Photo: EVERY PERSON FLOURISHING AND KNOWN. Respectfully acknowledging the original custodians of this land in the City of Greater Dandenong, The Wurundjeri people.

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11 October 2019
Issue Fifteen

Where everyone flourishes and is known!

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Photo: St Anthony’s Parish and St Anthony’s School hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as central and fundamental responsibilities of the Church. St Anthony’s is fully compliant with all policies in relation to Child Safety. These documents ensure compliance with the Victorian Government Child Safety Standards which took effect on 1 January 2017 and reflect our Parishes’ ongoing commitment to ensuring that all children are safe, happy and empowered.

Message from the Principal

Photo: St Anthony’s Parish and St Anthony’s School hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as central and fundamental responsibilities of the Church. St Anthony’s is fully compliant with all policies in relation to Child Safety. These documents ensure compliance with the Victorian Government Child Safety Standards which took effect on 1 January 2017 and reflect our Parishes’ ongoing commitment to ensuring that all children are safe, happy and empowered.

Welcome Back!


Dear families and friends,

Welcome back! It was so lovely to see all those beautiful smiling faces come through the gates on Monday morning even with an hour less sleep! It is the best time of year; spring scents in the air, daylight savings, more time to be outdoors with family and that feeling that sunshine will dominate the days ahead.

October is Walktober. We are walking every morning around the oval and counting our steps to being healthy and happy. Please come along and join us every morning in October. 


There is so much to look forward to this term. We are looking forward to the Christmas Carnival, Year 6 Graduation, transition programs and orientation for 2019, new Preps and ELC Kinder groups visiting, student projects and a big student Community Expo (more to come about this), community gardening and cooking, the Colour Fun Run, Confirmation, lots of creative and collaborative learning and teaching opportunities and lots of fun!

I came across this article recently about the importance of trust in our relationships with our children which I thought was worth a read.


How to raise kids who will grow into secure, trustworthy adults

All you need is one person, just one person who trusts and believes in you, and then you feel you can do anything. Unfortunately, a lot of children — like Michael, a former student of mine — don’t have even one person. Michael was an editor-in-chief of the Campanile, Palo Alto High School’s newspaper, in 2013, and his struggles represent those of many other young people.


For Michael, the pressures started early. “I had very strict parents,” he says. “They would tell me if I didn’t do well in school, I’d be homeless.” His early teachers weren’t very supportive either, and people misinterpreting his behavior and motivations became a common theme in his life. “I would get admonished,” he says, “by peers and educators telling me if I followed the rules and paid attention, of course I’d do better. It was almost part of my core being, to be this thing that was trodden on; everything I did turned into some kind of moral shortcoming.”


By the time he made it to my class, Michael described himself as “completely burned out like a pile of ash.” The school newspaper was the only thing he derived any meaning from, and still he could barely muster the will to show up. But he did. I got to know him as a bright but disconnected kid. He’d come into class and have no idea what he wanted to do or write about.


I’ve seen so many students like this — they’re afraid but they’re also rebellious. They’re not cooperative. They’re difficult, even aggressive, and it’s because every single one of them feels bad about themselves. They’re constantly trying to prove to themselves — and to others — that they’re better than everyone thinks, but they’re constantly scared they’ll fall short.


During one of our production nights, Michael was struggling with music theory homework. “I was exhausted, trying to figure out this assignment,” he says. Other students teased him for struggling, and he thought to himself, as he often did, “That’s right, I can’t do it.” I saw what was happening, walked up to the kids, and said, “He’s taking longer because he’s smart.” I knew deep down that Michael wanted to get it right, not just rush through it.


This was the first time that Michael had heard an adult say his abilities and intelligence were seen and respected. “To hear outside confirmation that someone believed in me,” he says, “even in the presence of other students who didn’t — it was awesome. It helped me not to crumble.”

That day was a turning point for him. He started to trust himself and called on this newfound confidence during his undergraduate years whenever he encountered obstacles or someone told him he’d never make it. He went on to earn a degree in neuroscience at Johns Hopkins, where he’s now a neuropsychiatric researcher. He’d found his one person to believe in him by accident, and it made all the difference.

Parents and teachers can sometimes forget how important we are in the lives of our children. We have so much control we have in shaping their confidence and self-image. And it all starts with trust, with believing a child is capable, even through setbacks, surprises and all the complications that come with growing up.


Trust empowers kids, whether it’s in the classroom or in the world at large, and the process of developing trust starts earlier than you think. Infants who are securely attached to their parents — who feel they can trust and depend on them — avoid many behavioral, social, and psychological problems that can arise later. A child’s fundamental sense of security in the world is based on their caregiver being someone they can rely upon.


