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28 March 2019
Issue 9
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2019 Calendar



Thurs 28 - No help required

Fri 29 - John, Help needed


Wed 3 - Easter Lunch Pack Day - Lauren, Chantelle, Jess & Kelly.  

Thurs 4 - No help required



Please contact me if you can help on mobile 0411 558 557.  Remember its only Wednesday to Friday,  9-12.30pm and your child(ren) receives a free icy pole and the chance to see their carer behind the counter.


Thur 28/03

Water Safety Excursion MU4, MU5 & Yr 1's MU3 (9 - 1pm)

Easter Pack Lunch Orders - QkKR CLOSES 

Fri 29/03

Easter raffle drawn at assembly 3pm


Mon 01/04

School Council Meeting 7pm

Tue 02/04

Cobaw Cross Country

Wed 03/04

Easter Lunch Packs - Canteen (NO OTHER LUNCHES AVAILABLE)

Fri 05/04

  • Easter Hat Parade - P-Y3 - 9.10am

Tues 23/04

Term 2 starts

Wed 24/04

PFA Meeting at 7.30pm

Thurs 25/04

Public Holiday - ANZAC Day

Mon 29/04

School Photo Day

Tues 30/04

Year 6 - Camp

Wed 02/05

Year 6 - Camp

Fri 03/05

Year 6 - Camp

Basketball trials


2019 School Dates

Term 1  - 30.01.2019 - 05.04.2019

Term 2  -  23.04.2019 - 28.06.2019

Term 3  -  15.07.2019 - 20.09.2019

Term 4  -  07.10.2019 - 20.12.2019

2019 Pupil Free Days

  • Thursday 25th April - ANZAC Day / Public Holiday
  • Thursday 27th June
  • Monday 4th November

2019 Camp Dates

Year 2 - 16-17 October

Year 3 - 18-20 September

Year 4 - 4-6  December 

Year 5 - 27-29 November

Year 6 - 30 April - 3 May

2019 School Photo Day

Monday 29th April 

Dental Screening Services to Children

Sunbury Community Health is offering a FREE dental service to junior students (Foundation to Year 2) at Woodend Primary School on Wednesdays 28th August, 4th, 11th and 18th September, 2019.

There are no out-of-pocket costs for any child. Application forms will be distributed prior.

From the Principal,
Diana Ellis

National Ride to School Day

Last week we had our National Ride to School Day and I would like to congratulate everyone for their efforts for Ride to School Day. We had parents, siblings, teachers and many, many students that rode to school.

It was pleasing to see such a big increase in the number of students that rode to school compared to the data that we collected on the first 4 days of the week.  At assembly our environmental leaders provided the statistics for the day as listed below:

  • 122 people rode to school.
  • 96 people walked to school.
  • 97 people came by car.
  • 5 people came by bus.


Farewell Mrs. Minchew

Last week we said farewell to Mrs. Minchew as she begins maternity leave. Mrs. Minchew was sad to say goodbye for a while but obviously very excited about welcoming her baby. We ensured that Mrs. Minchew was made to feel very special and she was gifted with lots of lovely gifts from parents, students and staff. We wish her all the best in this exciting journey. In her absence we welcome Mrs. Meggs, who is well known in our school community.


Autumn in Macedon Ranges

Each day the mornings are getting a bit chillier but we are still blessed with stunning days. I just thought I would include a few of the photos I have taken on the way to school that demonstrate how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world.



This week the Foundation (Prep) students shared their excitement with me at the books they have written and illustrated. A big part of the curriculum at this age is learning letter names and sounds and a bank of familiar words.



I would again like to thank all of the parents who are helping us by modelling our school values of Being Respectful, Being Safe and Being Responsible. There has been a very obvious and pleasing change in regards to safer behaviours in regards to parking and people using the designated crossings. The change in behaviours has been very pleasing. I would also like to thank parents for helping to keep our corridors clear by waiting for their children in the courtyard or outside areas. It has helped ease the congestion, ensured students remain focussed on the work without the distraction of parents in the corridors and ensures our corridors are clear in the event of an emergency.

