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20 September 2018
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In Sunday’s Gospel the disciples are discussing amongst themselves who was the greatest. Jesus says “if anyone wishes to be first, he shall be the last of all and the servant of all”.  Taking a child, he placed it in their midst and putting his arms around it, he said to them, “Whoever receives one child such as this in my names, receives me; whoever receives me, receives not me but the one who sent me”.
We see consistently in the Gospel that Jesus reverses the accepted social order. He places the small, the weak, the little ones as the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.  He also says that last shall be first and humility and service are the key.
We have all heard these teachings of Jesus many times.  We pray today that these messages can take root deep in our hearts.  May we truly be people of humility, deeply aware of God’s many many blessings and the truth that all we are and all we are able to do is only through the grace of God.  May we acknowledge more and be grateful more for God’s blessings on our lives and like little children have open, receptive and trusting hearts.  May we also look out for and serve the little ones in our own context.


Holy Family of Nazareth – Be our inspiration and our guide
Jesus of Nazareth – Help us to grow in faith, wisdom and knowledge

Principal's Report

Dear Families and Friends of Nazareth College


Last week we celebrated our students’ successes at our College Assembly.  A number of students were awarded Faith, Wisdom and Knowledge certificates and badges.  These are prestigious awards, given to students who display outstanding qualities in the appropriate field.  These awards are only given to a student once in their six years of secondary schooling.  Each of the recipients is to be commended:

Academic Excellence awards were also presented to students who have excelled academically.  These are given to the top ten students in each year level in each of their subjects, who will be eligible for the D’Astoli  Trophy at the end-of-year awards.

Congratulations as well to the following VCAL students:

Tamika Borg who accelerated and finished her VCAL certificate at midyear and has just got her Certificate IV in Disability.

The following Students received awards for Excellence in their VET subjects:

  • Bianca Caswell Year 11 - Sport and Recreation
  • Holly Kurtbegovi Year 11 - Sport and Recreation
  • Michael Skey Year 11 - Auto Mechanics 
  • Dylan Trevethick Year 12 - Plumbing

At the Assembly, we heard from Mr Innocent Karabagegu, an African refugee who is currently studying Law and will soon become a Solicitor.  He spoke about ‘doing your best’ irrespective of the odds you may be facing, as this is one way to overcome adversity.

Mr Karabagegu’s story was inspiring for all and it is hoped that all of us can learn from it and utilise the skills and talents that we were born with.  He also spoke about helping others and, as Nazarenes, it is imperative that each of us needs to ensure that we are in some way assisting those in need, as Jesus of Nazareth did throughout His life.

This was symbolised by Mr Ben Thompson’s presence at our Assembly.  Last year at this time some VCAL students led a fundraising drive under the banner of ‘Eyes for Ben’.  This was to assist Ben to purchase an upright wheelchair so that he could stand and look at people in the eye.

Last year was an exceptional year when our students raised over $6000 towards the chair.  Amazingly, Mrs Katie Bentley, from Trident Neptune ICT Support was present at our Assembly and heard and saw Ben’s appeal – she was so moved by it that, on behalf of Trident,  she generously donated in excess of $5000 to ensure that Ben had enough to purchase his chair. 

Together, along with other donations, Ben is today able to commute and be upstanding in his new American wheelchair.  This is an example of how, when we as a Community work together, we can make a significant difference to those in need.


Thursday 13 September 2018 saw the return of the Class of 2017 to its first year Alumni Reunion.  It was tremendous to catch up with these past Nazarenes to hear their stories and adventures.  I thank Helene Diamantopoulos for leading the Alumni drive.  We hope that this will be a tradition that lives on and draws back many past students.

If you are a past student, please register your details through Webpage, Facebook or Email to Helene on:
[email protected]

My final comments refer to our Year 12 students who are approaching the end of their VCE / VCAL year. 

These coming holidays mark the beginning of their revision period.  In the second week, they will sit for their practice exams and commence studying for their 2018 exams.  I urge each of them to utilise this time effectively and, for some, I also suggest that they may request to reduce their part-time employment hours so that they can prepare themselves with sufficient time, without the worry of maintaining those long employment hours.

I thank each of the students and families who attended the Parent Teacher Interviews.  These are an opportunity for all students from Years 7 to 10 to be acknowledged for what they have done and also to set themselves up for a rewarding Term 4.

In summary, those who have received a ‘pat on the back’, you truly deserve it.  Those who are ‘urged to improve and apply themselves’ will need to take up the challenge and demonstrate your improvement in the coming report.

Have a restful and enjoyable break.

