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24 June 2017
Issue Six
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Principal's News

From Mr Phillips

In recent weeks, our year 10 to 12 students have been completing practice exams and on Wednesday last week over 400 students undertook the VCAA external GAT. The past month has also witnessed strong participation by many students in the winter round-robin sport with many advancing to zone level competitions.


Congratulations and well done to the RSC Symphony Orchestra for their outstanding performance at the Victorian Schools Music Festival for Strings on Wednesday June 7th. They were awarded Platinum, the highest award possible. Other ensembles in their section were Caulfield Grammar and St Leonards.


Our largest ever Year 11 Central Australian trip departed this week, with nearly 140 excited students. It is a great opportunity to continue to build social cohesion and provide students with a uniquely Australian experience. The Year 10 cohort is undertaking work experience in the last week of term and is another opportunity for our young people to develop more focus and engagement around their future studies.


Recently, I was particularly delighted to launch our Respectful Relationships initiative to staff with our team of staff, parents and students. The work in this important area that seeks to address significant issues around family violence, will be headed by Ms Julia Nordlinger. At Ringwood Secondary College we believe that a good education is about more than simply getting good marks. It is also about becoming a member of society and succeeding in life and knowing how to build respectful relationships.


Semester Reports

Semester one summative reports will be available next week through the compass portal for all students and parents across Years 7-12.   The purpose of these reports is to summarise your child’s achievement and performance so far this year. Regular feedback on progress and opportunities for improvement have been provided throughout the semester via Compass and this information is still available for you to consider when determining further actions for improvement in semester 2. Please discuss them with your children, our teaching staff are always available if you have any concerns or questions.


Staff Changes for Term 3

There are a number of new appointments for term 3 and 4. Mr Joe Pollock is retiring from his role as Centre Manager at Ringwood Training and Mr Shayne van de Heide commenced on Monday as his replacement. Shayne has a wealth of experience working in both the TAFE and private RTO sectors. Ms Anna Urbano and Ms Natalie Kosnar will be on leave for the remainder of 2017. Their teaching loads will be filled by Mr Dale Ingleton (PE and Health) and Ms Renee Douglas (Art and Visual Communication) respectively. Replacement senior school House Coordinators for the remainder of 2017 will be Ms Emma Lim and Mrs Sarah Catton


NEVR Leadership Conference

The conference was held over two days in Melbourne earlier this week. The theme of the conference was “Inspired Teaching and Learning: Creating the Education State” – a reminder of the significance of our work in creating and sustaining effective classroom practice. It featured five outstanding keynote speakers and a series of workshops.

Professor David Woods, Chair of the London Leadership Strategy, articulated how the school education system in London was transformed from the lowest performing region in the country to the best. The critical lessons learned about school leadership and student outcomes, including identifying what works and why were highlighted.

Mary Jean Gallagher, formerly Assistant Deputy Minister and Chief Student Achievement Officer at the Ministry of Education of Ontario provided significant insights into how sustainable systemic transformation can be embedded into Education State reforms– an interesting perspective on where leadership needs to be in this changing world.

Dr Therese A Dozier, the Director of the Centre for Teacher Leadership (CTL) at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Education provided an interactive session on the role of teacher leadership in enhancing student learning outcomes and improving government schools' system policies and curriculum. 

Dr Lyn Sharratt, from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, discussed structures that support leading in purposeful Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) unpacking three big ideas: Leadership, Collaboration skills and impactful Collective Efficacy for all: students, teachers, leaders and community.

Rev Tim Costello, as Chief Executive of World Vision Australia inspired us in our community role as educational leaders, to create a civil, socially just, equitable society and to make a difference to the quality of teaching and learning in our schools.


There was significant opportunity to share our thinking and practice with other Principals, Assistant Principals and Senior Education Leaders from the Department at the conference and plan for further action.


Building Program  

It is an exciting phase for our project as the learning spaces within the new building are taking shape. Lots of external works are now underway too and during the holidays there will be lots of site works to improve storm water and drainage. I look forward to sharing a short video clip in our next newsletter, that will give you some great insights into our new learning environment.   


Production for 2017- Chicago

A reminder that opening night for this musical is on Friday August 11 with additional performances on August 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19 (sold out). Tickets are selling fast with only 250 seats left for the entire season. Tickets are available at


End of Term

The last day of term is Friday June 30 and classes conclude at 2.30pm. Term 3 resumes on Monday July 17 2017.


I trust that everyone utilises the mid-year winter break to recharge the batteries for what will be a productive term 3.


Michael Phillips


Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

Assessment and Reporting

Reports will be published via Compass on the last day of term. Due to the continuous feedback model the college has adopted, and where students have had continuous feedback during the semester the reports will contain information on overall achievement, assessment task grades, absences and work habits. A letter about reporting is included in this newsletter. Our next Parent Teacher Student Conferences will be on Wednesday 30th August.


Year 9 InterGREAT

On Tuesday 20th of June- World Refugee day- the day that the Immigration Minister, Mr Dutton spoke to the media about garnering bipartisan support in parliament for the changes proposed to the citizenship laws, Year 9 InterGREAT students and their teachers were exploring the notion of citizenship and Australian values. Students undertook the citizenship test and shared the experience. I visited each class and saw engaged students and teachers working with topical material on a real issue. Such powerful exploration and education opens the door to being a responsible and productive citizen in our global community. The values of respect, integrity and personal best were certainly evident in classrooms across Year 9 during InterGREAT.


Debutante Ball –May 21st

The final Debutante Ball was held at the Grand and it was a special event highlighting the hard work and professionalism of the whole team that is involved in its production.


