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14 August 2019
Issue Five
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Photo: Kalya Htoo, Year 12, Finalist for the State Training Awards- TVET Student

Student & School Community Achievements

Photo: Kalya Htoo, Year 12, Finalist for the State Training Awards- TVET Student

Grade Sport Semi-Finals

Congratulations to the following teams who have made it through to the Semi-Finals which were played on Wednesday 7th August.





Open Basketball 2nd Grade

Kingsgrove HS

Ms Neves

U15 Basketball (B team)

Blakehurst HS

Mr Nguyen

Open Netball 2nd Grade

Peakhurst HS

Ms Conroy

Netball U13’s

Through to GF next Week

Ms Wang and Ms Battaglia

U15 Soccer

Kingsgrove HS

Mr Pearson

U14 Soccer

Kogarah HS

Ms Szymanski

Open Table Tennis 1st/2nd Grade

St George Christian/Blakehurst HS

Ms Liu

U14 Table Tennis (C2 team)

Blakehurst HS

Ms Burgess

U15 Volleyball

Kingsgrove HS

Ms Stephenson

Special Religious Education 

Our wonderful Coalition of Christian Churches (CCC) SRE teacher, Mike Turner, after 3 1/2 years, has had to hand over his role to a new teacher. Mike has been a fantastic person to work with those students who attend SRE and ISCF. We thank Mike for his commitment, support of students, positive nature and dedication to our school community. It is a short farewell however as Mike will be one of our Parents in 2020.


We welcome Beth Spragg as our  new CCC SRE teacher to replace Mike. Beth is a member of the St Paul's Canterbury Congregation  who is currently studying to be a teacher. Welcome Beth.

State Training Awards

Congratulations to Kalya Htoo, Year 12, for being a finalist for the State Training Awards- TVET Student of the Year.


We had five students involved in Superband - a band made up of local primary and high school students. Juanita, Hailie, Helena, Dhriti and Olivia practiced throughout term two they came together to rehearse and fine tune the four songs. They performed to a packed crowd at Canterbury/ Hurlstone Park RSL, check out their performance here!  

Climate Change Summit


In Week 1 of term 3 the Student Environmental Ambassadors went to represent Canterbury Girls High School at the AYCC climate change summit, there we learnt what we could do as an individual to change and help lessen our effect and bring awareness to climate change. We worked through all different types of workshops through the course of 2 days. On the first day we did a tunnel of awesomeness to get to know people outside our schools better. It was interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts on this issue and why they came. We listened to speeches about how students like us who were in the AYCC assisted in stopping climate change. We also did a role-play activity where we had to act like a specific characters at a climate change round table which a discussion about how climate change affects us. It was intriguing listening to different perspectives on this problem and how people justified why they didn’t or did support this cause. We were provided lunch on both days, by Oz Harvest who use good edible food destined for the bin because it is out of date - None of us became sick!.


After lunch we went into local area groups, our school was in the same group with Tempe and Marrickville, and discussed different ways we could make a climate change event happen. The next day we did a workshop on our own personal story about how we became aware of this global problem and had panelists come in to talk about their own personal story. We then went to local area groups to continue our workshop on creating an event. We made small posters during lunch and we went outside Petersham Town Hall to chant against this issue, holding up posters and talking about our own personal story. It was amazing to see how every school had united together. Going into this I didn’t know much about climate change, sure I knew what climate change is and the effect it had on the environment but I never knew how big of an issue it became or even what climate justice was. At AYCC I learnt how one voice may mean nothing but when a group of people share the same ideology we can make a change. Small changes can inspire and bring awareness to this pressing issue that all generations are facing especially us as we have to live in this world. It was nice to talk to people who shared the same interest and it is amazing how many care. Climate justice is when the concept of this problem is not purely an environmental issue but also an ethical and political one.

It has unfortunately been pointed out that people who are the least responsible are the most vulnerable to the effects. The AYCC taught us many things about climate change and has inspired us to make a difference. When we first arrived at the summit, we were immediately informed about climate change and how it can impact the way we live in the future. We were devastated when we found out the effects of climate change and how everything will be affected. The impact climate change will make and all the other young students wanting to make a change inspired us to keep helping the environment and saving the future of our planet. Anyone can help make a change to this serious issue. Riding a bike instead of driving, automatically helps by reducing carbon footprint. Remembering to turn off lights when they are not being used is also a great way to reduce the amount of fossil fuels being burnt. If we reduce the use of fossil fuels and our carbon footprint we could start to make a change.


