25 August 2017
Week 3.6 - Issue 13
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St Augustine’s Prayer to Jesus:
O, Sweet Jesus, may every good feeling that is fitted for your praise, love you, delight in you, adore you!
God of my heart, and my portion, Christ Jesus, may my heart faint away in spirit, and may you be my life within me!
May the live coal of your love grow hot within my spirit and break forth into a perfect fire; may it burn
incessantly on the altar of my heart; may it glow in my innermost being; may it blaze in hidden recesses of my soul; and in the days of my consummation may I be found consummated with you!



St Norbert, pray for us.

From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College,

In the relatively short time that I have been at the College since my return, I have been reminded on numerous occasions of the positive experiences and high levels of achievement that our students are forging in our community. As such, I would like to dedicate much of this newsletter article to the wonderful student achievements in recent times.

The Catholic Performing Arts Festival continues in full swing. We will acknowledge individual student achievements at the end of the festival but I would like to congratulate the Senior Drama students who recently took out the coveted Dr Carmen Lawrence Award for the Secondary Drama and Mime section. This award is a wonderful acknowledgement for all of their hard work, passion and effort, and that of our Drama Club Coordinator, Miss Kerri Hilton. Further, we were recently informed that our Senior Dance Team received an Excellence Award for their dance “Rise of the Phoenix” and the Canon’s Hip Hop Crew received an Outstanding Award for “My Life”. Congratulations to Miss Alban, the choreographers and all of our amazing dancers.

HackED is a competition run by Landgate which introduces high school students in Years 7 to 12 to the power of location information (geodata) and technology, and challenges them to put their creativity and entrepreneurial skills to the test to develop new innovations. We had 14 students from Years 9 – 11 attend the competition last week, accompanied by Mrs Megan Silva. Of the 200 students in the competition, with 37 teams representing 11 schools, our students finished the competition in FIRST PLACE – well done to Mrs Silva and our innovative HackED students.

The Angelico Art Exhibition has developed a wonderful reputation where Catholic secondary students, and now also primary students, are selected to exhibit their amazing art pieces each year at the Forrest Centre in the city. The exhibition is a wonderful display of the creativity and talent that our students possess and this year there were six pieces selected from St Norbert College for display:

  • Kyla Almeida (Year 9): Don’t Look Back
  • Sanjita Ghimire (Year 10): Silent Suffocation
  • Shanzae Jehangiri (Year 10): Branches in the Head
  • Frances Macapilli (Year 10): Omen
  • Ocean Chen (Year 12): Balance
  • Patrick Tyler (Year 12): Human

Congratulations to these students and their teachers for their tireless dedication to the visual arts. These pieces and many more will be on display at our upcoming Creative and Performing Arts Exhibition (5 – 7 September) – details regarding the Exhibition are included in this newsletter.

Our College Counsellor Mrs Anne Spinks has coordinated, coached and managed the St Norbert College teams in the Chess Association of WA Secondary Chess League for many years now. This year, we are delighted to announce that our “B Division” team, consisting of Aldric Ratnasekera (Captain), Angelo Merlacco, Thomas Porter and Jackson White, finished the season in FIRST PLACE. The College “A Division” team, consisting of Anthony Barbaro (Captain), Jaydon Kelly, Riley Payet-Smith and Tony Ngo made the finals, but due to sporting commitments were unable to compete in the finals, so finished the season in 4th place; a great season nonetheless. Congratulations to Mrs Spinks and all the Chess players.

Last weekend, a number of Year 9 students were accompanied by Miss Stacey Fairhead and Mr Mark Lawson to Busselton for the Australian HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) Super Series. The students competed in the senior category, finishing 18th out of the 48 teams – a fine result and worthy of our congratulations.

It is amazing to witness and enjoy the successes of our students. Not only are their achievements significant results in each of the competitions, but it is the spirit of fairness, cooperation and respect demonstrated by our students that should be celebrated. They are always wonderful endorsements for our College and our values.

