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20 September 2019
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Principal's Report

In the final week of Term 3, all of our students undertake exams.

I explained the philosophy of why these exams take place at this time of the year in the last newsletter; however, I thought I would reference this week again for the benefit of our students undertaking Unit 3&4 examinations next term.


I have observed the students of all year levels undertaking exams this week and have noticed that their stress levels increase, despite the fact that they have just one assessment task for the semester or a trial exam. I realise that the term "exam" excites a response that results in stress, especially for those students undertaking their final high school exams. However, the more we create this stressful aura of finality or the notion of the ‘be all and end all’ of schooling around the examinations, then we increasingly make it more difficult for our students to succeed. It is imperative that both the school and parents put the exams in to a positive context and not place so much stress on this one event.


Throughout the year we have constantly exhorted the students to work consistently. The argument is simple; if you work consistently throughout the year, when you finally arrive at the examination period, the revision process is simply that; revision! Jorgen Klopp, the Liverpool FC manager, opined: “The challenge is to stay cool enough to handle the pressure in the moment so that you can succeed in the future.” And to handle the pressure means that you have worked consistently throughout the year and even if you have not been as diligent as you would have liked, there is still ample time to work effectively throughout the upcoming term break and beyond to be well prepared for your exams. So, for the Year 12 students, make the most of the upcoming weeks. Most importantly, remember that you have the capacity to do well in your exams and that you shouldn’t stress about something that is yet to happen. In the words of Winston Churchill, “It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link of the chain of destiny can be handled at a time.”


Presentation Night is on Wednesday, 9 October at the Melbourne Town Hall.  This event celebrates the whole school community and is an event not to be missed; all students are expected to attend! We have made some significant changes to the program to ensure that the evening is more focussed on students. We have removed the guest speaker from the program and used that time to allow our student leaders to present to the community. While the School Captains will present tonight as they have in the past, the House Captains will have an opportunity to present to the school community about their respective House and school activities. This is to focus on the importance of the Houses in the structure and life of the school. We will also be showing you more of the activities that occur at SCHS throughout the year via video vignettes. And we will continue to present both Academic Awards and School Colours. I have every faith that the evening will be an even bigger success than it has in the past.


Term 3 has kept us all busy, as every term seems to do! The staff and students have contributed to yet another term at SCHS. When I reflect on each term, I know that the school has provided an amazing educational opportunity for all of our students. And while the Year 12 students may be nearing the end of their time with us, I am also delighted that we have already started the enrolment process for the next generation of SCHS students to join our wonderful community.


Colin Axup




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Upcoming Events

First Day of Term 4
| Monday, October 7

Parents and students are reminded that the first day of Term 4 is Monday, October 7. We hope you enjoy your September holiday break!

Presentation Night 2019
| Wednesday, October 9

The 2019 Presentation Night will be held on the evening of Wednesday, 9 October, at the Melbourne Town Hall. Parents and families are invited to save the date, as tickets will go on sale during Week 10. Please be aware that this is a compulsory whole school event, and that student attendance at Presentation Night is expected.

Year 12 Celebration Day
| Tuesday, October 22

The annual Year 12 Celebration Day will be held on Tuesday, October 22. On this day we will formally farewell our current cohort of Year 12s with school-based activities including a costume breakfast, games and activities, and a farewell assembly.

VCE Exams Commence
| Wednesday, October 30

Parents and VCE students are advised that the 2019 VCE examination period commences on Wednesday, October 30 and concludes on Wednesday, November 20.

Melbourne Cup
| Tuesday, November 5

Tuesday, November 5 is Melbourne Cup Day. This is a student-free day, and no students or staff are expected to attend school. As this is a public holiday, the school will be closed.

Europe Trip 2020
Information Night
| Tuesday, November 12

A Parent Information session for the 2020 Europe Trip (Greece/Italy) will be held on Tuesday, November 12 at 6pm in the school auditorium. The travel agent, organising teacher, and students who attended the previous trip will be there to provide information on the itinerary and cost, and to answer questions.

Art, Design & Technology Showcase Night
| Monday, November 25

Save the date for the annual Art, Design & Technology Showcase on Monday, November 25. This fabulous exhibition of student art, design, music, media, and food technology is not to be missed. Check Compass and Facebook for more information closer to the date.

Competitions & Student Opportunities

FlickerUp Film Competition

Entries are now open for the 2020 FlickerUp film competition! SAE FlickerUp is an annual Australian Youth & Schools Competition which screens as part of the bigger international film festival, Flickerfest. Entries close Saturday 9th November 2019 and require payment, but may be discounted for schools. Please contact Ms Hall if you are interested in submitting a film.