There are many more ways to help climate change. Researching and reading more could help you and others learn of the countless ways you could help. If we all individually help, we could fight climate change before waters heat up and all marine animals die. If we act now we could prevent more extreme bushfires from occurring which would help animals like: koalas, birds, snakes and their habitats. If we act now we could save the earth. By SEA Elise Green, Mariana Cortes da Conceicao Guerreiro, Ai Xuan Moore and Julia Nguyen.

Work Experience


Congratulations & Thank Yous

  • Anouk Povaly, Maria Zaccheo and Mieke van Wel, Yr 10 who are members of the 2019 prestigious TAP Performing Arts development group.
  • Shaneice Vincent, Yr 11 who has been selected for the Regional Vocal Identification Program and received the Deadly Award at the recent Regional Awards Ceremony. 
  • Dhriti Iyengar, Yr 9  who is a member of the NSW Performing Arts State Choir.
  • Yasmina Sadiki, Yr 12 and  Aliyah  Santamaria, Yr 10 who were both successful in gaining a spot in the prestigious Talent Development Project.
  • Mele Taufui, Yr 12 for being a finalist in the Kenvale College High Flyer Program.
  • Thank you to staff for the HSC Revision workshops in the July holidays.


Photo: Solar panels on block C

School Management & Communication

Photo: Solar panels on block C


Our 100 Kilowatt Solar System of 370 panels has now been operating for a full 12 months. We have saved over $33,000 across 12 months. Fantastic!

Student Safety

Canterbury Bankstown City Council has approved a raised pedestrian crossing across Church street, Canterbury, south of Vincent Street, a copy of the  plan is above. Council has applied for the project to be funded under NSW Government Roads and Martitime Services for the 2020/21 financial year.


This action will bring about improved student safety in crossing Church Street for all students. A big Thanks to James Nguyen from Traffic and Transport at Council who has been so supportive in this proposal process.

Early Leave Requests

All families and caregivers, please make sure early leave requests are sent by 8.40am on the day early leave is needed. Please do not send early leave requests by email or Schoolstream App after this time. Please call the Office or pick up in person. When using Schoolstream App for early leave requests, the name of the caregiver, the email and the mobile number must be the same as those on school records.

When students depart they must collect their Early Leave Pass from Office A on their way out.


Instructions on how to download SchoolStream App

Duke of Edinburgh

We had a great turnout of Year 9 and 10 parents to the information evening for Duke of Edinburgh.

For information on Duke of Edinburgh, click here.

For the Youth Advance website, click here. 

Australian Business Week

For information on ABW, click here.

Yr 12 Notes

For information on the Graduation Assembly & the Supper Invitation, click here.

For the School Reference Application, click here.

For the End of Year Activities, click here. 


All notes can be found on the school website in Note Downloads under Year 12.

Screen time


Key points

  • Healthy screen use is about how long you spend on screens and what you use screens for.
  • Your child is strongly influenced by the way you use screens and is likely to copy what you do.
  • When you take a healthy and responsible approach to screen time, you set a powerful example for your child.

For more information, click here.



Resourcing Parents

Parenting Courses starting from Term 3 2019 -22nd July and before 14th October.

For Term Calendars, click here.


Photo: Field Study Day Year 8 at the Royal Botanical Gardens

Celebration of Learning

Photo: Field Study Day Year 8 at the Royal Botanical Gardens

Field Study Day - 28 June


Year 8 Maths to Royal Botanical Gardens

Going to the Royal Botanical Gardens for field study day was a wonderful experience and taught us many things. We did a variety of things including collecting data and answering data-related questions, drawing graphs, calculating distances and measuring objects like the ‘Mare and Foal’ statue. It taught us how to work effectively and efficiently in a group to collect accurate sets of data. We also got to see many interesting and artistic pieces of architecture in the garden including ‘The Moreshead’ fountain. I particularly enjoyed answering the questions for ‘The Morshed’ fountain and calculating the measurements for the pond next to the entrance. I personally had fun and thought that going to the Botanical Gardens was a great and engaging experience.  Yue Wing


