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27 May 2019
Issue Three
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Photo: Carly and Hannah at the Athletics carnival


Photo: Carly and Hannah at the Athletics carnival

Dear parents and carers,
Firstly I would like to extend a warm welcome to Frank Vetere as the Executive Principal of the Footscray Learning Precinct.  Frank was Principal at Point Cook P - 9 School.  Frank commenced on the 13th May and will be working at both the Barkly St Campus and Footscray City College over the coming months. Frank will be speaking at our College Council Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 25th June at 5.30 pm.  More information about the Annual General Meeting will be sent home on Compass closer to the date.  Over the coming months our school name, logo and uniform will be priorities for Frank.  He will engage the community in these decisions and families will be asked for their view through various community consultation approaches.  


Athletics Day
I was delighted to be involved in the Athletics Day on Thursday 16th May.  The weather was great with lots of student and staff participation making for an enjoyable day for all.

 Red house was the eventual winner.  I would like to thank Mark Komp and his team for organising the day and the teachers for supporting the students.  I would also like to thank the students who helped at the various events.  They gave of their time to assist on the day and support their peers.  There were also a number of student teachers who assisted.  I was on the Long Jump with Tom a student teacher who without his knowledge of Long Jump and the rules would have left the event bereft of knowledge.  I am not a long jumper.  I did however participate in the staff-student relay at the end which was great fun.  I am more of a long distance runner and my running team was kind to me given 100 meters is not my distance. I would like to encourage parents to ensure that their students participate in days like these.  I know that things like athletics can intimidate some students but the collegiality I witnessed on the day with students and the level of participation was fantastic.  Please encourage your students to attend these days, I am sure they will gain a lot from the wonderful culture at FCC.  

New Staff 
I would like to welcome the following new staff for this term to Footscray City College:

  • Bryan Field - Maths / Science 
  • Mackinley Stirrat – Physical Education / Health 
  • Anna Robb – Art 

Environmental Science Centre 
Congratulations to Jak Dunstan, his team and the students for being a Finalist in the Resource Smart Awards 2019 in the category of Community Leadership School of the Year (Secondary).  This award is sponsored by Sustainability Victoria.   The award will be presented on June 13th at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.   Jak will take 4 students to the awards with him.  We wish the students and Jak well and hopefully they will win the award on the day.   The Environmental Science Centre is a wonderful educational resource for our students and Jak and his team provide an excellent and stimulating learning environment. 

Footscray Learning Precinct Secondary School 
On Tuesday 30th April and Thursday 2nd May we hosted four very successful Information Nights for the Footscray Learning Precinct Secondary School.  Attendance was great and the library was filled with families.   If any families have children for year 7 next year and would like to tour the Barkly St Campus they can do so on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9.30 am.  If you would like a tour please call the campus on 9689 4788 and request a suitable time for you.  Frank will be conducting the tours and it is an opportunity to meet him and see the Campus and the new buildings.  


Chefs' Dinner
On Thursday 30th May the annual Chefs’ Dinner will be held again at FCC.  Tickets are available for the event from www.TRYBOOKING.COM/BBVBY
Pre-dinner drinks start at 6.30 pm and dinner at 7 pm.  The bar is a fundraising event for the Friends of Footscray City College.  FoFFC will also be announcing their small grant winners.  It is the highlight of the year and we look forward to seeing as many parents as possible.  Tickets are $80 each.  


Angelique den Brinker - Acting Principal 


​The Doctors in Secondary Schools program provides primary health care services to 100 Victorian government secondary schools. The program funds a general practitioner (GP) and Practice Nurse (PN) to provide onsite primary care for students up to one day per week. The initiative complements existing student wellbeing programs aimed at improving health literacy, and preventive health.

Short explanatory video:

 At Footscray City College, we are fortunate to staff a registered nurse Brooke Hall and doctors Dr. Alex Bence & Dr. Vera Ramasamy. They are available on Thursdays between the hours of 9:15 am - 2:30 pm.
Appointments can be made in a number of ways:

  1. By contacting the Student Wellbeing Coordinator, Irene Alexandrou on 8387 1510 or via email
  2. By contacting Homeroom teachers, Year level coordinators, Program Managers and Assistant Principals (who will refer to Student Wellbeing Coordinator)
  3. Student ‘Walk ins' during recess and lunchtime (no appointment necessary).

