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27 June 2018
Issue Ten
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Message from the Principal

Purposeful Practice – the key to success

At our recent School Assembly we acknowledged the academic efforts and achievements of many of our students. I offer my sincere congratulations to all those who received awards and extend my gratitude to our academic staff whose dedicated efforts, support and inspiration have enabled our students to learn and develop.

Skills and natural talent alone are no guarantees for success.  I have seen many very talented people achieve little in life – it is those who show tenacity and drive – who are prepared to persevere – they are the ones who will conquer the challenges before them.

The American writer Dale Carnegie said: “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” 

The British writer and three times Commonwealth Table Tennis Champion Matthew Syed, undertook a study to see what makes people successful. He revealed his findings in the international best seller ‘Bounce’ – the Science of Success (2010).

We tend to assign words like ‘genius’, naturally gifted’ and ‘prodigy’ to people who achieve great success – yet Syed claims that excellence is primarily down to sustained ‘purposeful practice’. This cultural belief in giftedness creates problems at both ends of the scale:  1st the ‘gifted’ believe they therefore do not need to work hard at something and so squander their ability and 2nd ‘the non-gifted’, do not believe they have the talent and therefore do not bother to make the effort.  His book asserts that with effort comes excellence (and through excellence, often comes success).

Therefore we should praise effort – not talent. Syed’s research has revealed the key factors that drive success: 10,000 hours of purposeful practice. Syed supports Gladwell’s assertion that a major component of success is many hours of sustained practice (10,000 hours = 2.7 hours a day for 10 years).  However Syed insists it more then just hours – the practice itself needs to be ‘purposeful’ with high standards and quality feedback.

Another researcher by the name of Ericsson (’91) looked at violinists at the Music Academy in West Berlin. They were assessed into three groups (from able to least able). The only difference was the number of hours they practiced – 10,000 ; 8,000 ; and 6,000 hours – and the rule was unbroken – all 10,000 hour students were in the top category  (and nor were there any 6,000 hour students in this top category).

They concluded, “The difference between expert performers and normal adults reflect a life-long persistence of deliberate effort to improve performance”.

Another study of British musicians found that the high achievers learned no faster than others per hour – they merely did more hours.
This finding has been validated in many sports (e.g. Tennis – Agassi hit a million balls a year). Even so called child prodigies (such as Mozart) put in the hours  (he had clocked up 3,500 hours by the time he was 6 and had studied his art for 18 years before he wrote his Piano Concerto No 9 at the age of 21. Tigers Woods started when he was 2 years old. Serena Williams started playing at 3, and her sister Venus, at 4 years old.

Every now and then there is a new technique that dramatically lifts performance levels (eg - Fosbury flop in High Jump). But these are not sudden sparks of creative inspiration – they actually come from deep, sustained immersion in purposeful practice.

Artists such as Picasso, Michelangelo, and research amongst poets have all identified their creative inspiration came from hours upon hours of dedicated practice. Can I encourage you all to possess the courage and character to be the best you can be, to honour the gifts that you have been given and the future you deserve.

Have the courage to persevere. The determination not to give up when things are difficult.

Perseverance is one of the key qualities that you need to reach success. Persistence almost always leads to success. No matter what area or goals you are striving for, if you persevere you will succeed.

As Churchill reminds us:

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential.”


Year 10 student, Holly Gutterson has been selected to represent Australia in the American Quarter Horse Youth World Cup, which is being held in Texas, America this week. Holly will be one of 180 competitors from 15 countries, and is one of nine students selected on the Australian team. We wish Holly every success while she competes at this elite level.


The Kinross Wolaroi Swim Club hosed the Mountains and Plains Winter Swimming Championships, recently. KWS had 37 swimmers attending and the team was determined to retain the championship point score trophy it had secured in 2017.

At the end of day 2 the team had pulled ahead of City of Orange and Glenbrook to take out the championship by over 600 points. Every member of the team contributed valuable points in their individual swims. Well done to Collette Lyons for winning her age group.

Congratulations to all team members, coaches and parents. Another success story for the Kinross Wolaroi family.


Performing Arts
Congratulations to all our students who performed recently at our Prep and Senior School Performing Arts Festivals. A marvellous show-case of the immense talent that we have at the school and a clear reflection of the hours of determination and purposeful practice undertaken by our students. Two wonderful evenings, thank you to all involved.


Dr Andrew Parry 


Message from the
Head of Senior School

Term 2 Week 9

No doubt you are all looking forward to the upcoming holidays and the opportunity to have your children with you 24/7! Or do I detect a note of “Not so sure…” on that one?! I do know that for all boarder parents the holidays are a wonderful opportunity to have quality family time together and for farming families, some welcome extra assistance with the many jobs that need doing. I know staff are looking forward to a break, although many will be busy with Cadets promotions camp, study camp, Musical rehearsals and sporting camps.

On Friday night I had the very special opportunity to travel to Sydney to attend the annual Yalari dinner. For those of you who are unaware of this organisation I recommend you Google it and find out about its fabulous work in supporting Indigenous students from remote areas to attend leading boarding schools. Yalari was founded in 2005 by Indigenous educationalist Waverley Stanley, his wife Llew Mullins, and a group of like-minded and generous people. Our previous Principal, Brian Kennelly, was impressed and inspired by the work of Yalari, and went to great personal efforts to meet with Waverley and to encourage Yalari to partner with KWS. Thanks to his efforts and vision, we have been a Yalari partner school for close to ten years now. This year, Yalari is providing scholarships for 187 students across Australia; 8 of them attend KWS. At the dinner on Friday, one of the Yalari alumni, Ashley Hudson, was part of the team of presenters. It was very exciting to see her there; even more exciting, however, was that Jade Jolliffe, a current Yalari KWS scholar, received the Resilience Award, one of only two awards presented at the dinner. It was a very proud moment for Jade herself, her Yalari peers and for me as she accepted her award.

Unfortunately, attending the Yalari dinner meant I could not be at the KWS Cadet dinner. Having worked in catering with Cadets for ten years, it’s nice to go to the dinner that someone else has prepared! I have heard that it was a very positive evening and I commend the Cadet staff on their hard work organising both the dinner and the entire Cadet program. Congratulations, too, to outgoing Head of Cadets, Major Lyn Vernon, who has led the Cadet Unit and helped shape it into a hugely successful group of young people who enjoy a wide range of stimulating activities.

This Thursday evening sees the Careers Forum in the DPA; please come along, and encourage your Year 10 and above children to come along to gain both valuable information and the opportunity to talk to people who are actually doing the jobs and following the career paths that they may aspire to.

On Friday the Subject Information Day will be held in the DPA. Parents of students in Years 8 and 10 will already have received details on the program for this day.

I wish you a good week and a terrific three weeks with your children.


Bev West

Head of Senior School

Message from the Chaplain

Today’s entry is brought to you by the word ‘thankfulness’.

Jesus asked; “Who touched me?”…. The woman, knowing what had happened to her, came in fear and trembling, fell down before Jesus and told him the whole truth. He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease. (Mark 5: 33-34)

Jesus was on his way to Jairus’ home. Along the way he met a woman who had been issuing blood for 12 years. Being a woman it was unacceptable to approach a man who was not a relative. Being ritually unclean, she risked making all who touched her also ritually unclean. Setting out to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment required courage and conviction. Jesus knew this, and far from wanting to confront or condemn her, he looked her in the eyes and said; “go in peace, and be healed”.

I think Jesus simply wanted to look into her eyes. Jesus wanted to see a face full of hope and faith. I think he needed to be affirmed in his work. Immediately prior to this narrative, Jesus was on a boat with his disciples who were afraid of drowning. He said to them; “where is your faith?” Here we encounter faith.

Women in the time of Jesus got a raw deal … and in fact, times haven’t changed all that much. I’m saddened that the woman in this story wasn’t named. Not unlike the Syro-Phoenician woman at the well (Mark 7), or the woman who anointed Jesus at the house of Simon (Mark 14), or the widow of Nain whose faith resulted in Jesus’ restoring her son from death (Luke 7).

Unnamed women. Some of the majesty of their deeds are dimmed and diluted by men who couldn’t be bothered to write their names in the gospel narratives. These were women praised by Jesus, women held up as an example for others to follow and aspire to, women to be remembered and to be honoured.

We should be thankful for the women in our lives. And thankful for the efforts of all who continue to strive for equality between the genders.

Jesus liked the moment he shared with the woman. In her, Jesus saw true faith. He met a women who was prepared to take the risk to put her whole trust in him. It is my imagining that Jesus saw the God-light burning within her. “Live well, live blessed,” were his words of praise and encouragement.

