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30 August 2018
Issue 14, 30 August 2018
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From the Principal


I am delighted to introduce to the ASC community our College Captains-Elect. Fortune Aniyi and Grace Hoes are very much looking forward to leading the student body in 2019, and write the following by way of introduction:


Grace writes:

“Starting my schooling at Campbell Primary School, my interest in leadership and community service was sparked when I presented a speech to the Governor on my work on Organ Donation. This proved the catalyst to push my boundaries as a person and as a potential leader.


“On arrival at All Saints’ College in Year 7, I was immediately engaged by the breadth of activities to participate in, and set about immersing myself in whatever possible. I loved the strong sense of community that existed within the College and have felt immensely supported by my teachers and peers in every aspect of my schooling life. I’ve always felt encouraged to engage in the opportunities that All Saints’ provides to all of its students; opportunities that have subsequently shaped me as an individual.


“I have a very close connection to my family; they have had a huge influence on who I am, and have been an unfaltering support network throughout my life. My family is also an immense source of inspiration to me, and I admire the strength, determination and empathy of my parents and sister.


“On a personal level, I have a strong interest in Dance, Drama and Art, as well as travel, global affairs and humanitarianism. Post-school I hope to achieve a degree in Medicine, with aspirations of working in rural Australia with our Indigenous population, or perhaps overseas in disadvantaged nations.


“For 2019, I hope to lead by being involved, to encourage others to immerse themselves in the culture and community of the College, and to take the opportunities provided to them. Leadership is not a position or a title; rather, it is an action and example, and I hope that this is a moral I can follow and uphold throughout my time as College Captain.”


And Fortune writes:

“I started at ASC in 2011, in Year 4, and I have loved every moment of being here since then.


“I am part of a family of five: I have two younger sisters who are also currently attending the College. My family is of African heritage, originally from Nigeria.


“I love to play sports, especially Soccer and Basketball, which I enjoy playing with my friends and family during the weekends and in the holidays. I am also interested in Athletics and I like to go biking with my friends around the river during my free time.


“I have a real passion for helping others in the community and, because of this, I would love to study Medicine in the future.


“One thing I really cherish about ASC is how diverse we are as a College: we have so many different people with different cultures, backgrounds and stories to share, which is awesome to have within our school community. Everyone – students and staff – is so willing to make a difference, not just within the College but also in the wider community, and this is something I really love about ASC.


“As a leader within the College, I really hope to be able to inspire the people of ASC to have a heart for serving others in the community, as it is through this that we will be able to have a lasting positive impact on the community around us.”

We wish Fortune, Grace and the 2019 Student Council every success as they lead their various portfolios in the coming year, building upon the great work of those who came before them.


Ms Belinda Provis

Whole College

Whole College 

When a student is absent from school or required to leave the College during school hours due to illness, or other reasons, parents are required to contact the College on the following telephone numbers.
JUNIOR SCHOOL – (08) 9313 9334
SENIOR SCHOOL – Student Services direct line: (08) 9313 9302
Please note these numbers to ensure your call is dealt with in a speedy and efficient manner, ensuring all students are accounted for.

Parent Gateway / SEQTA update

As promised in the last Courier, we are rolling out an updated, mobile-friendly version of the Parent Gateway that parents use to access and update their children's medical details, book parent/teacher interview times, give consents etc.

The three lines next to "My Details" in the picture below allows you to access the other pages available in the Parent Gateway.

These changes will be available in the next few days.




The Junior School and Senior School Follow-up Columba Photograph Day will be held next week on Monday, 3 September in the Dance Studio. 


All students are required to wear their Formal Winter Uniform with a blazer (Years 5-12) or jumper/cardigan (Years 3 and 4).


To view the schedule of photograph times, please click HERE. 


For a copy of the Uniform and Appearance standards, click HERE.


If you have any questions about this Follow-up Photo Day, please email [email protected] or phone (08) 9313 9341. 



The College's sixth Whole School Photograph is currently being printed and orders are due to arrive in the next couple of weeks!


