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06 August 2018
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The Principal's Pen

The Principal's Pen

It has been interesting watching our students navigate the idea of personal responsibility to their community. Notably, our Year 2 students presented a fantastic and informative assembly item this week about water usage and caring for the environment. The Secondary assembly had several items regarding the role our students play in influencing their world, including the celebration of the prizewinning video entries on the theme of bullying. Our students are regularly presented with very real opportunities to make their world better through their individual informed choices. The Year 12 students are just about to start making those choices on their own!

I encourage all of our families to continue this year's theme of building as we all make choices to encourage, support and lift others up. This is a wonderful community and we can each play our part in enhancing it.

What's Coming Up - Busselton

The College Calendar in 2018 - Busselton



Term 3





  • 14-16              Cadets Camp Years 7—12
  • Fri 17              Pupil Free Day


  • Thurs 23       Primary Parent Assembly Year 1



  • Thurs 6          Primary Parent Assembly Pre-Primary
  • Fri 7                Spelling Bee ( Years 6 –12)


  • 10—12           Year 11 Outdoor Education Camp
  • Fri 14              Primary Athletics Carnival


  • Thur 20          Open Night and Dance-it-Up Performance
  • Friday 21       Secondary Showcase,  Final Day of Term 3

Term Break Commences


To access the full school year calendar, follow the link to our website here.


Around the College

Uniform Items Return Policy

With the changes to the way the purchase of uniforms occurs, please note the following important information regarding returns.



Please take due care with ordering uniform items.  Should errors in orders be made, the following

processes are in place:

  • All returns must be in their original packaging, unused and unlabelled.
  • Manufacturing defects in items which will require replacement will be swapped out as soon as physically possible.  These items are to be presented to the front office for inspection.
  • Incorrect ordering or wrong sized items purchased will need to be re-ordered by parents, and the incorrect item presented to the front office.  The items will be inspected, and a credit applied to fees within 5 working days. 

Please ensure that you take the necessary precautions to avoid the need for returns.

Coffee Mornings for Term 3

Well, the text on this image is not actually true, but we have your attention.  Friday mornings (fortnightly), the effervescent and delightful Mrs Tully puts out the fancy cups, has the kettle hot, and looks forward to welcoming any and all parents to stop by the Home Economics room for a cuppa.   The next one will be on Friday August 17th.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for reminders of the scheduled weeks when these will occur.

We wish to thank Jackie for her contribution to our community in hosting these mornings.  She is invaluable, and we celebrate the love and laughter she provides.

Join us!

Lost Property!

Please remember to label all your children's clothing items, as we regularly have many pieces of apparel that requires claiming.  The lost property box outside the staff room is worth checking if you have missing pieces of uniform - and we will discard items not claimed at the end of each term.


Sponsors Sought!

The College is already preparing for our end of year events, and an opportunity has opened up to have another business join our team of sponsors for student awards.
If you would like to know more, please contact Dianne Fraser at the College. You can email her at [email protected], or call the administration on 9754 1144.
We would love your partnership.


You're a Star Concert

Whether you have a child who is performing, or just like to see our young musical talent, please mark the diary for our annual 'You are a Star' Concert.  It's on Friday August 10th.


We are excited as we start the planning for our College to complete our NAPLAN testing online next year. This term our teachers will be taking their classes through the preparation exercises and some of our students have already started practicing with the new format. Our Busselton students will be undertaking the tests on the desktop computers in our IT labs and our Dunsborough students will be using the new trolley of laptops. The research shows that the online testing is more engaging for students and is producing more accurate results across the range of abilities. For more information and to have a look at the sample test items available for parents and students to try you are encouraged to visit NAPLAN's public demonstration site:

There is a practice test date for some of our students coming up later this term on the 20th August and then we'll schedule some more practices at the end of Term 1 next year when they open the site in preparation for next year's NAPLAN. 


