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26 November 2018
Issue Eighteen
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The Principal's Pen

The Principal's Pen

In the last newsletter I explained the need for creating and maintaining a safe culture at the College. An example of that is in the use of technology, which presents a very real need to keep students safe. Students at Cornerstone have access to Information and Communications Technology resources such as iPads in the classroom and we are able to provide a filtered internet service that helps create a safe platform. Our policies and practices around the use of these devices are also vital in helping train students in appropriate use of digital technology. We are regularly reviewing how this protection can be developed at the College and we have recently come across a device that could be of great assistance to parents at home.

The device is called Circle with Disney. It is a box that can be plugged in at home near the internet equipment and it then can manage the devices that access the home’s WiFi, including access to particular sites and even the time those devices can connect to the internet. One of our staff members volunteered to try the Circle at home with his teen aged children and he is purchasing it just from that short trial. There are also many online reviews for this product that attest to the benefit for families.

The College has secured a supply of these devices that currently retail at $169. Under our arrangement the Circle can be purchased through the College for $140 and we are able take payment from parents and organise for the Circle to be delivered to the College. If any of our parents would like to purchase a Circle at this price please contact our Administration at [email protected]. We currently have access to a stock of ten devices but we are able to order more to cater for demand.

I hope that this addition to the partnership between the College and parents of our students can assist our community in keeping it safe.

What's Coming Up

The College Calendar





  • Thur 29      ELC Concert (5:00pm for a 5:30pm start)
  • Fri 30           Dunsborough Christmas Concert 5:30pm
  • Sat 1            P&F Dunsborough Busy Bee 9am


  • Sun 2           Christmas in the Bush
  • Tue 4           Primary Presentation Night (1-6)
  • Wed 5         Secondary Presentation Night (7-11)
  • Thur 6         Final day for students
  • Fri 7             Final day for staff












Around the College

Uniform reminder - 2019

If shoe shopping is on your list for preparing for the new school year, please remember that sports shoes MUST be joggers - not boots, sketchers or slip-ons.  White soled shoes are best for the gymnasium floor where possible.  

Thanks for helping us in this way!

Presentation Nights and Awards

The end of the year is fast approaching, and with it comes our Christmas concerts and celebrations.

We invite friends and family to join with us on these special nights, where we reflect on the past year, and enjoy being together as a community.

These events details are as follows:

Thursday 29th November - ELC Christmas Concert and Picnic 5:00pm

Friday 30th November - Dunsborough Celebration Night 5:30pm

Tuesday 4th December - Primary Presentation Night (Busselton) 6:30pm

Wednesday 5th December - Secondary Presentation Night 7:00pm

Please join us!

Important Uniform Shop Notification

During 2018, the College made the decision to change the operation of our Uniform Shop. The first step in this process saw the introduction of self-service fitment facilities in lieu of the previous attended Uniform Shop that the College operated. We now want to communicate the next step of this change which will commence in 2019, involving a new arrangement with our main uniform supplier Perm-A-Pleat who will take over the management of uniform orders through a new ordering portal, to be dispatched directly from their warehouse. All orders placed on the new ordering portal with Perm-A-Pleat will be sent directly to the college. The College will notify parents that their orders are available for collection from the College reception at either the Busselton or Dunsborough campuses.


Please make yourselves familiar with the following to be aware of how this change affects you.

  • The current online ordering system for the college uniform shop, which is accessible from the College website ( by clicking on the “COLLEGE UNIFORM SHOP” link, will remain in place up to the last day of Term 4, i.e. Friday 6 December.
  • Orders placed up until Monday 3 December will be prepared and available for pick up by Friday 6 December from 10:30am until 4:00pm.
  • Any orders not collected by Friday 6 December, or that are placed after Monday 3 December up to Friday 6 December will be available for collection in the new year when the school office re-opens, i.e. from Monday 21 January 2019.
  • The current online ordering system will be shut down after Friday 6 December, with the new online ordering system being available from Monday 14 January 2019. This will allow a transitioning period for the changeover of the ordering processes and systems. 