A reminder to all of our Year 10 families that applications are open for the Fr Peter O’Reilly Scholarship, a needs-based scholarship available to Year 10 students enrolled at the College that covers 100% of tuition fees for Years 11 and 12. Applications close on Friday 13 October 2017. Details are available from Student Reception or by clicking on this link to the College website:

We recently welcomed and have enjoyed the company of the students and staff from Seijo Japan, who have spent some time living with and sharing school life with our students. We hope our guests have enjoyed their time here in Australia and with us at St Norbert College and we wish them a safe return later this week.

A very exciting week looms with a host of Book Week events to take place in and around our College and we hope that it is through such events, that our students continue to appreciate the joy and love from reading books. Many thanks to all the staff who contribute in so many ways, not only to Book Week, but also to encourage a love of reading among our students.

Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be”.

God Bless

Mr S Harvey (Principal)

From the Deputy Principal

Year 7 2018 Information Evening

This Thursday, 31 August 2017, St Norbert College will be holding the Year 7 Information Evening for all students commencing Year 7 in 2018. The Information Evening provides families with important information about the transition program to assist current Year 6 students as they head into Year 7 next year. Both students and at least one parent are required to attend the evening which commences at 6.00pm in the Fr Peter O’Reilly Centre. After a series of presentations to the whole cohort, families will be then split into five smaller groups for some more informal presentations and discussion about what students can expect when they commence Year 7 and how they can best prepare for their high school transition.

Uniform and Grooming Standards

One of the things that graduating students are often most excited about upon completing Year 12 is that they no longer need to wear their school uniform or conform to the College’s regulations regarding hair, jewellery and make-up. Even though many students will hang on to their Leavers Jackets or school blazer, there is an anticipated sense of freedom that will come with the completion of school. The reality of life, however, is quite different.

Depending upon their career path through life, students may be required to wear high-visibility or safety clothing at a future workplace. Or they may be required to wear a set uniform by their employer. Additionally, they may enter a profession where they will be required to wear more formal clothes or dress to a minimum standard. Often when students and parents ask me why schools such as St Norbert College set uniform and grooming standards, I refer back to these realities of being employed. Whether they be through set regulations or employer expectations, the majority of adults are required to dress in a certain way in the workforce. In this regard, the standards and expectations established by the College are an excellent preparation and help students develop personal standards of grooming that they may draw upon later in life.

The staff at St Norbert College are extremely proud of our students being recognised in the community for the high standard of personal uniform and grooming they display. Despite this, however, there are some students across the College who are attempt to ‘reinterpret’ the College uniform regulations to suit their own personal tastes. Some of the more common uniform infringements that staff at the College deal with include:

  • Wearing additional earrings or piercings
  • Extreme hair styles or exceptionally short haircuts
  • Students refusing to tie up long hair
  • Wearing rings or non-religious jewellery
  • Wearing make-up to school

Staff will continue to focus on the uniform and grooming standards of our students. They will advise, guide and remind students about the College’s uniform expectations and where necessary, sanction those students who are not prepared to follow the College regulations. I would ask that all parents play an active role in supporting the College uniform regulations though ongoing discussions with their children about these standards. The College uniform regulations can be found on Page 11 of the Student Diary.

Mr P Hawke (Deputy Principal)

From the Dean of Studies

Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) Round 2

Years 10-12 students required to sit the OLNA have been notified. Parents can also access student status by accessing the information via SEQTA. Students who have not achieved Category 3 are required to sit the assessment. The Maths and English staff are currently providing extra assistance both in classes and after school to prepare for the test which is now required as part of the WACE (Graduation) in 2017.


Writing  -  Monday 4 September 9.00am in Forum

Numeracy - Tuesday 5 September 9.00am in Forum and P7

Reading  -   Wednesday 6 September 9.00am in Forum


Year 12 Exams & Seminars

A reminder that the Year 12 College examination period will run from Monday 2 October to Tuesday 10 October. Normal classes will be suspended in the second week of Term 4 to enable ATAR students to attend specially organised seminars/tutorials for preparation and remediation before the commencement of WACE exams on Wednesday 1 November. If you are able to assist with exam supervision, please contact Mrs Tracey Burgoyne [email protected].


Seijo Exchange

On Monday 28 August, we will farewell 14 students and 2 teachers from Seijo, Japan. I thank all our host families for assisting with the program and we look forward to hearing about their time in Perth in a future newsletter.


