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21 December 2018
Issue 20
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DUX of
Doncaster Secondary College
Achieves 98.35 ATAR


Felice has successfully achieved her goals and her aspiration to study Arts/Law at Monash University is now within reach. Furthermore, Felice is eligible for a Premier’s Award for her perfect score in English Language!


Felice has been a consistently hardworking student throughout her years at Doncaster Secondary College. She has performed at a high level in all subject areas regularly topping her class in assessments. On behalf of the school community, I extend our congratulations and best wishes for Felice’s future success.


Felice’s score is one of many outstanding results across the board for our class of 2018. A pleasing number of our students achieved an ATAR above 90 and half of our students achieved an ATAR above 70! Doncaster Secondary College is proud of all our students' achievements and on behalf of students and parents, I would like to thank the staff for their hard work and dedication to challenging our students to be their best.


Individual subject Dux and other awards will be announced at our first Senior School assembly in 2019.


Éva McMaster




Volunteers Morning Tea

On Thursday, 13 December, our College Chaplain, Katherine Lazarus, organised a morning tea to thank members of our community who contribute to Doncaster Secondary College through volunteering.

Our volunteers provide support through:

  • English reading support
  • Math support
  • MYSELF excursion participation
  • Office administration and Photocopying
  • Breakfast Club operations
  • Mentoring
  • Student Focus club
  • EAL Homework Club
  • Basketball clinics
  • Counselling
  • Weight training
  • Integration and Inclusion

Our volunteers include parents, grandparents, DSC Alumni and local church groups. A number of our incoming Year 7 families have recently completed a survey indicating how they would like to be actively involved in our College community. We look forward to working with you in 2019!


Year 7 class Parent Representatives

Doncaster Secondary College introduced the Class Parent Representatives at Year 7 in 2018. The role of Class Parent Representative was to promote parent involvement in our school community and develop social connections with their child’s peers and parents. 


This week we received some great feedback from our current parent representatives about the valuable social connections which they have made. Activities organised by our representatives included dinners for parents, dinners for parents and children, and ten-pin bowling.


We will continue to offer this opportunity to next year’s Year 7 and 8 families. A number of parents and carers have expressed an interest in being a representative however, parents this year appreciated the opportunity to take on the role with another parent. Please contact Glenn Morris at [email protected] or Anna Ditchburn at [email protected] if you are interested in being your class representative at Year 7 or 8 in 2019. 

The role of the Class Parent Representative is to:

  • Assist families in getting to know other parents and feel part of the school community e.g. informal social gatherings such as a coffee morning at a local coffee shop or a class dinner at a local restaurant (Term 1 and Term 3)
  •  Encourage parents to be involved in school life
  • Communicate with the Level Coordinator/Discovery teacher as necessary to discuss class needs

Compass Attendance Notifications

Daily school attendance is important for all children and young people to succeed in education and to ensure they don't fall behind both socially and developmentally.


Whilst we are aware that there are times when students will be absent, parents and staff must work together to ensure that accurate records of attendance are kept. In an effort to ensure that absences are entered in a timely manner, Doncaster Secondary College supports families through sending an SMS to indicate when a child is absent. In an effort to make this easier, our SMS will now include a link to enter the absence approval.


Where possible, absences should be entered prior to the start of the school day. We understand that when this is not possible, absences should be entered within the next 24 hours. If you believe that your child’s attendance record is not accurate, please contact your child’s specific subject teacher or the relevant sub-school office.

Parent Association

In 2018, a number of parents and staff members worked together to establish a constitution for the establishment of a Doncaster Secondary College Parents’ Association.


During March next year, Doncaster Secondary College will hold our Inaugural General Meeting to elect office bearers (President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parents Victoria representative etc.) All office-bearers will be elected annually to their positions. If you are interested in finding out more about the establishment of the DSC Parents’ association and the office bearer roles, please contact me at the College via 9848 4677 or [email protected].


