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27 July 2018
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Principal's Page

Welcome back to our College Community

We welcome back our College Community to what promises to be another busy Semester at Wheelers Hill Secondary College.  

Parent Opinion Survey, 2018

The Department of Education (or DET) seek to gain feedback from parents / guardians on an annual basis.  Parents / guardians are chosen at random to complete a DET developed Parent Opinion Survey.  Randomly selected parents would have received information on how to complete this Survey last week.  By completing the Survey, parents / guardians have the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions about our school.  As a College, we value the thoughts and opinions of our parents / guardians an we look forward to analysing the Survey results later in the year.

New Staff at WHSC, Semester 2, 2018

We would like to welcome new staff to the team at Wheelers Hill Secondary College:

Siran Gao - Language Assistant 

Nick Molan - Physical Education and Science Teacher

Christine Palmer - French Teacher 

Whole School Assembly, Tue 24th July

We held a Whole School Assembly earlier in the week to mark the start of another important Semester of study at the College.  Please read on in the Newsletter for further information about our Whole School Assembly.



Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (or STEM) is growing in importance within the curriculum of schools, and that around 75% of the fastest growing occupations require STEM knowledge (The Educator Magazine, July, 2018).

Our Professional Development Day yesterday (26/7) had a 'STEM' focus with staff engaged in a number of activities during the day.  Please read on in the Newsletter for more information concerning our Professional Development Day.

In recent times, we have been able to develop and implement more and more STEM into our Teaching and Learning:

  • Year 7 - All students have completed a year-long unit on Digital Technologies. Programming and Problem solving form the central elements of this course.
  • Year 8 - All students complete a year-long unit in STEM – This will include units on ‘Introduction to 3D Printers’ and ‘Introduction to Laser Cutting’ (2019); Trial of Ewaste STEM unit for all students (2018)
  • Year 9 - Community Connections includes a Robotics stream; Urban Connections is based around a ‘Sustainable Cities’ STEM unit; Digital Technologies elective is offered; we are introducing a new STEM elective “Drones, Droids and Directing”, and incorporating a number of new technologies as part of student learning
  • Year 10 - Computing and Robotics electives

Building Program

The Gymnasium and Performing Arts Complex is really starting to take shape with more roofing added in recent times.  The Building Program has been delayed slightly with the Gymnasium and Performing Arts Complex now due for completion in late December, 2018.  Please see some photos below highlighting the Program's progress.  


Headspace - Safe Minds At Home, Tue 7th August

Please be reminded that Headspace will provide their 'Safe Minds at Home' presentation at the College on Tuesday the 7th August from 6:30 to 8:00pm.  This special event will be held in our College Library.  The presentation from Headspace will provide information to families on helping to identify mental health issues.   There is no cost to families.  Please register your interest to the General Office by Friday 27th July.

College Planning, 2019

We are already planning for 2019. Our Year 7 intake for 2019 is approximately 135 students at the moment, and our current Year 8 to 12 students will embark on the 2019 Course Selection process in the coming weeks. The Course Selection process is important as it helps us understand what our curriculum program requirements may be for the year ahead.

Our College Council is also considering a number of ideas to further improve the College.  Some of these ideas relate to our Buildings and Grounds. Further Solar Panels, Water Tanks and more Outdoor Covered Areas have been briefly outlined as ideas that might be worth considering. Our Resources Sub Committee will discuss and consider further together with reporting back to Council.

Value of the Week - Creativity

Staff and students involved in the Performing Arts Camp last week (18 - 19/July) were busy rehearsing and creating props relating to the College Production, The Wizard of Oz. Our students really enjoyed the experience of working together with staff to further develop and refine the performance. Our College Community is really looking forward to what promises to be another first class Production later in the year (September).  Well done to all involved.

And finally....

Feedback from our next Assessment and Reporting Cycle will be made available in September this year.








Aaron Smith

College Principal

Assistant Principals' Report

College Assembly

On Tuesday 24th July, the sun was shining for our whole school college assembly, which due to the building works, was held on the hard courts.

Our College Captains were able to compere the event and we were entertained by our students with respect to some musical and drama performances.

The theme of the assembly focused on high expectations, and celebration of student achievement.

I would like to congratulate all students for the manner in which they conducted themselves on the day. All students arrived promptly to the venue and demonstrated a high level of engagement during proceedings. Well done to all the students who were recognised for their contributions or achievements on the day!


Staff STEM Professional Learning Day

On Thursday 26th July at Wheelers Hill spent a day introducing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and 21st Century Learning Skills to the staff.

The first session was the entire staff having the ideas behind STEM being explained with an overview of the current and future STEM offerings of the College. This was followed by a group activity in which staff had to make aluminium boats to support weights, an activity that might be familiar to our Year 7 students. The point of the exercise was to demonstrate how working collaboratively can help in problem solving.



The following sessions provided the opportunity for staff in their own subject areas to reflect on what they offered the students and consider alternative means of allowing students to complete assessments.