A huge thank you goes to the following people: MC Mitch Pierera, the dance instructors Tim and Caitlin Doyle, the senior school team led Mr James Barut, the parent helpers at rehearsals, the staff who supported the evening, the special guests that the Debutantes were presented to including the Principal and his wife Michael and Karen Phillips, the School Council President Craig Guscott, Brian Amos and Meredith Anderson, Julie Hughes and the members of the PCTA especially the President Tracey Howell and Vice President Michelle Shern, and the parents who stepped in to offer their support so generously when it was needed. Without Vicky Plydell and Deb Ball organiser Kathy Donovan, who have worked tirelessly for months and with good humour, this event would not happen. 


We are grateful to everyone who has played their part and especially Vicky and Kathy for going above and beyond the expectations of any volunteers. The Year 11 Debutante Ball will be held on Saturday March 3 2018 at the Grand Wantirna.


Education week

Education week activities included the PCTA Staff thank you morning tea which acknowledges the work that staff do every day for the students at Ringwood Secondary College. It was a most convivial event including the members of the Heritage and Alumni Committee and especially with the grandchildren of the first principal of Ringwood Secondary College, James Bennett being in attendance. This year we acknowledge two staff members’ twenty years of service to the college, Michael Phillips and Deb Wilkins.


As Semester 1 draws to a close it is an opportune time to relax during the holidays, recharge the batteries and look forward to an even better Semester 2.


Eleni Stathatos

From Mr Barut


The youngest members of our school community have completed six months of secondary school! Fantastic achievement! Feedback from the Junior School team is that all students have forged friendships, acquaintances and a real awareness of the work that is required to do well and flourish in a secondary environment. No one asks students to do more than their personal best and RSC has a deep and rich history, with its teaching and learning offerings and its extra curricular programs, to challenge all our students to achieve their personal best. Reports will be posted on Compass next week for all parents to peruse and this is an important part of the learning journey – focus on learning growth. Whilst all the tasks are on Compass, with continuous feedback throughout the semester, the reports will provide an overview of values and attitudes to learning – important aspects of the development of the whole student.

Next Friday, the last day of term, the Year 7s will travel to the Karralyka centre for a House Trivia Challenge and pizza lunch….what a way to finish the term!

Good luck to all our students and thank you in advance for the Junior School team in their hard work in making this event happen.

The Year 8 cohort continue to thrive and establish themselves in a positive way into our school community and we are all looking forward to our move into our brand new, multi purpose Junior School in October.



Our Year 10s have just completed their mid semester exams for the first time…what a fantastic learning experience for them. They are to be congratulated for the way they took on the challenge of the occasion, their exemplary behaviour throughout and their attention to being in the right place at the right time! Thank you to the Middle School team for all their hard work during the examination period, notwithstanding our excellent staff who have to mark all the exams! Well done! Work experience is happening in the last week of term and a taste of adult working life awaits – good luck to all our students.

Early next term, all our Middle School students will be invited to select courses and pathways for 2018 and beyond. Of course, we seek the support of parents during this important time and there will be several information evenings that outline the process and the timeline will be posted on Compass in due course.



The impending break allows all to recharge and hit the ground running for the next term….revitalised, refreshed and rejuvenated. Putting aside the lame alliteration, the two week break can also be a trap for some of our senior school students, especially those undertaking Year 12. I can hear some of the commentary now:

  1. ‘I’m going to sleep till midday!’
  2. ‘I’m going to shop until I drop!’
  3. ‘I’m going to do as many shifts as I can to save for schoolies!’
  4. ‘I’m doing Foxtel, footy and focaccias!’

In fact, there are a plethora of activities that our senior students will have time for, and this is to be encouraged, but the advice is based around not forgetting one’s studies and maintaining a routine.


Research has shown that the body and the brain enjoy the consistency of pattern. Thus, the advice from many experts, including Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, is to keep those waking and sleeping hours almost the same. At a minimum, students must undertake to do at least three hours of homework per day, during the term break. Please assist your sons/daughters in this area by gently asking them about their plans and perhaps assisting them with their organisational health. As such, the noble pursuits listed above will be able to be fulfilled without guilt or regret.


Earlier this morning, we farewelled a number of Year 11 students who will be enjoying the sights of our beautiful country through the Central and Northern Australia Tour, eleven nights of flying and bussing. We wish all the attendees and staff a safe and memorable trip. No doubt they’ll have so much to share on their return. Just a reminder that Year 11 classes will be running as normal for those students back at school.


Have a great break


James Barut

From Mrs Allison

As this term draws to a close, it is a timely reminder for all students to reflect upon their academic performance by taking note of suggestions by teachers in their reports, and to utilise this feedback for increased engagement and academic improvement.


Thank you to all students, staff and parents for making the first half of the year such a positive, productive, energetic and exciting time. So many events have been made available to students to extend their breadth of learning, through co-curricular activities. It is a timely reminder for students, that it is never too late to join a sporting team, help out with fundraising activities or involve yourself in something positive!  


I would particularly like to thank our parent groups such as the Music Association, PCTA, and our Heritage team, to name a few, who work tirelessly for our College. Their energy, commitment and enthusiasm provide wonderful opportunities for our students.  I would encourage more families to become involved in College events.


This week’s wellbeing focus is: perseverance

What is perseverance? Why do some people succeed and others fail’?

Perseverance is doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Words such as persistence, tenacity, determination, resolve, resolution, resoluteness, purposefulness describe perseverance.


Angela Duckworth has written a book called Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance that explains her theory of "grit" as a predictor of success. She discusses how perseverance and passion matter as much as talent and intelligence and true success comes when we devote ourselves to endeavours that give us joy and purpose. Grit, the combination of passion and perseverance for a singularly important goal—is the hallmark of high achievers in every domain.


By cultivating a growth mindset (a belief that our talent and abilities can be improved with practice), it allows us to talk to ourselves more optimistically (by challenging the reasons for setbacks or failures as neither permanent or pervasive) so we can persevere. Ask yourself, when you’re faced with setbacks, disappointments or plateaus in your progress, what are the stories you tell yourself?


