St John Vianney's Newsletter

26 February 2020
Issue Four

'St John Vianney's school Community Is Committed To The Victorian Child Safe Standards'

Dates to Remember 
 Principal Post
Religious Education
John Hannah Hostel visits
From the office...
Class of the week 1/2 DB
'Great Mates' Incursion 
Student Representative Council
 2020 OPEN DAYS 
Secondary College News
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Community News 
St John Vianney's Catholic Primary School
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Dates to Remember 

Important Dates


Thursday 27th - Reconciliation Year 3 Family Faith Night. 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Friday 28th - School Clean Up Day
Friday 28th - Swimming (Years 3-6)

Friday 28th - Working Bee 2.30pm - 4.00pm CANCELLED



Monday 2nd - Nazareth Taster Day Year 5

Monday 2nd - Friday 21st -5/6 Video conferencing Parliamentary EducationOffice

Tuesday 3rd  - Open Day Tours  9:15am & 10:15am

Tuesday 3rd - Parish Education Board Meeting 6.30pm - 8.00pm

Wednesday 4th - Preps not in (Literacy &Numeracy Testing)

Friday 6th - Bush fire Aid - Casual Dress Day - Gold Coin Donation

Monday 9th - Labour Day Public Holiday NO SCHOOL

Tuesday 10th - Preps Begin Full time 

Wednesday 11th - Open Day Tours   9:15am & 10:15am

Wednesday 11th - Prep Families - Pizza with the Principal 5.45pm - 7.15pm Performing Arts Area

Thursday 12th - Year 5/6 Summer Sports 

Friday 13th - SJV Bullying NO WAY day

Friday 13th - SJV Harmony Day

Monday 16th - Friday 20th - Catholic Education Week

Monday 16th - Wednesday 18th - Year 3-6 Swimming 

Tuesday 17th - Year 3 Sacrament of Reconciliation  6.00pm - 7.00pm

Thursday 19th - Open Day Tours  9:15am & 10:15am

Friday 20th - Year 5/6 Summer Sports

Friday 20th - 3/4 Incursion - Council Talk 10.00am - 11.00am Performing Arts Area

Saturday 21st - Rite of Acceptance Confirmation Enrolment - 6.00pm  Mass

Sunday 22nd - Rite of Acceptance Confirmation Enrolment - 8.30am , 10am & 5.00pm Masses

Monday 22nd - Wednesday 25th - Year 3-6 Swimming 

Friday 27th - Year 3-6 Swimming 

Friday 27th - END OF TERM 1  -  3.15pm FINISH


Term Dates

TERM 1 – 30th January – 27th March(NORMAL FINISH 3.15PM) 

TERM 2 – 14th April – 26th June (EARLY FINISH 2.30PM) 

TERM 3 – 13th July – 18th September (EARLY FINISH 2.30PM) 

TERM 4 – 5th October – 16th December (EARLY FINISH 2.30PM) 

Camp Dates 


YEAR 4 CAMP - 2nd - 4th September (SOVEREIGN HILL)

 Principal Post

From the Principal. . . 

Dear Families, 

The Parish Carpark has been completed and I once again thank you all for your patience and care across this last week. Your support was truly appreciated! 

Across this past weekend the Parking Bays have been re-painted. It looks so fresh and so well organised!


But best of all we now have a clearly designated walking path to Police Road. This is terrific and I ask pedestrian traffic to use this carefully.  Cars be watchful at all times.


A reminder that all parents/ carers using the Parish carpark must get out of their car and take and pick their child/ren up from the school grounds.  No child should be walking through the carpark with out careful adult supervision. 



Staff Baby News!

Excitement abounds with the news Emma & Joe Sofra welcomed their beautiful daughter Patrizia into the world yesterday morning! Little sister to Liana! We congratulate them and wish them every blessing! 

Ash Wednesday

To mark the beginning of the churches' Season of Lent, our school went to the 9am Parish Mass.  The Season of Lent is a 40 day period that culminates at Easter, the celebration of the Risen Christ. Fr Joe reminded us this morning that these 40 days  give us opportunity to reflect on our lives, and invites us to come closer to God, through prayer, fasting and good works.  For each one of us deepening our relationship with God looks different, but we  all have an opportunity this Lent to do so! 

Swimming Year 3-6

Our Swimming Program began today and this week will continue on Friday! All students should have a swimming cap which is available for purchase at the school office for $2. 

Today the students underwent assessment and grouping and this Friday will have their Water Safety session. 