At the time when the woman touched Jesus’ garment, Jesus was on his way to Jarius’ house to heal his daughter (a girl of no name). After speaking with the woman who was healed, Jesus hears a messenger bearing the news that Jairus’s daughter has sadly died. Jesus interrupts the shock and grief of Jarius to say; ‘Don’t be afraid. Have faith.’ I like to think that Jesus’ hope was renewed by the faith of the un-named woman. Jesus must have been thankful.

Being thankful requires interaction, response and a willingness to see the goodness in others like Jesus did in what’s-her-name, that woman from Mark 5. It is good to imitate the woman who is thankful for healing and blessing, it is good to imitate Jesus in receiving gratitude, it is good to let others know that we are thankful for their very being in our lives.


Phil Worrad

Message from the Head of Teaching and Learning

Change the Narrative and Discover how Awesome you can be!

Simon Sinek is a British American author and motivational speaker. He talks about how important it is that we are able to ‘Change the Narrative’; to basically change the way we see things and consequently the way we feel about them. He talks about how important it is to view things in a more positive way. For example, when you’re feeling nervous, tell yourself that you’re actually excited, after all the symptoms really aren’t that different – elevated heart rate, sweaty palms. How about repackaging a ‘test’, as a ‘quiz’? The latter suggests a sense of fun and suddenly changes the way we might feel about it. I am always telling my students to recognise struggling, as a sign of strength, not as a sign of weakness – struggling is a sign that they are learning. It’s a powerful mantra that now rolls off their tongues and the accompanying rolling eyes are an acceptance of this truth, even if they are partly humoring me!

This term in Year 9 English was a Poetry Unit and the initial response to this was not one of utter excitement and zeal! Indeed, an early class discussion revealed a pretty bleak view of poetry as something that was dull and irrelevant, and the thought of writing their own poetry filled many of them with dread! Yet, they took on board the wise words of Simon Sinek and the results were beautiful. Here are just three of the poems that arose from their willingness to change the narrative and embrace their poetic potential.

Addy Smith (Year 9)

‘My view at the beginning of this Unit was that poetry was boring; old poems, written by ‘famous’ authors. It confused my brain to the point of frustration. Then one moment sitting down in class, it clicked. Suddenly I began to understand the concept and purpose of poetry. It’s not just words placed on a page, or unfamiliar phrases to which our generation are oblivious, like; ‘To thine own self be true’. Poetry can be modern and raw. Poetry is the ability to recall and tell stories from multiple perspectives and express certain emotions that words simply cannot. Whilst writing ‘Beyond the Window,’ I experienced ‘writer’s block’. Ideas were flying around my head and I couldn’t pinpoint a specific theme to begin my poem. But I persevered, and looking at my final product hanging on the wall, I feel a real sense of achievement that I, an individual who hated anything associated with poetry, developed an understanding and was able to produce a poem, of which I am very proud.’


Beyond the Window

Upon this world we stand,

Walking on broken glass-

Every step, shaking with hesitation -

Navigating our soul to its very destination…


But what if I showed you another?

What if inevitability is written in the constellations

And all you need to do is look?


Go on then.

Have a peep through your window,

Open the doors, that have been forced shut,

See beyond your imagination.

Smash open the rightful gates to your future.

Dare to challenge the rulers of the night sky.


Because before you know it,

You will long for that split second

where the turning of time stops,

Where it’s just you and an inky sky,

Embroidered with shimmering diamonds,

Like beacons of hope,

Hooking our dreams upon each sharpened point.

A child of the cosmos.


See we are astronomers trying

to make sense of the stars inside us.


But it’s the magic within us,

Beyond us,

Revolving around us.

In everything we can see

and everything we can’t.

That alights us


Dance upon Saturn’s dusty rings,

Glide down the endless tails of comets,

Laugh along with the stars,

Adventure to where the sky kisses the ocean.

No one is capable of dimming the stars

So live on, to infinity and beyond.


Addy Smith

Hannah Leisk (Year 9)

'At the beginning of this unit I absolutely hated poetry. I didn’t see any use for it in the world and I didn’t like it at all. However, over the course of this term I began to realise how beautiful poetry really is and that it can express things in such beautiful ways. I never thought that I would be able to write poetry but I have surprised myself. I am proud of what I have achieved. '


To try is to reveal...

Something from nothing.

A beauty transferred from the mind’s eye onto the canvas.

Emotions become colours;

Words become pictures.

Specks of happiness cover your dark apron.

They tell the stories of you,

Of others,

Of the world.


The horror of the world hidden by paint.

The beauty of the world found by the artist,

Shown to everyone.

Happiness dragged out of sadness

To brighten up someone’s world



All the same.


Coarse hairs of the brush float over the blank canvas.

Suddenly, colours explode.






Shouting a beautiful adventure.


People despise you.

‘No one can find happiness in this world,

You’re a fake’

But they don’t know what I know.

This place could be nice

This place could be friendly

This place could be home

But it’s not.

It’s dangerous.


Hannah Leisk

Griffin Robinson (Year 9)

'At the start of the poetry unit I was not looking forward to it. However, as we progressed into the unit, I found that poetry was fun; it was not what I had imagined, it was enjoyable.  If I had been asked to write a poem at the beginning of the Unit, I would have really struggled. Yet I am now really happy with what I have achieved in writing this poem.'



You left your home by water,

Because your home had neglected you,

And whilst you traveled across endless oceans for endless time,

You realised,

Water is safer than land,


Then you arrived,

Exactly where you didn’t want to be. On land,

On a forlorn, baron beach. You waited,

Waited for someone to come and find you,

What seemed like years,

Were only weeks,


You were gazed upon by the strange creature that had found you,

Kind eyes glinting with hope and the future,


You came to us from a distant place.

For a while you were happy,

You were loved,

You had friends,

You eventually got rich,

Then it all ended,


You left as suddenly as you arrived,

You were taken away,

We see you sitting there just out of sight,

Your quiet pleas unheard,

Your voice eventually heard in a distant place,


They came one day,

They took you,

Prodded you,

And eventually they let you go,


For a while you were broken separated from your other half,

Then you were back,

We could see you, sitting there out of sight,

With the glittering light from fire light,


But you longed for still,

Of times of old,

And oceans still,

You search in vain,

For a place without pain,

A place to call home.


Griffin Robinson

Message from the
Director of Co-curricular

Term 2 Week 9

This week has been a list of final tasks for me before I finish at the end of the term: last playground supervision roster, last Chapel Service, last time I will teach my fabulous, yet crazy Year 10 class. On the weekend, it was the last home Rugby match, the last time I will see KWS Netball, Football and Hockey. I witnessed my last Performing Arts Festival last week and my last Cadet Dinner on Friday night. These events have seen me experience mixed emotions, one of excitement to undertake the next stage of what I consider to be a vocation, working with young people to help them move through their school life, but also one of sadness to be leaving this wonderful School and regional centre. My wife, Elizabeth, and I have made many friends in Orange and we plan to regularly return to this wonderful town.

I have taken on the role as Head of Rowing and First VIII Coach at Saint Joseph’s College Hunter’s Hill and I am excited about the prospects of this new position. I am passionate about rowing and believe I can still make a significant contribution to the lives of young people through this sport.

Kinross Wolaroi School has been one of the best career experiences of my life. The staff have been so welcoming, supportive and encouraging. They have been lots of fun and they have challenged me. They have amazed me with their willingness to embrace change, to work above and beyond what is expected of them and to create an environment of learning and safety that makes Kinross such a rewarding place in which to work.

The students make the School what it is. I have experienced country boarding schools for a significant part of my life and the value that country boarders add to any school is immeasurable. Add to this the day students who are also from this regional area and you have a cohort of students that strengthens the dynamic and positive nature of the student body. The vast majority of students are friendly, cooperative and willing to have a go at anything and everything. This last characteristic will stick with me for a long time; it is an impression of the Kinross student that has been clearly etched in my mind. It is something that I will encourage my next lot of students to emulate.

I have a great passion for co-curricular involvement in Schools such as Kinross. In all my years the only students who have slipped by the wayside have been those who have not taken up the opportunities that are presented to them. The students who flourish are those who embrace a well-balanced and developmentally appropriate CC program. These are the ones who flourish once they leave school. I have no doubt about the benefits of a full involvement, involvement that is carefully chosen and tailored to the individual. Such students know what it takes to persist, to be resilient and to be determined when challenges present themselves in their post school life. Kinross students have a culture of having a ‘real hard crack’ at things and this is something that I have admired from the very first day I came through the front gates. I am so grateful for having the chance to experience this wonderful school, these well-grounded students and these dedicated and determined staff members. I have learnt so much.

