03 August 2018
Issue Twelve - 3rd August 2018
The Principal's Report
Diary Dates
Important Information
Fair Update
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    Celebration 100 days of Foundation 
Mr Batt's Sports Report
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Performing Arts & Music at BPPS
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The Principal's Report

Randal Symons

We wanted to let everyone know that Randal will be on leave for the remainder of the 2018 school year.  He was due to be on Long Service Leave for the first three weeks of this term. He was heading to Europe and Scandinavia.

Prior to leaving, he had not been feeling well and headed to the doctor.  Through testing it was found that he had a chronic subdural hematoma. He has had two stays in hospital, the first for  surgery and the second after having a seizure. 

He is currently seeing a neurosurgeon and a neurologist and they are monitoring his recovery. He is having regular scans so that his doctors can see his progress and make adjustments to their recommendations. He is unable to drive for the next six months, is finding each day different and is spending lots of time sleeping. He is home and making sure that his recovery is his focus. I know that you all join us in sending our best wishes to him for a full and speedy recovery. 

If you have messages for him or well wishes please drop them into the office and we will make sure they get to him. 

We look forward to him returning in 2019. 


Assistant Principal

It has taken some time and planning to work out what we will be doing at school in Randal's absence. Emma Chiera will be in the Assistant Principal role for the rest of 2018. If you would normally contact Randal regarding matters at school please contact her via the office. 

From Monday Kristen Schultz will be back in 5CS teaching with Sally Curlewis, we know that they will continue the great learning program for 5CS students. 

Good sporting behaviour

In a school the size of Boroondara Park PS there are many students involved in many different after school and weekend activities. For lots of our students this means involvement in local sporting clubs. 

There are so many opportunities in our lives outside of school to continue living our rights and responsibilities.

At the end of a game thanking the opposition for the game is a great way to show respect.

Celebrating a win as an individual or in a team sport is exciting and a chance to acknowledge the work of our team mates. But it is important that our children understand the importance of humility in victory. 

There are things we can do to win the right way, a lot of this has to do with fairness and honesty. Playing by the rules, being honest with actions and listening to coaches and referees are all a part of this. 
It is important to be a good winner, everyone knows who the winner is and there is no need to rub it in. We can assist our students by making sure the language they use is not a put down. 

Always be polite towards the other team - Remember that they have just lost and need encouragement. They don’t need you being rude, because they already feel bad for losing. Being kind and polite should happen before, during and after the game. 


We were excited to learn that Sarah Amiconi and Warwick have welcomed Jack into the world on Wednesday July 18th.


Newsletter features

You will notice a few new pages in this issue of the newsletter, we hope to continue to add and delete pages as they are needed.

This week we have a special feature page From the Classroom, this is where you will find information about what is happening in our learning programs. This week there is guide on Literacy and Numeracy tips to help your child every day document. It is designed to support parents of students aged 0-12 years.

Another page you might want to read is the Fair page - stay tuned for lots more information about our exciting community event on November 10th.

Congratulations to our Foundation students who have celebrated their 100th day at school this week.  

Parent Opinion Survey

We want to thank those parents who have already completed the Parent Opinion Survey. A random sample of parents has been invited to complete the survey for 2018 and we look forward to gaining their feedback. A reminder that the survey needs to be completed online with the code that was sent to you, it should be submitted by Sunday 26th August.

The survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete, and can be accessed at any convenient time within that period on desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. The online survey will be available in a range of languages other than English. These include: Arabic, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Chin (hakha), Hindi, Japanese, Somali, Turkish, Punjabi and Greek.

How can we support our students to be good friends?

Every child will likely have a problem with friendships at some point in their school life. I have been exploring resources and came across a Kids Matter document titled - Everyone Needs a Friend. I hope that you can use it to support your child to be a fantastic friend and assist them to problem solve when issues arise. 


Following on from my article on Bystanders and Bullying in the last newsletter this link will take you to the Department website that can provide lots more information around bullying and supporting your child. 