Glenn Morris
Assistant Principal

December 2018 Reporting 


Have you checked the Learning Tasks since December 10? 
This year there have been changes to the way subjects are reported on. Instead of one summary report at the end of a term or semester you will be able to see Learning Tasks with comments and grades on the following dates.

March 12, May 14, June 25, Aug 20, Oct 15, Dec 10

These tasks will be flagged to show there is an indication of the grade and effort, as well as a comment. 

The end of semester reports which are a summary of each subject with Victorian Curriculum levels and grades for key tasks displayed will be published on Compass by December 17th . There will be no comments on end of semester reports. You will see comments on the dates above by following the instructions attached.

What this means for Parents:

Parents will need to log into Compass and look at flagged Learning Tasks on or just after the dates published above. You will be able to regularly monitor student progress and see feedback about specific tasks and how students can improve. ​ There is a file attached which will help you navigate Compass to find this great feedback provided by teachers.

What this means for Students:

Students will need to ensure Learning Tasks are submitted on time with maximum effort applied. You will be able to read comments and analyse rubrics to see feedback about specific tasks and how to improve. This allows you the opportunity to regularly monitor progress towards your goals.


Gary Rule 

Assistant Principal



Our official DSC Facebook page


New shaded area in the Wellbeing Garden

This term we had a brand new shaded area installed in the Wellbeing Garden. This area will be available to students during their lunch and recess breaks and will also provide an excellent space as an outdoor classroom setting. 

Tim Sprigg
Facilities Manager


A fitting tribute


Assistant Principal, Jeff Pavlou, is retiring after 26 years  at Doncaster Secondary College and will be dearly missed by everyone in the College community. 
Jeff's parting advice to his colleagues is to "always look at the bigger picture".
Jeff says he will really miss all the people that make up our DSC community and their kindness!


Chelsea Rohrlach
Marketing Communications


SRC Planning Day

Last Friday, 7 December, the 2019 Leadership team met together for a planning day for the year to come. Over the day they went through some policies and procedures, reviewed feedback from our students this year and outlined a number of exciting goals for next year. Former school captain of 2018, Annabel Carr was also in attendance to provide some mentoring to our new Leadership team. It was a really productive day and all the students are really looking forward to working together next year! 

Morgan Gardiner

Student Voice & Agency Leader


College Council President’s Address

On behalf of the 2018 College Council, I would like to every member of the DSC Community for a fantastic year. Behind the scenes, at College Council, we have tried to keep the wheels in motion as seamlessly as possible and I have to thank each and every Council Member for their commitment and dedication to the school.  This is a voluntary position but each and every member takes their role with enormous pride, diligence and respect


This year we have committed to and initiated a great emphasis on student voice – giving equal voting rights to 3 students at the highest level of the College’s decision-making process. We held student elections and appointed three students – Ainsley Chase, Sophie Dyt and Keishan Hunker to School Council. These appointments are significant in the future direction of the College as these 3 students have the same voting rights as every school council member. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the 3 duly elected students for their commitment to the role and the initiative they displayed in a daunting first year on Council!


To the Principal team and the amazing teachers and support staff at DSC, they say the best way to see how well an organisation runs is to observe how it reacts and functions through a crisis. It’s all well and good to see it all running smoothly on a good day when the sun is shining and all is right in the world – but when a crisis hits, and unfortunately we have had to experience a couple along the way this year, it is how we handle ourselves in these situations that really shows us what our team here at DSC are really made of. And having just a small insight from the inside and seeing how the school jumps into action when this happens, how they handle themselves with the utmost respect and dignity but still manage to keep the wheels running will always astound me.  The compassion shown by the staff, students and the Principal team here at DSC is definitely first class, and although many of you will never need to experience this side of things, those of us who have experienced it are truly grateful for your support, professionalism and compassion.