Rising Sun Film Competition

Entries are now open for the 2020 Rising Sun film competition, which will run as part of the seventh annual Setting Sun Film Festival. Finalists will be screened at Sun Theatre in Yarraville as part of the week-long festival program next year and there are lots of prizes up for grabs. Last year SCHS 2017 graduate Farhan M. had his short film ‘Whisper’ screened as a finalist and was invited to attend an exclusive film and television masterclass! For more information or to enter please contact Ms Hall.


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Student News

White Night Festival | Guest Photographers

On the evening of Friday 23rd of August, a select group of SCHS media and photography students were invited to participate in a hands-on photography course provided by Canon Australia and Ted’s Cameras. The workshop revised our knowledge of photography essentials, including automatic camera settings and the Exposure Triangle. We then put that knowledge to use by venturing down to Carlton Gardens to take photographs of the White Night Festival (and maybe grab some snacks from the food trucks as well!).

There were lights, lights and more lights but the highlight had to be the amazing Mad Max: Fury Road performance, created by Australian dance and theatre legends David Atkins and Jason Coleman who were inspired by the film from Australian director George Miller. The performance featured a giant installation of scenes from Mad Max: Fury Road being projected onto the exterior of the Royal Exhibition Building, accompanied by actors performing on replica Fury Road vehicles that were positioned in front of the projections. There was even a guitar that doubled as a flamethrower! It was a lot of fun and we have to give a big thank you to the staff at Ted’s Cameras and Canon Australia, as well as Ms Velisha and Ms Hall for sacrificing their Friday night to look after us and make sure we got the most out of the workshop and the experience of White Night 2019.


Media & Photography Students

Units 3&4 History: Revolutions Excursion | La Mama Theatre

Friday, the 30th of August was a day of death, drama, and pizza as the Units 3&4 History: Revolutions class travelled to Carlton to watch a performance of the play Tchekov at the House of Special Purpose. As part of our studies of the Russian Revolution and the downfall of the Romanov dynasty, six members of our class, along with Ms Fenby, watched the local production at the La Mama Courthouse, detailing the last few months of the lives of the Romanov girls: Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia.


After a short walk from Melbourne Central Station and a quick coffee break at Brunetti, we settled in the small theatre to enjoy the play, put on by a cast of twelve actors. The performance breathed life into the historical figures, detailing their emotions, their grief, their love and ultimately their death in 1918 in a heavily guarded house in Yekaterinburg in the midst of the Russian Civil War between the Reds and the Whites. The humanity of these famous individuals was front and centre of the production, allowing the class to gain an insight into the private lives of the last members of the Russian royal family. Following the play, the cast and writer spent a considerable amount of time with the students, answering questions and taking photographs. 


After the performance, the class enjoyed lunch together at an Italian restaurant just off of Lygon Street, devouring a metre-long pizza and reflecting on the production. The day was topped off by a visit to a local gelato bar, in which we relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon before departing.


Ben J (Year 12)

Deakin Oration 2019

On Friday 6th September Matt K, Kate P and Nina K attended the fourth annual Deakin Oration at Victoria’s Parliament House. The Deakin Oration is a yearly event where a prominent Victorian is invited to speak about the life and legacy of Australia’s second Prime Minister, Alfred Deakin. This year, students had the privilege of hearing Professor the Hon Marilyn Warren AC QC, the first female Chief Justice of the Victorian Supreme Court, give the oration. Following, Professor Warren’s oration, students participated in a Q&A session. Our students were able to achieve some great insights into working in the legal profession and working with government.


Ms. Jasmine Byrne

Curriculum Leading Teaching

Arcadis STEM Engineering Excursion

On 23 August, 7 female students had the opportunity to visit Arcadis Engineering Consultancy in Melbourne’s CBD. They worked in teams with other school students to solve puzzles and design solutions for engineering problems. Students also worked with engineering professionals, to gain an insight into the different jobs in engineering, and the career pathways that can lead to these jobs.


Mr. Brendan Taig

Careers Coordinator

Notre Dame Medicine Workshop

On Monday, September 2, students participated in an after-school Medicine Workshop, hosted by Notre Dame University graduate students. Students learnt about the pathway to medical careers, and medicine study options at university. As an added bonus, practiced their first aid skills with dummies and defibrillators.