God Bless


Mr Sam Cosentino


Upcoming dates


20 - Last Day of Term 3 (8:35am - 1:00pm)

      - Year 12 PJ Day
      - Mass
      - Balloon Football Grand Final
      - Years 7-10 Student Progress Meetings (1:00 PM-8:00 PM)
21 - Staff Reflection Day (No classes)
End of Term 3
01 to 04 - Year 12 Trial Exams
08 - Term 4 Commences
      - VCAA Performance & LOTE Oral Examinations Commence
10 -  Year 10 Dance Incursion
      - Basketball School of Excellence Training
11 - Year 12 Monash Mentor Graduation Night
      - 2020 Year 7 Interviews
      - Round 2 Year 7 Immunisations (HPV Dose 2)
      - Mass in the Chapel at 8:30am
12 - Year 10 Wood Technology Excursion
16 - Year 12 Unit 4 Reports available on PAM
17 - VCAA Languages Written Exams
      - Presentation Evening (7:30 PM-9:30 PM)
18 - Years 9 & 10 Monash Champions Presentation (All Day)
      - Mass in the Chapel at 8:30am
      - SIS Book in a Day Presentation Day
      - Junior Mixed Tennis AWAY vs Woodleigh
      - Junior Girls Basketball AWAY vs Woodleigh
      - Junior Girls Soccer AWAy vs Woodleigh
      - Junior Boys Volleyball AWAY vs John Paul
      - Junior Boys Soccer HOME vs SPC East.


Learning Assistant Principal's Report

What are the skills every 18-year-old needs?

In 2016, former Stanford University (USA) Dean Julie Lythcott-Haims responded to a reader’s question “What are the skills every 18-year-old needs?”. The list is one that we believe the diversity of curricular and co-curricular experiences that Nazareth College provides has prepared students for, a clear sign that each Nazareth graduate is developed as a “whole person” in the way of the Holy Family.


Lythcott-Haims list values the following skills, highlighting that learning truly is a lifelong process:

  • An 18-year-old must be able to talk to strangers.
  • An 18-year-old must be able to find his way around a campus, the town in which her summer job is located, or the city where he is working or studying abroad.
  • An eighteen-year-old must be able to manage his assignments, workload, and deadlines.
  • An 18-year-old must be able to contribute to the running of a household.
  • An 18-year-old must be able to handle interpersonal problems.
  • An 18-year-old must be able to cope with ups and downs of courses and workloads, university- level work, competition, tough teachers, bosses, and others.
  • An 18-year-old must be able to earn and manage money.
  • An 18-year-old must be able to take risks.


For full details of the article and each skill, please visit What are the skills every 18-year-old needs?



Registering for an ATAR

Year 12 VCE students are reminded that applying for an ATAR is essential for entry into the majority of tertiary courses.  Receiving an ATAR is not an automatic part of VCE enrolment: students must register and pay online at by 5.00pm on Thursday 27 September.  Parents and students should note that late application is available after this time, but comes at a considerably higher financial cost and some courses will not accept late ATAR applications.


The VTAC Fact sheets offer tips and clearly explain the rules, procedures, policies and processes of applying for an ATAR and for Tertiary courses. They are a helpful resource and free to download from the VTAC website.


VCE Unit 3 / 4 exams: blessings & best wishes

Monday 22 October marks the final day of schooling for our Class of 2018 Nazarenes, with celebrations during the period 4 Farewell Assembly and the Year 12 Breakfast the next morning.  The journey is not quite over for VCE students, though.  An organised strong and consistent routine of study over the coming months, supported by healthy eating and sleeping habits, will be essential to ensure students gain the most from their work across this year (and the last 13 years!) as they undertake final preparations for the VCE Unit 3 / 4 examinations.


We wish the class of 2018 every blessing, and remember Coleman Cox’s quote: “I am a great believer in luck. The harder I work, the more of it I seem to have.”

Farewell for 2018

I will be taking Long Service Leave for all of Term 4 2018 and look forward to returning fresh and invigorated for the start of 2019.  In my absence, parents and students may contact the following staff:

  • Ms Tanya Kolb, Acting Co-assistant Principal Learning (Director of College Operations)
  • Ms Rosaria Pellegrino, Acting Co-assistant Principal Learning (Director of Studies)
  • Mr Garry Giese, Deputy Principal


Mr David Broadbent

Assistant Principal - Learning

Faith and Wellbeing Assistant Principal's Report

Year 11 Youth Ministry at St Elizabeth’s Primary School

On Friday 7 September 2018 the Year 11 Youth Ministry class facilitated the Grade 5 and 6 Reflection Day atSt Elizabeth’s Primary School.  The students ran a range of activities focusing on different aspects of Church Teaching on Social Justice.  The day concluded with a Prayer Service in the Parish Church.

