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From the Principal

Dear Families,

Celebrating St Andrew’s Feast Day - Saturday 30th November

We look forward to celebrating the Feast Day of St Andrew throughout the coming days.   St Andrew’s Feast Day is celebrated annually on the 30th November.   We will gather tomorrow morning at 11.45am to celebrate our whole school St Andrew’s mass.  We invite all families to join with us.  
Classes tomorrow, before and after mass, will work through a variety of activities focusing on:
 Who is St Andrew? What can we learn from him? What are his character strengths?
Through the activities as planned for tomorrow we aim for our children to have a clearer understanding of who we are as a Parish, and as a school,  taking the time to celebrate our unique identity.   
Our identity as a community will be a major focus for our school at the beginning of the 2020 year.   We will commence the school year developing a new school vision along with developing each child’s awareness of our identity as a parish, as a school, as a class and looking further into our shared values, expectations and the character traits that we celebrate and promote .
We will provide parents with a full insight into our beginning of year inquiry at the beginning of the New Year.  

Parish Celebration  - Saturday 6pm Mass and Dinner 7pm

We invite families to join the Parish to celebrate the St Andrew’s Feast Day mass on Saturday 30th at 6.00pm.  Archbishop Peter Comensoli will be the main celebrant of our Feast Day mass.  

Parents & Friends Icy Pole Gift for St Andrew’s Feast Day - Tomorrow 

The Parents and Friends Committee will be generously donating ‘Lifesaver Icy Poles’ to all children.  We ask that parents please advise your child’s class teacher if you do not want your child to have an icy pole. 

Important Dates for your Diary

It’s that busy time of year where we have many events scheduled.  Please refer below for details on many of the forthcoming events.  

Monday 25th Nov - Thursday 5th December - Foundation-2 Swimming Program continues

Friday 29th Nov -  11.45am - St Andrew’s Feast Day Mass 

Saturday 7th December (6.45-7.45pm) - Family Carols Evening 
We invite all families to join us for our end of year Family Carols evening on Saturday 7th December, 6.45-7.45pm.  All families are invited to join us for this special evening. 

Semester 2 Reports & 2019 Class Lists – Wednesday 11th December
Foundation-Year 6 Semester 2 reports and 2020 class lists will be distributed on Wednesday 11th December. 

Year 6 Graduation Excursion - Wednesday 11th December (10am-3pm)
Our Year 6 children look forward to a fun day to take place on Wednesday 11th December 

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony – Thursday 12th December (6.00pm)
As Year 6 parents would be aware our Year 6 students look forward to their Graduation evening to be held on Thursday 12th December.    
Families are invited to join us for the 6pm Graduation Mass followed by dinner (pizza) and entertainment from our graduates in the school hall.   It is envisaged that the evening will conclude at approximately 8.30am. 

2020 Transition Sessions
On Friday 13th December the children will gather for a ‘Move Up Session’ in their 2020 classrooms with their 2020 teacher/s.  The children will have an additional ‘Move Up session’ on Monday 16th where the children will gather for a familiarisation session along with having lunch as a 2020 class.  These sessions are planned to provide all children with a chance to meet their new class friends for 2020 and to spend time with their new teacher/s.   This will hopefully be a supportive format, allowing our children the opportunity to experience their 2020 setting prior to the Christmas holidays.  

End of Year Assembly – Monday 16th December (2.30pm-3.10pm)
The end of year assembly will be held on Monday 16th December.  We invite all families to join us for the assembly as we celebrate with the Year  6 children their final assembly, along with celebrating a wonderful year at St Andrew’s.  

End of School Year Thanksgiving Mass – Tuesday 17th December – 
All families are invited to the End of School Year Thanksgiving Mass to be held on Tuesday 17th December at 11.45am.  

Guard of Honour Year 6 Graduates -  Tuesday 17th December - 3pm

We invite all families to join us as we hold our traditional guard of honour for our graduating students.  

End of School Year– Tuesday 17th December – 3.15pm
Students complete the 2019 school year on Tuesday 17th December at 3.15pm.   