Mr. Brendan Taig

Careers Coordinator

VCE Latin & Ancient History | Ancient Roman Reenactment Day

On Friday September 13th, students in Year 11 Latin and Year 12 Ancient History attended an Ancient Rome Reenactment and lecture series at the University of Melbourne. For the Year 11 Latin class, this included first attending the National Gallery of Victoria where they learnt the links between their studies and the gallery’s Tiepolo painting, The Banquet of Cleopatra.

In the afternoon, they joined members of the Year 12 Ancient History class, on the lawns of Melbourne University, where they enjoyed traditional Roman foods and watched a Roman Military Display. The day concluded with two lectures, one by Dr Christopher Dart on Roman naval warfare, the other by Maxx Schmitz on Rome’s conquest of Dacia. The day was a rare chance for students to immerse themselves in the Ancient World.


VCE Latin & Ancient History

VCE Legal Studies | Old Melbourne Gaol

On Thursday 29th August, Year 11 Legal Studies students visited the Old Melbourne Gaol. During their visit, students were able to engage in a series of activities that allowed them to immerse themselves within the justice system. 

They day started with a surprise when students participated in the Watch House experience. From the minute they walked in the door, they stepped into the shoes of an inmate, experiencing what those first hours after being arrested would be like. They were made to line up and go through the intake process before being given a chance to explore the cells of the watch house. 


Students were also given the opportunity to participate in a full mock trial. Using the old Supreme Court and in full legal robes, students acted out a trial, taking on the role of judge, lawyers, accused and a variety of witnesses. Finally, a full tour of the Old Melbourne Gaol was undertaken complete with stories about Ned Kelly and a ghoulish ghost or two.


Ms. Jasmine Byrne

Legal Studies Teacher

VCE ADT Student Profiles

Our VCE Arts, Design and Technology students have been working hard throughout the year to complete their folio products and refine their musical performances. ADT subjects take persistence, dedication and creative flair; they also aid in building exceptional organisation, communication and problem solving skills. Embarking on an ADT subject does not require additional work, they are in fact complementary and offer balance to other subjects... just ask our ADT students!


Ms. Nalan Velisha

Head of ADT


Name: Nicolai B. Y

VCE Subjects: Media, Methods, Chemistry, Physics, Vis Com, English


What have you enjoyed about your ADT subject: The whole “you can make whatever you want” part of any folio subject is great, but the best part of it was definitely the environment. Not just within the class, but in the whole ADT faculty. Sure it gets stressful at times, but it’s a much more enjoyable process when you’re surrounded by people with similar interests and passions.


Tell us a bit about your final product (inspiration, purpose, process to create): The goal of my product was to represent the fragmented nature of memories, through the 200 individually hung photographs that come together to form 4 distinct images. It was partially inspired by an art piece from the Escher X Nendo exhibit, where the viewer would see the image of a large house form as they walked around a collection of smaller houses hung from the ceiling. I tried to achieve the same effect by having the images intertwined, so that they appear to be an incoherent mess from the side, yet form a complete image as the viewer walked around and looks at it from the front.


What transferable skills have you gained from taking an ADT subject: Time management and general technical know-how are the big skills you learn throughout a folio subject, and are the skills you’ll most likely be using for years after you’ve done your folio, but I also think it was valuable learning how to complete a project. For a lot of us, it’s easy to get an idea, start working towards it, but end up with no clue how to finish it, or just out of motivation. Especially at the very beginning, when the completion of your folio seems daunting and impossible. But over the year we’ve learnt how to be more disciplined and take a more structured approach that makes bigger tasks like this seem much more approachable.


What advice would you offer to students undertaking this subject next year? Make sure you pick an idea that you’ll be able to stick with for the whole year. It’s far too easy to keep restarting your product completely just to end up with nothing at the end of the year. Once you’ve got an idea that you like, start your product as soon as you can. It always seems like there’s plenty of time, but there’s going to be no time to breathe in Term 3 if you’re still shooting/recording by then.


Name: Tasmia N. I

VCE Subjects: English, Biology, Revolutions, Math methods, Studio Arts, Chemistry


What have you enjoyed about your ADT subject: I’ve really enjoyed looking back on all the progress I’ve made! There’s nothing better than noticing actual changes in your work, every time you spend some time on it. I now feel like I’ve come a long way, and it’s just nice to see my skills developing over time.


Tell us a bit about your final product (inspiration, purpose, process to create): For my final product, I was inspired by the movements of water and the different forms that it can create. My main intent was to explore the dichotomy of water, representing it as a beautiful yet confronting source of peace and power. Creating my works were a slow process as I had undertaken oil painting as my art form. Nevertheless, with the extra hours put after school, and better management of my time, I was able to produce 3 different paintings, depicting water in a variety of natural settings.