Presentation Night 2017- Save the Date

A reminder that the annual Presentation Night will be held on Tuesday 31 October at 7.00pm in the Perth Concert Hall. It is a special evening that showcases the special talents of our students and recognises student achievement.



NAPLAN reports have been released via SEQTA and a copy has been distributed by mail.

The format of the NAPLAN student reports is the same for all Australian States and Territories. Each report includes:

•     student and school details

•     information about the NAPLAN tests

•     information on how to read the student report

•     individual student’s achievement results for reading, persuasive                    writing, language conventions and numeracy on the NAPLAN                          assessment scales

•     an indicator for each assessment area that shows the national                       average and the middle 60% of national results

•     a written description for each assessment area identifying the type of        skills assessed

•      a table describing skills students are likely to demonstrate in each of           the bands

•      the school’s average result (where there are 10 or more assessed                 students in a year group).


Your child’s result is represented by a black dot on each scale. The skills associated with the band in which the dot falls are described on the back page of the report. A student is likely to have correctly answered questions involving skills in the achieved band and in each of the bands below. Your child’s results can be compared with results for the middle 60% of Australian students and with the national average for his or her year level.


The national minimum standards are:

•       Year 3 - Band 2

•       Year 5 - Band 4

•       Year 7 - Band 5

•       Year 9 - Band 6

Mr S Hodgen (Dean of Studies)

Pastoral Care

Healthy attitudes, healthy minds


Being a young person today is very different to being a young person 20 years ago. For parents growing up, the media influences were controlled and limited to censored TV time, radio and flicking through a newspaper or magazine. Our days allowed us to spend time away from the negative news and focus on the life we led.


Today young people are bombarded with 24-hour access to social media, news stations and negative propaganda on the world we live in today. The impact of this consistent doom and gloom can influence young people to focus on the negative. This in turn can impact their mental health and attitude on life.


As a parent you are also more exposed to negative news. So it’s understandable if you don’t feel like putting on a happy face every day and keeping your kids optimistic about the future.


Caroline Knorr from Common Sense Media has written an article called “How to Raise an Optimistic Human in an Pessimistic World". Here she gives some tips on how to help you develop your child's positive mindset. 


1. Put things in perspective

When tragedy strikes somewhere in the world, we relive it anytime we look at a screen, turn on the radio or read a newspaper. Parents need to understand that the media amplifies things for eyeballs and clicks. How you respond to news makes a difference in how kids process it, too. Help your kids put things in perspective by explaining that the loudest voices capture the most listeners.
2. Talk about what you’re grateful for
Counter defeatist attitudes by nurturing your kid’s character. Strong character grounds your kids when the world feels chaotic. Take the time to share what you’re grateful for. Encourage them to persevere against obstacles and to have compassion for others. Research shows that expressing gratitude actually makes people feel optimistic.

3. Fight fake news

Fake news is everywhere and its hard to tell if its genuine or not. Confusion, doubt and lack of trust are things that get in the way of being optimistic. As a parent you should encourage your child to question articles and to research fake news. They can use online fact-checking tools to discover the truth (or at least uncover the fraud). They can refuse to contribute to the spread of false information by not sharing stuff they can’t verify. And they can call out dubious claims when they see them.

4. Take action against cyberbullies

When they see someone getting bullied — and it is happening more often in texts, on social media, and in online games — they shouldn’t just stand by. While they should never do anything that would endanger themselves, they can do a lot to assert their support of others. They can call out cyberbullies, report the cyberbullies to a parent, teacher or online administrator of a social media site, stand up for the victim in a respectful manner, or just private-message the victim and tell them someone cares. It’s not tattling. It’s truly everyone’s responsibility to keep the Internet a positive, productive place.
5. Stamp out hate speech
Online anonymity can have some unintended consequences. For example, people think they can spew hateful language or share insulting images without fear of being discovered. That may be, but hate speech is not a victimless offence. Hate speech hurts people, contributes to an overall negative environment, and is sometimes a cry for help from someone in crisis. As a parent you can explain to your kid how to handle hate speech. Things you could suggest to your child could include, do not respond to it, block people who do it, report offenders, and don’t share it.
6. Tune out the world for a while
Grab your family and shut everything else down. If they’re all there with you, you won’t miss anything. Simply being together, whether it’s to read, have a device-free dinner, or talk about an issue recharges you and sends your kids the message that family time takes precedence over everything else. Experts recommend this kind of self-care because the build up of bad news can be overwhelming and even debilitating. And if that’s how adults feel, imagine how kids are reacting to the constant barrage.