Access to School Reports

This semester the student reports will again be distributed through the Nforma parent portal which was setup  in Semester One.  Student reports are one of the valuable links between school and home to allow you to gain an insight of how your child is progressing with their learning at St Andrew’s.
The reports will be accessible from the Parent Portal from Wednesday 11th December at 4.00pm
The online portal has many advantages which include:
-    Easy access to your student’s archived reports from 2018
-    Accessible on multiple devices
-    Environmentally friendlier than printed reports
Forgotten passwords: If you have forgotten your password, please follow the 'forgotten password' link. Please note that your new password needs to be at least 7 characters long and must include at least one non alpha-numeric character, e.g. *, - / or similar. 

If you have requested a password reset and the email does not appear, please look in your junk/spam folder for an email from

If you still have trouble accessing your child’s report you are encouraged to contact one of the below staff for assistance:
Michael McDonough –
Callum Mills –

Foundation Orientation Sessions - Thank you!

Thank you to our 2020 Foundation students and their families who have attended the 2020 orientation sessions held throughout the past month. We hope that these sessions provided a welcoming opportunity for our children to meet new friends, to meet their 2020 teachers and for all children and families to feel a sense of belonging at St Andrew’s.    We are excited to welcome our new Foundation students to St Andrew’s next year.

We thank our Foundation team, our LSO team and all guest presenters for their part in presenting such a positive program.  We also greatly appreciate the support of the Parents and Friends Committee for their presence each morning and for providing morning tea for our parents

Parish Secretary

A new position has become available in the office at the Parish of St Andrew’s to complement the current secretary’s hours.
See the full position description on the Archdiocese of Melbourne website:

Year Foundation to Year 2 Swimming Program

We congratulate all of our junior school children on the manner in which they have participated in the first four days of their swimming program.  We remind families that the swimming program concludes next Thursday 5th December.  

Family Partnerships - Student  Human Development Education Workshops

We thank all families who attended the Monday evening Human Development workshops in the hall.  It was terrific to see the conversations being shared between parents and children, as facilitated by our most engaging presenter.   Thank you to Katherine Bedford (Wellbeing Leader) for organising the evening and to the numerous staff for their support of the evening. 


2020 Book Lists

Link Book Supplies will be onsite in the school hall between 3:00pm - 5:00pm next Wednesday.  For all families who have placed 2020 booklist orders and selected to collect their books from the school, your orders will be ready for collection on Wednesday 4th December.

Families who have yet to place book orders for 2020 are able to visit Link Book Supplies in Mount Waverley. (Address: 341 Waverley Rd, Mount Waverley VIC 3149)  All stationery and book requirements for the 2020 school year can be purchased from there.

School Fee/Levy Payments

Last week final statements for 2019 Fees and Levies were sent home to families.  We request that outstanding payments are made at your earliest convenience.  Your attention to this greatly assists with our accounting procedures at this busy time of year.

Family Carols Evening
Saturday 7th December 

BBQ/Food on Sale at 6.45pm
& Carols 7.00pm 

We invite all families to join us for our end of year Family Carols evening on Saturday 7th December.  The night is a time for all Parish/School families to gather together to sing along to your favourite carols and catch up with friends.  The Parish and school choirs will lead us throughout the evening.  We invite parents to pack a picnic dinner or alternatively the parish will be cooking up a storm on the BBQ to sell! 
We will be encouraging students to dress up in the spirit of Christmas.  
Bring a blanket to sit on or bring fold up chairs; simply come along for a relaxed night to celebrate the years’ end along with a touch of Christmas spirit!


Students Departures/Future Numbers

If your children (Grade Prep-5) will not be returning to St Andrew’s in 2020 we ask that you notify us through the CareMonkey form as previously distributed. This information is essential as we plan for 2020 class structures.

Dates for Your Diary

2019 Key Dates 




Thurs 28

Staff V Students Basketball Match - 1.30pm

Fri 29

St Andrew's Feast Day - Whole School Mass - 11.45am

School Assembly - 2.30pm

Sat 30 St Andrew's Feast Day Mass - 6.00pm
Mon 2 Foundation - Year 2 Swimming - Week 2
  Advent Prayer - Year 5/6 ~ HOPE
Wed 4 2020 Book collection in the Hall
Thur 5

Anointing of the Sick Mass - 5/6CM

Final day of F - Year 2 Swimming Program

Sat 7

St Andrew's Carols By Candlelight

Wed 11

Year 6 Graduation Excursion

Semester 2 Reports sent home

Thur 12 Year 6 Graduation Mass
Fri 13

Parents & Friends Morning Tea

Mon 16

Students in their 2020 Classes

Advent Prayer - Year 1/2 JOY

                              - Foundation LOVE

  End of Year Assembly - 2.30pm
Tues 17

End of School year Thanksgiving Mass - 9.15am

Final day of school for students - 3.15pm

Wed 18 Staff Professional Development Day
Thur 19 Staff Professional Development Day - First Aid 


