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07 February 2020
Issue One
From the Principal
Key Dates
Compass and Student Attendance
Wellbeing Team
Parent Information Evening for Chinese and Korean Parents and Carers
Year 7's First Week
Uniform Shop
Student Achievements
P&C Meeting 19 February
Mobile Phone Policy
School Bus Timetable
Parking and Road Rules
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From the Principal

The Class of 2019

The 2019 Higher School Certificate again saw Killara High School students achieving outstanding results overall, with many particularly remarkable individual performances.


Our Dux is Yifan Chen, who gained an ATAR of 99.8. Yifan Chen had two offers for post-school destinations:

Bachelor of Advanced Science and Advanced Studies (Scholars) – The University of Sydney

Bachelor of Advanced Science and Economics (Hons) – The University of NSW.


An additional seven students, to the best of our knowledge, also received an ATAR above 99.0: Sun Song, Jinho Jung, Zoe Pan, Kate Aston, Shai Alaloof, Eric Chen and Anton Smirnov. Please note that we rely on students to give us information about ATARs, so we apologise if this list is incomplete.


Ten students were among the state’s highest All Round Achievers with band six (the highest band) or equivalent in ten or more units of study. These students were Shai Alaloof, Kate Aston, Chuan (Eric) Chen, Yifan Chen, Soyoun (Carly) Lim, Lara Low, Anna O’Mara, Shyi Zoe Pan, Anton Smirnov and Sunhwa Song.


One student earned a place on the merit lists, meaning that they achieved results placing them in the top ten results in NSW. Sunhwa Song placed sixteenth in the state for English Standard.


Rupert Osborn’s work was selected for inclusion in ARTEXPRESS, and Oliver Topp’s Industrial Technology project will be on display at Shape 2019 at the Powerhouse Museum.


Overall 251 band six results were awarded to the cohort of 264 Killara High School students.


Of the 41 HSC courses studied at Killara High School last year, 27 had a course mean above the state average. Fourteen courses had a course mean of more than 5% above state average.


Sixty five students, or 26% of the cohort, received an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Achievement Rank) of 90 or above. Thirteen percent of our students achieved an ATAR of 95.0 or above.


Killara High School placed 90th out of all secondary schools in NSW. This is a testament to the commitment and talent of our Year 12 students, and their expert teachers.


To my mind, however, the most important fact is this – that the great majority of our students gained a place in the tertiary course that they most desired.


I congratulate Year 12 2019 on their admirable achievements. It has been an honour to educate them, and we wish them every success in their endeavours.


Jane Dennett


Welcome New Staff

We welcome the following staff to Killara High School:

Ms Zoe Smith, Drama and English teacher

Mr Shenglan Liu and Ms Hannah Zhang, Mathematics teachers

Mr Jack Currie, now permanently appointed to the PDHPE staff

Ms Karina Gorfin, SASS

Key Dates

Term 1 2020


11 February       Years 11 and 12 Onstage Drama Excursion

17 February       Year 7 Camp Vision Valley (2 days)

19 February       P&C Meeting - A Block Common Room 7.00pm

24 February       Zone Swimming Carnival

25 February       School Photo Day (including sibling photos)

25 February       Chinese Korean Parent Information Night - A Block Common Room 6.00pm - 7.30pm

26 February       Year 7 Parent Breakfast 7.30am - 8.30am in the Library

28 February       School Photo Catch Up Day 



02 March            Year 7 Immunisations

02 March            Year 8 Immunisations Catch Up

02 March            Year 7 Parent Information Evening 6.00pm - 7.00pm

03 March            PAE Inconcert Vocal Ensemble - Sydney Town Hall

03 March            KSP Speaker Evening - Dr Kirsty Goodwin - Kerrabee Hall 6.30pm

08 March            Year 11 Jindabyne Camp (7 days)

09 March            Year 12 HSC and Beyond Skills Week (5 days)

18 March            Duke of Edinburgh Information Evening - Theatre 7.00pm

21 March            PAE Music Intensive

22 March            PAE Music Intensive

30 March            Athletics Carnival - Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Competition Arena



07 April              Year 11 Mock Interview Day

07 April              Cross Country Carnival

09 April              Last day of Term 1





Compass and Student Attendance

Important Information for Parents and Legal Guardians

Students Leaving Early

A student must have a valid reason before he or she will be permitted to leave school early. Medical and other appointments should be avoided during school time (including sport time).