For more Information on this topic please see:


Pastoral Care Team

HackED Competition Winners

HackED Competition and Winners

On Thursday 17 August, three teams from St Norbert College attended the HackED competition, run annually by SPUR and Landgate. This competition provided an opportunity for Humanities students from Years 7 to 12 to learn about the power of geodata and technology.

As a part of the competition, teams were required to work together to develop a concept for an app to help solve real-world problems in today’s society. It was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with each other and organisations such as the Water Corporation, West Australian Police Force, the City of Swan and Landgate in developing concepts for our own apps using geodata in a way that we have never experienced or dreamed of before.


Some of the ideas that we worked on included solving youth crime problems with the WA Police Force and tackling homelessness in our city. All teams worked incredibly hard on the day, with great results and feedback from the mentors. The Year 10 team were successful in developing the ‘Best Overall Hack’ in the senior division and have been given the opportunity to work with UWA’s BloomLab to continue with the development of their idea – an app that works to connect today’s youth and government to better understand the use of public spaces within our communities.


A special thank you must be said to Ms Silva who organised the day on the school’s behalf, it was truly an incredible opportunity, and I would definitely recommend this competition for students in future years.                                                                                            Story by Oscar McDonald Year 10

Mrs M Silva (Teacher of Geography, Religion and Humanities)


Catholic Performing Arts

Catholic Performing Arts Festival Update


The Senior Drama club performed at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival competition and I am delighted to announce that they won the Dr Carmen Lawrence Shield for best Secondary Drama Performance. The club performed a 20-minute extract from the one-act play “Oz”. The adjudicator commented on their wonderful characterisation, their comic timing and in particular their commitment to character. My sincere congratulations to the club and the performers on the night. They were outstanding.

If you would like to see this entire one-act performance, the Senior Drama club will be competing in the Youthfest competition on Sunday 17 September in the Xanten Theatre at 1.20pm.


Ms K Hilton (Drama Teacher)



Week 5 indeed was a short but very busy week in the College’s Dance Department. With extra morning, afternoon and lunchtime rehearsals occurring every day in the lead up to Thursday’s Catholic Performing Arts Festival performance, the Xanten Performing Arts Centre was a flurry of students, music, dance and costumes.


Last Thursday 17 August, 55 students involved in the Canon’s Hip Hop Crew, the Senior Dance Team and the Junior Dance Team ventured off to the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre during the day for a technical rehearsal and then in the evening for the performance. All students performed with enthusiasm and gusto despite some butterflies and very quick changes. I am very proud of the students’ efforts and achievements as they represented the College with great pride. All teams received positive feedback and high scores on their reports, they should be very proud of themselves. I would like to thank Year 12 student Jasmine Perkins for leading and choreographing for the Canon’s Hip Hop Crew this year and in presenting an outstanding dance work that was definitely a crowd-pleaser. Thank you to Mrs Katherine Freind whose ongoing help and support is much appreciated. And most importantly thank you to the parents and guardians for your support and dedication, without which entering such dance festivals would not be possible.

If you were able to attend the performance last Thursday I hope you thoroughly enjoyed watching our students and your children smile, perform and show-off their incredible abilities on stage as much as I did! Thank you for your ongoing support.


Ms L Alban (Dance Teacher)


The incredible efforts of our musicians and vocalists has continued over the last two weeks and congratulations go to the following students who represented the College in solo performances:

  • Elicia Yii (Flute)
  • Elsa Tan (Flute)
  • Selina Tan (Flute)
  • Jade Woo (Clarinet)
  • Patrick Osias (Guitar)
  • Elijah Edmonds (Guitar)
  • Caitlin Spiegl (Guitar)
  • Yajnah Juggessur (Guitar)
  • Caris O’Hara (Guitar)

In addition to this, Oscar McDonald (Viola) has received an Outstanding Award for Secondary Strings in the Instrumental Solo/Duet section of the Festival.

