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31 October 2019
Issue Twenty-seven

We walk hand in hand to grow curious, caring, life long learners.

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Weekly Calendar

This information is also available on Compass!

Week beginning Monday 4th  of November is an Odd Week.

Friday 1st November is a Curriculum Day


Tuesday 5th November

  • Melbourne Cup Day

Wednesday 6th November

  • Dental Health Van forms Due Back

Thursday 7th November

  • Book Fair Begins!

Friday 8th November

  • Yr 5 and Junior choir presenting at Assembly
  • Foundation 2020 Transition - 9 am  - 10.45 am



Woiworrung word of the week

Meaning - Girl



A Word from Tanya

Dear Families,


It has been lovely to see the sun out this week and feel its warmth! It certainly lifts everyone’s spirits!


Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is a Curriculum Day and no students are required at school.

Staff will be commencing the placement of students in classes.

We will be discussing other various school practices in preparation for 2020.

Today is the final day for family requests for student placement. To date I only have two so thank you for placing your trust in our judgement.


Alternate Program

Historically the Monday prior to Cup Day has been low in attendance due to many work places having this day rostered off and hence families taking the opportunity to have a long weekend. Those children attending on the Monday will be involved in an alternate program of activities.


Advanced Notice- Special Visitor’s Day- Friday November 29th

Please chat with your child re the person they would like to invite. We will make invitations at school.

This is a wonderful day for all and a special chance for me to say good bye to special friends we have welcomed over the years.


Foundation Transition 2020

It was wonderful to see the excited faces of our gorgeous new Foundation 2020 students. They enjoyed meeting Kieran and Courtney and enjoying Auslan and GEM! They are going to be sensational!


Family Festival

PLEASE put your name on roosters outside classrooms or at reception. We NEED your assistance. There is a special Family Festival newsletter for all to read. This is a brilliant day and we haven’t had one for two years so let’s make it the best!

We also need shade structures and trestle tables urgently!


Staffing 2020

It is a such a process of changes at present as I try to start working out our staffing for 2020.

At this stage I can confirm that:

  1. Justine will be leaving at the conclusion of 2019 to explore her options in Sydney, as her partner works there
  2. Kylie is resigning to put more time towards their tennis coaching business
  3. Pippa is leaving her role as an integration aide
  4. Georgia is leaving on Family Leave and her husband has gained a job at Geelong College so they are relocating there for 12 months
  5. Hedda is remaining at Upwey High for a further 12 months
  6. Ashlea will be leaving at the completion of her contract on January 28th
  7. Riaane is returning from Family Leave part time.
  8. Ruth will not be returning as our Auslan teacher


I will be advertising for:

  1. A Kitchen teacher
  2. Two classroom teachers
  3. A P.E teacher
  4. An Auslan teacher


Teachers in Classes

With new staff to allocate I can only announce at this stage that Kieran and Courtney will be the Foundation teachers for 2020.


Principal Position

I have been informed of the process by my boss, Denise, and confirmed from central office:

  1. I am to submit my letter of retirement to the Regional Director
  2. In the first two weeks of December an Expression of Interest goes out to all schools in Eastern Region to temporarily fill the vacancy for Term 1.
  3. Rowan and Denise will interview for a temporary replacement for Term 1 in 2020, following this Expression of Interest closing date.
  4. I am required to continue my role until January 27th
  5. The new Acting Principal role will commence January 28th.
  6. During Term 1, 2020 DET will advertise online for applicants for the substantive role to commence the beginning of Term 2.


Three Year Old Preschool 2020

I am informing families that we have been able to extend our lease of the hall for the whole of Mondays in 2020. This will enable three year old preschool to operate for five hours on a Monday from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm as well. I know many families have been asking for this so we are pleased to make this offer. Please spread the word around. We are in the process of getting signage put up to advertise it but word of mouth also helps considerably. Families are welcome to book in from now onwards.



There is no assembly tomorrow due to the Curriculum day.


Enjoy your weekend ,

Take care



Family Festival

Please check the Festival iNewsletter to see how you can help.

Raffle - raising money for Make a Wish Foundation

Tickets available at the office $2 each or 3 for $5

Happy Socks

We have some limited supplies of  'Happy Socks', these were sold at the Fathers Day stall and are now available on Qkr. They are only $6.50 a pair and available until sold out. Jump on now for some early xmas shopping. 


School Council Update


Hi everyone,

On Monday we had our October school council meeting, with a jam-packed agenda running nearly three hours. With the festival, school review, and Tanya’s retirement and 2020 planning it is fair to say there is a LOT happening, and I’d like to thank all the councillors for their commitment.


Festival: We are less than three weeks away from running the event. There is a committed team of parents and teachers preparing this event, which should be a fantastic day for our families and raise much needed funds for the school. The lead up to the festival can be quite stressful for those trying to pull it together - you can help them feel MUCH more relaxed by:


  • providing trestle tables or gazebos for the school to use on the day (let Kate know)
  • putting your name down to help out on a stall (again see lists in the office)
  • pre-purchasing ride tickets for your children

Look out for further updates in the newsletter, compass and facebook over coming weeks.