All consultations are confidential as per “Medico legal standards”
All appointments will be bulked billed. 
*Other services include diabetes checks, Asthma (Peak flow) and skin checks (skin cancers).

Irene Alexandrou - Student Wellbeing Coordinator


On Friday 10 May, Year 9 Photography students visited Melbourne CBD, where they observed and took shots of the beautiful coalition of old and new architecture.

From busy high streets to peaceful green spaces, students captured the urban landscape which offered every opportunity a young photographer could hope for. Our focus was to work with the architectural style, focus on details, shoot from low angles and include people in the frame.

Another focus for students was on learning how to view ordinary things from a different perspective, focussing on the contrast, texture, light and reflection of the objects.

Students had a great day and many were very successful in achieving all the learning intentions of the  excursion.


Malisa Govori - Photography teacher



In March this year, a number of FCC students participated in the Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) Competition, run by the Australian Mathematics Trust. The CAT competition is a one-hour problem solving competition designed to encourage student curiosity and promote multiple modes of thinking. The competition is not about computer programming ability but rather identifies students’ computer programming potential - something that they might not normally have the opportunity to demonstrate. I'm pleased to say that Ben Luong in year 10 achieved a perfect score in the Intermediate division - well done Ben!


Here is a complete list of students who received awards:


Zac Sayle, Year 7: Distinction

Giaan Nguyen, Year 7: Credit

Andrew Galloway, Year 7: Credit

Xavier McLean, Year 7: Credit

Keira Pattinson, Year 9: Credit

Ben Luong, Year 10: High Distinction

Alifia Feba Salsabila, Year 10: Credit

Jakob Howard, Year 11: Credit

Joe Allen, Year 12: Credit


Congratulations to all students who participated!


An example of the type of problems in the competition follows:

Alex’s favourite number is two. She plays a number game on her special Twos calculator. The calculator has only two operation buttons: +2 which adds 2 to the number shown ×2 which doubles the number shown.


She can press the buttons as many times as she likes, making the answer bigger each time. She always tries to press as few buttons as possible to get to her preferred number. Starting at 2, she could get to 8 by pressing ×2 +2 +2, but this would take more button presses than ×2 ×2. 




If the calculator starts at 2, find the fewest number of button presses to get to:

a) 10 

b) 100 

c) 1000  


If you enjoy solving these types of puzzles, you might like to take part in the competition next year! We will also be seeking students to take part in the Australian Informatics Olympiad in August - a 3-hour contest where students solve similar (but more challenging) problems by writing short computer programs.


Victor Rajewski



The Great Vic Bike Ride is a 10 day (with a 5 day option) ride from Robe to Torquay - 'Limestone Coast to the Great Ocean Road'. It is an amazing opportunity to experience our wonderful country on two wheels with your friends and community. This year's ride will be held from Friday 22 November until Sunday 1 December.  If interested email Ryan McGhie - 
Everyone is welcome to join in - staff, students and parents!

See you on two wheels. 

Ryan McGhie


On Tuesday 30th April, the senior Art and Studio Arts students participated in a workshop presented by professional portrait painter, James Bonnici.

James firstly gave staff and students a fascinating visual presentation of his work, discussing how he develops his portrait ideas, processes and techniques. 

Students were then given a practical portrait painting demonstration before they went on to paint their own self portrait with outstanding results. 

The workshop demonstrated the valuable new skills and knowledge to be gained by students through contact with professional artists.

Sue Hansen - Head of Arts




  • Did you know… that our school library supports your child to engage with a diverse range of books to extend their imagination and develop a lifelong love of reading? 
  • Did you know… that school libraries are responsive and collaborative learning spaces that provide students with access to a wide range of resources that are relevant and appropriate to their learning needs? 
  • Did you know… that school libraries support your child to reach their potential by teaching them how to become capable researchers and to navigate the world of online information and fake news? 
  • Did you know... that teacher librarians hold specialised qualifications as both a teacher and a librarian? Library staff are trained to support keen and reluctant, successful and struggling learners. 