There are only a limited number of prints still available for purchase, so click HERE to secure your copy now! This is truly a special memento, something your child will treasure in years to come.


The first All Saints’ College Whole School photograph was taken in 1993 when there were just 850 students from Years 1 to 12. This tradition has continued every five years since, with the College capturing a photographic record of the entire College population for posterity. Towards the end of last term, our staff and students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 were individually photographed at the College for the 2018 Whole School Photograph. 


Please note: Families who have already placed orders will be contacted next week regarding the collection of their prints from the College in Week 9. If you chose to have the print/s charged to your school account then it will appear in the next monthly bill.


For further information or any queries, please contact Miss Karyn Osmetti (Communications Manager) on 9313 9341 or [email protected] 


Millennium Kids Inc: I think! I Care! I do! 1000 Actions for the Planet

This is an invitation for ASC students between the ages of 10 and 18 to express interest in attending the 2018 Millennium Kids Conference MK Project 1000 on Sunday, 30 September, Monday, 1 October and Tuesday, 2 October, during the October holidays. The conference will empower students to further explore what sustainability means by reviewing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, thus leading change not only in the College but also in local and global communities. As part of this, students will meet social entrepreneurs who work in the sustainability space and co-design future projects.


All Saints’ College is keen to promote the Millennium Kids Conference, as it builds on the ideas and actions that have been progressing within Junior School classes, Sustainability Club and also through the LEO Club more widely. The Environment Captains across the College have been consistently promoting environmental change, and here we have an opportunity to further develop these projects.


We are keen to have a team of All Saints’ students who will, as part of the conference, collaborate and learn with young people from other schools to creatively design and innovate in the sustainability space. This is a truly exciting opportunity that All Saints’ College is keen to support. The cost of the conference for each student is $50.00 per day. Please see Ms Laura Strentz or Miss Kylie Chatto if your child is interested in attending this conference.

Junior School

From the Dean of Junior School


There is growing excitement in the Junior School as the concert A Delicate Web of Life draws nearer.


Please make sure that you take note of the details below to reserve seats. Initially, there will be a limit of four tickets per family. If you require extra tickets after the end of Week 7, please email [email protected]


The concert will be held on Tuesday, 11 and Wednesday, 12 September from 6.30 – 8.00pm in the Centre for Performing Arts. The concert will feature all students from Pre-Primary to Year 4. Please click HERE  to secure your place at this concert.

Please note: tickets will not be sold at the door.


Please see below the allocation of classes for each concert night:


Tuesday, 11 September Night Performance: PPD, 1M, 2B, 3C, 4L

Wednesday, 12 September Night Performance: PPK, 1S, 2C, 3T, 4Z



From time to time we receive information and updates from our Community Health Nurse. Please click HERE to view the latest updates.


Ms Penelope Crane
Dean of Junior School



The Year 6 Exhibition will take place on Thursday, 6 September in the Year 5/6 Building starting at 6.00pm. This exhibition centres on two key points: ‘Why Australia is home to so many different nationalities’ and ‘How scientific knowledge helps us to make better consumer choices for a sustainable environment’.



On Monday, 27 August we were delighted to host the grandparents and friends of our Years 5 and 6 students for a special event at the College.


After a presentation and performance, our guests enjoyed Morning Tea and then visited the classrooms with their grandchildren.


The College has a thriving Grandparents and Friends’ Club which was established last year to provide further opportunities for grandparents to visit the campus and receive regular communication. To join the club, please email [email protected]



Last week our students recognised the importance of literature and the joy of reading in the 2018 Children’s Book Week. This annual event also acknowledged the creativity of Australian children’s authors and illustrators represented in the Shortlisted Books for 2018.


Various activities took place in the Junior School this week, including our annual Parents Night In, Early Childhood Centre Book Character Dress-Up Assembly, and our popular Pop-Up Library.