2019 Enrolments

As a school we are always planning ahead. As part of this we ask that if you have a child ready to start school in 2019 that you enrol them by the end of July. Enrolment packs are available from the office. 
If you know someone who is looking for a school for 2019 please ask them to contact the office and join one of our school tours. 

Why did you send your child to Boroondara Park PS?

In the last two newsletters we have asked parents to spend a few minutes filling in a Google form to enable us to understand why they sent their child to Boroondara Park PS. It also gives the opportunity for you to tell us what would make our school even better. Thank you to those who have taken the time to fill in the form.


If you have not already provided feedback please take the opportunity by following this link  Why did you send your child to Boroondara Park PS?

Diary Dates

Term 3

Monday 6 August - Whole School Photo

Friday 10 August - Year 3/4 Soccer Competition

Friday 10 August - Eastern Region Hockey 7s

Friday 10 August - Second Hand Uniform Stall

Tuesday 14 August - ICAS Maths

Tuesday 14 August - Eastern Region Soccer

Wednesday 15 August - School Council

Friday 17 August - Gymnastics Program concludes

Friday 17 August - Junior Hooptime Dandenong 8am - 3pm

Monday 20 August - Year 5 Scienceworks Excursion

Monday 20 August - Monash Youth Music Festival

Wednesday 22 August - State School Spectacular: mass choir

Wednesday 22 August - Year 6 Scienceworks Excursion 

Thursday 23 August - Senior Hooptime Dandenong 8am - 3pm

Monday 27 August - Fathers Day Stall

Wed 29 - Fri 31 August - Grade 4 Oasis Camp at Mt Evelyn

Thursday 6 September - District Athletics Carnival

Thursday 6 September - Student Led Expo 

Friday 7 September - Second Hand Uniform Stall

Tue 11 - Fri 14 September - Grade 5 Camp

Wednesday 12 September - Year 6 Graffiti/Life skills program

Thu 13 - Sat 15 September - Victorian State School Spectacular

Thursday 13 September - State Hockey 7s Competition

Thursday 13 September - Grade 6 Visit to BHS

Friday 14 September - District Basketball Competition

Friday 14 September - Grade 6 Transition Incursion: hit the ground running

Thursday 20 September - Grade 2 Sleepover: TBC

Friday 21 September - End of Term 3: finish at 2:30pm


Term 4

 Monday 8 October - First day Term 4

Friday 21 December - End of Term 4: finish at 1:30pm

Important Information

Student Banking Volunteers Required

We really need 2 more parent volunteers (to join with our present helpers) to help process the students banking on a Tuesday morning from 9-10am. If this is something that you feel you could help us with please see the office staff to find out more info or talk to our fabulous  banking helpers:   Nadia Aquilante ,mother of Zara(4BM) and Felix Hardy (2MC) and Kristeen Ong, mother of Brenson( 2SQ). It usually takes only an hour of your time and all instruction will be given to you in a friendly happy environment.


Second Hand Uniform Stall

We will be holding a Second Hand Uniform Stall on the following dates Friday 10th August and Friday 7th September. The stall will be open from 3:30 -4pm and will be held outside the hall near the Canteen. Come and get a bargain!

Find your Treasure is the theme for Book Week in 2018. During this week we celebrate authors, illustrators and Australian children's literature. As part of the celebrations we have organised a number of activities including:

  • A display of the shortlisted books that can be read throughout the week in the library.
  • A Bookfair hosted by Readings in the library on Wednesday afternoon. This will provide an opportunity for our community to purchase and donate books to the school library.
  • A library treasure hunt held on Tuesday in the library during lunchtime.
  • A Zine making workshop in the library on Friday during lunch
  • A Book Week parade organised by the Library Captains with a gold coin donation.

The winning titles of the CBCA will be announced during BookWeek.

You can view the shortlisted books for 2018 at

Your School Librarian

Mare Maticevski

Fair Update

FAIR - It is happening!!!


