20 December 2018
Issue Twenty One - 20 december 2018
The Principal's Report
Diary Dates
Important Notices
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Mr Batt's Sports Report
The Bug Hotel Story
Visual Arts
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Performing Arts & Music at BPPS
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Community Notices
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The Principal's Report

A year worth celebrating

Every year in a school we find many different things to celebrate. This year is no exception. Our students have worked hard in their learning programs, their teachers have worked hard to provide a program that caters to all of their needs. Our families have worked hard to volunteer and support our school.

Thank you to everyone who contributed of a fabulous year at Boroondara Park PS.


Each year it is with much delight that I sit down to write my Graduation speech. I have included it below because in time this is what we wish for all of our Boroondara Park PS students. 

Graduation Speech 2018

When you were all born your parents had many wishes for you – if we asked them now no doubt many of those original wishes would still be there hiding away in their hearts.

They would have wished you to be healthy.

They would have wished you were able to hear and see, be able to talk and walk.

They would wish that you would like food and gobble it all up – even the green veggies.

They would have wished you to be happy.

I bet that they often wished you would SLEEP!

Early on they would wish that you would smile, and when you did their lives changed.

They would have started to make little wishes about your future. Some might have started to have little wishes about what you might be when you grow up.

As you grew their wishes would have changed a little – when you started at school they would have wished you liked school, some might even have wished you loved school.

They would wish that you learnt well.

They might have wished that you were arty or sporty, perhaps musical or adept at a language.

They would wish that you would be confident.

They would wish that you would be courageous and clever.

They would wish that you made friends.

They would wish that you didn’t rush to grow up!

They would wish you to have hugs from those who love you … hugs that make you feel invincible!

The thing about parents is that their wishes for you are often quietly following you along – a little bit like our wishes for you in the seven years that you are at primary school.

Now as you prepare to head off to the next part of your education – to secondary college you would have all sorts of wishes for yourself – but I bet lots of them are the same wishes your parents and your teachers have.

I have some wishes for you too!

I wish that you are brave enough to be yourself in all circumstances, that is a hard thing to do but it is important in the end to be true to you.

I wish that you find something in the world that you love, that makes you shine when you talk about it. It is important to have something that you love doing with your time.

I wish that you would enjoy the small things.

I wish that you will do what you know is right, even if no one is watching!

I wish that you will try your best in whatever you choose to do and not give up because some of the most difficult tasks are the most rewarding.

I would wish that you would be community minded.

I wish that you find some friends that you love hanging out with and that you can rely on. Friends are important in life and when you have some good ones protect them, keep the relationships growing, they will rescue you and provide comfort, they will make you smile.

I wish you find someone to love and who will love you back for all your special qualities and maybe your faults.

I wish that you find someone to love who is deserving of you – this I know would be a wish hidden away in your parent’s hearts.

I wish you to take care of your family, let them know what you are doing in your life, what you are thinking and especially if you need help – we all wish that you will ask for help when you need it in your life.

I wish that you have a voice, that you tell people what you believe in.

I wish that you form opinions and that you learn to argue your point.

I would wish that you would be brave enough to say something when you see things that are wrong in the world.

I would wish that sometimes you take risks, put yourself out there and try new things even if they scare you.

I wish that you would have dreams that take your breath away.

I wish that you have many moments that make your eyes and your heart sparkle.

I would wish that eventually you work out that it is important to live like every day is your last and you should always celebrate the magic.

I wish you well in your future as you leave Boroondara Park and that enough of the wishes – that you, your parents and your teachers have for you - come true and that you live well.

Graduation celebration

Thank you to our Year 6 teachers, Nick, Jemmah, Janice, Sarah, Janine and Shannon (for three terms) for all of their work preparing our Year 6 students for their graduation last night. Thank you to Llaaneath Poor, Hannah Francis and Cameron Batt for their coordination of the Graduation ceremony, it was a wonderful celebration of our students. 

Congratulations to all of our Year 6 Graduates and to those who were awarded prizes. 

Thank you Margy Nixon and Colleen Stavrakis for coordinating the Graduation Celebration in the Hall after our formal ceremony. Thank you to all of the Year 5 volunteer parents who ran the evening. I know the Year 6 students and their parents were thankful for your effort in providing a great way to celebrate their child's Year 6 graduation. 

Fair profit

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to our Fair this year. We are excited to share that we made a profit of $31,500. These funds go directly in to the Bottom Oval project. 