Indeed, it is gratitude that I would like to extend to all of you whom I have had the privilege to work with and for. Naming individuals always risks offending those who are omitted, so I extend this gratitude to all students, all staff, all parents and the extended KWS community.


Charlie Rowe

Director of Co-curricular

Message from the
Director of Boarding

Term 2 Week 9

I have recently been very impressed with the commitment and dedication of our boarders in a wide range of activities and so I thought I would write to report on a few of these special achievements.

A number of our girls attended the North West Equestrian Expo in recent weeks and achieved great results. Well done and congratulations to Hayley Barnard, Lily Davies-Etheridge, Casey Barnard and Chelsea White for their efforts and achievements in Coonabarabran. They have represented Kinross Wolaroi with pride and distinction.

Last Wednesday evening, the Year 7 boarders were treated to a second night of astronomy courtesy of Rod Somerville and some of the Year 11 students. They were extremely excited and thoroughly enjoyed their ‘tour of the night skies’. It is wonderful to see the varied enrichment activities taking place in our boarding houses aside from the staple diet of State of Origin and the rugby!! It all makes for well-rounded individuals!

Last Thursday evening I was privileged to be able to watch the Performing Arts showcase which captured multiple snapshots of all the outstanding talent and skill we have in the performing arts here at Kinross Wolaroi. The night showcased the upcoming High School Musical which looks a mouthwatering prospect to say the least. The basketball scene in particular required a high level of skill and synchronization and complemented nicely, the vocal performance of Fletcher Bolte in the previous dance scene. I was impressed too that so many boarders, boys and girls, wanted to attend to support their friends and enjoy the music and talent on offer; their behaviour was exemplary and a credit to them all.

The Yalari Dinner took place last Friday night at the Sofitel Wentworth Hotel in Sydney and a group of our indigenous students attended, accompanied by members of staff. It was a wonderful evening for all concerned and a great opportunity for our students to celebrate the positive impact that the Yalari Foundation has on so many people across NSW and Australia. Only two awards were announced during the course of the evening and we were very fortunate that our very own Jade Joliffe (Loader Year 10) was recognized with an award for Resilience. It is so pleasing to see one of our own excelling and being recognized outside of Kinross Wolaroi. It is a fantastic achievement for Jade and bodes well for a promising future.

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to watch the 1st XV boys’ rugby vs St Pat’s, Strathfield at home. It was a beautiful afternoon, followed by a large crowd, and a real opportunity for our boys to put on a display of power, speed and skill. St Pat’s really had no match for the well drilled KWS 1st XV and could not compete for large parts of the game. It was great to see some of the boy boarders central to the success of the team; Donny Freeman, Preston Simpson, Charlie Wilson, Brett Johnson, Ellis Hawker, Jock Medway and Vinnie Reilly were all key players in the comprehensive victory.

It is a busy time here at Kinross Wolaroi and busy for our boarders but I continue to be impressed with their attitude and willingness to get involved in such a wide variety of activities. Term 3 will offer many different opportunities, especially on weekends and there is much to look forward to. In order to keep abreast of all that the boarders are up to I would suggest you follow us on Instagram at @kws_boarding where we will be posting photos and articles of events and activities that boarders are involved in.

To conclude, I would like to wish you all a happy and joyful holiday break with your children.


Matt Curran

Director of Boarding

From the Director
of Staff Development

Partnerships in learning

Teacher professional learning and teacher development are now recognised as a vital component of school policies to enhance the quality of teaching and learning within a school. The recent release of the Gonski Report Through Growth to Achievement: Report of the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools has again referred to the significant role teacher professional learning contributes to student learning and wellbeing.

The report also refers to effective school-community partnerships. These can take many forms and draw on a range of outside expertise and organisations. Since 2016 teachers at KWS have been in partnership with a number of Universities. The aim of these partnerships has been to build teacher capabilities, tailor teaching to maximise impact, support teacher life-long learning and for KWS staff to contribute meaningfully to current educational research.  


Collaborative approaches to programming and teaching primary school science:
​Opportunities and Impacts.

KWS and Charles Stuart University (CSU), Bathurst. This school based research has been presented at a number of conferences including AIS Educational Research Symposium; AIS Capabilities Future-Proofing Learners K-12 today and in July CONASTA (National Science Education Conference of the Australian Science Teachers Association.


Seeking to highlight the role of Mathematics in Society as motivation to engage our students in mathematical activities.

KWS and University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Both teacher and student research data has been presented at the launch of the UTS STEM Education Futures Research Centre and the Maths Inside: Project Launching New Resources.


Promoting Deep Understanding in Geography through Fieldwork: evaluate the effectiveness of fieldwork upon a student’s knowledge and understanding using a 5 phase cycle of research, teacher professional learning, reflection and modification of practice.  

KWS and Macquarie University. This project involves seven staff from the Social Science Faculty and although in the early stages of the cycles, the research has already been presented at the GTANSW (Geography Teachers Association NSW) Conference.


I would invite you to view the following short video presentations providing further details of two projects.


Prep – Science Video

Maths Inside Video


In total these projects have involved over 40 teachers in embedded, sustained and research based professional learning. Our students are the beneficiaries of their dedication, commitment and willingness to reflect, learn and grow as professionals in the field of education.     


Susan M Cameron

Director of Staff Development

Performing Arts Updates

Expression of Interest: Bagpipe lessons

KWS is looking to reinstate a Pipes and Drums ensemble in the near future. Initially, we are calling for expressions of interest for any students Years 5-10 who would like to learn to play the bagpipes, although all interest is welcomed and will be considered on it’s merits’. We will be holding an information session for parents and students early in Term 3 for anyone who has registered their interest.

Please email me [email protected] if you would more information, or would like to attend the information session.

Performing Arts Festival

A huge congratulations, and thank you to everyone who was involved in last weeks’ Performing Arts Festival ‘Scenes from Childhood’. The program began with a moving performance of ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ performed by soloists Timothy Edwards and Angelina McRae from the Prep school. They were then joined by the Prep Strings, iStrings and then finally the Chamber Strings. The piece was titled ‘Journey’ and was arranged by Mrs Moxey. The title emulates the experience for these students, from the moment they begin learning their instrument right through to their involvement in the chamber strings ensemble in high school. Hannah Solari played the solo when she was in kindergarten, and was proud to lead the Chamber strings as a strings leader, and Captain of Music in her final year.

The senior and intermediate woodwind ensembles, saxophone and brass ensembles all presented pieces which excited and entertained the audience, and included items from Harry Potter, Looney Tunes, Mozart, Folk Songs and a childhood hymn. The choirs, including VOX, Koristers and Chamber Choir performed a variety of items from film, musicals and TV shows including Les Choristes, Suessical the Musical, and Playschool. The audience were moved to see baby photos of the Chamber choir members as they sang a beautiful song which spoke of dreaming about fond childhood memories and friends.

The Stageband had everyone’s toes tapping to their renditions of Bare Necessities and the Sesame Street Theme, whilst the Symphonic Wind Ensemble took everyone on a nostalgic journey as they listened to the themes from the Aladdin film. We had some premiere performances from the upcoming High School Musical cast, including some duets and a basketball dance item. We are all certainly looking forward to seeing their production in Term 3. In addition to the basketball dance, there was a dance item performed by some of our senior dance students, which was highly energetic and entertaining. The program also included a wonderful performance from the Orchestra, which featured a medley of childhood themes as well as the Russian Sailors dance. The finale was a combined Orchestra and choir performance of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. All of the students who had performed in the festival were involved in singing or playing in the finale item, which was a lovely way to end the concert.

Thank you to those of you who came to support our students. We hope you enjoyed the performance evening as much as we enjoyed preparing it. Again, thank you and congratulations to all of the students involved. We are all very proud of you and thank you for your ongoing commitment to the Performing Arts.

Elective Music & Drama Night

This Wednesday 27th we will be holding an Elective Music and Drama night which will showcase performances from Years 9-11 Drama, and Years 9-12 Elective Music courses.

If you are thinking about undertaking Elective Music or Drama next year, this is a great opportunity to experience first-hand what is involved in these courses. Please come along to the Performance Theatre at 5.30pm to support our students and to find out more about Elective Music and Drama courses.

Term 2 Key Dates for your Diary

Wednesday 27th June - Elective Music and Drama Night 5.30pm


Heidi Anthony
Head of Performing Arts 

The Regional Engagement Enterprise

TREE – ‘Rethinking Learning’

There has been a frenzied pace to TREE in the last few weeks of Term 2 with projects in Industrial Technology, Geography, Information Software Technology, Art, Year 3 and Year 5. To see and hear more, become a follower of our blog or follow us on Instagram (tree_kws).