Tying in with the theme of this year's Book Week ‘Find Your Treasure’, an archaeological ‘dig’ took place in the Library. Students donned gloves and used tools to find artefacts buried in the sand that matched to a book title. Thanks to Year 3 students Samara Edwards and Holly Walker for helping to design, set up and run the ‘dig’ during lunchtimes.


Senior School

All Saints’ College urges its community, in particular parents of young people 12 to 17 years of age and those in contact with people who are under 18, to become familiar with the Secondary Supply of Alcohol Laws (see below). The College endorses the importance of preventing the supply of alcohol to young people in the best interests of their health and wellbeing.


Secondary Supply of Alcohol Laws came in to effect in Western Australia on 20 November 2015. This legislation has significant meaning and implications for parents of young people.

Secondary supply laws mean that giving alcohol to under 18s in private settings without parental consent is against the law.


The new amendment to the Liquor Control Act 1988 states:

“Section 122A – Making it an offence to supply liquor to juveniles on unlicensed premises without the consent of the juvenile’s parent or guardian:


Where a person supplies liquor to a juvenile on unlicensed premises without the consent of the young person’s parent or guardian, a $10,000 penalty applies. For example, a 16-year-old attends a party of a friend whose parents are happy for the teenagers to drink and have purchased liquor for that purpose. Before supplying the teenagers with liquor (other than their own), the host parents must first obtain approval from the parents/guardians of all those juveniles in attendance.”


The following link to the ‘Alcohol Think Again’ website provides many valuable resources for parents and young people:


I also take this opportunity to invite members of our community to read our College Drug and Alcohol Policy, by clicking HERE. This policy outlines All Saints’ commitment to drug and alcohol education and a learning environment for all students that is free of prohibited, non-medical drugs and the misuse of prescription drugs. Drug use is a complex issue and the College recognises that its role in the prevention of drug use requires a comprehensive approach.


Some of the key elements of this policy are based on a three-point strategy comprising Education, Discipline/Rehabilitation and Communication/Promotion.


Our efforts to educate our community include invitations and opportunities, such as presentations offered to students by expert guest speakers who visit the College as a part of our Djaaliny program.


However, students who are found to have possessed, distributed or consumed alcoholic beverages, solvents or other prohibited drugs while in the care of the College, in College uniform or at College events will be expected and encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, acknowledging the detrimental effects of their actions on the College community. In particular, students found to be in possession of drugs at any of these times face exclusion from the College, and when drugs and/or associated items are located, the College will immediately notify the police. The College has no tolerance for members of the community found to be selling or supplying drugs or alcohol while at the College, in College uniform or at a College event.



Paul Dillon from Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA) visited the College on Monday, 27 August.


For many years now, Paul has made an annual visit to the College to speak with our students in Years 10, 11 and 12. He delivers developmentally appropriate messages to each of the year groups, and each student will have attended three of his presentations by the end of their time at the College. Paul uses research-based data to speak with students about the use of alcohol and other drugs in the community. His approach with students is to take a harm-minimisation approach and his focus is on keeping young people safe.


Paul delivers some key messages in his presentations that help to safeguard students, should they or their friends find themselves in a difficult situation regarding the use of alcohol or other drugs. These messages were reinforced in this newspaper article about a dreadful alcohol-related incident involving a young Perth girl which I sent to our Years 10 – 12 students to remind them that Paul’s messages are based on reality. You can view this article by clicking HERE.


A number of families have indicated that their child has lost an item or items of uniform whilst at the College or involved in activities for the College. In many cases, those items are simply mistakenly picked up by another student in the rush to get to the next activity or at the end of a lesson. All items of uniform should have the name of the student written on them in some form; some, unfortunately, do not. Most families, however, are able to identify when an item of uniform that is not their own child’s is brought home.


I would very much appreciate if all families could review their child’s uniform items at home and identify those items that do not belong to the family, then ensure they are dropped off at the central Junior School lost property bin (outside the Health Centre) or the Senior School lost property bin (outside Student Services).


Your assistance in this process of returning items of uniform to their rightful owner is very much appreciated.