The students and staff at St Elizabeth’s enjoyed the day and we are very grateful to Mr Nathan who attended and assisted the students on the day.

Year 8 and 9 Assemblies

Over the last few weeks we have had a predominantly student run Year level Assembly for Year 8 and later for Year 9 students.  It was fantastic to see students sharing with their Year level cohort some reflections on the year so far, and some talented musicians entertaining us. A big thank you also to Ms Mish McKay for putting together a great slide show pictorial reflection, which the students really enjoyed.

Aged Care and Soup Kitchen Visits

The last couple of weeks we have had students on two occasions attend the Regis Village Aged Care facility and on one occasion the Soup Kitchen.  It is such a gift to see our students reaching out to others.  A big thank you to the generous staff who have assisted our students to be able to live out our Christian call to service.


Term 4 Summer Uniform

A reminder that Term 4 commences for students on Monday 8 October 2018. Students are to wear the summer uniform from the start of Term 4.  Blazers are optional in Term 4, but are required for formal occasions, such as College Assemblies and Masses. The College tie is also optional for the boys in Term 4.

Year 12 End of Year

As the end of the year fast approaches for Year 12 students a letter will be sent with the details of the Year 12 end of year celebrations. Briefly below is a summary of events:

Monday 22 October 2018:

Year 12 final classes for 2018.
2.00pm: Whole School Farewell Assembly to the Year 12 Class of 2018.


Tuesday 23 October 2018:

Year 12 Breakfast and Dress Up Day.


Thursday 22 November 2018:

6:00pm Graduation Mass at St Simon’s Parish, Rowville.
7.30pm Dinner at The Grand on Cathies Lane, Wantirna.


It has been a big Term for the students.  We hope the holiday is a relaxing and peaceful one for all students and their families.  We look forward to working with you in Term 4.



Mr Justin Duckett
Assistant Principal – Faith & Wellbeing

Nazareth Showcase 2018

On Monday 10th September, Nazareth College hosted its annual Showcase. Showcase is a celebration of students work in Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Technology. Student work from Year 7 to 12 was displayed in the Ngargee room for all to see. The range of work was extensive from the subjects of Textiles, Wood Technology, Food Technology, Media, Art, Studio Arts and Visual Communication.

The Performing Arts students displayed their wonderful talents in Music, Dance and Drama during the Performing Arts concert.

Mr Sam Cosentino awarded Principals awards in each of the subjects to the best student work.  Congratulations to all the students who had their work displayed or performed at Showcase.

The winners of the Principals awards for 2018 were:

Tianna Arcaro - Year 7 Art

Anna-Maria Clouvas – Year 8 Visual Communication

Cathy Shi – Year 9 Textiles

Elli Blias – Year 10 Food

William Young - Year 10 Food

Cindy Nguyen – Year 10 Studio Art

Julia proctor and Caitlin Trustum  - Year 10 Media

Kelly Jian – Year 11 Studio Arts

Seres Wang – Year 11 Visual Communication Design

Emily Brennan – Year 11 Product Design and Technology – Textiles

Dean Bradley – Year 12 Product Design and Technology – Wood

Alyssa Boric - Year 12 Product Design and Technology – Textiles

Joseph Martino – Year 12 Visual Communication Design



Ms Christine Vaughan

Learning Leader, Arts and Technology

 Year 9 Laurel Poetry

The poem that each student was asked to write was on a view and vision of Australia that they might be familiar with.

0106 by Ashley Arcigal


The first of June.
Our cold midnight sky is speckled with silent stars.
Tree’s life crumples,
Preparing for their blossom.


Wind herself whistles between crevices,
Slowly over the exposed branches.
She twists and turns,
Making the lifeless dancers.


Atop the crowd’s buzz,
Peeking through the shrivelling flora
The sun shies away;
With frostbitten green basking in her loving aura.


Hidden away is an embrace.
Bound together by shivers and steaming tea.
Melting dews glissade down the glassy barrier,
Illustrating a rather intriguing piece –
Much more than the picture gambolling on the screen.


Secrets exchanged,
Warm brews are shared;
Something starts to grow.
Our country then awaits the morning:
The leaving of our snow.


Alas a blossom has sprung.
Pastel pinks and bright yellow,
The sun smiles her best.


“Goodbye” we say,
“See you soon.”
We can’t wait for next year,
For the end of August.