Information Software Technology

Mr Chapman’s Year 9 class have been building soil sensors as part of a collaboration with local telemetry company Porosity. The students began by using microbits and scratch to code a rudimentary soil probe. They programmed the sensor to read the voltage between two nails placed into the soil. Following this, they built gypsum sensors and tested (with the kind help of Mr Zola) how increasing the volume of water in dry sand affected the readings taken.

The students then headed out to Windermere, the new school farm, to set up a weather station with the help of current parent Mr Frazer Slack-Smith from Porosity. This station feeds back information to the school via Porosity’s website. The students presented their project to visitors at The Regional Technology Expo the following day.

Next term the students will first be learning how to use arduinos to build more advanced sensors before programming their own data logger to collect readings which can be remote accessed to gain real-time weather data. They will also design a website to show this data, linking it into the FROG dashboard so that it can be accessed by the school and the farm manager.

Archibull 2018

On Thursday 14th June two young country champion farmers came to talk to us in our school auditorium about the wool industry; Peta Bradley and Caitlin Heppner. The purpose of their talk was to introduce us to the wool industry and tell us about their experiences and how they became involved in this industry.

Caitlin Heppner grew up around sheep and wool in South Australia. She won the national fleece judging competition and got her wool classing certificate at age 18. She started her career young – at just 14, learning to shear, having acted as a rouseabout since she was 10. She spoke to us about how she went to Canberra to participate in the Country to Canberra event which gave the opportunity for young farmers to be heard.

Peta Bradley is a geneticist in Armidale, she studied agriculture at CSU in Wagga Wagga. She also grew up on a farm and her mum worked at a school, her dad an agronomist and her brother a diesel mechanic. Their farm is near Gilgandra which is about 2.5 hours NNW of Orange. She talked to us about how she starts the process of genetics. When the lambs are first born, they are weighed to get data to track breeding patterns for improving wool production. Every wool farmer wants to improve their micron to make their wool more valuable and their farm more profitable.

The talk was really useful in helping us to understand more about the wool industry for designing our Archibull ( We need to showcase how the wool industry has changed and how it is managing climate change, food security, biosecurity and succession planning.

By 8EN1

Year 3 Models of the Mountain

Year 3 have been busily creating their ‘Models of the Mountain’ following their exploratory visit to Mount Canobolas. Check out some of the (nearly) finished articles.

Tom Riley

Director of TREE

Information and Communications Technology

FROG Tip for the Week

Accessing the FROG Menu from a Smartphone

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Darryn Marjoram

Director of Information Services

Sports Updates

Football Reports

The final weeks of Term 2 have yielded some great results for KWS Football. I have been impressed with the drive, tenacity and commitment demonstrated by players from U13s through to Firsts. I would like to take this opportunity to express gratitude for our coaches. They have worked tremendously hard this term to improve their teams’ football skills, fitness and camaraderie. These efforts form the backbone of our school’s football program.

Thanks are also owed to our community of parents, who work hard to transport and cheer on the Kinross Wolaroi football players. It makes a real difference to our players to have support behind them at matches.

Best wishes over the holiday period. I hope that all students have a safe return to school in a few weeks and I look forward to resuming the football season in Term 3.

Annaliese Stammer
MIC Football



KWS Ladies 1st XI Vs Oberon

The girls achieved art in their travels to Oberon on Wednesday night. After a philosophical bus trip (courtesy of Alain de Botton) the field was taken and the game was on. With man of the match Sarah Faulks finally making her debut for the season and Micky McGrath bringing an absolute A game, the bitter cold had no effect. A well fought first half left us breaking even at 1 all, Shania Sarsfield sinking the most beautiful goal since Kate scored last season on her debut and never again since. The second half upped the ante, proving that as the night goes on, the party gets better. The Charbarian unleashed her inner warrior, making a spectacular break through run cleaning up every midfielder in her wake. The crowd went wild and history was made. Jetta Kennett also had a blinder, proving that if you can't go over it or around it, just go through it - and this earned her second man of the match. Reece had the burners on, firing up the sideline and icing it with a fabulous shot in goal. Overall it was the best game of the season with lots of smiles to go round. 

Kate Alderman



KWS U13 Glory Vs Waratah Vikings

Result: 2-9

The score line was suggestive of a lopsided battle but this was not the case. Apart from four quality strikes from our opponents, the remainder of their goals were scored when loose balls were pounced upon or there were momentary lapses in concentration. Given this was our first match in three weeks I was impressed with the efforts of all of our players. Henry and Will provided stiff resistance in the backline. Zimmy had his best game this season. Abby and Arlie showed speed moving forward and were persistent in chasing down their opponents, to force turnovers. Ollie fought hard and he showed his versatility. Dan looked comfortable as goalie in the first half. Hopefully a draw or a win is not far away.

Matthew Healey


KWS U13 Victory Vs Waratah Braves

Result: 0-8

U13 KWS Victory continue to improve on their positional play, stringing together well executed and strategic play from the backs through to the forwards. Multiple run away breaks from our forwards resulted in one on one contests with the opposing goal keeper but unfortunately failed to have the ball find the back of the net. Our new goal keeper replacing an injured all-rounder has settled in brilliantly with strong defence backed by courageous determination to win the ball when contested by attacking players. This week’s result saw Waratahs continue their strong run with a formidable win.

Nick Mastrangeli


KWS U14 Strikers Vs Waratah Vikings

Result: 0-2

What a game! The Strikers had one of their best performances in terms of foot work and team work. The Strikers’ commitment to improving their fitness is starting to show on the pitch as they kept pressure on the Vikings right up until the final whistle. Oliver Charlton was an almost unassailable goal keeper achieving a number of awesome saves late in the game. Our backs worked hard, defending well and keeping the pressure on the Vikings at all times. A number of opportunities were created by the strikers as they skilfully took the ball up, and in a number of nail biting situations took multiple shots at goal. It was a fast-paced and exciting game that kept coach, parents and onlookers on the edge of their seats. The sportsmanship on display by both teams made the match one of the best this season.

Bill Tink  


KWS U15 Jets Vs Panorama FC

Result: 4-8

This was a great game for Kinross to put some goals on the board. Kinross Jets played with high quality and integrity as a team. Goals came from Bryce Elsegood , Nelson Shepherd and Tom Gill. It was a tough game for our midfielders and defence; Marnie Adams, Sarah Lyons, Joshua Karbowiak, George Cummings, Stanley Zhang, Caden Wilkin, Fraser Molloy, Rob Adam, Thomas Kiss and Fergus Baldwin shared  their work load on and off the field. Our goalie, William Noble, had his hands full, using great skill to defend the goal. Well done Jets.

Gavin Bell


KWS U17 Vs Lithgow Workman’s Club

Result: 4-3

Moving into round 7, the KWS U17 soccer team were up against the Lithgow Workman’s Club in an exciting contest in very cold conditions at Lithgow. The KWS team started on a very positive note, moving the ball around with confidence and putting together 4 fast goals in the first half. The highlight was William Goodlet and William Cornally combining to produce an impressive cross and header into the back of the net. The second half showed strong determination and hard work from the locals, putting on 3 goals. The ending of the game was a nerve-racking contest, though KWS hung on to win 4-3. Man of the match goes to William Goodlet for his impressive goal and work rate in the centre.

Walter Prowse


KWS Men’s First XI v Waratahs United

Result: 3-0

In a performance which paid respect and homage to the work done by our Socceroos as they toil in Russia, the First XI Men’s team recorded a well-earned victory against the unpredictable Waratahs outfit. The weather had well and truly turned ugly by 3:15pm on Saturday afternoon out at the barren Waratahs grounds, and we were lucky enough to run with the massive breeze at our backs in the first half. Just like the previous week, KWS started with all guns blazing, hitting the lead after just two minutes again, following a cracking drive from Will Cheney. It took until our third corner (although they were all of very high quality) before we hit the back of the net again. Supercoach, Mr Smedley, reiterated the importance of maintaining mojo for the first 20 minutes of the second half, so as not to let the opposition use the wind advantage – and maintain our mojo we did!! Whilst it took us until the closing stages of the game to put things to bed, the game was really never in doubt as the midfield and attackers showed how much they’ve grown so far this season, and the defence well and truly put paid to any Waratah raids. Congrats to all players for braving the icy conditions and putting their best foot forward.