Remember, trust is mutual. The degree to which your children can trust you will become reflected in their own ability to trust. Studies show that children rated as less trustworthy by their teachers exhibit higher levels of aggression and lower levels of “prosocial behavior” such as collaborating and sharing. Distrust in children has also been associated with their social withdrawal and loneliness.


If we don’t feel trusted when we’re kids — or if there isn’t anyone close to us we can trust — we have difficulty getting over it. We grow up thinking we’re not trustworthy, and we accept it as a character trait. Like Michael, we become what we think we are, and we can suffer for it.


So how do we go about building trust in our children? 

We typically think of trust as handing our teenager the car keys and permitting them to drive on their own, or letting our 12-year-old stay home alone for the first time. But trust needs to start soon after kids are born.


Babies observe our every move as they learn how to get what they need from us. They know how to make us smile. They know how to make us cry. They may be dependent on us for everything, but they’re a lot more intelligent than we give them credit for. You need to respond to their needs, especially early on so they can feel you and their environment are trustworthy, but it’s also a fantastic time to start teaching your child some important lessons.


Many parents are operating from their own insecurities or doubts: Doesn’t their child need them?  I firmly believe that you want your child to want to be with you, not to need to be with you.


This tension first arises with sleep. Your children can and will sleep on their own if you believe they can do it and if you teach them how. Kids learn to self-soothe, when given the opportunity, by sucking their thumbs, using pacifiers, or playing with toys. 


As kids grow, they can be given more and more opportunities to build their own trustworthiness. The choices you make with your child will dictate the culture of your family. You always want to ask yourself whether you’re actively building trust in them or whether you’re shutting your child down. For young children, little achievements can build their trust and belief in themselves. They tie their own shoes, and it works! They put on their own clothes, and it works! They walk to school, and that works too! Through these small victories, they can see the tangible results of their efforts.


While you can’t always trust a small child to make intelligent choices, you can guide him in considering options and picking the best one. 

Each age brings its own instances of trust. With teenagers, parents can cultivate trust in a series of steps.


Another way to gauge your teenager’s trustworthiness is by testing whether they make good on their word. They said they’d be home by 8 PM — were they? If they were late, did they call or text to tell you in advance? After they prove themselves trustworthy, increase their freedoms and responsibilities.


And if they still need to learn to come home on time, have a conversation about what went wrong and troubleshoot together for the next time. Some kids just have a hard time being on time, but don’t give up — give them more opportunities to learn. After all, time management is a skill that many adults lack, too.


If children aren’t empowered with trust and if they don’t feel trustworthy, they’ll have a very difficult time becoming independent. They won’t learn to trust and respect themselves. When we are fearful and hover over our children, they become afraid.


Excerpted from the new book How to Raise Successful People: Simple Lessons for Radical Results by Esther Wojcicki. Copyright © 2019 Esther Wojcicki. Used with permission from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

Have a wonderful Term 4 as we journey toward the season of Advent. It is a full term and a great time to reflect on the growth and achievements made in a year. Go gently and as always, if you have any feedback, questions or ideas we’d love to hear about them. 

God Bless,

Patrika Rowley

Important Term 4 Dates

Please follow this link to view all dates via our school website

For all upcoming important dates/events click here

National Assessment Program - Civics and Citizenship

St Anthony's have been selected by ACARA to take place in a sample year 6 national online assessment in Civics and Citizenship. SOme of our Year 6 students will sit this test online with the support of Glennis Kerr and Ellis Warrener on Tuesday October 15th.

Prep Swimming dates

Prep parents would have received swimming correspondence by now. Please take note of the following dates at Aquaswim, Haileybury from 9-10.15am. Both classes will travel together.

Week 3: Monday October 21st, Wednesday October 23rd, Thursday October 24th, Friday October 25th

Week 4: Monday October 28th, Wednesday October 30th, Thursday October 31st, Friday November 1st

Year 1-6 Transition Program

This week we started out Transition Program for all current students in Prep-Year 5 to go into their areas for 2020 and join in with some fun wellbeing activities in their 2020 peer groupings. These groupings will change every week over the next 4 weeks as educators allow time for them to get used to their new environments in a safe and nurturing way. This program was very successful in 2019 and ensured that moving buildings and groups was a gradual and positive experience. 


Confirmation 2019

We celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Church on Sunday October 20th at 2.30pm with Fr Brendan Hayes, celebrating the Sacrament in St Anthony's Church. Please join us.