Congratulations again to all of these students for your time and dedication to music and the performing arts.

Mr C Beins (Director of Music)






Creative Arts Exhibition

Creative and Performing Arts Exhibition

Preparation is well underway for this year’s Creative Arts Exhibition, which is our celebration of the creative talents of students at our College.

For the first time, we will be using the new Xanten Performing Arts Centre for the Exhibition, which officially opens on Tuesday 5 September at 5.45pm. Entry to the exhibition is free, so come along and enjoy the collection of Art, Design, Robotics, Foods, Textiles, Wood and Metals.

It would be great to see as many parents, friends and students in attendance on opening night. Following the exhibition will be the Performing Arts Showcase in the Xanten Theatre at 7.30pm. See invitation for ticket purchase details, as there will be no door sales on the night – it’s usually a sell out!


Mrs S Mark (Head of Digital and Design Technologies, and Visual Art)

Science Week

Science Week and Pedal Prix

Last week the College celebrated National Science Week in style. On Monday all Year 7 classes were given the opportunity to attend a ‘Beyond the Beaker' presentation by Scitech in the Xanten Theatre. This provided the Year 7s with an insight into the various career options available in the sciences and allowed them to apply scientific understanding to problem-solve real world issues. Thank you to Scitech for providing this interactive and interesting opportunity to our Year 7s. On Tuesday the Year 9 Extension Class hosted the College’s inaugural Science Fair in the ORC. Each group set up an engaging and interactive booth representing the different science disciplines. This was a very successful event and congratulations must go to the Year 9 class for their hard work and commitment. Thank you to all of the students and staff who participated in the Science Fair, the raffle will be drawn at the next College Assembly with the lucky winner taking home two tickets to Scitech. We had four different Primary Schools visit the Science Labs during the week for the ‘Sensational Science’ presentations. A big thank you to Mrs Kremer, Miss Gardner and Mr D’Souza and their classes for putting on a great show for the Year 4s who visited us.  

The week culminated in the Pedal Prix Competition held in Busselton over the weekend. The competition involved a group of Year 9 students building the SNC Supernovas Human Powered Vehicle and racing it in a six-hour relay. Congratulations Shin Bawar, Connor Bunyan, Amanda D’Cruz, Lorenzo Donatelli, Isabella Ficko, Sarah Hegney, Riley Moore, Emereen Moratalla, Arlene Saji, Elsa Tan and Dylan Williams for representing the College so well and for their commitment to the project. Thank you to Yen Ngo, also from the Year 9 class who put a lot of work into providing the graphic design for the panels of the vehicle. Staff member Mark Lawson played an integral role in mentoring the students through the building process, he also attended the competition on the weekend and we extend a big thanks to him. Thanks also to Brendan Lewis, our practicum students from Notre Dame whose help at the competition was much appreciated.


Miss S Fairhead (Head of Learning Area – Science)

Year 11 Human Biology

Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

On 17 August the Year 11 Human Biology classes visited the fascinating Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research. Here our students were able to glimpse into the world of medical research and learn about the recent discoveries and application of adult stem cells. Students participated in a highly competitive game where they were tasked with uncovering the secrets of how cells specialise into their individual cell types. Under the guidance of Perkins’ scientists, students also learned and practiced laboratory techniques required to thaw, prepare and stain liver cells. At the conclusion of the activity student were able to take a selfie (cell-fie) with their stained specimens. The day was enjoyed by all and hopefully provided inspiration to our future medical innovators. 


Mrs B Kremer (Teacher of Human Biology)

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance Incursion

On Thursday 27 July, the Year 11 Accounting and Finance students had the chance to meet a representative of the Chartered Accountants Australia. The Chartered Accountants are a highly respected professional accounting body, and a member of the Global Accounting Alliance, this means that Australian Chartered Accountants are recognised across the globe. The representative, Miss Aditi, explained the process of becoming a Chartered Accountant. She also explained that doing Accounting and Finance in high school is highly beneficial for anyone considering a Bachelor of Commerce at University, as the Accounting and Finance course covers the same topics that are covered in the first year of university. The Year 11 students found the incursion very informative and some of the feedback of the students from the information session included the following:

  • Reid Galliott - “The importance of networking and creating contacts with others.”
  • MJ Jansen Van Rensburg - “To be careful what you post on your social media as future employers often request to view your accounts.”
  • Edwin Ceng - “Your career can be based off what you do as a Chartered Accountant.”
  • Edzel Dangazo - “Chartered accountants are better at starting and running businesses.”