On the 28th of June year 8 went on a maths excursion to the Royal Botanic Gardens. We were split up into non-class groups so that we could make new friends and spend time with other girls in our year that we usually don’t. There were nine activities that were the same for each group, but everyone started at a different one, so we didn’t collide. In each activity we got to explore another area of the Botanic Gardens and look out onto the harbour while still doing maths. It made the maths activities more interesting and fun since we were given the opportunity to be active and discover ways of using maths in everyday life. The teachers supervised us and helped us when we needed it to explain questions but let us figure them out on our own as a group. In my group this worked really effectively, as in most activities everyone was helping out and contributing, building up both our teamwork and communication skills. The excursion also helped us practise how to read a map and follow signs as well, as we had to find our own way as a group to each destination. Though, my group did get lost a few times, we always managed to, without our teachers help, find our way by reading our map. On the excursion we were also taught how to tell the time on a sundial, figure out if a statue of a foal and a hoarse was proportionate and graph the amount of people walking and running along the harbour. Even on the bus trip we checked how many kilometres it had done already and the time, to figure out the distance we travelled by bus at the end. All in all, it was a fun excursion and I had enjoyed figuring out problems with my friends and learnt a lot.  Romy Brooks


On the 28th of June this year, the year 8 students went to the Royal Botanic Gardens. Just before we left school, we got given a booklet that had activities for us to complete throughout the day. One of the tasks was about the trip there. We worked out it took approximately 28 minutes and the gardens were about 12.8km from school. After we had gotten off the bus we split into small groups.  One of my groups first task was to try and find a statue of a horse. We had a map of the gardens to guide us. We found the statue and had to take some measurements. The next activity we did was finding some very steep steps. The task required us to count how many steps there were. In total there were 118 steps. There were a few other structures we went to find, such as a sundial and a fountain and we had to answer some question about these things. One of the last tasks we did was to observe and count different categories of people using the people in the park. Then we had lunch in the gardens and then returned to school by bus.   Alexis Edwards


Year 9 PDHPE

Year 9 students were able to join with their friends for a fun trivia day on all things PDHPE.

Eager students signed up prior to their day in groups of six and developed a theme for their trivia team. Many groups had outstanding costumes, creative team names, elaborate table decorations and even snacks for the day. The day consisted of a number of online quiz rounds on topics related to PDHPE content learnt within the year thus far with a few fun topics to break it up. The highlight of the day was the physical fitness challenges where one member from each team represented their group by competing in a simple fitness challenge.  Fitness challenges included: sit up, push up, wall sit, free throw in basketball, sprint, long distance run and a plank hold.  As part of the trivia challenge, students also designed and created informative videos on cyber bullying.  To finish off the day each team was involved in a final dance challenge. Overall, the day was a fun PDHPE recap of semester one and a great day was spent with friends


Year 10 Geography to Cronulla

On Friday 28th of June Yr. 10 went to Cronulla and Wanda Beaches to learn about and investigate costal management and the strategies being implemented by the local government. We broke off into small groups, each with their own guide and throughout the day we learnt how to use geographical instruments to measure the environment such as taking the temperature, the wind speed and the brightness of the beach. We also learnt about the structure of beaches and costal development and other human impacts that have hindered the important processes that take place. We learnt this through interactive activities such as building a beach using natural materials and learning how to use a GPS. Overall the day was very interesting really opened our eyes to the issues facing our beaches today.  Mieke van Wel


Year 12 Careers Expo

Year 12 received information sessions on UAC, TAFE and EAS before setting off to the Careers Expo.

Poetry with 7A

This term our class, 7A have been studying poetry in English. We have learnt about poetry techniques and their effects and how to identify these techniques. We also analysed some famous poems about nature written by poets such as Les Murray, William Wordsworth and Robert Frost. We decided to use our knowledge of poetry to create a video about environmental issues. Our video includes poems and haikus created and written by students in 7A, focused on climate change and pollution. Here are some of our poems for your enjoyment.


HSC Dance Showcase

Outstanding Dance Showcase, Congratulations to students & Dance staff Ms Reed & Ms Hunter and big thanks to junior dancers supporting our HSC candidates. Thank you to family & friends who attended, supporting the efforts & many additional rehearsal hours

Yr 11 Economics Excursion

Here’s some of our best & brightest soaking up knowledge at the Reserve Bank on their

Economics excursion.

Yr 10 Macbeth Excursion

"Something wicked this way comes....” Another quality excursion for  Year 10 students at the ⁦Bell Shakespeare production of Macbeth ⁦at the Opera House.