We have had our first meeting with the Landscape Architect, who will return early in Term 1 2019 to meet with students to gather their thoughts about the project. We look forward to gathering feedback and sharing our plan next year. 

Volunteer Morning Tea

We were so pleased to see our volunteers at morning tea this week, we cannot do many of the things that are part of our school culture without the support of our parents and carers. 
Thank you to staff for providing the delicious morning tea. 

Happy Holidays and 2019

We wish you all a wonderful holiday spent with family and friends making memories and enjoying each others company. 

I have a list of things to do in the holidays and hope you all take the time to refresh and get ready for a fabulous new school year. 

School starts on January 30th 2019.

Diary Dates

Term 4

Thursday 20 December - Whole School Final Assembly 2:30 - 3:30pm

Friday 21 December - End of Term 4: finish at 1:30pm

Term 1 2019

Wednesday 30 January - Students Return to School (no foundation students)

Thursday 31 January - Foundation Students Begin School

Tuesday 19 March - School Photos

Important Notices

Message to ALL Grade 6 Families and Exiting Families 

All Grade 6 and other families who are leaving the school will not have access to Sentral as of the 31st of December 2018. Please download any of your exiting child's school reports before this date as you will not have access to them. If you have other children not leaving the school you will still have access to their Sentral information. The 31st of December will be your last chance to get any information from Sentral about your exiting child.


2019 Contributions and Bookpack Collection

2019 Contributions are due by Tuesday 29th January 2019.  

Our preference is for payments to be made by BPay.  Please ensure you return your Contributions form in order for us to reconcile the payment.  If you are making a payment during the holidays please email the form to

[email protected]

Book collection dates (after payment has been made)

Thursday 24th January 2019 9.30am to 3pm from the ART ROOM

Tuesday 29th January 2019 9.30am to 3pm from the ART ROOM

If you have not received or misplaced your contributions form please see below.


New Uniform Shop Provider

We are changing our uniform supplier to RHSports from January 2019.  We will continue to have the uniform shop at school and it will be run by Emily from RHSports.  The shop at school will be open every Monday during the term from 8.30 to 10.30am.

The school shop will also be open on Book collections days:

Thursday January 24th 9.30am to 12pm

Tuesday January 29th 12 to 3pm

Please find below uniform list, order form and step by step instruction on how to order online.  At this stage the online ordering will be available from the middle of January.


Lost Property

Please come and check the lost property at the office as we have watches, garmins, glasses and a few other little things up here waiting to be collected. Anything uncollected by the last day of school will be thrown away, so please make sure you came and collect your things.

No More Newspapers

Please take note the starting next year there will be no more free newspapers being delivered to the school.

From The Classroom

Whole School Connections Expo

We had a great turn out for our Connections Expo on Friday afternoon. It was great to see students sharing their work for this term. These opportunities give parents a clear understanding of what we do each day at school. Students are so proud to show their learning to their parents.


Semester Two Reports

Our teachers have compiled Semester Two reports and they are now available in the Parent Portal through Sentral.

A reminder to families who are leaving B.P.P.S. and to our graduating Grade 6 group, the reports will be available to view only until December 31, 2018. You will need to download the reports for your records. 

Bug Hotel

This last week an exciting project got off the ground. A bug hotel has been started, with the driving force of Claire Ballot and her Keen Green Team we have an exciting new environmental aspect to our yard. We have been lucky to have Claire enlist the support of a number of parents who have made a solid structure and will complete it with a roof in the holidays. Thanks to Nigel Woodman for the design and Bernie McInerney for organising the materials and overseeing the construction.


Mr Batt's Sports Report

School Swimming Trials 2019

A reminder that we will be holding school swimming trials on Wednesday 6th February at Boroondara Sports Complex for students in Years 3 - 6 to determine which who will represent the school at the District Swimming Carnival. The trials are for our most competent swimmers (students must be able to confidently swim 50m without stopping) and students must be turning 9 or older in 2019.


Parents can register their child to attend the trials via the following website -

2018 Sport Reflection

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support of the Physical Education and Sport programs throughout 2018. Our students have had so many opportunities to be involved in fantastic sporting events, including:

- Junior and Senior Athletics

- School Cross Country

- Swimming Programs

- Hooptime Basketball

- Interschool Sport Programs


Thanks to everyone who has assisted throughout the year by volunteering their time to ensure that all of these programs have been so successful.

On a final note, here is a link to an article that was shared with me by one of our parents that emphasises the importance of students taking part in sport and regular physical exercise.


Looking forward to an even better 2019!