Primary Uniform

Starting next week, we have a new system that will be utilised in the Primary School which will see parents receive an email notification if their child is not wearing the correct uniform items.  The intent is to allow parents to immediately action a correction, and to ensure that our students are looking at their best and adhering to school policies. 

If you receive an email and are not able to action the correction immediately, please send a note to your child's teacher.

Please help us in this regard.  We hope we won't need to send many reminders out at all!


P & F News

The latest from the P & F in Busselton

Thank you to the wonderful parents who made coffee and painted faces at the Primary School's Lap-a-thon Fundraiser.  We are grateful for your contribution to the day.

A reminder that the next P & F meeting is on Monday August 6th, 7pm sharp in the staff room...all welcome!


The latest from the P & F in Dunsborough

The Dunsborough P&F meeting is being held on Wednesday 8th August.  Please join us for afternoon tea, and be part of our planning for this year's Lights in the Bush.

Entertainment Books

The brand new 2018 | 2019  Entertainment Memberships are here! Support our Fundraiser and enjoy valuable offers for many of the best restaurants, cafés, arts, attractions, hotels, travel, shopping and more! Order yours today:

Dunsborough families can collect a pamphlet from the Dunsborough Admin if they would like further information.

Campus Stories

Your Say Your Call Competition Winners

Cornerstone Christian College students have won the state’s ‘Your Say, Your Call’ competition, which encourages young film makers to create a 3 minute video which takes a stand against bullying.

The competition is run by the WA Police Force and Constable Care Program, and the winners will have their film made into a professional interactive film and share in thousands of dollars worth of prizes.  

Cornerstone had four of the top 10 finalists, and was last week crowned at the WA Screen Academy with the winning place, and also third place.  The Minister for Police, Michelle Roberts and the Police Commissioner were part of the line-up at the presentations.  

Hope Adams and Lucy Burge won the competition, who are both students in Year 8.  In third place was Lucia Kindt, Shannon Lucas and Alesia Riches (also in Year 8).  Third place took home a prize of $900.  

The other finalists were:

Year 9: Josie Black, Tyla Lindsay and Taneesha Hodsdon

Year 10: Ally Vocisano (Ally came away with an impressive second place in 2017)


For Hope and Lucy the best part is still to come.

These two young ladies will be working on the production of their video into an interactive film with the WA Screen Academy, and will be part of each step of the process. For two teenagers with aspirations of a future in film or acting, it's pretty exciting, and a wonderful opportunity.


Well done to all our finalists who brought so much honour to the College with their creative ideas, as well as their behaviour and demeanour at the event itself. Simply brilliant!


Cross Country Interschool

The Primary Inter-school Cross Country team headed out last week to make their mark on the course, and we have these few wonderful photos to show of our team.
Well done to every participant, and thanks to Mr Meyerink for organising the event.

Year 12s Get Scientific

Who said Year 12 isn't fun? Who said that a subject like Chemistry can't make you smile? Well, clearly the message hasn't gotten through to these senior students. 
If you have the time, please pause to pray for our Year 12 students as they fast approach the end of their Secondary Education. It's now the time where the work load is heavy and the burden can feel greater. 
Let's get behind them!


Secondary Science Reflection

What's been happening in Science this year in the Secondary School?  Mr Cleaver has put together a video of the fun side of science.  Take a look!


Secondary Cross Country 

Cross Country in the Secondary School was truly an experience of all the elements - with a particular focus on water! The weather was remarkably dry, when taking into account the rainfall we had in the days preceeding the event, but needless to say, the course was somewhat 'damp'.
Congratulations to our King and Queen of the course, Jaden Hodsdon (Year 10) and Alesia Riches (Year 8) for crossing the line first with respect to boys and girls. However, every student who participated showed a wonderful attitude and great team spirit.
Well done to Mr Cleaver and Mr Arthur and his Year 11 Phys Ed students for overseeing the organisation of the day. A wonderful success.