From Monday 14 January 2019, all new orders will be placed on the new online ordering system.

  • The new ordering system will also be accessed via the College website, and instructions for the use of the new online ordering system will be communicated to our school community by Friday 6 December.
  • Orders placed on the new online ordering system with Perm-A-Pleat will follow roughly a weekly turn-around however there will be special arrangements around the start/end of the College year and College Terms.
  • In general, orders placed on a Monday to Thursday during the Term, will be delivered to the College on Monday of the following week (except for public holidays), and will be available for collection from the Tuesday of that week.
  • Please note, for orders placed on a Friday, the orders will not be available the following week and will arrive with orders of the next week.
  • For the commencement of the 2019 school year, for orders placed from Friday 25 January 2019 to Tuesday 29 January 2019, an additional delivery will be arranged and the orders will be available for collection on Friday 1 February.
  • During the College breaks for Term 1, 2 and 3, orders placed during the College breaks will be available for collection one business day prior to the College Term commencing.

Protective Behaviours Workshop in 2019

Our College has the responsibility to protect children and keep them safe when they are in our care. The Child Protection Curriculum we have adopted teaches all children from a young age, in an age appropriate way. We will continue following this curriculum in 2019. To support our community with this important information, we are organising a protective behaviours workshop for parents in Term One. Please be on the look out for more information at the beginning of next year.  The workshop is being generously sponsored by the O'Malley Family and their business, Fairtel. 

The following is a brief summary of the curriculum:

Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum (KS:CPC)

The Department for Education Child protection in schools, early childhood education and care services policy (2015) states that ‘all children and young people in DECD preschools and schools will access the approved child protection curriculum’.

The KS:CPC teaches children and young people to recognise abuse, tell a trusted adult, understand what is appropriate and inappropriate touching and ways of keeping themselves safe. 


The curriculum is based on two main themes which are presented through topics and activities.

  • Theme 1: We all have the right to be safe
  • Theme 2: We can help ourselves to be safe by talking to people we trust.

The two themes are explored through four Focus Areas, which are examined in growing complexity in accordance with the age of the learners.

  1. The right to be safe
  2. Relationships
  3. Recognising and reporting abuse
  4. Protective strategies.

More information can be found on the KS:CPC website:


Thanks Mr Venecourt

We wish to take the opportunity to thank Mr Paul Venecourt for his service at the College over the past four years.  Paul is an extremely capable teacher who has been a blessing to our Maths students.  He is moving on in 2019, and we wish him all the best in his new endeavours.

Thanks Mr Venecourt.  We are grateful for your service at Cornerstone.

New Look School Board

As advised last newsletter, the School Board has a few new faces.

We are delighted to advise that our new Board Chair is Mr Isaiah Eringo.  Isaiah has a daughter at the Dunsborough Campus, and he has served on our Board for several years.  We give thanks to God for his service to our community.

Some new faces join the existing Board, and last meeting we formally welcomed Mrs Jane Vickery and Mr Lewis Bint.  

Already serving on our Board are Mrs Fiona Amudala, Mrs Edie Strutt, Mr Peter Ravenscroft and Pastor Nathan Seinemeier. 

We are very grateful for the generous gift of time, skills and experience that each of these men and women deliver, and ask that you pray for each of them in their roles with our school.

Commencement 2019

The year seems to have passed by pretty quickly, and this is the last newsletter of the year.  As such, it's timely for us to provide you with these details regarding the commencement of the 2019 school year.

The front office closes for the Christmas Break when students depart, but reopens two weeks prior to commencement next year.  The exact days and times will be communicated to all parents in formal correspondence that will be released shortly.


Students return on Monday 4th February 2019.

Have a fantastic Christmas break!


Orange is the new Red

For as long as we can recall, Judah House has been identified as being the red faction.

Well, that's about to change.

Due to the College's uniform being predominantly red, it sometimes conflicts with house activities, so the Primary and Secondary school will both transition across to Judah now being orange.