To the all our students this year, stand tall and proud at the knowledge that you have made it through another year. We are often very quick to criticise ourselves and in true Aussie style, are very reluctant in accepting praise. So try to take pride in your achievements this year and for those going into year 12 next year, good luck and remember to JUST do your best – THAT number does not define you.  It is simply a measure of a point in time in your lives. There are always many other pathways to your desired end goal!


To the parents and support network of our wonderful students, thank you for your continued support and encouragement of our children.  At this time of the year, we need to celebrate a true partnership between school and home, so this year is a wonderful reflection on you and your hard work.


In closing, I would like to wish you all the compliments of the season and a truly safe return in 2019 and I look forward to celebrating our 50th year as a school! 


Sofia Georgiou 
College Council



Tasmania Camp

Last week, over one hundred Year 9 students attended Tasmania Camp. They saw sights such as Cataract Gorge, Port Arthur, Hobart and Coles Bay and natural wonders such as tessellated plates, blow holes and caves. The students attended a ghost tour at Port Arthur of which had a few of the students jumping out of their skin. We walked down to Wineglass Bay which was a 2-3 hour round trip in hot conditions. We were incredibly impressed with the students' attitude and behaviour over the trip. A highlight for us teachers was the no phone policy – it was fantastic to see students so engaged with each other and the non-stop conversation that occurred.


Elly Stewart

Year 12 Coordinator


MyOutdoors Sailing Excursion

On Wednesday, 28 November, a group of Year 9 students had the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence in sailing with the Victorian Sailing School in Geelong. It was an incredible day that was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance!


Warren Halliday 
PE Teacher


Krispymas Lights Fundraising Events

To celebrate the festive season, a group of our students sung Christmas Carols at Krispy Kreme's Krispymas Lights fundraising event at Bulleen on Friday, 7 December. It was a fantastic evening enjoyed by the community. All the money raised was donated to Ambulance Victoria. 


Wendy Howes

Music Teacher


Year 9 Surface Design

Throughout the semester, Year 9 Surface Design students were completing their final design project. Their task was to create a traditional or cultural costume for a doll or figurine of their choice. This garment had to fit accordingly and was constructed using many sewing and problem-solving skills and techniques. The students had many crafty and innovative ideas. Accessories were a fantastic feature, and often added flair and style to set designs. Overall, a terrific display of hard work and creativity. Congratulations to all involved. 


Daniel Tomada
Visual Arts and English



Antipodeans expedition in Peru

A group of our Senior students returned home on Tuesday, 18 December after a three and a half week Antipodeans expedition in Peru. After completing an incredibly rewarding yet challenging trek, the students have been helping to build mud brick homes for a family living on an island in Lake Titicaca in Peru.

VCAL students graduate

On Thursday, 13 December four of our Intermediate VCAL Students graduated with a Certificate II in Food Processing at Recipe4Change at Rowville Community Kitchen. Well done Steph W. and Georgia H. 

Vanessa Ramsay
Careers Coordinator


Earlyact Information Session at Doncaster Primary School

On Tuesday, September 11, Cassie H 10G, Sarah V. 10H, Keishan H. 11F and Chelsea R. 10 (myself) went to Doncaster Primary School to introduce the older students to EarlyAct. EarlyAct is the younger version of InterAct; a club where you can help out and give back to the community, which we run here and meet on Thursdays in C5. At Doncaster Primary we explained what EarlyAct includes and got them to brainstorm ideas of how they could help raise funds for people in the community. Some of their ideas were things like: a sausage sizzle or fair and donate the profits to the homeless or domestic abuse victims. We found the students at Doncaster Primary were very mature and enthusiastic. It was a really interesting and fun experience being involved with primary school students and teaching them about ways to help their community.