What transferable skills have you gained from taking an ADT subject: Definitely time management. As difficult as it may have been throughout points in the year, studio arts has been an extremely rewarding experience because I learnt various new ways to work productively, efficiently, and organise my time to suit the workload of my 4 other subjects. I’ve also learnt the skill of ‘elaboration’ in creating written pieces, and now always make sure to thoroughly explain my responses for all subject assessments.


What advice would you offer to students undertaking this subject next year? Definitely take the subject if you enjoy art! Because if you do, the hard “work” will not even feel like work. It’ll be like spending time on a talent or hobby during your spare time. It is an extremely refreshing and insightful process.


I am Levin E, a current year eleven student doing year 12 Visual Communication Design (Vis Com). The VCE subjects I have undertaken this year are Methods 1/2, Visual Communication 3/4, Physical Education 3/4, English 1/2, Biology 1/2, Chemistry 1/2 and Methods 1/2. I really enjoyed Vis Com this year, as it allowed me to reduce my stress and tension in regard to my other subjects. I was able to design and make compositions without any limitations or constraints placed on my ideas. The subject certainly challenged my creative side, making me think outside the norm multiple times. Hence, I was never disengaged from Vis Com. I never had any complaints about the theory side of it, as it was always outweighed by the practical element of the subject. In other words, most Vis Com sessions just required me to put some music on and work on my designs.


My final products this year was a design of a personal robotic assistant accompanied with branding design for a mechanical engineering company. I was inspired by various tech products which are currently in the market, like Honda’s ASIMO robot and SoftBank’s Pepper robot. As it is a personal robotic assistant, it is capable of fulfilling the majority of daily tasks at a household (carrying shopping or cleaning etc). The process to create the final design involved transferring the manual sketches of the design into programs such as illustrator and photoshop, to produce a refined composition.


During the initial stages of this subject, I was doubtful on whether it was suitable for me. I was never a great artist and did not really have any sort of previous experience. However, due to the excellent mentorship and guidance of the Vis Com teachers, I was able to improve my skills required for the subject. I learnt the techniques involved in creating tone, texture and realistic effects on compositions. Furthermore, I also became more accustomed to using programs like illustrator and photoshop.


So, to all those who are interested in undertaking Visual Communication Design next year, it is a very flexible and limitless subject. However, to be successful in this subject, dedication and organisational skills are required. A limited experience in arts or design should not prevent anyone from undertaking this subject because those who are prepared to put in the effort and are determined to do well, will be able to do so without question.


My name is Jay B.D. R, and I play the piano! My VCE subjects are English Language, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Physics, Latin, and of course, Music Performance 3/4! The primary reason as to why I have enjoyed Music Performance is the mere fact that I truly enjoy playing the piano and studying music. Compared to the rest of my subjects, Music Performance is a subject that I'm free to enjoy myself in. Working with some of the best musicians of this school is both a privilege and a delight, and I have been fortunate enough to perform for a few events with my classmates.


The repertoire that I have been developing throughout the year demonstrates the various functions a piano has in an ensemble; I'd say that it's a testament to the piano's versatility as an instrument! I've mostly been inspired by the range of musicians that I have met and performed with. Each musician is different, and playing music with various people lets me get to know them on a musical level, developing my "musical social skills", I suppose! This year I've performed works ranging from the preludes and études of Chopin, and jazz pieces both contemporary and classic. I've even been working on a piano trio performance of Bohemian Rhapsody!.


Music Performance has forced me to develop a rather strict and disciplined practice schedule. Often I find myself practicing for hours a day, and yet I've still got to balance a plethora of work from quite difficult subjects. The skill of time management is essential for any student wishing to achieve a high ATAR, but Music Performance takes this to another level. The discipline and mental fortitude to practice for extended periods of time is something I've only really developed in Music Performance, and, for myself at least, it is that discipline and hard work that I hope will get me through one more year of high school.


If you've chosen Music Performance as one of your subjects, then clearly you enjoy playing your instrument. Frankly, the best advice I can offer is to keep practicing! As long as you enjoy playing, there's not much more to do. Of course, you need to be practicing every day; that should be a given for most of you, though. Assuming you're putting serious work into practice, the only thing left for you is to enjoy Music Performance! In any case, I wish all of you the best in your future endeavours, whether they be musical or not. I look forward to seeing the next generation of Music Performance!