Dragon Dance Workshop

On the 4th of July, during our Chinese class, we participated in a dragon dance incursion at school. The dragon dance instructor taught us the basic steps in the dance, such as how we walk and run as a dragon dancer and the intricacies of the dance. We learned positions and formations for a short performance and we all collaborated in small groups to dance with the dragon. It was fascinating to see the dragon come to life seamlessly. Overall, we really enjoyed the whole experience. It was very fun and intersting to work together with others and perform the dragon dance. Thank you to Ms Liu and Ms Wang for organising this incursion for us, we very much appreciate it. - Ruxing Zhou, Year 10.

The Premier’s Debating Challenge 2019

Our Year 9 & 10 debating teams contested at the local level, demonstrating their enthusiasm and skill in the art of debate. Both teams debated against Fort Street High School, Ashfield Boys High School and each other.

Topics ranged from issues concerning censorship in social media and anti-discrimination laws to banning coaching colleges. The competition demonstrated our students’ abilities to engage in a wide variety of issues relevant to themselves and the wider community, fostering critical thinking and problem solving skills. We are yet to find out if our teams have made it through to the Regional level but, whatever the outcome, we can be proud of the students and their impressive achievements representing the school in the Premier’s Debating Challenge for 2019.

Year 9 Textiles Technology with Ms Jenkins

Inspired by the theme "Sea and Sand", students have been engaged in the design process and the development of strong design concepts.  Each of 18 students used a variety of manufacturing techniques to turn these ideas into completed cushions. Students worked hard developing their skills in machine embroidery, appliqué and patchwork, as well as applying a variety of decorative embellishments to their project. An important focus for these students was to develop an understanding of Functional and Aesthetic properties of their completed design. The photo is Year 9 Textiles Technology with Ms Jenkins.
Inspired by the theme "Sea and Sand", students have been engaged in the design process and the development of strong design concepts.  Each of 18 students used a variety of manufacturing techniques to turn these ideas into completed cushions. Students worked hard developing their skills in machine embroidery, appliqué and patchwork, as well as applying a variety of decorative embellishments to their project. An important focus for these students was to develop an understanding of Functional and Aesthetic properties of their completed design.

Bats, Sticks & Balls PDHPE unit

8C enjoying cricket in the winter sunshine as part of the Bats Sticks & Balls unit

Extra-Curricular & Well Being 

NAIDOC Week Assembly

On Monday 1st July we celebrated NAIDOC Week assembly with our indigenous students and families. Our assembly was opened by a traditional smoke ceremony. Each member of our Indigenous Leaders Group took part in the assembly with dances, songs and speeches.  Thank you to Mr Nolan, Jessie Simon-Fitzpatrick and special guests. 

Week of Well Being!


Renaissance Accelerated Reader


Premiers Reading Challenge

The Premiers Reading Challenge aims to encourage a love of reading for leisure and pleasure in students, and to enable them to experience quality literature. It is not a competition but a challenge to each student to read, to read more and to read more widely.
Student Reading Records need to be completed by AUGUST 30! Please record all books online before this date!

The new PRC student site is now LIVE! Click here to visit!
You can also download this handy map to see which levels you can progress through as you complete the challenge - have fun as you catch the reading bug!

2019 Key Dates:
March 4: Challenge opens. Students will be able to log books on their Student Reading Record, and coordinators will be able to create accounts for new students. 
August 30: Closing date for student entries.
September 13: Final date for validation of Student Reading Records by coordinators.


Regional Dance Festival

Our fantastic dance ensembles have performed at the Regional Dance Festival at the Seymour Centre. Thank you to Ms Reed & Ms Hunter.

Ensemble News

After the excitement exhaustion and success of our 2019 School musical production all our Ensembles are back on track and working towards a variety of performance opportunities.   Whether it be Dance, Band, Choir, Strings, Ukelele, Percussion, Drama or Theatresports they are all underway learning, polishing and getting to ready to excel.   MADD Night ( Music Art Dance & Drama) night is on our school calendar for Term four Thursday 14th of November.  It will be another opportunity for family members and friends to see the extended skills and abilities of our students on display.  New members are welcome to join Ensembles and to become part of those performance.


HSC Drama Showcase




Year 12 Drama Students have been working furiously to prepare for their upcoming Practical Examination will takes place on the Thursday 29th August 2019 @ 6pm.   With limited time remaining they still have work to do.  In order to enable their best presentation on the big day we will be holding our HSC Drama Showcase in the Cantabrian Hall on Thursday 15th August.  Students, parents and friends are welcome.  The presentation will run until 7.45pm (approximately).