Mr Timothy Russell
Dean of Student Wellbeing



As part of their practical assessment, the Year 12 Outdoor Education class recently went on a bushwalking expedition along the Bibbulmun Track from North Bannister to Dwellingup. During the hike they were questioned about Outdoor Education principles and had to apply the theoretical knowledge they have learned to the practical demands of their task.


Prior to leaving, the students were responsible for organising and planning for their designated leadership day when they would be in control of the group, including ensuring adequate breaks and lunchtimes were taken, monitoring their time management (pacing, speed, pack ups and cooking times), and keeping group morale high. Their leadership, communication and organisation skills were tested, and they all stood up to the challenge, allowing them to successfully complete the four-day, 65km expedition safely and efficiently.


Although a challenging experience, all the students pushed through the blisters, sore bodies and mental trials, leading to a rewarding learning experience for all involved.  


The Year 12 Outdoor Education students who attended the expedition include Bell Clayton, Sophie Driscoll, Henry McNamee and Sebastian Morse.



What's On?

WANT TO PLAN FURTHER AHEAD? Click HERE to visit our 2018 College Calendar



Please note that there has been a change of date for the upcoming Chamber Music Recital previously scheduled for Term 3, Week 5.


The concert is now scheduled for Tuesday, 16 October at 6.00pm, in the Centre for Performing Arts.


As in previous years, this concert is designed to provide an opportunity for soloists and small ensembles to present their work in a context of the highest quality. However, whereas students were previously selected by teachers to perform, this year we are offering the opportunity for any student/s to audition for a place in the program; including those learning from external Music tutors.


We encourage soloists and small ensembles from the Classical and Jazz genres to present items for audition.


The audition date is scheduled for Friday, 7 September at 3.30pm to 6.00pm, in the Centre for Performing Arts.


Audition entries can be obtained from the Music Department, or by emailing [email protected]



To book tickets for the College Music Concert, click HERE


To book your place for the Junior School Concert, click HERE (Limited to four tickets per family)


The inaugural HotHouse Company Film Festival will showcase short films from our current Year 12 students and Old Saints based in Australia an internationally.

To book tickets for the Film Festival, click HERE


To book tickets, click HERE

DJAALINY: MADONNA KING - Fathers and Daughters

To book tickets for the Djaaliny presentation, click HERE


To book for the Grandparents and Grandchildren's Art Workshop, click HERE


To book tickets, click HERE


The HotHouse Company

The HotHouse Company presents:



During the recent Fitzroy Crossing Service Learning Immersion to Bayulu Remote Community School and Muludja Remote Community School, the College launched the Voices Program, which saw two Media students Christian Rudd (Year 12) and Max Baldock (Year 11) gather the stories of some significant community members.


The paragraph below written by Max outlines his experience in the community.


"To say that the Voices Project experience was phenomenal is an understatement. I can't even put into words, let alone find the right words, just how fantastic it was to be able to participate in this project with the Bayulu community. 


"In an All Saints’ College first, Christian Rudd (Year 12), Ms Cameron, Mr Mark Stickells and I joined with the annual ASC Teach Learn Grow Service Learning trip to Fitzroy Crossing, to work with the Bayulu Remote Community School.


"As a Media student, I have been involved in producing many types of media for my classes: movie trailers, music videos, film noirs and now podcasts; but the thing about this project, which is quite unique, is the fact that we went up to Fitzroy Crossing with the goal of collecting as much audio and film as we could capture, not knowing what the end project would be. We only knew our objective was to capture the voices, the sounds, the culture, the community as best we could.


"Prior to arriving, we had many pre-conceived thoughts as to what the community and its school might be like, due to the stereotyping we see in the media. Meeting our interviewees, however – notably Mr Andrew Shandley – proved us wrong. People like Andrew treasure meeting new people and forming relationships with others who really want to get a valuable insight into their lives within their school and community. We interviewed him on the first day. As a bus driver, he came to the school every day and, when he could, he would make the effort to greet Christian, Ms Cameron, Mr Stickells and me, and ask how we are going and about our project, but to also keep that relationship strong. 