Mr Paul Wakeling



BEST Awards

Week 8


Around the Classrooms

Year 3/4TK 

Solids, Liquids,Gases

In 3/4TK we have had an exciting time doing many experiments this term. We did experiments using chocolate, icy poles, food colouring and more. My classmates and I have learnt about the molecules of a solid, liquid and gas.  A solid´s particles are tucked in together and vibrate. A liquid's molecules have small distance apart and move around. They roll over each other.  Gas particles fill anything its in like a room and bounce wherever it touches.n We wondered what type of matter jelly was, as it is not totally rigid like a solid or pours like a liquid. .What is a solid and a liquid together called ? Well one of my classmates found the answer and jelly is called  “Colloid Gel.”  
Written by Maria P


End of Year In the Library

Dear Parents and Guardians,
It’s that time of the year again when we need to start thinking about returning all our Library books before Christmas is upon us.

The last week of borrowing this year will be the week ending Friday 15th November.
It would be greatly appreciated if you would encourage and remind your children to place their library books in their library bag over the coming weeks, especially all Year 6 students and those not returning to St. Andrews next year.

After this time, I will be printing overdue notices and giving them to each child.  It would be greatly appreciated if all overdue books are returned as soon as possible and all lost books paid for.

Thank you and Happy Reading
Sonia Turco - In the Library

Swimming Timetable F- Yr 2

11.00 - 11.40am    FJ  & FA

11.40 - 12.20pm    FP & 1/2G
12.20 -  1.00pm    1/2DW & 1/2P
   1.00 - 1.40pm    1/2C & 1/2S

Advent Prayer - December

We will gather each Monday morning during the Season of Advent, in the hall at 8:45am, to reflect on this time of waiting and the coming of Christ at Christmas.
The Liturgies will be run by each year level as follows:
WEEK 1 (HOPE): Monday 2nd December - Year 5/6
WEEK 2 (PEACE): Monday 9th December - Year 3/4
WEEK 3 (JOY): Monday 16th December - Year 1/2
WEEK 4 (LOVE): Monday 16th December - Foundation (straight after the 1/2s)

Lost Property Cupboard

There is a lot of lost school clothing waiting for their owners to collect. 

Please check the cupboard if you have lost an article of clothing. 

For Sale - Sacred Heart College


Size 14 winter skirt (worn for one term only). $75

VCE Books: 

Further Maths VCE 3&4 (print & interactive)  $40
Analysing the Russian Revolution (3E)  Richard Malone $30
Analysing the American Revolution Toohey & Butcher $30
Books in excellent condition

Call Marie 0403 699 003

School Reflections 

By Year 6 students

In my 2 years at St.Andrews school I have learnt many things. St.Andrews school makes me happy because I have learnt English and many other things. I really enjoy the teachers that I have had here because they help me to learn many things that I didn’t know before and also, all of my teachers are really responsible and nice to me! My favourite moment that I have enjoyed at St. Andrews was when I thought that I would never learn English (because I am from Belarus) and I did!! I'm really happy that my family and teachers and all of the staff support me! This school has made me responsible and respectful. Also, I really like and would recommend this school because everyone is really friendly to you and nice (the teachers too)! Another favourite thing at St.Andrews school that I have done was going to camp with all of the grade 6s. It was really fun! I’m really happy that I went to this school and I’m glad that I have really good teachers and friends! I will remember all of the moments at this school!  Ilona



My final year of primary school has gone extremely well so far! This school is special because all of my friends that I’ve had since prep are still here each day and we have been enjoying ourselves in the last few days we have left together. My favorite thing about St. Andrews is that every year you move up a grade, you meet new people and create a ton of different fun memories with them. Eg: This year, I have made a new friend and her name is Catherine Nguyen. She is a great person and I hope that we still continue to be friends because she has been a great person to me.  Polliana