Linda Yeoh (Year 11 Accounting and Finance Student)


Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental Lessons Reminder – No student may commence or withdraw from instrumental tuition without a written request from a parent or guardian. In order to cease tuition at the end of Term 3, without financial penalty, Music Administration must receive written notice from parents by Friday 8 September 2017.

Mr C Beins (Director of Music)

Athletics Carnival

Athletics Carnival

On Friday 11 August, St Norbert College held our House Athletics Carnival. In what had a been a very wet week, fortunately our prayers were answered and we were blessed with fine weather for the day. It was pleasing to see the level of participation and enthusiasm from the students and teachers alike, and after a very even day, I am thrilled to report the following results:

Champion House:

  1.    Magdeburg (3,426)
  2.    Tongerlo (3,412)
  3.    Kilnacrott (3,226)
  4.    Premontre (3,207)
  5.    Xanten (3,011)

Congratulations also goes to Tongerlo for taking out the Spirit Bear award for the House showing the most team spirit, participation and organisation on the day.

It takes a whole community for these events to take place and I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who helped make the day happen. I can’t possibly list everyone who was involved but I would like to personally thank the PE staff, Café 135 and Maintenance staff, Head of Houses and House captains, parent helpers (Mrs Giles, Mrs Haile and Mrs Nagle), all St Norbert College staff for their assistance on the day and the Curtin Athletics Club. It was also great to see so many family members present to support our students.


Congratulations to the Champions and Runners Up for each age group, below is a list of these students as well as the new records set on the day.


Yr7 Female Champion:    GILES, Holly B PREM

Yr7 Female Runner Up:    CURTIS, Rylee PREM

Yr7 Male Champion:          YENDE-EMOKO, Caleb MAGD

Yr7 Male Runner Up:          WATSON, Bob H KILN


Yr8 Female Champion:     HARTREE, Shenae L TONG

Yr8 Female Runner Up:     STEVENS, Zeta O KILN

Yr8 Male Champion:          TILLI, Francesco MAGD

Yr8 Male Runner Up:          MIKAERE, Jaxon PREM


Yr9 Female Champion:     HARTREE, Kayla C TONG

Yr9 Female Runner Up:     REDER, Chloe MAGD

Yr9 Male Champion:           BURTON, Matthew XANT

Yr9 Male Runner Up:          MOORE, Riley TONG


Yr10 Female Champion:      O'SULLIVAN, Carissa   KILN

Yr10 Female Runner Up:      BROWN, Kadijah TONG

Yr10 Male Champion:            ROWLANDS, Benjamin   KILN

Yr10 Male Runner Up:           BENEDICT, Lubin TONG


Yr11 Female Champion:      RANGITOHERIRI, Lara MAGD

Yr11 Female Runner Up:     SKINNER-DRAKEFORD, Elizabeth PREM

Yr11 Male Champion:          JOHN, Nyika J PREM

Yr11 Male Runner Up:          MANCUVENI, Noel MAGD


Yr12 Female Champion:      NAGLE, Ellie J KILN

Yr12 Female Runner Up:      WATT, Emily MAGD

Yr12 Male Champion:            HEWITT, Reece K MAGD 

Yr12 Male Runner Up:           WHITE, Caleb KILN


New Records:


M Yr8 100m:  LIGHTBOURN, Jordan-Blaze XANT 11.96

Old Record: 12.07 CRADDOCK, Nathan J (PREM 2009)


F Yr12 High Jump:  FASHHO, Kaitlyn A TONG 1.43

Old Record: 1.4 ISARD, Katelyn S (TONG 2008)


M Yr8 High Jump: TAYLOR, Kyran B TONG 1.5 (equalled record)

Old Record: 1.5 STEWARD, Leigh T (MAGD 2009)