Wellbeing Week

During Week 8, we celebrated Wellbeing Week. Each day, we had a theme from ‘Building Connection’ on Monday, ‘Mindfulness’ on Tuesday, ‘Self-Care’ on Wednesday, ‘Coping and Resilience’ on Thursday and ‘Compassion’ mixed with observing the ‘Are You Ok Day’ on Friday. Throughout the week, we had a great turnout and students enjoyed participating in the organised activities immensely. 

We want to thank Ms. Claire Breed and Ms. Oh who helped organise and get things up and running this event with the student wellbeing leaders (Sofina, Mehul, Harjot, Fariba and Katrina). Our thanks also goes out to everyone who came to help out during Wellbeing Week Breakfast Club particularly for making pancakes (thanks Alice D). A special mention goes out to Yuvani T and Esha B who volunteered their time and energy to support the preparation and delivery of the week's activities.

Last, but not least, we mustn’t forget our special therapy canines (Nelson and Zaija) who are not only a joyful presence in the Wellbeing department, but never fail to relax and put a smile on everyone’s faces and continue to deliver support unconditionally.


Ms. Lina Paye

Wellbeing Counsellor

Health And Physical Education (HAPE) Week

Week 9 was Health and PE week, so there were many fun fitness and health based activities for students and staff.  We had a jump rope for heart challenge on Monday where $1 for every consecutive skip on the big rope was donated to the heart foundation. Tuesday there was a nutritious breakfast of oats and fruit followed by a beep test challenge at lunch where several students and staff got to level 11. Well done Sophia A and Simin L. Wednesday was a staff v student table tennis competition which was fiercely competitive. Thursday was a chin up and rowing challenge; some outstanding results Jade N: 6 chin ups and Matthew C: 25 chin ups. Friday was a health and PE Kahoot to test students knowledge which was a great way to round out the week.


Thanks to all the staff and students for supporting the week.


Ms. Felicity Nagel

Head of Health & PE

High Notes! | From the Music Department

Welcome again from the Music department.  It seems that Term 3 is becoming busier and busier these days, but that’s good because you never can determine when your performance opportunities will arrive. The good news is that our involvement is increasing across all areas of the program, Orchestral, Band, Singing and Contemporary. It is also good that we are becoming more involved in our local community areas. Although we are a select entry school, we still have a large number of our students who are locals.


SCHS exams are now in full swing as I write. This is a necessary process of the student and teacher life and gives our students an excellent indication of where they are in their studies.  For music students, many of them are busily preparing for their end of year recitals, particularly our Unit 3 & 4 VCE Music Performance candidates. We wish our students well for their performances and we acknowledge the depth and strength of their commitment and preparation to their instrumental progress.

On Sunday September 8 we had the great pleasure of performing in Concert with the Westgate Concert one the Western Suburbs renown community Concert Bands.  The Westgate Concert Band is made up of ex-students, professionals and musicians from all walks of life who come together to make music for their community.  I can think of no greater purpose for people than to join a community ensemble such as this. It is one of the great benefits of music-making that you can play with all different people from different backgrounds and ages and make great music. We hope to combine with them again in the future.


The Royal South Street Eisteddfod is one of the most prestigious Arts events on the Australian music-making calendar.  This year for the first time, our senior Chamber Choir, Quaternarium, was entered into the Senior Choir category, wining an honourable mention. This was a great result as our choir is only just over a year old and the winning choirs represented some of the most prestigious and influential School music programs in Melbourne.  It was great for our students to be able to see and hear the other choirs and to mix with them backstage. Big thank you to Ms Wu and the members of Quaternarium for an outstanding result and for representing the School so well.

As we approach Term 4, the School again has some exciting events in music.  In the first week back, we will be holding our Presentation Night at the Melbourne Town Hall where the School’s Music Program will again feature heavily along with the massed singing. Our seemingly annual round of providing music and demonstrations for our Primary School neighbours will also take place in mid-October. The ADT Showcase will be held in November featuring the Music Department in full, formal concert settings.  We do hope that you and your family can come and join us for one of these events.


Mr. Tony Paye

Director of Music

Parent News

Presentation Night 2019 | Wednesday, 9 October

Friends and family of Suzanne Cory High School are cordially invited to attend the annual Presentation Night - a celebration of student academic and creative achievement throughout 2019!


Presentation Night is an event for the whole community, and parents and families are warmly encouraged to attend. 2019's event will be at the Melbourne Town Hall, located in the centre of the Melbourne CBD. The evening will consist of live music, student art, student speakers, and the presentation of Academic Subject and House Colour Awards.