Procedure for leaving early

1. Parents collecting students during school hours

Please be aware that if a parent would like to collect a student during school hours, that the parent must come to the Student Services window in A Block, next to our main reception area, to sign that student out. Please arrive with plenty of time for us to call that student to the office.  


2. Students leaving on their own during school hours

In exceptional circumstances, students may leave on their own during school hours however they must:

  • Bring a signed note from the parent to one of the Deputy Principals before school commences on the day they are to leave early and have that note signed by a Deputy Principal. The student must also have the signed note with them in order to leave class at the appointed time.
  • When they are due to leave, the student must hand in the note from parent/carer signed by a DP and sign out with their student ID card at the Student Services window in A Block.
  • A note in Compass does NOT suffice for a student to sign out their own.
  • The student will then be provided with a ‘Departure Pass’ to take with them.

If unaccompanied by a parent, the student will only be issued with a ‘Departure Pass’ if they submit a note from their parents which has been endorsed by one of the Deputy Principals.


3. Parents providing permission for someone else (sibling, relative or other) to collect a student during school hours

Parents providing permission for someone else (sibling, relative or other) to collect a student during school hours must provide permission in writing, with the date and time of the departure clearly communicated. The school requires a new letter for each instance where someone else is collecting their child.


Thursday Sport

Students requesting leave from Thursday afternoon sport are asked to submit notes to the PDHPE/Sport Department for a signature prior to their presentation of the note to a Deputy Principal for their approval.



Wellbeing Team

Important health safety reminder for anaphylactic students

Emergencies are never planned. EpiPen auto-injectors are meant to be kept within reach at all times. During an anaphylactic reaction, minutes – even seconds – matter.


This is an important reminder that it is a Department requirement that all students at risk of anaphylaxis must carry a current ASCIA Plan and EpiPen with them at all times.


Our school nurse calls upon students regularly to ensure that they are carrying their current ASCIA Plan and EpiPen.


Furthermore, if your student updates their ASCIA Plan and/or EpiPen, they must bring their updated ASCIA Plan and/or EpiPen to the office so that we can sight them and update our records.


If your student is not carrying a current ASCIA plan and EpiPen, they will be reported to the Department. 


Thank you for your immediate attention to this important matter.



2020 Immunisation Schedule

Kind regards,

Killara High School Wellbeing Team

Parent Information Evening for Chinese and Korean Parents and Carers


Information Evening


Please join us for this useful information night.
Interpreters will be present on the night.


            Tuesday 25 February 2020,  5.30pm – 7.00pm
              Killara High School - Block A: Staff Common Room (Upstairs)


Topics for the night include:
What the school expects of your child and how you can best support your child; how you can become involved in the life of the school, parent and teacher meetings, school attendance matters, clubs, extra-curricular activities and sport opportunities, camps, subject choices and the HSC.
              Refreshments will be provided.
Please take this opportunity to meet and make new friends over tea and cake after the meeting.

RSVP: For planning purposes, please let us know the number of people attending.   


 Ms Jenny Newell       




高中家长信息分享夜  2020

月 25日 星期二 晚上  5.30 -7:00

      KILLARA 高中 – A Block 员工办公室


请您回复: 为了更好的组织请告诉我们有多少人参加.