From the Office

Absent from school

If your child will be ABSENT FROM SCHOOL, we ask that you either:

  • (preferred method) Log onto Compass and record the absence
  • phone the school on 5427 2455 and leave a message on the absence voicemail; or
  • send a note to your child’s teacher stating full name, absence dates and reason for absence.


If you need to take your child EARLY FROM SCHOOL we ask that you:

  • send a note to the class teacher on the day of the early withdrawal; then,
  • come to the office to sign your child out and they will be called from class for you.


**  If you can login but can’t see the links for event consent and payment, we suggest the following:

  • Ensure you have the latest update for Compass
  • Open Compass then select the three lines in the top left corner then select ‘Open in Browser’ which should then open a page showing any live links and actions required.

IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO ACCESS COMPASS, PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE – we can reset passwords and provide access assistance. It is imperative all parents have Compass access and we suggest you turn on NOTIFICATIONS for this app to alert you to information & excursion notices sent.

Payment Methods for School Activities


Senior Unit

School Pride Award

The Wellbeing Leaders have started up the Classroom Pride Awards. This is where one of The Wellbeing Leaders will come around to each class once a week and look at the tidiness and presentation of your classrooms. Each class can score up to 3 points each week. You can score 1 point for the tidiness, 1 point for the displays, and 1 point for the immediate entry. At the end of each term, The Wellbeing Leaders will add up each classes scores and the winning class will get a little reward. This term we will add the scores onto next terms' scores.  By Amelie

Save Our Sharks

Some people think of sharks as if they were monsters who would tear someone to pieces in seconds with such ferocity. Well, no - sharks aren't like that. In fact, they are pretty harmless if you don’t hurt them. That’s what some people are doing right now, hurting them. Actually, they’re KILLING them.

First off, they kill sharks for multiple purposes, like for shark fin soup. It comes from fins from sharks, and it results in  a dead shark. The sharks drown because they can’t get enough oxygen running over their gills.

100 million sharks suffer the same fate every year, due to commercial shark fishing and sport fishing, as well as shark finning. Oceanic whitetip sharks are targeted the most for their massive fins, causing a decrease in numbers.


I am one of about 3 million people who like sharks and want to protect them. I will give you tips on helping to stop shark extinction (which will probably happen in the future if we don't do anything about them). Try to speak to friends, teachers and family about ideas on helping sharks out and (if you can find one), join a shark conservation group. Don't use products made from sharks as this will contribute to the effort of shark fishermen.


If we work together, we can help to save our sharks.  By Mitchell, SU2

Carlsruhe Annexe


This term the students have been learning about what makes each of them an individual. To celebrate what makes them special, the students are currently completing a project called ‘All About Me’. This project is being completed at school, however the students have been asked to talk with their families about any ancestors or interesting connections they may have with different parts of the world. We will hold an open morning early in Term 2 to showcase the students' work. Invitations to our open morning will be sent via Compass.

In Literacy this week, the students have been putting the finishing touches on their book reviews. The students are excited to use their Netbooks to film themselves delivering their review and showing their peers.

In Maths the students are learning about collecting data using different types of questioning. They will be creating their own surveys, collecting the data from their peers and graphing their results using different graph types and computer programs.

Good luck to all those students participating at the Cobaw District Cross Country at Hanging Rock on Tuesday April 2nd.

Thursday Activities

Rotation Dates Carlsruhe Carlsruhe Main Campus
31st Jan to 17th May CU1 – Mrs Ireland CU2 – Mr Condon CU3 – Mr Spilsted
20th May to 30th Aug CU1 – Mrs Ireland CU3 – Mr Spilsted CU2 – Mr Condon
2nd Sept to 20th Dec CU2 – Mr Condon CU3 – Mr Spilsted CU1 – Mrs Ireland





Middle Unit 

Years 1 and 2


This week has been a busy week for the students in Years 1 and 2! Last Thursday the students from MU1 and MU2 as well as the year 2's from MU3 had great fun at Kyneton swimming pool learning about water safety. Some of the activities they got to participate in were rescues, safe entries and exits and safe boarding and waves. MU4, MU5 and the year 1's from MU3 have their turn today and we look forward to hearing all about their experiences.