Students need school libraries. If you are keen to ensure that EVERY child in Australia has access to a high quality school library, check out the information available at


Try the following site for ideas on what to read next including:

  • Inky awards
  • CBCA awards
  • How to apply to be on the Readings book shop Teen Advisory board
  • Series
  • Banned books
  • Film and TV adaptations
  • Indigenous Australian young adult books
  • Game of loans - reading challenge
  • Feminism
  • Non - fiction
  • and heaps more


For information on lots of exciting writing opportunities including:

  • A new anthology open for submissions from all writers in Australia who identify as disabled due 31 May
  • Kill Your Darlings school writing prize due 28 June 
  • The John Marsden and Hachette prize due 30 June
  • Insight Creative Writing Competition due 16 August
  • Red Room poetry object 
  • Poetry in First Languages 
  • iSAY student competition DFAT
    Check out this site -


The following is from Reconciliation Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Karen Mundine:

“Reconciliation is ultimately about relationships and like all effective relationships the one between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians must be grounded in truth,” she said. “There can be no trust without an honest, open conversation about our history.”

Ms Mundine said that the results of the 2018 Australian Reconciliation Barometer, Reconciliation Australia’s biennial community attitudes survey, showed that Australians were firmly onside with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s calls for a comprehensive process of truth-telling about Australia’s colonial history.

“Our nation’s past is reflected in the present, and the legacy of past traumas will continue to play out in our future unless we heal historical wounds,” said Ms Mundine. “According to the 2018 Australian Reconciliation Barometer 80 per cent of Australians believe it is important to undertake formal truth telling processes.”

“It encourages me that Australians are ready to come to terms with our past as a crucial step towards a unified future, in which we understand, value and respect each other.”

During NRW, Australians from all backgrounds will also be inspired to ‘walk together with courage’ as they contribute to building stronger relationships based on historical acceptance.

“Whether you’re engaging in challenging conversations or unlearning and relearning what you know, this journey does require all of us to walk together with courage towards a unified future,” Ms Mundine said.

“Truth telling is not about engendering guilt or shame in non-Indigenous Australians but about addressing past injustices and serving as an “end-point to a history of wrongdoing”, allowing healing and for relationships to start anew.”

Ms Mundine said such national dialogues help progress acceptance of the Uluru Statement from the Heart’s calls for a First Nations constitutional voice in parliament and a formal process of truth telling.

“These processes are not a symbolic act, but a practical process of healing that is important to all Australians.”

Our library currently has the following display for Reconciliation Week. 





The 16th Williamstown Literary Festival takes a bold new step into unknown territory. Moving beyond the comfort zone, we challenge our status quo, make our own luck, we choose our own adventure. In 2019 we’ll be hosting robust discussions asking how we are travelling as a nation, what is the heart of the matter, whom do we trust? Amid a cloud of fake news and opinion as fact we will seek the truth and get to the nub. 2019 offers some of the brightest titles publishing has seen in Australia for many years. Voices are rising amid the clamour to define and clarify meaning and matter from intimation and inference.

We will host and celebrate these voices in politics, the media, from screen to page, from true crime fetishism to real life drama, love, romance, survivors and champions, the young adults and the younger still; from across the country alongside the best of the west. It’s time to choose your adventure. Who will you follow? In 2019 we are delighted to announce veteran journalist and ABC stalwart Kerry O’Brien will headline the program along with our very own Andy Griffiths and the return of the beloved Stereo Stories.



On the 7th of May the FCC Chess Club competed in the Northern Star Chess Secondary Zonal at Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School. It was a well-attended event, with seven different schools competing from all across Melbourne. FCC placed fifth, in a tight tournament that wasn't decided until the final round. For many of the FCC participants, this was their first tournament, and they acquitted themselves well, showing excellent sportsmanship and enjoying their games immensely. There were also excellent individual performances from George Dogaris, who finished second in the senior age group, and Rielly Grieve, who qualified for the state finals. 