Sponsorship / promotional opportunity at the Boroondara Park Primary School Fair

On Saturday 10th November 2018 Boroondara Park Primary School will be holding its biennial fair. Our school fair is a major community event with attendance from over 1500 people from the BPPS and local community.  Festivities commence at 3:30pm and conclude at 8:30pm with our spectacular fireworks display.  The 2018 Fair will feature:

  • Carnival rides including UFO Thrill Ride, Giant Slide, Inflatable Centre, Dodgem Cars and much more.
  • Live entertainment, face painting and a funky hair spray
  • FREE activities and roving performers
  • FREE games run by the team at Latitude
  • Delicious food and snacks such as souvlaki, wood fired pizza, ice cream, popcorn and fairy floss.
  • Beer and wine garden
  • Cake stall
  • Pony rides

And so much more . . .

You are invited to support the 2018 Boroondara Park Primary School Fair.  There are a range of affordable partnership packages that provide value and exposure for your family / business with cash and in-kind options.  Alternatively, we would be happy to tailor something to suit your business and budget.  Our Fair is a whole of community effort that relies on support from school families and valued partnerships with the wider community and businesses.  By supporting the Fair you enable us to host an entertaining community event, raising funds for the school.  Our goal this year is to raise funds towards the bottom oval redevelopment project.

We hope you will join us in making the Boroondara Park Primary School 2018 Fair our best yet. 

To secure your sponsorship, or for information please contact Jacquie White on 0409 524 263 or [email protected]


From The Classroom

Integrated Curriculum

This term, our whole school concept is Discovery. We use essential questions to focus the student's attention and guide their inquiry. This term, the questions we will be exploring are:

Team Foundation

 - What are the different properties of different materials?
 - How do we use different materials?
 - How do we construct a display?

Team 1-2

- How can we make puppets and instruments?
- How can we use instruments, computers and our bodies to make sounds?
- How can we use sounds and shadows to tell a story?

Team 3-4

- What are 'contact forces' and what are 'action-at-a-distance' forces?
- How do you design and conduct an experiment?
- How do you make computer programs using Scratch?

Team 5-6

- How can we create a model to show the scale of something?
- Why does light refract?
- What do we need to make an electrical circuit?
- What are the states of matter?
- How can we code a computer program?

Habits of Mind

As part of our learning programs, we explicitly teach a variety of thinking dispositions. One of these is called The Habits of Mind (HoM).  The HoM provide students with a set of skills and dispositions that will assist them as they study, work and play in the 21st Century. 

This term we are focusing on Remaining Open to Continuous Learning and Responding with Wonderment and Awe.  You will be able to see and hear the habits in action during our students' Student Led Expo on Thursday September 6.



Our Team 1-2 students have been inquiring in to the concept of multiplication. After recognising the connection between repeated addition and groups of, students move to using arrays to model these situations. From here, we move learning forward by recording the equation using the 'x' symbol.



This term, students are exploring the literary elements of plot, setting and character. These elements will be explored within the reading and writing program.  In Team 1-2, students are building on familiar texts by experimenting with character, setting or plot.  The three-headed monster who lives in a castle... does it remind you of a familiar text?



Student Led Expo

Class schedules for the Expo will be sent out to all families on Monday August 6. Be on the look out for a Portal message from your child's teacher.

Curriculum Planners

A reminder that our term overviews are available to our parents through the school's website @ 




Supporting your child's learning 

There are so many ways that our parent community support our school. One way that you can support your child and their learning is to get involved, promote learning and have conversations with your children. I have included with this newsletter a guide which offers literacy and numeracy tips to help your child every day. It is a guide designed to support parents of students aged 0-12 years. I hope you enjoy exploring the guide and taking on some new literacy and numeracy tips and strategies. 


Compiled by

Emma Chiera

Curriculum Design Coordinator

Celebration 100 days of Foundation 

100 Days Celebration

The Foundation students had a fantastic time celebrating 100 days of school. As part of the celebration students made crowns, threaded 100 fruit loops onto a necklace, participated in a 100 days exercise challenge and imagined what they could buy with $100. Students finished the day off with a dance and counting to 100 song. Thank you to all parents and carers who attended the afternoon and celebrated this special milestone. What a great day!