Tickets are now available for purchase. To book your tickets, please click here.


Students of Suzanne Cory High School attend the event for free, and do not require a ticket. Please be aware that students will be seated with their year levels, and not with families. All students will be expected to attend Presentation Night.


Suzanne Cory Presentation Night 2019 | Wednesday, October 9th

At the Melbourne Town Hall - Main Hall (90-130 Swanson Street, Melbourne)

Doors Open: 6:45pm | Presentation Commences: 7:30pm

ADT Showcase 2019 | Monday, November 25

Save the date for the annual Art, Design & Technology Showcase on Monday, November 25. This fabulous exhibition of student art, design, music, media, and food technology is not to be missed. Please check Compass and Facebook for more information closer to the date, as well as the full program of events.


iNewsletter cover image by Tasmia I (Year 12).

Achievements & Results

Film Competition Finalist | Jason Fricker (2018)

Congratulations to 2018 graduate Jason Fricker whose short film ‘Running Late’, which was created as part of his VCE Media studies last year, has been selected as a finalist in the Senior Secondary Fiction category of the 2019 SAE ATOM Awards. The ATOM (Australian Teacher of Media) Awards recognises film and media excellence through an annual competition that celebrates the best of Australian and New Zealand screen content from the education sector and media industries.


Jason’s film (and his competition!) can be viewed on the ATOM Awards website. The winner will be announced at the 2019 Student Awards Presentation evening on Wednesday 13th November. We wish Jason the best of luck and are keeping all of our fingers and toes crossed for a big win!


Ms. Helena Hall

VCE Media Studies

Chess Club | Chess Nationals, Here We Come!

Term 3 has been one of the most fruitful terms in the history of our Chess club. For a start, our Chess team ended up qualifying for five state finals by three different organisers. Secondly, our female players have achieved a new milestone as, for the first time since the club started, a full female team qualified to participate at the Secondary Girls state finals organised by Northern Chess.  Lastly, our senior team has participated in the state finals by Chess unlimited, competing against 28 different schools, they played amazingly well and ended up securing a spot at the Nationals, held in December of this year.


Is there no limit to what our students can achieve??


Mr. Isaac Ryan

Chess Club Coach

House Sport | Results

Below are the final house sport results for 2019. It has been super close across all year levels. The students have all competed with great sportsmanship and have shown fantastic house spirit. The VCE sport competition was new in 2019 and has been a great addition to the house program. A big congratulations and thank you to the whole school domain captains Vinoli F and Jordan N for running the competition all year. The 2020 House competition starts in term 4 and I look forward to another tight competition.


Year 9 House Sport 

1st Blackwood

2nd Cottrell 

3rd Kororoit 

4th Rothwell


Year 10 House Sport

1st Rothwell

2nd Blackwood

3rd Kororoit

4th Cottrell


VCE House Sport

1st Cottrell

2nd Rothwell & Kororoit

4th Blackwood 


Ms. Claire Breed

Director of Sport & Student Engagement

Co-Curricular | Duke of Ed Practice Camp

On September 4th the Duke of Ed students arrived at school for their practice camp. The camp involved an all day first aid course which went through CPR and practical scenarios that students might encounter while camping. Once the students all passed their first aid we set up tents on the oval and students cooked their dinner on their trangia stoves. There were some delicious looking meals, however I think some of them need work prior to the qualifying camp.

On the Wednesday night we went to the Cliffhanger indoor climbing gym, students had a great time and it was great to see so many students make it to the top of the walls. On Thursday the students and staff headed out to Werribee Gorge to practice their bushwalking skills in the lead up to the Grampians trip. The weather was great all day and fortunately the rain held off until all the tents were dry and packed up. A very big thanks to the staff for coming on the camp and to the students for being so well prepared and enthusiastic while on camp.


Ms. Claire Breed

Duke of Ed. Coordinator

Athletics Team Results

What a beautiful day for Athletics! On September 19th 10 students went to Keilor to compete in the Western Metro Athletics. We had some fantastic results both on and off the track. Well done to Erin C for winning the 800m and Darcie C for finishing 2nd in the 1500m. These two girls will compete at the State Athletics on October 18th.


Well done to Amisha M and Aagash M for coming 2nd in the discus and Tyler G, Quan N and Nathan R for achieving Personal bests in their events. Sophia A came 2nd in the 200m and Ariyel E came 3rd in the 1500m.


A great effort by all the students who participated on the day.

Suzanne Cory High School