Cameron Batt

The Bug Hotel Story

A group of Grade 5 students attended the Sustainability Summit organised by Boroondara Council earlier this year.

During the Summit they were asked to plan a project that could be implemented at their school.

Their ideas were a Frog Bog, Super Solar Day and a Bug Hotel.

The idea chosen by the group was the Bug Hotel.

For them to build the Hotel they had to meet weekly at lunchtime to plan their project and present their plan to the school leaders.

 Once approved they needed the support of parents to complete their plan.

A meeting was called and many parents offered time and expertise to support the students in building the Hotel.


Thank you to the following families for their support.

McInerney, Woodman, Smith, Tang, Tog, Wu, Stavrakis, Wu, Campbell.

Well done to the following students for making it happen.

Sienna Campbell, Shuzhong Wu, Eleanor Smith, Xavier Lau, Andrew Tang, Jeffery Zhu, Yuka Tog, Elysia Wu, Patrick McInerney, Audrey Stavrakis, Jack Henry , Josh Read, Adam Morris, Oliver Woodman.

And Max Burgoyne.


The bugs will thank you forever !


Canteen CLOSED Friday ( Last day of school )

Please take note that the canteen will be closed on Friday, which means no lunch orders will be excepted.


I wanted to express my appreciation to everyone in any way that have helped me to manage the canteen this year.  It has been a tricky year with volunteer numbers significantly down but to those who came through my door, asked if I was ok, stayed to help for 5 minutes or 3 hours or everyweek (special mention of the Weekly Icecream Friday crew (Wendy, Moni, Gillian, Jane), Dave and Diane (the pizza whisperers), Bec (the awesome baked potato queen),  Meal Deal Day angels, etc) with no fanfare and saved my bacon on so many occasions I can't thank you enough.  A special acknowledgement to those parent helpers who are leaving the school.  Your friendship and kindness has meant the world to me.  Merry Christmas everyone and stay safe.  Di :)

Visual Arts

Happy Holidays from the Art Room!

We've had a busy and wonderful year in the art room and everyone is ready for a well earned rest. Remember, however, that being creative can be restful. So find some time to create something these holidays, and go for a wander through a gallery somewhere. That's what we'll be doing!

Please remember to wash your child's smock, check that it still fits and put it back in the school bag for next year.

See you in 2019!

Mrs H and Mrs T

Fantastic French

Joyeux Noël!
Bonne Année!
Bonnes Vacances à tout le monde!

Au revoir et à bientôt!

Madame Higgins et Madame T


Performing Arts & Music at BPPS

Assembly Guest Performers

Thank you to our Rock Band for their performances at our assembly on Thursday 13 December.  Such a fantastic way to celebrate the end of the year! 


Thank you to everyone who has been a guest performer at our assemblies!  Each week our school community has delighted in listening to a varied range of performers, composers, styles and instruments.  If you are interested in performing in assembly in 2019, please come and visit Miss Poor or Miss Payne.

B.P.P.S Carols Evening - 13 December

Last Thursday 13 December we held our annual B.P.P.S. Christmas Carols. We celebrated end of the school year and we showcased our talented students, performing some Christmas themed music.  It was fantastic to see so many families attending the event, sitting on picnic rug and enjoying some nibbles, as each of our ensembles and Foundation students performed.  

Thank you to Mr Batt for his compering of the evening and to Gill S and her team for creating the costume he wore (a Christmas Tree).  Thank you to all the families who came along!


Boroondara Community Carols - 15 December

Last Saturday 15 December, our Senior Choir was invited to perform at the Boroondara Community Carols, after the organisers had seen them perform at the Boroondara Eisteddfod earlier in the year!  This was a lovely opportunity for our students to shine!  We are incredibly proud of them representing our school so beautifully!  


Senior School Production 2019

Thank you to those people who have responded to our email regarding our 2019 production team.  We have had a great number of parents who have said they are interested in painting, sewing, sourcing props or generally creating, but are still need of some keen people to put their hand up for set construction.  If you are interested, can you please complete the google form using the link (if the link does not work when you click on it, please copy and paste it into your web browser).  We would love to have you on our 2019 production team!


We look forward to seeing you all in 2019!


Llaaneath Poor and Aleksis Payne 

(Performing Arts Teachers)

OSHClub News

January Vacation Care

We are running Vacation Care at Boroondara Park this January, starting from the 7th. You can view the brochure then make bookings using your account calendar.


BPPS Community Notices


Community Notices


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2019 Boroondara Park PS Uniform Order Form.pdf
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