Write4Fun Competition

Earlier this year, many of our students entered the Write4fun writing competition. Students wrote a variety of stories ranging from historical fiction to contemporary stories. All our students received Honorable mentions and certificates in recognition of their outstanding work. We're proud to nurture the creative talents of our many students and congratulate them on their efforts. 

Autism Peer Support Group

The Autism Peer Support Group said farewell to Grace Matthews-Rowney this term.  Grace is leaving us to explore a pathway to a career in Veterinary Science and we wish her all the best and thank her for her advocacy.  Grace addressed our school community sharing her lived experience of being on the Autism Spectrum.  We reprint Grace’s speech here and thank you for all her contributions. 


Music News


The end of Term 2 saw all the music ensembles and elective classes perform a variety of repertoire at the annual Winterfest concert. We saw the students showcasing what they have learnt in semester one, check out the videos of the performances .


Students had a wonderful time at the Capitol Theatre on the last Wednesday of term watching the magical performance of the pure imagination spectacular that was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Look forward to School of Rock at the end of the year, secure your tickets now!


Don’t forget to enter the National Songwriting Competition:, it is free to enter and there are cash prizes for first, second and third. Students can submit multiple songs but hurry, entries close on the 24th of August!

#EdWeek19 - Every Student, Every Voice

2019 Education Week – #EdWeek19


The theme for 2019 Education Week is Every student, every voice. It is a celebration of student empowerment and how the NSW public education system gives students the skills they need in order to have and express a voice during their own educational journey and as engaged global citizens.



Key messages


Authentic participation

Student voice is more than just having a say. Valuing and actioning the ideas, opinions and expertise of all students has significant impact for student wellbeing.

This week and next at Canterbury Girls High School Student Elections for the 2019-2020 cohort of Senior Prefects and SRC members will take place, with our Investiture Assembly fast approaching on Tuesday August 27th. Our SEA environmental ambassadors continue to contribute their voice in community action for a sustainable future, most recently participating in the 2 day Conference for Climate Justice at Petersham Town Hall. 


Partners in learning

Student perspectives, experiences and aspirations shape and enrich our schools and communities and actively influence our decision-making as we strive to be the best education system in Australia.

Year 7 students are completing Student Partners in Learning Surveys each term to give feedback on their learning experiences in the first year of secondary education. Faculties are reviewing this feedback and adjusting teaching, learning and assessment in response. For example in Semester 2 a cross faculty assessment will be piloted in some Year 7 classes to encourage deep learning and content mastery as well as 21st century learning skills. 


Respectful relationships

Working collaboratively with other students and teachers our young people grow into engaged learners and ethical citizens able to contribute positively to their school and wider community.

Mentoring peers to support learning and belonging is a key feature of the way we work together at Canterbury Girls High School. From welcoming Year 6 into 7, to peer numeracy, peer reading and homework help, our focus on respectful relationships sees many students find success through helping and being helped. 

Prefects, SRC, SEA (environmental) and Indigenous Leaders groups constantly provide positive examples of contributing to the wider community at CGHS.  The recent NAIDOC Assembly at the end of Term 2 was an outstanding example, see the report and pics in this edition of the newsletter.


Connecting communities

We connect our diverse communities by creating and sustaining inclusive, interactive learning environments that use advanced technologies to promote and extend student influence beyond the classroom walls.

Through sustaining links with Ashfield Boys HS in social inclusion, digital literacy, mental health (RUOK and white ribbon initiatives), and Australian Business Week, we accomplish a rich and varied range of opportunities for student voices to collaborate successfully.


Change makers

A culture of high expectations empowers our students to build a shared sense of purpose, self-value and belonging that will prepare them for future lives as active citizens in an increasingly complex and dynamic society.

The success of our Year 10 team in the Young Change Agents youth incubator program is prime example of students participating in the design thinking and social entrepreneurship opportunities offered through Futures Learning and Field Study Days with focus on enrichment and extension. 

#EdWeek on Twitter

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Yr 7 & 8 Debating & Public Speaking

Developing #EveryStudentEveryVoice through Year 7 & 8 Debating and Public Speaking, Thank you to Marrickville High School for competing with Year 7 and 8 students.  Each school came away with a win.