School Photos

The School Photos were taken yesterday and we will receive the photo packs for distribution before the end of this term!

Working Bee - this Friday is cancelled

The Working Bee this Friday is cancelled as we have not had any Parent RSVP to the event.

Maybe this is because parents would prefer a Saturday morning?  We will let you know a new date. 

The students will however participate in the  Clean Up Schools Day , this Friday. Each class are in charge of an area around the school which they will keep clean. Well done to our Sustainability Captains for their enthusiasm around keeping our school looking beautiful! 

Garden Club

Our Year 3/4 Garden Club which meets once a month, began last Monday. Supported well by some of our Parishioners  and our Sustainability  Captains, these students enjoyed their activities! 


Parents..... Literacy Information session 

2:40-3:15 pm Tuesday 3rd March in the staff room 

Topic: Early Literacy Skills

This session will be led by our Speech Pathologist Violetta Bassovitch who will introduce Phonological Awareness and discuss these skills in our beginning readers.  We will show parents some practical activities that they can do with their children at home, such as rhyming, counting syllables and talking about sounds in words.  A note went home to our Prep families. Looking forward to seeing you. All Junior parents welcome! 

Year 3 Fun Day activities

Our Year 3 Fun Day held last Friday afternoon was  a terrific afternoon for our students! Staying back after school for various activities, liturgy and a special dinner was a great way to introduce our  Year 3 students to our Outdoor Education Experience. In Year 4 and again in Year 6 our students participate in an offsite overnight camping experience.  

My thanks to our dedicated staff who organised the event and to all our parents/ carers who came along for our Liturgy! 

Parent Code of Conduct

As you would be aware St John Viannney's like many schools has a Parent Code of Conduct. This is available on our website. As we move into the heart of Term 1, we invite you again to revisit this document and ask that you follow protocols and practices in the best interests of our students and community members. 

I attach the policy here. It is also available on our website.  I will send a hard copy to all our new families.

Thank you again for your support in building a positive child centered community! 


Click HERE to read the Parent Code of Conduct.

Open days - next Tuesday March 3rd!  We need your help!!


As parents, you are the greatest advocate for our school. There will be a number of Open Days in terms 1 & 2. The next Open Day for this term will be on Tuesday March 3rd.

There is a flyer in the office with all the dates and times for Open Days. 

You are able to assist by

  • promoting our school to your friends and neighbours
  • giving a flyer to a neighbour, or a friend from Kinder or Child Care
  • placing a flyer in your shop or business 

 If you can assist please come to the office and see Miss Leyla tomorrow.

Religious Education


Family Faith Evening - Thursday 27th February

A reminder that our Family Faith Evening will be held this Thursday, 27th February at 7.00 pm in the Brigidine Learning Centre and is being conducted by the Presentation Family Project Team. You will have the chance to hear about the history of the sacrament, the theological reasoning of the sacrament and other  information regarding the celebration of the sacrament. It is essential that the child making their Reconciliation and one member of their family is present for the evening. We look forward to seeing you there. 




Social Justice News

Our last summer holidays saw some terrible weather elements take control of our country. We saw much of our beautiful flora and fauna destroyed by devastating bushfires. Our friends in rural Australia suffered huge losses as a result of the wildfires.  Many people lost farm stock, businesses, homes and livelihoods. Ultimately some families were changed forever with the passing of family members.

As part of our commitment to helping others in need, the Mini Vinnies group will be holding a 'free dress' day to help support those families affected by the bushfire. On Friday 6th March all of the students will have the chance to wear casual clothes to school in return for a gold coin donation. Some of our Mini Vinnie students have also arranged special activities for the day. I encourage all families to support this day so we can help those in need of our assistance. 



This morning our Year 1 - 6 students attended the 9.00am Parish Mass to celebrate Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, which lasts for six weeks. We are offered this special time to reflect on what has formed us since our Lenten journey last year. We are given tools to help us enter into this time—tools of being prayerful, of living more simply and giving more generously.

These Lenten practices create an environment in which we are able to think more deeply about God and about how we are responding to God’s call in our daily lives. 


May Lent be for us
A time of learning to see
Where Christ is crucified today,
A time of learning
To recognize the complex roots of injustice,
To recognize the Gethsemanes
In our global community.
May we witness the suffering
Of God’s children
As Mary witnessed
Her beloved son’s suffering.
May Lent be for us
A time of learning to become
An Easter people,
A time of learning
To recognize the deep roots of compassion,
To recognize we too are called
To witness the empty tomb and
To announce
To a world in despair
the Hope of the Resurrection.