James Kirchner - Chess Club coordinator



Our school has a membership with Parenting Ideas, one of Australia's most trusted sources of parenting education and support.  Great news - through this membership, you can attend all of their webinars for parents in 2019 at no cost! Here is the information about the next upcoming webinar:

Teach girls to build each other up
Join Collett Smart in this webinar that explores; how to help girls create positive peer relationships
provide practical advice and ideas to navigate tricky situations including toxic friendships
Emotional Intelligence and girls
How we might equip girls to recognise their own worth, as well as the worth of others
What girls need from parents and carers when things go wrong in friendships and relationships
When parents need to hold back and when to step in.
Strategies for developing both assertiveness and kindness in our girls.
Wednesday 29 May 2019 at  8:00 PM AEST. If you are unable to make the scheduled time you can simply register and access the recording later. 

How you can register
Click this link:  
Click ‘Add to cart’
Click ‘View cart’
Enter the voucher code FRIENDSHIPS and click ‘Apply Coupon’. Your discount of $37 will be applied to the order. This voucher is valid until 29 June 2019.
Click ‘Proceed to checkout’
Fill in your account details. These are the details you will use to login to your account and access your parenting material
Click ‘Place Order’
This voucher code is valid until 29 June 2019, so we encourage you to redeem it right away to secure your free webinar.


Week three of this term saw 180 of our year 7 students heading off to YMCA’s Mt Evelyn Recreation Centre for our year level camp. The first half of the week was sunshine and smiles for our homegroups 7A-E, while the second group, 7F-J, didn’t have as much luck with the weather.

Weather aside, all of our students participated to the best of their abilities, opting in to the camps ‘challenge by choice’ activities. It was brilliant to see the students pushing themselves to learn new skills, such as riding a bike, or challenging themselves to build up the courage to attempt the ‘leap of faith’, or perhaps hold the camps resident snake.

YMCA’s camp staff commended our students for their teamwork, support and encouragement of one another while participating in each of their activities. None of this would be possible without the time and effort put in by our teaching staff who were able to give up time from both their work and personal lives in order to attend both of our year 7 camps. A huge thank you to all of our staff who attended our year 7 camps this year.

Gretel Edwards - Year 7 coordinator




One of the many electives we provide at Footscray City College at Year 10 Level is
Transport Systems. Students learn about the existing systems and also about the
innovative ideas on the futuristic transport systems like The Hyperloop System, Autonomous
Vehicles and High Speed Trains for mass transit of people. As part of the hands-on projects to
learn the internal construction of an engine, students dismantled, assembled and tested a
6.5HP Honda Clone Petrol Engine. They experimentally determined the Fuel Consumption
Rate (FCR) of the engine. They also participated in the electrification project of a tricycle, thus
converting it to a hybrid vehicle using a powerful rechargeable 36V, 13.6Ah Lithium-ion battery.
The Year 9 Systems (Motor Tech) students, under supervision, were involved in testing the
hybrid tricycle inside the basketball court. Students reported their responses after the trial runs
and some minor modifications on the wheel alignment may be needed. The future plan is to
add a 12V separate slim battery and then hook it up to the following: two supersized tail lights
from a car, an electric horn, a blutooth stereo system with two speakers and a subwoofer, a
second seat for a passenger and finally, some flashing lights in the front. By giving students the option to add things they like to make the tricycle look more ‘funky and cool’, they are more motivated to collaborate in designing, wiring, testing and evaluating the systems and subsystems. The project will be
completed only by students of next year.

Michael Antony - Systems teacher


Footscray City College has been shortlisted for the Resource Smart Schools Award 2019! The awards recognise and reward the outstanding sustainability efforts of Victorian primary and secondary schools that contribute to a better place. Footscray City College is leading secondary schools in Western Suburbs, having been the only secondary school shortlisted for its achievements. The nomination was based on work carried out by Horticulture and STEAM students which have contributed to the local community becoming a more sustainable suburb. These projects included, growing plants for the local community, establishing a new waste deferral system for Footscray City College and sustainability projects carried out by STEAM students. Have a look through the local articles below to see the projects and what students have achieved. Keep an eye out for the upcoming school tree planting day and plant sales coming in the next few months.