Paul Tierney



KWS U13 Glory Vs Ex-Services Panthers; Vs Waratah Knights (double header)

Results: 4-1; 3-2

The KWS Glory played gritty, enterprising football to earn their first two wins of the season. Despite having no substitutes for either game the players managed to stay the course for 2 hours of football and produce some confidence-building play. They gave no quarter, expected no assistance and won through sheer tenacity and a desire to support each other. In all my years of coaching football it would be hard to think of more gutsy performances than these. At times they defended repeated attacking waves, then after enduring intense pressure, broke quickly and placed the opposing team’s defensive units in serious danger. Had we taken all of our scoring chances in both games the results may have been decided by half time. The players exceeded my expectations and perhaps theirs. Hopefully this will provide a platform for some epic performances in Term 3. It would be inappropriate to single out any one player out for attention, however I commend the assistance of young Zachy Levi, who joined us from the KWS Under 12 team and finished the day with about 150 minutes of football to his name. All of the players deserve a well-earned rest.

Matthew Healey


KWS U14 Strikers Vs Oberon United Wolves

Result: 6-1

The KWS Strikers were rewarded for their recent hard work at training with a convincing 6-1 win over Oberon United Wolves. Kinross pressed forward early and Liam Bracks made the most of the territory, breaking open the game with the first goal. A momentary loss in concentration saw Oberon draw level before the flood gates opened. Another goal to Liam Bracks in the 16th minute and a hat trick to Ben Jones saw the game beyond doubt still with 20 minutes to go. A freakish Charlie Willis long-ball scored the final goal as positions were shuffled around to gain experience for future fixtures. The Strikers’ fitness was no longer an issue and opened the game up for excellent linking runs and passes between backs and forwards. Special mention to Charlotte Cantrill who made her debut for the Strikers.

Ben Ronald


KWS U15 Jets Vs Eglinton

Result: 0-5

Well done to Jets on playing with team spirit, going down to a defensively strong team in the under 15s division. Outstanding performance from our midfielders, Marnie Adams, Griffin Robinson, Charlie Southwell, George Cummings, Stanley Zhang, Caden Wilkin and Bryce Elsegood. Fergus Baldwin, William Gudgeon, Joshua Karbowiak, Fraser Molloy and Rob Adam all played extremely strong in defence. Our strikers, Nelson Shepherd and Tom Gill, had plenty of opportunities and just couldn't finish. Our goalie, William Noble, has played an outstanding role in coaching the team from the goal box. Well done, Jets!

Gavin Bell


KWS U17 Vs Collegians; Vs Panorama FC; Vs Ex-Services Panthers (triple header)

It was an extremely busy weekend for the KWS U17 soccer team with two games scheduled for the Saturday, and a catch-up game for the Sunday. The first game was at Kinross against one of the front running teams from Bathurst: Collegians. The away team proved very disciplined and skilful despite very resilient defence from Bradman Gavin and Duncan Suthers, managing 11 impressive goals.

The second game for the day was held at Proctor Park against the local Panorama U17 team. The first half proved to be a very competitive and exciting half of soccer, with Will Cornally slotting a very impressive shot into the top right corner to make the score 1-1. The second half saw the opposition build momentum, placing 7 unanswered goals.

The third game against the U17 Ex-Services Panthers proved to be a nail-biting affair with the first half seeing no goals. Great determination by Tom Cole saw several extremely close chances to score, but impressive goalkeeping from the away team proved the difference. Eventually the Panthers scored the breakthrough, and the game ended 2-0. It was a tough weekend for KWS U17, but enjoyment was had by all.

Walter Prowse


First Men’s XI Vs CYMS

Result: 1-3

Following on from the brilliant away win against Waratahs last week, the First XI Men were looking to capitalise on a super week of training by recording a victory against CYMS. The past two games have seen us put the ball in the back of the net within the first 2 mins of the game, but this time things proved to be a little harder … and it took much of the first stanza before we stamped our authority on things. We rehearsed crossing the ball in ad infinitum at training, and whilst the execution of this goal was a little different to our training plans, a high cross followed by (not one but) TWO headers saw Hamish McIntyre score goal of the season so far. A series of unlucky events saw the ball hit the back of our net and the score turned to 1-1 at halftime. Then, as has been the norm all season, the soccer gods failed to smile on us, as we missed by millimetres again after a brilliant piece of play - a turn of events that may have seen us do enough to seal the game. The team has shown so much over the first half of the season, with the winter holiday break a chance to recharge batteries and see us hit the run to the semis with all guns blazing. Thanks to Mr Rowe for his great support again – we wish him well in the future and we will keep him abreast of our successes.

Paul Tierney

Rugby Reports

KWS First XV Vs St Patricks College (23rd June 2018)
Final Score
: KWS 76- SPC 12

The Kinross Wolaroi 1st XV took on St Patricks College on the weekend in some of the finest winter weather Orange has to offer. The game started in a furious manner with both teams being very aggressive at the breakdown. The KWS men played some outstanding enterprising rugby and after some hard work Jack Jones was rewarded with a try. Shortly after this Donny Freeman crashed over after a well-executed lineout. It was now clear that the KWS men had some running rugby and plenty of tries in them. Ellis Hawker was excellent around the ruck. William Smith was outstanding in picking up any loose ball and shifting it to players outside of him which resulted in two excellent tries to Hamish Kidd and Ellis Hawker. Jock Medway had a very good game at No.8 in Aiden Kelso’s absence, he was everywhere, and he was able to grab a St Pats lineout and scamper across the line.

It was mid-way through the second half where the backs played with some width this resulted in a number of outstanding field lenght tries to Lachlan Fisher, Nick Hay-McKenzie and Preston Simpson.

It was a fantastic day of Rugby and from a coaching perspective a rewarding game to watch as a number of aspects of our training shone through in the game. It was a wonderful spectacle of KWS rugby which made the coaches and Kinross rugby community very proud.

Tries: Jack Jones 2, Donny Freeman, Ellis Hawker 3, William Smith, Hamish Kidd, Lachlan Fisher, Nick Hay-McKenzie, Jock Medway, Preston Simpson

Conversion: Rhys Draper x7, Preston Simpson x1

3 points: Preston Simpson

2 points: Donny Freeman, Jack Jones

1 point: Ellis Hawker, William Smith.

Liam Callaghan


KWS 1st XV Vs St. Pius College

Final score: KWS won 73-19

After a heart breaking loss to St. Augustine’s in Round 1 of the ISA Competition the KWS 1st XV were ready to assert their authority as an ISA Heavyweight, and what better way than hosting St. Pius College at home. As the mercury struggled to make it into the positives it was evident that Winter had arrived. The KWS team skipped out to an early lead thanks to 3 quick try’s to Aidan Kelso, Fletcher Rose and Thomas Jackson. Pius caught the KWS defence napping and posted their first 5 pointer of the game with a well worked short side move off a lineout.

Preston Simpson and Donny Freeman added to the dominant first half performance as they crossed the line for respective 5 pointers. At half time the KWS juggernaut was showing no signs of slowing down. However, there were some areas for improvement.

The second half highlighted patches of brilliance, Fletcher Rose’s dominance at the kick-off was rewarded as he strode 65 metres to score one of the most impressive try’s of the season. Ellis Hawker’s running game cut the defence to shreds and Charlie Wilson’s evasive footwork earned him a double. Aidan Kelso continues to be one the most dominant number 8’s in School Boy Rugby and Thomas Jackson showed speed and strength to secure two touch downs. Rhys Draper was hitting them sweetly and finished with an impressive 8 from 10 conversions. St. Pius were down but by no means out and their effort was rewarded with a third try for the match. As the game drew to a close the KWS 1st XV confirmed that they will be a force to be reckoned with for the remainder of the competition. Next week we host St. Pats with the hopes of another dominant performance.

Try Scorers: Aidan Kelso 2, Fletcher Rose 2, Thomas Jackson 2, Preston Simpson, Donny Freeman, Ellis Hawker, Charlie Wilson 2.

Conversion: Rhys Draper 8.

3 Points: Aidan Kelso.

2 Points: Fletcher Rose.

1 Point: Donny Freeman, Ellis Hawker.

Huon Barrett


KWS 2nd XV Vs SPC 2nd XV

Final score: KWS lost 17-20

The 2nd XV played their best rugby of the season during the first half despite having major player and positional changes late in the week and the day of the match. Unfortunately KWS couldn’t convert their territorial and possession dominance into points. However, St Pats took advantage of a misunderstanding of in-goal laws to lead 3-0 at half time. The second half saw KWS continue to be the better team with Tom Geyer and Declan Kelly both scoring early tries. The conversions were beautifully struck from out wide but both hit the post to have KWS leading 10-3. Angus Andrews made a great break from halfway before not grounding the ball safely to miss an opportunity to extend the lead. Pats then hit back with 2 converted tries due to poor tackling and a yellow card to KWS to lead 17-10 with only 5 minutes remaining. KWS lifted again to tie the game 17-17 after a Nik Booth try under the posts which was converted by Mitch Strike. Unfortunately from the kick-off St Pats were awarded a penalty which they kicked to steal the win 20-17. This was a match of missed opportunities for KWS who were the better team for 95% of the match. Best players were Nik Booth (3 points), Angus Andrews (2 points) and Tom Geyer (1 point).