I have been going to St. Andrews since Prep or as they now call it, Foundation. I have made some good friends over the years who I still play with to this day. I know lots of people and I would like to say that this school was a very good school. The staff are very friendly and everyone is kind to one another. If I were to say what makes this school special it would be that we have lots of different cultures at this school and we all accept each other. In my years at St. Andrews I have done pretty fun things such as special incursions and excursions, but the thing I most enjoyed was camp in years 4 and 6. Camp was a great way to interact with people we don’t usually talk to and it gave us the opportunities to challenge ourselves. For instance, at year 6 camp there was this activity called the giant swing. We had to be dropped from a really high distance, then swing back and forth like a swing. We could choose to go on it and I went to the top and thought about challenging myself. When I went up it was so high that I immediately regretted going on it. I was nervous and thrilled at the same time. All the staff are supportive of our skills and challenge us to strive to do our best. Overall, St. Andrews is a great school where everyone is accepted. I am glad that I went to this school.     Rowan


Seven years at this school, and I am still not ready to leave. As I move to the next chapter of my life, I will never forget the memories and friends I have made here. At St. Andrews, I feel welcomed, and the community in so friendly, it is too hard to leave. This school has given me so many opportunities to express and enrich my learning, and I am so grateful for that. As school captain, I am thankful for the things I was able to take part of, these things will stay close to my heart. Camp was definitely a highlight, getting time to know my peers and having a lot of fun at the activities such as the giant swing and the flying fox. Throughout this journey, my teachers and parents have stuck by me, and I want to thank them for that. Without them, I would be nowhere near where I am today. Finally, I want to thank everyone that has been there for me, and I wish them all the best for the future.      Jaida






Charlotte 5/6CM

Leaving St. Andrew’s will be very hard for me because of all of my friends, and memories that I've made here. There are many reasons for why St. Andrew’s is so special including the equality, friendly staff and students, big play areas and great opportunities, etc. St. Andrew’s has prepared me for the future by challenging me to do what I thought I couldn’t do, and by helping me to achieve my B.E.S.T. St. Andrew’s has given me a different perspective on life and has built me up to who I am today. My favourite memory in Primary School was my first day here at St. Andrew’s because as soon as I walked through the gates, I saw so many smiling and nervous faces. One of them mine. It has been a whole rollercoaster at St. Andrew’s but I don’t regret any of it :) I will definitely miss Primary school, but I am sure I will enjoy high school as well. Thank you to all the staff who have taught, and helped me through this (technically) short journey, also thank you to my parents and friends who have always been there for me no matter what!

Bye St.Andrews!!!



Hello my name is Atika  and I am the vice-captain of St Andrew’s for 2019. Being the vice-captain has made me have a different perspective of St Andrew’s. I can really see the hard work that is put into the St Andrew’s assemblies, national days and learning. Our school is very special to me because of the rules to do with wellbeing I really like how the teachers are so understanding and willing to help. St Andrew’s has truly prepared me for the future, by learning ways to tackle tasks and challenges that come our way.
My FAVOURITE memory from St Andrew’s by far has been my 100 days of school. I had a blast with all my friends and I was so willing to continue my primary years at St Andrew’s.
Now looking back on my seven years here I would like to thank all the teachers that have helped me become the person I am today. You have been so funny and caring. Every day when I walk into school I always see Mr Mills smiling through the window waving at all the students that come in. I am going to miss St Andrew’s so much next year. Thanks to all the teachers and staff at St Andrew’s. 



In the beginning, I was very excited to start primary school. I’m pretty sure everyone called school ‘big school’ when they were in prep or foundation. Anyways, I was always a small curious child (and I still am) with an imaginative mind to seek the world, with a buzzing energy inside (I don’t know what happened there). I was always excited to explore everything and anything (ooh look it’s an ordinary chair that nobody cares about, but I’m going to look at it curiously anyway), and even though I still find average things so amazing, I am still your typical 11 year old. 

Moving on, let’s talk about St. Andrew’s. I absolutely love my school, and I’m not just saying that to be that all rainbows and unicorns. I cherish every single memory that I have made here, every laugh, every tear, even every fall that I have made all mean so much to me. I think that what makes St. Andrew’'s so special is the connection between us all. When you step in St. Andrews, you can instantly hear friends laughing their heads off, being total lunatics. We are all so close to one another, and we all have our little and big groups that we all fit in and belong in. I’ve thought long and hard about one memory that I admire the most, but I’ve had so many interesting and different memories that I can’t just pick one. 

Last but not least, thank you to all my friends that have supported me from the start to the end. You all have been so supportive and kind, ILY all sm!!! I will miss everyone so dearly at St. Andrew’s, including teachers and friends. Thank you all so much once again. I wish you all the very best. 