This was followed by a series of ‘tasters’ showing what equipment could be used in developing a STEM program. This included drones, laser cutters, 3D printers and sites which teach programming.


Wheelers Hill Secondary College in the news

Monash Leader - Wednesday 25th July

Mrs Judy Anderson & Mr Andrew Dixon   

Assistant Principals

What's on this week


  • Ski Trip - Year 8


  • EMR Senior Boys Netball


  • RYDA - Year 11


  • GTAC Excursion
  • Production Primary School Visit - Wheelers Hill Primary School


  • VIC Roads - Roads Smart 
  • VCE Information Night


  • Year 8-9 Community Connections Expo


  • Year 8 Study Skills Seminar


  • Year 8-9 Elective Choices Expo
  • Safe Minds at Home - Headspace


  • Artvo- Unit 2 Psychology
  • Production Primary School Visit #2- Waverley Meadows 


  • County & Supreme Court
  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • Year 9 into 10 Information Evening


  • Year 10 into 11 Course Counselling
  • Year 11 into 12 Course selections Due
  • Year 7 Study Skills Seminar


UNWS Science Competition

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) Science Competition took place on Tuesday May 29, with 33 students from Wheelers Hill Secondary College taking part. The competition tested student’s knowledge on all areas of Science including Earth Sciences, Physics, Biology, Ecology and Chemistry, and various skills including their ability to interpret and apply data, observe and measure and apply high-order thinking processes.


From all of the participating students, 8 students attained a result of merit or credit. Students who are awarded a certificate of credit were in the top 35 per cent of participants, and students awarded a certificate of merit were in the top 45 per cent of participants. These students are listed below and were presented with their certificates at the whole school assembly on Tuesday 23rd of August. All other students who participated in the UNSW Science Competition will be awarded a certificate of participation, which will be handed to them via their science teacher.


Year 7

Tanner Patterson (7C) – Merit

Brady Thomassen (7B) – Merit

Jenna McIver (7D) – Credit

Brady Hunt (7E) – Credit


Year 8

Haydee Wilke (8A) – Credit & The Principals Award

David Wang (8C) – Merit

Jade Edwards (8D) – Merit


Year 9

Jake Sia (9B) – Merit


STEMania - Science Incursion

As part of Science Week 2018, Perform Educational Musicals will be conducting a performance titled "STEMania" to all students in Year 7. STEMania is a fact-filled theatrical presentation using action packed sketches, appealing characters, comedy, high energy and audience interaction that educate students about Science and Technology.


Played out through a series of theatrical sketches to create hilarious and fact-filled scenes that educate on STEM subjects, STEMania uses suggestions from the audience where performers will build educational sketches, creating a unique and customised performance with each presentation. The closing date to play for the incursion is Monday, July 30th.


Stephanie Clemons

Science Domain Leader

Legal Studies

Year 11 Legal Studies Excursion

On Friday the 20th of July, Year 11 Legal Studies students visited the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court where they observed criminal and civil cases in action. The aim of the excursion was to assist students in enhancing their understanding of the jurisdiction and procedure followed by the court. During the afternoon, students attended the Juries Program held at the County Court. The aim of the program is to foster a greater understanding of the role juries play in our justice system. Students visited the Melbourne Jury Pool room and were addressed by the Juries Commissioner Paul Dore and participated in a mock jury empanelment.

Anna Anetoudis

Senior Legal Studies Teacher

Performing Arts

Production Tickets On Sale Soon! 

Tickets for our annual musical production go on sale August 2nd, 10:30am! Make sure you have your seat for quite the spectacular! Tickets to be purchased via Burrinja Cultural Centre Online Box Office, or by calling 9754 8723 Tues - Sun 10am - 4pm.


Production Camp! 

The first week back of Term 3, 60 talented, passionate and hard working students attended the ever productive, Production Camp! From crafting, dancing, singing, trivia and rap battles, all students should be proud of all the hard work they put into the show! Congratulations to all individuals involved. 

Genelle Lentini

Performing Arts Leader


Middle School 

Welcome Back

The last two weeks of Term 2 were very hectic and many events happened for the students. The most important event was receiving their final report of Semester 1. As a parent you are may be starting to see the benefit of the immediate feedback after a CAT and the student has an idea of what was expected in the subject task. It is also an opportunity to have the discussion with your child about making deadlines, organizing homework or tasks and doing the best that they can do. Taking ownership of their work and recognising the benefit of independent study is what we want the students to successfully work on and achieve in the earlier years of Secondary School so that they have these skills by the time they reach VCE.


Middle School Students

Weekly meetings have begun again, discussions about what they would like to achieve this Semester. Just a reminder that the Year 7 Lunchtime Club will be running again.



Alpine School Students

The 5 students, Sarah, Miranda, Spencer, Lachlan and Matt, travelled to Dinner Plain with their families on the weekend and embarked on their 9 week School at the Alpine school. The students will be expected to help with cooking and cleaning, washing their own clothes and organizing their equipment for expo’s. They will work with the Community in the area, get their Food handling and First aid certificates and have many lessons. We wish them a fantastic time and when the Blogs begin I will put some snippets in the next editions of the newsletter.