Chelsea R. 10

Interact Fundraising

During the Student Led Conferences this year, the Interact Club held our annual Sausage Sizzle, to raise pooled funds, which are being donated to Doctors Without Borders, Rotary Drought Relief, and the Peru Trip. It was a great turn out and we sold out of sausages before the night ended during the second sausage sizzle. A total of $1000 contributed to our funds, which will be distributed at the end of the year. We would like to thank our school community for supporting our Interact Club and supporting these charities, to make a difference in our community.

Keishan H. 11F


Getting Ahead in VCE



Get to know our College Leadership Team


When did you start your studies at Doncaster Secondary College?

I started my studies in 2013 as a year 7 student.


Tell us a bit about your family.

I have a very caring and considerate family who devote a lot of their time to helping both my younger sister and I. It is largely because of them that I have been able to achieve my academic aspirations and be heavily involved in various extracurricular activities.


Tell us about some of your interests.

Most of my time outside of school is spent either at the athletics track or in the gym where I am continually training to improve myself in the track and field event of Hammer throw. I have been extremely passionate about hammer throw for the last couple of years and so have dedicated countless hours towards the sport. Not only has this allowed me to develop as an athlete beyond what I could have imagined, but it has additionally taught me important lessons in time management which I can apply to all aspects of my life, especially being a secondary school student. I also enjoy coaching others in athletics as it allows me to pass on the invaluable knowledge I have been privileged enough to learn, to those who share my passion. I have been lucky enough to have had an opportunity to do so both at my local athletics club and primary school. Although school and athletics take up the majority of my time, during term breaks I love to spend time outdoors whether it be camping, hiking or pretty much any activity that involves an adrenaline rush – you can be sure that I enjoy!


What did you study in year 12 this year? 

I studied English Language, Maths Methods, Chemistry, Psychology and Human Biosciences as a University subject at Latrobe. I also completed Year 12 Biology and PE as a Year 11 student.


What have you been involved in throughout your school years?

At Doncaster Secondary College I have been involved in many programs and activities. I have always participated in many of the inter school sports DSC has to offer with athletics, cross-country, volleyball and AFL among them. I was also part of the LEEP program from Years 7 to 10 as well as the music program where I learnt both clarinet and trombone and was a member of various school bands. In 2016, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Borneo with a small group of students from DSC. In Borneo, we not only were able to explore the country, immerse ourselves in the culture and climb Mt Kinabalu but additionally, we were able to spend some time in a local village helping renovate their small community church with the money we had fundraised prior to the trip.


What gave you the confidence to apply for this role?

When I first saw the opportunity to apply to be a school leader I was hesitant about applying simply because I believed there were so many other amazing leaders in my year level who deserved roles. I eventually gave in and applied anyway as I had nothing to lose, and I definitely do not regret this decision! Being a school leader and part of the SRC has allowed me to create new friendships and be among students who continue to inspire me, all while working towards creating a better place for students to learn and grow.

What advice would you give to those students who aspire to be future leaders?

For those looking to become future school leaders, there are many opportunities within Doncaster Secondary College that can assist you in your aspiration. The Year 9 Peer Buddy system is one great opportunity that can allow you to mentor Year 7 students through their transition to high school. Additionally, you can get involved with some of the various student-run groups within the school, such as SRC, Interact Club or the DSC Connect Group. Above all I would recommend participating in as many college activities as possible, whether it be joining a sports team, playing an instrument or even joining the school debating team!



What does this mean to you?

‘I Can and I Will’ is a very empowering statement to me addressing that simply having the ability to do something is not always enough to lead to success. This statement reminds me that when you actually do something with your ability, an endless array of opportunities may arise.


How will you live by this statement throughout the year?

I will live by this statement by changing my thought processes from just simply saying “I can” or “I could” to “I can and I WILL”, eliminating any chance of opting out to ensure I make the most of what I have the ability to achieve.


What are your goals for 2018:

For yourself in your role?

As one of the sport captains this year I would not only like to represent the thoughts of my peers and assist in further improving the DSC school environment, but I would also like to be someone students feel as if they can talk to for advice if they have an issue or even if they just want someone to talk to.