Prep 2020 Information Night and Transition dates:

We welcome you to join us for Stage 2 - Getting to know us, getting to know you and we cannot wait to see you all again


Tuesday October 22nd 6-7pm – Parent Information Evening.

Babysitting available. 6.00-7.00pm. All new families receive a show bag full of welcome items and information for Transition.


Wednesday November 6th - Transition morning 1 9.30am – 10.30am. 

For all children who will be joining our school next year. Parents are invited to stay with their children for this first session, share stories and songs and be part of our community in action.  It is a great opportunity for you all to get to know new parents, teachers and students.


Thursday November 14th - Transition morning 2 9.30am – 10.30am. 

Parent Information session topic: Principal’s welcome and meet and greet

For children who will be joining our school next year. Parents are invited to meet with the Principal and other school leaders for an information session and a cuppa. Morning tea made by our Year 5’s. Opportunity to register for a working with children check.


Wednesday November 20th  - Transition morning 3 9.30am – 10.30am. 

Parent Information session topic: Learning and Teaching/Wellbeing

For children who will be joining our school next year. Parents are invited to meet with the Principal and other school leaders for an information session and a cuppa. Morning tea made by our Year 5’s. 

Thursday November 28th - Transition morning 4 9.30am – 10.30am. 

Parent Information session topic: Healthy lunch boxes and good oral health, Uniform ordering

For children who will be joining our school next year. Parents are invited to meet with the Principal and other school leaders and community leaders for an information session and a cuppa. Morning tea made by our Year 5’s. Uniform ordering and samples available to try.


November - St Anthony’s Prep (Foundation) Teachers visit Kindergartens to talk to Kinder teachers and get to know children in their familiar environment.


Stage 3 - Step into Prep

Tuesday December 10th – Prep (Foundation) Orientation Day 9.30am – 11.00am. Prep (Foundation) students will meet their teacher, future classmates and spend time in their new learning space. Parents are invited to stay for a cuppa. All classes P-6 will be taking part in orientation at this time.


December - All new families are invited to join our Christmas Carnival on Saturday 7th December from 12 onwards and Christmas Carols from 5-6pm (bring a picnic rug and picnic dinner) followed by Mass at 6.30pm in the School Hall.

Monday November 18th - School Closure Day


Important announcements

Nude Food School

Our student leaders are environmentally determined to make our school plastic wrapper free. Many of you already pack nude food lunches - THANKYOU! This means that we need parent support in not packing any plastic wrapped food. We want you to use nude food carriers and containers. The wrappers in our playground are at a crisis point and our students are concerned. In 2020 we will be completely plastic wrapper free. Please start this now and support your children to be wise in packing their nude food lunches. This includes WATER ONLY.

School Fee Payments

Please ensure that your school fees are up to date or that you have a regular payment plan set up. If you are experiencing difficulties please make a time to see me so we can arrange a plan moving forward. Thank you to those of you who ensure school fees are paid in full.  There are still several outstanding Camp payments for this year. Please make your payment as soon as possible.


Prep 2020

If you have a child starting school in Prep next year or 3 or 4 year old Kinder and you have not yet submitted your enrolment form you need to do this urgently. We are coming to the end of the enrolment period, places are being finalised and it is essential that we have numbers known in order to plan for classes.  

Child Safe signs

You would have noticed our new signage in three different areas of the school. 

It is not only in word but in action every day at St Anthony's.  

Staff on leave in Term 3

We have a number of staff taking some well deserved leave in Term 3. Ms Jodie Bawden will be away for the first 2 weeks of Term 3. We welcome Miss Tamara O'Connell into 3/4BA during this time. Tamara is very familiar with the 3/4 space, expectations and knows the children very well. 

Andrea McFerran who is our wonderful Art Therapist will be taking 3 weeks leave so her programs will resume when she returns. If you have any concerns during this time please see any member of the Wellbeing team led by James Gow.

Ann Scott will be taking some leave and we welcome Tran Chau who will provide education support in her absence.

Ms Laraine Rodriquez will also be taking some leave. Oral language programs will resume when Laraine returns. We also wish Tamara Busbridge well as she completes her final teaching placement for her studies. Tamara will be replaced by Audrey Liwidjaja-Ly during her time away. We welcome Audrey and we  continue to ensure that everything rolls on as normal during this time with minimal disruption.

Come and join us today - A place where young minds are set alight! Spread the news if you know anyone looking to enrol for 2020!!!!



We welcome you to be part of our Catholic community where multi-faith and multicultural people enrich learning. A Catholic School's purpose ensures learning is an adventure of discovery, possibilities and friendship where young minds are set alight. 