Senior Prefect Nominations

We salute & congratulate the 34 Year 11 students who have gone through the nominations process for Senior Prefects and pitched their reasons for seeking election by their peers.

Every Student Every Voice


Voices of CGHS Alumni

We're calling on past students to make a contribution to a Student Voice Memoir: Recalling the Past, Inspiring the Future.To coincide with Education Week 2019 - Every Student Every Voice, we are launching a program to collect written or digital memoirs from our past students. We want to hear the voices of the students who walked and talked in the corridors and classrooms in the past, to inspire and model to current and future students how school can be a crucial stepping stone to finding voice, identity and confidence. Contributions will be published as they are received in the newsletter and archived on our website and in Cantabrians Ex-Students Association records.  Please include then and now pics of yourself, and any past pics from around the school if you have them.

We look forward to your contributions!  Please email to Deputy Principal  [email protected]

Ex-Student Memoirs

The following is submissions we've received for the 'Voices of CGHS Alumni'. Please click this link for more Ex-Student stories from the Cantabrian Voices Project. 


Ilana Simpson - graduated 2011

My time at CGHS laid the groundwork for who I am today. My 6 years spent here was filled with many memories which I fondly look back on to this day.
Although towards the end of my time in CGHS, my uncertainties about the future and what career path to choose was daunting and overwhelming, I’m sure you all feel that pressure. I can reassure you that life is one big oyster and you make you own path as you go along. I chose to study nursing and can only see that decision as one of my best in life. I found my calling in nursing, it is hard but rewarding work. I can only hope you all find your calling in life. I write this piece from South Africa where I am enjoying my holidays and taking some time off from my busy schedule of working and studying my masters in clinical teaching.
One factor that we all share is being in Australia, having the opportunity to study and choose any career path. The freedom of speech or opinions is one which we all need to be grateful for. We all have a voice and during this week try to remember yours. Every student, every voice.

Caitlin Jurd - graduated 2011


When asked to write about my school memories, I realised I unfortunately no longer hold specific memories of Canterbury Girls. However, what I do recall very vividly is how my time at Canterbury Girls made me feel. Whilst the reality of post-school life has led to an extremely fluctuating self-esteem, I can remember that Canterbury Girls was a place that gave me a rigid self-esteem and a strong belief in myself.


Last month whilst avoiding pressing university deadlines, I instead trawled through my personal emails. In my procrastination, I came upon a string of emails of which I was entirely unaware, dated July 2011. One email peaked my (narcissistic) interest, as the subject of the email read ‘Caitlin award nomination’. I opened the email to find, eight years later, that the current principal of Canterbury Girls, Sue Holden, had been attempting to nominate me for an award. This entirely went over my head as an 18 year old, however, as a 26 year old, I found this extremely thoughtful and touching. I came to realise this scenario epitomised my memories of my time at school; being seen, and heard, and acknowledged at a time that you did not see these qualities in yourself.


When I think about high school, I am shocked by what I achieved during my time here. I voluntarily engaged in public speaking competitions and chose drama as my elective each year. Presently, even thinking about performing or speaking in public makes my hands extremely clammy (you’re welcome). But Canterbury made me feel worthy, and accepted, and important, and when you have a sense of self-worth, you do crazy things like voluntarily sign up to do perform in front of strangers. Or join the dance class when you are a horrific dancer with absolutely no coordination. This was a testament to the staff who willingly gave their time and effort to instill in us a sense of belonging and worthiness.


When people talk about ‘getting the most’ out of their education, I don’t equate it to how much I achieved academically. This is important, certainly, but I equate it more to the emotional needs that were met by the school during what can be very challenging, turbulent and formative teenage years. Canterbury built me up to a point where I could enter a new (and albeit, tough) world with a sense of worthiness, pride and self-esteem. It also gave me some of my best friends. And for these things I am eternally grateful.

Helen Wang - graduated 2012


My years at Canterbury Girls were fun, memorable and inspirational. Canterbury Girls had provided me with endless opportunities to improve and strive towards my best, whether it be in leadership or in academics. I’ve always remembered the teachers to be warm-hearted and caring towards their students both academically and emotionally. I think back to those days often as I see my own classes daily, hoping to be just as good as my own teachers were.