A few tips from parent zone


  • Regularly encourage children to try new things. You may also want to try something new with your child, like roller-skating or a new arcade or video game. No one is perfect at anything when they start, and this is a great way to show your child that falling down or not winning isn’t the end of the world.
  • Adjust the degree of perseverance needed. If children need a small challenge, present one related to activities they already have ability in. If they need a bigger challenge, take them out of their prior-experience comfort zone.
  • Share some instances when you’ve needed perseverance and grit to accomplish a difficult task. We don’t often talk about our earlier failures, so children sometimes think that adult successes all come with ease.
  • Be overt. Tell them that they are working on perseverance skills and let them know that struggle and failure are likely. Knowing that they are meant to struggle makes it much easier to deal with.

How can you fall down seven times, and stand up eight? Grit is the key element!  So, if you are interested, you may to do the ‘Grit’ survey that measures the character strength of perseverance.


Enjoy the upcoming holidays!


Maria Allison

From the Office


We are currently looking for people to provide homestay for our International students.


These students come from overseas and spend a six-month period at language school prior to coming to RSC where they will spend the following 2-3 years.


Homestay is full board and accommodation offered by a family, a couple or a single person including provision of the following things:


  • A single room for the student’s use
  • Three meals a day, seven days a week
  • A bed, wardrobe, desk, lamp, bookcase
  • Utilities – gas, electricity, heating and water costs
  • Cleaning services of common living areas
  • Use of living areas within the residence

A set weekly fee is paid to the homestay provider by the student.


In order to find out more please contact our Homestay Coordinator, Marie Maloney, on 98702002 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) or email [email protected]

Student Reports 2017

Student reports provide students, teachers and parents with a clear and concise picture of a student’s achievement and progress at a point in time. Teachers make informed and consistent decisions about student progress against the achievement standards using a variety of assessments and observations to inform their judgement. They map the student’s learning against the achievement standards, and place the student on the learning continuum, that best reflect the student’s level of performance and progress.

You may notice some changes to our student reports this semester in line with the implementation of the new Victorian Curriculum in all government and Catholic schools from the beginning of 2017. The Victorian Curriculum replaces the previous AusVELS curriculum.

As a result schools now have the flexibility to design their reports to show each student’s learning progress. Our school staff have adopted the continuous feedback model which provides comments on the achievement of students on key tasks and suggestions for improvement through our student management system Compass. Research by John Hattie suggests that feedback has a positive impact on supporting student learning growth and this is the first year of the continuous feedback model across the College. The report at the end of the semester will have the overall achievement, task grades, absences and work habits. We are in the process of making further refinements to the reports which will be implemented in the next report cycle.

The Victorian Curriculum is structured as a single developmental learning continuum and is organised by levels not years of schooling. The curriculum consists of Towards Foundation Levels A to D and Levels Foundation to 10. All curriculum areas have achievement standards, describing what students are able to understand and do.

All students progress along the learning continuum at their own rate and from their own starting point. Students are taught at the level that suits their needs, rather than being taught to the year level and age group they are in. Teachers provide learning opportunities to support the learning for all students, including those students with additional learning needs or a disability.

Please keep in mind that as this is a new curriculum this report is not designed nor should be compared to previous years’ reports. We can, however, show your child’s progress in English and Mathematics in Semester 1 as these learning areas were introduced and taught in 2016. For all other curriculum areas being introduced with the new curriculum, student progress can only be shown in reports from Semester 2, 2017 onwards.

Further information about the Victorian Curriculum can be found online at: or by contacting the school at 98702002.


Career News

Please see the attached report on all the Career News at Ringwood.


School Council meeting

Principal Michael Phillips reported the new Junior school building is still on track to be finished in time for an  October opening. Internal Plastering is in full swing and the massive amount of paving has started.


The new female students summer dress proposal is to be signed off in the coming months in time for year 7’s to start 2018 with.


There was discussion about assessment of School Council and how well it works. Council decided to undertake a review on how well it operates.


School Chaplin Adam Bryant gave a talk to School Council out lining a proposal for an alternative option for year 12 students in regard to schoolies week. Details will be available early in term 3.


School Council gave approval for the NZ trip in 2018 and also approved a training trip to Toolangi to get student ready and fit for the NZ trip.

Council also approved the Prefect trip which is in the city.



Feedback that students are enjoying being able to study in the Library again. Just in time for winter.

Motors to be put into the lighting grids in the hall ready for the 2017 Production, this will make it a lot easier and safer than climbing up ladders


Mark Granland

Student Banking






A weekly School Banking Facility is available for all students. Representatives from Bendigo Bank, Ringwood Branch will be in attendance in the Wellbeing Centre every Thursday lunchtime from 1.15 pm  – 1.45 pm providing banking services.

You can open a Student Account, deposit funds or simply chat to us about your banking needs.

Identification required to open an account – just a copy of your birth certificate together with a copy of your student identification.

Bendigo Bank, has a special student account with

  • No monthly account service fees
  • Unlimited free ebanking transactions
  • Unlimited free Bendigo ATM and branch withdrawals
  • Unlimited free EFTPOS transactions
  • Monthly interest payments

You have a choice of Bendigo Blue Debit MasterCard, or PokitPal Debit Mastercard.    You can receive exclusive discounts through the mobile app just by using your PokitPal card for purchases.   To be eligible for these cards you must be aged 16, alternatively the Easy Money Eftpos card is available.

This is an opportunity to start your savings now, with easy access and convenience, and begin benefitting from your school banking services provided by Bendigo Bank Ringwood, and Ringwood Secondary College.

Contact the Ringwood Branch on 9870 9244 for any initial enquiries – our staff are keen to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to assisting students with their own personal banking.