Project Compassion 2020

This week all  families will receive a Project Compassion box. Over the next 5 weeks we are asking families to donate money to Caritas by placing the money in the box provided. This year’s Project Compassion showcases the many ways we work around the world with our local partners to offer hope to people most vulnerable to extreme poverty and injustice.

As Pope Francis said, “The future does have a name… and its name is hope.”

Through your generosity during Project Compassion this year, you are empowering communities with hope and helping those in great need to shape a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.  

Have a great week.

Claire Russo

Religious Education Leader

John Hannah Hostel visits

We can make a difference and learn from one another......

Each week, on a Monday, a  different class is rostered on to visit the John Hannah Hostel at the west side of our school. The John Hannah Hostel was established a number of years ago through the Parish and continues to be a vibrant aged care facility.


The students and teacher(s) meet the residents in the Community  Room for about 20 - 30 mins and participate in various activities.   The students might sing a song, may share a card they have made,  play a board game, show their work or simply have a chat. Sometimes our younger students visit with their older buddy class. The benefits  of engaging with the more wise and senior of our Parish and wider community are enormous. We can learn from one another, enjoy each other's company and make a difference in someone's day!

At the end of last year a resident of John Hannah House wrote to me after one of our year 3/4 students gave him a Christmas Card on the rostered visit. I share with you his letter as I think it shows the positive impact that these interactions can have.


Dear Principal of St John Vianney's Primary School,

I am writing today to thank you on behalf of all the residents of John Hannah Hostel for your kind gifts and wonderful hand made Christmas Cards.

Your thoughtfulness, warmth and kindness that your students have shown us is much appreciated.

I would personally like to thank the lovely Elly. Her Christmas card made my day. I showed everyone how wonderful her card was!  I was particularly impressed with the high standard of Elly's writing. I remarked that 'I have never seen such beautiful handwriting in all my life' and if I was a future employer I would hire her immediately .

This is a compliment to both Elly and the wonderful teachers of your school.

Thank you sincerely and a very Merry Christmas to all staff and students

(Name of resident supplied)

PS Well done Elly! 




From the office...

Updated Details

If you have updated your contact details, email address, emergency contacts or address you MUST notify the school office as soon as possible!

If your child is absent

You must contact the school if your child is absent no later than 9.30am. Please ensure you contact the school on 8543 4444 and leave a message with your child's name, class and reason for absence. This is an education requirement

Action Plans 

Please ensure ALL ASTHMA, ANAPHYLAXIS & ALLERGY plans are sent to the office as soon as possible. It is vital that the school has this information. 

Class of the week 1/2 DB


We have had a wonderful start to the year and all students have settled in beautifully.


Our class routines are well and truly established and students are familiar with what to do to get themselves organised in the mornings and throughout the day.


The 1/2 level is exploring recounts this term. We have been investigating different pieces of writing and then identifying how a recount is structured and what type of language we use when writing a recount. We were very lucky to have some exciting experiences to write about this week as we participated in a whole school incursion last Friday. The incursion, Great Mates, taught us how to be good friends to our peers.

Below are some of the students’ responses from our class. 



Students are involved targeted spelling sessions where we look at the sounds in words and how to break up words according to their sounds. These lessons occur weekly and students work independently and in small groups to learn how to spell words, find the meaning of words and use them in sentences. 

We use the THRASS charts to help us find the appropriate spelling choices .


You might hear your child talk about graphs, digraphs, trigraphs and quadgraphs. Students are taught and encouraged to utilise this terminology and they very quickly learn to apply it in a meaningful way.


As part of our spelling program, we also focus on handwriting and the starting positions of letters in order to form letters correctly.


Well done to the below students on their efforts during our handwriting session.




It's very important that we foster a love for reading. As part of our daily routines, students are invited to read, either on their own or to a partner after recess and/or lunch. We find this allows the students time to resettle and focus after a busy playground break.


Take home books can be borrowed on any day, but teachers check the journal on a Tuesday and Thursday. We are very impressed with the students reading efforts. Keep up the excellent work.



We are focusing on mapping and location in maths over the next two weeks.

By using barrier games, students use directional language such as: next to, on top of, in front of, left and right and so on to give and follow directions. Prior to commencing a maths lesson we identify the learning intention of the lesson/s and discuss what is required to be successful in the set task.