Thank you to the Foundation teachers for your organisation and  hard work

What our Foundation students thought of the day......

"I really liked making my necklace because it was colourful." Elizabeth FCB

"I enjoyed making the crown and wearing it on my head." Sebastian FKJ

"I like dancing to the song and getting my mum and sister to join in too." Nina FLA

"My favourite thing was the exercise challenge, I liked throwing and catching the bean bag." Baden FSA


Mr Batt's Sports Report

Division Interschool Sport

Last week, our Girls Soccer and Mixed Netball teams represented the school at the Boroondara Division Competition. The Girls Soccer team finished second out of three schools whilst the Mixed Netball team were undefeated and finished first overall. Both teams have now progressed through to the Eastern Region Competition, which will be held later in August. Congratulations to both teams on their fantastic efforts and thanks to their coaches, Mr Milan and Miss Grundy for their time dedicated to training and coaching the teams.


Girls Regional AFL Footy Competition

On Tuesday 31st July, nineteen girls in Years 5 and 6 competed in the Eastern Region Girls AFL Competition at Bulleen Park. There were 44 schools in attendance on the day, which clearly illustrates the growth of girls footy over the past couple of years. Boroondara Park finished top of a pool with three other teams, meaning we played in a quarter final which we narrowly lost by a goal, placing us somewhere from 6th – 10th overall. Fantastic work to the girls in the team who showed terrific growth over the last couple of months!


SSV State Team

A huge congratulations to Araya B from 6SR who has successfully qualified for the National Tennis Championships in Adelaide in October where she will represent Victoria. This brings our tally to three students who have qualified for SSV State Teams in 2018, which is a phenomenal achievement! We wish Araya all the best and look forward to seeing her compete at the Australian Open in the future.


Gymnastics Program

As I’m sure you are aware, we have just reached the end of our third week of the TriSkills Gymnastics Program that has been held during PE. We have been extremely fortunate to have such skilled and organised leaders this year running the program. Check out some students from 3RP in action!


Junior and Senior Hooptime

Our Hooptime days are only a matter of weeks away now, with the Junior Hooptime (Year 3/4s) on Friday 17th August and the Senior Hooptime (Year 5/6s) a week later on Thursday 23rd August. We are still looking for more parent helpers, especially for the senior day. If you are able to assist, please make sure you fill in your information by following the links below.



Artist of the Week

The artist of the week beginning July 30th is Max T of FCB with his picture, Under My Umbrella. Max mixed small amounts of black paint into white to create a wild, wintery sky, such as we have seen much of this winter! Into this sky he has collaged some brightly coloured umbrellas, so that they appear to be being tossed about by the wind. Max has depicted himself sheltering under one of the umbrellas. Max showed good skills when cutting fabric to create the warm clothes he is wearing. Well done Max!


Get ready for Art Week 2018

In the final week of term 3, Boroondara Park PS will again be celebrating Art Week.

Art Week is an opportunity to showcase the artwork of our students, with all students from Foundation to grade 6 exhibiting a piece of their art for the enjoyment of the whole school community.


We are also aware that there are a number of adult artists in our community. We think that Art Week is a fantastic chance to include some of your work in our display to allow us to discover the talent in our school community and at the same time, open the students’ eyes to the notion of art as a lifetime pursuit, or even possible career choice.


If you would like to offer an artwork for exhibition during Art Week, we would love to hear from you in the Art Department. But please do let us know early, as last minute submissions cannot be accommodated.


We are looking forward to another hugely successful Art Week event so please pop it in your calendar: September 17 – 21.


 Jennifer Hortin & Lisa Trevorrow


Art Pin Up of the Month

Venice - Canaletto (Italian 1697-1768)


Looking at a friend's recent travel photos of Venice, I was reminded of the paintings done by Canaletto in the early 18th century. Much has changed in Venice since then, but much has also stayed the same!


Unfortunately, we have had to remove the book in which people were asked to write comments and responses to the Pin Up. This is because of a number of inappropriate comments which had been written in there recently. However we still encourage you to come along and thoughtfully view the art work chosen for display each month.