Sue Sadler

Branch Manager

RSC Social Club

Come and Join in!


Entertainment Books

Music Association is again selling the popular Entertainment Books for 2017.


TOP 5 reasons to love your Entertainment Membership:

1.      You will be supporting Ringwood Secondary College fundraising! We receive 20% of the purchase price for every Entertainment Membership sold.

2.      You can enjoy hundreds of up to 50% OFF and 2-for-1 offers from some of the best fine dining restaurants, popular cafés and family restaurants in your area. Including:

3.      You’ll be ‘entertained’ all year long with valuable cinema, activities and theme park offers.

4.      Treat yourself to discounted eGift Cards from national retailers like David Jones, Woolworths, rebel and much more.

5.      Discover new places with more than 2,000 hotels and resorts, with exclusive accommodation offers.


To Order:


Jacinta Donovan

[email protected]


From the Chaplain

Although I would like to classify myself as a good listener I'm not sure my kids would always agree :-)


There's something about their not so little voices that can get lost when I'm deeply engrossed in conversation or watching TV. When I finally tune in I realise I have been subconsciously hearing the repeated request to play pokemon or basketball from one of my boys.


Active listening is so important and I do my best in my weekly activities to listen to others. And not just to listen but to hear what they are saying. Then not just to hear what they are saying but to hear without trying to offer advice or share my own personal experience.  Sometimes I do this really well and other times not so well. 


Just this week I celebrated my friends birthday who I would say is a professional listener and question asker.  He is a good friend of mine and if I reflect on our conversations most of it is geared around him asking me a lot of questions and listening to what I'm saying.  There is something about listening I feel that can cut to the core of a human and make them feel special and valued.  Test it out for yourself when you go to another dinner party or during your lunch break at work.


People can often be consumed with themselves and speaking about what they're doing and what's been happening for them. This of course is not a bad thing but if it's all we do then we can become a little self absorbed.  It's also fun to try listening at home to your kids. 


Whilst I painted a pretty average picture earlier about my ability to listen to my kids, I know that when I do take the time to listen we get little gems and insights into what might be happening in their world. 


The job as a listener, whilst so simple, is quite profound.  It is not to fix the problems but to be present and just listen.  Working with young people and hearing many stories over the past 12 years at Ringwood I have never heard a young person complain about their parents listening too much to them.  It's quite the opposite, often it's that they never have time to listen. 


Worth a try this week to find 10 minutes in the car on the way to school or on the way to footy training or even just before they go to sleep to just sit and listen. Love to hear some stories about how it goes.


Adam Bryant

Chaplain (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs) 

Ringwood Training

Welding Short Course

Ringwood Training, 3 Hill Street, Ringwood, Vic, 3134

Are you interested in learning a new skill or perhaps refreshing an old one?  Have you a welding project at home that you would like to complete? 


Ringwood Training has recently run a successful Welding Short Course and now have another course ready to commence on Tuesday, 25th July 2017. 


There are four types of Welding you can choose from,  either,  ARC, MIG, TIG or Oxy.


Starting on 25th July, 2017, the course will run over four consecutive weeks:



Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017


Session Time: 6pm – 9pm


Course Fee: $350.00


For further information and an enrolment form, please contact Ringwood Training on 9845 7560.  Office Hours are from 8.15am-4.30pm.

Alternatively, send us an email with your enquiry.  Our email address is: [email protected]

Around the School

Duke of Ed - Plenty Gorge

On the 19th of May the year 9 Duke of Ed students and a handful of year 10's set off to Plenty Gorge for the State Orienteering Championships. On the day, there were many other school who also attended the competition.

The first heat started at 10:30am and students completed a range of different courses according to their age group. Some of the highlights were getting to see some wild life such as kangaroos and getting to interact with other school students.


There were some outstanding results and achievements with Jasmine Lacy and Kaylee Odegn both winning their age groups and Angela Infanti coming second. Everyone had a great day and put in an awesome effort with the end result awarding Ringwood Secondary College the Best Government School.

All Duke of Ed students should be proud of their efforts on this day!


Tarni, April and Charlotte

Year 10


Reconciliation Week

Reconciliation Week, from the 27th May to the 3rd June, is a time for Australians to commemorate the anniversaries of the 1967 referendum and the High Court Mabo decision. These important dates were major turning points for Indigenous Australian’s rights. 


Three weeks ago, the years 9’s had an assembly in recognition of Reconciliation Week, and we learnt all about Australia’s journey to reconciliation, and the steps we have taken and must take to complete this journey. We watched a number of important speeches, including Kevin Rudd’s Sorry Speech. We also watched some interviews with Indigenous Australians who experienced first-hand the trauma that was caused to their communities and families.


Reconciliation week is a time to reflect, and a time to recognise that there are many events in our countries’ history that we are not proud of, and to remember the importance of reconciliation and focusing on shaping a positive and integrated future. This ties in with this year’s theme of Let’s Take the Next Steps. On behalf of the year 9’s, our eyes were opened to the traumas and wrong doings done to Indigenous Australians, and we understand the importance of reconciliation and taking the next steps to help shape our future.


Year 9 Year Level Leaders, Tarni and Jasmine

United Youth Media

Alannah Simpson shares her article for United Youth Media as a part of the Respectful Relationships work.


It is a quality representation of the key ideas behind the policy and includes  some criticisms of it and deals with those concerns ably.


Agatha Fedrizzi


For this week’s Year 9 InterGREAT assembly we had Beck Fletcher and Marcelo Calderon from Interchange Outer East come and speak to us. Interchange is a non-profit organisation that works with children with disabilities and their families.


Marcelo began by asking us what we do at the moment to help in our community and informed us of all the help and support we could be if we started voluntary service.

