events including St. Peter’s Day, Breakfast club, assemblies, guest speakers and the winter sleep out that have created the special memories of 2019. There are often too many photographs of each week’s events to include in the weekly newsletter or even on Face Book, so this week, please enjoy some of the celebrations of 2019.



There was much excitement this week as students began Head Start. Each student moving into their 2020 year level with much excitement and perhaps just a little nervousness. Year 12 became a reality for our year 11 students with the realisation that they are now the most senior students at the Campus. Year 8 students have a physical move into year 9 as they leave the Graham building which is primarily the year 7 and 8 learning area and become the custodians of the Frances Building (formerly known as the year 9 building).  For our year 9 students, they leave the Frances building and move into the Coffey building as their learning area marking their transition into senior studies.


VCE examinations 2019 also come to a close this week and over the past few days there has been a series of relieved and happy students pass by the office to let us know that they have finished their secondary schooling. We wish them every success and look forward to hearing all about what their future pathway is along the way to realising their dreams.


 The final Campus Assembly also marks the transition of the past to the future with the official induction of our student leaders; College Captains, House Captains and the SRC. A wonderful assembly and a special thank you to the parents and guardians who were able to be a part of this occasion. The Piazza always looks impressive and certainly brings the X factor to all of our assemblies.


Whilst there may be only just on three weeks left of the school year, there is still plenty of activities and learning experiences to come. We ask all students to ready to learn and engage by ensuring they maintain attendance, bring all materials to classes and rise to the challenge in each class to excel to the best of their ability. Seize every learning opportunity. Next week our Year 12 (2020) leave to go on Retreat whilst year 10 students begin their Peer Support Training for 2020. Our final pastoral period Strive and Thrive takes place on the 3rd December when we also welcome our 2020 year 7 students on their Orientation Day. Our Advent mass will take place at the Cranbourne Campus on 5th December followed by House Activities Day on Friday, 6 December 2019. Please look out for Care Monkey notifications for your child in relation to the final activities for the year.

I wish you all a safe and productive week.

Julie Banda

Deputy Principal - Head of Clyde North Campus

Learning & Teaching News

Year 9 Expand

Last week I had the privilege of visiting the Year 9 Clyde North students to listen to their final presentations or “pitch” as a result of their Bushfire Enquiry project. The Year 9 Program is designed to challenge students with a range of real world scenarios. How apt that these past few weeks they have been studying bushfires! I was so impressed with many of the Prototypes and solutions that students posed.  All Clyde North staff were invited, during our regular Friday Curriculum Briefing to come along and also listen to the students pitch their ideas. I am so proud of the creativity of solutions which our students explained to staff and to the Fire Authority who visited on the day. Not only were they practical and innovative but also allowed students to demonstrate a depth of understanding of the issues associated with Bushfire Management and confidence in presenting their ideas.


I take this opportunity to thank the Year 9 Team for the hard work and dedication that goes into planning these Problem Based Learning Units. It requires not only incredible team work but also many hours of planning. The students are lucky to have you!


Below is a diagram of the process of Problem Based Learning that students experience during their Integrated Unit.



Our 2020 Headstart program commenced this Wednesday with all students commencing the next year level. I spoke to students at Assembly on Tuesday to highlight the importance of a positive start to the academic year.


For Year 12 students this is an opportunity to plan holiday homework, to practice the use of EDROLO (Online Tutor), to set goals and to establish a routine that sets them up for success at the end of 2020.


For the junior year levels, Headstart is an opportunity to read the novel, complete some maths tasks and generally organise yourself ready for 2020. Feedback from staff and parents in the past indicates that this is an engaging time for students rather than a more traditional “run down to Christmas”. Please support the College and your sons and daughters by ensuring all students attend during our HEADSTART Program.

Subject Changes

Since staffing and the Timetable is based on student choice, it is very difficult to make changes at this late stage. Students are therefore encouraged to try their chosen subjects for the first few days of HEADSTART.


For Students in Year 11 2020 there is a small window of opportunity to change if a career change necessitates a subject change.


Subject change forms are only available from House Leaders. Students must complete the Subject Change form, detailing the reason for the Subject Change, collect signatures from all teachers involved and must finally have parental signatures. Completed forms should be dropped to Student Reception by Wednesday, 27 November 2019 at 3.30pm. No late changes will be accepted.