100 Days of School

A lot can happen in 100 days, and the Year 1 class made sure they celebrated all that their first 100 of schooling has held. 
Mrs Saw gives the following report:
'The children did a graphing activity with 100 balloons (which they got to take home in bunches at the end of the day). We had a selection of '100 seconds' challenges which were a variety of short tasks, such as sit-ups, star jumps, building cup towers, creating pattern block designs, sorting out the alphabet, writing as many words, and finding memory matches. We worked in pairs and had 10 challenges each to have a go at to see how many, how high, how long or how interesting we could complete each one within 100 seconds.
We were joined by some parents for our celebration lunch, which was delicious and we all took home certificates awarding us for being 100 days smarter! So all in all, a great way to celebrate 100 days of being in Year 1!'
Well done Mrs Saw and class. It sounds like a fabulous event!


Year 3s Go Bush

The Year 3 class explored the Bush last Wednesday, and here's the evidence! We love having the opportunity to have the kids explore the great outdoors on our doorstep, and we are grateful that God held back the weather to allow it to happen.
Miss Anderson writes: 'It's meant to be thunderstorms but instead we got to have our science lesson in the bush in sunlight. The excitement is contagious as they search for living and non living things'. Well done kids!


P.A.R.T.Y Excursion

Students in Year 11 and 12 had the opportunity to participate in the P.A.R.T.Y. – Preventing Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth – program at the Busselton Health Campus. The program has a strong message encouraging teens to think about the consequences of their actions before taking risks. Students heard from a trauma nurse, an emergency department doctor and nurse, drug and alcohol counsellor, speech therapist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and a member of the Paraplegic Benefit Fund. Students experienced some aspects of what life is like for those who experience a significant trauma. Activities included trying to communicate without speaking, sampling thickened water and coke for those who have swallowing difficulties, getting around in a wheelchair, trying to perform basic First Aid while wearing alcohol impairment simulation goggles and seeing what happens in the emergency department for a trauma admission.


Overall it was an excellent day and the students were highly engaged in the talks and activities. We would like to thank the staff and volunteers who put a lot of time and effort into making the day so engaging.


Miss Needham compiled the following reflection: ‘In my 15 years of teaching experience, this is the best health promotion activity I have seen. Here is some feedback from the students so you can see what they thought of the day:


The P.A.R.T.Y Program opened my eyes about the issues I may face in the future. Seeing firsthand what the emergency department deals with was, in my opinion, interesting and I loved how open the crew was about any queries. Paul - young man who once surfed, deep sea dived and generally loved exciting his life. Now, a quadriplegic who hasn’t let him disabilities get the best of him. He shared some really great tips and was able to connect well with others, as he was also open about his struggles and showed me personally, no matter how bad things are for me, someone who’s a quadriplegic can be happy. So why can’t I?


Now the next time I go to a party I can reduce risk for my peers and myself. Definitely recommend this program.

I thought it was really beneficial and worth going. I learnt a lot. It was really good hearing from Paul, that was really inspiring and put everything we learnt into perspective.


I really enjoyed it. All the speakers were really informative and helped open my eyes to all the ways you can avoid trauma incidents. My favourite part of the day would have to be when the guest speaker (Paul) shared his story of his spinal injury and how he didn’t let it stop him from doing the things he loved before his accident.


Today’s information sessions on drug and alcohol related trauma really opened my eyes to how life changing the smallest, dumb actions can potentially be. I believe that this program will have many benefits in the future for anyone considering making any silly choices, but rethinking thanks to the images and stories we were told today.


My favourite part of the day and what I took the most from was listening to Paul’s story. Hearing how quickly your life can change from a small decision opened my eyes. The frailty of life was greatly expressed which showed the importance of considering the consequence before acting. However, it wasn’t trying to coat us in cotton wool but telling us to enjoy life and take risks but consider the consequences first.


From what I've learnt today I have gained a greater understanding of how you need to treat your body. There is always choices you can make in certain situations and sometimes the wrong one can change your life.