School Memories

Thank you to Lyn Thickett (nee Vincent  '63-'68) for sharing her CGHS Muck Up Day photos from 1968

Reminders, P&C & Community News

Upcoming Dates

  • Saturday 17 August - P & C Comedy Night
  • Tuesday 20 August - Yr 7 & 8 Cricket Gala Day
  • Wednesday 21 August - P&C Meeting
  • Thursday 22 August - HSC Music Showcase Evening
  • Friday 23 August - Yrs 9-10 Duke of Edinburgh Training Day (registered students only)
  • Friday 30 August - Wear it Purple Day
  • Wednesday 4 September - Senior Art Exhibition Opening
  • Friday 6 September - Pink Stumps Day 
  • Saturday 7 September - Cantabrian Ex-Students High Tea
  • Tuesday 10 September - Yr 10 PDHPE BStreet Smart Excursion
  • Friday 13 September - Yr 8 Taronga Zoo; Yr 9 RUOK Day
  • Saturday 14 September - P & C Wine & Cheese Afternoon

P&C Comedy Night Major Sponsor

Our Major sponsor for the upcoming P&C Comedy Night. A big Community Thank You to Richardson and Wrench Hurlstone Park for their generosity and support. 

Parents and Citizens

Follow the P&C Facebook Page here 


The P&C Comedy Night fundraiser is fast approaching! Don't miss out on a night of laughs! Book your tickets at this link! Lebanese pizza available to order too!

Meeting Dates for 2019

  •  21st August 2019
  • 18th September 2019
  • 23rd October 2019
  • 20th November 2019

President – Megan Walker

Vice President – Lee White

Secretary - Lynne Scouller

Treasurer - Jo Corey


For previous meetings minutes, click here. 

Cantabrian Girls Ex-Students' Association

July Newsletter


For previous newsletters, click here.

The Cantabrian Girls Ex-Students' Association is holding a High Tea in the Cantabrian Hall at 2pm on Saturday 7th September, 2019. Cost : $30 Please email RSVP by 23 August, 2019 to Marion Malins at: [email protected]


President - Merle Chalmers

Vice President - Bev Lane & Marilyn Abbey

Secretary - Kathie Burgess

Treasurer - Marion Malins



Go4Fun is a great program to help kids who are above their ideal weight.

Places are still available in Term 3 Go4Fun programs:

·Aboriginal Go4Fun @ NCIE on Mondays

·Go4Fun @ Ashfield on Wednesdays

·Go4Fun @ Lakemba on Thursdays

·Go4Fun @ Strathfield on Saturdays

Keep Cups


Maths Clinic


ASK After School Homework Centre


Help Canterbury Racecourse

We publish this as it is  of  Community Interest.


Foster Care Recruitment


Parking and Traffic Offences around School Zones


Outward Bound

Unique opportunity to take part in our amazing Youth programs, Young Explorer and Navigator across Victoria, Northern NSW and the ACT and our Family program in the ACT. 

The Australian Outward Bound Development Fund is offering:


Navigator (15-17 years old)
- 5 part scholarships for the
  Navigator Grampians in Victoria 
- 5 part scholarships for the
  Navigator - Rainforest in
  Northern NSW 
- 5 part scholarships for the
  Navigator - Australian Alps in the


Navigator – RRP $2280. Each scholarship is valued at $780.00. You only pay $1,500 incl GST. The Navigator course is a 12-day personal development experience for youth aged 15-17. The Navigator program is full of adventure, wilderness, new friends and fun, whilst discovering and developing your potential!


Young Explorer (12-14 years old)
- 5 part scholarships for Young
  Explorer - Australian Alps in the the


Young Explorer – RRP $990. Each scholarship is valued at $490. You only pay $500 incl GST. The 5 day course for youth aged 12-14 offers activities such as a High Ropes Course, Raft Building, Orienteering, Hiking and much more.


Family Program - ACT
- 6 part scholarships for the ACT
  Family program


Family Program - RRP $950 per participant. Each scholarship is valued at $450. You only pay $500 incl GST. The Family program is for a child aged 12 - 16 years with an accompanying adult. Family groups of 3, 4 or more are also welcome. This 5 day journey based program uses the wilderness and adventure based activities to build integrity, responsibility, resilience, leadership and compassion. The core outcome is “Striving to be the best you can be”.


How to Apply

Applying for the Scholarships is an easy process:

  1. Download and complete the Scholarship Application Form
  2. Send to Outward Bound at: [email protected]
  3. Begin fund raising for the remainder of your program fee.
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