Letters of Appreciation to our P & F

Thank you from Foundation

Dear Parents and Friends,
Thank you for all your support this year. The Foundation students would like to acknowledge in particular your hard work in organising the movie night and disco – some definite highlights of our first year at St Andrew’s. We have also loved the new drinking taps near our Junior playground and vegie patch, thank you! It is a wonderful community spirit that is created in our school thanks to your efforts and involvement. 
Thank you!
From Foundation 2019


Thank you from Year 1 & 2

It is a proven fact, that when parents are involved in the life of the school, the school flourishes, and that is exactly what has continued here at St. Andrew’s.  
All the 1 /2 teachers and students sincerely thank the parents for their support of school based activities, programs, by their presence at events, classroom support and all the behind the scene work that is involved in organsing many school functions for the students.
Thank you very much for another year of tremendous support and contribution.  Now it is your time to take a break from the morning and afternoon school routines. 
Wishing you all Merry Christmas, and a Happy and safe New year.  
Kind regards,
Rosario Corio, Maggie Sproul, Louise Pickering, Natalie Rando, Sarah De Guzman and Rachel Gurvich

Thank you from 3/4TK

Dear Parents and Friends,

Thank you for helping make our school a lot of fun and we all enjoy all the things you do for us.

Thank you for organizing the school disco and all the movie nights 
We love how you started  a school banking program.
We appreciate you  for making all these fun donations and fundraisers.
Thank you for helping us with the activities at the school fete.
Thank you for buying new toys and games for us.  Amara 


Dear Parents and Friends,  thank so much for the disco, movie night, Fathers’ day stall and Mothers’ day stall and more. Thank you for the things you do for the school and caring for the school. We all appreciate you and also thanks for all the play equipment and all the shade. It is so generous for all the money that you have put into the school.    

From Luke 


Dear all Parents and Friends, 
Thank you for organizing all the amazing events for this school like the disco, the Fathers’ day stall, the Mothers’ day stall, the fete and so many other amazing things. Thank you for putting your time into making the events for this school amazing. Thank you for creating the school banking. Everyone at this school appreciates the help you do. 

From Georgia

Thank you from Year 3/4LC

Dear Parents and Friends 
On behalf of everyone at St. Andrews I would like to say thank you for giving up your time for us, like when you helped out at the disco, or when you got new games for us because some of the games were old. You would probably  rather be at home with your family or watching TV but you come to school to help us be the best school we can be, and for that I cannot thank you enough . To be honest with you, if I could I would bring you up to the front of the school at Assembly on Friday and make the whole school clap for you, because you really deserve it. I really hope we see you again next time.     From Charlotte 

Dear Parents and Friends,
Thank you for helping us around the classrooms and for planning the sausage sizzles. Thank you for the icy poles that we will get  to eat on St. Andrews Day. Thank you for buying us the games that we  use for our classrooms last year and for the Mother and the Father’s Day stalls and also for Father's Day and Mother's Day breakfast.  I loved the croissants. Thank you for organising the discos and for the Easter Raffle.
Thank you for providing us with all of these amazing things.

From Rio 


Dear Parents and Friends,
Thank you for giving up some of your family time to be with St Andrews school students. Thanks for coming on every event we needed you to help out with, you have helped our school a lot. We students and teachers are very happy that you have lead our school and thanks for helping us at the disco, sausage sizzle, St Andrews day icy-poles, purchasing games, helping out in the classroom and helping to pay for some of the blue shades clothes, Father’s and Mother’s Day stall, brekky(breakfast) and the Easter raffle. Thanks for helping us with all of those events at school and we hope to see you again if we ever have another event at St Andrews primary school. Thanks.
From Tanisha  

Thank you from Year 5 & 6

Dear Parents and Friends,

On behalf of 5/6, we would like to thank the Parents and Friends Committee for organizing the following events; the Father’s Day breakfast and stall, the Mother’s Day dance, breakfast and stall, the school disco and the movie night. You have poured a lot of time and effort into perfecting the school banking system, making sure every banker is content and satisfied.
You mean a lot to the children and staff of St Andrew’s. Thank you for all the things you have done for our school. You are a great help to St Andrew’s. We are very appreciative of your helpful hands.