As part of an ongoing investigation, 1/2 DB has been collecting data. Doing this on a regular basis allows students to consolidate their understanding of data and provides a platform for extensions for students. This data is then usedby students in the following ways:

*find the total of the daily tally

*create a graph

*write true statements 



We are very lucky to have an SRC representative, nominated by his peers, from our class. Jacob  has been chosen by the grade 2 students to stand as their SRC. Well done Jacob! We are all very proud of you.


Stay Tuned for the next EXCITING chapter of LEARNING in 1/2 DB


'Great Mates' Incursion 

'Great Mates' incursion last Friday 21st February

At St John Vianney's we value relationships as they are the keystone of a thriving community. We sometimes need a little help in this area.

On Friday the 21st of February all students participated in the 'Great Mates' Incursion. All levels participated at a different time and the program was tailored to the specific age - groups.



Student Comments 

Year 1/2

Teanna: we learnt how to be kind and generous to each other.

Tereisha: we did lots of games and we learnt to be considerate and kind to everyone.

Onal: we learnt to be more careful about how to treat our friends. It was really fun. 



Adele: we learnt to be nice to our friends and to forgive our friends when they make a mistake.

Jack: we saw a video about friends and they really liked each other.


Year 5/6

Nathan: we played some games and we learnt to see issues or problems from another perspective.

Despina: we learnt what a good friend is, what it is not and what it should be. I really enjoyed it.

Amber: we learnt that we should always treat others as we would like to be treated and don’t judge others by their appearances or differences.


Year 3/4

Addison: it was a great way to learn about being a great mate. It was very engaging to watch.

Tyler: a great way to learn how to socialise with people you want to be friends with.

Paris: I learnt that you need to treat others the way you want to be treated.

Ethan: You can be friends with anyone you want regardless of what they look like.


Thank you to all the students and staff for their support, it was great to see the learning.


Rudolf Lameijn

Student Wellbeing and Family Engagement Leader

Student Representative Council

Semester 1 -2020 SRCs announced

The SRC is a group of students, led by the School Captains under the guidance of the Wellbeing Leader who meets fortnightly to discuss issues around the school. The students vote for 1 boy and 1 girl in each year level to represent them in this council. 


The Purpose of the SRC is to:

  1. Get students’ opinions about things such as playground behaviour, safety in school, Cybersafety issues, etc.

  2. Come up with ideas to change these behaviours and have respectful relationships.

  3. Make a safe and happy environment.

  4. Look into and solve problems that arise to make the school better. 

  5. Support others to resolve conflict

  6. Be leaders in our school

  We are delighted to announce the SRCs for Semester 1 - 2020.


Year \ Gender


































School captains: Anabelle & Ryan (Role: Chairing of SRC meetings and guidance for our younger students)

Public relations: Georgia & John (Role: Minutes of meetings and Reporting to the community)


Rudolf Lameijn


Student Wellbeing Leader 


 2020 OPEN DAYS 

Open Days 

It is so important that we continue to spread the word about the wonderful SJV Community. 

To that end please tell your friends at Kinder or those in your street or friendship group.

Here is the Open Day Flyer with dates.

Should a prospective Parent not be able to attend the Open Day they can ring the office to make another time for a Tour. 

If you have a shop business  where you are able to display in a window  an OPEN DAY FLYER please come to the Office to pick one up. We would be most appreciative. Another good way of building our partnership! 




We acknowledge the following birthdays from 
Wednesday 26th February - Tuesday 3rd March

Happy Birthday! We hope that you enjoy your special day!

- Arian Prep C

 Adam Prep CH

- Alex 1/2DP

- Arthiny 5/6N

- Andyle 3/4IM

- Karissa 3/4IM



Secondary College News

Killester College


Open Day Tours


                              Tuck shop 

The tuckshop at SJV is open from Wednesday to Friday only.

You can order a lunch order via CDFpay  or Via a brown paper bag with money in it.

Please note: The cut off time for CDFpay is strictly 9.30am




Program Details

For more information about our programs and fees, you may visit our website If you prefer to speak to us, you can contact our exceptional Customer Care Team that is available to support our families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - except for National Public Holidays. Alternatively, you’re welcome to visit us in service and chat with our qualified Educators about the Camp Australia program at your child’s school.


We look forward to seeing you and your family soon!

From the Team at Camp Australia

                              Coordinator: Brigitte                                                     Phone: 0423 793 662

Autumn Holiday Club


Community News 

Support your school & save!!


Mazenod Football Club


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