I really enjoyed talking and listening to Paul the quadriplegic man, his story was extremely informative and inspirational.


Today was very informative and I enjoy it thoroughly!! It really opened my eyes to the dangers of risk taking actions.


My favourite part of the whole experience was finding out how hard it is to move around in a wheelchair. Finding out how hard it is just to do simple tasks such as opening a door when you can’t move your legs and you have to keep the door open while trying to push the wheels so that you can move through the door.


My favourite part of today was mainly all of it, including the interactive activities such as walking through the ED, getting a taste of what it would be like in a wheelchair and swallowing thickened water. It really amazed me how many people around my age go through drug and alcohol related traumas and how important it is to wear a seatbelt, think about my actions and not to take things for granted as anything can happen and I could easily end up in a wheelchair.


Today kind of just reinforced what I already know. I think it's good to occasionally just refresh your mind on the risks that are around us as teenagers, especially going into the next couple of years. It's just important to know your limits and be sensible. Things can dramatically change so quickly in your life.

Take home- I took home today, information about drug and alcohol related trauma and showed me that my friends and I need to be more aware of things that happen to my age group.
What I learnt- I learn to live... safely.

Favourite part- my favourite part of today was, mainly all of it. Including the interactive activities.

It blew me away of how often alcohol and drug related trauma occurs in people in my age group, it really opened my eyes to see that things like this does happen and encourages me to make little changes, even just making sure I wear a seat belt to Coles’

Study Skills

Study Skills



Some students are naturally able to find a good balance between all the facets of their life: schoolwork, sports, activities, friends, family, technology and all of the other aspects of life that keep us busy from when we wake to when we sleep.


Other students struggle to fit their schoolwork in during the evenings and weekend. Some students come home after school and just sort of ‘wait’ until they feel like working.  And what happens is that they never feel like it so they just don’t get started!


Some students start work not long after they get home, but they drag their work out over the whole night doing work in front of the TV, or the computer or their phone. It takes them the whole night, but they hardly get any work done and they don’t feel like they have had a break at all.


A much more effective way to approach home study each evening is to keep your school work and your personal life separate. Don’t do your work in front of the TV, don’t do it while on social network sites or while using messenger apps, instead work in 20-30 minute blocks of time and during this time make the conscious choice to actually remove or turn off things that are going to distract you. As it is only for a short block of time, it is bearable. Train yourself to have breaks from your distractions for the blocks of time when you do schoolwork.


By doing this you will learn to really focus and concentrate on what you are doing for a block of time. You will be amazed at how much work you get done and how productive you are during this time. Then at the end of that half hour period you have a proper break and really enjoy your free time.


You can find special software for blocking distractions on computers and phones in the Dealing with Distractions unit on


Our school’s subscription details to this online study skills website for high school students are –

School username: cornerstone 

School password: 157results

Alumni Update

The latest news from Teneil

Cornerstone has some amazing graduates who are really making a big impact in the world around them. Teneil Anderson was our head girl a few years back, and is currently entering the field of law and policy making to make a mark on the world around her. If you have time, keep reading about what she's been up to.

'For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Teneil Anderson. I graduated from Cornerstone Christian College in 2014 and have been gallivanting across the country side ever since. Perhaps not so much gallivanting but more growing up a little bit and trying to figure out how to live in the big, adult world. 
Since graduating from Cornerstone I have had the privilege to intern at Cornerstone Church of Christ, begin studies at ECU in psychology and counselling, a year of study at Kingdomcity Leadership Academy and at the beginning of this year I was in Canberra, interning at the Lachlan Macquarie Institute (LMI). 
Along my travels I have had the honour to speak at the Rally for life, travel overseas and around Australia and meet some incredible people of influence. 