Jak Dunston - Horticulture teacher 



The year nine Duke of Edinburgh (DOE) class has finished most of the training towards their certification. As part of the program, students learn the basics of wilderness care, packing and planning for camps, using trangias to cook on the go, map reading and geography skills, as well as leadership and team building. So far students have participated in a practice hike in Werribee Gorge and indoor rock climbing. In a few weeks, they will get their first aid certification. To complete the award, students also manage their own progress in three areas: service to the community, skill development, and physical activity. 
The DOE program is a wonderful opportunity for year nines to learn skills and participate in activities that are not usually found in the standard curriculum. We will have a five-day hike at the end of the year where these skills are put to the test. 

Timotei Schubert - Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator




This year has seen the expansion of the FCC Debating and Public Speaking team. Student teams in the year nine competition are currently undefeated, Footscray is a finalist in two current public speaking competitions (WynSpeak and Ainger Peck), and will be participating in a handful more over the next few months (including Junior and Intermediate DAV, Rotary Voice of Youth, and PESA. Our students have shown a remarkable ability to develop their skills. They are more confident, express their thoughts more clearly and are able to make up speeches on the spot. It is wonderful to see students grow and learn about new topics, as well as highlighting the academic qualities FCC fosters. 

Want to see what great public speaking is like? Want to experience an evening full of excitement and entertainment and information? 
Come to the final of the Wynspeak Public Speaking competition! The only public speaking competition for the West. 
For students, this is a great opportunity to learn how to speak well. For staff, c support Mason Hose who will be participating (and if history has anything to say, probably winning).


Email me if you would like to come. I'll repost closer to the date. 



Want to see what great public speaking is like? Want to experience an evening full of excitement and entertainment and information? 
Come to the final of the Wynspeak Public Speaking competition! The only public speaking competition for the West. 
For students, this is a great opportunity to learn how to speak well. For staff,  support Mason Hose who will be participating (and if history has anything to say, probably winning).


Email me if you would like to come -

Timotei Schubert - Debating and Public Speaking Coordinator


L2R believes in one language…DANCE!


Members of the L2R dance group performed at our school during lunchtime a few weeks ago. They believe dance has the power to breakdown social barriers and create meaningful connections for children and young people experiencing financial or social challenges. L2R Dance is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to harnessing the power of hip-hop to strengthen our community through belonging, wellbeing and leadership in the Arts.

For more info -



Next Gen 3019- Tuesdays 6.30-6.30pm @ Visy Hub, Sunshine (ages 12-25years)
Breaking @ Braybrook - Friday 4.30-6.30pm @ Rec West Barbrook (ages 12-25years)






St Vincent de Paul Society is establishing a new Reading Club in Maidstone. This is to encourage reading by primary students, particularly those with literacy challenges. Similar to the Vinnies West Heidelberg Reading Club, which has been running for ten years, the Maidstone Reading Club will rely on volunteers working closely with students.


Maidstone Reading Club is looking for volunteers on Thursdays 3.30 – 5pm at Maidstone Community Centre, 21 Yardley St., Maidstone. The program will begin in mid June 2019.


Committed volunteers of all ages who are available on Thursday afternoons are encouraged to become involved. Volunteers with a background in teaching literacy to children and working with children with challenging behaviours are particularly sought.


Secondary students (for instance, as part of a community service program) and tertiary Education or Social Work students who are looking to work in community education programs are also suitable.


Volunteers require a Working with Children Check.


 Please contact Malcolm on the details below for more information and to register your interest.


Malcolm Hill | Education Program Coordinator- Maidstone Reading Club

St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria

P 03 9895 5800 | M 0428 593 170 | 
43 Prospect Street, Box Hill  VIC 3128
Locked Bag 4800, Box Hill  VIC 3128


Photo: Year 9 Photography


Photo: Year 9 Photography


Year 11 and 12 Interschool sport



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Year 12 trial exams

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Year 12 trial exams



Report writing day - pupil free day

Year 12 trial exams



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Regional cross country



Girls' AFL and boys' netball


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