For yourself personally and as a Year 12 student?

I am not going to lie, as a Year 12 student my ultimate goal this year is to get good grades. However, I am not the kind of person who can spend hours upon hours of studying without getting a little bored. This year although I understand the time commitment required to my studies, I aim to keep a balanced life as I have throughout all my high school years. I want to continue to compete competitively as a track and field athlete, I want to continue working my part-time job and most importantly I still want to spend quality time with my family and friends.


What are your long-term life ambitions and aspirations?

Thinking ahead, I aspire to represent Australia as a hammer thrower, ultimately at the Commonwealth or Olympic Games. Next year I want to attend University and hopefully study biomedical engineering as a student-athlete at an American college. I would also like to spend time in the future assisting communities in less fortunate circumstances, both in Australia and internationally.


What would you like your legacy to be for Doncaster Secondary College?

I would like my legacy for Doncaster Secondary College to be to always take every chance because as I well know, most of the time you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In one sentence, what would you like to say to your fellow students about your pride in Doncaster Secondary College?

I am a proud student at Doncaster Secondary College and what opportunities they have been able to provide me in all aspects of my high school life, from opportunities in the classroom to be able to compete on the sporting field to providing incredible international travel experiences, I believe Doncaster has definitely set me up for a very successful future.

Stephanie Ratcliffe featured in the Manningham Leader




As part of Science Week activities students were invited to enter a competition to design a STEAM mural for G6. Isobel Goodman of Year 11 and Betty Zois and Kate McQueeney of Year 7 were chosen as the winners of the competition and collaborated to combine their designs.  The girls have worked on the mural for the past term, often giving up their lunchtime, and their hard work has paid off. A big thank you goes to Isobel for mentoring Betty and Kate through the process, and to Betty and Kate for their fantastic artistic vision! Special thanks also to Tim Sprigg and Tom Lansdaal for assisting us with our creative vision.

Jodie Purches

STEAM Learning Specialist

During this semester we were given an opportunity to participate in creating the STEAM mural located in G6. Together with Isobel, we worked as a team to create this mural. Throughout this experience, we have learnt how to cooperate with older students easily and to have faith in our artistic abilities. When we first heard about this opportunity, we were unsure if we should enter, and not confident about being chosen. Although when we went to the girls in STEM one week, we heard about this idea again. We began thinking a bit more into it and eventually agreed that it would be a fantastic opportunity for us to try something new. After a lot of hard work, we completed the mural. We would like to say a huge thank you to Ms Purches for dedicating her time and effort to help us create this mural.

Betty Z. 7G and Kate M. 7C


Rocket Launch

This term our year 7 and 8 students completed their 2018 STEM Rocket challenge. It was another opportunity for our students to become engaged with STEM, which is an application of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. This year’s challenge was to construct a rocket.

Students collaborated in their groups to design and produce a bottle rocket, with the aim for it to fly the highest and farthest. Their final designs were launched using a bottle-rocket launcher. In teams of four, the students conducted research, prepared a test design and made calculations to develop a bottle rocket. The winning design needed to incorporate the key features of aerodynamic, performance and aesthetics. 

The Rocket Launch showcase created so much excitement for our students. Well done to each and every one of the students and many thanks to those who brought materials from home to create their final masterpieces! 


Sousanna Katiforis
Science Domain Leader


Year 8 Amazing Race

On Thursday, 13 and Friday, 14 December an 'Amazing Race' for all year 8 students. The students worked in small groups to complete a series of small challenges around the Doncaster area. They navigated their way to various venues using public transport. Staff were located at each location with an activity and a clue to lead them to the next locations. Some of the places they visited included, Westfield Shoppingtown, Doncaster Police Station, Doncaster Woolworths and the Manningham library. Despite the stormy weather, the day was a great success, enjoyed by all students and staff involved! 