Paul McRae


KWS 2nd XV Vs SPX 2nd XV

Final score: KWS won 76-14

KWS were far too good for the St Pius 2nd XV who were struggling for numbers for the fixture only managing to get 13 players to Orange. By matching numbers to try to make an even contest both teams were down to 12 after a Pius injury only 5 minutes into the match. Playing 12 a side structure was difficult to maintain but KWS managed to score 12 entertaining tries. With constant player rotations occurring during the match all players demonstrated versatility and good sportsmanship in a dominant display.

Tries: Hamish MacDougall 3, Harry Jeffrey 2, Jack O'Brien 2, Euan McGreggor, Lachlan Steele, Will Smith, Angus Andrews, Charlie Coddington.

Conversions: Mitch Strike 7, Nick Hay-MacKenzie 1.

3 points: Will Smith.

2 points: Harry Jeffrey.

1 point: Jack O'Brien.

Paul McRae



Final score: KWS won 26-19

The lads started well on a fine winters day, we showed physicality and line speed that set us up to score two tries in the first half. One was scored by Cody Kelso who showed good vision and got to space before giving some don’t argues to cross the stripe. The second was scored by Hugh Aldersley who was on the end of some good hands and showed good strength to crash over. The lead up from Alex Brien in both these tries was very influential in making them happen.

The second half started as we finished the first with Fletcher Ryan showing some individual brilliance to beat several defenders and running over 50meters to score and make it 19nil. From there the boys fell asleep, forgot to tackle and decided to give away many penalties which gifted Pats the weight of possession for most the second half and saw them at 19all with 5min to play. After some deep breaths and reassessing the situation the lads gathered their thoughts and made the decision to apply some pressure with defence and we came up with a turnover. From the turnover we found some space out wide and who do you think was in the space - none other than our very own speed racer, Liam Choi who zigged and zagged and sprinted away to score under the posts.

A good confidence building win going into the holiday break, well done boys and don’t forget some fitness work while you are off.

Try scorers: Cody Kelso, Hugh Aldersley, Fletcher Ryan, Liam Choi

Goal scorers: Alex Brien (2), Lachie Donelly (1)

3 points: Fletcher Ryan

2 points: Ed Taylor

1 point: Hugh Aldersley, Logan Buckley, Liam Choi, Alex Brien, Hugh McIntyre.

Andrew Hillan



Final score: KWS lost 10-5

In a cold old tussle in Orange Pius come out red hot. Their attack was hot and their defence was hotter, the boys held with them but Harry May and Tom Richardson came off with concussion early in the match and Pius went to the break 5 nil up.

The second half was more of the same but some sustained pressure and ball retention saw Hugh McIntyre put Liam Choi down the right side for what has become his customary try. All the boys defended valiantly but on a turnover ball Pius scooted away to finish the game 10-5.

The boys are continually learning and are very close to putting together a very polished performance.

SPX 10 to KWS 5 (Liam Choi try)

3 points: Cody Kelso

2 points: Digby Cooper

1 point: Hugh Aldersley, Lew Connick, Will Waddel, Fletcher Ryan

Andrew Hillan


KWS 13As Vs St Pats

On a fabulous winter’s day, KWS hosted St Pats in an intriguing game of Rugby. Tom Patton was captain for this fixture. A couple of late changes to the team saw Ned and Jack back up from a full game in the B’s, whilst Will Fuller had a go at half back.

The 1st half saw KWS dominate field position, with the visitors camped in their 22. St Pats defence was up to the task unfortunately, with no 2 Blues player able to cross the stripe. Down 12-0 at half time, the young 2 Blues still held some hope of a comeback. Will Deshon, Jack Chamberlain and Charlie Hall all had good efforts in attack and defence.

The visitors came out fired up in the 2nd stanza, with hard running and bone jarring defence. Carter, Nelson and Hugh all showed good line speed in defence, but it was hard to keep Pats out.

The end result of 31-0 was disappointing, but the boys all gave their best and continue to improve each week.

3 points: Hugh Thompson, Will Deshon

2 points: Harry Nuthall, Carter Kirby

1 point: Luke Dominello and Charlie Hall.

Jason Smith


KWS 13As Vs St Pius

Final score: 17 All Draw

With Carter Kirby captain this week and a couple of sharp training sessions, the young 2 Blues took to the field with confidence. A new look front row and Charlie Hall at 6, meant that the combinations are still gelling, but the 1st half was very positive. At 5-all, KWS had all the possession and territory, so the visitors would have been happy to get to oranges evenly matched.

Harry Priest’s try came from good control of the ball and awareness from all players. It was great to see one of our speedsters get out in the open.

The 2nd stanza started brilliantly, with Sam Deshon splitting the defence from the restart to pass to a pacey winger, who finished the movement. Jock Litchfield’s try brought the crowd to their feet.

Some premature celebrations erupted, Pius stood their ground and came back. Some poor decisions, penalties and execution allowed them back into the game, hopefully we can learn from this game for future improvement. It must be said that the tackling from KWS was exceptional, with every man doing his job in defence and our slide working well.

Well done gents on a superb effort.

Tries: Will Deshon 2, Harry Priest 1.

Conversion: Will Fuller.

3 points: Harry Priest.

2 points: Oscar McLachlan and Nelson Shepherd.

1 point: Carter Kirby, Tom Patton and Charlie Hall.

Jason Smith


KWS 13Bs Vs St Pats Strathfield

A tough game, with a 50-5 loss. With a lot of changes to the 13As, the Bs had a few reshuffles and a couple of players had to back straight up for the As game – thanks to Ned, Jack & Will Fuller for putting their bodies on the line in 2 games.

St Pats had a lot of bigger boys but the KWS boys defended well and never gave up. Excellent tackling by the forwards stopped many attacking raids from the visitors. KWS did very well in the 2nd half, scoring the last try of the game, which was a great way to finish up. We look forward to the Emus game today and the holidays to freshen up for the 2nd part of the comp. Oakhill, Stannies and St Gregs await.

Best on the day were: Mac Johnston, Will Pearce, Max Bloomfield, who all had great games in attack and defence.

Jason Smith

Netball Reports

KWS Giants (16 & 17 June 2018)

With the icy and unforgiving Orange weather on Saturday and Sunday, during the ‘double-header’ weekend, the KWS Giants gave their worthy opponents their absolute all. CYMS Wildcats played skilfully on Saturday 16th, putting pressure on the Giants right through the first halves. However, with a player down due to injury, the Giants responded with confidence to take the final lead and won 28 to 20 by fulltime. It was a tough and fast game and we congratulate the Wildcats on their sportsmanship and efforts. Thanks as usual go to our loyal parent supporters who braved the hideous weather to cheer on the Giants.

Sunday blessed us with an inside match at 3.50pm. Skins and tracksuit tops were permitted (thanks Umpires) thankfully, as even the inside court didn’t provide much relief from the 3.5 degree conditions! Our worthy opponents were the OHS Chipmunks, currently the top of the Division 7 ladder. Despite their incredible speed and defensive capabilities, the Chipmunks, with a player down in the first quarter, faced the Giants’ unmitigated determination and were almost equal with them after the first half. Unfortunately a full team back on the court, they answered the excellent goal-shooting by Molly, Ayah and Greta with almost two goals for every Giant goal! Despite sustaining a strong defeat, the Giants are to be congratulated on their great team work, and special mention to Amy and Lydia for great defending in the circle. Sneha, Portia, Georgia and Lizzie also showed impressive communication in their passages of play. Profuse thanks to the wonderful parents for supporting their daughters in such bleak weather conditions.

Mrs Emma Le Couteur


KWS Cross Vs OHS Chargers

The Netball game against the OHS Chargers was not such a strong game (27/51), however, to be commended is that KWS Cross quadrupled their score when last played against this team. There has been a significant improvement in strength through all positions. Well done. Excellent leads by Ella Yardley (GS), who timing and ball passing significantly contributes to the goal scoring. Brilliant shooting by Erin Bracks who has an eye for accuracy and fast at gaining ground to the post.  Emma Wright (C, WA) who times her leads well to pick the gaps in the court, and with her strong accurate passes into goal circle to the shooters. Siobhan Finn (WA) comes out strong for the centre pass and places herself well for on the circle, ready for the quick pass. Caitlin Edmonstone (C) who covers a lot of the court adds strength to the defence marking player delivering well time intercepts, to turn the game around. Ebony Fisher (WD) always offering centre pass options by coming out for the centre pass and covering opposition WA from getting of the pass. Adelaide Gavin (GD) marked her player well, and is working with Sophie Brunner (GK) especially for the back line throw in which they do with accuracy and precision. 