The students have also been discussing places in Woodend that they frequent and those which are special to them. In the past week all the grades have been on a walk around Woodend to look at those special places and discuss why they are important. Additionally, it allowed students to examine the layout of the town and they are now creating their own maps back in the classroom.

Year 3

This week MU7 farewelled Mrs. Minchew as she heads off on maternity leave. All Year 3 classes will miss her and we can’t wait to find out if she has a baby boy or girl! We welcome Mrs. Meggs to the team as MU7’s teacher until Mrs. Minchew returns.


We have also started our second round of Show and Tell presentations this week. Each student will present a poster or PowerPoint presentation about a hobby or topic of their choice. Each student will self-assess their performance and a classmates will peer-assess to help celebrate their successes and offer feedback to set a speaking and listening goal for next term. The presentations this week have been excellent and of a very high standard. Well done Year 3 and we look forward to hearing the remainder of the presentations before the term finishes!  


Foundation Unit


This week the students in Foundation classes collected data about ‘Ride to School Day’ and displayed the data in a pictograph. We discussed the various ways we come to school and worked out what was the most popular way to get to school. A lot of children rode to school on ‘Ride to School Day’ but usually driving is the most popular way to get to school.

We also celebrated Harmony Day by reading ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and an ebook called ‘We Are All Different’. We discussed how we are all different but that we like the same things. We followed up the stories with art work of colourful fish that demonstrated that we all different but ‘can still swim together’.


Student Awards
& Achievements

Students of the Week

JU1 - Cade

For working really hard to improve his handwriting.

JU2 - Kaylee

Making excellent, repeating colour patterns in maths. Well done.

MU1 -Bridie

For reading with volume, fluency and expression during Guided Reading. Superstar!

MU2 - Catalina

For being a respectful listener and safe participant of the water safety excursion. Well done.

MU3 - Andre

Showing great persistence during a challenging writing task. A terrific effort effort Andre.

MU4 - Isla

For being a great class role model, living our values of being respectful & responsible.

MU5 - Mercedes

For being a responsible student in the classroom and helping others.

MU6 - Bronte

Assisting others with the dance mat program and leading by example in the classroom.

MU7 - Jordan

For showing great persistence during reading and discussing his ideas with others.

MU8 - Gabby

For writing an entertaining and descriptive story based on Harry Potter.

CU1 - Mitchell

For demonstrating respectful leadership skills to ensure all his group had the opportunity to share ideas during our writing brainstorming sessions.

CU2 - Dylan

For showing excellent maths skills when working with numbers up to the tens of millions.

CU3 - Stefanie

For the enthusiasm she is showing while working on her project “All about me”. Keep it up!

SU1 - Laura

For her persistence with all the tasks this week. A champion effort!  Well done Laura!

SU2 - Mariella

For taking herself out of her comfort zone and trying her best at Cross Country. Fantastic work!

SU3 - Jack

For working hard during reading to develop his vocabulary. You rock Jack!

Classes of the Week

French - MU1

For great focus learning new gestures in French.

Art - SU2

Working diligently on their artwork.

Artists of the Week

Foundation students tore up patterned paper and glued bits to their backing sheet.  Then they painted in between the paper shapes.  Their pictures look very bright and colourful.  Well done.

Our Start Artists are: 

Daniel, Josseline, Annabelle, Knox, Evie, Aidan, Lucy, Taylor, Orlando, Lucinda, Cruz & Evie.

Gardening Group


It’s been a hive of activity in the garden this week. Thirty kids turned up for lunchtime garden Club. Together with super volunteer parents, Mel and Cath, they managed to finish filling all the raised garden beds with soil. Great effort team!


MU2 and MU3 also visited the garden. They had classes planting rocket seeds as part of an experiment investigating the effect of alpaca manure on seed germination and plant growth.