Jack Trewella 
Year 8 Coordinator



Year 8 Civics Program

The 2018 year 8 students participated in a Civics program on Monday, 10 Tuesday, 11 and Wednesday. 12 December. They role-played being members of different nations associated with the UN and attempted to build model embassies to represent their nation. Depending on the general wealth and resources of a nation, the students were given an assortment of materials to build with. They presented their final models to the whole year level at the end of the program.

The students did a wonderful job engaging with the project, participating in debates and negotiating for resources with other students. The teachers involved were happy to see so many students putting their best effort into each task they were assigned. We were particularly impressed with the way the students in Russia were able to bounce back after they were disadvantaged by a student “defecting” to the USA, with the effort that the Cuban group put into their debate to research their nation and apply teacher corrections to their debate, to the very interesting role-playing that the students from Saudi Arabia engaged in.

We hope that, rather than winning, the students were able to better understand the distribution of wealth and resources across the globe, and how some nations might be disadvantaged.

Lastly, the students voted for their winner, using preferential voting which was also a good learning experience. Whilst it appeared that Saudi Arabia and Cuba were the most popular in terms of student voice, the tailed votes revealed that the USA had collected the majority, so well done to the students from 8B!

Congratulations to all students and thank you to the staff that assisted in the program’s success.


Kristin Skennar
Humanities Coordinator 

Asli Dulgar
Legal Teacher

First Nations Q&A


On Monday, 17 December, our year 7 and 8 students engaged in a special program, expanding on their understanding of Indigenous issues in Australia. The students prepared questions for the panel around issues associated with Australia Day, the environment and cultural awareness. On the panel was Jedda Costa, a Ricci Marks Award recipient in her final year of a journalism degree at RMIT, Mikayla George, an elite aerial skier with dreams of representing Australia at the Winter Olympics in 2022, and Jamil Tye, the director of Indigenous Student Services at Monash University. During the program, the students were extremely engaged and took so much away from the discussion. We would like to thank our panel for giving up their time to come to DSC and engage with students and teachers in such a genuine and positive way. Thank you to our KESO Officer, Alice Young, and also to our teaching staff Belinda McGee, Daniel Tomada and Cass Blake who put in a lot of time and effort into the organisation of the event.


Kristin Skennar
Humanities Coordinator


Compass training session for parents

On Wednesday, 28 November, we had a compass training session for some international students’ parents’. The feedback was very positive.  Please see some of the translated feedback below:


The whole session was conducted in Chinese, I was not embarrassed about not knowing English. This training not only helped me in my utilisation of compass but also provided me with a platform to get to know other parents of the same year level students, which will, in turn, facilitate the future child-related information exchange between us as parents. Again, many thanks to the school for providing us with this chance to learn and communicate, and thanks to the international student program for their hard work.


I hope the school can organise more extra-curricular activities for international students and their parents who are in Australia.


So much appreciated to the school in the holding of this event as it helped me to get a better understanding of my son’s school life and his academic performance. 


The provision of this platform for us to meet teachers and our fellow parents is, in my belief, just what we have expected as Australian-staying parents for international students. I would like to express my appreciation again to every teacher for your help and support that have been offered to us and to our child. It is because of your help, we are feeling cordial and supported even when we are far away from home.

They now know how to navigate through compass and what to look for regarding their children’s attendance, reports, learning tasks.

They want to thank the school for providing such a good platform for them to know the Australian school system better in order to help their children learn better.