      Ms Jenny Newell       


킬라라 중고등학교 학부모 설명회의 밤 
한국 학부모를 위한 초대장


유용한 정보를 위한 밤에 오시기 바랍니다.
영어-한국어 통역사가 참석하오니 학교에 관한 궁금한 사항을 문의 하실 있습니다.
월 25일 화요일 오후5.30pm – 7.00pm
          킬라라 중고등학교
– staff common room in A Block

설명회의 밤에서 다루는 사안들
학교가 학생들에게 바라는 것이 무엇인지,
어떻게 학부모가 자녀를 최대한 지원해 있는지,
어떻게 학부모가 자녀의 학교생활에 참여할 있는지  
학부모와 교사간 만남, 학교 출석사항클럽활동추가 교과활동과 스포츠 활동, 캠프, 학과목 선택과 그리고 HSC(Higher School Certificate- 일명 대입수능시험)
다과가 제공됩니다.
부디 참석하셔서 다과와 함께 새롭게 교류할 학부형들을 만날 기회를 가지시기 바랍니다

답장 바랍니다: 준비를 위해 참석하시는 분의 수를 알려 주시면 감사하겠습니다.


         Ms Jenny Newell       



Year 7's First Week


Undoubtedly, starting in a new school can be challenging and worrisome, let alone starting Year 7 in a big high school. Despite this, it can be said that Year 7 PATHFINDERS have transitioned well to Killara High School with a positive attitude. As students first stepped foot into the school on Day 1, they were feeling excited and determined towards commencing their new chapter of their schooling life. They were keen to explore the various facilities, including the Lion Library, where they were actively reading and borrowing books from day one. 


The new students were welcomed with open arms into our school community as they were introduced to their Home Group teachers, classroom teachers, as well as other students from the school. The students engaged well with other students from their cohort, as well as with other members of the school community. They were also keen participants in their various lessons, as evident from the various discussions heard around the school.


Year 7 students had the following to say:

“The teachers are very welcoming and understanding. Loads of people want to be your friend” - Maia K.

“I enjoy going to Art class. It allows me to create abstract art and think outside the square.” - Lucinda M.

“I really enjoyed the swimming carnival. It was very organised.” - Jack M.


The annual school Swimming Carnival was a major success, as Year 7 students excitedly dived into the pool to compete as well as to have a casual swim. They demonstrated their exceptional swimming talents, as well as their team work skills both in the House relays or cheering other members from their Houses in the grandstands.


We would like to congratulate Year 7 in their efforts to transition from primary to high school. We are very proud of each and every student, as they welcomed high school life with both diligence and enthusiasm. We are very excited to see what is to come from the cohort, and will be supporting them along their journey with many adventures to come.


Arash Atar & Ayesha Ghazzawy

Year 7 Advisers

Uniform Shop

Term 1

The Uniform Shop would like to announce the date for the next secondhand uniform sale as being Saturday 28 March.  The sale will be from 8.30am to 9.30am and will be held in the open area close to the shop, accessible through Gate 5 on Koola Avenue.


If you have any unused clothes which are in a reasonable condition that you would like to donate for the sale, please wash (no need to iron) and bring them in to the shop on a Tuesday or Friday morning.  Funds raised from the sale go to the school through the P&C.  If you are able to assist on the day or at another opening time, please send through your details to


We will also be open on the following dates/times for purchase of winter uniform prior to the commencement of Term 2:


Saturday 28 March 8.30am to 12.00pm (the secondhand sale will end at 9.30am promptly but the shop will remain open until midday)

Sunday 29 March 10.00am to 12.00pm

Saturday 4 April 8.30am to 12.00pm

Sunday 5 April 10.00am to 12.00pm

Monday 27 April (school development day) 8.30am to 12.00pm.


You are also more than welcome to purchase online by using the application called Qkr! by Mastercard (see the Killara High School website for details). Your students can come to the shop on a Tuesday or Friday morning to check the fit before bringing items home.


Barbara Liebenberg

Uniform Shop Manager


Latest Information

Newsletter Term 1 Week 2

School Information

Visit our School Careers Facebook page for the latest information. Search Facebook for ‘Killara High School’s Careers Page’.


Job Jump

The school is subscribed to Job Jump, a careers website which provides a wide range of information and resources. All parents, staff and students have free access. The password is kh and you can register with your personal email address.