"This is an experience that any passionate Media student should certainly apply to be a part of, as you will never do anything like it in class. Even if Media is not your strong point, just to be a part of something so unique and special that takes you outside any school experience definitely makes it worth putting forward an expression of interest."


Max Baldock (Year 11)



The inaugural HotHouse Company Film Festival will feature a showcase of short films created by Year 12 All Saints’ College students, plus work from Old Saint filmmakers.


For more information and to book tickets for the Film Festival, click HERE


Sport & Physical Education



The 2018 Senior School Interhouse Athletics Carnival was a fantastic event for the All Saints’ College community. A day where so many people came together; students, staff, parents and friends to support and celebrate the outstanding achievements by so many students.


Thank you to all students, staff and community members for the amazing support in person and online (via our Live Streaming).


Congratulations to Stirling for winning the Axon Cup for 2018. It appears that on the day an error with the data entry ended up with second and third places being incorrectly listed. Stirling is still the winner, but Murdoch is now second and Cowan third. Please find the final results below:

First: Stirling
Second: Murdoch
Third: Cowan
Fourth: Forrest
Fifth: O’Connor
Sixth: Durack


Official results can be found on SEQTA or by clicking HERE


The ACC Athletics Squad already beginning their lead into the Interschool Carnival which takes place in Week 9 with a practice meet which was held against Kennedy Baptist College on Tuesday, 28 August.


Congratulations to all of those Students who have made the 2018 team, all competitors and reserves play a large role in the success of All Saints’ at Interschool and I encourage all squad members to attend as many training sessions as they can.


To view more photos from the Senior School Athletics Carnival, click HERE



Held on Friday, 24 August, the Years 1 – 6 Interhouse Athletics Carnival was blessed with great weather as the Junior School students gathered on the College oval for a marvellous day of events.


Congratulations to Cowan House for winning the carnival on the day, and to Durack House which was awarded the Spirit Trophy!


Thank you to all staff and students who assisted with this wonderful event, and also our community members who supported our athletes in person and online (via our Live Streaming).


Click HERE for more photographs from the Years 1 - 6 Athletics Carnival



Well done to all the Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students who didn't let the stormy weather dampen their spirits as they participated in their Interhouse Athletics Carnival on Tuesday, 28 August.



On Tuesday, 21 August four of our students represented the College at the School Sport Western Australia (SSWA) Surfing Championships at Trigg Beach. Year 10 students Noah Kalkhoven and Lyndon Kenworthy-Groen took part in the Senior Boys’ Bodyboarding, whilst Year 9s Taj Wright and Dexter Payenberg won the Junior Boys’ Surfing division. Both Taj and Dexter have progressed to the state final, which will be held in two weeks.


Well done also to Dexter who won the AirAsia Wave of the Day award!



The All Schools’ Rowing Championship was held on Saturday, 18 August 2018 in fantastic conditions. There were many gutsy performances and some really courageous competition from all competitors.


Congratulations to all rowers for such a wonderful competition and to Dayne Metzner and Abbyghail Richards (Year 11) for winning gold medals on the day.


Well done also to the All Saints’ Rowing Squad who achieved five second places and two third places at the regatta.


Many thanks to parents, friends and members of the Curtin University Boat Club for assisting with our hosting and fundraising duties and made them extremely successful. Also a special thank you to Ms Belinda Provis and the College for their support.


Some members of the rowing squad will continue to row until the State Championships in mid-September and will compete for Curtin University Boat Club in regattas.


At our End of Year dinner in September, we will announce the winners of the Coaches’ Award and the Trophy for Excellence.


To view more images of our All Saints' College Rowing team, click HERE


Mrs Jo Boserio and Mr Adam Goor

Rowing Coordinators

Success Stories

We are always pleased to acknowledge the successes of our students and would be delighted to hear of their achievements. Please email: [email protected]

Congratulations to the following students on their fine achievements.