They talked about:

  • what Interchange Outer East currently does for children and their families and how this affects the wider community.
  • how volunteer work with any organisation is beneficial and told us about what they do and how we can help.
  • all the fun activities and outings we would be given the opportunity to participate in and how volunteering could help us in the future.


Their talk was really eye opening and motivating and inspired quite a few of us to sign up at the end when we were given the opportunity, which was great to see. Overall it was great to have an organisation such as Interchange come and speak to us about their role in our community and how they ‘Make A Difference’, which a lot of us might not be that exposed to, and offer to us the opportunity to help.


Matilda Wilson and Richa Sarah Aji – 9C

Indonesian News!

On Thursday June 1st, the Year 10 Indonesian class, accompanied by Bu Lundie, spent the day at Monash University with other senior students of Indonesian from across the state. The Festival Bahasa dan Budaya (Indonesian Language and Culture Festival) was run by the Victorian Indonesian Language Teachers Association (VILTA). There were many interesting and engaging seminars and workshops for students to encourage them to continue their studies in the language. A highlight of the day was the traditional Indonesian dance workshop as well as the free Indonesian lunch!


Overall, it was great for the students to use their Indonesian language skills in an authentic setting as well as spend the day together bonding over their passion for Indonesian language learning.


“It was good to meet other students of Indonesian from different schools and to share our experiences with them” Patrick Cottin


Jessica Lundie

Head of Languages/Indonesian Teacher

Visual Arts

Ringwood Secondary College was given the opportunity to produce sketches to be published in a book titled ‘Heathmont Sketchbook 2017’. This book, collaborated by the Heathmont History Group, as part of the Ringwood & District Historical Society, will feature sketches of various current Heathmont sites and landmarks and include a page of text to support the history of the location.


With the involvement of convener Gerry Robinson, an ex Ringwood Secondary College staff member, students selected were given guidelines and a photographic reference to aid with the construction of their drawing and were asked to exhibit their own personal drawing style within the composition.

 Nelson White from year 11, Angie Symon and Lara Stretton both from year 10, have been working hard to produce these realistic representations of local areas within the Heathmont vicinity.

Nelson White: Wieland Reserve

Lara Stretton: Heathmont Railway Station

Angie Symon: Heathmont Scout Hall

This book will be published and printed by Bill Ellemor’s Penfolk Publishing and will be launched at Heathmont Uniting Church on Sunday afternoon, October 29th, where the original sketches will be on display.


Congratulations to these three students on their artistic talents, achievements and contribution to the local community.


Kayla Whitfield

Visual Arts Coordinator


Bounce – Term 2

This term has been a really busy one in Bounce!

Year 7- 10 have been exploring and practising the concept of Mindfulness through many different avenues such as colouring, origami, meditation, yoga etc. Students are encouraged to find the activity that they most connect with and practise it. There are many mindful meditation apps available also and students are encouraged to use these regularly.


The Year 11 and 12’s have been participating in a ‘Life Hacks’ program which included how to choose and buy a car, changing a tyre and basic car maintenance, credit cards and budgeting and planning a budgeting for a holiday. We know these lessons are not only highly enjoyable for students but really useful too!


Kati Recinos


Ringwood Secondary College held a Teambuilding Professional Development Day for 26 Education Support Staff. The day was opened by James Barut (Assistant Principal). Gail Ackroyd introduced Vision Boards so there was lots of chatter in cutting out pictures and words and pasting on to our boards to reflect events passed in our lives and our dreams for the future followed by a sharing of our visions. The exercise reflected the importance of sharing experiences and communication on a different level, beyond just the discourse of the workplace. So many connections were shared based on relational trust.

The afternoon session saw the culinary expertise of Mellissa Strachan, Chef, as she took us on a journey on the heritage and history of the humble pasta. Master Chef had nothing on the group with their demonstrative Italian cooking, sprinkled with exuberance, banter and good will.

Working in pairs allowed many to create fantastic pasta which was made from scratch – as adult learners, we were the best class Mellissa had ever had! To the cries of ‘Bellissimo’ and ‘Come and get it’,we finally retired from the kitchen to the dining room with our meatball pasta & spinach and ricotta cannoli followed by Lemon Curd Meringue. Suffice to say, there was enough to take home to share with families and loved ones!  

Jannin from Happy Being completed our day with positive thoughts, reflection on our day and the art of breathing. I would like to thank all the staff involved and all the positive feedback on the day…your kind, encouraging comments were really appreciated – so many are looking forward to next instalment.


Thank you to Michael Phillips, College Principal, for allowing the idea to come to fruition.


Sheryl Vasey

Junior School

Junior School Announcements

The Junior School wishes to congratulate all of its Year 7 and 8 students on what has been an incredibly successful first semester. With the final two weeks of term two upon us, we have some final announcements and important pieces of information that we would like to pass on to all of our students and their parents. Over the past two weeks, our Year 7 and 8 students took part in the ‘Attitudes to School Survey’. Students were given the opportunity to express their views surrounding their educational environment and their approaches to their studies. With over 95% of our students being able to complete the survey, we hope that these results will allow us to continually improve the already positive environment we have created in Junior School. In addition to the ‘Attitudes to School Survey’, our Year 7s and 8s recently took part in a ‘Sexting’ workshop which provided students with appropriate strategies and skills that we hope will equip them to navigate their way through this new era in social media.


Students in Year 8, please be aware that your applications for Duke of Ed are due Thursday 20th of July. You need to ensure you have spoken with your parents about the application process and they’re happy for you to be a part of such a wonderful program. It is also time to pay attention to your elective choices for 2018, if you need any further information on these, please feel free to contact the Junior or Middle schools.


As a final reminder, students in Years 7 and 8, please be aware that your lock needs to be locked at all times. You run the risk of people taking things from your locker and it is your responsibility to ensure your belongings are kept safe whilst you’re at school.


Have a wonderful holiday break


Junior School.