IF ANYONE HAS A SMALL LOADER (Bobcat, front end loader, etc) that they’re able to bring to School and move some gravel, your help would be extremely appreciated. Our Junior Landcare Grant only covers supplies, not labour. This job could be done whenever is convenient to you: Mon-Fri or a weekend. Please contact Nicole 0418 233 366.

Gardening Group Sessions

  • Where:   Woodend Community Children’s Garden
  • When:   12.45-2.00pm Mondays - parent help required to run lunchtime Kid’s Garden Club
  •                    2.00-3.30pm Mondays - parent’s gardening session
  • BYO:   Bring your enthusiasm and desire to join in (No gardening know-how required).  Please wear sturdy shoes and weather appropriate clothing. Pre-school age children are welcome too
  • Sign in:   Please sign in at the Office before gardening

I look forward to hearing from you.


Nicole Middleton

Gardening Group Facilitator - 0418 233 366



  • Urgent help needed for Friday 29th March.
  • EASTER LUNCH - Wednesday 3rd April.
  1. Qkr orders are now closed. 
  2. No late orders will be accepted.
  3. No other lunch orders will be available on this day
  4. Please contact the canteen directly on Wednesday should your child be absent.
  5. Helpers needed for Easter Lunch Pack day - April 3rd.  
  • Plenty of spots to fill for next terms roster.  Please contact me on 0411 558 557.
  • Please contact me if you can help on mobile 0411 558 557.  Remember its only Wednesday to Friday,  9-12.30pm and your child(ren) receives a free icy pole and the chance to see their carer behind the counter.   No money to count, only lunch bags to fill.


Lunch orders are still going astray.  - Please update details on Qkr and lunch bags.

  • Please ensure your child(ren) have the correct details on Qkr. 
  • When ordering from Qkr, please purchase a lunch bag first, if you're not supplying your own. 
  • NO CASH ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Please see the office staff for help loading Qkr.

PFA News


Thank you for those who have supported the PFA through the purchase of raffle tickets. Don’t forget to hop on down to the draw this Friday 29 March at the School Assembly from 3pm.  With a total of 15 prizes on offer, there’s plenty of opportunities for you to take home some Easter cheer!

We wouldn’t have the awesome prize packs we do without the generosity of these businesses:



It's that time where we look forward to the Carlsruhe Country Fair later this year.  


The Fair wouldn't happen without a great group of people helping out in the lead-up. If you're keen to be involved, please get in contact with Fair Coordinator, Anita Mason on 0407 409 575.

Parents And Friends - Fundraising Activities for 2019

Term 1

Easter Raffle

Bunnings BBQ

Term 2

Mothers Day - Ladies Night Out Dinner - Fri 10th May

Term 3

Trivia Night - 27th July

Father's Day Breakfast - Fri 6th September

Term 4

Carlsruhe Country Fair - Sun 24th November

Christmas Raffle

Danni Findlay


Student Banking

8 Deposits - Choose your reward

Lucca, Jasmine, Liam

9 Deposits - Your reward has been ordered

K'ian, Catherine

10 Deposits - Your reward has been sent home


Term 1 Rewards - NEW

  • New for Term 1 - Snowy Origami set and Scented Stackable Highlighter


School Banking

  • Wednesday: Hand in books via classroom
  • Thursday: Books processed and returned to the classroom

Getting involved in School Banking is easy!

1. Online

Visit commbank.com.au/schoolbanking and click on the link to open a Youthsaver account.

2. In branch

Visit a Commonwealth Bank branch with identification for yourself and your child, like a driver’s licence and birth certificate.


If your child has an existing Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account they can start banking straight away. They just need to bring their deposit in every week on School Banking day using their Dollarmites deposit wallet.

Uniform Shop

Lost Property

Lost property is located outside the uniform shop door.  Named items will be returned to the classroom.  Unnamed items will be placed here until end of term, then they are donated to charity.  Please stop by from time to check and see whether any items belong to you.


Name Stamp for clothing

I have a Name Stamp that can be used on uniforms that does not wash off.

This is the website on where to find it.        