Year 7 Dates

These are some important dates for everyone to be aware of for all students in the cohort to attend this Term.

10th August – Study Skills Seminar

13th August – STEM Mania Production


Year 8 Dates

These are some important dates for everyone to be aware of for all students in the cohort to attend this Term.

27th July - Personal Best Program; Ski Trip. If students are not attending the Ski Trip classes will be running as normal.

3rd August - Community Connections Expo – Informing students of the choices that they can make for 2019

6th August - Study Skills Seminar

7th August - Elective Choice Expo – Informing students of the elective choices that they can make for 2019

16th August - Parent Information Session on Study Skills and Elective Choices

12th September - Medieval Day


Year 9 Dates

These are some important dates for everyone to be aware of for all students in the cohort to attend this Term.

9th August – Parent information sessions

14th September – Year 9/10 Wellbeing Day



Mrs Melissa Robinson

Middle School Leader

Senior School


Welcome back to Semester 2. It is already shaping up to be a very busy term for Senior School students.
Information Evenings
During Weeks 3 and 4, Wheelers Hill Secondary College will be holding Information Evenings for students entering and moving through the Senior School in 2019.
On Thursday 2nd August, the Information Evening is for all parents of students entering Years 11 and 12 in 2019.
The evening will consist of two sessions:
Session 1 (6:30 – 7.00pm) for current Year 11 students and their parents will be held in the library.
Session 2 (7.15 – 8.00pm) for current Year 10 students and their parents will be held in the same venue.
From 6.00 – 7:30 pm in L1 and L2 there will be a display by Domain Areas of the VCE subjects that will be offered in 2019. Staff members will also be available to answer questions and give information and advice.
On Thursday 9th August, the Information Evening is for current Year 9 students and their parents. The evening will be held in the library between 6:30 and 7:15pm
 These evenings will be an important opportunity for parents and students to learn about and discuss course options for next year.
Selection Process
This year, the student selections for Year 10 and Year 12 in 2019 will be completed online. At the Information Evenings, students will receive a letter outlining the procedure to follow with a unique password to use.
Year 11 2019
Current Year 10 students will be making their selections for 2019 during the individual interviews that will take place on Friday 10th August. Each student will be given a time to meet with one of the subject advisors. Parents are encouraged to attend the meeting with their son/daughter. No Year 10 classes will be running on this day.
Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Judith Riddoch
Senior School Leader


Open Days 2018

Voula Jakubicki

Careers Coordinator


Fortnite - School TV Special Report

Most parents of adolescent children would be aware of the online game, ‘Fortnite’. For many young people, the addictive nature of this game is having adverse effects on children’s behaviour and affecting their mental health. With over 125 million registered players worldwide, this game encourages players to battle each other to death using a variety of weaponry.

With an age rating of 13+, this game raises many cybersafety concerns. Unfortunately, it allows unmoderated chat between players, leaving children exposed to be contactable by 'randomers' online. This function alone makes it unsuitable for primary aged children.

In light of last month’s announcement from the World Health Organisation now recognising “gaming disorder” as a mental health issue, this special report will help parents gain a greater insight into Fortnite and the concerns surrounding it. Parents are encouraged to reassess their gaming allowances and better manage technology usage at home.

If you have any concerns about your child, please contact the school counsellor for further information.

Here is the link to your special report :



Anglicare - Parentzone Courses

The Parentzone team at Anglicare Victoria provide very inclusive, informative and supportive parent education groups that run as single sessions or even 5-6 session courses? The feedback on these is fantastic and they are free of charge.
Coming up:
- Parenting Workshops - Ringwood - August
- Parenting Workshops - Mulgrave - August/September
- Growing Resilient Kids - Camberwell - August/September
- Tuning into Kids - August/September
- Parents Building Solutions (for professionals) - Lilydale - August/September
- Let's Talk About Teenagers - Croydon - October
- Tuning into Kids - Camberwell - October/November
- Growing Resilient Kids - Wantirna South - October/November
- Growing Resilient Kids - Bulleen - October/November
- Dads Matter - Croydon Hills - October-December
- Talking Teens - Blackburn South - November/December


Call 9735 4188 and ask for the Parentzone team. Book early as they usually book out quickly!


Peter Allen & Louise Ford

Student Wellbeing Middle & Senior School

Community News

Second-hand Uniform Shop Times

  • Thursday  9th August  1:30pm - 3pm
  • Monday 21st August  1:30pm - 3pm
  • Thursday 6th September  1:30pm - 3pm
  • Monday 18th September  1:30pm - 3pm

Entertainment Book


 Melbourne 2018 Writers Festival.

A former student Kaiit Waup will be participating  at the Melbourne 2018 Writers Festival on the Sunday 26th August at 2.30pm.


Lions Club Second hand Book Club Sale


Free Financial Literacy Workshop


Wheelers News
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