Middle School

Term 2 Update

As Term 2 draws to a close, we would like to wish all students a successful end to the term and a safe and enjoyable break over the holidays.  Good luck to all Year 10 students on their work experience placement in the final week of term.

In Term 3 Middle School students will begin new elective subjects for the semester, Year 9 students can look forward to City Experience and Year 10 students will have the Year 10 Formal and Central Australia Trip both happening towards the end of term.


Matthew Tucker

Middle School Leader

Year 10 Exams

The Year 10 student have recently completed their first experience of sitting subject exams at the college.  The behaviour of students throughout all of their exams was fantastic and we hope students will receive some pleasing results.

Students should now have a better understanding of how to best prepare for exams and the amount of study required to achieve pleasing results.


Benn Jamieson

Freeman House Coordinator

(Middle School)

METEC Driver Training

On the 29th and 30th of May as part of the Year 10 Health course, with a focus on road safety and driver education, 140 Year 10 students got to experience driving automatic and manual cars. Following a number of classroom sessions that investigated risks associated with driving, campaigns to reduce youth car accidents, driving procedures and road rules, students had the opportunity to drive one another under the supervision of a driving instructor. The METEC course included hills, a slalom area, 3-point turn area, traffic lights, roundabouts and a variety of other road environments. Some students even sat their Learner Permit test on the day, with a 100% success rate! The feedback from students was overwhelmingly positive as they learnt valuable information and then were able to put their new knowledge straight into practice on the driving course. This day encouraged students to feel more confident with their road knowledge and driving ability.


Alyce Bailey

Mabo House Coordinator

(Middle School)

Year 10 Formal

The annual Year 10 formal will be held on Monday the 4th of September at Linley Estate in Kilsyth. The cost of the event is $65 per person, which includes a three-course dinner, soft drinks and a DJ. A photographer will be present and students can purchase photographs online. Students must organise their own transport to and from the event. The formal begins at 7pm and concludes at 11pm. Students are encouraged to dress in a formal manner. We are currently seeking volunteers to be part of the Formal Committee, if you would like to be part of the fun then please email Mr Kent to express your interest. The event is supervised by staff and security. Any further information can be located on the Compass event.


Michael Kent

Jackman House Coordinator

(Middle School)

2018 Early Entry VCE

Many current Year 9 students will hopefully achieve some pleasing results in their upcoming semester reports.  Early in Term 3, students will begin exploring elective subjects and courses for Year 10 in 2018, with many students looking at the possibility to undertake a VCE Unit 1 & 2.  In order to qualify for this opportunity, students must have achieved an Academic Award based on their Semester 1 academic performance.  Further information about this opportunity and the subject selection process for 2018 will occur in Term 3.


Matthew Tucker

Middle School Leader

Senior School

From the Prefects

The last few weeks have been some of the busiest so far for Senior School as we wind down to the end of a long term!


Beginning Unit 4 on the 15th of June, the Year 12s are now more than halfway through their classtime for the year, and the approach of the end of High School is feeling more real each week!


Year 12s and parents, don’t forget that valedictory tickets are available now! All information regarding valedictory has been both emailed out and can be found on the Compass newsfeed.


Congratulations to the Year 11s for having just completed their first round of VCE exams, for Unit 1 of their studies. We hope everybody is coming out of the exam period feeling that they did their best.

Very soon, on the 23rd of June, many Year 11s will also be departing on their Central Australia trip, and returning on the 14th of July, so good luck with the travelling and enjoy your adventure to those students!

Ariel Parker


The Downball Traditions Live On

The crowd cheered and swung their arms around vivaciously like if it was an Ed Sheeran’s concert whilst the Yr 12s came down in slow motion from their team bus and as heroic music played in the background… to be exact California Girls by Katy Perry was playing.

This was the scene of the annual and traditional downball tournament between the Yr 11s and Yr 12s. Music and live commentary by Jarrod Prest left the spectators bawling their eyes from laughter whilst they enjoyed some professional and clinical play from the Yr 12s, I cannot say that the Yr 11s too demonstrated amazing play because they were defeated!

But their effort and team spirit can be commended. Final score was 2-0. All of the teams look forward to the second round that will be happening next term and will decide if the Yr 12s remain unconquered victors or if the Yr 11s will prove they have game and get a draw. But I guess only time will tell…

Didier Iriarte Fattel


A Report on the GAT Memes of 2017

Week 9 of term 3 saw all students undertaking year 12 studies complete the dreaded, 3 hour long General Achievement Test (GAT).


This test of general knowledge and skills in written communication, maths, science and humanities ensures that school based assessments have been accurately marked, and is used to determine a derived exam score, should there be a need for it.

One of the things that gets us year 12’s through this exam is the promise for the creation of many a chuckle-worthy meme based on the paper.

Here we have included some of our favourites from this year that were posted on VCE Discussion Space (a Facebook group for students with over 100,000 members).

Leah Nichol


Yr 11 Debutante Ball

Another Lovely Night

The Debutante Couples all looked fabulous

Debutantes were presented to the Principal and his wife Michael and Karen Phillips, Brian Amos and Meredith Anderson.

Debutantes and their partners performed a number of dances.



Year 7 Badminton 

The year 7's had a great day at the badminton with both the girls and boys winning through to zone. Students from all schools displayed great sportsmanship with many friendly games going on between matches.


Special thank you to Ronan and Charles from year 10 for helping out with training and scoring.


Mrs Clarke

2017 District Cross Country

Over 100 students attended the District Cross Country event that was held at HE Parker Reserve. We had strong participants in all age groups, once again allowing us to be crowned District Champions. A strong team will be representing the school at the Region Cross Country being held on Tuesday the 20th of June.

This event will be streamed live on the School Sports Victoria website, if family and friends would like to view races.

Please see the schedule below for event times.