Where children grow academically and as caring young people. Each lesson is the pursuit of a new frontier. Our mission is much more than to help your child pass a test. It is to help shape their hearts and minds for a lifetime of success. We are focused on educating your children in the fullest sense. It is the success of our students that makes it all worth the effort. For us each day is an adventure too. When they leave our care we want to know that they are best equipped to leave their mark on the world.

It is within this community where we believe everyone has the opportunity to flourish and be known as who they are.



Will be celebrated on Sunday October 20th at 2.30pm. The 14 students making the sacrament will take part in a reflection day today.

Attendance is Important - every day!


Bullying. No Way!

Please remember that we take the wellbeing and safety of all of our children and community members very seriously. We are a Childsafe School. If at any time you have any concerns, please remember that we are here to listen and work out the best outcome for all and all matters can be handled in a calm and reasonable manner. The Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct is very clear about the manner in which everyone should be treated with equal respect. Please see the Policy in the Wellbeing section of our newsletter and on our Website. You will also note some more new signage going up this week that clearly articulates that we are a child safe school.


Kids Helpline

Kids Helpline - Anytime Any reason

The Kids Helpline has an online help domain now. Children who are not comfortable to call the 1800 number can go to the website (see the link above) and enter the age appropriate link to get mental health and wellbeing support.

Cyber Safety

Cyberbullying and our responsibilities

I’d like to remind everyone about the serious nature of cyberbullying and in fact any bullying. We are required to take this matter very seriously and as such we have strict codes of conduct and expectations of our staff and students around respectful and responsible use of technology. We also have a system that allows us to monitor student usage. If we find any of our students misusing technology there are serious consequences. This will mean a loss of privileges in using technology for some time and communication with parents. For your information  I include our Acceptable Use Policy Document which all children and parents sign. There is a new link on our website to report any cyber bullying behaviour of any kind or anything that you think breaches this code of conduct in any way. It is our responsibility to make sure our children know when they are not using technology respectfully. Thank you for your ongoing support in working with us on this important matter.


Photo: Learning together in perfect harmony

In praise of ...

Photo: Learning together in perfect harmony

In praise of

All of our students this morning for their beautiful manners and listening at Assembly. Everyone was so attentive when listening to each other and to many presentations from Bendigo Bank for our Buddy Bench and Club Noble for their generous donation of the defibrillator. 

I have awarded all students Dojo points today for their amazing behaviour.


A big thank you to the Nithin Shankara family (Mischitha) for looking after our community garden and chickens over the holidays. It is lovely to know that we have families who support us in so many ways. We are very grateful.


Mrs Rowley

Photo: “Actions speak louder than words; let your words teach and your actions speak.” Saint Anthony of Padua

Learning Space Update

Photo: “Actions speak louder than words; let your words teach and your actions speak.” Saint Anthony of Padua

3/4 Update


Learning and Teaching Update

Term 4 is Our Community and the 110 Anniversary of Noble Park

We are immersing ourselves in this big concept of Community and asking How can we have an impact on our community?


Part of our journey will be deep learning with hands on experiences, guest speakers, local history walks and looking at ways we can have an impact of our very own community of Noble Park. This will lead to our students designing their own projects and inquiring into things that matter most to them.

We will be inviting you to our Expo later in the term to share with you what we learned.

We have lots of historical artifacts in our library which we call provocations. These are helping to orient us to what life was like here 110 years ago. It is a hard concept to imagine for our little ones so we need to provide them with lots of visual and tactile experiences.


If anyone has an old school desk at home or any olden day artifacts to share we'd love to see them.

If you have a story to tell we'd love to hear it too!

Please see Patrika, Steph or Glennis if you'd like to be part of our learning.

Photo: ”Encourage one another and build one another up. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 ‘In a Catholic School young people are empowered to develop as optimistic global citizens capable of articulating their beliefs and worldview in light of the Catholic faith and tradition’. Horizons of Hope. Wellbeing in a Catholic School.

Religious Education News

Photo: ”Encourage one another and build one another up. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 ‘In a Catholic School young people are empowered to develop as optimistic global citizens capable of articulating their beliefs and worldview in light of the Catholic faith and tradition’. Horizons of Hope. Wellbeing in a Catholic School.

RE Update


Family Engagement in Learning



Photo: We are committed to the safety, wellbeing and dignity of all children and vulnerable adults.

Parish News

Photo: We are committed to the safety, wellbeing and dignity of all children and vulnerable adults.