School Review: Preparations have been in train for many months now, and it will all come together during November. I will attend two full days on the Validation (Nov 12) and Panel (Nov 28) which I’m looking forward to. The teachers and Tanya have put in a mountain of work, and all your great feedback from the Family Forum and online survey will be front of mind through this process. This should help set us up for a strong next four years, which is important as…


Principal news: As you now know, our Principal Tanya Cooke will retire at the end of this year. Tanya has been such a big presence at Menzies Creek, first as a teacher and then as a principal, clocking up 27 years at the school. Being a principal is a HUGE job, and to do it to the level Tanya has for so long is astounding. Probably like most of you, it is fair to say that shock is the first reaction for most of us on school council! But we are also so happy for Tanya and Rob to get the chance to slow down (possibly to normal human levels 😊) and spend more time enjoying life with family, including young grandchildren.

And the more you think about it, the luckier we are with her legacy:


  • a dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate teaching group educating our children
  • leading programs for our children; reading and inquiry learning, cooking and gardening, wellbeing and Auslan, and a successful integrated preschool are the envy of others
  • our community is switched-on and engaged, helping each other out, and active in the school
  • our financials are strong, with a stable student population above 200 providing solid funding

The school will rightly honour Tanya’s service over this term. But as a school council we believe the ultimate way to honour Tanya is to maintain and build on her legacy for Menzies Creek. We will do our best to navigate this period of change, and ask for your support in keeping our little school great! As president I also get a role in interviewing for the new Principal, and will reflect on the feedback we have received from our community in conducting this process. I’m still getting my head around how it is run by the department, but if you do have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to me on 0418 160 546 or


Menzies Sport!


On Friday 25th October our Yr 5 students (2 girls teams/2 boys teams) competed in the annual EDEC Indoor Soccer Day, which was conducted at the Futsal Oz Centre, Mount Evelyn.


The children had a great day, participating enthusiastically during their scheduled matches and supporting each other brilliantly, both on and off the field.


Our Boys A team (Jarvis, Raf, Jarrah, Tim, Reve C, Reve M, Ollie and Zac) were successful in making it through to the final.  In tightly contested competition the match came down to the wire against Emerald, culminating in a penalty shoot out – Raf performed brilliantly as goal keeper, and our boys finished with the Grand Final win -  an outstanding effort!


A big thank you to Christy, Justin, Ashlea and Leigh Benbow for your assistance across such a fun-filled day!

Weekly Awards

Week ending 25 October

Foundation Classes

Aurelia Torres-Sturt - For your fantastic self motivated research into recycled plastic bottle houses!

Heath Hartland - For working so hard at your writing, you are putting in so much effort and your writing is looking awesome.

Amelie Tiller - For always coming into the classroom with a huge smile and ready to begin your day. I love seeing how focussed you are.

Zach Barfett - For persisting throughout skip counting. It has been fantastic to see your confidence grow each lesson.

Charlie Hermans - For kicking goals this week, I am so proud of you!

Frankie Coysh - For the joy you spread everywhere you go!

1/2 Classes

Georgia Stutsel- For being a wonderful caring friend. Thank you for bringing so much joy to our class.

Jackson Thuys-  For your persistence and 'have a go' attitude. Great work!

Isabel Surwald -  For having an abundance of empathy. You are a very kind and thoughtful person and always look out for your friends.

Marli Bodanac - For your brilliant focus during reading choices. I love hte way you concentrated so well while working independently.

3/4 Classes

Issy BenbowFor being your amazing, kind and caring self. You always put your hand up first to help in any way. You are a GEM!

Otto Wilhelm - For your resilience in iTime yesterday. You easily came up with a plan B and worked hard to use your time well. Well done!

Chi Golding -   For your brilliant creative mind. You are so clever coming up with such unique and interesting ways to present your mark. Your creativity is endless.

Alex Cooper - For your dedication and enthusiasm towards your work this week. I have been so proud of the choices you are making and the effort you are putting in. Keep it up.

Nicko Litterbach - For always looking for ways to improve your learning and being a nice bloke.

Alex Petkoff For being so excited about gathering data and doing a brilliant job making your graph.



Insect Hotels

Insect Hotel Donations

The Grade 5 students are looking for donations of the following materials to build insect hotels in term four:

  • Bamboo sticks (at least 20cm long)
  • Bunches of dry pithy stems (including hydrangeas, grapevines and fennel)
  • Earthenware or PVC pipes (approx. 20cm long)
  • Pinecones

Donations can be dropped off in the blue tub in the Plot to Pot room. Any questions please speak to Tania in the garden or email

Community Information

Beekeepers - help with swarms


Emerald Primary School Fair


Make a difference


Le Bob - Thanks for supporting our Festival!


Laura Lane Photography


Halloween on the Green


Tecoma Twilight Ethical Market


Dads Matter


Fraser Family Fundraiser


Inspiro - Community Health Service


NILS Program


Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

Start collecting now!

Great news everyone! In the last few weeks the school has collected 1541 bread tags, such a great effort! (not including the massive stash Dana dropped in the other morning!) Keep saving them at home and at your workplaces (parents), we'll keep collecting until the end of the year!

From the Junior Chaplains




Local sporting clubs

Extreme Tennis


Menzies Creek Primary School 
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