M Yr7 Discus:  YENDE-EMOKO, Caleb MAGD 23.75

Old Record: 22.9 ROBINSON, Bradley J (TONG 2012)


M Yr11 100m:  MANCUVENI, Noel T MAGD 10.95

Old Record: 10.98 CRADDOCK, Nathan J (PREM 2012)


F Yr9 Javelin: HARTREE, Kayla C TONG 29.2

Old Record: 28.5 CATLEY, Cassandra A (PREM 2010)


F Yr8 Shot: Put HARTREE, Shenae L TONG 8.95

Old Record: 8.7 POLETTE, Jazminn J (PREM 2014)

F Yr8 Long Jump: STEVENS, Zeta O KILN 4.82

Old Record: 4.5 O'SULLIVAN, Carissa (KILN 2015)


M Yr7 Javelin: WATSON, Bob H KILN 26.5

Old Record: 24.08 TILLI, Francesco (MAGD 2016)


 F Yr10 High Jump: WEST, Tayla XANT 1.41

Old Record: 1.4 REED, Candice J (MAGD 2005)


M Yr10 High Jump: BOL, Izeldin PREM 1.74

Old Record: 1.71 RANGITOHERIRI, Jack D (MAGD 2014)


M Yr7 Shot Put: WATSON, Bob H KILN 10.75

Old Record: 9.1 ESTEVE, Daniel J (TONG 2014)


M Yr12 Shot Put: HIGGS, Jack N PREM 12.62

Old Record: 12.57 KEYNES, Vincent J (KILN 2013)


F Yr9 200m: HARTREE, Kayla C TONG 27.24

Old Record: 28.73 TAYLOR, Melissa K (KILN 2005)


F Yr12 200m: NAGLE, Ellie J KILN 27.47

Old Record: 27.62 CALAUTTI, Danielle C (PREM 2008)


ACC Athletics Team:

Congratulations to those students have made the ACC Athletics teams, these students were notified on Tuesday. This year St Norbert College participates in the “B” Division carnival on Thursday 14 September at the State Athletics Centre. For those students in the team, please remember that it is a requirement to attend training on Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings. These sessions are open to any student who would like to improve their fitness or technique, or just simply to keep active.


Mr M Price (Head of Sport)


Year 11 ATAR Geography Excursion Swan Valley

On Wednesday August 23, the Year 11 Geography students travelled to the Swan Valley to examine the operation of viticulture and wine making. The students visited Olive Farm Vineyard, Harris Organic Wines and Tyler’s Vineyard (owned by our very own head of IT Mr Colin Tyler) and were given a guided tour of the wineries which provided them with valuable knowledge on the differing practices occurring in a vineyard from cultivating grapevines to the process of wine making itself.

Students also investigated the factors that have made the Australian wine industry a global one by seeing how technology, machinery and marketing has led to Australia becoming one of the world’s largest producers of wine. A big thank you to Mr Tyler for his insightful knowledge on the day and for organising our winery visits. Thanks also goes to Mrs Silva for driving the bus and imparting her vast geographical knowledge to the students.


Mr A McGoorty (Geography Teacher)

Year 8/9 Girls AFL 

Year 8/9 Girls AFL Dockers Cup Competition

The start of Term 3 saw St Norbert College debut in the Year 8/9 Girls AFL Dockers Cup Competition. With keen interest from over 30 girls, a team was selected and training began. Our first round game was won by default after a last-minute forfeit by Darling Range Sports College, which left the girls eager for their second match against Dianella Secondary College. Round two brought less than ideal weather conditions with a persistent downpour throughout the match. Despite this the girls tackled the game with the highest level of commitment and enthusiasm in front of their home crowd. Chloe Reilly dominated the forward line, challenging Dianella’s defence, and showing a level of talent and precision beyond her years. Her efforts in addition to those of Niamh Cooksley and Felicity Nagle, saw St Norbert as victors with a score of 50-7. Round three saw us venture out for our very first away game against Chisholm Catholic College. Filled with excitement and anticipation the girls came out with guns blazing in the first half with the ball rarely venturing out of St Norbert’s forward 50, a credit to the work of Subeedha Rijal, Ivy Harding and Amber O’Donoghue in the midfield. Up by 19 points after the first half, with Chisholm yet to score, the girls were anxious for another win. It soon became clear however that Chisholm were not going down without a fight. Scoring 19 to our 0, the final siren sounded with the result a controversial draw. Eager to return to their former glory with another win, the girls took on Kiara College in round four with no subs and Lilli Martin out with injury in the second half, after a stellar performance in the back line. This game saw the development of some of our key forwards, with Jordan Wood, Zeta Stevens and Fadziso Machingura ensuring a six-goal lead at half-time. Our winning edge was the girls’ consistently clean and accurate tackling, with Shenae Hartree showing everyone how it is done. The girls soared to victory with a final score of 50-17.