Students remain in their classes until a new Timetable is issued via Tutor Group.

SPACE -  St. Peter’s Academic Collaborative Space

With the commencement of Headstart, the College launches the official name change of Schoolbox to SPACE. A staff competition resulted in this new name which is more pertinent to St. Peter’s College. As the name implies SPACE is the College means of collaborating with parents regards student academic progress. Please take the time to talk with your son or daughter about the results which are published for Semester 2 in SPACE. Comments from teachers , position in the class and details for improvement are all uploaded into SPACE. Please remember that all assessment should be published within two weeks of submission to teachers. Please email your son or daughter’s teacher to discuss if this is not the case.


End of Semester Two reports will be published in SPACE on Friday, 6 December 2019 from 4pm.

Ms Marlene Jorgensen

Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching

Mission & Catholic Identity News

Where is the year going?

Who would have thought that Advent is nearly upon us or that Christmas is coming? It always sneaks up so slowly and quietly. With little advertising on TV or in newspapers and supermarkets totally avoid using ‘Advent’ or ‘Christmas’ marketing tools until Christmas Eve!


Did you know that traditionally, Catholics and most other Christians did not put up their Christmas trees until after noon on Christmas Eve? Did you know that the Roman Church only decided in the fourth century that Christmas should be celebrated on December 25?


Like most kids, mine love this time of the year. Who doesn’t really? When else can you get away with watching Billy Bob Thornton or Will Ferrell movies?


My kids are now at the inquisitive age and asking questions. Lots of questions. Below are some of my kid friendly answers.


What does Advent mean?

Advent is from the Latin word adventus meaning ‘coming’.


Who is coming?

Well if you are good, Santa. Christians are waiting for the coming of Jesus Christ.


How long do we wait for?

Advent lasts for four Sundays leading up to Christmas. Advent begins on the Sunday that falls the nearest to the feast of St. Andrew the Apostle which is always 30 November.

N.B: People with Scottish heritage or a liking for golf may add extra.


Is that why I keep hearing ‘O Come, O Come, Emmanuel’ being played everywhere?

Yes, the Advent hymn ‘O Come, O Come, Emmanuel’ represents the Christian call during the Advent season.


What is an Advent wreath?

An Advent wreath is often made up of greenery and has four candles round the outside and one in the middle. One candle is lit on the first Sunday of Advent, two are lit on the second Sunday and so on. Each candle has a different meaning in Christianity.


What is a Jesse Tree?

The Jesse Tree is a popular Advent tradition. A Jesse Tree, named for the father of David, is a tree that is decorated gradually throughout Advent with symbols.


Why do some people put lights outside on trees?

Each to their own. But we can blame Thomas Edison’s assistant, Edward Johnson, who in 1882 developed the idea of Christmas lighting that ran on electricity. You can drive around and look at them when you have your own car.


It is always difficult to keep in mind in the midst of holiday celebrations, shopping, lights and decorations, and joyful carols, Advent is intended to be a season of fasting, much like Lent. At St Peter’s College we have encouraged our students to give within their means to the Vinnie’s Christmas Appeal than to participate in extravagant giving to each other. Because for many in our community, this season that we are approaching, is not always a joyful and cheerful time.


A key message hopefully taken by our students, is to see that Christ came to show us what life can and should be. That he gave us true and valid principles by which we can live true and valid lives.

Upcoming Events:

  • Solomon Island Immersion, 20 November 2019 to 28 November 2019.
  • ‘Prayer and Liturgy’ session with Mr Bernard Dobson, 21 November 2019 (3:45pm – 4:45pm). If interested on attending or for more details contact here
  • College Captains (2020) Leadership day with Bishop Pat, 22 November 2019 at the Catholic Education Office, Warragul.
  • Year 12 Retreat (2020 cohort), 27 November 2019 to 29 November 2019.
  • St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal. To donate goods please email  here.
  • Australian Catholic Youth Festival, Perth 8 December 2019 to 10 December 2019 (6 students, 1 staff member attending).

Matthew Williams

Deputy Principal - Mission & Catholic Identity

Careers News

Work Experience 2020:
Tuesday, 9 June 2020 to Friday, 12 June 2020

Students should be well underway researching work experience placements of interest.  Below are some details relating to placements in Hospitals.  Please note these opportunities are very competitive so you may want to submit applications for multiple Hospitals.