Congratulations to the following students whose teams both placed first Nationally in the Have Sum Fun Online Competition:


Year 8 Team: Xiaoyu Chen and Julius Clegg 

Year 7 Team: Aaliyah Kadir, Shaurya Kaushal, Jason Shan and Oliver Wright.



The College congratulates Aidan Smith (Year 11) who received seventh place at the 2018 Microsoft Office Specialist World Championships held in Orlando, Florida from 29 July – 1 August 2018.

The competition tested more than 150 students from over 50 countries on their skills and knowledge on the Microsoft Office applications of Word, Excel and PowerPoint (2013 or 2016).


Well done to Cody Reader (Year 6), who was part of the Western Australian State 13 Years and Under Ice Hockey Team, which won Bronze at the Ginsberg Trophy National Ice Hockey Championship in Melbourne from 16 - 19 August.


Cody has also been nominated for an Ice Hockey Western Australia (IHWA) Award for his performance in the 2018 season.


Congratulations to Carys Powell (Year 4) who represented Active Gym in the Western Australia Gymnastics Judges Invitational from 17 – 19 August 2018 at the State Gymnastics Centre, Leederville.


Carys competed in the National Level 5 Junior D category and received First Place overall.


Well done to Sienna Robinson (Year 7) and Sarah Van De Klashorst (Year 6) who competed at the National Hockey Under 12 tournament from 13 – 17 August in New South Wales. The Western Australian team received equal bronze with Tasmania.

The Music Department is always pleased to acknowledge the successes of our students, and we encourage everyone to contact us and inform us of any exam results, performances or other musical achievements: [email protected]

Service Learning


The Year 10 Nulsen Youth Patrons for 2018 have had a very busy week, contributing to two fantastic fundraising events, raising money for Nulsen Disability Services.



On Friday, 24 August the team of Nulsen Youth Patrons from All Saints’ College hosted over 150 students from Hale School, Methodist Ladies College and All Saints’, to participate in an extremely entertaining quiz night.


The Youth Patrons did a wonderful job organising and facilitating the event, under the generous guidance of Emma Gardiner from Nulsen and quiz master Johno from Zeniths.


The night was full of laughter, excitement and intellectual prowess, as well as sausage sizzles and a great selection of raffle prizes. Together, the patrons raised $2 564 for Nulsen Disability Services – a wonderful effort!



After a quick pack up and a day to rest, many of the Youth Patrons braved the cold early morning and participated in the Chevron City to Surf. The All Saints’ students competed in the 4km and 12km events alongside clients from Nulsen Disability Services. Each of the runners contributed to a fundraising page, raising even more money for Nulsen.


The students contributed excellently and represented the College proudly, demonstrating our Heads, Hearts and Hands approach to Service Learning.


Mr Scott Corbett

Acting Head of Service Learning

Propeller Enterprises


The Runway Pop-up-Shop has been launched in Wanju Café this week. It is now ready for the Year 10s to launch their $20 Boss businesses.


Students do not need to be present to sell their products; we’ll have a team of students who work at Runway on set days and times. At other times, items will just be on display and interested customers can place orders by emailing the businesses.


Other students keen to sell their items in Runway are to email Ms Strentz: [email protected]



The All Saints’ College and YEE Publishing Project is off to a great start.  We’re starting with Years 7 - 12 students and will be inviting Years 5 and 6 students to join the project in Term 4.


Thus far, students have been creating the cast of characters who live in the kitchen which is the setting for our stories. We plan to work with Pre-Primary students in the coming weeks to test out and get feedback on our characters.



The Electric Vehicle team continues to meet on Tuesdays. Their design is finished and we’re now waiting on some of our first parts to arrive, so the students can work with their coaches to build the car.



Year 8 Creative Industries had a guest speaker this week -  social entrepreneur Melvyn Gilbert, whose career started with Broadcast Journalism and is now in Accounting, both as a practising accountant and university lecturer.