Beach of Bliss by Jenny Pham

The delicate rustle of shifting tides

Unites the harmonious feathered creatures’ glide

In utter bliss they swift through the tranquil ripples

Tinted as an immersed zaffre pupils



Cascaded under the hazed azure horizon 
The supple glisten of crystal plethora mesmerises 
She forces upon a serene breeze 
To relieve the mind at ease



Minuscule dunes of beige silk 
A luminous shade adjacent to milk 


Aloft the plethora that accentuates forbidden curiosity 
Blazes the honeycomb monstrosity 



Unraveling icebound flesh 
A tepid refresh 

That Odd, Winter Season by Angela Cremona

As the bright sky darkens

Ever so quickly,
And the city lights sparkle
Ever so radiantly,


I realise that this time of the year has finally come,
My ears are numb, my hands are dry,

And that harsh wind doesn’t seem to want to let me go.


But though it seems so cold,
With that pouring rain drenching my clothes,
It is nothing compared to that old,
White winter legend.


There is no snow to cover the streets,

Nor are there any twinkling red and green lights.
No intricate snowflakes fall from the sky,
And instead we are gifted with heavy, soppy rain.


What an odd country,
What an odd season.
While they all go snowboarding,
We all layer in blankets.


But while they deal with freezing temperatures,

Our lowest will be 10,

Theirs’s will be -16.


And so, they can suffer in that freezing cold,
And scrape that snow off their covered roads.
While we cover up in scarfs and gloves,
No need for anything more.


And even so, time will tick,

And the sun sets dimmer on each passing day.


And soon spring will come,
Bringing with it warmth and joy.


So perhaps our odd winter is not so bad after all,
Because despite its lacking in snow and festivities,
We are instead gifted with warmer days,
Saving us from the icy cold of a white winter’s day.

International Program News

Bridging Cultural Day

I recall that day, Bridging Cultural Day which is the funniest
day that I ever had in Bridging Program. On that day, all of us were
really enjoyed the fun day of term 3.
In period 2, we were in the art room to share our culture
through the things that we all did there. At first, Ms.Green and
some other teachers was participated in to introduced us more
about history of this room and the Art. Teachers also asked us who
wanted to be an artist in the future and who will choose this subject
for their year 10 and 11. Then, we decorated the poster with
Nazareth College’s symbol in the middle, we put our handprints on
it and draw something that show up the international culture. We
were so proud of our works and happy to be there again. We
wanted to say a big thank you to every teacher who were there to
help us be ourselves in that period, help us to know more about this
school and help us to have fun altogether.
In period 3, we did cut shape of our names and stick it on the
right wall to decorate the room with our signatures. It took us
around 40 minutes to finish them all. After that, we prepared our
classroom for the joyful lunch that we had at lunchtime that day. We
all helped each other from the smallest things to set everything up
as fast as we could. We also invited teachers to come to enjoy
lunch together with us. We had lunch as the things that we made
and things that we brought from home. The foods and drinks were
nice so everyone had a very good day there.


by Jenny Bui, Bridging Student

Enrolments are now open for 2019 Bridging students.

If you have any inquiries or would like further information on how to enrol new students for next year, please do not hesitate to contact:

Mrs Emilia Fields

Director - Global Innovation International Programs

Ph: 9795 8100

[email protected]

Wellbeing Report

If you have been watching television or been on social media recently, you probably would have noticed a campaign that was being promoted last week called R U OK? Last Thursday was R U OK? Day and some of us around the school wore some T shirts and spoke to our students about the importance of looking after one another. If you notice someone appearing to be out of sorts, if their behaviour has changed, if they are more withdrawn than usual, if they aren’t doing the things they normally like doing, just asking them if they are ok, might start a conversation with them that could help. Our students are caring, and it is gratifying to see them looking out for each other. Let’s all get into the spirit and ask each other on a regular basis “R U OK?”


Applied Learning News

Race around the City 2018

Applied Learning (VCAL) prepares the students for employability, independence and responsibility. On Monday, September 10, students from Year 11 and 12 VCAL classes have participated in a “Race around the City 2018”. The students had to provide a journey planner to make sure that they know how to make their way to Flinders Street station. There, they formed groups ready to take on the challenge. Each group received a booklet and a map. The booklet had a number of locations around the CBD with different challenges to complete. At each location, the students were to send a photo of members of their group as a “check in”. This way we knew that the students were on task and more importantly safe.  The students seemed to enjoy the experience and this echoed in their reflections. Congratulations to Darrian, Spencer, Brodie and Andre for winning this year’s Race around the City.