Areas of Monash Health offering Work Experience program include:-

  • Administration/Clerical;
  • Allied Health (e.g. Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy & Dietetics);
  • Nursing & Midwifery;
  • Pathology;
  • Radiology & Imaging; and
  • Volunteer Services.

VCE/VCAL students wishing to apply for block times please make sure you attend school holiday dates, preferably July school holidays.

Follow the opportunities link here



Cabrini is pleased to offer our Year 10 Work Experience Program again in 2020.  Year 10 students have the opportunity to gain valuable insight and experience at Cabrini during our one-week work experience program.

Applications for our 2020 program will open on Monday, 2 December 2019, please communicate this important date to your current Year 9 students.

The application window will remain open from Monday, 2 December 2019 until Wednesday, 15 January 2020.  Unfortunately, no late applications can be accepted or considered after this date. Our placement opportunities are extremely popular, therefore applying early in the application window is recommended.  To apply for Work Experience (from Monday 2 December 2019), students should visit here.  



Applications will open for 2 weeks in January.  To avoid disappointment please don't rely on one application as these placements are very competitive.

To see further details visit their website here


If you want a career working with drones, or just think they’re really cool, Aviassist offers a variety of courses for you to obtain your Remote Pilot Licence.

A Remote Pilot Licence lets you operate commercial drones anywhere in Australia.

Find a course on near you here.  


Entries are now open for the 2020 Glover Prize.

The Glover Prize is a prestigious landscape painting competition, open to artists from around the world. The aim of the competition is to celebrate the landscape of Tasmania.

The competition is open until Friday, 24 January 2020.

Find out more and enter here.  

Melissa Dillon and Robyn Cardamone

Careers & VET Coordinators

General News


2020 College School Fees

Please note that the 2020 fee information pack was distributed on Friday 18th October via email (and hard copies were posted for those that specifically requested it).


If you have not received the email, please check your junk or spam folder in the first instance,  or if you had requested a hard copy pack and do not receive to your address by the end of this week, please give the Finance Office a call on 5990 7777 (menu option 2 then 1) or email  Alternatively, you can visit the Administration Office at each campus where some spare hard-copy information packs will be made available.


Forms are only required to be completed by families commencing at the school, and only in certain circumstances for existing fee accounts i.e. if you wish to update payment details, advise of new health care card details to include a sibling starting at St Peter’s College in 2020, or advise of children at Parish Schools for sibling discount.  Any required forms are due back to the office by 30 November 2019.

Parents Building Solutions

The next Parents Building Solutions parenting program will be held in Cranbourne East. See attached flyer for full details. 



Parents & Friends News

Next Meeting

The St. Peter’s College Parent and Friends Committee holds meetings twice per term.  Throughout the year these meetings include guest speakers from the College Teaching community.


Wednesday, 5 February 2020

7.15p.m. Tea and Coffee 7.30p.m. - 9.00p.m. St. Peter’s College Cranbourne Campus Staff Room.  Please enter via Navarre Drive gates


Guest Speaker – TBA


Principal's Report

Our Principal attends each of our Parents & Friends Committee meetings, and gives us all an up to date and first hand report of what is happening in our College. By attending these meetings you will be given the opportunity to ask any pertinent questions directly to our Principal.


Throughout the year we do a small number of fundraising activities with all funds going to our student led initiatives at the College.

We currently have three Fundraising Activities:

  • 2018/19 Entertainment Book
  • Memorial Pavers
  • Ritchies Community Benefit Card
  • Bunnings Sausage Sizzles (Cranbourne and Clyde North stores)

To Purchase the Entertainment Book and ensure we receive the fundraising rewards please click here.

To Order your families Memorial Paver please see below:


Parents & Friends Committee Executive

President: Ms Naomi Bartlett

Treasurer: Mrs Marzena Manzilla

Secretary: Mrs Sharon Clover

To contact St. Peter’s College Parents & Friends Executive please click here.

Minutes of Meeting

To read our most recent Meeting Minutes please click below


Parish News

St Agatha's Parish

To access Parish News, please click on the above PDF link.  Unfortunately this is only available for online viewing.





St Thomas the Apostle Parish

To access Parish News, please click on the above PDF link.  Unfortunately

this is only available for online viewing. 





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