Sally Huang

International Student Program Coordinator

International Student Junior School Leadership Group Interview


On Wednesday, 5 December, Zhen Yu (William) W. 8C participated in a Junior School Leadership group interview. Here is his reflection of his interview:


On the last period today, we had a College Leadership group interview. We had two group activities, the first one was a group discussion about what we can do to connect the SRC with the school community. Our second activity was to brainstorm an event for students that will also be beneficial for the school. It was such an amazing experience to be part of this, whether or not my application is successful.
Zhen Yu (William) W. 8C

Senior School Presentation Night

During Senior School Presentation Night, eight of our international students became the recipients of different awards. The students awarded were:

  • Naiqian (Steve) Z. 10L 
  • Wenxuan (Wilson) C. 11E
  • Nihui (Krystal) C. 11E
  • Yuxin (Mavis) F.  11A
  • Ziqi (Kay) L. 11H
  • Xinru (Olivia) Y. 11B,
  • Ke (Irene) Z. 11E
  • Haibo (Maya) Z. 11C.

Well done to everyone. I am so proud of you all!

Sally Huang

International Student Program Coordinator

International Intensive Homework Club Last Day Celebration

On Wednesday, 5 December we celebrated the final day of the International Intensive Homework Club. The Assistant Principal, Jeff Pavlou, the International Program staff and the International students met together to celebrate the end of the year. I would like to also thank our two volunteers Bill and Edmond from Doncaster Holy Trinity Anglican Church who was also in attendance. On behalf of Doncaster Secondary College, Jeff presented a token of appreciation to our caring volunteers who generously volunteered their time and energy into helping our International students to improve English and increase their knowledge of Australian culture. 


Sally Huang

International Student Program Coordinator







Peer Empowerment Program

Four of our fabulous Year 9 students were selected to run a Peer Empowerment Program with 8, Year 5 boys at Serpell Primary School.

The aim of this program was to provide an opportunity for peer connection between high-school students and primary school students and develop leadership and problem-solving skills. Each week myself and the students visited Serpell Primary and delivered a program covering things like leadership and managing conflict.

The Program ended with Serpell Primary students running their own program at the Bupa Aged Care Home. This was an incredible experience for both DSC and Serpell Primary Students. The boys ran Bingo, had Christmas Decoration and Chain making workshops and also played board games with the residents.

I am so proud of Isabella M. 10E, Aliki S. 9A, Joel D-B. 9F and Saba K-E. 9K. They provided great leadership training to the Serpell Primary students and empowered them to run their own project. I would also like to thank Tania Vairamuttu, the Chaplain at Serpell Primary School, who helped to make this program a success.


Katherine Lazarus 
College Chaplain

Support your young person during the school holidays


Donations from Philip Webb Real Estate

A huge thank you to Philip Webb Real Estate for kindly donating some hampers to the College. The families that were fortunate enough to be gifted one are extremely grateful. 

Drew Hanna
Youth Worker



Key Dates 

Tuesday, 8 January 2019
Main round International offers

Wednesday, 16 January 2019
Main round Domestic offers

Monday, 4 February 2019 - onwards
Further round offers

Year 12 Students

If you are a VCE student and you wish to discuss your options post results being released, please call the college to make a time to come in to the Careers Centre 9848 4677. 

Students are also encouraged to utilise the Post Results and ATAR Service as well as the Change of Preference Events that occur at each Tertiary Institution. 

Congratulations to all Year 12 VCE and VCAL students for their accomplishments and achievements during 2018!


Vanessa Ramsay

Careers Coordinator


Seeking Aspiring Student Writers

The Good Education Group is seeking blog contributions from our multiple publications, many that you may already be familiar with, including The Good Universities Guide and The Good Careers Guide. 


With the summer holidays just around the corner, this provides a great opportunity for students to bolster their CV, update their portfolio, gain invaluable work experience and see their work published online, all while being supported by an experienced editorial team.
Interested students can apply by sending The Good Education Group an email that includes the outlined information below, as well as meeting the required criteria. 


Information required

  • Full name:
  • School:
  • Ideal job/career:
  • 200 words or less on why you would like to write for Good Education Group

Applicant Criteria:

  • Strong writing skills
  • Creative flair
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Proactive attitude

Applications can be sent to [email protected] with the subject line 'content contribution'.







1st Lower Templestowe Scouts


Donvale Calisthenics Club


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