This change will be implemented from the start of the 2019 school year, and student leader badges have already been adjusted accordingly. 

Any questions, please contact the administration.  

iPad Collection Dates

If you have a student in Years 7 - 9, their iPads will be collected shortly for the annual check-over and reset.

The collection will occur THIS week, starting with the Year 9 students and working through to the Year 7 and 8s on a class by class basis.  Students will have their iPad reissued at the commencement of the 2019 school year.

If you have a Year 9 student, please be aware that the charger and cable also needs to be returned, as when they enter Year 10, they will not be part of the iPad program, but transfer to the BYOD (bring your own device) system.  Please make sure these additional items are at school on Wednesday 28th to ensure the process can be completed in a timely manner.


P & F News

Dunsborough P & F

A busy bee is being held on Saturday morning to ensure we are ready for our big event on Sunday.

It's this week!  All funds raised are heading towards the playground development at the Dunsborough Campus.





Campus Stories

Transition Day

Transition Day was last week, and the whole day was a wonderful success.  Students from across the years went home beaming with excitement for the coming year, and the feedback from new families was that they felt very encouraged and welcomed.  Well done everyone!

We wish to take a moment to celebrate our current Year 10 students, who took on a pivotal role with the Year 6s as they transition into high school. These senior students were allocated into groups and effectively spent the day showing the Year 6 students around the Secondary School, and helping them undertake tasks and activities. From aiding with cooking, woodwork and art, through to helping them complete a photo-styled scavenger hunt, they were remarkable. 
One staff member has jokingly suggested we should employ them as classroom support staff.
If you have a Year 10 student at the College, be incredibly proud! If not, then be grateful your child gets to have these remarkable young people as role-models and mentors.


Lucy's Literacy


The Big and the Little

The future scientists in our Year 11 cohort mixed with their younger peers today, in a special 'question time' provided for our Year 2 students.
Each of the Year 2s had a question they wanted to know about the human body. From how many bones in the body, to why does a bone break, through to what is a birthmark - these were things our younger students wished to know.
And now they know the answers, thanks to Mr Arthur's Year 11 Human Biology students. The questions were brilliant, and the student responses were clear and informative. The ATAR class presented the answers in an age appropriate manner to the youngsters.
So good to see the sharing of knowledge across the years.


Wood Wonders

The Year 10 Woodwork projects are being completed in these last days of term, and we have some wonderful pieces that will be heading home for families to enjoy.
Well done Jackson and Diesel on your fantastic coffee tables.


Market Day

The Primary School Market Day is always a highlight on the College calendar, and this year the students did a brilliant job once again.

Over the year, each class has been working out simple business models and ways to raise money: and the ideas, production, advertising, pricing and selling has been in the hands of the children.

Thank you to the families who came out in support, and for those who have been as much a part of the production and selling as any teacher or student has been.  We are so grateful for your partnership.

The money is still being counted, but we can expect, that once again, the Compassion charity will be reaping the rewards of their labours in a substantial way.

Well done everyone.  


Artistic Brilliance

Mr Tink's Year 10 Art students are experimenting using the Sgraffito technique to decorate their Ceramic Vases. Sgraffito involves scratching through the top layer (in this case underglaze) to reveal the surface underneath.
How great do these pieces look? Good work students (and of course Mr Tink!)


Family Fun Day

This event is being run by the Secondary Student Council.  Please support their endeavours (and help fill in a Sunday afternoon during the holidays!)

Garden Gift

The upper primary students have been busy utilising resources gifted to the College, to beautify the verge side garden at the western end of the campus.
Making use of the gorgeous weather, grass was dug out and plantings made to the foundation of what will be a wonderful space when completed.
Well done students and staff!


Cadet Capers

If you keep up with our Facebook feed, you will see that the Secondary Cadets teachers enjoy showing off their work spaces some weeks, and the rotations a fortnight ago ranged from beaches to golf courses.   The students have been involved in activities such as beach cleanups, golf lessons, gardening and community service.  

