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25 July 2019
Issue Twenty-two
Upcoming Events
Principal's News
Literacy Writing in 3/4HT
Gardening Club
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Upcoming Events

Term 3

30th July - First Communion Parent Night

31st July - St Ignatius Mass @ 9.00am

8th-9th -School Closure Days- Staff  Professional Learning - Catholic Identity and First Aid

15th August - Assumption Mass @ 9.00am

30th August - Fathers Day Breakfast

19th September - School Concert

20th September - Last day of Term. School ends at 1:30pm

Term 4

7th October - Students Return

9th October -  Confirmation Parent Night @ 7.30pm

23rd October -  Whole School Mass @ 9.00am

25th October - Confirmation

30th October - 1st November Year 5/6 School Camp

28th November - Student Led Conferences

5th December - Community Carols

10th December - Year 6 Graduation

11th December - End of Year Mass

12th December - End of Year Celebration Day

16th December - Last Day of School (students)



Term 1 2020

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Principal's News

Week 2

Dear Families,

Students have settled well into the term so far with students continuing this week to work with Rock Ed and are enthusiastically learning their songs and dance moves for concert. Our 2019 concert is called QUEST. Its blend of memorable fairytale folk, appealing heroes and catchy songs. More details will follow in the next weeks.


Grades are settling into their new Inquiry unit- Discovery. You will notice in the Home Learning over the next couple of weeks some activities that are encouraging them to  investigate some new and exciting learning. 

Prep Enrolments


We've had a continuing number of new families enrolling at our school. It is such a great experience to show them around the school and introduce them to our happy students and our very welcoming classroom teachers. 


We have already completed a large number of Prep welcome meetings last term and will be conducting more over the next few weeks. 


If you have not enrolled your younger sibling yet please speak to Julie as we begin to think through our grade structures for next year. 

Writing in 3/4HT

The Age of Discovery


Students in 3/4HT know that writing is a process.  Doing our best work means that we plan, draft, self-edit, teacher conference and then finally publish a good copy of our composition.  This term we have been focusing on learning about information reports. 


We came to understand that before you write an information report, you need to know a lot of facts about your subject.  This might mean that you need to do some research before you start.  Information reports should contain facts and not opinions.  It also helps if you include a labelled diagram or illustration because the reader might not know anything about what you are reporting on.


We used our inquiry research about the Age of Discovery explorers to write our own information report.  We wrote according to the structure of the genre by including a title, an introduction, sub-titles for key ideas, and a conclusion.


We used our very best handwriting by being careful to use our dotted thirds correctly and tried to form cursive letters instead of printed ones.  We are getting ready to learn how to join our writing!


Here are some examples of our information reports.  We hope you enjoy reading them!

Gardening Club

Gardening Club 


During this year the Gardening Club has been so very busy tending the vegetables and herbs, making sure they are growing well.  All the children have been so incredibly committed to watering, weeding and growing plants of all sorts.



In the last week of Term 2, we picked much of the spinach, chard, and parsley and used them to make spinach rolls.  As a reward for their fabulous work, the gardeners were able to eat these rolls.  They were very tasty and certainly got the "thumbs up".  Well done to these amazing gardeners who have such tremendous enthusiasm.


Lorraine Cappozzo and the Trinity Gardening Club

Richmond Community Announcements

Richmond Community Learning Center 


Richmond Scout Group


Simonds College


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