Cathy Small


KWS Cross Vs OHS Cavaliers

KWS Cross played like absolute champions against the OHS Cavaliers, with the game intensifying throughout, the score seesawing back and forth for every quarter, to end in a  draw of 37 all.  With only 7 players there was no opportunities for sidelining and cooling off, which was a great advantage and the girls were able to settle into their positions. Defence play from all KWS Crosses was exceptional with close marking of their opposition players to create limited passing opportunities. Emma Wright (WA) added strength to mid court and goal end picking gaps, making space and then really timing her passes well for the big pass into circle. Ella Yardley (GS), working the circle well, drawing her defence out of position to gain close post position, and very generous with the feeding of the ball to the GA. Erin Bracks (GA), dodging and weaving tirelessly in and out of the  goal circle to get into advantage positions close to the post. Caitlin Edmonstone, ran super hard and not only made significant leads in attack but also added strength to the defence by making many well timed intercepts.  Ebony Fisher (WD) covered her player exceptionally well, fast against her opposition at the centre passes to make good judgement calls with many intercepts. Fantastic defence played by Adelaide Gavin (GD) and Sophie Brunner (GK) who warmed to the task; on their toes to stretch to cover the ball and quickly whipping at any loose passes into their possession. Great game.

Cathy Small


KWS Cross Vs CYMS Opposition

The KWS Cross were up against the strongest team in their division. They braved the game with 2 objectives; to keep opposition goals less from when they last played them and to gain more goals scored. And, a big congratulations, they did exactly that.  It was a win-win, although not necessarily a win for the day. Defence really pulled out all guns. Siobhan Finn (WD) super speedy, coming out to derail the centre pass by deflection and intercepting, Ebony Fisher (WD) played like a demon, with many intercepts and marking her player well.  Adelaide Gavin (GD), despite 2 spills, jumped back up and continued to play like a true champion keeping with her player and taking back line throw in effectively. Sophie Brunner (GK) applying new defence techniques, regained many rebounds and offered options by running forward for passes. Emma Wright (WA) worked the court to her advantage picked gaps and then accurately passed in to goal to feed the shooters. Caitlin Edmonstone (C) gave options for the back line throw in, and was a powerful link between defence and attack players for the ball to travel easily down the court. Erin Bracks (GA) ducked and weaved in and out of opposition defence and shot the lion’s share of goals with greatest accuracy.  Ella Yardley (GS) leading well out of circle to shake defence and create space, to then lead strongly back to post for ball possession. Well done. Thank you to Ebony and Sophie for turning up for umpiring the game beforehand.

Cathy Small


KWS Sparrows Vs Orange Cheetahs

Although defeated overall (14 – 19), the Sparrows played a really strong game. Defense and Shooting were great but ultimately we were outplayed by the faster, taller Cheetahs. The cold wind was unforgiving and whilst fingers were numb, spirits, as always, were high. The girls have a double header this weekend so we look forward to playing again tomorrow. What a pleasure it is to coach such a positive team!

Mrs Serena Lewis


KWS Sparrows Vs Owls

This was the most intense and exciting game of the season so far; friends playing against each other and the two coaches – Mr and Mrs Lewis – more competitive than ever. The Sparrows played an outstanding first quarter with a player down, still finishing ahead. The Owls pulled it back in the second quarter and pulled ahead in the third quarter. The last quarter was neck and neck with the Sparrows and Owls alternating their lead and the final score was 14–14. A great game!

Serena Lewis


KWS Owls

Oops. The Owl’s got thrashed 5-36 today. The girls played their best, but just couldn’t cope with the size, pace and skill of their opponents. Next training session we will work on our ball handling and passing skills. At least we were indoors and we’ve got a bye tomorrow, happy days.

Mr Nathan Lewis


KWS Lightning Vs OHS Cornets

The KWS Lighting played well, despite having no subs and freezing weather. Everyone’s shooting, defending, throwing and catching was fantastic. Special thanks to Lily Murray from Year 7 for subbing in our team, she played brilliantly on such short notice! The score was very close for the entire game, but unfortunately the OHS Comets came away with the win, 11-10.
Sophia Nelson (Captain)


KWS 13As Vs KWS Eagles

The 13A’s played so well on Saturday against The Eagles. We worked the ball from one end of the court to the other end very well and were able to slow the ball down when we needed to. Well done to Lily Robson for having a go in GS and getting a few goals in. The Eagles had some great passes but our defence was tight. Well done to everyone for trying our best all game.

Players’ player went to Prue Donnelly

Game points awarded by the coach were as follows:

3 points to Prue Donnelly for her focus in defence,

2 points to Sophie Martin for controlling the mid court well and

1 point to Lily Robson for commitment to her position.

Tanisha Mundy (Game captain)


KWS 13As Vs LS Mikis

The 13As played a great game on Saturday against the Life Studio Mikis. After we all settled into the game we were able to work well together and get the ball down into our goal third. The attackers worked hard in the goal third and we able to feed the ball to the shooters. The defenders worked tirelessly to keep the ball out of the Mikis third. Good job to Lily Robson who got the well-deserved Players Player.

Game points awarded by the coach were as follows:

3 points to Jade McLean for her focus & commitment on the court;

2 points to Lily Robson for chasing the ball down and looking for turnover opportunities; and

1 point to Sophie Martin for controlling the mid court well.

Prue Donnelly


KWS Giants

The Giant’s game on the weekend showed just how much they’ve grown throughout the season, taking on one of the top teams in their division for the second time and scoring three time’s as many goals as the first game. With some impressive shooting from Ayah Mackenzie and incredible intercepts from defence, it was a fast-paced and intense game, and incredibly fun to both watch and play. Despite losing, the game was a testament to how much stronger the team has become, and promises more fun and fast-paced games in the future.

Greta Ward


KWS Thunderbirds Vs Orange City RTEC
Final score: KWS won 59 -30

Only playing with 7 girls this weekend we knew the game would be tough. The girls came out firing from the beginning and had a brilliant game. They flowed well as a team and dominated the match. Kate would pop up with lightning speed to intercept the ball. Emily and Rosie were strong in defence. Chloe (centre) and Chelsea (wing attack) combined well to get to the goal circle and put pressure on the other team. Alanah and Emer had a great percentage shooting rate and made it look easy. A big congratulations to the girls on the convincing win.

Kathryn Northam


KWS Thunderbirds Vs Orange City SS

Final score: KWS lost 33-40

With all girls on deck, it was a good game and the girls played hard. It was 13 all at half time and 24 all at three quarter time. It was only in the last quarter that we let it slip away. The girls worked hard to maintain the intensity as in the past we would have a good first quarter and then slowly let the lead diminish. This time we were able to keep the pressure for longer. A big thankyou to the parents who came to support.

Kathryn Northam

MPS Winter Championships

Over the weekend of the 16th and 17th of June the KWS swim club hosted the mountains and plains winter championship at the Orange Aquatic Centre.

KWS had 37 swimmers attending and the team was determined to retain the championship point score trophy it had secured in 2017.

Saturday was a gruelling day with most of the longer distances being swum. City of Orange were out to an early lead courtesy of their stamina in these events. At the end of day one KWS were 60 points behind City and we knew we had some work to do on Sunday.

On Sunday the team battled through the snow to arrive at the aquatic centre refreshed, ready to race and eager to defend their championship title.

The relays proved to be crucial in the point score (they are worth double points) and we had entered 10 teams with all ten claiming valuable points adding up to a massive 356 extra points for the team. At the end of day 2 the team had pulled ahead of City of Orange and Glenbrook to take out the championship by over 600 points. Every member of the team contributed valuable points in their individual swims.

We had a number of age champions, well done to Emily, Collette & Josie for winning their respective age groups and congratulations to Ethan for taking out the men’s distance award.

Thanks to the coaching team and parents for their ongoing and invaluable support.

Jo Keown

Career News

ANU College of Business and Economics Equity Scholarships

Their suite of equity leadership scholarships are an expression of their commitment to providing education to the next generation of outstanding students. The following scholarships will be open for students to apply to through UAC.

» ANU College of Business and Economics Access Scholarship

» ANU College of Business and Economics Regional & Rural Relocation Scholarship

» ANU College of Business and Economics Undergraduate Scholarship for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

» Dixon Walsh Scholarship

» D.Brownbill Family Scholarship

» Bhavita Patel Undergraduate Scholarships

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

What is the Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics?