 #1        10:00am            Boys 17-20 5000m     

 #2        10:25am            Boys 16 5000m                      

#3        10:50am             Girls 17-20 3000m     

#4        11:10am            Girls 16 3000m                       

#5        11:30am            Boys 15 3000m                      

#6        11:50pm            Girls 15 3000m                       

#7        12:10pm            Boys 14 3000m                      

 #8        12:30pm           Girls 14 3000m                       

#9        12:50pm            Secondary Boys 12/13 3000m

#10      1:10pm              Secondary Girls 12/13 3000m


Good luck to the Ringwood Team.



Roi Boutsikakis

Director of Sport

2017 RSC Athletics Carnival

This year saw the return of our Athletics Carnival to the newly updated Proclamation Park.

A fantastic venue which came alive with all the house colors and costumes that our students were wearing. The addition of the throwing events this year added to the atmosphere and excitement on the day. It was great to see so many students get involved in both the track and field events and the novelty events. The Quidditch games, run by our prefects, was a big hit. Well done to Thomas Hennessy for all his organisation and management of the event.

We had some outstanding individual results on the day, with numerous records broken.


New Records:

            17 Yr 100m sprint    13.24s      -  Sam Olsen

            14 Yr Javelin   26.6m            -  Soraya MacLean

            16 Yr Triple Jump 10.55m      -  Amber Shearn

            13 Yr Long Jump 5.02m          - Luke Anderson

            13 Yr Triple Jump  9.8               - Amy Cornwell

            17 Yr 400m  59.75s                   - Sam Olsen



Age Group Champions:

20 Yr    Trey Braione               Amy Jones

17 Yr    Tiernan White             Rebecca Battersby

16 Yr    Harry Norman             Imogen Hansen

15 Yr    Jack Stelfox                  Reynolds-Wilson

14 Yr    Samuel Nicholson        Keeley Sherar

13 Yr    Luke Anderson            Amy Cornell

Congratulations to Jackman - our house winners!!!!

The house competition was hotly contested throughout the day, with Frazer and Jackman swapping the lead on numerous occasions.


The end results were: Jackman first, closely followed by Frazer. Third was Mabo, with Freeman bringing up the rear.


We will have a strong team representing the school at the Maroondah Division Athletics, which will take place on September the 8th.


Ms Roi Boutsikakis

Director of Sport


“Some people grumble that roses have thorns;
I am grateful that thorns have roses.”

Alphonse Karr ( 1808-1890) French Writer 

Gambling Concerns

Concerned about your teenager?

Today, you can bet online 24/7. And with social media, apps and advertising making it more accessible and attractive to young people, teenagers are at a higher risk of developing gambling problems.

For many young people it isn't about the money. It's about fun, excitement and social acceptance. And because they are so targeted by gambling advertising, betting can seem like a normal activity to them.

Tackling gambling issues with your teenager can be difficult. We can help with information about the changing nature of betting and tips and tools to help you talk to your teenager about gambling.

What to look out for

There are signs to look for if you think your teenager has a problem with betting. They may:

  • seem flat or down and spend less time with friends or doing things they normally enjoy
  • be obsessed with simulated gambling apps and games
  • spend lots of time talking about betting
  • be more moody and seem stressed out when not gambling
  • have arguments at home about money and their betting
  • obsess about betting or the odds more than focusing on the sport when watching a game
  • lie or be secretive about their betting
  • miss school or fall behind because of time spent gambling
  • borrow or ask for money from family and friends
  • continue to gamble to win back money they have lost.

What you can do

Talk about it

If you think your teenager has problems with gambling, talk to them about it.

Our Gambler's Help Youthline can give you advice on how to approach the conversation. Call 1800 262 376.

Make sure you choose a time to raise the subject when you can talk in private and you and your teenager are both calm. The most important thing is to be non-judgemental.

You could say you have noticed they:

  • have stopped doing things they used to enjoy
  • have stopped spending time with family and friends
  • are spending a lot of time on gambling apps and games
  • seem to focus more on the odds than on the game when watching sport
  • are spending more money than usual
  • are spending less time on schoolwork and getting lower grades.

Listen to what they have to say. They may be relieved to talk about it.

If they ask for help, work together on a plan to help them take back control. It could start with:

  • looking at this website together
  • working out ways they can focus on other important things in their life, and how they can manage their money to limit or stop their betting
  • calling our Gambler's Help Youthline on 1800 262 376 to find out how to get counselling, advice and support. Your teenager could call or you could call together.

If they are defensive and don't want to talk about it, you could call our Gambler's Help Youthline on 1800 262 376 to talk about how the conversation went and what you could do next to help the situation.

Our guide What's the big deal? Talking to teens about gambling has information, tips and tools to help with the conversation.

Download the guide (PDF - 859.9 KB)

You can also read more about:

Online safety

You may want to consider blocking access to gambling websites using a filter.

Two popular filters are:

You can also install internet monitoring software like:

Reputable gambling sites also offer self-exclusion programs where you can ban yourself from their site.

The Australian Government's cybersmart website has information for parents and kids about online games and staying safe online. You can also download a cybersafety help button, which is a free app that links to counselling and educational resources[SP1] .

Access to money

Consider who in your family has access to your credit or debit cards, and whether any of these cards are linked to accounts that your teenager accesses, such as accounts for downloading music.

Virtual gaming and gambling websites regularly offer purchased credits or rewards, and it's not always obvious that these purchases relate to real money.

You may want to set up alerts to come to your phone for new purchases so you can track your teenager's smartphone or tablet spending.

Getting help

For more information about getting help if a teenager close to you has a gambling problem, see:

You can also call Gambler's Help on 1800 858 858 or Gambler's Help Youthline on 1800 262 376 for free, confidential, professional advice and support. These phone lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you would like to chat live with a counsellor online, visit Gambling Help Online. This service is also available 24/7.