For up to date careers information, please visit the school website at:


Alternatively, please visit the new Careers website at:


For further information on any of the above or for general inquires please contact the careers faculty. Email


Sophie Campbell and Elif Macpherson

Careers Advisers


Important Term 1 Information

Killara High School performing Arts Ensembles has a Facebook page for quick reference to upcoming events for parents, guardians and students



Auditions for dance will be held in the Kerrabee Hall Week 2 Friday lunch and Week 3 Tuesday lunch.

Whether you have registered or not and are interested in joining a dance group please come along. 


Vocal Extension Auditions

Year 9/10

If you like to sing and want to be involved in challenging performances such as Schools Spectacular, our Vocal Extension is the ensemble for you. Rehearsals are every Tuesday from 7.30am in G03 Music room with Mrs Kim. Come along and give it a go. 


Percussion Ensemble 7 and 8

Students interested in being part of the Percussion Ensemble, please come along during lunchtime to the CCS Monday week 3. 


Please register your interest with Mrs Berry -

Student Achievements


In January Dylan Cotter of Year 8 was selected to represent NSW in the 2020 U/12 National Futsal Championships held in Canberra. His team, Sydney Thunder, played nine games over the five-day event and were victorious in the Grand Final.




P&C Meeting 19 February

Killara High School P&C 19 February
7.00pm Common Room A-block


1.    Sign attendance form and $2 membership fee

2.    Apologies  

3.    Approval of minutes from 2019 AGM

4.    Election of P&C Committee and Sub Committee Co-ordinators for 2020.



5.    Approval of Minutes of previous meeting (November 2019)

6.    Principal’s Report    

7.    President’s Report    

8.    Treasurer’s Report    

9.    Student Wellbeing

10.    Business Manager’s Report

11.    Ekuba

12.    Uniform Shop    

13.    Canteen

14.    Building Committee  

15.    Grounds                     

16.    Technology    

17.    Any Other Business







Guest Speaker Tuesday 3 March


Mobile Phone Policy

Update 2020

You may have recently seen stories in the media about whether phones and other digital devices are harmful for students. We know that using technology is a key part of our daily lives and digital technology skills are important for learning and preparing our children and young people for life beyond school. We also know we need to support our students to use technology in safe, responsible and respectful ways. 


To support schools and students, a new policy on the use of all digital devices in schools will apply in all NSW public schools from 2020.


Our school will be updating our technology and mobile phone policies to reflect the new requirements during 2020.


The new policy includes the digital device restriction for primary schools announced by the NSW Government in December 2018. Under the policy, secondary schools retain discretion to implement a similar restriction or pursue the approach that best suits their circumstances and the needs of their diverse communities. Information on this policy and responses to some Frequently Asked Questions are available at: NSW Department of Education’s website.


We will update you on any future changes that may be required to our procedures before they are adopted into the school. 


We are looking forward to working with our school community to support our children and young people be safe online and balance the benefits and risks of digital technology. 


Robin Chand

Deputy Principal

School Bus Timetable

School Bus Timetable

To download the school bus timetable, visit From the Home Page click on ‘Plan your Trip’ and then click on ‘School Bus Timetables’, and search for the name of your school.

Alternatively please view the PDF below:


Robin Chand

Deputy Principal

Parking and Road Rules

Parking and Road Rules

Please click on the PDFs below to view the parking and road rules in a school zone:


U Turns

Note that U turns across double lines are illegal.

This means that U turns are illegal, and dangerous, along the full length of Koola Avenue outside the school. 


Rangers regularly enforce these rules. Please consider the safety of our children before convenience.

Kiss and Ride Zones

Kiss and Ride Zones are designed for your convenience and for your child’s safety. 

Designed for quick entry and exit, these zones minimise congestion and risk when used properly by all parents and carers. These zones operate under the same conditions as no parking zones, which means you may stop to drop off or pick up children for a maximum of 2 minutes. You are required to remain in or within 3 metres of your vehicle. Days and hours of operation may apply to some zones.


Robin Chand
Deputy Principal 

Killara High School
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