Uniform Shop Hours

Normal Uniform Shop opening times are:

Tuesday: 8.45am - 9.15am

Thursday: 3pm - 4pm

Michelle Wearne

Uniform Shop


Art Journalling




Macedon Ranges Shire Council


Michael Grose: Parent Insights

The messages all boys need to hear

Research has shown that parents treat their boys and girls differently right from infancy.


For example, infant boys are touched more frequently and handled more roughly before the age of three months. Also physical punishment is applied more significantly for boys than girls in many Western countries. This is despite the fact that research also shows boys are more vulnerable and fragile.


Why do we do this?

The stereotypical belief that the only way to get boys to do the right thing is by shaming them, hurting them or being hard on them needs to be challenged every day because it is so deeply embedded into our society’s psychology. The scars this creates in early childhood fester deep inside and are often the source of future irrational rage and aggression.


This does not mean we do not discipline our boys or make them accountable for their choices and mistakes. It means we need to consciously choose the same warm discipline and communication that we tend to use around girls. We need to take much better care of our little boys — emotionally, psychologically, physically and socially. We need to stop shouting at them, hitting them, shaming them and speaking harshly to them (“Grow up!”, “Be a man”, “What’s wrong with you?”).


Communication for resilience building

We need to make it acceptable for boys and men to express feelings other than anger and this starts with how we speak to them day-to-day.


A good (generalised) example is how some people might respond if a child falls over. When a boy falls, he may be told by someone influenced by the old code: “You’re right mate, up you get.” A girl who’s fallen on the other hand may be greeted with: “Oh no sweetheart, are you OK? Come here. Let me make it better.” And offered a cuddle.


My issue with either approach is that neither child is being offered the opportunity to build resilience. The boy is being told he mustn’t feel anything and not to take pause at all — just get up and move on. The girl is being disempowered as it’s assumed she cannot pick herself up and brush herself off, but rather she needs help to bounce back from this hurdle. A more resilience-building response may be to say to either child: “Oops, you fell over. Are you ok or do you need my help?”


It’s a subtle difference in communication but the message our children get is that we expect that they are capable, their feelings are welcome (but not dictated to them) and we are here for them if they need us.


The trouble with boys

It seems when it comes to getting in trouble that our boys fare much worse than our girls. One reason for this may be because boys seem to be naturally more impulsive than girls from a young age and this can lead to them being poor decision-makers.


Michael Gurian, author of Saving Our Sons (Gurian Institute Press, 2017), writes about how males and females tend to process emotion differently in the brain. He writes that males tend to move emotions very quickly from their brains into their bodies. They also tend to sense the emotion but then shift it to areas of the brain that will work to solve the problem causing the emotion.


Females, on the other hand, tend to quickly shift emotions into the brain’s limbic system and to the ‘word centres’ of the brain. This could explain why many girls — not all, but a significant proportion — will tend to ‘talk it out’ when they have an issue but boys may be more likely to spring into action, and have a physical response, hurting someone or something in the process.


It is our responsibility to help our sons realise that they need to respect those around them when they are making these decisions.


A good starting point is for every family to implement the ‘three rules’: 1. try not to hurt yourself; 2. try not to hurt others; and 3. try not to damage things in the world around you … this sets an expectation for everyone in the household.


Finally, when boys muck up…

  • Try to see the world through his eyes and practise responding, not just reacting.
  • Allow him time to cool down and process the situation.
  • Gently ask what was his intention?
  • Help with work out which of the three rules he broke and what other choices he might have made.
  • Forgive him for making a poor choice.
  • Reassure him you still love him — ‘showing’ rather than ‘saying’.

Above all, our boys need us (especially we mums) to be firm, fair and fun, and to reassure them we love them unconditionally — no matter what poor choice they may have made.

School Information

Whole School Assembly

Every Friday at 3pm in the school hall

Student Banking

Wednesday: Hand in books via classroom

Thursday: Books processed and returned to the classroom

Uniform Shop

Tuesdays       8.45 am - 9.15 am

Thursdays     3.00 pm - 4.00 pm

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