Find out more about the many ways to get help.


There are also the following tip sheets on Problematic Internet use:


Karen Hallam

Social Worker- Wellbeing & Careers

E: [email protected]


Respectful Relationships Update


The Statewide Respectful Relationships & Gender Equity initiative currently taking seed throughout Victoria aims to reduce Australia’s Family Violence problem. 


Current Australian statistics regarding domestic violence are alarming:

  • One Australian woman dies nearly every week from spousal abuse.
  • Intimate partner violence is the largest contributor to ill-health in Australian women aged 18-44 (more than tobacco, drugs, cholesterol, cancer, or the road toll).
  • Family violence costs the Australian economy $21.7 Billion per year in health, administration, and social welfare.

The Victorian Government recognises these statistics as unacceptable and has committed to creating deep cultural change through community awareness, education, and targeted programs.  The Government’s first step was to activate a Royal Commission into Family Violence which has resulted in 227 recommendations for reform.  These recommendations have triggered the most comprehensive, cross-sectorial, reform initiative regarding Family Violence that Australia, and the world, has seen.


Research conducted by the Royal Commission indicates that Family Violence is preventable and is deeply rooted in persistent gender power imbalances in our society.   Research suggests that equalising this power imbalance will reduce the current rates of Family Violence.


The Role of Education:

The Royal Commission identified schools as being perfectly positioned to play a critical role in changing negative attitudes toward girls and women - attitudes that are believed to contribute to violence.  It is recommended that schools work harder to teach Respectful Relationships to all students, and promote gender equity in all aspects of their school communities.  It is hoped that through such education our young Australians will drive deep cultural change throughout our society as they mature into adults.


RSC Leading the Way… Next Steps

Ringwood Secondary College is committed to supporting the Respectful Relationships and Gender Equity initiative, and being part of the solution toward ending Family Violence for future generations.   Ringwood Secondary College is committed to creating a school community where girls and boys, men and women, are respected as true equals (by themselves and by others) and ALL community members are protected from any form of discrimination.


Ringwood Secondary College has nominated itself to be a “leader” school in this campaign, and has set up a Respectful Relationships and Gender Equity Committee made up of the Principal, Wellbeing Coordinator, four key teachers, two parents, and three students.  The Committee will seek to ensure Ringwood Secondary College provides an environment where equality and respect are promoted both inside and outside of the classroom.


The Committee will seek to engage staff students and parents, and explore all levels of school life to ensure we are providing an empowering and respectful environment for all.


 This project will be long-term and evolving, as a comprehensive and meaningful action plan will take time to develop.  Our next task will be to conduct an audit of how Respectful Relationships and Gender Equality are currently promoted within the school, and identify areas for improvement.  This audit will inform our plans for further action.


Who to Contact for Further Information

The Committee will endeavour to regularly update our school community on this project, and welcomes all ideas and contributions.  You can contact the project Coordinator at [email protected]

Maroondah City Council Youth Strategy

Maroondah City Council's new draft Youth Strategy is open for feedback from the community!


The draft Youth Strategy will replace the Maroondah City Council Youth Plan 2012-2016 as Council’s key strategic document in regards to young people aged 10-25 who live, work, study or play in Maroondah.


Extensive community consultation and research informed the development of the draft Youth Strategy, including consultation with over 5000 young people, as well as youth service providers, parents / carers, and community members.

We are now seeking feedback on Maroondah City Council's new draft Youth Strategy, and we’re especially keen to hear from young people.

For further information, please contact Heather Cummings, Youth Planning & Policy Officer, on 9294 5707 or [email protected]

Copies of the draft Youth Strategy are available online (see link below) and in hard-copy at Council's Service Centres and libraries.  For info on how to provide feedback, check out the link below:


We look forward to hearing what you think!

Volunteering option -Animal Aid

Thinking of getting a new member of the family? Or just want to help an animal shelter?

Animal aid is the place.

Adopting a pet is great; you help give an animal a better life while also bringing joy into the family. If you don’t want to adopt but want to help, you can always donate to the shelter.


Aimee Platts

Wellbeing Prefect.


Volunteering is a great way to:

  • Contribute to your community
  • Learn new skills
  • Build up your work experience
  • Make new friends
  • Have fun

The rewards you get for putting something back into your community are limitless.

Types of volunteering

When choosing where to volunteer, it helps to pick an area that interests you or where you would like to make a difference in your community. Some ideas for volunteering include:

  • Working on an environmental project in your local area
  • Visiting a sick or elderly person
  • Joining a volunteer emergency services group (like the CFA or the SES)
  • Delivering meals to elderly people or people with a disability
  • Getting involved in human rights and social justice

For other ideas about where to volunteer and what you could do, visit:

Volunteering gives you work experience

Volunteering is an excellent way to learn new skills. It can also help add experience to your resume if it's looking a little thin. 

As a volunteer you can show employers you:

  • Can take the initiative
  • Can work independently and as part of a team
  • Have a positive attitude towards work
  • Are community-minded

Sometimes paid work can become available at an organisation where you're volunteering. You might also meet other volunteers who can help you find work through their own networks.

Charlie Hetherington


A lot of things go unsaid between young people and their parents, especially when it comes to mental health. The headspace Fathers Campaign aims to open up conversations between parents and young people, particularly fathers and sons, so young people find the love, care and support they need as early as possible.


And remember, if you’re not sure how to get the conversation started you can find tips and advice at



Ms Sharlene  (Charlie) Hetherington

Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator 




Fi McKenzie Yoga

Stressed? Worried? Need a break?
Learn mindful techniques to help with school, manage stress and balance your body. You do NOT need to be flexible to attend.
Look after your body. Look after your mind.


Scoresby Taekwondo

Ever thought of trying something new?



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