Kind Regards,

5/6 Students

Friendship School in the Philippines

Maghanoy Elementary School 

Kadasig established the Friendship School Program in 2008 in Cebu, Philippines. The Program enables Australian school students to connect with students in disadvantaged schools in the Philippines. This program is one of sharing, caring for others, and developing friendships.
St Andrew’s has partnered with Maghanoy Elementary school in the Philippines so that we can provide many basic resources for children at the school. 
Our Social Justice Actions for Term 4 are:

  1. To understand the issue of poverty and the rights of all people, and
  2. To share our resources with our friends in the Philippines at Maghanoy School

We are asking students to donate any of the stationery items listed below:

Grey lead pencils
Coloured pencils
Exercise books
Paper (white and coloured)

Pencil cases                            






Once we have collected everything to send to our Friendship School, we will order some balikbayan boxes. These boxes will then be packed by each class and sent to the Philippines. Donations must be in by no later than Tuesday 10th December, 2019. We will receive photos of our donations when they have arrived at the school.
Remember: each box costs $120 for shipment so monetary donations are greatly appreciated! 


Staff visit to the Philippines

We are also excited to announce that two staff members from St Andrew’s will have the opportunity to visit the Philippines next year in February, where they will learn more about our partnership with Maghanoy School and the work of Kadasig.
Callum Mills and Paddy Edwards will depart for the Philippines on Friday 21st February and arrive back in Melbourne on Friday 6th March. They will be travelling with staff from other schools who are also a part of the Friendship School Program.
Part of the trip will involve: a visit to the Kadasig office to learn more about the projects and programs that Kadasig run in Cebu, a visit to Friendship Schools, and opportunities to learn more about some of the communities in the Philippines and the work of Fr Shay.
We are asking for monetary donations so that Callum and Paddy have money available to support any immediate needs within the communities they visit.   Financial donations handed to the school office by Tuesday 10th December, 2019 please. 
Your support is greatly appreciated!

School Office News

For Sale - Sacred Heart Girls College


Size 14 winter skirt (worn for one term only). $75

VCE Books:

Further Maths VCE 3 & 4 (print & interactive)  $40
Analysing the Russian Revolution (3E)  Richard Malone $30
Analysing the American Revolution Toohey & Butcher $30
Books in excellent condition

Call Marie 0403 699 003

Uniform Price List


Parents and Friends

Dear Families,

A tremendous thank you to Laura La Rosa for organising two key activities on behalf of Parents and Friends and the school.

Last Saturday we booked a photo fundraising event with Vision Portraits.  We had a good mix of bookings, and for each scheduled session, a  $15 donation goes towards the school.

In the last few months, Laura has also coordinated the fitting of the 2020 Year 6 hoodies.  Thank you again, Laura, for your generous time and commitment to our students and families.  

In the last four weeks, the P&F has provided four morning teas to our new 2020 Foundation families as part of their Transition Program. It was lovely to mingle with these families.  We wish you the best and hope to see you all again at the start of the year in 2020.  We will be hosting morning teas on 30th Thursday and Friday 31st  January 2020, for new and returning families.

All the best,
Leanne Ngo
St. Andrew's P & F President


Term 4 Activities

  • Social Morning Tea – Friday December 13th 8:45am – 9:30pm

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Open each Monday from 2.45 - 3.10pm.  All items are $5.00

Donations to the second hand shop can be left at the Office.

P & F Reach and Connection

If you want to lend a hand but without the long-term commitment, you can join our casual Parent & Friends email registry of helpers.  Please email us your interest at
We will add you to the email list and notify you of any upcoming opportunities to lend a hand. If one catches your fancy, simply respond back and let us know how you can assist.

School Tuckshop 

Tuckshop Roster

Fri  29 November Benilda
Mon 2 December Volunteer Needed
Tue  3 December Volunteer Needed
Wed 4 December Volunteer Needed
Thur 5 December Volunteer Needed


Community News

Parish Secretary

A new position has become available in the office at the Parish of St Andrew’s to complement the current secretary’s hours. 
See the full position description on the Archdiocese of Melbourne website: 

Carols By Candlelight


Parish New Years Dance


Amalgamation of
St. James College East Bentleigh and St. Bede's College Mentone


Netball Players Wanted


Bunnings Oakleigh


PSW Uniformpricelist2019-10-24-121123.pdf
Week 7.pdf
Week 8.pdf
Registrations Flyer.pdf
New Years Dance Flyer 2019.pdf
CBC 2019_.pdf
Amalgamation flyer.pdf