With images like these coming through, we aren't surprised that these options are such a hit!


Chinese Art

When learning about another culture, it's so much more than just about the language.
Mrs Chien's Mandarin classes have recently had the joy of a special guest, who gave the primary students the opportunity to marry Chinese words with Chinese art. Together, they have had the bamboo brushes and rice paper out, and learnt how to paint a panda bear Chinese style.
Some students showed a little more finesse than others, but some pretty wonderful exhibits of Chinese styled art were uncovered. 
Thanks Mrs Chien for making Mandarin so enjoyable for our students.


Adopt an Athlete

As part of the Busselton Ironman, Year 3 and Year 2 classes have been taking part in the Adopt an Athlete program. This was a very successful program that we participated in last year. This year Year 3s' athlete comes from Madrid in Spain. His name is Ruben Jimenez. The Year 3s have been really enjoying emailing him to find out more about him and his country. As this is his first visit to Australia he is super excited to come and race here. The class have also been telling him a little bit about what to expect here - mainly warning him to watch out for kangaroos when driving and how far away from Perth Busselton is. They are really looking forward to meeting him in person when he arrives in Busselton.

The IronKids event will be held the day before the Ironman. We are very proud that Jack Cowden will be representing Cornerstone and taking part in the triathlon event. There is still time to sign up if your child is interested in participating. Otherwise come and cheer Jack on at 8:30 Saturday 1 December down at the foreshore. 

Market Day Moment

Well, you can't have the Principal miss out on memorable moments at these occasions, so a few staff ensured Mr Maynard will remember Market Day for sometime to come. Why use a sponge full of water when you can use a bucket full?  We suspect his shoes may never quite recover from the moment either! At least they are now clean.
The good news is that it's all for charity!  

NB Special mention to several other volunteers in this 'dunking' endeavour.   Mrs Ackerman was also party to a particularly full bucket of water too.


Hospice Community Engagement

The Hospice Community Engagement project has been a roaring success, with our students, along with Mr van der Tang, literally stopping people in their tracks.
The College team made their way around the streets of Busselton, regularly posing as statues reflecting the carrying of heavy burdens. Eventually, they made their way into Mitchell Park, and completed a wall with their burdens which stated 'Hospice Volunteering Helps'. As well as getting the Busselton public aware of the Hospice, some funds were raised, brochures distributed and even a new volunteer or two sourced. Two long term volunteers (10 to 20 years of service) also posed with students and the Hospice staff team, and were delighted at the impact this event had.
It's the start of something new - and shows that Cornerstone does more than just say we are part of the community - we actively contribute towards and partner with it.
Thanks Glyn, Josh, Jodi, Hope, Lucy and Mr van der Tang for blessing our community in this way.


Year 10 Service Camp

One of the final events of the year for our Year 10 students, is their attendance at a Service Camp - where they work with a not-for-profit group and help achieve a lot of work. 

This year, one of the local campsites is the beneficiary, and Mrs Langenhoven, our roving reporter has provided us with cold hard evidence the students are working really hard!
'Painting, cleaning, retic, sanding furniture, cleaning out worm farms, planting a vegie garden. All in one morning', she said.
Thanks Mrs Langenhoven ... and well done students!

In the News

Busselton Basketballing Brilliance

Congratulations to Kai Harris and Alesia Riches on their part in a regional basketball team that has finished the season in top place.

BABA posted a story on their Facebook page, and we are delighted to share an image from that.

Well done girls!


Oscar's Boardriding Success 

Oscar Trigwell competed in the final Yallingup Boardriders event Sunday 25th November and he earned himself second place.  Next year, Oscar will work towards participating in State Title events where he will take on the State's best surfers for his age group, with the opportunity at the end of the year to compete in the National title event in the east coast.  Next up for Oscar in January he will be competing in the Taj Small Fries Event. 

Well done Oscar!



Half Ironman 2019


Lunar Circus


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