Mrs Barbara Murphy

VCAL Teacher




Student experiences:
My experience in the “Race around the City” was a very new experience with the amount of independence and trust given to us to complete the booklets and the expectation of being at the meeting places at certain times. I believe this was a good experience allowing us to have a feel of city life and keeping us to use our own knowledge and skills to navigate around the city. This” Race around the City” also helped us to visit some sites we have never seen before. -Michael Skey

The time at the city on Monday was a very new experience compared to “City Experience”. This experience should be done within a whole school. It was very adventurous; you didn’t have anyone to help but you, map or your phone. After yesterday, I think I know how to get to destinations within 10 minutes. The city excursion should go over 2 or 3 days, I enjoyed it so much. It taught me to surround myself with people with the same goals as each other! I especially loved the independence I have gained throughout the trip!  -Isabella Muleta

On the 10th of September, VCAL classes and I all travelled to the city via public transport early in the morning; as part of our VCAL course we must have travelled to the city without our parents drive us there. The “Race around the City” was the task we were given. We were to go around the city of Melbourne and search for specific landmarks and locations, mark them down on our booklet and answer the required questions. 
We had to arrive at Flinders Street station at 10 am or earlier, I took the city loop and after 30 minutes arrived at Flinders Street station where I was met with my supervisor; I sent her my phone number and waited for the rest of my team. Once my team arrived, we were off. By the end of the day, we finished all the questions beside the last page.
 In conclusion, I enjoyed the race around the city. My favourite part of the experience was exploring the city with my friends. I would have liked to stay a little longer and start the race a little bit earlier than 10 am. -Darrian Nguyen

On Monday 10th of September, the Year 11’s and 12’s completed a “Race around the City” as we used our knowledge to get around with public transport and to work together as a team to complete the booklet. We went to places such as Fitzroy Gardens, MCG, Cooks Cottage, Federation Square, and the NGV with the water wall. It was great fun to explore the city. -Hannah Thomson

On Monday the 10th the VCAL students did a “Race around the City” where we had to solve questions while finding the answers which were scattered around Melbourne. We had to arrive at Flinders Street station by 10 am and formed groups of four to go out and complete the booklet as a team. In our team, there was Darrian, Brodie, Andre and I. During our travels around the city, we saw street performances, beautiful gardens, amazing street art, spectacular buildings, and a fast food place around every corner. As the day progresses so did the answer on the sheet but our time was running out as we had to be back by 2:30 pm to hand our sheet in and luckily we got back just in time. As the day came to end, we got witness an amazing sunset at Dandenong station. -Spencer Wieclaw

SCOPE’s Southern Balloon Football League - Grand Final Preparations

The past two weeks, Years 11 & 12 VCAL have been preoccupied with our Footy Finals. Week 1 saw the Saints eliminated by the Eagles. Last year’s Premiers (and 2018 Minor Premiers) the Bulldogs, easily defeated their rivals the Redback Bombers. That win gave the Bulldogs direct entry into the Grand Final and a week’s rest, to watch their potential opposition on the sideline. Week 2 saw the second chance Redbacks take on the Eagles. Although a great display of skill, the Eagles easily dominated with their tall players Ben and Dhaval controlling much of the ball in the centre and forward line, with Jaeben a powerful force  at half back. Thursday’s Grand Final therefore sees the  Bulldogs play the Rookies, the Eagles!

Team Managers, Serena and Matt (Bulldogs) and Bianca, Angelina and Jayden (Eagles) have constructed huge banners for their teams to burst through at the start of the day’s proceedings. Nick, Darrian and Spencer provided much back up support with the banners creating lettering and logos. Students have incorporated motivational slogans onto their banners to help inspire their players to win!  The game will involve strategy and game plans, requiring problem solving and decision making as players try to out match one another. 

As Nazareth VCAL students contribute to a shared lunch after the Grand Final, caramel slice, jelly cups and mousse have been prepared in advance by the Year 11s. Our Year 10 LEAP students, Sebastian, Ryan and Nathan also baked a variety of cupcakes for the post Grand Final celebrations. 

We are hoping that a large crowd enjoy the competition, with displays of sportsmanship, agility and strength from our players. May the best team on the day win!


Recycling Program

Thank you to the students who are making the effort to help VCAL students to change the way we think about and dispose of waste. The new Glass, Plastics and Cans Bins are located in the Northern Gardens, the Art/Oval Area and at the Auditorium. Please observe the signage on these bins and avoid placing paper, food scraps or plastic bags in these bins.
Next term VCAL will roll out the next stage of our War on Waste, with bright green waste bins for food scraps. This useful waste will be transferred to our composting program, providing vital nutrients to the College gardens.