His story is compelling and his latest undertaking 'Spincycle' involves a  project (which is still in planning) for bringing washing machines to the homeless. Click HERE to find out more about Spincycle and their partners the Fortuna Foundation. 


Ms Laura Strentz

Head of Propeller Enterprises

Learning Technologies

Athletics Live Stream

For those who were able to tune in last week, you would have seen an expanded coverage of our Senior and Junior Athletics Carnivals that included

  • Better images from professional cameras
  • Better camera angles from our elevated scaffold
  • More cameras shooting from the middle of the track
  • A finish line camera (which helped to decide some close races!)
  • Subtitles for each race so you knew what you were watching
  • A good audio feed from the announcers booth
  • Mobile footage from phones in the crowds
  • Photo slideshows for break times

Many thanks to the great technical expertise and enthusiasm of our team consisting of Mr Brad Lucas, Mr Adrian Arnold, Mr John Levingston, Mr Noah Gliosca and a team of fantastic students who made it happen. 


Microsoft ToDo

ToDo is a simple, free list management tool that works across all devices – it is the OneNote for lists!

Check out more here.


Edge – add a note

Here is how Microsoft Edge allows you to create personalised notes on web pages via the Add A Note tool.

  • Open your Microsoft Edge Browser
  • Select the Add Notes icon (top, right)
  • From the Add Notes tool bar, select the Add A Note tool
  • Click anywhere on your webpage to create a text box which you can type questions and note into
  • Click on different locations on your screen to create a series of numbered text boxes
  • Click on text boxes to collapse and expand them
  • Click and drag on text boxes to relocate them
  • Save or share your page and notes via the Save and Share icons found in the Add Notes Tool Bar

Finding lost Class Notebooks

Not the most profound tip but useful if this has happened to you! More here.


Teams Tip

Adding tabs in any channel allows you to customise what is displayed – you can add a document, video, Form or any website. Check out the details.

Mr Greg Port

Head of ICT Intergration

Cocurricular Activities

Yoga Classes


The College’s Yoga cocurricular sessions run by Mr Hunt are a great way to relax and unwind after a long day at school. Not only is it relaxing, Yoga also helps develop your strength and flexibility while soothing your nerves and calming your mind.


Senior School cocurricular Yoga is available for Years 7 – 10  on Mondays from 3.30pm – 4.30pm, and Year 11 and 12s during PEP on Mondays.


Junior School cocurricular Yoga is still available for Years 3 - 6 students on Friday mornings from 7.30am - 8.15am.


Come along to the Chapel Meeting Room during the next session to experience and benefit from the great effects of yoga!


Email Mr Hunt for further information about the classes: [email protected]

Chess Club


On Tuesday, 7 August the Junior School Chess Club represented our College at the Independent Primary School Heads of Australia (IPSHA) Chess Tournament held at St Mark’s Anglican Community School in Hillarys.


All the members of the team played skilfully and showed great sportsmanship.

Congratulations to Benjamin Tang (Year 6) who made it to the semi-finals on the day.

Holiday Programs

Vacation Care Program for children aged 3 - 12

Vacation Care enables students to participate in a vibrant and energetic recreational program that is both stimulating and enjoyable. The children feel comfortable and secure, and, most importantly, have fun as they take part in an engaging program that fosters creativity, curiosity and wellbeing.

For further information and to view the Spring Vacation Care Program, click HERE.


October School Holiday Program


Is your 9 – 17 year old looking for something to do during the upcoming school holiday break? Why not have them join our exciting Holiday Program.
All activities are conducted by qualified and experienced coaches, staff members and suppliers.
Holiday Program Dates 2018:

Tuesday, 2 October - Thursday, 4 October


To book your child a spot in the October School Holiday Program, click HERE


For further information email: [email protected] 

Click HERE or on the video below to watch highlights from our week-long July School Holiday Program.


Firetech Australia Holiday Workshops

Put your creativity into practice, discover great tech and meet new friends: build, code, create and be inspired! Join Firetech these holidays for one and two-day workshops on drones, coding, robotics, digital photography and more.