This degree is perfect for students who have a global perspective and are keen to lead international affairs as a career. Recent graduates are working in a range of fields including politics, business analysis, foreign affairs, defence, intelligence, and media.

» More information

Bond University

Bond University Scholarships Open Now Bond University scholarships are available to Year 12 students who excel in academic, community leadership and sporting pursuits. Applications are now open. Students wishing to apply for a scholarship will be required to complete a Bond University Study Application Form before commencing the Scholarship Application.

For more information or contact 1800 074 074.


Top five transferable skills, available through VET To win jobs and sustain careers, check out the list and read the advice from career advisers, recruiters and employers at VET opens doors to opportunity. Read more at


Finishing your HSC in 2018 and expect to be looking for work. In just 4 days you will earn the necessary skills to get that casual job in Hospitality. Get your RSA, RCG, expresso coffee making, café beverages and food hygiene qualifications. Courses start on Nov 13th 2018 after the HSC. This is a fully subsidised course and costs only $100.

Information night: Monday 30th July 2018 6-8pm Orange TAFE.

More information: ClaireTuck Email: [email protected].

Early Entry Programs

NOTRE DAME - Current Year 12 students who have demonstrated academic excellence and/or are making a significant contribution to their school or community may want to consider an early offer application to Notre Dame University. Such an offer would mean that they can sit their Year 12 exams with added confidence and reduced stress.

Early Offer applications for Semester 1 2019 are due 31 July 2018. 

Find out more:

UOW – Open August 1st – Closes Aug 24th

Macquarie Uni GLEP – Open now – closes Mon 27th Aug

Australian Catholic Uni – Open now – Close 31st July

UNE – Open now – Close Friday 28th Sept (also SRS)

Southern Cross University – Open 12th July – Close TBC

ICMS – Open now – Close 12th Sept

La Trobe University – Open now – Close Friday 31st August

School Recommendation Scheme – Opens Aug 1st – Closes Sept 28th

Universities QLD/VIC/SA/WA – check university website

For all Early Entry programs check the University’s website.

SMH HSC Study Guide

HSC Study Guide 2018 has landed!

The 2018 HSC Study Guide is now available in The Sydney Morning Herald and online.

UNSW Medicine Important Dates

Local applicants: 

  • Interviews for NSW/ACT students will be based on ACTUAL ATAR only - there will be no "predicted results" interview round in November and we will not be contacting schools to collect this information. 
  • Interviews will be held after ATAR is released: 17 Dec - 21 Dec.
  • Important dates are now available here. 

Rural applicants:

  • Interviews for ALL rural applicants who have achieved a minimum UMAT score (150 overall score) and submitted on time applications through UAC and MAP, will be held at various rural clinical school campuses and in Sydney from October through to December.
  • All successful applicants will be invited to interview by email. 
  • Important dates are available here.

Interview dates have been released for several other universities.

Please record these in your diary so you can plan ahead:

KWS Careers Evening

A reminder our Careers Evening is on this Thursday 28th June 5.30-7.30pm in the DPA. It is a compulsory event for Years 10 and 12, optional but recommended for Year 11.

Students are to wear School uniform including their blazer. Year 10 students will need to pick up a bag at the registration tables. Year 11 and 12 will need to collect their name tag as part of the registration process.


Parent Teacher Interviews - Term 3, 2018

Parents of Years 7 to 12 Boarder students and Years 11 and 12 Day Students will have access to make appointments via PTO from 9am on Monday, 25 June 2018. 

Please ensure your EMAIL address is up to date in the KWS System.  We have provided PTO the mother’s email address, unless there is no address and then the father’s will be used.  This is the email address that will need to be entered by you to request the login details from the PTO website.  Both parents’ email addresses will be provided in the case of parents living apart so separate logins can be requested.

Interview Dates: Monday 23 July 1:30pm -6:00pm

Interviews will be held in the DPA.

Refreshments will be provided.

Science Holiday fun - Christmas Break

The ConocoPhillips Science Experience is a fun 3 or 4 days of science activities for Year 9 and 10 students in 2018 program year.

Each program is designed to provide students who have an interest in science with an opportunity to engage in a wide range of fascinating science activities under the guidance of scientists who love their work.
The program takes place in over thirty-five universities and tertiary institutions, within many different laboratories and lecture theatres. Participants perform experiments in the laboratories, meet and hear senior lecturers in the lecture theatres, attend site visits and walk around and experience what it is like to be on the campus of a university or tertiary institution. More than 65,000 students have taken this rare opportunity, up to date.
The program also provides information about further studies in science, technology and engineering. It highlights the wide range of careers that allow students to pursue their interest and abilities in the sciences.
One aspect of the program often commented on by participants is the opportunity to meet and share ideas with students from different schools. Each program includes a BBQ or other social activity.

For more information please download the brochure at:

Catherine Litchfield

2IC Science / Co-ordinator International Student Exchange

FoodCare Orange - Volunteers needed

FoodCare Orange is a community based social enterprise and registered charity that provides low cost and free food and groceries to families on low incomes. FoodCare Orange has been operating since 2013 out of the Glenroi Community Centre in Garema Road, Orange. The ‘shop’ is open two mornings a week and is managed entirely by volunteers.

The Management Committee are currently seeking volunteers to join their team. There are a number of roles and none of them require a huge commitment.

he roles include:

  • Collecting donated food from supermarkets on a regular basis - requires a truck/ute/large vehicle, mileage paid.
  • Working in the shop  - joining a team and working four hours every fortnight, Tuesday or Thursday.
  • Assisting with the delivery of stock on a Wednesday about 10/10.30am - commitment 2 hours maximum.
  • Joining the Committee - we have casual vacancies at the moment - join now and see what its all about - monthly meetings but requires ability to carry out small tasks between meetings.

This might not be you, but it may be someone you know!  

For more information contact Anne:

Mobile - 0447 577 884 

Email - [email protected]
Web -

Headspace Orange Holiday Program

Headspace Orange are running a range of school holiday workshops as part of their holiday program. For more detail, click on the flyer below:


Hockey NSW Under 12 School Holiday Clinic

Hockey NSW is running a school holiday clinic for children aged 8-12. Children don’t need to be hockey players or registered with Hockey NSW to attend. Equipment will also be provided, they will just need to bring a mouthguard and food.

It’s a fun day for kids in the school holidays and is a great way to keep them busy and active while their parents are at work. 

For more information click on the flyer or visit the Hockey NSW website:

Kate Pulbrook

Regional Coaching Coordinator – Western Region

Upcoming Events

KWS Careers Evening: Year 10 -12

Thursday 28th June 2018 from 5.30pm – 7.30pm

The Careers Evening will be held on Thursday 28th June 2018 from 5.30-7.30pm in the DPA. It is a compulsory event for all Year 10 and 12 students and strongly recommended for students in Year 11.

Events like the KWS Careers Evening enable students to meet representatives from different Tertiary Institutions. The night provides an opportunity to ask representatives from various universities and other institutions about courses available, course content, pathways into various courses, adjustments factors, early entry, colleges and much more. Also, in attendance will be over 75 Industry experts. They will be on-hand to discuss what they are looking for in future employees, the skills required and in-demand skills and capabilities. It will be an ideal opportunity for students to ask people working in industry what it takes to get where they are and what some of the pros and cos are of their profession.

Studies show that new graduates are far better placed to cope with the changing world around us than we ever were. It is also apparent that whilst technology disables old jobs, at the same time it also facilitates the development of new jobs. It has been reported that a staggering 65% of our students will be employed in jobs that are yet to be developed. Research also indicates that Generation Z’s will have at least 5 careers in their lifetime.

Government policies and initiatives highlight the economies increasing focus on the need for innovation; the so called ‘ideas boom’. Today’s employers are after graduates with both ‘hard skills’ and ‘soft skills’. Hard skills are the technical or discipline-specific capabilities that are usually particular to a course you are studying i.e. skills you need if you want to become a lawyer. However, increasingly it is the soft skills that employers are interested in. Skills such as communication, problem-solving, time management, entrepreneurship, innovation, team work, digital literacy and resilience. These are the skills that are transferable across industries of all kinds; skills that will secure your future.

The KWS Careers Evening is an ideal platform for students to ask questions and receive valuable information about possible career options and pathways to their future. We encourage you where possible to attend this evening with your child to help gather this valuable information and have many questions you have answered.

Kimberley Jones

Year 12 Exhibition

The Year 12 Visual Arts and Textiles Exhibition with Textiles Parade will be held in the Derek Pigot Auditorium on Friday 3 August 2018. All welcome to attend. Please click on the flyer below for more information.


KWS Senior School Fortnightly Bulletin
Elective Music & Drama Night 3.pdf