Ben Thompson thanks the Nazareth Community

It was lovely to have Ben Thompson return to the College last week for our Nazareth Day School Assembly. Twelve months ago, VCAL students introduced Ben to the school community, with a request that we assist him to raise $40,000 to purchase a state of the art wheelchair, that would allow him to stand whenever he wanted. Ben was a victim of a one-punch hit, which caused a catastrophic brain injury, changing his life forever. Having a will to live and the determination to undergo a decade of occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy, Ben’s next stage in his recovery was to become more mobile and to stand upright, giving him greater independence, improved self esteem and taking pressure off his lungs and organs, which had been cooped up for so long. Our Nazareth Community banded together to fundraise and donate money to Ben’s cause and proudly in December last year, we presented Ben with a cheque for over $6,100. Trident Neptune IT Services had generously contributed $1000 of this, but upon hearing that Ben was approximately $5000 short of his target, Ms Kate Bentley blew us away with an offer to make up this difference. In January, Ben excitedly placed an order to America for a 
Last week, Ben thanked all member of the Nazareth College community who helped him reach his dream of walking again. You could hear a pin drop as Ben pushed some buttons that allowed him to rise from his seat and then walk over to the centre of stage! Ben’s 6 foot plus frame certainly towered over one Applied Learning Coordinator! His Poster of Thanks to Nazareth shows how this new wheelchair has changed his life, with Ben able to stand tall and look others in the eye for conversations. He can now use ATM machines and place orders or pay at shop counters. The smile on Ben’s face at the Nazareth Day Assembly reaffirmed for all that little deeds go a long way in changing the lives of others.


Careers News

Year 12 Applications for Tertiary Education

Time is running out to apply for University and TAFE courses.

Year 12 students are currently busy applying for their courses for next year (among other things!) but I urge all Year 12’s and their parents to note the following points:

  • Timely applications close on the 27th September (the cost of this will be $36). You can still apply AFTER the 27th September but it will cost you $105 until the 7th November and $137 after November 
  • You cannot apply for SEAS (special consideration –see the different categories below) or Scholarships UNTIL you have made an application - even if you just put ONE course down and we can add to it later, it will open SEAS so you can apply for it.  It won't cost you any more to do this)
  • Whilst applications can be continued to be made or worked on after timely applications close (27th Sept) SEAS and Scholarships close on the 12th October and CANNOT be reopened - once it is closed, it is closed. 
  • Payment MUST be made - unpaid applications WILL NOT be processed. Payment is $36 and can be paid through students VTRAC account using PayPal or Visa
  • If you have made an appointment this week – please KEEP IT.  If you miss an appointment this week you will have to reschedule to see me in the first week of the holidays.


Don't forget that if you are applying for 

  • Category 2 (Disadvantaged Financial background) - You must get a Centrelink Statement and write next to your parents name - Mother of (or Father of) and put your FULL name and VTAC number.  You can either upload this or print out a cover sheet and send it to the VTAC address printed on the cover sheet. These can both be found on your user account under the tab at the top that says "Submitting documents for SEAS or Scholarships
  • Category 3 (Disability or Medical condition) - You MUST write an impact statement and get someone to write a Supporting Statement from a Medical Practitioner or Psychologist or Counsellor
  • Category 4 (Difficult Circumstances) - You MUST write an impact statement and get someone to write a Supporting Statement (a list of applicable people to write these can be found in VTAC)
  • Category 1 –this is the general Category that EVERY student can apply for and only requires ticking a box (no evidence required). This covers consideration for your postcode, school, age, gender, first in family to go to university, background and other details. This also opens up partnership bonuses such as the Monash Guarantee which can either reduce an ATAR required for courses and provide a bursary and also RMIT’s SNAP partnership that will give our students extra consideration 

PLEASE NOTE: Applications for SEAS Category 2, 3 or 4 WILL NOT be considered without Supporting Statement or evidence.


If you are applying for SEAS under Category 2 (Disadvantaged Financial background), 3 (Disability or Medical condition) or 4 (Difficult Circumstances), You should write up a Scholarship application . You can cut and paste the impact statements and send Supporting Statements AT THE SAME TIME AS SEAS.  It's very little effort for potentially a great gain.  Every year Scholarship money goes to waste as students don't apply for it. 

Remember - Scholarships are given out not just for MERIT (high scoring ATARS) but also for EQUITY. This applies if you are applying for SEAS category 2, 3 and 4.

Finally... Holiday Times

I will be at school between 9.00 - 3.30 on Monday 24th September until Thursday 27th when VTAC closes for timely applications. This will be BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

You can make an appointment in the book outside my office or email me on [email protected]

You are nearly there Year 12’s  - just hang in there !!


Monash Champions

Last week, our 18 Monash Champions from Years 9 and 10 went to Monash University to present their projects to action a change in our school or community. These have been projects that have been worked on with Monash mentors who have come each week to work with our students.