Designed for curious minds age 6 – 17, Firetech's holiday program engages kids and teens with creative and innovative tech skills for the future.


This year we have teamed up with Propeller Enterprises to bring an amazing program to the All Saints’ College community. Use the code VIP-ALLST at checkout for a 10% discount for ASC parents and friends. All courses held during the last School Holiday Program were sold out, so get in quick and don’t miss out!


Firetech School Holiday Workshops

Tuesday, 25 September – Friday, 5 October 2018
Creative Tech Workshops at All Saints’ College
9.00am – 3.00pm (with breaks)
Book now at or call 1300 347 383

Code Camp

Code Camp is thrilled to return to All Saints’ College during the October School Holidays to teach your child how to code or help them continue on their coding journey, so they can build their very own iPhone or Android apps! 


We will be offering four Code Camp classes to cater for students in Pre-Primary to Year 7 during 2 – 4 October 2018.


For more information and to book, click HERE


We look forward to helping your child become a coding superstar! 

Grandparents and Grandchildren's Art Workshop

To book for the Grandparents and Grandchildren's Art Workshop, click HERE


Old Saints

The Former Students’ Association (Old Saints) was established in 1986, with the objective of connecting past and future graduates of All Saints’ College. An active and dedicated Committee acts as the ‘voice’ of the Old Saints and facilitates opportunities to enhance our College community.



Old Saint Reunions are held every five years and we look forward to the Class of 1993 attending their 25 Year Reunion this Friday, 31 August 2018. If you haven't yet purchased your ticket, please visit:

The final reunion for 2018 will be on Friday, 14 September 2018 for the Class of 1988! If you haven’t yet purchased your ticket, please visit:


We are proud to have a diverse and dynamic group of Committee members of all ages and welcome all Old Saints to attend meetings (four a year) or volunteer at College and community events. If you are an Old Saints and would like to come to our next meeting on Monday, 26 November 2018 at 6.30pm in the College Boardroom, please contact Mary Thornton, Alumni Officer: [email protected]


Mrs Sian Angel (née Morgan, 2002) - President/Board Member Representative

Miss Emma Arnold (2017)

Mr Mark Balding (1988) - Board Member Representative

Miss Kyra Belford-Thomas (2016)

Mr Mat Blevin (2015)

Mrs Gemma Brogden (née Peters, 2002)

Miss Shannae Carnell (2015)

Mr Jack Connell (2017)

Mr Matt Conroy (2015)

Mr Noah Gliosca (2017)

Miss Katelyn Hann (2015) - Treasurer

Miss Kirsty Johnson (2016)

Mrs Sonia Johnson (née Reed, 1985)

Mr Guru Kugananthan (2008)

Miss Kristina Lang (2014)

Mr Daniel Lambert (2014)

Mr Will Litchfield (2017)

Mr Christian Long (2013)

Mr Aaron Musgrave (2013) - Junior Vice President

Miss Karyn Osmetti (2006)

Mrs Sue Wilson (née Leslie, 1985)

Mrs Adrienne Wright (née Hartley, 1986) - Senior Vice President

Mr Jeremy Wright (2017)




Next P&F Meeting: Monday, 10 September 2018. Commences at 7.00pm in the Boardroom (located in the Senior School Reception).



On Sunday, 19 August, our ASC Parents and Friends' Society hosted its third Cooking for the Homeless event for 2018.


During two sessions our community volunteers cooked more than 400 individual meals for The Salvation Army to distribute to the homeless in Perth.


Many thanks to the current students, Old Saints, parents, grandparents, staff and friends of the ASC community who participated in this important Service Learning initiative. We also acknowledge the generous support of Rossmoyne IGA which provided the volunteers with morning and afternoon tea.


Save the date for our fourth and final Cooking for the Homeless day this year: Sunday, 4 November 2018. Further details to follow.

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In the news

Joanne Zheng (Year 8) to represent WA at national badminton competition

To read more about Joanne representing WA in badminton in the Comment News, click HERE

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