Extraordinary Missionary Month - Baptised and Sent

On the occasion of the centenary of Benedict XV's Apostolic Letter, Maximum Illud (November 30th,1919), on the mission of the Church, Pope Francis has just written a particular message for the World Mission Day which will take place on Sunday, October 20th, 2019. This annual day was instituted by Pius XI in 1926; its goal is to encourage the faithful to pray for the missions and to get involved personally when possible. This day also recalls the essentially missionary character of the Church and of every baptized person who is part of it. The message of Pope Francis, for its part, leads us to consider the whole month of October as a time for reflection on the missionary role of the Church and on our personal call to mission. The Pope stresses the strong points of Maximum Illud which he considers visionary and prophetic, and he translates them into understandable words for our present context. He reminds us that our faith is not something private whose dynamic extends up and down between God and oneself alone; the movement of an authentic faith also spreads horizontally to all human beings, our brothers and sisters, all from the same Father. Faith was given to us free of charge at our baptism. It is a gift that puts us in perpetual communion with the Trinity. This divine life within us must be shared, communicated and proclaimed; it cannot remain buried in the storeroom of our inner life. Moreover, it is our responsibility to share it and to communicate it to all. We just finished celebrating St. Thérèse whose feast day was October 1st. She was chosen to be the patroness of missions precisely not because of a great ability to preach or a great apostolic influence. She never left her convent and she died at a very young age. However, each day that she lived, her whole being was intensely turned toward others, in faith and charity. Therefore, mission is for each one of us whether we are in good health or disabled, whether we have obvious or hidden talents; all of us are called during this month of October to have a personal encounter, live that and involve ourselves in the missionary works of the Church. For more information visit, In the notice boards you will find how our archdiocese is celebrating this month, where there are formation sessions, and times to pray together.

Parish Holy Land Pilgrimage

Parish Holy Land Pilgrimage The parish pilgrimage to the Holy Land sets off on October 27th which is fast approaching. This weekend we have message slips and pens on the back table. If you have a special intention/ prayer you would like Fr Brian to make on your behalf while in the Holy Land please complete one of the message slips and leave it in the box provided.

St Anthony’s Charismatic Prayer Group

A St. Anthony’s * Charismatic Prayer Group meet in the Small Hall every Monday at 8.00pm. * St Anthony's Novena every Tuesday at 7.00pm in the Church * Novena - Devotions to Our Lady of Perpetual Help at 7.20pm in the Church on Wednesdays. * Knitting Group meet in the Gathering Space every Friday from 10-12am. * Legion of Mary meet at the Gathering Space at 10.15am on Saturdays. * RCIA at 10.30am Mass

Performing Arts News

Performing Arts News

I hope everyone enjoyed our school production of Alice in Wonderland Jr.

I have been busy gathering feedback from our children on their experiences around production and have been very moved by some of their comments about how much they enjoyed it, how much work went into it and how exciting the shows were on the night. I am amazed at how many children have been telling me that they miss the show and want to keep singing the songs!

I have also asked for student voice in our next production (2021) and overwhelmingly it seems our children love a musical.


For me sitting up in the lighting box, it was thrilling to see the coming together of so many moving parts into this one whole creative piece. The children danced, sung and acted their hearts out. Even as problems popped up such as microphones not working, lighting cues being late, actors forgetting lines, it still all worked!

I would like to thank all the many individuals who helped out with Crafternoons, fund raising and make up and hair, we couldn't have done it without you.


Victoria Gelberg

Director and Performing Arts Teacher

Production Quotes From The Students 


  • The scariest part of production was trying to time all the visual effects correctly. I enjoyed all the bows at the end. - Nicholas 5/6HA (Tech Crew) 

  • My favourite part was when Alice sang at the top of her lungs - Bianca 1/2PL (White Rabbit)

  • Everyone was looking at us singing and dancing proudly in Alice in Wonderland - Tiffany 1/2SC (Jellyfish)

  • On stage I was scared to perform in front of people but I stayed brave! - Larry 1/2SC (Jellyfish)

  • The Caterpillar was my favourite character in the play because he had cool dance moves - Dhel 3/4CH (Flowers) 

  • I liked being able to be creepy in a way. It suited my character’s personality. The most memorable part of the night  was during the singing of ‘Zip-a-Dee Doo-Dah Zip-a-Dee-Ay’ and the bows when everyone was dancing without a care! - Ella 5/6NE (Cheshire Cat #1)

  • The Queen of Hearts was a great role. Lara’s voice was loud and her acting was really good! - Maria 3/4CH  (Flowers)


Visual Arts News

Art Club!

These happily creative Art Club Creatives show some of the fun things that students choose. During Term 4 it will again be on Wednesday's during second recess. Everyone is welcome!


Physical Education Update

Physical Education Update


Community Announcements

Community Announcements


St. Anthony's School