We saw other presentations from schools throughout Victoria and all students were presented with a certificate at the end of each presentation. Our students conducted themselves beautifully, dressed with pride in their uniforms and speaking clearly and confidently. They were a credit to Nazareth and I was immensely proud of what they had achieved and how well they presented their work. It takes courage to get up in a room full of staff and students from other schools and of course, from Monash and speak as well as they did.

I congratulate the following students from Year 10

  • Alyssa Mastromanno
  • Daniel White
  • Ronan Lobo
  • Georgina Karras
  • Kevin Ho
  • Julia Proctor
  • Emma Xerri
  • Cameron Ware
  • Johnny Pham
  • Jessica Chandasekera


And from Year 9

  • Agatha Scandizzo
  • Saravina Afaj
  • Ashley Arcigal
  • Sara Kendirjian
  • Angela Cremona
  • Maja Karaim
  •  Jenny Pham
  • Jordyn Pikolous




Elena Flodstrom

Careers & Pathways Co-ordinator

Around the College

Mediana A10 Defibrillator x 3

Nazareth college now has three Automated External Defibrillators stationed throughout the school. The AED’s are kept in ‘Alarmed’ cabinets which are mounted to the wall.

The first AED is located outside the first aid room in Student Services,

the second AED is located in the foyer of the Wheeler Auditorium

and the third AED is located next to the exit door in the school’s Resource Centre

The AED’s can be accessed by just opening the cabinet doors – they are not locked.

 Watch the video to learn how to use the AED with CPR prior to an ambulance arriving.




Mr Paull Ziegeler

First Aid Officer

School of Excellence

‘Development where it matters most’


There have been exciting developments in our School of Excellence program with Basketball now starting in Term 4, Soccer changing to Wednesday mornings and our Year 9’s scheduled to play Rowville Academy.

The Year 9 Soccer Education class were treated to a Skill Acquisition training session by Tom Tzamouranis. It was good for our students to hear a different voice and be introduced to some new drills. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the session and we hope to have other coaches come to the school in the future to share their knowledge of the game. We are very grateful to Tom for dedicating his time and support to our program.

Basketball will begin in Term 4 with four training sessions taking place on Day 8. If any Year 7 or 8 students would still like to join, please see me for a permission slip. The Basketball School of Excellence will then begin next year for Year 7 and 8 students on a weekly basis.

Recently I attended a coaching session organised by Harry Bingham and led by former West Ham United player and current Academy Coach Paul Heffer. Paul has played alongside the legendary Bobby Moore and has developed the likes of Rio Ferdinand, Jole Cole and Frank Lampard. Paul’s session highlighted the importance of ‘Playing in the future’ which challenged you to know what you are going to do with the ball before you receive it, I will be aiming to introduce this in future Year 9 sessions.

As mentioned, the Year 7 and 8 training sessions will now take place on Wednesday mornings from 7.45 - 9.00. There were many reasons behind this decision and we hope this will allow our program to grow further.

The Junior soccer season has drawn to a close and I encourage all students who have been training since February, to take a well-earned rest. 

Finally, I would like to congratulate Thomas Keyhoe, Daniel and Michael Napolitano, Jayme Cerqueira, Anthony Zagamie and Joseph Martino on winning promotion to State League 4 with Lyndale United, great work boys!



Mr Brendan McAleer

School of Excellence Coordinator

Duke of Ed program: Training Expedition to Lorne

On Wednesday 5th Sept 2018, 16 students were bussed down to Lorne to partake in their first of 2 camps for the Bronze Duke of Ed program. Lorne has now become a regular location for the purpose of participating in a 14 kilometre hike from Erskine Falls carpark to Cora Lynn Cascades and return and for the coastal scenery this area has to offer.

Students were given the opportunity to spend some free time at the beach on Wednesday afternoon and it was not long before a rugby field had been laid out on the beach and a game was underway. Other students were enjoying exploring the rock wall or just walking along the water’s edge.

Dinner time provided students with the opportunity to display their creativity and group planning in preparing and cooking on a trangia. Pasta dishes, cous cous, rice dishes and Mr Pieter’s seafood crepes slowly evolved and was enjoyed by all.

Thursday, students were required to have a good hearty breakfast and then make a hiking lunch that would go into their backpack along with their sleeping bag, wet gear, water, and spare clothing. The forecast for the day was for some showers but we were fortunate that the heavy rain went around us heading out to sea and for Melbourne. The students performed exceptionally well during the hike. Some students found the walk quite comfortable but others found the hike a personal challenge, both physically and mentally. The incentive to return to camp, shower and spend their own time in the Lorne township purchasing a range of foods for dinner has always meant students walk the return trip in a brisk manner.