At 4.00pm on Tuesday 29 August the girls will play their final match against John Forrest Secondary College, a must-win game to ensure themselves a place in the finals. With a home ground advantage, let’s have a bigger and louder crowd to cheer the girls to success.  


Miss A Fogliani and Miss L Mirco (Coaches)




Venue:       The Merrywell - Crown Casino

Time:          6.00pm onwards

Details:      No bookings or tickets required - come for an hour or stay on for dinner. More details will follow here and on Facebook.                               Please spread the word!!    

Enquiries:  [email protected] 

CLASSES OF 1997, 1987, 1977: Please register your interest in having a reunion at the email address above. Please get in touch with any contacts you have from these years.

College Sports and Co-curricular Photo Day


College Sports and co-curricular photographs will take place on Wednesday, 13 September 2017 (Term 3, Week 9).

Uniform requirements for the day are as follows:

  • Sports groups - FULL TRACKSUIT with COLLEGE SPORTS SHIRT and correct SPORT SHOES.
  • Junior and Senior Dance Clubs - Full College Dance uniform with tan jazz shoes
  • Hip Hop Crew - Full College Dance uniform with black Hip Hop shoes
  • Non-sports groups - students are required to wear their FULL WINTER uniform (white College socks for girls).

It is important that all students are in attendance for their group photos so please keep this day free from appointments. Students who are in any sports group photos may attend school in full College Sports uniform.

Your ongoing support in maintaining your child’s uniform and personal presentation standards is always appreciated. Please be aware these photos are used for official purposes including the yearbook. As such, if your child does not meet College standards they are at risk of not taking part, hence their photo will not appear in this publication.

Please contact Roger D’Almeida ([email protected]) if you have any queries regarding this matter.

Mr R D’Almeida (College Photograph Coordinator)


Students had heaps of fun during Term 2. If you are interested in learning to code, then come along to the dojo on Tuesday afternoons, 3.30pm - 4.15pm in the BP Forum in Term 3. CoderDojo will run every second week (even numbered weeks). 


As a result of being awarded a $5000 Maker Space Grant from the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, our mobile Maker Space has combined forces with Coder Dojo, providing a very future-focused, FUN experience for everyone! Come along and try out our 3D drawing pens, electrical circuits, spheros, EV3 Lego robots, and much, much more… you can even make a paper piano that plays real music, or a game console controller made from play doh! Don’t be afraid to pop in one Tuesday afternoon, even weeks only, and have some fun with our mobile maker space and Coder Dojo. Our next get together is in Week 8.



  • Thursday 31 August 2017 – 2018 Year 7 and new Student Information Evening - Br Patrick Centre – 6.00pm to 7.30pm.
  • Tuesday 5 September 2017 – Creative and Performing Arts Festival – Xanten Performing Arts Centre,  6.00pm to 9.30pm.
  • Tuesday 12 September 2017 – Parent Information Seminar “Understanding Depression and Anxiety in Youth” – Br Patrick Forum at 7.00pm.
  • Wednesday 13 September – Year 7 (2018) Placement Test in rooms BP1 to BP5 and P7 at 4.00pm to 5.00pm.

Uniform Shop

Opening times Term Three

 Monday 8.30am - 11.30am and

Thursday 1.00pm - 4.00pm.


October School Holidays

opening for Summer Uniforms:

Thursday, 5th October 1.00pm – 6.00pm


Uniform Shop is now taking second-hand clothing.


On Sale:   Shelf Bra Bathers  $45.00

                     Normal Bathers      $36.00

                     Crop Tops                   $22.00