When I graduated, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do next. I was a bit stumped. But thankfully I had great teachers and pastors who came alongside me to help me make the next step. 
I am now 21, and studying at Notre Dame in Fremantle. In 2019 I will begin my studies in Law and Philosophy. Right now I am doing a Tertiary Pathway Program to prepare me for my studies next year. Within the next 18 months I will transfer to Sydney Notre Dame and continue my studies there under some solid Christian lecturers who I have already had the privilege to meet through my internship at LMI.

The reason why I want to study Law is because I love the idea that the law has this beautiful power to shape a society. With this in mind, I am hoping to get into politics or policy work. 

The thing I am most grateful for from my time at Cornerstone was my Christian education. Without it, I know I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wasn’t raised in a Christian home, but through Cornerstone, encountered a body of genuine Christians who cared for me and my academic abilities. I am incredibly thankful for teachers who pushed me towards my potential.

I believe I am finally fulfilling the kind words they spoke over me in High School. I didn’t always believe the kind words, but I am so thankful for them now because I still look back on them today. Every teacher I had for the 5 years I was at Cornerstone has been a huge part of my personal and academic journey, and I can confidently say I would not be on the path I am now without them.

If I could give any student some advice it would be this:
High School is not forever! And where you are right now and how you feel right now is not forever. Listen to your teachers, it’s not just their job to teach and help you; it’s their passion. And get plugged in to a great church!! You will be unstoppable with a great education and a genuine relationship with God. Trust me, He will exceed your wildest imaginations.'

In the News


The Primary Lap-a-thon raised over $3000 for charity, and the Busselton Mail ran the story this week.

You can see the story here:


Maddie Stolp's Swimming Opportunities

One of our students, Maddison Stolp (Year 9), has been identified as a young woman with some power in the pool, and she has been chosen to represent Australia in an international competition for swimmers in her class. Whilst it's not something the press has picked up on yet, we celebrate with Maddie her selection and look forward to watching what the future holds for this young lady. 

Well done Maddie!



The 2018/2019 basketball season is fast approaching and it is time to start thinking about registering your son/daughter!  

You need to do this by emailing our secretary, Sharee Mullally, at [email protected] and providing the following details:


1.  Player's name

2.  Player's date of birth (very important!)

3.  Names of other players you have a preference to play with (ie. team mates that have played together before and are able to do so again, if it works out age-wise)

4.  Name of coach if you have one lined up

5.  How you as a parent are able to help out during the season (ie. team manager, fundraising, coach, etc.) as well as your name and contact phone number


The deadline for player registration (a simple email; no payment needed yet) is strictly Friday, AUGUST 17.  If you have not emailed by this date we cannot guarantee your son/daughter will be able to play. 

One major change to fixture days and times from last year is that all U10 and U12 year old players will be playing at the GLC on Saturdays. Please consider this when you register children in this age group.  The understanding is that girls will play in the morning and boys in the afternoon, to allow for boys who play cricket to do both sports. The other major change is that only two venues will be used for the season: GLC and NCC in Dunsborough.  Cornerstone and Busselton Senior High School will no longer be utilised. 

Studying Mars

The Astronomical Society of the South West (Inc) will be holding special Mars Astronomy Nights for the public at their Observatory, Keble Heights, College Grove, Bunbury. The Observatory will be open on Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of August each night from 7.00pm to 9.30pm, weather permitting.

Mars will be appearing 5 times brighter than we normally see it in our night-sky as it has it's closest approach to Earth since 2003 and this rare opportunity won't happen again for another 30 years. There will also be other planets and many other night sky objects to be seen.

Cost: Adults - $12.00; Children - $8.00; Family - $35.00.

Further Information, Phone: Cameron on 9795 8204

Book Chat Club


Online Safety


Vac Swim Enrolments Now Open

Pools and beaches are part of the Western Australian lifestyle, and we need to make sure our children are safe in the water.

Enrol your children now in VacSwim swimming lessons during the October and December/January school holidays.

To enrol online visit  

Fundraiser Opportunity


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