Fantastic French Facts

Do you know who Marcel Marceau is?

We had a lot of students who dressed up as him on French Day.

Marcel Marceau was a famous French mime artist and he showed the world that you can act without words. He could make you laugh, cry and believe he was inside an invisible room without saying a single word. He was so famous that he performed and was photographed with Michael Jackson.

Marcel Marceau died in 2007 but he is French and world famous. Magnifique!

À la prochaine

Madame Higgins


Performing Arts & Music at BPPS

Assembly Guest Performer

Thank you to the Senior Choir for their performance of 'Africa' by Toto at our assembly held on Thursday 26 July! It was wonderful to show the school the performance that won 3rd place at the Boroondara Eisteddfod against twelve other schools.

Oxfam Concert

On Thursday 16 August, a number of our ensembles will be performing at Box Hill Town Hall to raise money for programs run by Oxfam. It will be a wonderful chance for our performers to showcase their talents and hard work to a large audience. The ensembles that will be performing include the Orchestra, Senior Choir, Recorder Ensemble, Boys Vocal Group, Girls Vocal Group, the Chamber Orchestra and the String Orchestra.

Llaaneath Poor and Aleksis Payne 

(Performing Arts Teachers)

Junior School Council

Crazy Hair Day

The JSC (Junior School Council) have decided that on the 8th of August BPPS will be having a free dress and crazy hair day. Students need to bring a gold coin donation for the Royal Children's Hospital.


Students should come to school with crazy hair and wear any clothes they like. Students can colour their hair or do what ever they want to!!!



Canteen Roster

We always need your help in the Canteen.  It's easy, it's fun and it's a great way to meet other members of the school community in a relaxed and friendly environment. Anytime you can spare is gratefully appreciated.  The more help the more choices for your children - if you are available please contact me via the office. 

Rostered volunteers for next fortnight are:

Tuesday 14/8 - Melissa Moscatelli  9 - 11

Thursday 16/8 - Mary Georgiou  9 - 11

Friday 17/8 - Diane Gabriel  9 - 11

All other days still need helpers.    


BPPS Community








OSHClub News

OSHclub News

Welcome back to Boroondara Park for term 3. We are looking forward to caring for and supporting our community this term.


This week the children have been having been continuing with our Solar System fortnight theme. They have been busy with Planet tri-cornered Frisbee making, papier-mâché planets, piñata making, Solar System scavenger hunt, sand-pit challenges, rocket hopscotch, Lego solar systems, bag tags, charades rocket cubby house making and lots of healthy cooking activities in Before School care sessions.


Thank you for your amazing patience with our new booking system. Many parents have given us lots of positive feedback and lots of constructive feedback so we could fix and change some of the issues that inevitably happen with a new administration system. Please remember you cannot book outside of 24hrs with the new government regulations for the CCS. Message the program mobile for any last minute bookings.

Note to parents:

We are very excited to announce my staff and I are running an OSHclub school Holiday Program at Boroondara Park these September Holidays!!!

I’ve already started planning themes and booking Excursions. If you have any requests for activities or ideas for excursions or incursions or know of any good companies that run incursions/excursions for kids please let me know asap.

Brochures and bookings should be available by the end of next week.


Community Notices

Balwyn Blazers 2018






Do you want to play cricket?

Koonung Heights Cricket Club is looking for new members. Nathan Grigg is the Junior Cricket Manager for this local cricket club in North Balwyn. Please see attached flier for all the information you need about joining the club. Registration Day is August 25th so come along and have a hit of cricket and see if you like it. Many members of the club are current BPPS students. 


LiteracyandNumeracyTipstoHelpYourChild_Final (1).pdf
LiteracyandNumeracyTipstoHelpYourChild_Final (1).pdf
Evelyn's Club Tennis for 65 +pdf.pdf
LiteracyandNumeracyTipstoHelpYourChild_Final (1).pdf
Sponsorship Prospectus.pdf
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