One of the objectives of providing students with the chance to challenge themselves such as the hike is to be able to evaluate their own performance. To identify their strengths and what they would do better given another opportunity. In 7 weeks students head to Warburton to tackle a 20km walk. I wish them all the best.



Mr John Brenton

Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator

Thanks to all Science staff

Thank you all so much for a fantastic term especially with National Science Week which was a huge success this year. A big thank you to Maree Pennant and Michelle Nogueira, our Lab Technicians, for their hard work as usual in supporting our classes. 
This year again, we have 3 nominees from Ms Pellegrino and Ms Murphy's classes for the National BHPBFSEA Student Awards. 

Nominees for this year are:

Angela Cremona

Cathy Shi

Armaan Sandhu


And it is great to have Ms Dekker back with us. 
Well done everyone. 
Have a great weekend and rest up in the holidays. 



Ms Sheba Gurm

Learning Leader, Science

STEM Coordinator

Building Bridges Presentation Night

Building Bridges Interfaith Dialogue program had its Presentation Night on the 13th September. Over 250 students completed the program this year. This was good to see, as at its heart it is a program that seeks to eliminate for students the stereotypes often associated with other faiths. Joining the program this year were four new schools from Perth and a former teacher from Melbourne who is now utilising the program to teach the skills necessary for dialogue among students in Jerusalem. Nazareth fielded nine students this year within our Southern Region, the most for several years now. May this growth continue in 2019. If current students of Year 9 are interested for 2019 please speak to Mr Nathan.

by Jessica Chandrasekera

Valedictory Dinner 2018

The Valedictory Dinner for the graduating class of 2018 will be conducted at the Grand on Cathies Lane, Wantirna on Thursday, November 22.

Tickets can be purchased via and from Friday 22 September until  Friday 2 October 2018.

Parents, please note that only siblings older than the graduate can attend the Valedictory Dinner.

We look forward to celebrating your child’s achievements at this wonderful event.



Mrs Murphy

Head of House, McCormack

The Dandenong Market

As part of our Economics unit, the year 10 Legal and Economic Studies class visited the Dandenong Market. As well as being a fun way to spend time with friends and buy some delicious food, the market allowed us all to see the various ways that buying and exchanging goods effects our economy.

We arrived at the market around 9:20 and from there, we were able to freely walk around the stalls and explore the market place. We were surrounded by a plethora of food trucks with delicious foods of many different cuisines and cultures as well as fresh fruit and vegetables, clothing stalls, flower stalls and much more. It was very interesting to put into perspective the major impact a seemingly small market has on our economy. All the students thoroughly enjoyed the excursion and it helped us all to further understand just how important small businesses and markets are in terms of our economic growth and stability.

By Liv Quintrell

Business Matters


Term 4 2018 school fee payments are due by Friday 12 October 2018.  Reminder statements will be sent out during the term holidays.  As per the College Fee Policy all families that are invoiced per term are to have their school fees paid in full by this date.


The NCCA have been busy with our fundraising event Bunnings Sausage Sizzle, supporting Showcase and running RSA training.

Our Bunning Sausage Sizzle at our new location Springvale Bunnings is our most successful Bunnings Sausage Sizzle ever. On the day we sold in excess of 400 sausages, it was an enjoyable event for all involved where we got to get to know one another during our shift and meeting ex Nazareth students who came and supported the cause.

On Monday we supported the Showcase selling wine, crackers and cheese to parents who were there to enjoy the wonderful talent of our students on display.

Our sincere Thanks to everyone who helped out at these events. Volunteers are integral to the NCCA supporting our community.


The NCCA is running a Second Hand Uniform Shop which will open fortnightly on a Thursday. Prices will be third of retail prices. The dates are as follow:

Term 3:


Term 4:

18/10, 1/11, 15/11 and 29/11

Sue Illman will be running it from 2:30pm till 4pm, which is subject to change if trade is slow. If you have any questions Sue can be contactable via NCCA email address [email protected].

At the end of the each term, if unnamed lost property is not collected it will be donated the Second hand Uniform shop

If any parents have any uniforms that you would like to donate to the Second Uniform Shop these can be left with student services.

Our next fundraising event is the Doveton Show at Myuna Farm on 23rd September, 182 Kidds Rd Doveton. We will be selling delicious Devonshire tea, please come along with your family and friends, enjoy the festivities and support us and the College.


Our next meeting is Tuesday 16th October in the Joseph Centre at 7pm. Please park at the back of the school via Shelton Crescent. Please come and join us and share your ideas for fundraising.

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Mr McAleer, Paul Heffer, Harry Bingham
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